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On the 26th of January 1857, the Master of the Rolls 
submitted to the Treasury a proposal for the publication 
of materials for the History of this Country from the 
Invasion of the Romans to the Reign of Henry VIH. 

The Master of the Rolls suggested that these materials 
should be selected for publication under competent editors 
without reference to periodical or chronological arrange- 
ment, without mutilation or abridgment, preference being 
^ven, in the first instance, to such materials as were most 
scarce and valuable. 

He proposed that each chronicle or historical document 
to be edited should be treated in the same way as if the 
editor were engaged on an Edilio Princeps ; and for this 
purpose the most correct text should be formed from an 
accurate collation of the best MSS. 

To rencier the work more generally usefiil, the Master 
of the Rolls suggested that the editor should give an 
account of the MSS. employed by him, of their age and 
their peculiarities ; that he should add to the work a brief 
account of the life and times of the author, and any 
remarks necessary to explain the chronology ; but no other 
note or comment was to be allowed, except what might be 
necessary to establish the correctness of the text. 

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The works to be published in octavo, separately, as 
they were finished ; the whole responsibility of the task 
resting upon the editors, who were to be chosen by the 
Master of the Rolls with the sanction of the Treasury. 

The Lords of Her Majesty's Treasury, after a careful 
consideration of the subject, expressed their opinion in a 
Treasury Minute, dated February 9j 1857, that the plan 
recommended by the Master of the Rolls "was well 
calculated for the accomplishment of this important 
national object, in an effectual and satisfactory manner, 
within a reasonable time, and provided proper attention be 
paid to economy, in making the detailed arrangements, 
without unnecessary expense.** 

They expressed their approbation of the proposal that 
each chronicle and historical document should be edited 
in such a manner as to represent with all possible correct- 
ness the text of each writer, derived from a collation of the 
best MSS., and that no notes should be added, except 
such as were illustrative of the various readings. They 
suggested, however, that the preface to each work should 
contain, in addition to the particulars proposed by the 
Master of the Rolls, a biographical account of the author, 
so far as authentic materials existed for that purpose, and 
an estimate of his historical credibility and value. 

Rolls Houscy 

December 1857. 

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VOL. I. 


PART II. Vl^ / ': ;^ 



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Printed l>y 

txRB aiid Spottiswoodb, Her Majesty's Printen^ 

For Her Uftjesty's Stationeiy Office. 

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PART n. 

AD. 751. A.D.751. 

1027. Vita Sanct83 EadburgiB. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. I. f. 299 b. 
MS. Bodl TaDner, 15. yell, folio, xv. cent 

ncip, — ''Post SancteB Mildredas consummationom Virgo 
" nobOis Edburga." 

J5!rp/.-^" gratia litteris mandare decrevi." 

Printed in Capgrave's "Nova Legenda Angliae," f. 101. For 
a description of these MSS. see Nos. 35 and 38. 

According to this version, Eadburga, daughter of Ethelbert, 
King of Kent, succeeded Mildritha as Abbess of Minster or 
Thanet. Her exemplary conduct and death are described. 
The author is uncertain whether her relics were removed to 
St. Augustine's or to St. Gregory's. 

Great uncertainty prevails relative to the Anglo-Saxon 
Saints bearing the name of Eadburga. 

One is said by John of Tinmouth, but most erroneously, to 
have been daughter of Ethelbert, the first Christian King of 
Kent, by his Queen Bertha, and to have succeeded her niece 
, VOL. I. H H 

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A.D. 761. Mildritha as Abbess of Thanet. The time of her death is 
uncertain, but it has been placed under the several years of 
664, 670, and 751. This uncertainty has led some persons 
to the belief that there were two Abbesses of Thanet named 
Eadburga; while others, more correctly no doubt, are of 
opinion that there was only one so called. In point of fact, 
it seems next to impossible that Eadburga,* daughter of King 
Ethelbert, should have been Abbess of Thanet, inasmuch as 
that abbey was founded by Domneva, granddaughter of Ead- 
bald, son and successor of Ethelbert ; to say nothing of the 
improbability of the daughter of Ethelbert the First of Kent 
succeeding her great grand«niece as Abbess in an abbey which 
was not in existence before the year 672, at the earliest. The 
mistake appears to have arisen from a confusion between the 
names of Ethelburga and Eadburga,f in consequence of John 
of Tinmouth calling Eadburga (who succeeded Mildritha 

* She seems to haye been also called Aethelberga. 

t Mabillon (Acta Sanct Old. Benedict., iii. L 424 § 10) thns writes on 
this subject, ** Non adsentior Eduardo Maiheuoio, dum in martjrologio 
" Anglo-Benedictino ad diem 13 Decembris distinguit Eadbnrgas duas 
** Tanetensis Monasteiii Abbatissas ; nnam Ethelberti Cantiomm Regis 
•* fiiiam ssDcnlo tU., aliam Eadbnrgam, regio itidem sanguine, oxtam sasculo 
*' Till. Nulla siquidem Ethelberti Regis filia pneAiit Tanetensi Monas- 
*' terio, quod Domneva seu Ermenburga, ex Eormenredo Ethelberti regis 
'' nepote progenita, cirdter annum 672 construxit, eiqne prseposuit fiiiam 
*' Mildredam, cui Eadburga sucoessit, anno 751 mortna, uti ex Chronico 
*' Willelmi Thomi discimus, cap. 24, ubl beata Erbnrt et Edburga appel- 
'^ latur. Hsec endem esse yidetur Egburga, seu Heaburh, alio nomine 
*^ Buggan appellata, cui S. Bonifincins, ut ipsa vicissim Bonifkcio, plures 
** epistolas direut.*' 

Mabillon tben proceeds to show that this Egburga, or Bugga, was 
the same person as Eadburga, the successor of Mildritha as Abbess of 
Thanet, and that she was the daughter of Abbess Eangytha, who addressed 
certain letters to St. Boniface, in which she mentions her only child 
Heaburg, sumamed Bugga. 

Eadburga, the correspondent of St. Boni&ce, was a highly accomplished 
woman, and wrote Latin with considerable facility. One of her pupils 
sends to St Bonif^e a specimen of her own acquirements in Latin meti^, 
and states that she learnt the art from Eadburga : " Istam artem ab Ead- 
" burgn magisterio didici." Eadburga also wrote books, and sent them to 
St Bouifiice for the instruction of his German converts ; and, on one 
occasion, sent him, at his request, a copy of the Gospels beautifully written 
in letters of gold. 

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In the abbacy of Thanet) the daughter of Ethelbert the A.D. 751. 
' First of Kent. If she really was a daughter of a King Ethel- 
bert of Kent, it would seem more probable that her father was 
Ethelbert 11., who died about 760. Another Saint Eadburga, 
daughter of Redwald, of East Anglia, was a nun at Aylesbury, 
where she died about the year 620. Her body was translated 
to a place which was called after her Edburgstown, now cor- 
ruptly Edburton. Another Eadburga was daughter of Edward 
the Elder, and died about the year 960. Her Life was written 
by Osbert de Clarei and will be mentioned under the before- 
named year. 

A.D. 754. A.D.754. 

1028. Vita Sancti Bonifaeii, Episcopi Maguntini et 
Martyris, auctore Willibaldo ipsius discipulo. 

MS. Bibl. Aulic® Carlsruhansc, 19. small folio, veil. tHi. cent 

MS. Bibl. Cffisar. Yindobonensis, 99. veil. x. cent. 

MS. BibL Oray*8 Inn, 3. veil, dble col xi. cent 

MS. BibL Csegar. Yindobonensis, 5. veil. xiii. cent. 

MS. BibL Windbergensis in Bavaria. velL xiii. cent 

MS: Cott. Nero, C. vii. f. 59. veil, folio, xiii cent. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. B. iii. pars ii. veil, folio, xiii. cent. 

MS. Bibl. Bebdorf^nsis prope Bubilocnm Ccenob. 

MS. BibL Sancti Maximini Trevirensis. 

MS. Bibl. Bartholomei Francofiirtensis. vaU. xiv. cent 

MS. HarL 3597. f. 123 b. paper, xv. cent 

Incip. ProL — "Dominis Sanctis et vere in Christo charis- 
*' simis, Lullo et Megingozo co-epidcopis.*' 

J5ay/. /Vo/.— "et ad meliora profectus sui perfectione per- 
" ducitur." 

Incip. Vita. — " Ulustrem igitur ac vere beatam S. Bonifaeii." 

Exph Vita, — " die Nonarum Junii, martyrii triumpho remu- 
*' neratus, migravit ad Dominum; cui est honor et gloria in 
" ssecula sfficulorum. Amen."* 

*Some MSS. add a paragraph commencing " Ennmeratis igitur beat! 
" viri gestis/* and ending '* ea qnsB videmnt plebibos divnlgavenmt,** and 
MabiUon (p. 25) adds, ** Condnsio Auetoris, qoam G«orgia8 Yoicelios io 
** Hagialogio edidit ex MS. cod. Foldensi. Ego WilibaldaB Episcopus, &c., 

HH 2 

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A.D. 754, Several editions of this Life have been printed. Surius, 
" Vitffl Sanctorum," (5 Jun.) first published it, then Canisius 
(Antiquae Lectiones, iv.) in 1603 ; it was next published by 
Serarius in his edition of Boniface's Epistles, then by MabiUon 
(Acta Sanct. Bened. iii. ii. 1.), afterwards by Henschenius 
(Acta Sanct. i. 452, 5 June), as also by Pertz (Monumenta 
Germaniffi Ilistor., ii, 331 )• It is also reprinted by Giles in 
liis Edition of the works of St. Boniface, ii. 143. 

The Life of Boniface was written shortly after his death, at 
the instance of LuUus, Bishop of Mayence, and Megingoz, 
Bishop of Wurtzburg. The author sent it to them written on 
tablets of wax ; and after their examination and approval it 
was transcribed on parchment. 

Henschenius thinks that its author was not Willibald, 
Bishop of Eichstadt, but that it was written by one of the 
same name, who was a priest of Mayence and curate of 
St. Victor. MabiUon, however, assigns it to that individual ; 
though Basnage again doubts whether that Bishop was the 
author, because he calls himself " presbyter," and speaks of 
Willibald as " bonte industrisB virum." MabiUon, however, 
had anticipated these objections, and shown that they afford 
no sufficient ground for hesitation. 

The facts that occur in this Life, relating to England, are 
few, but the work is of value as exhibiting the energy and 
the prudence with which Boniface and his companions laboured 
for the conversion of Germany. They derive considerable 
importance, too, from the circumstance that they are based upon 
ihe evidence of those who were intimately acquainted with 

Boniface, or Winfrid, as he was first named,f was born 
near Exeter [Adestancastre] about the year 680, and passed 

" Vitam et Fassionem Bonifacii conscripsi, primum in ceratis tabnlis ad 
'^ probationem Lalli et Megengaudi, post eonun examen in pergamaneis 
" rescripsi, atque hoc in loco qui dicitor S. Victoris extra mures Moguntio?, 
" ubi LuUus et Rabanus vacabant orationibus, etc." 

♦",... quern admodum religiosis viris referentibus comperimus, 
** qui quotidiana ejus coUoquia, et religionis conyersatione sedulo prscsentati, 
" ea quae audierunt vel viderunt, in exemplnm posteris tradiderunt." § 3 
VA, MabiUon. 

t Pope Gregory changed his name of Winfrid into Bonif^ice on the 
occasion of bis being ordained Bishop. 

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the first years of his life under Abbot Wolfard at Exeter ; he AJ). 754. 
was afterwards placed in a monastery at Nutescelle,* under 
Abbot Winbercht. During the reign of Ina he was sent to 
consult with Berchtwald, Archbishop of Canterbury, upon 
some important negociations, and he sailed for Friesland in 
71 o to convert the heathen ; being, however, unsuccessful, 
he returned to his monastery in England shortly afterwards. 
He obtained a general letter of recommendation from Daniel, 
Bishop of Winton, in 718, and went to Rome. Ho undertook 
a second journey to Homo in 723, when he was made a 
Bishop. His pallium, as Archbishop of Mayence, was given 
to him in 731. He was put to death 5th June 754. 

Willibald, the reputed author of this Life, is said to have 
been a kinsman of Boniface, and was the son of an individual 
named Kichardus, who, by one of the monkish writers, has 
been honoured with the title of " King of England," as appears 
by the epitaph, — 

'* Hie Rex Richardus requiescit sceptrifer almus. 

Rex fuit Anglorum, .... 

• «***« 

Hie genitor Sanctae Walburgje, virginis almse, 
Et Willibaldi sancti simul et Winibaldi." 

Willibald is supposed to have been bom about the year 700. 
He exhibited from his earliest youth a passion for travelling ; 
to gratify which his father sold his possessions in England and 
went with him, and his son Wunibald and his daughter 
Walpurga or Walpurgis, and settled in Rome. Willibald 
aflterwards made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land ; and visited 
Constantinople and aJl the cities of importance in Italy. 
He was admitted to priest's orders by Boniface in 739, who 
finally consecrated him at Saltzburg as Bishop of Eichstadt. 
He built a monastery at Eichstadt, and died about the year 

For a full account of Willibald, sec No. 1049. 

* This monastery was in the diocese ofWinchester, and was destroyed 
by the Danes. It was never rebuilt. 

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A.D. 754. 1029. Vita Sancti BonifSwii, Germanorum Apostoli, 

auctore Presbytero Moguntino. 

MS. Harl. 3597. ff. 123b-127b. paper, xv. cent. 
MS. S. Mazlmini Trevirensis. 

Incip, — " Temporibus venerandi Karoli, qui Senior dicitur." 
ExpL — '' dote confirmans ditayit ; regnante Domino nostro 
'* Jesu Christo, qui, cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto, vivit el 
'* regnat Deus per omnia saDcula saeculorum. Amen." 

Printed in the "Acta Sanctorum '* (5 Jun.), i. 473, as a sup- 
plement to the larger Life, and in Pertz (Monumenta Grermanise 
Histor. ii. 354). 

1030. Vita S. Bonifacii, auctore Otholono, Monacho 


MS. Monasterii Rebdorfensis. 

Incip. Prol. — " Petitionibus vestris, Fratres Fuldenses." 
ExpLProl. — " Utsibimetplacitamaneantpraesentia scriptti." 
Incip, Liber Primtts. — " Cumgens Anglorum sacrae fidei j ugo." 
ExpL Liber Primus. — " legendi lector et auditor virets 
" possit reparare." 
Incip. Liber Secundus. — " In priori quidem libello." 
ExpL Liber Secundus. — " Habuit autem S. Bonifacius in 
^^ Episcopatu annos 35, menses 6, et dies 6. Passus est una 
'' cum sociis Nonis Junii, anno scilicet peregrinationis sua; 
*' 40, sed Incamationis ^Domini septingentesimo quinquagesi- 
^' mo * regnante eodem Domino nostro, cui laus et gloria per 
^* omnia saecula sseculorum. Amen." 

Printed by Mabillon (Act. Sanct. Bened. iii. ii. 25) from 
the texts of Surius (5 Jun.), and Canisius (Lect Antiq. iv.). 

Otholonus, the author, was a monk of Fulda, and lived at 
the end of the eleventh or commencement of the twelfth 
century. He divided his work, which was written at the 
request of his brother monks, into two Books. He does not 
seem to have well understood his original materials, and 
professedly omits all letters which do not relate to Germany. 
The portion of his work relating to Britain seems to be taken 
from Willibald. 

♦ Adde quinto ex Willibaldo (Mabil). 

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1031. Vita S. Bonifacii .... auctore presbytero ^.D. 764. 
S. Martini Ultrajecti. 
MS. Ultnject S. Salvatoris. 
Incip, ProL — "Incertam ac lubricam vitaj hujus habi- 

*' tadiDem." 
ExpL ProL — " sic pfimuin tola3 hujus ordiar filum;" 
Incip. Vita, — ^'Beatus Boiiifacius genitale solum in iusula." 
ExpL Vita. — "crcscento fide Catholica per Jesum Chris- 

*' turn in saBCula.** 

Printed in the "Acta Sanctorum " (5 Jun.), i. 477-481. 

1032. Vita S. Bonifacii . . . auctore Monacho 

Coenob. Trajectensis. 

MS. Compendiens. 

//M?tp.— "Postquam gens Anglorum." 

ExpL — "crescente fide Catholica^ per Christum Dominum 
" nostrum. Amen." 

Printed in the "Acta Sanctorum" (5 Jun.), i. 481-483.* 
Mabillon did not consider this piece of sufficient importance 
to introduce it into his collection. 

1033. De Sancto Bonifacio, Episcopo et Marty re. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. 1. ff. 174-176 b. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. yell, fblio. xv. cent. 

Incip. — " Sanctus enim^Bonifacius, generc Anglus." 

Expl — ** morte proxima demonstravit." 

Printi-d in Capgrave's " Nova Legenda." It is an abridg- 
ment of the Life by WiUibald, with an abridgment of Boni- 
face's admonitory Epistle to Ethelbald. 

A Lif<? of St Boniface was written in hexameter verse by 
Ruthaifl, a monk of ELirsaugc, in the diocese of Spires, who 
died A.D. 86*5. He divided it into two Books, and dedicated 

* The Editors rof the *" Acta Sanctorum,", pp. 487-504^ have printed a 
eollection of mifcellaoeous matter relating to 8t. Boniftce, mider the title 
of '* Analecta Boni&ciana.'* 

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A.D. 754. it to Babanus, one of the successors of Boniface. Vossius 
speaks of it on the authority of Trithemius and Possevin. 
Ducange enters it in his list of authorities, in such a way as 
to lead to the conclusion that he had seen it. 
^ Mabillon mentions another Life of St. Boniface written by an 
anonymous monk, but he expresses no opinion as to its value, 
nor does he give any extracts upon which to form an opinion. 

Several libraries on the Continent possess MSS. containing 
the Life of St. Boniface, but as it is not apparent, from the 
entries in the Catalogues of those libraries, who were the writers 
of these Lives, and to which of the individuals of that name 
they refer, it does not seem necessary to call attention specially 
to them. 

103i. Epistola) Winfiidi, sive Bonifacii, ad di versos 
scriptae, ab an. 710 ad an. circiter 75 L 

These Epistles are 151* in number ; many are by Boniface, 
addressed to Kings, Bishops, Abbots, &c., in England, and 
others are from them to Boniface. They frequently contain 
notices, more or less important, relating to England, and inci- 
dentally they illustrate the opinions and manners of the age. 

The most important are Nos. 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 
17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 28, 31, 33, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41, 44, 52, 53, 
55, 58, 59, 60, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 76, 71, 74, 76, 77, 78, 85, 
89, 90, 95. 

A detailed analysis of the Epistles and Sermons of Boniface 
is given in the " Hist. Lit. de France,** vol. iv. pp. 96-115, 

Serariusf printed an edition of Boniface's Epistles, founded 
on two MSS., viz., — 1, Ligoldstadt, containing 177 Epistles, 
which he printed in the order of the MSS. — 2, Vienna, which 
contained 78 Epistles, of which 29 had been already published. 

* In Giles's Edition they amount to 156, and his sombers are different 
from those of Serarins. 

t **Epistole S. Bonifiicii, Martyris, Moguntini Archiepiscopi, German 
** norom Apostoli, &c., per Nicholaum Serariom Soc Jes. Fresbjt,*' 
4to., Mogont. 1629. The Epistles were reprinted ih)m the edition of 
Serarios in the *' Bibl Mag. Fatram/' torn, ii, in the ** Blbl. Max. Pair./' 
1677, torn, ill.; in the *'Blbl. Patrum," Colon, torn. viii. ; and in the 
•• BiU. Pat,** Logd., tom, xiil. 

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Wiirdtwein* in his edition added letters from two other MSS., A.D. 734. 
viz., those of Majence and Carlsruhe. He does not state the 
contents of the first, bnt the second contained 98 letters. 

Giles in preparing his Edition found another MS. in Pai'is, 
but very modem, circa 1550, and containing only 60 out of 
the 156 Letters ; he has not, however, sufficiently identified 
it, as in one place ho calls it No. 3285, and in another 3859. 
It is of little or no value. 

There does not seem to be any MS. containing these 
Epistles preserved in this country. 

A.D. 759. A.D. 759. 

1035. Vita S. Cuthberti, Cantuaxiensis Archiepiscopi, ab 

an. 741 ad an. 759 (metrice). 

MS. Lambetb, 159. paper folio, xvi. cent. 

Licip, — " Concrepet ut digne Cuthberti gloria Sancti." 
A specimen, consisting of about fifty lines, of this Life is 
given by Wharton in the " Anglia Sacra," ii. 72, from the 
Lambeth MS. As a contribution to history, it is of little value. 

A.D. 762. A.D. 761 

1036. Vita B. Bregwini, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
auctore Eadmero. 

MS. C.C.C. Cant 371. p. 281. 

Incip, — " Exordium propositi mei atque procursum." 
ExpL — " honoravit, expeditius magnificetur. Sit igitur Ipse, 

* ** Epifltote S. Bonifiicii, Archiepiscopi Moguntini et Martyris, ordine 
** chrcmologico dispositas. Notis et yariantibiis lecdonibua InlustratsB a 
** Stephano Alexand. Wiirdtwein, Episcopo Heliopolensi, suffitiganeo 
** Wormatiensif*' etc., fol. Mogunt, 1789. In this Edition the Epistles are 
arranged chronologically, and the Editor has added a brief running com- 
mentary explanatory of the principal events in the Life of Bonifkce, with 
the Tiew of correcting them ; but has exhibited neither acuteness nor 
indnstry in his performance. A critical edition of the Life and Works 
of Boni&ce is still a desideratum in our literature. 

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484 DESCRIPTIVE catalogue: of manuscripts relating 

A.D. 762. " qui vivity dominatur, et regnat per omnia^ benedictus in 
" ssecula sasculorum et ultra. Amen.'' 

Printed by Wharton in the " Anglia Sacra," ii. 184-190. 

The author states that he wrote this Life at the urgent 
request of his friends. 

Bregwin was bom of noble Saxon parents ; and made great 
progress in learning, ** for the schools founded by Archbishop 
" Theodore were yet flourishing" in England. He next 
becomes a monk. An account is given of Archbishop Cuth- 
bert ; whom Bregvnn succeeds (29 Sept. 769). The author 
apologizes for not inserting the miracles he performed during 
his lifetime ; but narrates various miracles after his death, 
with an account of the burning of the church of Canterbury, 
and of the attempt to carry off his body to Germany ; after 
which his remains are removed into a more secure place in 
the Cathedral church. Archbishop Bregwin died 24 Aug. 762. 

Eadmer's knowledge of Bregwin seems to have been very 
slight ; he has, however, incidentally given several curious 

This work must have been written after 1122, as the death 
of Archbishop Radulf is mentioned (p. 188). Wharton has 
omitted a few of the miraculous incidents. 

1037. Vita S. Bregwini, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E 1. f. 229 b. veil, folio, xv. cent 

MS. BodL Tanner. 15. veil, folio, xv. cent. 

MS. Lambeth. 593. f. 77. paper folio, xvi. cent. 

MS. Lambeth. 169. f. 80 b. paper 4to. xvi. cent. 

MS. Lambeth. 12. yell, folio, xiv. cent. 

Incip. — ** Fuit autem Beatus Bregwinus in matns utero a 
" Deo electus." 

ExpL — *' In medio jacet Sancta Siburga, virgo gloriosa." 

Printed in the '' Anglia Sacra," ii. 75, where it is attributed 
by Wharton to Osbern ; whereas it is nothing more than John 
of Tinmouth's abridgment of the Life by Eadmer. The 
text of Tinmouth, as printed in Capgrave, varies only in a 
few words at the end from that in the "Anglia Sacra," ii. 75. 

The remarks on this Life in the " Acta Sanctorum," v. 827 
(26 Aug.) are deserving of notice. 

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A.D. 766. A.D. 76G. 

1038. Annales Northanhumbrenses, ab an. 731 ad an. 766. 

MS. Fhillipps 1089, yeU. large 4to. xii. cent 

MS. Fhillipps veil small folio, xiy. cent. 

MS. Addit. 10949. 
Incip. — " Anno docxxxi. Ceoluulf Rex captus." 
ExpL — '* Frithnbertus, vere fideles episcopi, ad Dominum 
•* migraverunt" 

These important Annals were first printed at Antwerp in 1550, 
from two of the MSS. cited above, and now in the possession of 
Sir Thomas Phillips, Bart. Several other copies of them arc 
extant, and more than one of the 12th cent. Thej are also to 
be fotmd in Smith's edition of Beda, p. 223, in the Appendix 
to Stevenson's edition of Beda's Works, edited for the " English 
** Historical Society," ii. 256, and in the " Monumenta His- 
*• torica Britaiinica," p. 288. 

The greater portion of these chronological memoranda are in- 
corporated in the Chronicles of Simeon of Durham and Hoveden. 

A.D. 772. A.D. 772. 

1 039. Vita S. Liobse, Virginis et Abbatissae Biscofheimensis, 
ad an. circiter 772, auctore Budulfo^ monacho Fuldensi. 

Incip. Prolog, — " Scripturus vitam beatse et vcnei*abilis . 
•' Liobfls virginis." 

Expl, Prolog, — ^^ discipline spiritualis primordia smnpsissc 
** cognoverit." 

Incip, Vita, — In Britannia insula, quam natio Anglorum 
" inhabitat." 

ExpL Vita, — "in hocsseculo honoris tribu it nobilitatem; cui 
** est gloria, cum Fatre et cum Spiritu Sancto, per infiniia 
*' secula sssculorum. Amen." 

Printed in Surius (28 Sept.), pp. 396-406, and from that 
text, by MabiUon, "Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened." iii. ii. 221, and 
in the " Acta Sanctorum " (28 Sept.) vii. 750, ex Surio collato 
cum MS. Maximini Trevirensis. 

Leobgitha, or Leoba, a native of England, is frequently men- 
tioned in the Epistles of Boniface, to whom she addressed that 
numbered xxi. (p. 61, ed. Giles). Ep. xxiii. is written to her 
by Boniface, and xcii. by Lullus, Archbishop of Mayence. 
ller knowledge of Latin seems to have been great, and the 

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A.D. 772. examples she has left behind her show that the cultivation of 
letters among the Anglo-Saxon females* was not so limited 
as it has been generally thought. Her history is connected 
with that of the English mission in Grermany, and is too 
important to be passed unnoticed. 

The Life of Leobgitha is founded on pre-existing authorities. 
It was finished before the translation of her remains in 837 ; 
for not only does the author omit to mention this circumstance, 
but he says that her body remained where it had originally 
been deposited. Rabanus, by whose order the Life was written, 
was not then Archbishop, which proves that it was composed 
at least before 847. 

Rudolf is an able writer for the time ; his narrative is based 
upon the memoirs of four disciples of the Saint, and on what 
a monk of Fulga, named Mago, told lum, who had learned 
from herself an account of many of her actions. His Prologue 
is explicit upon these sources of his information. 

A.D. 778. 

A.D. 778. 
1040. A Chronicle of England, from 639 to 778. 

MS. Sloane, 4792, f. 191, paper, xvii cent 

It begins imperfectly under the year 638 (?) thus, "bishop 
" oflf the East Angles," and ends, " at Yorke was ordeyned 
" bishop of ." 

This piece is apparently only a translation of a portion of 
Florence of Worcester's Chronicle, and is of no historical 

AD. 780. A.D. 780. 

104L Vita Sanctee Walpurgb, Abbatissse Heidenbeimen- 
sis, auctore Wolfhardo Presbytero Hasenrietano. 

Incip. Prol — " Domino beatissimo, Deoque vere dignissimo, 
" Erchanbaldo Pontifici, Wolfhardus presbyter suus." 

* She Bent to Archbishop Boniface a specimen of her skill in Latin 
versification, the art of which she had learnt from Abbess Eadburga. 
** Istos autem sabterscriptos yersicnlos componere nitebar secundum poetica; 
** traditionis discipHnam, non andacia confidens, sed gracilis ingenioli 
** rudimenta excitare cupiens et tao auxilio indigens. Istam artem ab 
*' EadburgtB magisterio didici, qus indesinenter legem divinam rimari non 
♦* cessat." See note (t) p. 476, ante. 

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£xpl. ProL — " et felici itinere perducant ad calcem.** -^-l^- *sa 

/jtctp. Vita. — "Igitur postquam felix gens Anglonim.*'* 
Expl. Vita. — *' ubicumque potuit, divulgavit."f 
Printed by Mabillon (Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened. iii. ii. 261) 
from the previous editions of Canisius J (ii. iii. 265-279) and 
the "Acta Sanctorum" (25 Feb.), iii. 511. Mabillon has 
discreetly omitted many of the Miracles. Peter Steuart, Canon 
of Liege, and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ingoldstadt, 
also printed this Life in 1616 in one vol. 4to.§ This piece has 
been reprinted by the Abb^ Migne. in the *^ Patrologise Cursus 
" Completus," tom. cxxix. 867. 

Of the personal history of Walpurga or Walburga,|| Abbess 
of Heidenheim, very little is known that is authentic ; at least, 
there is a great confusion in her biography, owing, perhaps, 
to her having been confounded with others of the same name. 
She was the daughter of St. Richardus, and sister of Willi- 
bald and Wunibald. She was born in the kingdom of the West 
Saxons, and educated in the monastery of Wimbum, in Dorset- 
shire, where she took the veil. After passing twenty years in 
that house, she was sent by the Abbess Tetta, with sevornl 
othei*8, into Germany, at the request of her relative St. 
Boniface. She eventually became abbess of a nunnery founded 
by her two brothers at Heidenheim, in Suabia, where she 
died in 779 or 780. 

* Peter Steoart'B text of the life commences, ** Interea dum tanta optati 
«< moneiis patrocinia,*' and ends, ** concedit esse qaod est, quia in eo con- 
** sisdt quod est** ''Finibos est Libellos Miracnlorum, 8. Walporgis 
** Virginia feliciter. Amen." 

f The remainder is omitted by Mabillon. Another chapter follows this 
in the " Acta Sanctornm," beginning, ** Duo, favente miseratione sapema,*' 
and ending, " quia in eo coDsistit quod est.*' 

X Canisius published this Life from an imperfect MS. It contained only 
the Dedicatory Epistle, the First Book, and a portion of the Second, as 
far as Chapter G. 

§ Under the Title of " Commentarius de Vita et rebus gestis S. Walpurgic 
" Virginis, Abbatissffi Monasterii in Heidenheim, ordinis S. Benedict! 
** DioBcesis Eystettensis patrons, ex Philippo xxxix. Episcopo Eystettensi 
** concinnatus ; item de Miraculis ejusdem Virginis, libri quatuor, auctore 
*• WolflBardo, Hasenrietano presbytero." 

U Her name is also written Gaubcrge, Vauburg, Falbourg, Walfpiirde, 
Walponre, and Warpurg. 

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A.B, 780, Six Lives of this Saint have been written at various times, 
but this by Wolfhard, a priest of Eichstadt or Aichstadt, in 
Bavaria, is the most important. He lived about a century 
after her death, and dedicated his work to Erchenbald, who 
occupied the see of Eichstadt from 886 to 902. Viewed 
as a biography, however, it is very imperfect Indeed, the 
author only professes to relate the miracles performed at the 
intercession of the Saint ; though in his First Book he gives 
a brief history of her Life. The remaining three Books, and 
a portion of the First, he devotes to her miracles, to many 
of which he states that he himself was a witness. This work 
is deficient in ordinary power of discernment, bearing evident 
marks of a predominant passion for the marvellous. 

1042. Vita S. Walburgis, auctore Adelbaldo, Episcopo 

Incip. — "Postquam Deo cara Anglorura natio." 
Expl, — "plura excellentioraque praeconio digna efficiuntur 
" per Jesum, cui est cum Patre et Spiritu Sancto perennis 
** gloria in saecula saeculorum. Amen." 

Printed in the ''Acta Sanct./' (25 Feb.) iii. 542, "ex MS. 
" Ultraject. collate cum Capgravio, Surio, et Breviariis." Its 
author, Adelbald, was consecrated Bishop of Utrecht A.D. 1008. 
Appended, are two Epistles (ex MS. Antuerpiensi Societatis 
Jesu), addressed to the author, respecting miracles wrought 
by the Saint, the first commencing, " Cum scribere cogit^rem 
*' quaedam miracula," and the second, " Si amicos ad judicia 
** vocari liceret." 

1043. Vita S. Walburgis, auctore anonymo. 

Incip, ProL — " Sublimitas supernse pietatis." 

ExpL ProL — " sunt comperta, enarrare incipiam aliqua.*' 

Incip. Vita, — " Advenientibus quondam multis mercato- 

" ribus." 
ExpL Vita, — "eadem ecclesia usque hodie jure sempitemo 

*• possidet." 
Printed in the "Acta Sanct.," (25 Feb.) iii. 548, " ex MSS. 

" Windgartensi ot Colonionsi." 

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Itli-t, Vita S. Walburgis metrica, auctore Medibardo A.D. 780. 

Tncip. — " Walpurgas sacrae tot signis glorificatofi." 

ExpL — '*Consecrat hunc numerum qui Spiritus est ope- 

Prtnt**cl in the "Acta Sanct." (25 Feb.), iii. 561, "ex MS. 
« Eystpttensi.'* 

This piece seems to be nothing more than a versification of 
the Lifr* by Wolfhard; as stated in the tenth line of the Pro- 
logne ; — 

'^ Prosam Wolfhardus, rhythmum fecit Medibardus." 

Wlio Medibardus was has not been ascertained. 

104*>. Vita S. Walburgis, studio Sanctimonialium 
Eystettensium scripta. 

Ifieip, Prol. — " Nova non cupimus, sed Vetera." 

EzpL Prol. — " apud Altissimum intercedere dignentur. 

** Amen," 
Incip, Ilia, — "Igitur B. Walpurga, virgo Deo placida" 
ExpL Vita. — " pro quibus sit laus Deo, per infinita saecula 

'* asECiilormn. Amen." 

Priiited in the "Acta Sanct." (25 Feb.), iii. 563, "ex duobus 

" MSS/' It was also published in the year 1616 by Peter 

Sti^nart, with the Life by Wolfhard. See No. 1041 ante. 

104f*. Vita S. Walburgis, auctore Philippo Episcopo 

Intip, P^ol, — " Excellentissimae Dominre sure, Ungarorum 

" Eegina?*'* 
EjcpL Prol, — " quo possumus, ut decet, exordiamur." 
Incip* Viia, — " Igitur B. Walpurgis virgo." 
E^L Vita, — " contritio corde medetur. Amen." 
Printed in the "Acta Sanctorum," (25 Feb.), iii. 553, "ex 

" MS, Antuerpiensi." 
Tlie piece is dedicated to Agnes, Queen of Hungary, and, 

eoiHcqiienrly, was written between A.D. 1291 and 1302. 

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A.D. 780. 1047. De Saucta Walburga Virgine. 

MS. Bodl 240. 606. 

MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. 1. f 316 b. 

Incip, — " Postquam Anglorum natio.*' 

ExpL—^^ ad Haistatensem transtulit eccleslam." 

Printed in Capgrave's " Nova Legonda Angliae ; " it closely 

resembles that bj Adelbald. No. 1042, ante. 

As to the last two of the above-mentioned MSS., see Nos, 

35 and 38. 

1048. Legenda in Festo S. Walpurgje. 
MS. Arand. 198. 21. velL small quarto, dble coL xiii. cent 

Jricip, — " Eodem die celebratur festum Walpurgse, quae 
" Christum secuta fuit cum duobus fratribus Winnebaldo et 
« Willibaldo." 

Erpl, — " et multa alia miracula decessit." 

There are extant in the public libraries of France, Germany, 
and Austria several MSS. containing the Life of St. Walburga ; 
but as the Catalogues of those libraries do not mention by 
whom the Life is written, it has not been deemed necessary 
to refer specifically to these MSS. 

A.D. 786. A.D. 786. 

1049. Vita Sancti Willibaldi, Episeopi Eistetensis primi, 
scripta a qnadam Sanctimoniali Heidenheimensi, ipsius 
sequali et consanguinea. 

Incip. ProL — " Venerandis, immoque in Christo carissimis, 
" omnibus." 

ExpL Prol, — " ut in omnibus laeti laudemus nos liberantem, 
" dona tribuentem Dominum." 

Incip, Vita, — " Primum igitur venerabilis summique Dei 
" Sacerdotis." 

Expl. Vita, — " quia secundum Apostolum, * Qui gloriatur, 
" * in Domino glorietur.' Amen." 

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TluB work was first printed by Canisius (ii. ii. 99), after- A.D. 78G. 
wards bj Surius, and again by Mabillon (Act. Sanct. Ord. 
Bened.), iv. 332. A later text is given in the " Acta Sanctorum," 
ii. 485 (7 Jul.), together with a copious history of his Life. 

In the third year of his age Willibald's life was despaired of, 
whereupon his parents consecrated him at the foot of the cross, 
which was erected near their dwelling, to the service of God. 
At five years of age he was placed in the monastery at Waltham, 
under Abbot Egbald, where he remained until he was about 
seventeen, when he determined to accompany his father 
and brother, Wunibald, in their visit to the Holy Places. 
Their father died at Lucca, and the two brothers proceeded to 
Rome. Wunibald being now compelled to return to England, 
Willibald set out with two companions for the Holy Land. After 
seven years passed in this pilgrimage, during which they 
suffered most severe privations, they returned to Italy, and 
Fettled, with the permission of the Pope, at the monastery of 
Monte Cassino. St. Boniface, having come to Rome, obtained 
the Pope's permission for Willibald to accompany him in his 
mission into Germany. Boniface ordained him pnest, and a 
short time afterwards conseci-ated him Bishop of Eichstadt. 
Having held the See for upwards of forty years, he died on 
the 7th July 786, aged eighty-seven. Tlie Life of St. Boni- 
face, the Apostle of the Germans, his relative, is said to 
have been written by Willibald. See No. 1028. 

The notices connected with England are but few. The 
writer, a nun of Heidenheim, says that she had received her 
information from Willibald himself ; bu£ it does not appear 
whether she wrote during his lifetime, nor is it known 
who she was, except that she was related to him. Her work 
has been the basis of other biographies of Willibald, but 
nothing of importance has been added to her labours. She 
also wrote a Life of Wunibald, the brother of Willibald. 

1050. Vita S. WDlibaldi, auctore anonymo. 

Incip. — " Praesul igitur Willibaldus, angelicaj castitatis 
" instar." 

ExpL — " quara miracula npud sepulcrum ejus coruscantia 
" testatur eum recepisse." 


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AD. 786. This Life, which is little more than an abridgment of the 
preceding piece, with some few additions of no value, is said 
to have been versified by Reginaldus, the eleventh Bishop of 
Eichstadt, who died in the year 989. 

It is printed by Mabillon (Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened. iv. 347) 
from the text of Canisius. 

Adalbert, abbot of Heidenheim, who lived in the twelfth 
century, wrote a brief account of the Lives of Willibald, 
Wunebald, and Walpurga ; and Philip, Bishop of Eichstadt 
(1306-1322), also wrote a Life of .Willibald. 

A [). 787. A.D. 787. 

1051. Part of a Saxon Chronicle, from 622 to 787. 
Translated by Hogg.* 

MS. Sloan. 3371. f. 36. paper. 4to. xviL cent. 

In this fragment, the source of which seems very doubtful, 
the leaves have been misplaced in the binding, as f. 36 ought 
to come after f. 51 b. In other words f. 44 should stand 
first, and the foliation proceed regularly to f. 51 b, f. 36 
coming after that number, and so on regularly to f. 43 b. 
The frftCTient itself is of no historical value. 

A.D. 789. A.D. 789. 

1052. Vita S. Willehadi, Episcopi Bremensis, ad an. 
789, auctore Anschario, Bremensi Archiepiscopo. 

MS. Eccles. Hamborgensis. 
MS. Abdinghofensis. 

Ificip, ProL — " Cum Sanctorum laudes et actus." 
ExpLProL — " et exemplum sanctitatis ejus ad imitandum 
" aliis proponamus." 

♦ This is the entry in the Sloane Catalogue, but its meaning is by uo 
means clear. 

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Incip. Vita. — *' Fuit itaque vir venerabilis do genere A.D. 789k 
** Anglomm." 

ExpL — " et peracto boni cortaminis cursu, felicitcr migravit 
" ad Dominum, cui est honor et gloria, potestas ot imperium, 
*^ per infinita sascula saectdomm. Amen.'" 

A very imperfect edition of this work was published by 
Surius, under 8 Nov. ; it being next given, and more satisfac- 
torily, in 1642, by Ph. Caesarius in his " Triapostolatus Sep- 
tentrionis," and again by Mabillon in his " Acta Sanct. Ord. 
Bened.," iv. 364. This last edition exhibits the text of 
Cflesarios, collated with a MS. which had belonged to the 
monasteiy of Old Corby. It is also given in Langebek, 
^^ Script Rerum Danicarum," i. 342. In Pertz (Monument. 
Grerman. Hist. ii. pp. 378-390) will be found the best edition 
of this Life. 

Willehad, by birth a Northumbrian, was probably educated 
at York, and was one of those who carried on the work so suc- 
cessfiilly begun by Boniface in Germany. He died Bishop of 
Bremen in A.D. 789. His Life was written by Anscharius, 
who was bom about A.D. 801, and died about 869. 

The work is divided into two Books, the First containing 
the Life of Willehad : the Second is confined to his Miracles, 
and was not finished until some years after the First. The 
Miracles begin thus, "Dono Omnipotentis Dei," and end, 
" Agitur autem dies Depositionis ejus simul et Translatio cor- 
*' poris 6 Idus Novembris, ad laudem et gloriam norainis 
'^^ Domini nostri Jesu Christi, qui cum Patre et Spiritu Suncto, 
" unus et verus Deus, vivit et dominatur per immortalia 
•* saecula saeculorum. Amen.** The author has prefixed his 
name to the Prologue to the Second Book.* He regrets, from 
the inadequacy of his memory and the imperfect nature of his 
materials, his inability to do justice to his subject : it might, 
however, be supposed that, as he was only the third in succes- 
sion from Willehad, he must have had abundant opportunities 
for obtaining correct information relative to his predecessor. 

* " Ansgarios, Bremensis ecclesio Fnesul** (Mabil. iv. 373.) 

II 2 

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A.D. 790. A.D. 790. 

1053. Vita Soli, Monachi et Confessoris in Norico, auctore 
Ermanrico, Monaclio ElwangensL 

Incip, Prol. — " In paganorum itaque multorum." 
Incip. Vita, — ** Igitur beatissimus coelicola, Solus Apostolus." 
ExpL — " vitam suam dixerat, tali syllogismo subjaceat." 
Printed by Canisius, Surius, and Mabillon (Acta Sanct. 

Ord. Bencd. iv. 389). 

Solus was born in England, and was induced, by the 

example of Boniface, to go into Germany about the year 752. 

He died 3rd Dec 790. His remains were translated about the 

year 842. His Life was composed by the deacon, Ermanric, 

afterwards abbot of Elwangen, in the diocese of Augsburg, 

about the middle of the tenth century. 

Prefixed are two Epistles, the first from Gundram to the 

author, the second from the author in reply. 

A.T). 793. A.D. 793. 

1054. Passio Sancti Athelberti, Regis et Martyris, auctore 
Osberto Monaebo de Stoke Clare. 

MS. C. C. C. Cant 308. 4to. veil. xi. cent 
MS. Coll. Univere. Oxon. No. 135.* folio. 

/wcip.— " Gloriosus ac summo Regi acccptus Rex Athcl- 
" berhtus.** 

Exph — " devotissima congaudent- Quod ipse praBstaro 
" dignetur, qui, Trinitas in unitate et Unitas in Trinitate per- 
** fecta, vivit et regnat per saecula Deus." 

Osbert, or Osbcrn, the author of this piece, was a native 
of Stoke Clare»t He became a monk of Westminster, and 
eventually was appointed Prior of that monastery. More 
than once he visited Rome on the afiairs of his abbey, and on 

• This MS. is now missing. See Coze*8 Catalogue of the MSS. In the 
Colleges at Oxford, i. 38. 

f ** Frater Osbertos mnnicipio quod Clara dicitnr oriandns.*' — Ep. ix. 
** Frater Osbertus de Clara."— Ep. xviii. •• Municipii Clarensis indigena.*' 
— Ep. xxxiv. 

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one occasion he was despatched thither by the King for the A.D. 793. 

purpose of establishing a festival in honour of £dwai*d the 

Confessor, whose body had been exhumed in Westminster 

Abbej. He commemorated this circumstance bj a Life of 

that monarch ; which will be mentioned hereafter at its 

proper date. See the Preface to Luard's ^< Lives of Edward 

** the Confessor," pp. xxv., xxvi. 

^M Osbertalso composed a Life of Eadburga,* and an account of 

^^ St. Edmund the Martyr ; but he is, perhaps, better known by 

his Epistles, forty in number, which occur in MS. Gale, O, x. 

'^ 16, in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge,t and several 

jf of them in MS. Cott. Yitell. A. xviii. Among them is a 

# rhyming poem in Latin on the accession of King Henry the 
Second to the Throne. A Life of St. Danstan has been 
erroneously attributed to him. He died early in the reign 
of Henry the Second, but the exact date is not known. 

1055. De Sancto Ethelberto, Bege Orientalium 
Anglorum et Martyre. 

MS. Cott Tiber. £. 1. f. 144. 
Ma BodL Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — " Glorlosus Orientalium Anglorum Eex Ethel- 
" bertus.** 

ExpL — ^^possessionibus atque rtgalibus omamentis deco- 
«« ravit," 

Printed in Capgrave's '<NoYa Legenda Anglise,'' ff. 136- 

For a description of these MSS. see Nos. 35 and 38. 

The following is a summary of the contents : — His 
amiable character in his youth ; he is advised by his nobles 
to marry ; he refuses Seledrida, the daughter of Earl Egeor, 
and determines to ask the daughter of Offa, King of Mercia } 
his friends are idarmed by portents for his safety ; his vision ; 
Offa's queen advises that he be put to death, and he is ac- 

* Bee LeUuid's Collectanea, x. 337. 

t A limited impression of these Epistles has been printed at Bmssels, 
Srout 1846, by Anstntther. They furnish scarcely any facts connected 
with English History. 

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A.D. 793. cordingly murdered in Offa's presence ; Alftliritha, his intended 
bride, makes known his death to his followers, who return to 
East Anglia ; she foretells the calamities of her fathei'^s house, 
and resolves to retire to Croyland ; Ethelbert's body is buried ; 
a light from Heaven rests upon it ; Ofla, alarmed at this, grants 
tithes of his lands, &c. to the church. The body is removed 
to Hereford, formerly called "Fernley.** Some time after, 
King Milfrid, hearing of his miracles, founds a noble church 
of stone there. 

This account is evidently derived from the same source 
with that given by Brompton, though each has incidents not 
in the other. It may be questioned whether there be anything 
really credible in the narrative, except the fact of Ethelbert's 
murder. It is abridged from the Life in the ^' Speculum 
" Historiale " of R. Cirecestrensis in the University Library 
at Cambridge. Ff. 1. 28. 

The Bollandists, Acta Sanct. 20 Maii, v.241, print the Life of 
King Ethelbert from Brompton,* to which they append, p. 246, 
certain miracles written by one Giraldus, of which they had 
been supplied with a copy from the Cotton MS. Vitell. E. vii. 
(since destroyed by the fire of 1731) by the assistance of 
Dugdale. They remark upon the great conformity between 
tlie narrative of Giraldus and that of Brompton, the latter of 
which appears to have been derived from the former, or 
possibly both may have originated in a common source. 

1056. Vita Ethelberti Regis. 

MS. Cott Nero. E. i. £ 409 b-410b. veil, folia xii cent. 

lucip, — "Gloriosus igitur Orientalium Anglorum Rex 
«* Ethelbertus." 

Expl. (imperfect in the middle of some verses) — ** Quis 
" gazis et opibus innumeris . . . ." 

♦ *' Decern Scriptoref^," col. 748 et seq. 

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A.D. 793. ^^1^. 703. 

1057. Vita Sancti Blaitmaici, Abbatis Hiiensis et Mai*- 
tyiis, cum aliis Monachis, auctore Walafrido Strabone, 
Abbate Augiensi. 

Inc^, — " Si iantam meruere suo pro carmine famam." 
Expl, — " Regnat, et sBtemo poUet sine fine decore." 
This piece was printed by Colgan,* " Acta Sanctorum Hibcr- 
** niae,'* i. 128, and also by Canisius ; from whoso text it wa« 
inserted in the "Acta Sanctorum," ii. 23 (19 Jan.), and after- 
wards Mabillon (Acta Sanct. Ord. Bened., iv. 398) published 
it from the editions above mentioned. The whole consists of 
about 176 hexameters. 

Blaitmaic was a native of Ireland, and of royal blood. He 
became a monk, and was afterwards Abbot of lona. He 
was martyred by the Danes, who ravaged the north of Eng- 
land and the Scottish coast in A.D. 793. 

This piece was written by Walafrid Strabo, about the 
begluning of the ninth century. 

A.D. 796. A.D. 796. 

1058. Fragmentum HistorisB de Pontificibus et Sanctis 
ecdesise Eboracensis, scriptse a Foeta quodam anonymo^ 
Aelberti Episcopi disdpulo. 

MS. Trin. ColL Camb. Gale O. IL 26. 

/ncip.— " Christe Deus, summi Spiritus, sapientia Patris." 
ExpL — " Ad portum vitae meritis precibusque gubement.** 
This fragment was first printed by Mabillon, ** Acta Sanct 
" Ord. Bened.," iv. 504, from two MSS., one at Rheims, and 
the other at St. Thierry, near that city. He communicated it 
to Gale, who inserted it in his " Scriptores," i. 703. The 
best edition, however, is that of Frobenius, in "Alcuini 
" Opera," ii. 241. No other MS. copy than that above men- 
tioned appears to exist in our libraries. 

* Colgan also prints another short Life under this title, '* Vita S. Bhiith* 
** maid Martyris." Incip. — ^** Hugo Menard in Martyrologio Benedictino." 
ExjU. — *^ Decimo nono Jannarii in lona insula." It is a comparatiyely 
modem composition. 

Digitized by 



A.D. 796. This poem, ascribed, but erroneously, to Fridegode,* is in 
reality a production of the pen of Alcuin, himself a native of 
York, and a pupil of the celebrated school established in that 
city. As far as line 1210 it is little more than a versification 
of Beda's History, but it is continued fVora that period (A.D. 
735) to the death of Archbishop Eanbald. 

A.l).795. A.D.706. 

1059. De eo quod Episeopi CandidsB Casas esse debeant 
subjecti Archiepiscopo Eboracensi. 

MS. Lord Gosford. olim S. John. foL med. dble col. xii. or xiii. cent. 

Incip, — "In historia et veteribus Anglorum voluminibus de 

" Ecclesiae Candidas Casa; Episcopis." 

ExpL — ** est sublimatus, et in regem cousecratus." 
Respecting the jurisdiction claimed by the See of York over 

that of Whitherne, see Wharton's note (9) in the " Anglia 

" Sacra," ii. 235. 

AD. 796. 

A.D. 790. 

1060. Vitae duorum OiTarum, sive Offanorum, Mercioruni 
Reguin, Cojnobii Sancti Albani fundatorum, per Mat- 
thceum Paris. 

MS. Cott. Nero D. i. f. 1. veil, folio, xiii. cent. 

t MS. Cott. Claud. B. iv. ff. 84-97. veil, large folio, xv. cent. 

X MS. Cott. VitelL A xx. f. 67. veU. 4to. 

Incip. Hist, de Offa Prima — " Inter Occidentalium Anglo- 

" rum regcs." 
EaqtL — " Senii valitudine marcuit enervatus." 
Incip, Hist de Offa Secundo.^^* Natus est igitur memorato 

" Tuinfredo. 

* Ondin, *^ Commentarius de Scriptoribus Ecclesiasticis," L 1923. 

f In this MS. there is at the end a short chapter entitled, ** De ploribus 

Regibns infra r^Tiom Anglias Offiac vocabulo vocatis." 

X Vita Warmundi Begis Occidentalium Anglorum. 

Digitized by 




Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Expl — " Stola duplici gaudoat, restauratus." ■^^- ^^^• 

Printed by Wats at the end of his edition of Matthew Paris. 

The elder Offa was the son of Warmund, King of the 
Western Angles, who built the city of Warwick. 

His pretended history seems to be pure fable, based on the 
same materials that were used by Saxo Gramraaiicus, pp. 59, 
63, 64, 6o^ in his account of Warmund and Offa ; but Saxo 
dechu^s that the acts of Offa after Warmund*s death were 

In the Saxon genealogies of the Mercian kings, Warmund, 
the father of the elder Offa, was the fourth from Woden, and 
Grida, the seventh in descent from Warmund, was the first 
who reigned as King in Mercia. 

The Life of the second or real Offa is to a great extent as 
fabulous as that of the first Offa. The writer has taken as 
his groundwork the few notices relating to Offa which occur 
in Henry of Huntingdon, and William of Malmesbury, and 
these he has enlarged or added to at his pleasure. Indeed, 
there is not a single incident worthy of credit in the whole 
of this biography that is not derived from these sources. 

Wats is of opinion that, though these two Lives may not 
have been wholly written by Matthew Paiis, yet that the 
style had been polished by him. That they were not both 
written by him seems pretty clear, as Wendover had, previous 
to his time, made use of the Life of the historic Offa (see 
Coxe's Roger of Wendover, vol. i., p. 251). We have the 
alternative, therefore, of supposing that the Life of the mythic 
Offa was written by Matthew Paris after his return from 
Norway, whither he had been sent by Pope Innocent IV., in 
the year 1248,* on a special mission, having possibly been 
suggested to him during his stay in Scandinavia ; or that the 
tradition, carried with them into England by the Angles, had 
been taken up and adopted by Matthew Paris. 

♦ P. 765. ed. 1640. 

Digitized by 




^•l^.,?^^- A.D. 449-800. 

1061. De Regibus, Regnis, et Episcopatibus totius Angliaj. 

MS. Bibl. Pub. Cant Pf. 1. 27. 18. p. 215. veU. folio, xiii. cent 

Incip, — " Dominabantur JReges Cautuaritarum proprie in 
" Cantia ; iu quo sunt hi Episcopatus." 

ExpL — " a sinistra Wintoniensem ; cseteri secundum tempora 
" ordinationum sedilia sua agnoscant." 

This MS. contains merely a list of counties, Kings of the 
Heptarchy, &c. 

The latter part of this piece, and various words in other 
places, have been inserted in a fainter ink than the remainder 
of the text 

A.D. 800. A.D. 800. 

1062. Breve Chronicoii a Bruto ad Egbertum. 
MS. C. C. C. Cant ccccbdx. 4 velL xiv. cent 

This is a short Chronicle from Brut to Egbert, taken from 
Greoffirey of Monmouth. 

1063. Dicuili Liber de Mensura Orbis Terne. 

MS. Bibl Imper. Paris. 
MS. Bibl. Imp. Vienna. 

Printed at Paris, 8vo., 1807, under the editorship of 
C. A. Walckenaer, from two MSS. in the Imperial Library at 
Paris, and re-edited by A. Letronne in 1814. 

The " Liber de Mensura Orbis Terrae " contains a general 
description of Europe, Asia, and Africa, as then known, 
founded upon an older work said to have been imdertaken by 
the authority of the Emperor Theodosius.* With this the 
author has interwoven extracts from early writers, such as 
Pliny, Solinus, Orosius, Isidorus, and Priscian, and such new 
information as he had collected in the course of his own 
enquiries. His account of the Northern islands is to us the 

* ** Secundum iUorum auctoritatem quos Sanctus Theodosius Imperator 
*' ad proyincias prtedictas mensurandas miserat/' 

Digitized by 



Digitized by 


Digitized by VjOOQIC" 


most interesting part of his book. It establishes two important A.D. 800. 
points of history ; (1) that the Irish had made a settlement in 
Iceland in the 8th century, long before its discovery by the 
Northmen ; and, (2) that the Fcrroe islands had been inha- 
bited by Irish monks nearly 100 years before they were driven 
away by the incursions of the Northern pirates at the be- 
ginning of the 8th century. 

Dicuil * was born in Ireland f about the latter end of the 
8th century, and composed his work about the year 825 ; 
after visiting the British isles ho entered an Irish monastery 
in France, for the purpose of obtaining instruction from his 
countryman, Suibneus, who taught there. 

While Dicuil was attending the school of Suibneus, the latter 
received a visit from a monk named Fidelis, who had gone to 
the Holy Land in company with a number of pilgrims from 
England, and of whose information Dicuil availed himself. 

The scanty information at which we can arrive respecting 
Dicuil has been carefully examined by M. Letronne, in his 
'• Recherches Geographiques et Critiques sur le Livrc * De 
'* * Mensura Orbis Terrse * compose par Dicuil." 

A.D. 4^9.— A.D. 800. A.D. 44a- 

A.l). sou. 

1064. Chronicon Regain Saxonum. 

MS. Lansdown, 436. f. 2. veil, folio, xiv. cent. 

A brief account of the Heptarchy, of no historical value. 
A portion of the MS. has been cut away. 

* The name Dicuil, Dicul, or Dicholl, was common in Ireland during 
the seventh, eighth, and ninth centuries. One, a disciple of St. Fursey, 
flourished hetween 640 and 650. There was a hermit of that name who 
died in 700. Another was abhot of Cluain, in Ireland, and died in 747. 
A fourth was abbot of Innis de Muredaich, in Connaught, who died in 871, 
and another died in 889, abbot of Kilmore. 

f This feet is evident from his own statement, ** circum nostnun Hi- 
*' bemiam " (c. vii. § 2, i.). Again, he writes, " ex nostra Scottia," (ibid. § 3), 
where Scottia is used for Ireland. The same meaning occurs in tl^ writings 
of Beda, Alcuin, and others about that period. 

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?A.D 802. ?A.D. 802. 

1065. De Partitione Provinciaa in Scliiras et Episcopatus 
et Regna. 

MS. Norf. Arand. 220. ff. 93-95. velL 4to. xiv. cent 
Incip, — " In Anglia sunt triginta duo Shires, exceptis." 
ExpL — ** West Saxones caput optulerunt extulerunt." 
This piece contains an enumeration of the bishoprics and 

kingdoms of the Heptarchy, and very much resembles William 

of Malmesbury's and Florence of Worcester's account of 

the same. 

It appears to have been compiled during the reign of 

Edward the Third, as it reckons that ten kings of the Norman 

line had been crowned at London.* It is apparently a portion 

of John Pike's collections. 

It has been printed in Gale's " XV. Scriptores," p. 560 (fol. 

Oxon. 1691), where it is ascribed to Ralph de Diceto. 

A.D. S04. A.D. 804. 

1066. Vita B. Alcuinit Abbatis, auctore anonymo. 

Incip. ProL — **Superna Christi rorante dextera et juvante 

•* gratia." 
ExpL ProL — " aperto imperas jam sonare ore." 
Incip, Vita, — " Vir Domini Albinus nobili gentis Anglorum 

" exortus prosapia.'* 
ExpL Vita — '* Lamina scriptus in asrea, parietique insertus." 
The " Epitaphium Alcuini," commencing, " Hie, rogo, 

" pauxillum veniens subsiste viator," is appended. 
This anonymous Life, first printed by Du Chesne in his 

edition of the works of Alcuin (fol. Paris, 1617), was reprinted 

by Surius, "Vitro Sanctorum;" by Mabillon, " Acta Sanct. 

" Ord. Benedict." iv. i. 139 ; in the "Acta Sanctorum," iv. 

* Reckoning King Henry the younger eldest son of King Henry II. 

t Among the scholars of this period there was a custom of taking 
literary names and surnames. ** Le premier nom d*Alcuin etoit Alcwin, 
** qui est Saxon ; mais il prit ensuite celui d*Albinus qui est plus Latin, et le 
'' prenom de Flaccus, peat-6tre pour s'accommoder au gC*nie des savants de 
^ ce temps, qui se plaisoient & prendre des noms mystcrieux et alle- 
*• goriques ** (Hist liter, de la France, iv. 295). 

Digitized by 



335 (19 May) ; and also in Frobenius' editions of Alcuin's A.D. 804. 
works, p. lix, torn, i, (ed. 1777.) 

All these editions are derived from a single MS. wliich had 
formerly belonged to the church of Rheims, but which could 
not be found when Mabillon required it for the purpose of 

In the Prologue the author states that« at the command of 
his ecclesiastical superior, he purposes relating the Life of 
Alcuin, as he had heard it from his master Sigulf, who had 
been one of Alcuin's disciples. 

Alcuin was born of noble parents in England,* and was 
placed in a monastery in his earliest infancy, where, until he 
was eleven years of age, he preferred Virgil to Psalmody ; but, 
upon being warned by a vision of demons punishing a rustic 
for selecting to attend the nocturnal service of the church, 
he changed his pursuits and became wholly devoted to reli- 
gious offices. He was then placed under Archbishop Ecgbert, 
the pupil of Beda, to complete his education, and afterwards 
under Elbert, whose favour he obtained by his virtue and 
application. Elbert was succeeded by Eanbald, who ordered 
Alcuin to proceed to Rome for his pall.f On his journey he 
met with Charles the Great, at Parma, who prevailed on him 
to promise to visit France when he had completed his mission. 
This he did (about 782), and became tutor to the Emperor, 
who bestowed two monasteries upon him. When the heresy of 
Felix, Bishop of Urgel, had made considerable progress, ho 
was employed to refute it at the Council held at Aix-la- 
Chapelle. Alcuin was desirous of retiring to Fulda, but the 
Emperor insisted on his remaining at Tours, where he had 
many celebrated pupils, and among them several of his own 
countrymen. He is alleged to have given proofs of his fore- 
knowledge of events, and, among the rest, to have declared 
that Louis Le Debonnaire would succeed his father. Remem- 
bering his own former neglect of religious dudes, he forbade 
his pupils to read Virgil. He is said to have performed 
various miracles ; and, at the request either of the Emperor 
or of persons of distinction, he composed several works. 
Above all things ho eschewed idleness, and was always occu- 

♦ At York, about the year 735. 

t A.D. 780. See Simeon Danelm. col. 108. 

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A.P. 804. pied either in reading, teaching, or in the performance of his 
religious duties. He died in the year 804, and was buried in 
the church of St. Martin, at Tours. 

The name of the writer of this important piece of biography 
is unknown. He commenced his work before the accession 
of Abbot Aldricus to the See of Sens, an event which took 
place in the year 829 (Gallia Christiana, xii. 20). Althougli 
the notices in it respecting England are neither numerous nor 
extensive, yet the important position which Alcuin occupies 
in the history of European civilization invests with con- 
siderable interest any notice of this eminent individual.* 

1 067. Epistolje et Poemata S. Alcuini ad res Angliie 

MS. Monasterii S. Galli, 272. veil. ix. cent. 

fMS. Colt Vesp. A. xiv. 4. f. 113. et 152-161. veil. 4to. x. cent. 

MS. Vienna Archiv. B. S. 188. et S. 604. 

MS. Cott Faust B. iv. ff, 189. veil 4to. xv. cent. 

MS. Harl. 438. 

t MS. Lamb. 218. veil, folio, xi. cent 

MS. Trin. ColL Cant Gale. O. 10. 161. 

MS. Reg. 8. E. XV. veil. 4to. ix. cent. 

§'MS. Harl. 208. veil. 4to. ix. cent. 

MS. Cott Tiber. A. xv. veil, large 4to. xi. cent 

MS. BibL du Roi. 3244. olim Colbert NavMTC 5. S. Martin 114. See 

Nos.2183, 2341, 2387,2388, 2390, 2731, 2847,2848, 2850, 2851,3480,5577 

MS. Bibl. de la ville de Houen 407. 

* An extensive Life of Alcnin was written by Frobenius, and prefixed 
to his edition of Alcuin's works (ed. 1777). His Life has also been pub- 
linbed by Dr. Friederick Lorenz, Professor of History in the University of 
Halle, translated into English by Jane Mary Slee (12mo. London, 1837). 
A valuable sketch of him occurs also in the '' Hist. Lit de la France,** 
iv. 295. 

f This contains only four Epistles, two to Ethelred, king of Northumbria, 
one to Einbald, Archbishop of York, and one to the Chapter of York. 

X Mutilated at the beginning and end. 

§ ** FUcci Alcuini Abbatis, Caroli Magni Magistri, Epistols nnmero xcl, 
*' ad diversos conscriptse, quarum Ixx. nondum typis excussfe sunt, nti 
*' Theologns eruditissimus Jacobus Usserius, Antiites Armachnnus, propria 
" sua in margine annotftvit manu." 

Digitized by 


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The chief Epistles which relate to Britain are 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, A.D. 804. 
8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 18, 30, 38, 42, 43, 44, 45:48, 49, 50, 51, 
57, 59, 60, 62, 64, 134, 150, 151, 163, 166, 167, 169, 170, 
171, 173, 174, 175, 204,205, 206, 207, 208, 219,220, 221,226. 

The letters of Alcuin are of the highest value as illustrating 
the intellectual, social, moral, and religious condition of Europe 
at the period at which they were written. With less direct 
hearing upon the history of his native country than could 
have been wished, they yet possess sufficient connexion with 
English affairs to have an especial claim upon our attention. 
Several are to be found in the '^Lectiones Antiqum" of Canisius. 
Andrew Du Chesne published an edition in 1617, but the best 
edition is that of Frobenius (fol. Hatisb. 1777). A critical 
edition, based upon the MSS. which exist, and for the most 
part nncoUated, in our libraries, is still a desideratum. The 
Surtees Society has more than once announced such a work 
among its intended publications, but none has yet appeared. 

Of the poems of Alcuin, the most important are those upon 
the history of the Bishops of York (No. 1058), and the Life 
of Willibrord (No. 1011), already mentioned. They are col- 
lected in Frobenius' edition, ii. 203. 

A.D. 806. 

1068. Historia Monasterii S. Augustini Cantuariensis 
per Thomam de Elmham thesaurarium ejusdem Mo- 

Ma Tren. Aul. Cant. 
MS. Harl. 686. 

Incip. Proh — " * Titulus I. De Fundatione. Tractatum de 
'^ statu hujus monasterii Sancti Augustini Cantuariae." 

♦ Prefixed is a Chronological Table, arranged in ten colomns, which, in 
addition to its other nses, will be foand to serve the twofold pnrpose of 
indicating the chief contents of the author's work, and making us acquainted 
with the general nature of the materials which the author had intended to 
incorporate in that portion of the histor)- which is not completed. 

A.D. 80C. 

Digitized by 



A.D. 806. Expl. Prol—'' hie intendo."* 

Incip. Hist — "Titulus IE. Do dotatione. Petrus itaquo 
'^ monachus, hujus monasterii abbas primus.'' 

Expl. Hist — "cui ejusdem facinoris et calamitatis fuit haeres 
'' Baldredu8.''t 

Edited, with a eontinuation to the year 1 191, by Archdeacon 
Hardwick among " The Chronicles and Memorials " of Great 
Britain and Ireland, published under the direction of the 
Master of the Rolls. " The aim of the author," writes the 
learned Editor, '^ is more ambitious than that of Thorne, who 
** preceded him, and in the part which has come down to us, 
'* the work has been constructed on a scale of grandeur, or 
'^ more properly of difTuseness, which has few examples in the 
** literary products of that age of compilations.*' We gather 
from the introductory Table, which may justly be regarded as 
a kind of index to the whole work, that the author had in- 
tended to distribute his materials under "Tituli," corresponding 
to the list of Abbots who ruled in St. Augustine's. The whole 
number thus obtained is sixty- two, including one " Titulus " 
of introductory matter " de Fundatione." But so vast was the 
conception of the author, and so fatid the facility with which 
he passed from St. Augustine's to the general history of the 
Anglo Saxon Church, that fourteen only of these " Tituli," 
embracing an account of little more than two hundred years, 
appear to have been absolutely finished. The work is superior 
to the Chronica of William Thorne, in giving us a large col- 
lection of the older archives, and narrating the chief events of 
all that early period in our history, where Thorne is well-nigh 
silent ; while it is inferior to his Chronicle in the want of some 
historical commentary to illustrate the import of Rolls and 
Charters brou;»ht together in the last division. In other 

♦ This is followed by Versus de Fundatione et de adventu Sancti Augus- 
tini, commencing " Annis sezcentis prseter tres Anglia munda," and ending 
** Stat patris almiflui domus hiec, puer ut veneretur." 

f The narrative breaks off abruptly at this point, in the middle of the 
15th Titulus, but it is resumed aft^ two blank leaves with Titulus 43, and 
carried on with what Archdeacon Hardwick justly calls ** preparations or 
'* rough materiah)** for the continuation of the history, such as charters, 
bulls, and other muniments relating to S. Augustine's, and ranging, all of 
them, between the Norman Conquest and the early years of the reign of 
Richard I. (circa 1192.) 

Digitized by 



Digitized by 



wordg^ the two productions, as now extant, when regarded in A.D. 806. 
thh ljg:lit, become reciprocally complementary. 

Mr, ii^rdwick has given salLsfactory reasons for assigning 
the aathordhip of this History to Thomas of Elmham. It had, 
li0ireTert been uttn bated to Elmham by Wanley, when he 
compiled that portiQii of ih^ Ilarleian Catalogue in which the 
MS. is described ; hut he gives no reason for such ascription. 
H fact toij he dom not deem to Imve been aware of when he 
drew up his Catalogue of Anglo-Saxon MSS. published by 
HIckes. It is due to Mr, Hartlwick to state that he detcnnined 
^ authorship long before be was aware that Wanley had 
figrrihed it to Thomas of Elmhara. 

Of the author not much is known. Of his parentage we 
ire ignorant, &a well as of the place of his birth. Heame, 
Fahricius, and othera have supposed, from some vague ex- 
prcss^ions in his work^^ tlmt be was born on the continent, but 
It aecms pretty clear that ]i6 was born at Elmham, in Norfolk, 
imd eventually became a Monk of S. Augustine's, at Canterbury, 
of which monastery he filled the office of Treasurer in 1407. 
lii 1414 he ceased to be a Benedictine Monk, joined the Cluniac 
Order, and became Pi-ior of Lcnton, in Nottinghamshire, in June 
1414- In 1416 he was appointed Vicar-General to Raymond, 
Abbot of ClugEjy. for tbe Kingdoms of England and Scotland, 
mnd t^^n ycar^ afterwards (!426) he received a fresh promotion 
to tJu? office of Commissary- General in Spirituals and Tem- 
^rals for all vacant benefices belonging to the Cluniac Order 
ID England, Scotland, and Ireland. In the same year he 
TolQiitarily resigned his post at Lenton, but what office he held 
lifter tliis has not been discovered : neither is the exact time 
of his de^th knoM^» 

liesides this work he wr otc " Vita et Gresta Henrici Quinti," 
{lubHsUed by Hearnej 1727, and " Liber Metricus de Henrico 
** Quinto," which has lately been edited by Mr. Charles A. 
Cob among tbe Chronicles and Memorials, and some other 
metrical pieces, one of whicli bas lately been printed by Mr. 
Thomas Wright, in his second volume of Political Poems, 
p, i IB, published among tbe Chronicles and Memorials of 
Ureat Britain and Ireland. Each of these will be described 
III its due place. 

VOL. h K K 

Digitized by 



^I^-819- A.D. 819. 

1069. Vita S. Kenelmi, Regis et Martjrris, auctore 

MS. Coll. S. Joh. Oxon. 149. £ 72 b. paper. 4to. xvi. cent 

♦ MS. BodL 286. ff. 80-83. veil, folio, dble col. xiii cent 

t MS. Bodl Donee. 368. ff. 79-82 b. yeU. large folio, dble col. xii. cent. 

MS. Lansd. 436 ff: 88-91. veil, iblio. xiv. cent 

t MS. C. C. C. Cant 367. veil. 8vo. xi. or xiL cent 

Incip. Prol, — " De Beato Kenelmo in tota Anglia clarissi- 
" mum est." 

Incip, Vita. — '^Kenulfus gloriosissimns et piissimus Rex 
" Merciorum." 

ExpL Vita, — "Qui in Trinitate perfecta vivit et regnat 
" Deus per omnia ssscula saeculorum. Amen." 

The substance of the above MSS. is the same, but there 
are some verbal differences of no importance, especiall/ at the 
termination of the Life. 

* This MS. ends somewhat differently to the St John's MS., and is 
followed in the lower margin by a hynm of about 18 lines to St. Eenelm, 
commencing, ** O Kenelme martyr alme, Merciorum gloria." 

f This MS. is imperfect : upon it Douce has written this note, " Much 
'* cannot be wanting of this Life of St Eenelm, as it contains a great deal 
** more than that printed by Capgrave, which, as far as it goes, corresponds 
** with this MSi It probably supplies the loss of Tinmouth's Life of this 
" Saint I suspect that this MS. was written by one of the monks of Win- 
** chelcomb Abbey, to which it appears to have belonged." Except a few 
verbal variations, it agrees with the St. John's MS. till near the conclusion, 
when it begins a new series of miracles, which had taken place after the de- 
struction of the church of Winchelcomb by fire in 1149 ; but it ends shortly 
after, being imperfect at the bottom of tiie page. It is preceded by the 
genealogy of the Mercian kings, as in Florence of Worcester. 

X Imperfect at the commencement To f. 6 it is apparently abridged 
(in common with MS. Bodley) from (}oscelin, but retains much of his 
verbiage. Afterwards, to the arrival of the messages from Rome, where 
it ends, it agrees almost exactly with MS. Bodley, but transposes the last 
sentence, which in MS. Bodley forms part of the account of Eenelm's 
murder. The concluding part of this MS. is in a different hand fh>m 
the other portion, though perhaps equaUy ancient, or nearly so. 

Digitized by 




1070. Vita S. Kenelmi, Regis et Martyris. A.D. dl9. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. 1. £ 290. 
MS. BodL Tanner. 15. yell folio, xv, cent 

Ine^j^^^^ Rex Mercioruniy Kenulphus, anno Domini octin- 

gentesimo nonodecimo." 

Expl. — ^ Quo facto, altare conscendit^ et scrinium suum 
" flubito intravit." > 

Printed in Capgrave's " Nova Legenda Anglias," f. 206 b, 
and in the "Acta Sanctorum/' iv. 297 (17 Jul.). 

For a description of these MSS., see Nos. 35 and 38. 

This is apparently similar to S. Job. Bapt Oxon. 149. 
See No. 1069, omitting the Prologue and the Conclusion. 

1071. Vita S. Kenelmi. 

Ma Coa Trin. Oxon. lyii. 85. f. 66 b. Tell, folio, xt. cent 

MS. C. C. C. Cant 145. Tell, folia xIt. cent 

MS. BodL Land. Misc. 463 (1596). ff. 64-66. Tell, folio. xIt. cent 

KS. BodL Land. Misc. 108 (1486) ft 149-153. Tea foHo. xIt. ceni 

MS. BodL 779. E 89 b-93 paper folio. XT. cent 

MS. HarL2277. ff: 80-84 b. tcU. 4to. xIt. cent 

MS. Cott JoL D. xi. Tell. 12mo. xIt. cent 

hmp. — 

'< Seint Kenelme the ^onge kjng that guod Martir is, 
Kjng was in Engelonde of the March of Walls.*' 

ExpL — "J>*we mote to ])tllke joye J>* he is inne wende. 
" Amen." 

These various MSS. all exhibit the same text, except some 
verbal differences of no moment. Mr. F. J. Furnivall has 
printed this piece from MS. Harl. 2277 for the Philological 
Society in his volume of " Early English Poems and Lives of 
« Saints.** 8vo. 1862. 

A.D. 819. A.D. 819. 

1072. Ethelwulfi Monachi Carmen de Abbatibns et viris 
piis Coenobii S. Petri in insula Lindisfieimensi. 

MS. Bodl. 163. f. 209 b-226 b. 

MS. Cott Tiber. D. ir. f. 809. veil, folio, ix. cent 

MS. Bibl. Fab. Cant Ff. 1. 27. f. 208. tcU. folio. xUi. cent. 

KK 2 

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A.D. 819. Ruhr. — " Incipit Praefatiuncula." 

Incip, — "Amicorum praestantlssimo atque dilectissimo, sa- 
" cerdoti magnO) Ecgberto presbytero, meritis exiguus Aetil- 
^' uulf intlmse caritatis salutein. 

" Sume, pater placidus modulantis vota poetae/** 

ExpL — "Infemi vinculis vcrberibusque privans." 

Printed, with some variations, in Mabillon, ''Acta Sanct. 
" Ord. Bened.," Iv. par. ii. 317-335, from the Cambridge MS. 
Ff. 1. 27, in the Public Library, communicated to the editor 
by Gale. 

The Bodleian MS., besides correcting many errors in Ma- 
billon's text, furnishes four lines which do not occur in the 
transcript given by Gale. 

This poem is addressed to Ecgbert (A.D. 802-819), Bishop 
of Lindisfarne, by Ethel wulf, n monk of that place. Its con- 
tents are to the following effect : — 

Osred, King of Northumbria, among various other misdeeds 
and crimes, compels many persons to receive the tonsure. A 
nobleman, named Eandmund, who is one of the number, 
obtains instruction in monastic duties from Egfrid, Bishop of 
Lindisfarne (who presided over the See from 698 to 721), 
and afterwards applies to Ecgbert in Scotland (? Ireland) 
for regulations for a monastery ; by whose direction he builds 
a church to St. Peter, and covers it with lead. He dies, and 
is buried in the church. 

The most remarkable circumstances, next to Osred's tyranny, 
are the accounts of Ultan the scribe, Cuicuyn the smith, the 
church of St. Mary, built by Sigbald, and the ornaments of 
the church. 

Mabillon confesses that he is unable to determine where 
the monastery here mentioned was situated, for although the 
author declares himself a monk of Lindisfarne, the monastery 
is evidently different ft*om that foun(^ed at Lindisfarne by 

* This and the eleven lines following it precede the Rabric in the MS. 

t The probability is that it was a cell or dependent monastery to Lin- 
disfkme, and that it was destroyed by the Danes in their invasion of 
Northumbria, concerning whose devastations see Alcnini Epist viii. 
(0pp. i. 11. Ed. Frohen. 1777.^ • 

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TO THE'eABLY history of great BRITAIN. 511 

The author wrote between A.D. 802 and 819. Mabillon AJ). 819. 
suggests, from a passage in cap. xx. (p. 329), that he had 
written some work of English history, but it seems merely to 
imply that he had already written the praises of certain pious 
Angles in verse. 

A.D. 824. A.D. 824. 

1073. Vita S. Angusi, Keldaei, Abbatifl Episcopi in 
Hibemia, drciter A.D. 824. 

Incip. — " Floruit in Hibemia sa&culo octavo ad exitum." 

ExpL — " xi. Martii in feriam sextam inciderit." 

Printed in the " Acta Sanctorum " (1 1 March), ii. 86, from 
Colgan (" Acta Sanct. Hibern." i, 579) who seems, however, 
only to have reduced the scattered materials into a continuous 

The incidents which have reached us respecting the Life 
of Angus, or .tineas, are few and unimportant. He was 
descended from the ancient princes of Dalriadia, in Ulster, 
and became a monk in Cluainedhnagh, under St. Malathgen, 
where he acquired a high reputation for holiness and learning. 
He compiled the '* Martyrologium Aengusii, filii Hoblenii, et 
*' Moelruanii." He became Abbot of Clonenagh, and died 
on Friday (March 11), the year unknown, but supposed to be 
824. His acts were written in old Irish verse, by a namesake 
and contemporary, probably Aengus, Abbot of Clonfert 
Molu% A.D. 855. 

A.D. 837. AD. 837. 

1074. Catalogus Kegum Saxoniim a Cerdico ad Egber- • 
turn : unica pagina. 

MS. Cott Faust. A. iL £ 22 b. veil. 4to. xy. cent. 

Merely a table of the names of the Saxon kings from Woden 
to Ella ; viewed historically, it is of no value. 

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A.D. 835. A,D. 836. 

1075. Annales Juvavenses majores, ab anno 550 ad 

an. 835. 

Incip. — " De hoc pascba Victor Capuanus scripsit." 

ExpL — " Heilram obiit 6 Idus Jan." 

These Annals bear obvious tokens of Anglo- Saxon origin 
or interpolation, and contain information which is worthy of 
notice. Thej are printed in the ^' Monumenta Hist (jrerman. ** 
of Pcrtz, i. 87, from a MS. in the Cathedral of Wurtzburg. 
See Lappenberg's ^^ History of England under the Anglo- 
" Saxons/* i., pref. p. xxxvi. 

A.D.838. A,D. 838. 

1076. Ohronicon Nicolai Oloucestrise, a divisione terrse 
inter filios Noe ad an. 888. 

MS. Cott. Calig. A. iii. ff. lS-145 b. yelL 4ta ziv. cent 

Incip, — " Tres filii Noe diviserunt orbem in tres partes post 

'< Diluvium." 
Expl, — " in suis parochiis, secundum quod dictum est."* 
Nothing seems to be known of this author. Tanner thus 

dismisses him, <' Quis fuerit, aut quando vixerit, baud constat." 

Neither Bale nor Pits mentions him. 

A.D.857. A.D.867. 

1077. Fragmentum Annalinm de rebus Anglicis, quod 
desinit an. 857. 

M& HarL 1808. fL 98^105. veU. 4to. xv. cent 
Ruibr. — *^ Anno gratis prime." 

* It ends abmptly in the middle of £ 145 b. in the section commencing 
with Ethelwnlph'8 Charter, dated A.D. 844. 

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Titdp. — " Virginem gratias plenam." 

ExpL — " Ethelbaldus regnavit in Westsaxonia, Ethel- 
*• bricus . . . ." 

This fragment is of no value, and ends abruptly at the 
bottom of a page. 

A,D. 863. A.D. 863. 

1078. Vita Sancti Swithuni, Episoopi Wintonise et 

MS. Amnd. 169. f. 36 b. yelL medium folio, dble col. xii. oent. 

MS.BodLDigby, 112. yell. 4to. xii. cent 

MS. C. C. C. Cant. 161. small folio, xii cent 

MS. Cott Tiber. D. iy. ft. 262-263. yelL folio, xii, cent 

Incip» — " Glorioso ^Rege Anglorum Ecgb'erto regnante, qui 
" Regi Cynegilso." 

Expl ^^ Exivit autem de ergastulo hujus saeculi, anno ab 

'* Incamatione Dominica octingentesimo sexagesimo-secundo, 
'' Indictione decima, regnante eodem Domino nostro Jesu 
** Christo, cui est honor et gloria, cum Deo Patre et Spiritu 
*• Sancto, per ompia saecula sseculorum. Amen." 

Explicit vita Sancti Swithuni Episcopi. 

This Life is attributed to Goscelin, and if it really was com- 
posed by him it must have been written nearly 250 years after 
the death of St. Swithun, and is, therefore, of little authority. 
It contains but few incidents, and is occupied rather with his 
Miracles than his life. 

It was altered and printed by Surius, and reprinted, with 
collations from Capgrave's text, in the *^ Acta Sanctorum " 
(2 Jul.), i. 327, with an addition at the end. The text of the 
Arundel MS. is far superior to that which has been printed. 

Swithun appears to have been bom about the year 800 : 
from being a monk he became prior of Winchester, and was 
afterwards Bishop of that diocese. His death is referred by 
some authorities to 861, and by others to 862, but it probably 
occurred 2 July 863. 

Since the above notice was written Mr. Earle has printed 
this Life among his illustrative pieces ^^ On St. Swithun," 
%p. 67. 4to. Lond., 1861. 

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A.D. 863. 1079. Miracula Sancti Swithuni, Wintoniensis Episcopl 

MS. Arundel 169. t 52. yell, folio, xil. cent 

* MS. Cott Tiber. D. iv. ff. 263-272. veil folio, xii. cent 

t MS. C. C. C. Cant 161. relL foUo. xii. cent 

Title, — '^Revelatio sive Translatio Sancti et boatissimi 
" patris nostri, Confessoris Christi, atque Pontificis, Swithuni, 
** cum Miraculis ad sepulchrum ejus patratis, Idibus Julii." 

Incip, — *' Temporibus religiosissimi ac serenissimi Begis 
" Anglorum, Edgari." 

Expl. — " magnifice fecit succedere laudem." 

The latest miracle that bears any mark of its date, mentions 
Bishop Walchelin, who held the See of Winchester from 1070 
to 1098. 

1080. Miracula S. Swithuni, Wintoniensis Episcopi, per 

Lantfredum Wintoniensem Monachum. 

MS. Cott Nero, E. 1. ff. 33-51. veil, folio, xi. cent 

t MS. Reg. 15. C. vii ff. 1-51. veil. 4to. x. cent 

Title, — "Incipit Epistola doctoris cximii Lantfrcdi, vene- 
" randae sanctitatis presbjteri et monachi, de Miraculis Sancti 
•* Suuithuni Episcopi." 

Incip, Epist, — "Dilectissimisfratribus Wintoniae commorau- 
" tibus." 

Expl, Epist, — "secteturque huftiilitatem, magistram vir- 
" tutum."§ 

Incip. Mirac, — " Notum est fratribus fidelibus ubique gen- 
" tium degentibus." 

Expl, Mirac, — ** et perducat ad coelica templa." 

Colophon, — "Finit libellus de Miraculis Sancti Swithuni 
" Episcopi." 

* This MS. has the four additional Miracles, as in the Corpus Chri&ti 
MS., but the other Miracles are not abridged as in that MS. 

f The Miracles are abridged in this MS., but, like the preceding one, 
it adds four Miracles at the end. 

% Pits states that when he wrote, a MS. of this piece was in the Lord 
Lumley*s library. This is possibly the volume in question. 
§ As a Colophon to the Kpistle are these words, 

" Pandit hie ex multis miracula pauca libellus. 
Per meritum Sancti quse fecit Rector Olimpi ; 
Pontificis nacto Suuid'Shuni corpore sacro." 
At the end of § vi. comes, ** Explicit Prssfatio. — Incipit narratio do 
♦* Visione Fabri.'* 

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Then foilowa, in both MSS, a Dyinii in his prabe. 

Incip, — " Aurea lux paUitse." * 

E^L — " Stent et in aiigelico iiontina nostra choro. 

Colophon. — " Finit hymuus in honore sancti et beati Fatris 
*' SuuilbuEii, gentis Anglorum pii suffragatorisj editus ; clcglaeo 
^ ct pamcterico (hoc est repercusso) carmine per Abeccdariuni 
'* compcisitus, atquo in ejus sacratissmia depositions nnh dio 
*' saxtn no n arum JuJiarumj qua lelicitcr ad regna mip^avjt, 
*^* ccclestiaf sollempniter recitatus,*' 

Lantfrod's Epistle is prefixed to tho narrative of the Miracles 
printed by Wharton, io the '*Anglia Sacra,'' i. 322 ; and In the 
*' Acta Sanetorum/ is given in the Editor's " Coniraentarius 
" pnuviua," i* 324, (2 Juh) from Wharton. The Miracles them- 
tielves, however^ havo not hitherto been printcscL 

Mahillon possessed a MS, of this piece, hut did not think it 
expedient (o piint it, 

Lantfrcd docs not seem to hnve written a Lifie of St. Svvltbuu, 
though such a composition is attributed to him hy Bale and 
Vits- His work appears to have been limited to the Mi nicies uf 
iJiat Saint, ami (^ have been composed by order of Bisho[i 
Ethclwold, shortly after the discovery of Swithun's relics. It 
iiontaina many important notices illustrative of the mauiiei'^ 
«nd customs of that age ; bat its style is obscure. Nothing U 
known of the author, except the little that ho has tainted 
tiGucerning himself in Ids Introfluctory Kpitjilc* He was ti 
monk of Winchester, and a disciple of EthelwoM. 

A.D. ^63. 

108 1. Vita S. Swithuni, versibus hosaraetris per 


MS. BodU Auct. h\ 2, 14 (2657). (Olini 79!).) E 1-50. veil. 
Ma tkg* l^ C vji. If. 5K1 25 b, veil 4to. x. ctmt 

* Ic the library at Alear^an (MS. 14. formerly St. EvreuJ, 125) is a MJ4. 
of ilic twclfih century, arnd of Eaglisti txecution, in which occEin (fob :i7)j 
■• Ekgiacu^ et paract^rlcus de i^. y^vkhuna EpUicopo irjmnus/' 

Incip, — '* A area htx patriae VVcDtaua splendet in urbt." 

The missjil, fornierly belongings to Holurt, Bishop of London, a.nd mat 
• llepcK^ted in the riiblic Librury at Rouen, cnntaiafs ci'iiam CoUccts, &c., 
^«nnmt!tnarauve of St. SwUhun- The Bo]laDdist$ hod a MS. of £ag!isb 
orit^in, from vhich. ihey hnxe printed a short extract, beginnings, 
" U Switfiantj pau*r, Prassnl midEsime no&kT.*' 

8m die •" Acta Saticuvrum/' I r^23, (Jul. J 

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A.D. 863, 


Buhr. — ** Incipit ad domnum specialis epietola Patrem 
Elfegum, Wenta residet qui praesul in urbe ; 
De Sancti Patris Suuithuni insignibus, et de 
Basilica Petri, reserat qui limen Olympi ." 
Incip. EpisL — "Domino Pontifici, Wentanam Principe 
'' Christo." 

ExpL Epist, — ** Unus ubique potens in Trinitate Deua. 
" Amen." 

" Explicit ad domnum specialis Epistola patrem 
Alfegum, Uuentam qui regit ecclesiam ; 
Incipit ad cunctos generalis Epistola fratres, 
Qui bajulant inibi suave jugum Domini." 
Incip. Epist ad Fratres, — ^** Fratribus aetemse crescant aug- 

" menta salutis." 
Incip, PrtefaL — "Omnibus est notum quadri per climata 

" mundi." 
After a Table of Chapters, 

Incip, — " Prima Dei nutu patuit nee visio temis," 
Expl, — " Et ad sui cultum corda excitant fidelia." 
The piece is divided into two Books. It contains, in all, 
about 3,600 lines. 

Wolstan, monk and precentor of Winchester, wrote the 
above work, which he dedicated to Bishop Elfheah (A.D. 
935-951). This work is highly praised by Leland, as the best 
Latin poetry of that period in England. It has never been 
printed as a whole. Mabillon had a copy of it, but did not 
think it expedient to give more than some extracts, which 
are to be found in vol. vii., pp. 614-621 of the "Acta Sanct. 
" Ord. Bened." See also vol. vi. 73, § 6. 

1082. Historia Translationis et Miraculorum S. Swithuni, 
ex antiquissimo MS. Bigotiano. 

MS. Bibl. Imp. Paria 5362. Lat olim Bigot 174. £. 36. small folio, yell. 

xii. cent. 

Incip, — " Temporibus felicissimi Eadgari Regis Anglorum 
** . . . cunctipotens Deltas dignata." 

Expl, — " hactenus observatum audivimus ; cui gloria et 
" laus Deo Omnipotent!, qui sic Sanctum suum glorifi- 

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^ c«re digoatui eat, qui Tivit et regnat iti B^cula sa^culorum. A-D. 863. 
** Amen/* 

Printtd by the BaUandiataj "Acta Sanctoruni," i. 328 (Jul.), 
Thid Hijstory treats of the Translatiou of the body of the 
Sftltit in 971, audof the Miracles which occurred shortly after- 
wards, during tbc episcopate of Ethel wold of Winch ester, who 
died in 984. The author (whom the Botlandit^ts suppose to 
h^re bc^n Lantfr^) was an eye~witno^s of some of the incidents 
which he relates* (See §| 6 and 7.) 

1083, Minicula S, Swithuni, ex antiquissiims Membrank 
Reginaj Suecise, in ood. num. 769. 

Incip* — ^* FoE^tquatn sancttssimi corpus Pontificis/' 
£'jp^— *^ flxoravit noineii Omnipotent l^j quatonua" (ceetera 

Printed In the *' Acta Sanctorum " L 331 (Jul)* 
The author of this piece (which is imperfect at the coo- 
ciu^ion) appears to have been a monk of Winchester, and 
to bare written shortly after the Translation of the Saint's 
irotiiains. (See § L) He was witness of many of the incidents 
which he records. From the frequent use of Greek word^j it 
might be conjectured that tlua also is the work of Latitfred, 
whose Btyle is marked by this peculiarity. 

J 084, De 8. 8withimo, Wmtonienai Episcopo, 

MIS. LaoKt 4S6. ff. 91 b-9&. Teli. folio. xIt. eetit 

imcip^ — " Glorioeo Rege Anglorum Egberto regnante." 
Expi, — ** in sancto auo gloria cams et laudans, Cui eit laua et 

gloria per infinita ifficula. Amen," 

This text in the early part agrees with MS, Bodl. Digby 

112 (No. 107S) ; afterwards it is an nbridgment of it to the 

death of St. Swithun. 

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^^'^*'^*^^^^ 1085. Mirnculji 8. Swithinil (SaxaiiicL ). 

* .MS. Cult Jul. K. \iL t\ 114 b, \i:\\. fulin. xl ccnt-t 

iHiip, — *M>h KsLiiLraiv^ ^iiit^uiii ^;cs n'lNt Ijuj ryiiii!rL^< .> [>aiu ^f 
** Urir^lt inlorn."^ 

E^jii. — '^Sy ^Mihlfii 'J lof jsMiii pt l|>il]enJ,iu >( y]>|jrihl«'. |h' jji.^ 
*' iiid^uii iniiir?u^ iiiihtiglite mid i^hihIiujij ; r-u [>i; a lixai*^ uu 

10N^>. Miracula S, Swithiiiii (SiLxi^iiiuL-. ) 
>[S, BtM. lu'L'LGloucist. 
ffifip. — '', . , , ^ uiVr witrht sy|s[>aii ' cn'^i>iijl his wiuuira 

K.r/if.— *^ J Ijis ryne iicl' w^v^ wiitiij^^t iidc on sILhrs . , ." 
Tlirt <■ leaves ut' A]rric'\s LiCe *»(' Si. Switlimi a^ it ticcHir^s in 
MS, Cott. Juliu:i |]. vii, llotli h'xt^ ii|»|n ai- to h;\\v biru 
i'tipicil iVom Honn^ i^omvnnn ^f>Lirt;<, fKun^^h iluir ortljoMri-ipljy 
j-iJglitly ditk^rs fVom Oiieli othor. Tiic i\JLt:?cinn MS. ir^ tlie oltirr 
:trul jjjur^' eaiernlly written fifiliu two, AIilhii 17 Jlnes at i\w 
hvisiuu'ni*! Mini 19 at ihf tinliitg air wanling in tire (iloiiL't.6k"r 
MS., as will iLs aliout six leaves h\ tht? niiUdlc. Thr rnigments 
|n-4ihulply IbriJud a portion ijl' tlio lliiinilk',^ of Airri*:^ as fuuinl 
iti iFulhi^i 1^. vii. StT nrtte to No. HJs.3, 

Facsiinik,s oT tlie.^t? Iragii]*'iits have beoii inaile iu i»hoto-;5iii- 
rugiaiihy. and ^U\ Karkv x]u- latr le^nnd Proles^HH' of Aiitrlo- 

* This MS,, uliicli i> iiilUl^d " Vas-u.ias n \'i[a JSaiicioruiu tnini.|ar:ii 
** vx Lutinci in J^axnuicimi s^Tiiicaiuii ^vr Aclfricutn/* 1>L'Umg*?d ii> thy 
Ahlu7 nf St. Kdmiitvrs Hury, Tht'sv Ihmiilies Htit- compiled und 
inia^hUed i'rom the Lariti M Alfric, ;it thr iL'(|iu^&t of ArtlK-l^tTii, ilit- 
K;diloniian. Thty t<aa:iiii brief skHeln.'s <if livt^ i>t" sucli Mints <is utrc 
afknowlt^li^^Ld hy tlic Aii^du- Saxon (huitli Altrif tvidtiitly derived this 
HoinJlv fhan LaiiUVids ^v<nk (nj (hi- 3T>racle> r>rSi. Swidiun {-' -And Laad* 
'^ firM se ofer saiul^fii liit ffe >L'Ttu on hedt^ti."') Wauk'V (llickesii . \^f,) 
prints Alfrie".-, Juf> Trefjass. onr i]i L^nfn nw\ !!<.■ ul^!er in Anp-|y-Sa\oij, 
and j^tves sm nnaly^i.^ of llJs .M^. 

t MS. Cti^t< Oilij IL X., vhk'h usL^ ciniiuuitid iji Uie ffiv of ITiK idi^o 
contained ii copy of ildn pfeee. Sie ^V unify *k dLSuriptimi of dutf M^. 
{iUclvs, u. I'Ji ) It ia !lu;R" cLdlid " Depnsiiio S:iucti Studtlmnl, udrJ^i^imi 
*' Eplsjer^pi." 

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con in the University of Oxford, wwi imlueed, at the mlle'v A,D. sen 
tftiion of the Archaeological Institute, to publish ihoiii nt hi.-* 
own expense* Mr. Earle has also given a printed version of 
tb& Saxon, Una for llae and page for page, witli a literal 
trau elation and notes. 

1087- De Sancto SwitLimo, EpiBCopo et Conf^sore. 

MS, Cott. Tiber E. 1. f. 19&. 
MS. liodL Tanner, 15. 

Imcif.—" Glorioso Rego Anglonim Egbeiio rognantc." 
Rrph — " et flanatum se ostendit,'^ 

Tiie fame text as that printed in Cap|Travo's ''Nova 1^- 
'gcnda Angling/' and an abridgment uf MS. Aruod, 1G9 
:(See Xo, 107^). It is also printed in the ** Acta Sanctorum," 
327 (2 Jnly), slightly altered. 
For an account of these M8S. see No3<^ 3q and 3S. 

1 OSS. Seint Switlim J?e Coufessour. 

MS. Bodl. 779. f m-^4 K paper, folio, xv. cent 

MS. C. C. a Cant. 145. xeM Mio. xiv. cent. 

Ma Bodl Ijiud. Misc. 4C3 (1596.) ff. 63-(i4. velt. folio- x\v. Pt^nt. 

MS. ColL Trinit, f >xon, Ivii. 34. f. 65. yt*ll folic*, xv. cent, 

MS. Harl. 2277. f. 04, velt. 4to. xtii, cent, 

Inetp, — " Seynt Swelnn fe Confess ur waa licre of Ingo- 

^* londe." 
Srpi.^^' |)* bring us to pe joye of Jicvene forw our Lonrden 

** sonde. Amen,'' 
The orthography varies in all the MSS., and tho version 
ftlio varies in ^otne of them. 

Si net) fhU notice was written, Mr* Earlc has printed the 
text of this Metrical Life from the Laud, MS. ^63, in tlie 
Bodleian Library, at p. 78 of the Illustrative Pieces on St. 
Bwithnn, 4 to. Lond., 1861 ; and Mr, F< J* Furnivall Jijia 
Ipohlished it from MS* Harh 2277 for the Philological Society 
his volume of " Early English Poems and Lives of Saints." 
fvo. 1862. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

A IK ,SG:l A.D. 8 Go. 

lOftir ^^H, Erin oil oihlnett GaoiahilL" 

MS. StowL. I. '.^ Vi'll. 4tn. xiL tent 
Tins i< u prK in o|' III ^ ir-^o l>y KfH^b<iiil, ^ivinu u iiiDtne;il 
]is[ sjf IiT-li king:^, tVcjni tin- niosr iiiioii.'nt IniK's to djr n^i^jn uf 
Addli Fiiinliani. wlio w;h King f>f Ii(*l;inJ in HH3, ^Un/n 
I'uclioid livid. It oof'nr*? in the '* LeiiMiui /' Jt ^vtmld >vvm 
initn this [)nem that EooIkhJ \vti$ iine of tliosc '* jii"ritis.^imi 
'* Sculoruui,'* uhoni Neiiniti,^ coiiaulLetL in S30, ctuictMning the 
tn-j^HQ ot'thr liish ; Tuv his ai^€oiint lunl Eoclioitra :ignr in Ihe 
l^rinri^ml tkcl?, and jN'miiin^^ runlirnis Ins arrtjunt hy r^iiyjii*^* 
'' Sii; iJ4ihi prrjti,s:-imi -SculMrtmi niiiH-iav* rnnt** Novi^.siuii! 
*' auteni 8coti viMirrmil a piirlihus IIispiiniEL^ ml Iliberniani/'t 
(CVConnor^^ Cntal. ]>. 26,) 

AM HfiT. A.L). W7. 

lODO. Itintraiiuin triiiiii innnarhonna Beznanli ot Mit-io- 
ruui ujiis^ t;t de Sanctis Ijueirs ei Ikhylon. 

JIS, (Vitt, Faur,t. It, J t: lya-iiiiy- yl-M. siiiaJ! iblin. xii. tent. 
MS. Coll. Liucola. Clxon, UO Jf. 118. vtll. folio, xii, ei^nt. 
Ittrfff. — ^'' Anno ah incarnatione Domijii nui^tri Jc3U Chrif^ti." 
A'lyj/.^— " S( j1 k'i'tionis urn li on i^que studio tlht t<.^iu|)yrare 

An exlraet ironi tin- Iiiimrary is printed in Muljillun';: "Act. 
'' Sanrl. Hrtl. 1j( inilict," vol. iv, p. 4?2-7^* 

Tlii:> work [Krliaps onght not Uj be includiil in tlii^ Cata- 
logtic, but a?^ Bcrn:ird:f iva?^ an Englishman, and his work 
iuis hcen (piufcd with ajipjiibatir'n }iy AYilllaui of Mahnt^bury 

"^ ?>t't? stf<:. If] of Noatiius, td. Ed;?, IHsf. Sock^ty. 

t /*/., Etc. 1:L In tacti uf thu I'rolufiiies of Nennins reference h ^Uo 
nmdi^ to the ''j:\rinalei3 SLutoruiti/ 

J llLTijardiiM L'opiiniierilo Supiins, imtione^ patu, Anjihis fDempslLTU^^ 
St'oluiii i>st' viilT). I Mr TlUn^^nl^ (nLiiJi [iLivrrriuatai^ loraiF^iactasauett' itivi^it, 
ulhf Snpifn^ facttiH t:'fit anhit^piwnpn^i f'di'sanu?!; tt tanqEJEnu t<^Krii ornlahis 
jimp^^it '* Dtf ipsa iirtu' ilii-ru^iiU'ai, I'T de tntiltifi edjaeLDtiliuH Uh'Is* " lib. i. 
(Uempflttr lib, %.') Ctijus initiaTn v^i Atnio '.^71*, t't perdudt ad tin em 
UathotVfdi, llabetur M^, in ( rilL Liuctklan Oxotih Art'h, Aut^tr. 5j, Pit.s. 
Api'iiati ]i. 827-^rviL'ter li!)ro^ de iirbi' Ilifnisalemt sonftsit *'Ad Suffra- 
" t^iie<»s suoji '* lib. i. * iU' tV'llo SaiTo " lib. vii. K%tant in Hild, Cii^^ari':i 
Yitnnnisi, E. ScoUa (,'f^rctiKas f?it 1 Hifj, iJcinpiiter, ii. iSl it I'K Brrnar- 
din n Manaeh aia ii nos tro nial e dl M I ti^u lb ( Tn ii a er. ft 7 , ) 

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(Gi*»ta Regtim lib. iv, § 367* iL 561), it has not been considered A.D. 867. 
advisable to exchide it* 

Bernard, wUli two comfianions, Theudemund and Stephen, 
patietl from Ital^ to Alf^ xandrla, nnd travelled thence by land 
to Jeniaalem, in the year 870.* His account is shorty but it 
h^s seTenil very interesting particulars, 

lo the MS* cited above the scribe boB, by mistalce, assigned 
U*^ date of 970 to this Itinerary ; but that ist certainly wrong, 
for Bernard mentions Louis, King of Italy, f m then livingj 
irbereas he died A.B* 875, or 879 according to some authorities. 
Be 11I30 mentions Theodosina, Patriarch of Jerusalem, as 
Mag alive. Tbeodoaitia held that office from A.D, 836 %o 
KoTcmber 879* 

A,D* 870, A.D.870. 

1091* De Saneto FremuQclo, Regc et Mar tyre* 

MS, Cott. Tiber, E. L fL 125-136. 
MS. Bo<il. Tatiner, 1 5, 

Imeip. — "Temporibus regum antiquorum iuit in Anglia 
" qiiidiiio Rex Bomiiac Offa," 

E^L — '* in prioratu Canon i corn m Regularium de Dunes tapl 
•' ^ADctum eju3 corpus requiesjccns in magno lionore babetur/' 

The same text m that printed in C*Hpgrave's *' Nova Le- 
•* getnU Anglia*,*' 8ee Nos, 35 and 3B. 

The subject of this Life is as follows : — ^Fremund was the 
^ta of a Pagan Kin^, vv^ho reigned in England, named OfTa, 
aad of his Queen liotilda y his birth being Ibrotoid by a child 
who died when three days old* He u baptiised by Bishop 
Hti,"*Wi ; performs many rnirneles, and converts his parents ; 
Offa resigns the kingdom to bis son, who, after goveroing a 
year and a half^ ibrsakes the tlirone to serve God in a desert 
pliuai, accompaaied by Burchard (who afterwards wrote his 

* SbkbOton JMiiigTis the year S70 for Bernard' h pllgfimttg^, but (aoorrectly, 
iJiFope Kicholap* 1., wbom Bernard mentions, rei^€d onlj ti> 867. It iras 
IvobiLbly undertalteTJ between the year S63, wbeu Tb^^odosiaa became 
Ptotmrcli of Jerusalem, aod the year 86 7, when Pope Nicholas died. The 
Hfiod between those two years b the oal y time th:it NicholaSj ThiK>dosias^ 
Hid Lottifl held their several office* coat emporaoeou sly. 

f *' In Longobardia Ludtnrieo memoratii tegantiteJ* Lou 11 wa^ c rioted 
King af Italy by bis fatlier LoihaiF& (ItftLie ieu potias Laagobardoruai 
B«it a pat^ creatn« anao 849^ 

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ri2- DtMCRiPTi\ R rATAjrMjli: nV ^rAXrsrnim's HELATlXn 

Jin'i i^ (liiven to ;i ,mit;ill i^aml inll-^tr-l Ijy lii-vtujus, culli'il 
' \ lrrji;f(— * wlunv he li\r.^ .^cvtii yi'iir> <?n iriiij^ nnd \xmU. 
Hinguar and Uuhha nivage Kn^hind :mi\ \n\\ St. Edmun-l to 
(l^'iUli. OlTa. '^riiils Iwjnty tjobli-. to srtk his sou ihruughrnu 
Kii^^ljuid ; ou faidiiig hiin tliry hLii>loiv his ahL Jiiul he !i>?it^iit^ 
i» (iim.^equrrin' tsf ;i vi>[oii, in ivfiit li it i^. ivvraKil that cruh 
of his comiraruunf^ sliiill ;q>|Kivr a t[iou-nn<l to his omniiis. 
Hi' !iTf:u-ks iind defbutr^ 4fM)0tJ of thr tMiciiiy ujtli iIk- ivvrnty 
who have comf^ to r^oek J dun in addiiion u.t liis two (*om- 
p;inions ; hut wliilc he Is pro>tiate in thiuiks^hlwis lor tht' 
VFrtNiy, (.)s\vi, loi'hh'i'ly o]]i' of OlHfs coMiiiifuulot'-, Imt who 
hns apM^tiUized iind joirud the PM^itiiH, rut- ofV liis head. 
PdoiKl spirts sivt I' Uswi, ivlio imj hiri'^ fih-fdiHioii nml thiLrivi- 
11 CSS whit U tljo 111' lid jirontiEineL's, iMiinnnd rises ami eanies 
his head some di^taiii-e, whne, a 'Jikring htirstiii*f lorLli, lie 
w;i?>he-S h\^ woiiut], fnlfs pio>tiatJ^ in ailuraiidii, find exjdie.-. 
His body is l)ur led ni the royal Jti3Ujr>ion tailed " (Mil tdmitrh/ 
ahout the year 8f>> ; smd is rviiioved to a phiet' hetwoen thr^ 
C ha r well iiiel Jiradiiicn lif.i yi :ns after his drath. IJis ]un]x 
is A^in'm iW^i'tv^X'Vv.], hy ji diviiir revelrinon. in (he lime of 
Eirinu^, Bi^:h<ip ^f Dorehe^ter. It is then rrnismd to a idiire 
ealled ' IJedie/ and a rha|H'l euurtrjiettd over it. In l.Hrr 
lirars it is n.Eruin rt'innved to Duiistsijde. 

This slory. v^hhdi, -o fjr u^ ue havc^ an}' na.nn^ of judfjinLr. 
is]>nrv iineniii-iijins bueti vrrsifiod hy Lydgate ( see Ka WUA ), 
who makes Freinund eoiisiii tif S(. Kdninnd, i'amfh'n ( Wjir- 
wirk.^hire) falls hint the son of ( Jllu, Kin^r of Mrirla, ajid h i-nis 
tii .sjH'iik as thouLrh \^v thiju;2ht (here wa'^ -«inte nnifh in thi' 
iinrrjdive : not nnnernhvidiig that C M!a died itear 100 years lie- 
foro llirifrmir's invasiifn, aiMl liirinus nmn than 200 hefore that 
evkut. liundiai'd, the ^nppost'd serihi ., seinis to lHM>f the same 
donhifid <'oniidexi(in wiOi bis ni^r^tir ; foi-, altlmnLdi Li land ha^ 
;ziven a formal aeeount of his liA^ and eonuixirm with Fninnnd. 
yet he if Ion tilers bini witli ISnrirhard, Bishop of ^Vurtzhnrlr, 
andiJiakr- Idni c onti"in|ionjry with Olfa, KiiiL-- fd' ^loreia, about 
AJ). TiJi ; Imt tins wunld aL^ne neilhor wiili rhr tim(^ of 
lliiViruai" nor ot' Birinns, nor, in fiut. with t]i:it of t)ffa : jor 
Bnr-Ldiai'd iimst hjLvc kit Eniiland ali^nl A 1>. 7 Kl SW 
liasiei;:e's OhMivaiicMis in " Mtti Bnrehardi " (Carnsins. Annq. 
LrcL iii. i I. 

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1092. De S. Fretbeinnmln, Ke^^e tt Mar tyre, a.U s:o, 

:MS. T^nsd. 43G. ff. S2-44. vtll. f^niall fnliti. ^h'. oiiir. 

InciiK — '* Tcraporibusi rtgutn antiquoniiu crat qui dam Kex 
** in Atiglia Offii nomine," 

ExpL^"^ Dmtoriuni fnbneavit, ail landrni Domini nmU'i 
" Jesu Cliri;,ti, qui cumPutrc ef Spintii Sancto vivh i-t rojinat 
** Dc'U;^ per omnia snecuLa S'.eciiloi'uui." 

The Bollandi^^ts in the ** Aeta Sanctorum'' ii. (JofL (^lay) 
liavc culleeted tlie various iicatUred notices rfi^peetin^^ tlii^ 
8^ lit. 

1093, ViU Saneti FreiHuntli, Regii^ et M^irtyTi.s, uuetore 
OuUelnio Kamo.sieasl. 

MS. Bibl. Pub. Cant. J) d. iL 7S. veil, small -Itn. xiii* cftit. 

T^/Z/f *'Inei pit Vita Saneti Frodeiniinili,Krp:iset ]Mui1}rH." 

Ineip. — *^ Anglyfum Rex Utia iViit, Reg inn HotiMa/' 
ExpL — *' Rit laus, et vinas. et honor per sueuhi t' unci a. 

" AmenJ' 

Co/o/j/^o;/. — ** Explicit Vita Sancti Fredcmundi, Regi^? (t 

" Martyriia." 

Tins sterns to be an amplification oi" ilie Lll'e in Cupgrave. 

(See No. 109 L) It extemls to about ."J-jO linf.s. 

Cannlen states ihtit the LiiV of Fremnml had Uern wrilfm 

hy an ancient pnet in a tolerably elegant strain/* anil qnrnr> 

Fcv*--n lines from it.f He ^vas acquainted with rU Irnst Iwti 

ropies of tlio poem. A copy of this piece' was in MS, Yin IL 

IX xiv,, wtich was dei^troyed in the Cottonian fire. 

1004 The Life uf St. FremtinJ, l^y J. Ly*l;L,'ato. 

;MS. Aslnuole, 4(L ± ff. 4S»b-7«>. vdl, 4t8\ xv, tLiit. 
HarL '61*2, f. 2:>. p^per, brgi' 4to, xiv, PLnt. 
Harl. 4826. ff. 2^- 
§ MS, Harl. 2278. ff. 70-^8 b. Tdl. 4ft). x\\ cent. 

* *^ Vilu ejus carniitie i^UiJv Llt'^imli iib &nlJ<|iio luitlijif tk-^^ripta." 

t Canid. BrlL p. Hnu, ed. <;ibsun. 

% For a dt*?^cri|>iiotr of tins MSS. stL' Black's^ Cutalrtgm' ofiht? A^lnimb-tti 
MantifiCTipts, cul. 71 and 72. 

I This MS, irt vm fintly iUuiniriaUd. and ii^ tli<? copy whbdi Lvd^^at^' 
piTsct5ted to Kiiifi Honry VI. Si-c a full dt'seriptinn of tbo vnlutii!' iu tlii' 
Catalogue of tK* Jlarkhm M8S., voh iL 639, G4r>, 

VOL. J. 1- L 

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AJ>. y7o, Incip. — ^' Wlm tian n riu-niljer |>r ineiacly.^ uki voylluus." 
K.rpL — *' ArnI leTiiL'dyiQ lor >y\\v. iolkc^ idlti 

Til lit i'ur aucour ihUu his ;jraci' i-allr.^' 
Tiu-Tc is iilsn \m IiivocaLiuii fo ilil^ Sitiiiti 1 iDgln til n,i(,*— 
"NifW liNulv Fn (niiJul iinirtir, riiaiiK innl kMiu.'' 

A.iJ. yn. YJK N71. 

U)!)^. Vita H, 0:^-itluLN seu OHitlKl^ Yirgiiiis. 
MS. UodJ. :Ji;r>. fil li^i-i 2:i U vtlL loliu. vii. ui xiii. ctiju- 

Tiuhr. — *^ Imnpil. Vihi \kA Passiu Siinrijc ()s«fit]ja\ Virgiui.^ 
'* el. !MjLrtji'i.s/' 

Iftvip. — ^** IJcata virgG it ujjiiiyr i)-giiliu *jv liultilissiirui 
■■ An^^omni istirpL uxtilii ijrt:i/' 

iij;///.-*'*' lit iHjbia j>riH:HLurilju> apud DoijiiiiMin iiosiruni 
■' ile-'suni Christum siiUvcuirr digiittur* \{\\\ vivtt et regn-it 
*' tuiLi Dio ruUr in miiiair Spiri(u< SjuilIi, Ucus per omnia 
■^ s;rciiloi'um titi'uhu AmriN" 

(>/i^f>/^Ai:y//, — " Ex[}lirit Vii;i u.! ras>io Etalj: O-^^'illui? Vir- 
^- j^iiiih.'^ 

This JJI'i! iii abrid^rL'J in Cajspraxr^H ^Nav aLrgi ndu. Angliii-/' 
unil ]i]> Ttrsiiin is printed vvilh sHglit verbid :iltrnitiuus, by 
Surius. " \'ita^ Sam tnrum " (7 Oct.). and rrpriiitrd iii thit 
^^ Acta Snnetormu," III. 9;i<j (7 OeL) (Sif Nu. ]097o 

Ospitli, duyghter uf FndewJild unil Wtliiiirga. daiigliur uf 
Pt^nda, U inciitinnid by JBrda ; PrndfU nit hough liiuLscIf a 
jKigjin, baviijg had lioly <h.'S€i'itdaiitjr, us Kiin lMirL^!u Ivnlburga, 
Mildritha, (S-L. i Jsgirh \va^ iiiarri<d lo Sidt r. King of l-L^sux ; 
and atur Ah^ \xn\\, by Aurious nn^nu^, (.^vad<^d lii^^ ntteraptii to 
i;unsuiiiinal(3 the inurriaije, slir linaily osi^iiprrl *iy a person sud- 
<k:nly annuuin'in*f the appCMnnirr of n wtiitc doi/ ui'ar tlie 
pal:ici> in cdmee of wliitli {\iv King instantly i^et *jut i on 
wliielt she iuunediately npplied to J^L'ca and B( dsviti, ^vLo g:avc 
Ltr the veil. On liie Xing^a riluriij he vvah indm-t d to ansent 
to what had Iilhu dune in his absenn', and gavi^ Iut a luan^iou 
whrrL* slit? resided during the r(.st iif her litl'.* She was 
linaily niunlcn d hy >nnn" pngan pir^k j?, who eui idf hrr bead. 

• At C'liich ill Esfit'x,— **Xjb{ :L<litiL'iu Ijijnde vK IwWxti pukhrti cyn&tructa 
h ahi \ isse di n wsc it ur.' ' 

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Her body was buried iq the church of St, Peter and St* A.D. 871. 
Paul,* ftud was after vrardis translated by Maurice, Bishop of 
London (A.D, 1085-1107). Certain Germans who frequented 
ike port of Yarmouth, during the tinie of Archbishop Richard 
(A*D* 1171-1 IS4), were punished for ina(3vert<;ntlj carry ing^ 
off a fiijiall piece of marble from tho church. 

1096. Yita S. OsgithfB. 

MS. Lanid. 4SG. E 99-30. veil, folio, dble €ol. xIt, cent 

This MS* begins and onds with the snme words as MS. 
285, before mentioned (No. 1095) j but il; is only an 
■fcridgment of the Life therein contained. It is not the aame 
abridgment, however, aw that mentioned in the next number. 

1097« De S, Oaitha, Virgiiie et Martyre. 

MS. Cctt Tiber. E, i. ff. a-ts^-aso. 

MS. Bodl Taanef. 15. veil folio, xv, cent. 

MS. Bodl, 240, p. 588. 

Incip. — **Beata Ositha, Yirgo et Martyr^ ex nobilissimia 
*• Anglorum nata-libus origincm duxit,*' 

ExpL — *' aanata f^urrexit," 

For an account of the first two MSS* see Nos* 35 and 38. 

The same text as that printed in Capgrave's *'Nova 
" Legenda Anglia?" f. 2\S \ Snriu=5 (7 Oct.); and the '*Aeta 
•* Sanctorum/' iii. 936 (7 Oct) ; being an altered form of MS. 
BodL 285 (see No* 1095), with some additions also of miracles, 
&c- The couipi ler omits the ace ou n t of Pen d a*s family, bu t ad ds 
the atory of Modwenna's interment at Aileabury, and Trans- 
lation to Chicb, with several Miracles at the end. The proper 
nftmes In Capgrave^s text are seemingly more correct than 
those in MS« Bodl, 285, The story of Modwenna and Os^itha 
is apparently borrowed from Geoffrey of Burton *« Life of Mod- 

♦ Sgiw Cbich, or St. 0»ith*s Priory, in JEetex j c«M«mng iffhich fe« 
Bngd. MonasL, vi SOS. ed. EUU. 

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AD. S7l, weiiun, and Just ili^l In tin' LiTl' (jfO-illi, nienly on arctmiit of 
llie iTscmlilEiiirv^ of i}w ikuiu^-. Thr Life in ^IS. LiUi>tL 4.i(j. 
abridges Gt>^^( lin, and snj^ nu thing ubout MudsvLniia, 

Hyj:^. PlussIo SauetL EJmuiKli, Rt";j^i.^ OTienbirmm 
Aii'^linnii <.! Marty vis, per Al^lsoneni Flr>ri:t(H?!isi'iii. 

' MS. CntL Tibtr. i;. ii. fT. 1-1 KI3. vtll. nuiU folif*. \i. ct'iit. 
' MS. LimVlKih, KUri, r. 1. vi^U. 4t(i. xt. eeiit 

.MS. Coll. S, Ji>h. n,t[]t. i )\mi, 1 !;►. L\ f. C'», \cll. gniall foli^K ?;ii. i^r xlii. 

I MS, IliKll. Diirby. 105. ff. l-,'i:i Ik vdL small folio. 3tni. cent. 

J MxS. Colt. Jciu. Oxo;!. 75. .liL piipit folit^. wii. innt, 

MS. (\CM Cant. 42. 'i. tlIL foUo. \ii. Ciiit. 

§ JIS. Cutt, riUis- A. \'lll. ir. r.r sob. vilL 4to. xiiL t\ t»t. 

MS. BoJl. Kiiwlins. C 440. ft. Il)4-:2n4. veil. ].irp< 4h>. xii, Ciur. 

Jib, llodl. Ha\viiu>. 1*1 i:t. 

II MS. Bodl. IVIL 4. ff. l2:;-i:ir,. velL iolin, xiii. cint. 

f MS. llnclL 1 uirfiix. 12, (38[12.) rtll, small fulio. x\\. CL-nt 

*^ :MS* ISibl, I'uK CopiLnljLi^'(.Mk 1'^!?, vt^lL i^ro. .viL tJcuL 

MS. CollKi. 

MS. Viffjoa. 

tt I^IS. iViM (hi KoL 247'^ (olim Colbert 1418. Ik-. 37^1). vdl. dMo. 

coin xiii. cent* 

MS, Blbl. du Koi. mUiK (ulim de Bellnnit;). xiif. ceot 

+ 1 MS- Bibi. da lluL ri;HM vdl, xil. et'nt. 

* A spuix Suvs Kh!3 Uft ]ii (his MS. (brnti c>rimmenuil iniuji iKier. Tlie 
first iToid IS *' DfirobcnionjiiMm.'' Anotla^r jipact^ btis bwn li'f: ist lliu t-fjin- 
ni" Mrrmfiit of thi" ** Passio/' ivIut*.^ tht^ first ivord Is '' rr^ctiJrJo," 

f Till' Passiun isfohawt^d by a liyniii( set to mu>iL", be^SuniiVjr, " A\i\ T^q% 
'* p-cnuu AnEi^fariini, mik'v Kc^^rs An!:*.bjrimi ;" uftLT ivbb'li rnv shurt jin^tcs 
of proisv twd Ityrans iilttrnately, to tbt^ ind of ibf vo[inm'. ThL-si- pii-t'r** 
uk'V 11 r^; BupjKf.q^d t« b:ivu l«.i'ti tlh' wurk of Abbo. 

:): Apparently a tnm&iTipt of ]\IS, Coit. TIUt. B. ii. 

§ TIkti^ lire sevirml VfHi^il lariiilions in tlit^ frnmilS, Cot!, Tiln^r. U. il. 
In tb^ i 'ataloguf <Jt' tlif Cottotibu ^MSS. iIr- nutborship of this work \s 
fiToiiiJOujily asiTibed to Usbcrt fk' Chre. Sf<^ No. lnL*S in thu pn^Sfiit 

I, tiitpurfcet :^t the beginnitifj, 

5i The lujit l^;if of tbis MS. in Hiinrin^:. 

*• At tbi.^ t-nd of thi* l':is;!!*ioii art^ LLrlions for iho dny of St. Kdmimd. 
TIk' MS, is bL^adtifidly ^nll<ni and niuiumatt'd. 

If A fiiu' MS. of Hu^tifib txcouiinn. 

^l ThvfL' iirt> s^'vrnil otbirr MSS. of Ibfs Passion ii\ the Koyul Library 
l\l I'sirli. 

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'7»5flfie.— **EE)btola Abbonis, raooachi Floriaccnais, adBcatiiin A.D. 870. 
** Danstanum Arcliiepiscopunij de PasssiiQiic Sancti ALMimundi. 
** Hegb et Martins," 

Tncip. Epiifola, — ** Domino saiictse Dorobernensium occksiae 
*^ Archiopiscopo DuBstauo-** 

Ejepl Epistoia, — *'^ exortans omoee ad amorom tanti Martji is, 
•• Vale, paler in Chriato/' 

Incip, Passia. — *' Adachi aUquando in BritannJam, praecario 

EocpL Pa^sio, — "ut nos cum sibi digne famulantibus expiet 
** a peccatis quibus meremur supplicianii per Eum qui vivit et 
** regnat in sspcula sseculOTiira, Amen." 

Printed in Surias ('* Vit^e Sanctorum," 20 Nov.), iv. 440 ; 
where, contrary to his usual practice, be docs not seem to 
h^YQ altered the stylo of itj considering it to be sufficiently 

. Edmund, sou of King Alcmund, nacended the throne of East 
Anglta A.D. 8o5, being then fourteen years old* Upon the 
Dtttikh iuTasion of his kingdom, he fell into the hands q£ the 
Pa^ajaus, who rcquh'ed him to renounce the Christian faith. Ho 
rejected their proposal, and was consequently put to dcatli by 
them* Hence bi^ title of ^ Martyr/ 

The author of this piece was Abbo of Floury, who was 
lOTited into England by Oswald, successively Bishop of Wor- 
cester aud Arch hi shop of TorL At the request of St» Duns tan, 
Abbo wrote the Life, now under consideration, about the year 
985,* His narrative is highly valuable. In order that ho 
might not report anything in his narrative that was not strictly 
trae^ he took the precaution of sending his MS. to St. Duns tan, 
praying him to correct everything that was contrary to histori- 
csl truth. Ho received his account of the death of Edmund from 
Si* DuuBtan himself, who had had it from the Martyr's sword- 
bearer. Abbo, during his residence in England, established a 
school at Ramsey, where he resided and taught. Upon leaving 
this country he became Abhot of La R<Solc, in Gascony, where 
he was killed in a skirmish on the 13th of November, 1004, 

* The -A Qthore of the **nist. Lit do la France," vii. 174^ "by a singular error, 
■talc that thra EdiHQud was murdered in 946, only 39 years "before Abbo 
wnjte thi$pu'ct\ wlitreas it ira^ composed more than UiO years iifter tlic 
event V they also Tcnture to ceniiure M. Baillet for b:» ehronologyp who 
was doabtJciia correct b hh aascrtiou. 

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A.D. 870. Abbo also wrote a TreatiBe on Grammar, which he addressed 
to the Monks of Ramsej. His life is published hj Mabillon 
(Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened.), viii. 35. 

The Miracles attributed to Hermannus immediately follow 
Abbo's work in MS. Cott. Tiber. B. ii. ; but they certainly 
do not come from that writer's pen. 

1099. Vita S. Edmundi^ Begis et Martyris, auotore 
Oulielmo Monacho BAmseiensL 

♦MS. BibL Pub. Cant D d. ii. ff. 125 b-136 b. veil. 8vo. xiii. cent. 

TV*.— "Incipit Prologus in Vitam S. Edmundi." 

Incip. i\Y)/.— **Plus volo quam valeo Begis memorando 
" triumphos." 

Incip. VUa, — " Bellorum varies experta Britannia motus." 

Expl. VUa, — '' Sancto nunc et per ssBCula laus et honor. 
" Amen." 

Colophon, — '^ Explicit Vita Sancti Edmundi, Regis et Mar- 
« tyris." 

*^ Inoipit Prosa in Vita ejusdem rithmice composita." 

'^ Stupet caro, stupet mundus." 

(About 40 Leonine lines). 

*' Alia Proia de Sancto Edmundo rithmice composita." 

"Profitendo fidem solam." 

(About 30 Leonine lines). 

" Explicit Prosa de Sancto Edmundo, Bege et Martyre.'' 

1100. Vita S. Edmundi Begis, per Osbertum de Clare, 
Priorem Westmonasterii. 
MS. Cott Titos. A. TilL ffl 67-^0 b. TelL 4to. xiii cent 

Ruhr. — ** Indpit Epistola de Passione Sancti Aedmundi 
*^ prsBmissa.'* 

Incip. Epist — '^Domino Sancts MetropolitaniB Dorober* 
'* nensium ecclesiaB, Archiepiscopo Dunstano." 

ExpL Epist. — <^ exhortans omnes ad amorem tanti Martyris 
« —Vale, Pater in Christo." 

♦ Another copy of this piece was in MS. Cott ViteU. D. xiv., which 
was destroyed in the fire of 1731. 

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Bubr, — **Explicit Epistola — Incipit Faagio S&ncti Aedmundi, -^^^ ®^^' 
** Regis ct Martjria." 

Itwip, Passio, — " Adsciti aliquando in Britanuiam pr^cario 
^'^ mtinere in pertiiciogum auxiliuEn trea GGrmanniiB populj.*^ 

EjtjiI. — '' per eiun qui vivit et regnat in ssecula sBeculonmip 
** Amen." 

Tliia is not the work of Osbert de Clare, but of Abbo, with 
% few verbal altoratigoa and transpositions of word^. Se^ 
Nq. 1098 and No, lilO, 

IIOL Vita Sancti Ediimndi, Rcgia et MartyriB. 
MS, Harl 2S02, f. 2^6 b. yell, krgw folio, xii. cent 

Jnei}i, — **GloriosU9Rex Edmundus, ex antiquorutn Saxonum 
** nob til proiiapia oriinidus.** 

ErpL — *' ad laudcm Domini nogtri Jesu Cbristi, etii eat 
** lionor et gloria in siycula. Amen.'* 

The author of thi& pieco has not been ascertained* 

1102. Vita S. Eadmundi, Regis et Martyris. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. i, t 2&3b, 
MS. BodI, Tanner 15. 

/iin/?,— ^* Rex quidam in Saxonia? regno, Alkmundus no- 
** mine*** 

^xpL — **et pranlia multa donavit/'* 

Printed in Capgrave's **Nova Legcnda AngHffi," f. 107, 

The introduction is taken from Geoffrey do Fontibus (See 
No- ni7j ; the other part from Hermann's narrative (see 
No. 1 109) to the account of tbo erection of St* Edmund^s 
Church in Cuut's time,t 

Fot a description of these MBS. see Nos- 3o and 38. 

• Imis«)dktelj after tliei« word* comes " 5 Be crace d« Kolm./' which 
ends, ** tf-um aliifl nonnuUte minicnjis diviDitu.^ ostensiB." 

t Mr, Holford is* or was J □ the possessmn of a M^. (foTmerlj hclonging 
le tbe femily of Pnrker of Brows hoi nic, and afterward* in the Town ley 
CoUtftftion) whldh eofltaiiied the Life and Mimcles of King Edmmid, wrUten 
Iff the tiroe of Anselm, Abbot of St. Edmand'e, AD. lll^-^l 148. 

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A.D. 870. 1 103. Vita et Paasio S. Eadmundi, Regis et Martyris, una 

corn Miraculis ejusdem. 

Ma BodL 240. ff. 624-648. (olim N. E.F. 10. b. 246&) 

Bubr. — ^'Incipit Vita et Passio, cum Miraculis Sancti £d- 
^* mundi Regis et Martyris, excerpta do Cronicis et divcrsis 
*< historiis seu legendis, de eodem breviter et sub compendio 
^* compilata — ^De Nativitate Sancti Edmundi." 

Incip. — ^'Erat quondam in Saxoniaquidam Rex, Alkmundus 
" nomine.^ 

This is a compilation from Henry of Huntingdon, Simeon of 
Durham, Abbo^ Galfridus ''do Infantia S. Edmundi,** Ni- 
cholas Prior of Wallingford, the Chronicles of Westminster, 
Ely, and Norwich, Sampson Abbas, and '' Hcrmannus, Archi- 
" diaconus Arfasti."* 

1104. De Translatione Sancti Edmundi de Eoxslenia veteri 
in novam basilicam, a Baldewino constructam. 

MS. Bodl. 240. ff. 648-677. veU. folio, xiv. cent, 

Incip. — ^**Regnante Rege Willelmo Secundo." 

The name of Osbert de Clare is wiitten opposite many of 

the Miracles ; and against others is written " ex Chronicis 

" Joscelini." 
Then follow certain " Miracula excerpta de parvo quodam 

" antique quatemio ad feretrum," which are followed by " Mi- 

" racula xvii. facta apud Wainflete. A.D. 1374 et 1375.*" 

1105. De Translatione S. Edmundi, Regis et Martyris. 

MS. C. CO. Cant. 34. 41. yell, folio, xiv. cent 

Incip. impetf. — " Si haec fideliter, si humiliter." 
ExpL — ''sod gratia Dei, per Jesum Christum Dominum 
" nostrum conversus ad Dominum.** 

* This Arfast was apparently the Bishop of Tbetford of that name who 
died in AD. 1084. Sec No. 1108. 

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1 106. Ill Translations S, Edmundi, Regi^ et Matty ris* A.D. 870. 

MS. Cott Julias. A.Tut 59, 
Incip. — "Anno ab Incarnatione Domini I09o, a Pasaione 

* 8* Edtnundi Regis Dt Martyris 225/* 

Mjtpl. — " resiurgendum nd boatitndinem scmpiiernam pnc- 

* stantc." 

HOT* hsL Vie S. Edmund le Rey ; en vera. 

* MS. Cott DoralL A. iL ff. L-34. veil. 4to> 

Lx Vie Si^nt Edsiund lk Key. 
*'MiiU ay use J cum pecherc. 
Ma vie en trop iblo manert:, 
E trop ay use aia vie. 
En peche e en foHe," 
Tlio autliov ■^oea on to say that ho \n\^ indulged in making 
^ fro fane riijmcs to a great extent^ but h:ia repented, and 
'Wliikon himself to more .^eriouij pursuiL«, He calls himtsolf 
/Irjti^ Plramusu '^Jeo ay noun Denis Piramus.'* lie i^m- 
Oteds to point out that the author of Furthonopcus de Blois 
Mod Marie dc France were popular versifiers with tlic nobility, 
^ tot assures \m audience thai if they will attend to him they 
idiall hear something worth a thou^inid times wLnt they had 
«i'f itten more pleasant to li^-^ten to, and what, bei^ideti, will do 
liieir jfionls good* Thus mucli for Prologue. 
The Life commences, — 

"Ore oyese, Cristtene gcnt^ 
Vus qui en Dieti Omnipotent 
Auez e fey e espcrance, 
E dc ?yilvaciun fiance/' 

* The author of the Article on Benia Pimmui* in tlit- ** Ilistoiro Littc- 
" rxiTvde la France,*' voL %\ji, 620, mnkcs special mention nftlas JlS.^and, 
cm M* Francisque Michel's aathorityj interjrrets I'Eromus' reffpencc io the 
utitKor of the l^arthonopfu^ (always rpgurded as unknown) eis a rt'copnition 
itf bhnself as the wHi^r* Deni* Pimmni, it seems, only contrast a himsijlf 
with theanthor of the Farthonoporof, riotl with Mam de France. The Ahbc 
4c b tln'?^ rn his *" Fsftais liistoriqnes surlcs Bardca " (vol. lii., p. lOJ), 
mal^eis no Fngge*tion a* to DcoU tw-inf: the author of tbc Farthonrvp<^uB. I!e 
li^ the MS. befort! him, and he would, 1 rhmk, have noticed tie fiiet, hud 
be inteJTJretA^d the eentenee aw M- Mich*?!, and the nuthf>r of the article 
ID liic " Ilistoire Littcfaire " have done. Ic i»cenis mont pfohablc that he 
\ animated by & Fpirit of rivaliry with the author of the Farthotiopeas. 

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A.D. 870. The Life, which extends to about 3286 verses, ends, — 
" La teste unt pur ceo desevree 
Loinz del cors, que nel trouassent 
Cristiens, ne al cors la justassent, 
£ que en honeste sepulture 
Ne meissent, par aventure. 
Le chief e le cors ensement, 
Del martir Dieu Omnipotent." 
After the Life follow Miracles, beginning at f. 16 : — 
" Un homme del Cristiene lay 
Est eschape del grant desray, 
De la grant occisiun, 
En le bois de Hailesdun." 
This part is imperfect ; it contains 714 verses, and ends with 
the lines, — 

" Ja Sueyn ne ireit de cest pais, 
Quil ne fust descumfit e pris.'* 
The catch words are, — 

" E ses amis li respundi." 
This work of Denis Piramus, and the Life by Abbo, have 
much in common with Lydgate and Galfridus de Fontibus, 
but where they agree Denis seems much fuller. 

The Life of St. Edmund, printed in Battely (" Antiquitates 
" Edmundi Burgi,") which was compiled by order of Abbot 
Curteis, resembles Denis Piramus, Matthew of Westminster, 
Gaimar, and Simeon of Durham. 

Denis Piramus lived in the reign of Henry the Third of 
England, and passed the greater portion of his life at the Ck)urt 
of that monarch. He says that he composed the Life of Sl 
Edmund to amuse the King and his nobles during a sea voyi^e. 

1108. De S. Edmundo Carmen Elegiacuin. 

MS. Bodl. 832 (S538) £ 186 b. 

inctp.— " Salve festa dies toto." 

This piece consists only of a single page, and contains no 
new facts. It is, therefore, valueless for any historical pur- 

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llOd* Mijacuk B, Edmundi RegiB, auctore Hermanno A.D. 870. 


. Qitt, Tiber. B. ii, C ieb.-84K irell. xi. cmt vtjlK med, folio, %L 
♦ MS* CoU. Jesa Oxon* 73* 30* paper folio, sntii* cent 

Indp.^-^^* Per Sanctum euim Eadinuodum niemoriain fecit 


£j[pL — ** et eo plus hommum mediaa noctis in epatio 


There is considerable doubt as to the identity of the indi- 
vidual hero Btyled Herman the Arcbde^£on« 

TTie opening lines, in wbicb the author's name was to to 

B-Dtiooed, were left blank in Tiber, B» ii, *br the iJluminator, 
ha^e never b^^n filled up j but iu a Note at the foot of 
page^ In a hand probably of the ^ftceiith century^ ar6 
swords, " Incipiunt Miracala scripta ab Hermanno^ Archi- 

dtacono, tempore Baldewini Abbatia, circa annum Chriad 

1070/^ It is not improbable that he was Archdearon of 
lorwich under Arfaat, Bishop of Thetford, (See No. 1102.) 

1 1 10. Miracala et Translatio Sancti -^dmiindi, Regia et 
Martyris, per Osbertum de Clare, ui videtur, 

M& Cott Tittts. A* TiiL fL 83 K^Ul b. veil* 4to, xiii cent, 

liuhr. — " Incipit Prfpfatio super Miraculie Edmundi Regis 

•' et Martyris/' 

Ineip* PriEf, — ^" Cum mnltorum geata ssecrdariom lueulentis 

'^ videamu!;; apicibu^ exarata*^' ' 

ExpL PrtBf, — ** actus egregios, virtutes, atque triumphos." 
Incip, Mirac. — " Pretiosus Rex et Martyr iEdmunduj^*" 
MrpL Lih, /. — ** Beat! Martyrise magnalia pro facultate 

•♦ prosecuturu" 

Mubr, — *' Incipit Prologus in Li brum Seeunduni*** 

Jneip, ProL in Lib. II. — " Cum laureatns urbem iugreditur 

** rediens,*' 

* ThU MS. contdDi an euet copy» in pan, of MS. CotL Tiber, B. iL^tiz. 

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.loi DEScRiPTiri: CATALOiin: or MANUScniPts relati>'<:; 

A.D. ^:il Ihifii\ — " Iiui|iit/"'' 

/Tj/?/, — " Jjiin nunc iutcriiu^>i? .^^crmniiuiti laniluilil^j ad rum 
*' aningiiiimr/' 

Ixuhr, — " Di^ Tran^lattoijc Siini^ti jTlflinundi/' 
Jiuip, — ^' Ki'jLniniik' Eei^e WIHoliiiOj Kuimiinnorum C'dinite," 
ExpL — *^p:nitukiitur indiil^roniia jur ormiiit beiicdu'tus Dcni?, 
" oil! cum Patrc vt Snurto Sjiiritu Ai lionor et gloria jrt 
'* imiiiia ^feciila srrctilonirrK Anion.'* 

Ulthr. — " He quoilurn a1> inimhirtili niortr cxceptf^" 
Ifici/K — ^*^Cum quidfiiii Stni^ii ^Ivlujundi/' 
/^ipi, — ^^ jrratia irt'oruiliiiiilc transiinttit ail ftupvro>." 
In :l Inindof ilic iVtuit<.'(^n11i cxuUny in i\w inar^^ju is ivrittf n 
'* Ivxplii'iiint Mii':K'uliL, ?rript:i jjcr Onhtrtum ilo t'lniv. Prinnni 
"' Wistmtma^tL'rk'naLTii/* Ai't(^r this, anarlitr Miriu'](.' is aildcd, 
b(\5i n ni ng. " Ad dridaran (l:i," find end in^, '"it Miumei am difin onn ni 
'" innititudijirm. l\r "Willkdnium ITcyljonu Amtu/' Tlii^ 
last 1-^ proliablv tlio r^crilK-V ninne wliu wrote tiie inanii^t rlpt, 
bc'inu in tlii' sanii^ liaml a.-^ tlie nvit uf tliv book* 

TJalu (1. 1S9) states Ihut O^btrt i]v dsin^ wrote a litV' cd" 
Mdu'iinl till' CVinTi^^^^or {^ci: Ko. 10,34), wlikdi he didif^ated iu 
AllHTie, ihe Legate of Pope Irinoeent the See(md> He snldr. 
llint ihe .^ame ivriler formed a eolieet Ion uf Minichs (d* Kit i;^^ 
IMniund, whieli Itegins, '* Cum hiureatui^ Dei ^lartyr, J'^ad- 
■^^ iiiuiidns.-* ]f this be correct, tlieu ihr First lk)ok oi' ilie 
Miraele^T as given in thit* MS., nnir^t Ix- hj r^ouii- ollor han^l. 
It ecrt:indy i^ not the work uttrihnted to llenuanmjs^j ar^ 
ImuihI iu MS. CmII. Tiber, IS. ii. 

nil. Miracnhi S, F.Jmundi Kei:,ns ^t Marty ns 
Orieiitaliurn Arii(h>iujn. 

JI.^. Bid]. ]>ifrUy. ;jy. ii. :24^3lJk vilL J^yo. 

Jifihr,-^'' ProIo^'UH ill tt.xta Minteulnrum Sarseti Kiidmuudi, 
15i';ris v\ Martyri.^ Orieiitalium Auglurnm,'' 
lufip* ProL — '' Ad nienjorandtmi Christ i Domini tt .sta- 
men tnm." 

* '* Ejtismb (KluTtl dv t'l.ire Prioris WtsiiiiumsrLrii" h added hi a 
hand of tljc seventeenth Cfiitiuv, 

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Isteip, Mtroc,^^*^ UnivorsEc carnls riam ingresso Eadmundo A.D. 870, 

i!-^pL MiTitc. — " Martyr Endinundu^ vooeratur in Dominum^ 
■• I>t*o vii^ente in ssDciila afcculorum. Amen,** 

TXns .MS* ouce belonged to the Monastery of St* Mary at 

Seemingly the same aa the Miracles attributed to Herman 
nrchdeacoo. (No, 1109.) 

1112. Liber Miraculorum S, Edraundi, Orientalium 
Anglorum RegiSj auctore anonym o. 

Mfj. BibL dn Hoi. 36 2 K ireli folio. x[il. ctMiL 

This seems to be the iame text as MS. BodL Digby 39*, and 
li ati abridgment of a portion of Hermann ug (MS. Cott, Tiber- 
|l* li,), ending ivith the cure of the cripple woman* (See 
[Ko^ 1109.) 

It IS printed in Mar ten e, ■' Am plied ma Collectio," torn. vi*t 
821, (rom this ilS, in the Library of the King of France. 

1113. Paasio Sancti Edmundi, Regis et Martyris. 

• MS, mi)l PttK Cant. B, 2B. f. 2B7, veil. 4to xl. or xii. cent. 

Ittifip.'^'^ Eadmund ?Se eadiga East-engla Kyning pecs 
•** sRoter ■) purSfulK*' 

£^L — *' Ne l>y3 nane pnndra geporhte sDt hcora b)Tgcnnm, 

forjran ]w hi nc gclyfacS on ^one lyfigendan C'risL ac Crjsit 

f ** geipuU?lalS laanmim hpa^r fc t^oftagt^leafa h, fon ho spytco fun- 

** dra pyrcS |mrh hist hnlgan pide gcond paa tMsrpan, pM\^ Irim 

" iiy pithlor u mid hitj heofonlice Fifcder ] pam Halgau Ga^^te. 

^ Amen," 

See No, 11 14, 

* Thj« MS. ^m given to the Public Ljlirarj at Cambridge bj Arelibisiiop 

Digitized by 



A.U tf;u. J 114-. PiBsiu Haneti Eadrn^ln^li, Regis f^t ^rartyria 

* ]\IS. IkulL N. i:. ¥, 4, 12. t (52. Yell folin. Tiii. oont 

t MS. tVut, Vilel. IX xvii. f. K;^. yell small 4t(>. 

M-S. L'un. Julius, K. -iLi. f. liMl, veil smnll fcilu*. x, ient. 

:} MS. CiJft, Utho, li. X. 1". istu 

littip^ — " Sum spy?it^ ^j^vlnreil liiiimic com suj^ari ofcr ssp. 

/Tj:;^!/. — "^ Ae Crist gt^^|>utl'lil(^ nmnimin liparu' se .^ulNa pfi Irafii 
*' is, pojint' \\i' spylce puiKlra pyn-d |hii1i Lis ibilgiiii ptde 
^' ^r^Miiul |ia- roi^:m, J>:i?i him sv fuhlor ii m\A his heo* 
*' fVi3li<'nii Fu'dc'i' ^ I'um TlEiltrnn (la.-^lis n hiilun i-nde. 
*' Aiueii." 

Tliis ji^ ajipurently tlio ^njue lij^ Xo. 11 Hi, with the Epislle 
jinfixrd, :nifl is uii Aiiglo-SsixDii \rr-ioii yf Ahlio's piefa* 
Uwy Epihilu to St. Diinsititiu in thu Pii^^^ion of St. KJmun j. King 
niitl ^luilyr. fScp No, lOtiS.) 

Thi' tirtlinn:rsi}>Ii_v diU'iTs in tarL of the nboYG-inentioued 

1115. Vita S, Edmundi Regis. 

%, MS. iJarl. 2277. ff. Hiih.^lr;!, vrll, 4 hi. xiii. ciiit. 

^ MS, BikII. LautL Misr. 4iVX ff. lO'J-llo. vtU. i't^Ho. xiy. cent. 

§ MS. Until. 77:+. ff. 104b-10nii. pu]Kr. folj.j. xy, eeot. 

§ MS. Trill. ViiW, ( (xcui, 57. <»:2. 1". 1.-^4, volL fnlitn xv. cpdI 

1^18. iJfwlI. LjuhI Mi«c, los, I!', l.Tl, ];i:2. wll, lolin. xiv, cimt. 

littfp^ — -** Sfitil ICilmuiMl |h' hffl] Kinix of Avliniii we laakie}* 
** gnt fcHJe." 

l!j:pi, — ** fjnaitr' tmiii |h' jnyt^ Jj' ]i(? i?^ innc 21ft ei" oiiic i*ndi»g. 
*^ AiiHMi;' 

J^iintiMl for tlii^ rhil<»logiral Society l>y Mr. F. J. Fiimivall^ 
in his vi^ltnuo of *^ Iviirly KngU>li l*oL*ms and Li\ es of Saints. " 

* Tln' tiU ctf tliis MS, htis !n^en printi'd (n Mr, Thur|i*^'s ^vAnalccra 
" Aiit!:]f>-S[ix.nnieu/' pp. U2-12(j. as nn iunrtstin^^ ^jsecmien i>f die dialcef 
at' Ky^r An^iliiL 

f This is a iihtl- fhi^ntiLU^ tlir IMS. Inivin;,' heun oil biitT^hullv destroyed 
ill the tiri^ tif I7;:tl. 

1^ Tln?^ MS. II I so viiis all but di strti\ i tl in the siime tire. 

^ Tliejie MSS, hate main virlnii ^litTerentes. and tht^ ortUograpby vimeji 
in ft 11, Tlir^ eiimpiihitioii is asiiribed to Jl.<jbtrt of Gloticesten 

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111 Ik The Life and Acts of St. Edmnnd, the Kiu;i inul A,n. ?Tn. 
Marty I", b}" John Lydgiite, 

* MS, Bodl. rann^r. ,147. f, MS. vlIL -ttiL xv, I'tnt. 

t MS. Bodl Raw Shis. B. iil«?. ff. ir.2b-171 b. viU* Jolif.. jlV. liuL 

J :MS. Asliiiictk, 4G. L fi' l-4'l. vtll 4rn. XV. ciiit. 

§ MS. Ashuitile. 4rj. .v. fi: TU-OTk veil 4fo. xv. l^tiI 

J] M!^. Ashmrile. ft'J. 7. if- i^ii b^ii4 !'■ 

^ MS- Harl. 12278. t1, << G'ilK velL 41i). xv. itnt. 

MS, Harl. 4!?2f^, ff 4-:i7b. vdl fditi xv. ithL 

MS. Moslyn GJndclnetlj, :17 

MS. W_viiii?-l:n. 

Incip, Pr(j\ — '■ Tfiu nol>lc' stury to puiir in niur iiibi\iMiK\' 
Off Simcli.' Kihuinul Jitiivdi' Ahirtyr and 
Expi. — *' As kynif Hiul in:irtir win i hi nmy nuj mvs^r 

Eteruiilly for (u icgHC in lilyi4-e." 
Tlien fdllow three voiae^ introrhKiiio: thi; LiiV' uf'S. Frciminil. 

* In MS* lij'KlL Tauiier. r^7J. iifkr Tin' tu^l lint', Ibtl^nis *' A r^jqutst*' oi 
** llie Tr'AJi-slatour unto Stynt Ivinnrnd in coustrvariuii o{ his frLiuchysiV* 
vbieh eommt'nc<'fit **N<iw lat us ollc wiih hrrthy inni^iVdt'n^L'/' 

f TliU MS. ii^ iiuperfert nl tht md, 

J The Pn-faci? \q ihis Life is follow fd liy mi invrn'^ition addre^ist^d to 
the Saint, cMiisistin^ nf tivt: hlanzas. bejLiitiidjig — '* U jinrions cltiirljoinuk' 
•* of Martini idk, ' The fKurni ItJ^ulf ^utis^ifl^ nr \*^\7 ^imtZd-^. ;uid hopns^ 
" In Saxunrc wh}loTn iht^iv \4ai^ u K^^l!I/' 

§ The S7th sLinza is follovve'I hy :iii iii^ocutiou tis die Saint sisiil piaytr 
for the Kinritbefiinning:— " <) glorious Mnviir, which ikf^WTuut hLiii^l<k*;su.'' 
ml: the end t^f which i> -written in tht iiUiiiAiii with pi-ncil (Vy tho^afrn. hund) 
— ''Golitlt^ hoki','* &e.. y^\iw\\ words arc tia' higimnng^ uf six Ktan/iis 
addressed to Henry VI, in tiiu Hitrli'i^m MS , hut here oinitltd. Next 
fallows the dt^r^rripthm tjf St, rjlninnd"'* hnniKT (hepiiinini; '^ Ulyssi-d 
" Edmond tiuii-tir and virgyii*'")* which is platoii :it (lie hr^'iiimn-j ol" the 
KurleiziQ JSIS,; from vvhieh it has hE?eii printed hy Sir H^rriN Nicolas in ilie 
"Retrospective Review.*' K. S., v«L i, pp. iK^^iou. The last stunzii is 
aceoTnmoduted to Edward IV. in this topy. tu wlKim it seetiin to have 
been dedicated and presented. I'licn fidtov^?, nw actutml id^ the hiK-r 
Hir^cles of St Edniiind. one of whitJli is fuid to isavt:' happ*?TR'd i4o reeendy 
as 2P April 1441, begin ninij — "Laude nf oar Lord up to the heaven is 
" nfVJF^^d ;" and ending-^" lie dtroiraidfMie doon to hi^i frauijrfi\?.e.'* Se<* 
Black's Catalogiic of the Aj^hmnlfiui MSS, 

|] This is the ootuluslon of the Life tw it Isi in ilS. llarL :i27s, and 
which {& i*ai)tinfr in AES. Ashmohs 46. f, h4 It. 

% This MS, is said to hyve been presented to Kin^^ Menry A^'L by the 
Poet himself* It is ornauiented with al teu^t \2n liniiiings. Set a debcdfj- 
tioo oftbiK MS, vol, ii, pp. 6S9, 641> nftheHarlebn Cfltahigne. 

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. . SiO, ] 1 1'-^ Gaufridns Je Fantibus de Infaiitia S, Edmundi. 

MS. ]]ibl. Tub. Lib. Clitil Ff. 1. ^T, § 2EJ. p, n3H-G42, \v\l xv. Ciiit. 
MS, iJorl!. N E. F. X, G. 

littip. — -^Kf gli:^ ixrubii.s ii jnitio in.^i:4toini tlohnrioOi'dingno, 
^^ filbi>> [ii'Li.rogativapi\i?erllt'nii, CjinJiiiiLir^ iHiiis ( ivitatis iireirsi- 
*' l>iK* gaudiiini, cujus t»t [tiLrtioiipatia in id ii>si]m, Siqims 
*' niu prLt!wntt! , » , ." 

/:.!///,—'* et quomo<lo Duo arct'i^lUi^ Eadiminilui^ i\'lirt'm vitatn 
" fMjri Mar ii lie eonsuinnvorit vir disiTltis Alb(^ dtscrijk^il 
** PkiriiK't-nsis ad laiidtnu Doiiiini Halvatorl.'^, ciii r-^t lioiior et 
*■ gloriii 11] sa?nda s;i'(MilaninK Anun/* 

Witli Tiiniicr, Bibllotli, Bntan. p* oOl, f.H^mpiu'c Dattelj' 
*^ Anri([nitMh .^ S. ]"]i!riuinili liur^d," j>. 76. 

TluHi wrak eoidaiii^ notices til' >L'VLi'al iiifiihnls oi interest. 

Ilk' author was a Francis ran Friur, lint tla^ jierioil at whirli 
h(^ ftourislu^d Ls not kuowii ; at luast. iieillji r I'ils nor Tanner 
was uiHjnainteil uith it, At:co[ din;^ to tlie cai iy IiiMio^r;ipln]v% 
ihiii t^anic (laulVidn.'^ drFontibuH wjvjtu, besides this work, ** In 
''niJi^fistrLnn ScntentiurniiK'' in iVnn' books-,^*^ ExposJtj{» reguln* 
" MinoruiiJ,"' in onr Ijook^ iuul '* Quotllibet innltfi,*' in srvt ral 
b(>ok>; it is probabic, liOivevcr, that tho^e art^ tbo jn^othnlions 
of a iliifL-reut and a later anthor (sie Oadin* ii. oS3). Valeiins 
Andreas (liibl. Ik^l^^ica, [k *2U2, Kdil. Lovan. J()4;i) niiiititais a 
cerlain *' (i(>f]i^frirlur^ dt* Font! bus," Bisliop ot' Cambrai, who 
died l-i3H ((isiHia Chrii^t, iii^^-jj, but lie bad no I'oniiexion with 
tbir* TOuntrv, 

1118. Vita S. Neoti Ald^jiti.s, aiietnre anonymo, 

MS. Ciitt . y c <[>:ls . I ). xi V . f. 1 4 2 T' . - 1 4 8 . \ l-H . t> vo. x i . cen t . 

lit^-ip^^^^* Men |a b'ufeiste, we [nlleA eop eyften bco fin men 
" d^. le;^ 

EApL — ^* ] |i ]H^ mot en a^fter IVm^sI^i^ to eccre rc3tc be- 
^' eumon/- 

Printed in GorbarnV History ui' tlie Anli<|ni;ios of Eynes- 
Iniry and St Neot'.s, (p. 2.jt), L'nd vob Hvo. Loinl. lR20-lH2t). 

This is ttii' ([vrlii'st [.itV ot' Sl Ncnt, :ind seemingly that 

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mentioned by Asser in bis Life of Alfred.* It is writlcu in A.D. 877. 
Anglft-Saxon, and was, perlmpg, u tlomlly intended to be 
itmd iu tlie monastery of St. Neot'gi, in CornwalL 

In the outline of its comijosition it differs from all the other 
l*ivii*S5 but it ligrces with tliem in iligrcs^in^^ from the prineipal 
iubject to the military disiisters of AUVed^ a ad to Lis victory 
<iTrr Gu thrum, the Danish chief. It omits all the rairneles 
wfaieb aro to be found in tlie other Livc^ ; whilst one legend 
n peculiar to this M8„ vi/.j thsit of St- Neot*s fligiiL from the 
ppdng in which he woij bathing, and the loss of his slioe^ 
vliieh was found by a fox. 

As a guide for aacertnining the period in which the author 
of tbis piece composed this work, it may be observed that 
when be wrote there was a murrain and distre^^s of c^yery 
BncL Now the first great murrain after the death of Alfrml 
look place in the year y86,f and not improbably tlie agitatinf^ 
€ifCi£iii5tances mentioned by the antlior in St, Neot's Life, 
ffn^led with the supposed approach of the end of the world, J 
laay satisfactorily correspond witii that date. Again llio 
misery of the times and the murrain of 10%5 might bo ecni* 
tl^t|l|Kl^ary with the autlior s? time ; but of the two, the earlier 
dale aei^ms preferable* It contains the same Jiuaehroidsm 
ItiAt 13 common to the other Lives, that St. Neot, who died 
ii])Out 877, was ordained by Aelllieah, Bishop of Winchester, 
wlio died in 951. 

Neot was born in the early part of the ninth eentury. In his 
jotitb he was desirous of adopting a military life, but abandnn- 
Ing that idea he renounced tlm worldj and entered as a monk 
In the Abbey of Glastonbury. There he became ccdebrnted 
a« tnuch for his literary attainments, as for his bum i lily and 

♦■•Ut in Vita Saneti imtris X^il i(?gjtiir." A*^er, He lltb. Gci^t, 
^fr%dl (MoQQ^iieiita IIU, Brie. p. 48i)). 

f ** Thb yesr first came the great murniiQ amoDg cattle in tLe Eiigli>h 
♦• hjHioh," Saxon Chmu. ud nn, mQ. riflrencLi fif Wwct-Hter (wIiom.* 
WOCotmi is more nun at*.*) fL^eribeH it to AJk 987. Si^L' the MtmyiiKTila, 

jFWury has. coUeded a variciy of paR'^ages showin/r Imw gent rally die 
yitm WM eol^rtaiQi'd at the cuntliL^ion of the Ittith eennir^ that th(f ond ijf 
thit vorld Willi at hand* Hetf xii. hii. § 4L and hm. § 14. 

I See Saxon Chron. ad an* in«ri. 

VOL. I. M M 

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A.D. 877. devotion ; and upon being admitted to Holy Order?^ waft maile 
Sacrij^tan of tbe Abbey, Hid fame at true ted largo multi- 
tudes to Glaatonbury, to profit by his instruction. Diag^usted 
at ttie popular applauso he received^ he retired to a secluded 
valley in Cornwall,* there to lead the life of an anchoret. 
After passing seven years in se elusion, he paid seven visits to 
Rt^mcf The Pope dissuadtjd him from adopting a solitary 
life, and advised him to return into Cornwall, there to i^pread 
the word of God among the people. The result of thU 
admonition was his founding a monastery^ or college of priestS| 
of which he beciuue Abbot. The precise year of his death ia 
not stated by any ancient authority, and can only be col lee ted 
from circum^t^mtial evidence ; but it see ins most pi^obable 
that it occurred on the 3 1st July 877, { See Mabillun Act, 
Sauct. Ord. Benedict, iv. ii. 337). For a full and critioal 
account of the Life of St. Neot, the reader is rcforred to the 
** History and Antiquitiei* of Eynesbury and St. l^^eoi,^ by th© 
Bev. G. C. Gorham. 

1119. Vita S, Neoti Abliatis, auctore anoiiymo.| 

MS, Cott Claud, A, v, ff, 145 b-lGU b. veil. dble. tol- 4to* xiii. cunt. 

Ruhr* — "Incipit Prologns in Vitam Sanett Neoti Abbatis.'' 

Inmp. PtoL — " Cum universarum essentialis rerum per- 
'* petuitas, tdementomm confuea; venustissima molis," 

ExpL FroL — '^et naufragantibus portuui ostonderent fialntU. 
Explicit Prologus/' 

Incip. Vita. — " § Dominua autcm nostcr Jeetia Christnfi 
" Deus do Deo, Sumnii Patris imago,*' 

* LTis HennJtage was near a pla^e callod '* Ham-Stok(?^" nboiit ten wiloi 
distant from the Convent of St. PetrtK-k, The? name mbb filiortJj oftenrartU 
changed to " Neot-StolEe," and ^ubpe^uentjy to "St. Neots/' its present 
appf^llatiDn. See TannpFj Ni>tit. Monaflt. p- iVX ed. 1 744* 

I '* He jeneoj'ode Bomebnrh seofe iri^en xpe to lofe 7 Sejfite Petrt" 

Jit h ascribed in a [at^r hand to William iVbbot of Crowland^ io MS* 
Cott. Clandn A. y. The MS. is JKimtiwhat ftcnniit^ than MabiilanV text 

g The prologTie in the Acta iSanct, ^nds^ "ita ab iimnibiis debet eviiairi 
** prolistiins,** and oonnnjeoces the Xi^r "Ciini adhiic Anglitti qiiffi pri^co 
** aomitttf Britannia dicebatiir/* 

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£xpL — **ipio opitulanto, qui pnodcstinatoB mis^^rlcorditer A.D. 877. 
tor.att YCK^atcis jusiificai, juBtiticfttos beatificat, et exaltat in 
glorffif in qaa. vivit et regnat Dgus in BtBcula smculorum. 

CoiophoH, — *' Explicit Vita Snncti Neoti Abbatii/' 
Printed with some variatious in Habillon's "Acta Sanct. 
OifL Benedict." iv. ii. 337, taken from a MS, in the Ahbey 
riktc. It contains internal evidence of having been vp^ritten 
laouk of St. Keot'e, soon ai'ter the Norman Conquest, 
[fc&c § 2)* It 13 reprinted in the Acta Sanct. vii. 319 (3) Jul,) 
•Ex MS. Cod. Beceensi/* collated with Mabillon's text. 
Seeing that, through carelcssnes^J! and the faintness< of tradi- 
ti» a full knowledge of St. ^cot ii* not to be obtained, the 
iter intends collecting some few notices of him and of bis 
inijeles. Before the Norman power had reduced England 
one king<3om, it was formerly governed b^ four kings, 
ae of these was Edulfus,* who mlcil Wessex and Kent, and 
together with liis wife, of royal race, was extremely pious 
[ liberal lo the church. They had a son who was baptized 
bjT the name of Neot, and who, very early, was trained to lite- 
rwy pursuits ; so much bo that when ho attained the age for 
military oxercleoa, he refused to engage in secnlar concerns and 
became a monk at Glastonbury, during the time that Duns tan 
w»a Abbot there. Hero he selected -^thelwoldj afterwards 
Btihop of Winchester, for hi a intimate friend, and strongly 
Impresged him with the advantages of a holy life. Upon 
tieing ordained deacon and pneat, so abort was his stature 
Ihmt he bad an iron stool to stand on while performing mas^. 
During the time ho was sacristan, he wm in great anxiety to 
»dmit a person in haste ; and the bar of the door being above 
Kis reacbj suddenly it was miraculously brought down to 
tlM5 height of his girdle* lie now retires to a lonely situation 
with his attendant Barrius, He goes to Rome to consult Popfi 
Msrinus on Ids course of life, and is favourably received, 
Hu then return S| and builds a monastery, whither multitudes 
Bock to him* In a poolj near hia dwellingj were three small 
iAb, one of which he ate daily ; but on the following morning 
the number was constantly filled up* Keot being sick^ his 
attendant^ without his knowledge, caught two of the fish and 

• mdaU^ ill Ma Bteo* 

M M 2 

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AJ). 877. Ijroiled one and liQiletl the other for him. At ihi^ he \vn3 
greatly diatrcsiied, and commandiiig Imth to be thrown into 
tbc water, eontinued in prayer until ho was told tliey were 
again swimming in tliQ pooL Thieves having stolen Im oxen, 
lie commanded some deer to draw his p!ougli ; the progeny 
of whieh is s&id gtill to retain a white mark round their ncclci 
at the spot where the collar fitted. At another time a stag 
lakes refage at hia leet from the hounds ; the hunter receives 
the ecdesiastieal habit at hi.^ handji ; and his horn, trans- 
initl:ed to St* Petroe'j* church, where it still is preserved as 
a relic of Suint Keot, attests the circumstance. King Alfn^t 
visiting him to obtain his intercession, Saint Neot, who was 
" ex codcm eangmnc crctus/ *' viani prudentiie osten Jenn illi, 
" pravos etiam ejus redarguens actus, jus i?^ it in melius convcrti/' 
and "do tyrannidis improbltate, et de auperba reglminis 
" austeritftte, acriter eum increpavit." AliVed by his advice 
sends to Pope Marl mis and endows the Englijih school at 
Rome, and in return rcceive;5 from the Pope, among otlicr 
relics, a portion of the Holy Cross. St Neot dies and la 
received into Heaven hy angels with songs of joy ; hia body 
being buried in the church which he himself hae bullt^ nnd 
many miracles performed at his tomb. After a time, the 
church proving too small, it was enlarged and his bedy re- 
moved to the north Pido of the altar^ where to this day 
miracles are performed* 

In the year 877, on the 8th of the Ides of January, 
Guibrum, with a great force invades England and marches 
against the West em- Angles, wIkto he has learned that 
Alfred is passing tho winter. Alfred flies to Ethliugca, and 
takcji refuge in the cottage of a swineherd, where ho is 
rated by the wife of his host for letting ihe cakes burn for 
want of turning. St. Neot appears to him in his distneas* 
and assures bim that at the end of se\'en weeks after Easter 
he ehall prevail over his enemies. Alfred marches to 
Elbrichtstan, St. Neot again appears to him, before the 
action^ and on the advance is seen leading the English forces 
intjo battle. On the defeat of the enemy, Guthrum i^ converted 
to Christianity, and returns to his own country* Alfred now 
makes reparation for his past misconduct, reigns pro?]x*ronsly, 
and dies* 

It is from this biography that the legendary tales respect- 
ing St. Neot's residence in Cornwall^ are derived. It was 

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fitted, on (lie Festival of the Saint in the Liturgical * Services A.D. 877. 
of the PHor^ of St. Noot* It miiy not utireaaonabljr bo coji- • 
jecturetl, from the fact that all Saxon names which occur in 
ihijs Life hnYo an explanation of thair meaning in Latin, that 
ihu present work was tlie composition of a Norman* 

This Life was abridged by John of Tinmouth in the ** Jlistoria 
AurcJH" fr*jm Av!iom it wiis copied by Capgravo, witJi the 
ftddjtton of St. Neot'5 Translation from Einulfsbury, whither 
Ills rtdics had been carried by Barrius^ to Cruyhind (Ingulf* 
p> 5d, edit Gale) J and their further removal by Abbot Henry, 
A.D. 1213. 

1120. Yita a Neotif Abbatis, metrioe. 

IIS, Mu^. CoIL Oxcm. 53 pp. 199*205 i^L dble. col. 4lu, xiv. ci-m. 

Muhr. — " Ineipit Vita Sancti Neoti Abballsi,'' 
tntip. — *' Angliaque iota modo regi militjit uni. 

Quondam partita pluribtia una fuit," 
E3rf$L — "Cum peccavit Adam, cuncti periei-e parentea." 
Printed in the Appeudix to Whitaker*s Life of St. Noot^ 
8fo* Lond, 180a pp* 318-339, who publiahcs it aa the ohlest 
1*1 f^3^ of St* Keot now known* 

Tbia appeara to be a miserable versification of the greater 
part of the Cottonian MS* (Claud. A, V.) ; endijtg abruptly 
with the Translation of St Keot*3 body, after the rebuildJng^ 
of hii church, and a general remark on Alfrcd'ii misconduct, 
combined with the veracity of the Saint's prophecy concerning 

The poem is occnaionally amplified by declamation, and in 
losic places the paragi^phs of the original are transposed or 
Abridged* There are abont 673 linea in the piece. 

* Lebud. de Script, cap. 113. 

f In a ne<;eni hand it in oMcribed to William of RaniBay, — '* per Quitfagl- 
^" mum Kiunesej'e, Monachum CroikiMletisiem/* 

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A.D. 877. 1121. Vita S. Neoti, Presbyteri et Confessoris. 

MS. Bodl. 535. olim Bodley I. 7. 2254. ff. 39 a-52 b. Tell, small 

4to. xi. cent 

M8. Bodl. 379, olim. N.E.R ii. 18. 

Buhr. — "Incipit Prologua do Vita Sane ti Nooti, Presbyteri 
" et Confessoris*" 

Incip. ProL — ^**Betiti Neoti Confessoria vitEun comptmdioao 
** ftggredieng." 

Incip. Ufa, — " Sanctua igitur Ncotus fooctiiidae Britannia^ 
** cjuas nunc Aaglla dicitur " 

ExpL — ** in cuncto ssoculorum temporo prorsus nescio 
*' metai. Amen/* 

Printed in Wliitaker's Life of St. Neo£ from MS. Bodl. 379, 
** Taken out of a MS* copy of Leyland*^ own luind-writrng m 
** the hands of Sir Henry St. George, Clarenceux King-at- 
'' arms ; procured by Robert Plot, LL,D., Uoiy. ColL Oxon*, 
" A.D. 1682/' 

The writer states la the Prologue that, in obedienco to his 
superiors, ho intends relating what has been authentteally 
delivered coticerning St, Neot. 

His parents ruled, it is said, in tbo eastern parts of Britain. 
Tht'y made bim devote himself in his early yeaxs to learning ; 
in which bo made great progresa^ avoiding eveiytbing childJi^h 
and worldly. A commendation of Glastonbury follows- Neot 
goes thitherj and examines and imitates the good qujilities of 
the sevTral monkB, liis exemplary conduct; his conversations 
with Ilelplieg [Aelfeab], afterwards Bishop of Winchester* 
His fame attract a many to him from the neighbouring villagefl ; 
the Bishop of the Diocese confers <k'ncon*s orders on bim, 
and afterwards, tliough against his will, those of priest* Ho 
tlfccn becomes an anchoret at Keotcstoke. Seven years after- 
wards he goes to Rome, where be is received with great dis- 
tinction ; be returns and builds a monastery, where he receivep 
frequent angelic visitations. Ilaclvredus [Alfred] \mU hinij 
and ftdJs down and begs his benediction, which is granted, he 
being his kinsman. This King continues to resort to bim ; is 
reproved for bis transgressions, and is ini^tructed in his duty j 
is also informed that he will be a fugitive from his throne^ 
but that, if he repents, God may spare him. He orders bim to 
send to Pope Marinus, as ho (Neot) wiU shortly die. Alfred 

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* • / 

-'-, /'/v. V... ,. 

» . 

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SMids to Marin n£, and receives in return for bis preficrits a AJ). 877. 
part of the Holy Cross aod the liberty of the English School at 
Rome* St* Neat dies ; multitudes flock to liis funeral ; he is 
boned in his own church* At tho time of his intarnient an 
otUicireroiis i^meU perTodea the ehurcl^ and numlxTa of sick 
persond arc cured. Seveti years afterwards his body is re^ 
Slaved ro a larger church, and buried on the north side of the 
illar ; the same odour is again perceived, and many miracles 
performed in honour of hira, Not long afterwards {8 Ides 
January, A.D, 87^,) according to 8t. Neot*s prophecy, 
inlJirum invades England, and compels Alfred to ily ; 
takes refuge in a swineherd's cottage in EtheltngaiCi 
story of the cakes follows^ Some of his eahjects dis- 
and resort to him ; in a few days he builds a fortj and 
the enemy. St, Neot appears to him in a vitsion, 
tells him that if be repents sincerely bia troops will 
gmble and join him seven weeks after Easter, and that ho 
Neot) will lend them and gain for him the victory over 
I enemies. Gu thrum ravages the country. The King goes 
Egbrttatane ; collects a great host ; encamps nigh Scalwud s 
Diaee^ on Eihmidane ; Guthrum harangues hia troops ; Neot 
ears to Alfred before the battle, and leads hiij forces in 
ctioo ; Guthi^um is converted and returns to bi^ own country t 
reforms his life and governs peaceably ever after, 
ler a reign of twenty- eight years and a half, be diea 
.D. 900 (8 Kaleud. Novemb:) 

Some time afterwarda St» Neot appeiirs to the Sacristan of 

[ church, and orders him to convey hia remains to another 

The inhabitants of N cotes toke pursue the Sacristan, 

\ unable to move the relics j* they are threatened by 

ttoblainan and depart ; the relics are then conveyed to 

* TkU wfia ua uneommoa test oft Saint's mcliuation. If he yfm pk-ased 
i tJit aTtempt trt remove* him, a -very wnall^Iei^e of power wa* siifficient; 
[ Jf not faToumlily dii;iK>s«l towanla the partita^ no force could avaiJ, 
Ftom CH&pt. %vl to Chap. xkL inchwivi>, Is a narmtive of the Traoslatioo 
the Saiat from Neotestoke to l£ynesburj% and of the first founiliitiim of 
( HaatingdonKhire Moiiiist4?ry, It Ihus cotmneacea, " Evolutis pcriRde 
fMDHcillU tempormn/' 

B«ie (ScHpt. 217) mentions j* oarrativc of this Translation flrhich bt'iriin 
^* Otm Beati Confeaeori* reliquia!/* lie ascribes this compoeitioo to Wib 
lam of Eamaay, 

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A.D.877r S^Keota; a description of ihnt place. Many i>erfions are cured 
of disorders by 8t, Keot The conclusion. 

Except the account of the Translation, this narrative has n 

stron^^ general resemblance to the Sa3Eon Lifu in the Cot Ionian 
MS* Vespas, D. xiv* There is a confasion j?oiiie where between 
the two accounts of St. Keot's Journey to Rome, eeveii ycarii 
after he had resided at Neote stoke and of his going to Komo 
seven times, as in the Saxon Life. This Life also omits thii 
legendary tales respecting Neot's resitleuce in Cornwall* 

On the miracles, as miracles, contained in these Lives it 
wore irrelevant to remark ; but as, histoncaliyj these appear to 
cast a censure on Alfred^s conduct, it may bo worth while 
to make sonie ob^jervatiens on their credibility. 

No. 1118 fiaya, Firat, That St, Neot went to Glastonbury In 
Holy Bishop ^lleg*s days*, and was ordained by him ; now, the 
only " Holy Bishop " of this name who is mentioned in early 
times as connected with that monastery is ^Tiilfug the Martyr,* 
who had been prior of Glastonbury, and w»8 murdered by tbt? 
Danes A,D, 1D12 ; whereas by the testimony of all ihe 
Lives, St. Neot must have died before 878, when he i« said 
to have appeared to Alfred at Ethel ingai. Secondly, St. Xcot^ 
aomo time before his deatli, advised Alfred **to send liiit 
** offerings to Pope Martiuus" (Marinus), but that pontiff 
did not fill the chair of St. Peter until A.D. 882, at least four 
years after St. Neot*s deatli. 

In No. 1119 First, We are told that Neot became a monk 
of Glastonbury during the Abbacy of Hu Dunstan, and that 
Adelwold, afterward:^ Bishop of Winchester, was his imimalc 
friend there ; but Duns tan was not Abbot until after tho year 
941, and Adelwold was made Bishop of Winchester A.D* 963, 
Secondly, That hv went to Rome, as well as advised Alfred to 

* There wm, hi>wever, an JEifeg, Bishop of Wells (in vthJch ilii>ci*5c 
Glastonbury wuh included from the begin nlng of the tenth w^niurjv) l^ut 
this affords very little aid, as lie dews not occur before 928 ; n*;itJber HFoald 
Kudburoe*s assertion that AelfegCalvuB, Bishop of Winchester, had been a 
Toonk Oiere, mcind the iimiter, as he comes still later (from 935 to 951), 
KddhuriH*, houe^er, stf^ms deserving of little cr<?dit here* for William wT 
Mahnesbury specifically emunerates the monks of Glastoiiburj- who became 
InshDps. and tliia yTCIfe^h is not among them. It ie» howtvtTj to be t>b5en€4 
Unit in his Lift? of iSt, Dunstai) he mcnimtia ihv fact of Ids baving been a 
monk <^f GJttstonbun-, being asserted by the Winchester mdi. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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iced presents, during tlie time of Pope Mftilnus ; tUe satis- A.D. 877. 
factory refutation of which assertion has been alrcadj noticed. 
In No, 1 121 he in sent to Glastonbury in the time of ^Ifoglij 
after wardij BiJ&h op of Winchester, who presided from A.D. 935 
lo 951 ; 2ndly, St* Neot^ as before^ advises Alfred to send 
presents to Pope Mario us.* 

Kow the inference to be drawn from these ranoifest errors 
if^ that an J Life, or Lives, wliich may be supposed to havo 
aCbrded materials for these later compositions, must neces- 
msUj have been written long after Alfred's time, and there* 
fore nre unworthy of credit. 

Of these four Lives three are ascribed, by modern hand- 

Vfitings on the sicveral MSS., to W, of Ranisny, u monk of 

Cktijland ; itnd this ascription, either by, or on tho authority 

of. Bale, who directly assigns No, 1120 and 112L to hinij but 

Bile docs not seem to have seen No. 1119, Some one pro- 

bihly perceivinj^ that No- lll£>was the origin of No. 1118, 

Mcrlbed It [No. 1119] to the supposed author of that Life ; 

todeed, if W, of Ramsay did write a Life in pt-cse and another 

fin vcxse, it is not improbable that these mnj bo tho works in 

|f|iiieetjan, for it was then no uncommon practice to versify 

l;pltM$e Lives ; and these are evidently so connected ; hut at liio 

ae time it is remarkable that both, as well as No, H18, 

IV© St Neot in CornwaU in the full operation of miniclcsf 

wUilo No. 1121 relates his translation to Huntingdou.J Pi^lo 

* Thfi origin of tJie storj* of Marin tis^ which proved so Irrc^islibly tcrnpt- 
mf^ to dn»(! bjographers. is to be found in Asstr and in flit* Saxon ChroRicIep 
wltrre we Icurti that in A.D. 8ft3 Alfred rccdly did stnd pivstints to rope 
Marin iiB, und obtidticd the lilM?rfl|ioa of the Skxon School f>om all tribiitt^ ; 
And it is evident tlmi they hfjrrow from the ^ame sources in the account of 
A!ft«^*5 movemt^nts on quitting Ethelingai. It i^ eurions that the Saints 
lif eiUier extremity of the Kingdom should have been so dctpl v intervstcd 
In AlftttL 

f No. U 19, after noticing the refmoval of his hody to the north side of the 
nJur »t Neotstowe, &dd* ** sed et mira et roagnifica per Abba tern Nimtum et 
*• Confesftorvm prascipuuin ibidem u^pie hodic divina operatur pot*?ntia, ad 
*• cjusdem gloriam et venerationem," This s*temB pretty strongly to imply 
hh presence at Neolstoif^e. 

J The KoQa^4?ry of St. Xcot*» -was founded early in the tistlftb centm^-, 
ftetl in»de a edi lo the Abbey of Bee m Normandy ; in irhlch place 
M^hillon found No. UlU, while Lfbiid saw No, 1121 at St. Keot's. Jf, 
lliercfbrt!, W. of Katnsay did write 1121 and the Trnnslatioti cdgo, it h 

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A.D. 877. afisi^D3 to W* of Kammiy tbt> liffitoiy of the translation of Sl 
Neot (Acta S^iet. i. 3 Juh,) wtdeh co]itain$ au account oi^ tba 
removfll aud examitiation of tlie relics in the po.'^scjjsioa of tha 
moiika of Croyland by Abbot Henry, A.D, 121 3< 

The Live IS are here placed in the order iu wLicii they appcs&r 
to haro been composed. 

1122, De Sancto Neoto, Abbate et Confessore* 

MS. Cott. TiheP. E. 1- relL folio, dble, col. xiv- ceat ' 
MS, BodL TojiDtr 15. 
* MS. Bodh 240, pp. 335-^137. velL folio* dble* eal xiv. c«iLf 
t MS. Larobetb^ 12^ tf. SSa^aila. veil folio» dljle. eol xlt, c«Jii 
Incip, — ** Fuit fjuidam Rex Occi Jen tali urn Auglorum."* 
Printed in Capgrave*s " Nova Legenda ADgliee," f- 239 b* ; 
and by WLi taker, in his "Life of St. Keot." 

It aeema to bo an abridgment of MS* CotU Claud* A, V» 
adding (at f. 212, col 1) a short account of the Translatioo 
to Croylaod i the collects used at his Festival being in iha 
luargin at tJie foot of the page, 

1123. Vita S. Neoti Abbatis. 

MS. C.C.C. CantaK 1 OK veU. small i'ol dble. col. xii. cent. ( 1 1 pftgtw,) 
Incip. PrtBf. — '* Bcati Ncoti Coafegsoris Yitam compcndioeao 

Intip. Vita.^'' Sanctut^ igitur Neotus fcecundas Britanniep 
' quEB Buuc Anglia dicitun" 

pfobabk* that tby account of tbe -removol fhan Sl Neot'i to CroyluJicl had 
bteu expunged by the monkB of the fbrmef place. I'ossilly the TriinfiltLtiun 
muy be considered a diBtlnct treatise, and it i* probable that the MS. foiutd 
its wny to Btc from St. Neof s. 

* The Bodleian MS. bassdRo tlve following paiifiageuiterpokted by a kttr 
hand, '' Dit^bus tsimcn nostrb, in monaetcrio Saucti Neoti, a Fratribus 
'* MonRsttrii Beccensis occupato, scrinmni satia pretlostim adventaatiba* 
** o6k*uditivr.'' A5 this Mf^. vna iFrittcn in 1377, nnd as tbe puarage teHn* 
to tbe priory of St. Ncot 3S siill aHfii, the interpoladon mtist hare been 
made bttm^n tbe years 1377 and 1409, As the MS. helongt^d to tbt 
Abbt^y of Bur)' St. Edmunds, tbb^ inlvrpolation was probabjy made by 
Eoston de Bury, ^bo visited St. Neot'« IViory about tbe year I4O0, 

\ This volume vc^ wiitttn iu 1:177, at the expense of Hoger de Uott* 
tlugdon, for tlie niouk» of Biiry St, EOninnd'^. 

t The initial letters of the Lambeth MS. are richly iHujtaiuak'd. 

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£j^l VUa. — ** prorgua uescio raetae, Anieii.*' A.D. 877. 

Seemingly on abridgment of MS. BodU 535 (1 121 )» omitting 
purtioiia more or loss long, but retaining aimofit wUoUy the 
Ungaogc of tliat MS. 

A.a 885. 

1124. Fulconjs, Arehiepiscopi Eemensis, Epistola ad 
Alfreduni Regem directa. 

In^ip, — " Glorioflisflimo, &Ct Primum quidem gratias 

£j^i. — " necnon fortitudo inTictisaima," 

Tins letter has been icveral times printed, by Alford, 
ad aji. 885, § 7 (from tbe Liber de Ilida), by tlic Bol- 
hodiste, 8 July, p* 652 and 657, and lastly hj Wbe iu bia 
edition of Aeser, p» 123 (8vo. Oxoii. 1722), from an early MS. 
thtm in tbe possession of Thomas Ford, prebendary of Wells, 

The document itself is important, Iti purport h to Lntro- 
diicc tko bearer f Grimbald, the monk of S. Bert in, whom 
ArcJibi^hop FhIco had sent into England at the request of 
Alfred, for the purpose of advancing education in his kingdom. 

The writer Fulco became arcbhishop of Rheima in Murcb 
8fi3, and died 17 June 900. See tbe " Hist, Lit, do la France," 
f * mtA. and GaU, ChnBt ix. 45. 

A.D. 885. 

AS>. S49-893. 

1125. AnnaJes Eerum Gest^anim Aelfredi Magni auctoic 

Aaaerio Menevensi.* 

t MS, CotL Otho. A. xiL paper 4to. 
MSl CCC. Cant. loO ff. pp. 325-36 L paper folio xvii. cent. 
MS. TVin. Coil. Ctnt 0. rii. 35, 

fndp, DediC. — *' Domino meo venerabiii piissimo omnium " 

• A Chromde hm tJC€n published by Gak* {I 141) under tbe title of 
" CfcronicoD Fanl S. Neotf, sItc Antialcs Joannis Asserii/' extending from 
tko iuvasion of Julian Cffisar to A.D, 914* For a description of thii 
Chxtntfcle fue p^*^ A.D. 314. 

f This cannot be the MS. luwd b)- Arehbi(*hop Parker, since that ap* 
ftmrm to haTc h^en of lujcient date, in Sajcon characterfci aud on rcilutn, 
S<e note til the Couoniiin CvitAtijgue, p. 3G5. 

A.D. 849 

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^^q^^^ ^ajw^* — ^^ ad prEefati regis iiotitiam cxplicavimus.'^ 

Incip, Vita^ — "Atino Domini Incarnation is 849 naitie cal 

*' JElfred, Anglo- Saxonlim rex/* 

Ass^r's Life of Alfred tho Great may be arranged under twa 
heads : — ^I, The general history of the period betweeu AJX 
849, being llio year of AUVed^s birtfi, and A.D- 887 ; IL Tkat 
whicli relates personally to tLat monarcli and hia faEnily^ imlll 
A.D. 893, which was the 45th year of his ago. 

The first portion, with the f^xeeption of a few explanatory 
remarks, is a translation of the Saxon Chronicle. The sceond 
secjns to be chiefly the result of the Aut Ivor's personal observa* 
lion, and is the source of all that is to bo authentically known 
of the private life of that eminent prince. What induetHl 
Asser to break off hi;* narrative at that [wintcular point, and 
that so abruptly, cannot now be determined. 

The copy of the Saxon Clironicle used by Asser appcura to 
liave ended about the year 887x Although he mentions 
Alfred's 4otli year, A.D. 893, yet he tiikes no notice of tlio 
transactions of that yenr^ when the Danes returned from Fvaaeo, 
nor of the six preceding years. 

The resemblance between the Saxon Chronicle and Asscr 
was noticed by Bishop Gibson, but he has not determined 
which liad the priority ; though, if he had reflected, he might 
with little short of certainty ha%'e decided against Asser's elalm 
to be the earlier writer. Sucli a supposition^ in fact, would 
involve the absurdity of admitting that it was men:4y from the 
casual circumstaute of Anser'a visit to Alfred about A.D, 884 
that the Anglo-Saxons were induced to compose their annals, 
and to embody in them the work of a strauger. That Asser 
borrowed from the Saxon Cljronich^ does not seem to admit 
of a doubt, for the Cbi'onide comes regularly down to A,D, 
849, at which tunc Asser takes it iip, and uses it to A.D. tlH7 ; 
aud, when he stops, the Chronicle continues its course without 
intiirruption. It deserves, however, to be remarked, that 
Asser's chronology slightly df tiers in several instances from 
that of the Saxon Chronicle as it now exists, 

Asscr, tlie biographer of Alfred the Gn-af, was apparently a 
native of South Walc.^, and, according to his own statement, 
was invited by that momirch to assist him in his studies about 
A.D, 88o. He does not, liowcver, distinctly inform his readers 
what office or dignity he Ailed before his appearance at King 


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Alfred's court t but tho following circumstiinces rentier it pro- ^.D. 849 
bable that lie bad presidcti over the monasterj if not over the -893. 
See of SL David's. He myB he was cd(icfttc?d, tonsured, and 
Stigiiy ordamed there. Hg mentions that injuries had been 
frequently perpetrated on that see and monastery bj King 
Hmiiejd, and speaks of the expuUion of the prelates, aJid par* 
ttciilarly of his kinsmau, archbishop Novi;?^ and also of hini- 
ifclf fvitli them. He says thi\t liis dui*endent3 expected to attaijx 
III a greater degree of security if b© should acquire the friend - 
•Up of Alfred ; that be had po.^seasions or junsdiction to thi^ 
WIBt and to the north of the Severn ; that bo eonld not remain 
in Wessex, as Alfred had desired, without tho advice of bis 
def]gjp wbo, for the benefit of Bt» David's, advised or permitted 
Mm to enter into an engagement with the King to that e^eet* 
In addition to these brief notices obtained from Iiis ovm work, 
it may be stated that Giralduf* Cftinhrensis * places Asser 
second after Novis in hh list of the Bmhops of St* David's ; 
nnd though the series of prelates of lliat see is there strangely 
distorted, still it shews that, before Gi raid us wrote, Absct had 
Wen included among the Btsbops of St. David's ; and, lastly, in 
the "Annalea Cambrite^' where the names of the Welsh Bi:shop.^ 
only occur, nnd even of those veiy few, the death of Bishop 
Arfeserini recorded. The -' Annalcs Ecclesia; Menevensfsis/' written 
by a canon of St, David's, also place him among the Bishops of 
thai ^e. That he ultimately, however, became Bit^hop of Shir* 
burn admits of no doubt ; he does not, indeed, mention that 
see, for he relates only that Alfred gave him successively 
Amesbury and Ban well, and at a later period Exeter, with its 
difitriet in Devonshire and Cornwall ; and possibly at the time 
that he wrote the Life of Alfred he might not have obtained 
that bishopric, but his name occurs in all the ancient catalogues 
of its prelates.! Bishop Asser witnesses Charters of Edward 
tbc Elder in A,D. 901, A.D. 903, and A,D. 904 ;% and in an- 
oihkT Charter of the same King, without date, he is called 
Bialiop of Shirburn, and receives certain lands for the benefit 
of 1 1 im self and of the church of Shirburn, in exchanfre for 
PlymptOQ ; also when his death u noticed in the Saxon 

* Cattiliir,, vp. Camd, Scripp, p, &55. 

t Tiber. B. r. f. 20 b., &c. 

t C^. Diplomat, ii. HO. 144. 146, I4fi, 

Digitized by 



A.D. 840 Chronicle he ia exprossly called ** Bishop of Sliirburn*" lltrcn 
liowever, a difficulty must bo ob?iated i Florence of Worcester 
makes Swlthelm fiucceed lo the me of Shirburn on the death t»f 
Aeser io A,D. 833 (for which a^^ertion thcro is no authority in 
the Saxon Chronicle); and if this asiertion were well founded^ it 
would be necessary to admit either that the previoue statement 
is erroneous, or that within a very sshort interval the 8ee ha^l 
been filled by two person 3 of the same name; which would lie 
contradicted by all other lists of the prelates of that see, as well 
as by that appended to hi;^ Chronicle by Florence him.self, in 
which the immediate sncceesor of Asser is called Ethel ward, 
between whom and Sigbelm two other bishops intervene-* In 
addition to this^ Florence^ neither in thia list nor in hij$ Clironielo 
repeats the name of Asser ; nor does the list reeogoi^e Uie 
name of Bishop Swithelm, mentioned in the Chronicle, It U 
probable, therefore, that Florence was mis^taken, as Sighelm. 
the only name in the least resembling Swithelm in the eat^oguiv 
occnra several degree si lower than Asser. From what has been 
already stated, it is probable that Asserts connexion after the 
decease of Alfred was continued with King Edward, his guc* 
cessorj until his own death, which, according t^ the **AnDalc€ 
Cambriie/* took place in A*D- 908, or, according to the Saxcm 
Chronicle, in the ymr 910, It has been remarked by an acute 
writer, " that his language throughout in that of one writing 
in the character of a Welshman, and for the nee of Welshmen/* 

Asser's Life of Alfred was first published by Archbishop 
Parken in AD. 1574, at London, in folio. That eminent 
prelate caused it to be printed in Saxon characters, out of reTJS* 
rence, as ho observes, for the archetype, or very aiicient maug* 
script ; from which ho seems to say (for there is some ambiguity 
in Lis statement) that his edition was taken without addition 
or diminution j and he further asserts that he had depositivd 
in the Library of Cor|*U9 Chrieti CollcgOj Cambridge, the 
manuscript which he had used, in order that, if necesf^arf, 
hiB Melhj might be tested by collation. If it was so deposited^ 
it seems to have subsequently wandered from that locality, for 
no manuscript corresponding with Archbishop Parker'i d©- 
Bcription of his copy is there to be found* 

Parker's Edition was reprinted at Frankfort, in folio, ia 

* Monumenta Hiat, Brit, p, S20* 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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A-D. 1603, in what is termed '* Camden *s Collection." In A.D.^849 
ihe Dedicatory Epistle Camden brieBy states that Asserts Life 
of Alfred had been already published by Archbishop Parker ; 
hat aUhongh be then for the first time inserted in the text 
ftlie celebrated passage concerning the foundation of the Uni- 
T«r?itj of Oxford,* he neither notices the fact of such insertion, 
oor gires the slightest intimation that he had on this occasion 
made use of any additional mftnuecript authority for the emen- 
dtttion of the text^ 

Another edition of Asser was published by Wise, in the 
jmr 1 722j in octavo, at the Oxford press. Wise compared the 
elitlons of Parker and of Camden, and procured collations of 
^ncli manuscripts as could be obtained* Of these the princi- 
pal was that now destroyed, but formerly in tlie Cotton i an 
Collect ion J Otbo, A^ xii^., apparently the very ancient copy 
rt^erred to by Parker ; from a facsimile of it, which Wisr 
fortunately caused to be engraved, it seems to have been at 
1ea$t as old as the early part of the eleventh century. Lastly^ 
in Mr* Pe trie's " Monumenta Historica Britannica " (fob Lend, 
1849* p* 46*7), we have the latest and best edition of this 
interesting piece of Biography, Mr. Petrie followed the 
edition of Wise, as representing the destroyed Cotton ian 
inannscript, and he collated it witli the only existing copies 
which could be discovered, both of which appear to be Iran- 
ftcripti of the sixteenth century from MS* Cott. Otho, Ap xii. 

A,D, 837-^96. 

1126. Oesta Normannornm in Francia, auctore incerto, 
ab anno Christi 837 nsque ad annum 896. 

fmeip, — " Kortlimanni procedentes de Scanzia insula." 

^jyil,— " eo qnod de Northwega egressi esscnt.'* 

This piece is by an unknown author ; but appears to 

Uftve been written by a Fleming, It contains a few notices 

of England and Scotland (t\ e,j Ireland), which do not apjwar 

in the Saxon Chronicle- 
It was printed by Duchesne, 1-7 (*' Scriptores Normanniai '*) 

in 1619. 

• Sw Fhi:£u% to tlie " MonmHenta Hbtorica Briianaica," p, 70* note ft. 

A.D. 837 

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AD. 900. ^D^ 900. 

1127. Chronicon breve de Regibus Anglo-Saxonum 
usque ad mortem Aluredi 

MS. Harl 559. ff. 55 b.-58. paper, small 4to. xvi. cent 

Incip. — " Egbertus, rex West-Saxonum.*' 
ExpL — "Godrun, rex Dacus, qui regnavit in Est-Anorlia 
" sub Aluredo." 

Slight historical notes of no value* 

A.D.901. A.D. 901. 

1128. Alfred the Great. 

In a catalogue of materials for the history of this country, it 
would be unpardonable to omit a name so illustrious in our 
Annals as that of Alfred the Great. Although he composed 
no historical work himself, yet, for the instruction of his sub- 
jects, he is said to have translated Beda's Ecclesiastical His- 
tory, and the compendious History of the World by Faulus 
Orosius, from Latin into Anglo-Saxon. In these translations 
the original is sometimes rendered word for word, sometimes 
meaning for meaning ; but Alfred did not always confine him- 
Folf to the letter of the author. He at times used the greatest 
freedom, exercised his own judgment, and added his own re- 
marks or illustrations, not unfrequently expanding a senti- 
ment, or illustrating a fact of the Latin text, into a discourse, 
and thus in effect became the original author of the most in- 
structive Essays. It is not, however, intended to write an 
eulogy on this celebrated monarch. It will be sufficient for the 
present purpose merely to mention the principal works he trans- 
lated or composed,* or which have been attributed to him : — 

* I shall not here enter into the vexed question as to whether or not 
King Alfired was the first compiler of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, as it 
is my intention to offer a few words on the snhject onder the head of 
the Saxon Chronicle. 

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1 1 


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^rnnafntiovs : A.D. 901. 

L IJeda's 1 list aria Ecclesiastics. Edited by Aliraham 
Wbeloc in 1643, and hj Smitli in 1722. 

% The Compendious History of the World, by Paulus 
Orodas. Edited bj Dailies Bairington in 1773 and by 

3. The Preface to Pope GregoT7*s Pastoral Care, Edited by 
Fkrker in 1574 ; reprinted at Ley den in 1597, by Camden ia 
1013, and by Wiae in 1722. 

4, St- Augustine's Soliloqmes. * 

jL Boethius* treatise ** Do Coneolatione PhilosopLiffi," Edited 
\hj Eawlinson iti 1G98, by Cardale iu \^29* 
0riffitiais : 
6i The ITand-boc, or Manual, Kot printed, and no MS. of 
^il DOW known to exist ; unless indeed it be tlie same as the 
rcrba of King Alfred, edited by Mcsersi* Wright antl ITalli- 
VHU in the " ReliquiiB Antiquse'* I 170, Svo, Lond, 184L 
Siireral other works have been attributed to thiB Sovereign, 
hitt without sufRcicnt authority. 

AD. 90(1 

i I £9. An Historical Pedigree from the Cre^ition of the 
World, showing the Descent from Adam through the 
Patiiarchs and Kings of Israel, tlirough Dardanus to 
the British Kings, and through Woden to King Alfred : 
with accompanying illustrative passages in English. 

its. ColL Arm. Noril liiL parchment, folio, xv. cent. 
ineip, — '*In principio crcavit Deus ccelnm ct terrain ; thnt 

** is to sayj that at the begynnyng of the worldc/* &c, 

Tim work appears to have been left unfinislied, and wps 

perhaps intended to he brought down to the then reigning 

prince. It contains many beautiful drawings. 

A.D. 900. 

AD, 903, 
1130. ViU Grimbaldi, 

MS. Colt. Tiber. E. l. f 205. TelL folio, dblc. ooJi. 
M^Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

lucip^ — '* Sanctum Grimbaldum Monaehum.'' 

Eg^^—^ mala pcrdit ,.,..." 


A.D. 903. 

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.j."}() pKstriirTiTii rjATALor;rK tw MAxrscRfPTs ret-attng 

AJ). i^CKL Printed III C!if>;rr:ivr's " Novii LegL^nda Angliio,*' 

Li luiid, il(* St'ripL liiil. i, ] .16. miuli?a nn iLihniyniuus Lift' of 

Grimbiilfl, liiit no Irawof it luis oeLurn'fl to tin; C'oni|iiler of 

tlji?4 Ciitalitunio, unLi^ k ha lIuU hire aurtlnited lo GusLclin. 
GrJinlkuld. a nuirik of St, Bvrtiii, in Fninco, was iiivitt^d into 

Eiit^dfind Ijv Allkd thi/ turui, \v\ni mnAv hun Abbot of the 

nvvr luona-lrry itt >Vini hi-r-t^r. IJt^ <li< d, luM/urding lo tlie 

Siixon Chi oincli\ in tlic }v^r W.L 

Ttiu kiiding incid^?nti? in tlie LiiV ol Grimbnld liavc been 

colleeti-d and illuritrakii liy ^labilion (Acb Sanet. Bunted, s^e. 

v,3K and by tlie Bolbmdists, '* Airtit iSauctorain," (BJulj,) 

il. (iub 

A-n*^J<'^' A.I). 11(1 k 

1131, Episbola Forninsi Vajnv ad Episcopits Aiiglin^^de 
Kcclef^in. ATi;:,^1iertiia l>ein^ uidijiaiiila. 

MS. Curitunr. el i^^l. ;j. 

J/Ht/L — ''Fniti'ibu.-^ vi rilli- in (;in"ist<s omnibus cidseoplss 
An^liii'. Formosus/' 

/;.r/j/. — ^*' jn qjctuo n\A rosipumr. scpjirsnulum." 

Prinit'd in ^IabMC:?buiy'r^ 4n.Ma Poiititl ; liaronUB '^Arinaloa 
Ecek►^ia8ti^d." xv. 4To ; Tu l-^ilnij xv, S^^ripl. CHI. JTOI ; 
Wilkin^, Concil., i. 200. und ^Man^i, Cuncil. xviii* J 14. 

WilbEun of Mabni\<liury ?i>^oi (i=i lli-'i-t Pojk^ Fy rmosu.-, in ibi- 
ytrir Wi, sent It tb-is hito 1 England oxci^mnninicMtin^ King 
Edward the Fldir^ luid placing hlni tunbr ;iii iiiierdicL ; but 
tbo Epi-^tlr id ^i.t Ti^idviv witb artihliiifni^nKs as to kayo liuk* 
donbt of itri being a forgery, Finiin^<u^ cbed in April or 
May Hilti, n}tward.s of live year?? Ldor*? tlie eoiinncnceniUDt of 
the reij^ni of Edward tbu Elder, 

The reader whii is inir rented al^^nu tliis eelebrated EpLstle 
may eodsult tlie *' AiniLilr^ Keelesra^tiei " of liaroniu^s ^ntii 
Pagi^!3 ob::ervaUons uport it. umi. x\, 470. 

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A.D. 914. A.D. 914. 

1132. Chronioon Fani S. Neoti, eive Annales Joaimis 
Asserii, lit nonnullis videtur 

MS, BibL Trin. C<>U. Cant. R. 7. 28, 
* MS. C.C.C. Cant 100 f. 261- paper, folio, xri. i^ent 

tllS.Bibl.Imper.Paris,rondB Lat.6236,fonnerly Rogi^"* and Colbert 5335. 
imrip — ** Igitur Britannia Romfinis uaque ad Galum Juliam 

£fp£ — ** et Eollonem Ducem Nortlim." 

Frmt€<i by Gale in Quitjdecim Scriptores (pp. 141-175) from 
i MS. in Trinity College, Cambridge, R. 7* 28., apparently of 
the be^inoing of tbo 13th or end of the 12th century* It ia 
wrtttan tbroughont in one neat hand. 

Thie work J to wbicli, an the manuscript, tbo above title baa 
brm prefixed in a modern hand, js an anonymous compilation 
beguining with Julias Caesar's invasion of BritaiTi, and ending, 
apparently mutilated, in the year 914. Besides Cutbbert's 
^a -tie describing the death of Beda^ the visions of Charles le 
Grus and of Eollo, it cousistB of excerpts from the Saxon 
Cbronicle, from Beda, from a source used by the author of the 
Chronicon Cai3onjense, from the Lives of St. Keot aud of St. 
Eucheriusj Bishop of Orleans, from the life of St, Edmund, 
King of East Anglia, by Abbo, and, more especially, from 
Acer's Life of Alfred* 

Tbc work was probably compiled towards the latter end of 
\hv 12th century i but wbeneesoevcr it may have originated 
la ite present form, the extract from Abbo, who wrote at least 
fonrseore yeara after Asser's death, at once puts an end to 
nil pretence for assigning it to Asser. 

• " Hie liber iranscriptjis e qaodam vetusti«i»ino codice, notato id roarginc? 
" itimit Jobnniils Leilaudi.*' 

f Tli€' MS, in the Imperial Library at Parifl is entitled " ChroDtcon 
" AAseril MeoevenfiiSj magnu tide ex vetustissimo exemplar! traiiEcrlptiini, 
'* I567i Wt Lam bard.** It is a 4(0 voluttie, upon paper, of 32 leaves, and 
«jr?«spoads closely with Gnlc'ft text- I^uuhard does not stJite from irbat 
MS. he transcribed this copy. This Cbronicle is also known as the " Chro- 
** nicoti Britanniaj Majoria. ah ingressu Homanorum in insiUam ad Kd- 
*• wsrdam Regem Kt ad annum Chrisd 314," and aa '* Annalcs Un tan nice, 
-* ttnthore Joanne Aa»erJo/* 

M N 2 

Digitized by 



A.D. 914. 1133. Annales Asserii Menevensis ab anno 596 ad annum 
914 (1050), per Johannem Joecelinum excerpti. 

MS. Cott Vitell. E. xiv. ff. 154-175 b. - paper, folia 

Merely a series of excerpts from Asser's Annals. 

A.T). 983. AD. 938. 

1134. Vita S. Bimstani, Episcopi Wintoniensis, ab an. 
880, usque ad an. 934, una cam Appendice Miracu- 
lorum usque ad an. 986. 

MS. Lansdowne 436. ff. iiL b.-113. velliun, folio, xiv. cent 

Bubr. — " Incipi t de Sancto Brinstano, Wyntoniensi Episcopo." 

Inc. — " Vir vcnerabilis Brinstanus, tempore gloriosi R^ia 
" Adelstani." 

Escpl. — " honorifice est reconditum." 

Colophon. — '' Explicit de Sancto Brinstano, Episcopo et 
" Confessore." 

This legend does not occnr in Capgrave. It appears to 
be the only life of Birnstan known, and is nearly the same 
as that in Malmesbury, " Gesta Pontif," ii. 242. He was 
consecrated on Whitsunday, 29 May 931, and died 1 Not. 

A.D. 936. A.D. 936. 

1136. A sbort History of Wales, fiom the year 688 
to 936. 

MS. Harl. 3225. ff. UlSb. paper, 12mo. xyiii. cent. 

/nctp.— "Beli Maur— Afflech," &c. 

Expl.-^" after the noble Prince Athelstan died in y*. . . . 

Modern, and of no value. 

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A.D. 937? A.D.937? 

113G, Hymntis de victoriia II. Athektaui* 

MS. Cott. Nero A. iL 3. it S b. rt\l 13mo. xl ecat. 

i»cip. — "Ciirtiiy dlrigo gressua per maris iter naviiim 

I^TpL — '* mcis DotuiiiQ Deus Israel.** 

Two hjmos QO the Conquosts of King Atliclstan. 

1137* Oratio militarls jEtlielstani Regis ante initum 
prcelium ; Latine et Saxoiiica 
* MS. Cott. Galba, A. U. 

I* Ittcip* ^fjjt&it. — *^ JEk Jul Drihten, ©la Su Buliiiigbtiga God* 
. cing calra CjTiinga/' 

I^xpt, — ** '^ -p f tn noma Drill ten sj gcwoorjmd ou minuiu 
** Wi|icrwinmn, pa fe eart Drihtcn Israel God/' 

The victories oi' Kiog Athclatau seem to have been a 
ftvaurite ibemo vrlih our forefathers. Under the year 937, 
iho victoiy at Brunanburg ovei' Anlaf, King of I re hind, is 
celebrated in veree in tiie Anglo- 8 ax on Chronicle ; and Hcary 
of Iluniingdon translated it into Latin, f 

* Thi* MS, WHS neatly d4?stmyed by the fire of 173 L 

t " Ik' cnjua proclii luag^itudinc AngKci wirplOTOft, qnohi camiinift iiiod<i 
** pmloqnentcs, ct extnmtiji tain verbis rjuoiii ^gnti^ Uhi, trariftlatione fida 
" ilonandt sont, ut pene de verbo in verbnin eomm interprctnnics elcMjnJumj 
* cm |^Titj>te Terbomm gruvitatem actuum et miiinoruiri gentiH illiua eon- 
" diijcamna." We gire a fcir lines of the Anglo-Sason song and llenrj* of 
UaiituigdoQ'ti tmniilfiiion. 

*' Her AeMstan cjnitig 
•• KorbdryhlcB 
*• Bopma beali-gifa 
* Aod his bro^or ^tic. 
** ^adintuid jEtJebng 
•* EddW'laugne tir 
** Gwltifon ajt 9fflc<re 
•* 8w<?or^ rcgtim 
•• Ymbe Eninan*btirli 
" B<>Td*weal clttfen 
** Ueowrnn hcatH)-lmde/* 

" DecQji due urn, 

'* Nobiliboft torqnium dator, 

" EC imter qjtis Eadmnndn^ 

^* Xjouga stirpis scric Epletidcxit^is, 

'4 Pereusftenmt, ia bello, 

" Acm gladii 

** Apnd BruDi^burh, 

'* Sentpruni muros fideruot, 

'* Nobiles eeciderant," 

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A.D. 940. A.D. 940. 

1188. Breve Chronicon, a Brute ad Regem 

MS. Cott. Vespas. E. iv. 5. f. 104-107 b. vellum, 4to. xiiL cent 

Incip. — ^^MaesLS dux Trojaa infra disconfecturam Trojse 
« evasit." 

ExpL — ^'et dicitur Wallia a duce Gualo, vel a Gualoea 
** regina." 

A short Chronicle, relating almost entirely to Welsh matters. 

A.D.948. A.I>. 948. 

1139. Computus annorum a creatione inundi uaque 
ad an. 948. 

MS. Harl. 3271. f. 127b.-128. vellnm, 4to. x. cent 

Bubr, — " De initio creaturae." 
Indp, — '' Her mag findan, se ^ recan pile." 
ExpL — " Jjy ilcan geare, ^ J>a indictiones xv." 
Forty lines of Saxon ; a brief chronological histoiy. 

A J). 951. A,D. 961. 

1141. yita Sancti Elphegi, Wintoniensis Episcopi. 

MS. Lansdovne 436. f. 113. yelL small folio, dble cols. xiv. cent 

JRtibr. — " Incipit de Sancto Alphego^ Wintoniensi Episcopo." 

Incip. — ^''BeatoBrinstano, Wintoniensi episcopo, ad ccelestia 
*' regna translate." 

ExpL — '^postea vero honorifice translatum inter sanctos 
'^ iUius ecclesisd patronos honorifice veneratur." 

" Explicit de Sancto Alphego, Wyntoniensi Episcopo." 

This piece, which appears to be principally taken from 
Malmesbury's *^ Gresta Pontificum," and Eadmer's Life of Dun- 
Stan, is not in Capgrave. MabiUon (Acta Sanct. sec. v.) has 
collected from Malmesbury and others what they state about 

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Elphege. ' He was Bishop of Winchester from 935 to 951. A.D. 951. 
His will is printed from the Annab of Winchester by Alford. 
The BoUandists (<'Acta Sanctorum," 12 March) do not 
{oini anj life of Elphege, but give an historical commentary 
taken from Osbern's Life of Dunstan, Simeon of Durham, 
Florence of Worcester, Hoveden, and Matthew of Westminster. 

A.D. 957. A J). 957. 

1141. Obituarium Episcoporum EcdesisB Wigomiensis 
ab anno 798 usque ad an. 957* 

MS. Cott Calig. A X. ff. 191-2. yellom, 4to. xliL cent 

/itdp.— "Anno DCCXCVUL Heathoredus viii., Wy^r 
^ niensis Episcopus, obiit, qui dedit nobis Yccacumbe, cui suC" 
" cessit Denebertus." 

ExpL— ''Anno DCCCCLVII. Kenewaldus, xv" Wigor- 
'^ niensis Episcopus, obiit, qui dedit nobis Oddingleye et 
" Lawame.** 

A series of short entries, all in rubric, with spaces left 
between each, as if it had been the author's intention to fill 
them up with notices of the Bishops. See " Annales Ecclesias 
" Wigomiensis," in the Anglia Sacra, i. 471. 

A.D. 954.* ^^' ^^^* 

1142. Annales Cambrise. 

MS. Harl. 3859. yell. Svo. triple col. x. cent. 

Itf S. Domesday, Pub. Record Office, yell. 4to. xiii. cent 

MS. Cott Domit A L f 138. veil. 4to. 

Ineip. — " L Annus. HL Annus." 
Expl. — " D. X. Annus. Rotri filius Higuel moritur.** 
These Annals were edited by Mr. Petrie for the first time 
in the '' Monumenta Historica Britannica," from the Exche- 
quer Domesday and the Cottonian MS., with a Continuation 

* MS. Domesday and MS. Ck>tt., both manuscripts of the 13th century, 
carry these AmuUs down to the year 12S6. 

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A-D. 954, of them down to tho year 1066 j the whole of which, with 
a further Contmuation down to the year 1286, taken from 
these two m an o scripts, has been recently edited hy the Eev. 
John Williams Ah Ithel for the Government SerJeSj entitled 
" Chronicles and MomoriaU of Great Britain and Ireland-" 

In the Harloian Manuscript, these Annals are inserted, 
wiUiout title or introduction, in the body of a Matiuacript of 
Nennina, Tho earlier portion appears to have been taken 
from an Irish Chronicle^ which was also used by TigernacUj 
and by the compiler of the " Annals of Ulster," with which it 
cluaely agrees till near the end of the fifth century. During 
its first century it contains scarcely anything relatiog to 
Britain I and its earliest direct concurrence with Engliah 
History is in mentioning the mission of Augustine, when thg 
Angles are first spoken of. Its notices throughout, though 
brieC are valuable. Those Annals were probably written at 
SU David's, as the Bishop of that See, as w^ell as itg monastery, 
are repeatedly noticed. Mr, Williams Ab Ithcl suggests that 
its compiler may have been cither Blegowryd, Archdeacon of 
LlandafiT, or Geraint the Blue Bard, both of them brothers 
of Morgan, King of Glamorgan ; but ho inclines to give tho 
honour to the last named ; we, on the other hand, w^ould Ijo 
more inclined to favour tho former, on the ground that had 
tho author been Geraiut, ho would in all probability have 
employed his native tongue in the composition of the Annab, 
in prefei-ence to the Latin ; whereas, Blegewryd, the mo!*t 
learned in all Cymrn, would naturally have used the Latin, 
as being tlie language of the clerical profesflioUj and equally 
familiar to him with his own tongue. 

Tho Chronology is designated by the repetition of the word 
** annus " for each suecessivo year, whether blank or otherwisci 
and every t-enth year marks x. xx. Ike, 

From a comparison of the dak?s asiiigncd by Tigernach and 
other ancient orders to many of tho events here noticed, it 
may he conjectured that the era on which ita chronology rests 
would concur with the year 444 of the Incarnation, though no 
probable reason can be assigned for this particular period 
having been selected for its comraencemcnt; btit, although 
the starting point cannot be determined with certainty, tho 
internal or relative chronology may generally be depended on ; 
for as every tenth year was to be numbered, the transcriber 
was not likely greatly to err, although he might occasionally 

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ptftee the event to bo uoticed against tbe wrong ^* annus." It A J). 9M. 
ina^r bo added, that the sciibo of the Harleian manuscript 
i|ipcari£ frequently to have been cither careless or ignorant. 

A.D, 959. A.D. 909. 

1143, ^' Liber Momsterii de Hida.'* 

* MS* Laii9downe» 717j f. I. (paper). 
MS. Stowe, Preaa 3. 33. 

Ineip* — '^ K^gnuni, quod modo Anglia nomlnatur, oUoi 
** dkebatur Albion " 
ExpL — *^ ut testimonium cum vadio inter noa Inconcusflo 

** permanoat/'t 

This work contains a short account of Albion ; the Ilept-^ 
klinetiy ; tho Kings who Imvc taken the cowl ; descent of the 
rS^xons from Ebrancus, King of Britain, who conquered Ger* 
ny ; Ethelwulf ; Alfred stops at S. Bertm on his way to 
Borne ; be invites Grim bald ; the letter of Fulco, Arch bis ho j> 
of Rheimaj to Alfred ; Grimbald s sermon ; the foundation of 
Oxford University ; King AJfred^s will ; Edward the Elder 
faunds Cambridge ; Athclstan ; Guy of Warwick and Col brand 
(from G, Comubieuais) ; Edred'a will (English and Latin) ; 
the foundation of Hyde ; donations to Hyde. 

The author quotes Vigilantiua, do Basilica Poti-i ; Ralph 
d** Diceto^ the Floriariuui Historiale of Florentiui^, Bonngratia 
dc Villa Dei ; Ralph of Chester ; Girardus Cornubicnsis % 
3Marianii3 Scotus; Henry of Huntingdon ; Lantfrid's Life of 
Bwlthuinj Beda, Vincentius, &c. 

* A note at&tei that this MS. was written ^^J Jotui Stowc in Augn^ 
1572^ but we are left in imcertaint^ ai to the DrigiaaJ whence he tran- 
tcribcd It. 

t Being the eonelnsion of the Latin version of Duke Atlielmoi-'s chatter. 
AftfJ which there b a notiee rekting to the Chronicle of Mftrianus Seotas, 
Ibufl coimnencing, ** Anno 1 028 natus est Marianna Scotus ;*^ and ending, 
•• nsqtie ad Henricum seniorem Anglonun regem perdaxit/ * Tlien foHow in 
£&lgUah ^ese words : '* Memorandum, that thaiv be in the Hoke of Bidej in 
** greate and large parchment, writen dyvars of thes thingfl h*?fore writen, 
*♦ and many othar Testanicnta of t&Xsja. Saxon Kyng^» vliich fat writen ta 
^ bastard Sa^on und tranalftted into Latjn and Englyashe,"' &c. 

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A.D. 959. Tho learcs 111 the Lansdowno MS. hftvo hBeu mUplacod. 
It is apparently a reconstruction of earlier mat<:TiaIs, which 
have been blended aloog with inforraation of a comparatively 
recent period, certainly (sometime after tbe year 1354. 

It profesi?e9 to have been compiled in the monaatery of 
Hyde. Hence the origin of the details respecting Alfred the 
Grciit, Fnleo, Arelihi^hop of Rheims, cind Si, Switbiiin^ &c* 
The whole ef the Lansdowno M8. ia executed without mucli 
care, and in Bomo places it ia almost uuintelligihlo. 

Tho Book of Hydo has never hceu printed, btit copious 

extracts from it have been given by A I ford m tho "Ann ales 

. *' Ecclesiie Anglieanic/* and a translation ha.'^ licen publii^hed 

in tho " Church Historians of England," under the editorship of 

the Rev. Joseph Stevenson (See leys, 18o4)* 

A.D. 960. A.D, 9()0. 

IIU. S. Eadburgje, Momalig Wintoa, filiae Edoiiardi L^ 
Kegis AugUav Vita, auctore Osljerto Clareasi, ctttn 
Notifi et Prologo. 

MS. Bodi, Laud. Misc, lU (1-H7)t I B&. vdl. small folio, xii. eenL 

Bulir, — " Incipit epistola in vita et tranalatione et ndim- 
" culif? heatne Virginia Adbergai prteniisW 

Incip* Epist. — " Fidelibus Sauctffi Matris j* etc. I>edi novix 
*^ studiis operaiJi.'' 

Incip* ProL — " Apud Albanoa in templo," 

Incip. Vita. — " Impcronte pctpnlo Aiiglorum Dei provi* 
" dentia cultoro ejus Alurcdo, Adulti regis fiiioJ* 

Mahillon (Acta Sanct, Ord. Benedict, v. 626) collects what 
JIalmesbury and others state of Edbur^^a. He also refers to 
this Life by 0?^bert do Clai'e, but docs not print it. 

Edburga was the daughter of Edward the Elder and big 
wife Elgiva, and troni her infancy exhibited such remarlsable 
mnclity, that her father consented to her becoming a nun in 
the monaBtery of Winchester, where sho died. 

* Pits and Tanner give a slightly different commencement, thus ; 
«* Fidelibus in Christo sororibus.** 

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The BoUandUtSj ** Acta SanctoriiiD," li 1070 (15 June), givo A,D. 960, 
1 fliort historical commentATj on this Edburga, and distinguish 
b^tvreen her and Edburga the daughter of Ethelbert, 

O&bert de Clare T^iis & native of Stoke Clare, in Suffolk, 
and from being a monk of Westmiuater, became Prior of 
tbst monastery* Ho was the aulhor of several epistles ; the 
Lif© of St- Ethelbert the Martjri the Ltfo of Edward tlie 
Confessor ; and the Miracles of St. Edmund the Murt/r* 

1145. Vita SanctpQ Edburgso Virginis* 
MS. lansd, 436. ff. 41 hM3 h. veil, folio, d^le. col. xir. (»iit, 

Eubr, — " Incipit de San eta Edburga Vlrgine,*' 

/w/^ip,*— "In civitate Wyntoniensi est qnoddam monas* 
*< terinm.'" 

Exp I. — '* ^ haberi pr ae di c atur. " 

Colophon, — ** Explicit de Sancta Edburga Virgino." 

According to this writer, Edburga tiled in ihvi 30th year of 
brr age, which would bring her death to about the year 940, 
but it is commonly referred to the year 960. 

He does not seem to have known either Malmcsbury's or 
Ottbett de Clare's account of Edburga^ atid his work conaiata 

St^ of declamation and narrative of miracles. 

1146* Miracula Eadburgee VirginiB, fiJia Edwardi Regis, 

MS. HarL 64, ff, lfl4-185b. Telluiii, 4to, dble. cols. xtii. c*aL 

Jneip. Frol. — "Miracula beatissimae Virgiuis Eadburgsc." 

£x^*L ProL — " huic intexere satagemna opuscnlo*" 

Rubr^ — ** Explicit prologue. Incipiunt miracula beatee 

" Eadburgtc Tirgmis/* 

Fncip, Mirac* — " Temponhus igitur yenerabiliuin patrum 

" Bogeri et EleriL" 

E^L Mirac. — ** proculdubio profesBua est/' 

The Prologue contains irici dental notices of the Life of 

Edbuiga* The miraclea are seven in number. 

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566 DESCBipnvB catalogue of manuscripts belatinq 
A.D. 960. 1147. Vita S. EdburgBB. 

MS. Bodl. 779. ff. 282.383 b. paper, foUa xv. cent 

Incip. — <* Seint Edborw^ the holj mayde was her of 
" Ingelond." 

Expl, — '< That we moot forth with hor to the joye of hevin 
** wende," 

A.D. 800- A.D. 890-961. 


1148. Vita Odonis, Archiepiscopi ContuarienBis et Cou- 
fessoris, auctore Eadmero. 

MS. HarL 624. ff. 120-125. veil, folio, dble. cols, xil cent 

MS. Lambeth. 159. if. 66-74 b. paper, 4to. xtI. cent 

MS. Harl. 310. f. 81-91. paper, folio, xri. cent 

MS. Bodl. Rawlins. A. 294. ff. 26 b.-30 b. veil, small folio. xiiL cent. 

MS. BibL Imperial, Paris Foods Lat 2475, olim Colbert 1418 and 

Reg. 3791. 

MS. Monast. Boni Montis. 

Indp. — '' Vonerabilis Christ! Confessor Odo nobilibus scd 
*' paganis parentibus." 

ExpL — " nil ergo sit laus et gratiarum actio per infinita 
** ssecula saeculorum.*' 

Printed in the Anglia Sacra, ii. 78, from the Lambeth MS. 
In the title, by an oversight, Wharton has attributed this 
Life to Osbem;* afterwards,^ however, he correcls his mistake, 
and properly assigns it to Eadmer.j: It occurs also in the 
Acta Sanct. ii. 73 (July 4). Mabillon (Act. Sanct. Braed. vii. 
287) has likewise printed this piece from a MS. which belonged 
successively to De Thou and Colbert, apparently the MS. 2475, 
Fonds Lat., a fine folio volume of the thirteenth century.. 
Appended to the Life are fourteen lines, the first of which is — 

*^ Ut rosa de spinis, sic prodiit Odo paganis ;*' 
and the last, — 

*' Multimodce cladis in regione sitis.'' 

♦ A Life of Odo, by Osbem, was in the Cottonian MS. Otho. A xii., 
which was destroyed in the fire of 1731. 

t Praef. ii. p. xiiL 

} That Eadmer is the aathor appears finom internal evidence, especially 
to that part of it relating to £di|ry and the two ^ 

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The events mentioned in this Life are few, and most of them A.D. 890- 
are taken from the «' Vita Oswaldi " (MS. Cott. Nero E. 1.), *^i- 
which Eadmer had seen, or else there must have been a Life 
of Odo composed before the end of the tenth century, which 
was used by both writers. 

The chief incidents are the following : — Odo's parentage ; 
his baptism and education ; he is ordained and goes to Rome ; 
is made Bishop of Shirebum by King Athelstan ; he restores 
the King's sword at Brunanburg ; he refuses the archbishop- 
ric of Canterbury until he can procure the habiliments of a 
monk from Floury ; a miracle of the Eucharist ; the church 
of Canterbury protected from rain ; the story of Edwy and the 
two women ; the accession of Edgar ; the consecration of 
Danstan by Odo ; Odo's death ; the succession and death ef 

William of Malmesbury's account of Odo varies from that 
of Eadmer in several particulars. Malmesbury says that Odo 
served under Edward the Elder and afterwards took orders ; 
Eadmer says that he was a presbyter before the death of 
Alfred ; Malmesbury says that he went to Fleury for monastic 
habiliments ; Eadmer, that he sent to Fleury for them. In 
Malmesbury's account Odo appears to Elfsin ; in Eadmer's he • 
appears to the Sacrist. Malmesbury mentions Odo's trans* 
lation of Wilfrid, and the fact that he excommunicated Edwy, 
neither of which events is narrated by Eadmer. Indeed, 
though Malmesbury does relate nearly the same circumstances, 
it may be questioned from these variations whether he did not 
follow some other authority ; his variations certainly are not 
derived from the " Vita Oswaldi," which agree, where they 
have anything in common, with this Life. 

1149. Vita S. Odonis, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensia 

MS. Lenfld. 436. C 66-8S. velL small Ma ziv. cent 

/nc^.— *' Ex illustri prosapia, licet pagana." 
ExpL — ''per servos suos operari non desinit, in ssecula 
" saeculorum. Amen." 

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A.D. 890^ 1150. De Sancto Odone, Archiepiscopo et Oonfessore. 

MS. Cott Tiber. E. 1. fL 171 b. 178. 
MS. Tanner. 15. 

Incip, — " Venerabilis Christi Confessor Odo." 

Expl, — " conclusus misere vitam finivit." 

Printed in Capgrave's '^Nova Legenda Angliae," f. 243. 

1151. Vita Sancti Odonis, Archiepiscopi et Confessoris. 
MS. C. C. C. Cant 871. £ 87« veU. 4to. xii. cent: 

A.T). 967. A.D. 967. 

1152. VitfiB Sanctorum Elfled® et Merwinnse, Virginum 
et Abbatissarum. 

MS. Lansd. 536. £ 43 b.-45 b. small folio, dble. col. ssc. xiv. 

Ruhr. — ''Incipit de Sancta Elfleda et Sancta Mennnna, 
" yirginibus et abbatissis.'' 

Incip. — '^Regnante illnstri ac Christianissimo Anglorom 
" rege Eadgaro." 

Expl. — ^* prsestat beneficia, ad landem et gloriam nominis 
** sui, cui sit honor et imperium per omnia ssBCula sseculomm.'* 

CoL — ^' Explicit de Sanctis virginibus, Athelfleda et Mer- 
" wynna, abbatissis." 

Elfleda is said to have been the niece of King Athelstan, to 
have been a nun at Glastonbury, and to have died A.D. 936. 
See Alford, ad. an. § v. It is probable that she is the Alfgiva 
mentioned by OsIk^ in his " Life of Dunstan." See the 
passages in the Acta Sanct. May, tom. iv. 349, § 10, p. 363, 
§ 15 seqq. If this be correct, the date of 936 assigned to her 
death by the English Martyrology (quoted by Alford as above) 
is clearly too early. 

See Mabillon^s Act. Bened. vii. 626, for some extracts 
respecting Mervinna. 

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1153. De Sancta Elfleda, Virgine et Abbatissa. A.D. »67. 

MS. Cott. Tiber. E. 1. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — ^'Regnante nobilissimo Anglorum Regi Edgaro, fuit 
" vir quidam genere Anglus, nomine Ethelwoldus." 

ExpL — ^* Floruit autem circa annum Domini nongeDtesimuro 
^' quinqu^esimum nonum.'' 

Printed in Capgrave's "L^enda Nova Angliae," f. 122. 
Tins is apparently an abridgment of the Lansdowne MS. 
noticed above^ but with a few additions. 

A.D. 969. A.D.969. 

1154. SymeoQ de obsessione Dunelmi, et de probitate 

Ucbtredi comitis, et de comitibus qui eum suocesse- 


MS. C.C.C. 139. 6. veU. xiii. cent 

Incip. — ^Anno ab Incamatione Domini 969, regnante rege 

Expl, — " Eilsi arripuit Bermertum et Skimingum." 

Printed by Twysden in the " Decern Scriptores," col. 79. 

Its contents are an account of the siege of Durham by the 
Scots under Malcolm, son of Keneth, A.D. 969, and of the 
prowess of Uchtred, Earl of Northumberland, after which 
follows the succession of the Earls to the time of William the 

The early part, at least, is very doubtful ; the time is cer- 
tainly erroneous, as the siege is said to have taken place while 
Aldhun was bishop (A.D. 990). Again, it states that Ethelred 
was driven from his kingdom, and married Emma during his 

A translation of this piece occurs in Stevenson's " Church 
" Historians of England," vol. iii. part ii. p. 765. No other 
copy of the MS. is known to exist. 

1155. ''De fundatione miraculosa abbatise de Ramseii,'' 
narratio per Jobannem de Tynemuth. 

MS. BodL 840. p. 603. 

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A.D. 969. Ineip. — " Alwinua Comes*** 
ExpL — ^^ dodicari concessit/' 

8ce *^ Historia Kamesicnsis, m^Q Xiibor de Fiindatione ft 
<< Bene factor! bus C con obi i liamesiansis^ auctorc anonjmo." 

A.D.972. A.D. 972. 

1156. Epistola Simeonisj Motiachi Dmielmensis, cle 
Archiepi.scoi>is Eborivei ab an, G27 ad an. 072, ad 
Hugonem, DecaEuiii Eboraoensem, inscdpta, 

MS. Corp. Chtiflt. Cant, 139. veil xiil. cent. 
MS. Cott. Titua, A. itix. paper. Svo. xt. cent* 

Inrip. — " Usee, eliarisaimc pater et domine Iliigo.*' 

Erpl.—^" WillelrouBT HenncuSj Rogcrus," 

PnnU'd from the MS. CC.C, Cant. 139, in Twysden's 
'* Decern Scriptorcs," col. 75. The sucecijsloii of the occupantit 
of the SCO of York is continued to Rogers who ikicended the 
archicpiseopnl throne in 1154. But the Cottonian MS, Titui* 
A. xix, carries the sneccssion no further than Thtirstnn 
(A^D- 1119^1139), This copjr, though of cofupftrativel/ 
tDtidem transcription, iindoubtedly represents an earlier and 
better text than that of tbt^ Corpus Christi MS. As there 
were two deans of the name of Hugh about this time, we gain 
no data from the dedication as to the period at which tUln 
piece waa written. 

It is translated in Stevenson's '* Church Historians of Eng* 
" land/' ToL iii. part ii. p, 769. 

• The two Btctiotifi of the t^^xt^ as printed in Twysdco, are traaspoaed In 
this MS., that be^arung *' Hacc, chariMJroe pater," eomiu^ nfter the para- 
gruph ending with the names of the bishop* " G^nirdus, Thniiiiu, Tiirstinu*/* 
After the Trhule piece there U ft note, i^ntitled ** Komina pneKulwm iCcclesut 
*' Kboractm&is.*' Incip.^-" Sunetiis Sattipson, Priaimis Ta<Uacuis* iste fbSt 
*' nltimuft de gentc Britonum." ExpL—^' Johannes Kempe, PnabvU'r 
*' CardioalU tituli Sanctas Balbioic, qwi portea imnslntuR list ad Eede«ia»i 
" Ciintuarienstin ; aucei'dttite ei Williehoo de Bowthe, Episcfipo Cesim* 
*' in Ecclesia Eboracensi ; (and in anotht'rink) Georgiu* NtvjIL*' 

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1157. De origine et statu Ecclesise Eboracensis. A.D. 972. 
MS. Cott. TitOB. A. xix. ff. 6-11. paper, 8vo. xv. cent. 

Ineip, — *' Haec Eboracensis templi metropolis nrbis 

Ecclesiaeque statu prassens pandit tabulatum." 
JSxpL-^^' Sint unita tibi fcedere perpetuo. Amen. Explicit.'* 
Tliis poem is a History of the Church of York from its 

foundation to Archbishops Thurstan and William. It contains 

ftboat 600 lines. 

A.D. 972. 

1158. Chroniqaee dea Rois d'Angleterre d'Egbert a 


MS. C.C.C. Cantab. 469. 5. veil. xiv. cent. 

AD. 975. A.D. 976. 

1169. De Saneto Edgaro, Rege et Confeftsore. 

MS. Ckytt Tiber. E. 1. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — *' Edgarus rex Anglorum insignis." 

£xpL — '^ Ut in vita beati Patricii clarius patet." 

This is the last Life printed in Capgrave's " Nova Legenda 
"^ Angliae,'^ f. 334 b. (the contents of which are arranged in 
alphabetical order), as it was not met with until the work had 
been printed beyond the letter E. 

This is nearly the same narrative as in Malmesbury. 

1160. Chronicorum Ethelwerdi libri quatuor. 

MS. Cott Otho. A. X. 2. 
Ineip, ProL — " Perpetuam Patricius Consul Fabius Quaestor 
Ethelwerdus Mahtildi consobrinse optat in Christo.'* 
Expi. ProL — " Esto mihi valens cunctis perhenniter horis. 
Incipit Liber Primus 
Exordio sui continet principium mundi." 
VOL. I. 00 

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572 DESGRiprrYi: catalogue of MAjrosciiiFrs relattno 

A.D. 976. ExpL — '* Fabii Quiwstoris Patridi Ethel werdi felicitef 
'* explicit Liber Quart us,'' 

Ethel weard'a chronicle was first publkbed by Sir Heniy 
Savilo, in the *' Scriptore.-? post Bedam," London^ 1596, 
reprinted at Frankfort in 1601. Savite, as usual, has omitted 
all reference to tho source whence he obtained the M8* 
which he used, but it was probably the copy afterwards in 
the Gottoni&n collection, Otho. A. x.j as no notice of tmy 
other haa occurred. This MS. was destroyed by fire in 
the year 173L It ia do.'^cribed in Smithes catalogue of ttie 
Cottonian MSS. as "vetustus et puichemuie scriptus,'* and 
although he has not given any further intimation as to il# 
age^ it probably was not written aftor the elevenih centyry. 
Ethel weard's Chronicle has also been edited by the late Mr. 
Petrie in the *' Monumenta Kigtorio^ BritanDicar^ p, 499, from 
Saviie's text. 

The prologue is addt'e^n^sd to his kius^^oznan (consohrins) 
Matilda,* for whoso information, and at whose recj uest^ be 
composed his chronicle. 

Book L extendi from tlu^ Creation to the arrival af 
8* Augustiuep The notices are very i^light up to the abdica* 
tiou of the RomaaSj and are derived from Isidore's ** Origines,'* 
or from some intermediate work of which I.*id ore's chronicJr 
formed the basis, and from Beda's "Historia Ecclesiastica**' 
From the departure of the Romania to the arrival of the Saxons 
he uses Bcda and the Saxon chi'onicle. 

Prologue to Book 2. — ^He professes now to devote his atten- 
tion wholly to his own nation. 

Book 2. — From A.l>. o91 to the accession of Brihtric, Kia^ 
of Wci^sex, A.D. 687, Beda and the Saxon chronicle appear 
to be \dh authorities. 

Prologue to Book 3.— He entreats a favourable acceptance 
by Matilda of his labours. 

* There has been coDKidemblc doubt who this royal lady was. According 
to Ethel wfrd's ovn statement, sbe was desc<?iided from ICing Alfred, tlirougli 
hia gmtid daughter EadgjlJia, the wif« of Otho I., tlmjieror of Gennaoj. 
Mr. Sieve nson has pretty sfltififactiinly &bowu that Matilda wa» tb* 
daughter of Liudiilf, Duke of Suabia, s«n ttf Otlio aad Ead^tha, thai nhv 
WW bam A-D, 949, and became tbe wife of Obkzo, Coumt of MUan. Siu? 
died in LOU. 

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Book 3— From A.D. 787 to tl^e death of Ethel^^ulf, A.D. 861, A.D. 975. 
ia derived from the Saxop chronicle. 

ProL to Book 4. — ^He purposes giving ftn accoun)^ in this 
book of the family of which he himself and Matilda are 

Book. 4.— From Ethelbald, A.D. 861, to the death of {^dgar, 
975. From 861 to 892 (with some slight exceptions, chiefly 
connected with Dorset or Somerset,) his nif^tter i3 derived 
&om the Saxon chronicle. Thence to 97^, though he still 
uses the chronicle, he has added seyeral facts not there 
noticed, and after a slight mention of £dwy, concludes ynih. 
KHoe yerses on Edgar. 

From the above brief analysis it will be apparent that 
Ethelweard's chronicle is in general a very meagre abridged 
translation of the Saxon chronicle, with a few variations and 
additions.* His copy of the chronicle w^s evidently occa- 
sionaUy faulty, and he seems also sometimes to \xwq nUsun- 
derstood it. His authority and value, however, fts a writer 
ifl an historical point of view, arp not to be despised, and he 
has ^e merit of being the only Latin histqriau in ^ interval 
of two centuries. Malmesbury, however, does not ex^t him 
to the eminence of an historian, and is particularly severe on 
the defects of his style. 

Ethelweard's chronology is very confused. Instead of 
adopting the year of the Incarnation, he usually reckons by 
tlie noinber of years which have elapsed since the event he last 
noticed. He not un&equently omits tp mention the year in 
which the event happened which he is narrating, and his dates 
occasionally differ from those in the Saxon chroi^icle, as it 
appears at present. 

The style of Ethelweard is very faulty ; sometimes it is 
torgid and highly inflated, at other times so obscure aq tq be 

* Mr. Sterenson in his preface to Ethelweard (Church HiBtorians, ii p. iz.) 
justly remarks that his chronicle represents a copy of the Saxon chronicle 
wbicb no longer exists. Assuming that Ethelweard's yersion is a ftdl render- 
ing of his original, and not an abridged selection of extracts, it would appear 
tljM the copy which he used was scantier in its details than those with which 
we are acquainted. Some critical remarks on this Chronicle will be found 
in a pi4>er by Mr. H. T. Riley, in the *^ Gentleman's Magazine " for August 
1857, pp. 120-131. 

00 2 

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AAX \i75. barel}'' inU*lli;?ibl<'. Th<i (liiror{?nr inoinbcr^ of lu^ seniencv^ 
arc- so fliBJoiiit<*il, that it \fi serucely pofj^ihlr to ri^duce tbi*m to 
iiitellijiihl!: form, iind lie freqiu/iitly di^reguHs tlio usual rnli'S 
of frramiuaticalconsiiurtiun. IFo affects brevity aturl terseness, 
find eouj^cquentlj fails in bis attempt to arrive at ordinarj 

Soruti of tbe^u errors, bowcvor* may jjerbaps he attributed 
iu the oaiok>:inei^B of tbe origiual scribL\ hoiuo to I bo editor, 
and otb<*rs to tbo printer. 

Tbe rliif'f value, bowovi r, ai' Etbulweard's^ work iti ciitit^al 
rutliiT til an biHtoricJ^l, as affordiji^ tbe bsi.^is of an inquiry 
into that intrirjito, but interesting, lbe origin and 
su'ucttire of the Shxoii C'bronicb'. Mr. Tborpe^ in bis recent 
(■diti<^n Iff tbe work last uaijH d, )ia,^ fiukil to ap|>reeiate tbe 
iiiifjo rfnnce tif Etbolweard's Cbroui{.^lo fruiii Ibis point of view, 

'*Patrieius Consul F:ibius ^^ua^stor Ktin hvirdus/' (a^ be 
styles bini&elf,J was, accord in^^ 1o lii.-^ own aLTount, lineally 
de.seended from Kini^^ Ctludwulf, buing; llio great ^reat grand- 
-sou of KIu^ Klbi'lri'd. tlio brotber of Alficij tlie f «rcat ; but 
be does \nji merit iou wbctbcr it was ibroii^li tbe paternal or 
maternal liue iliat he derived bis royal orij^nu, nor does be 
afford bis render!? any other autobtoirrapbieal inforinallon. It 
i-S bowi^vi r. highly [)robablc that be was the *^ K:ddorman 
*■ Hlhelwtard," to wlmu) Ehrie addres.sed .some of bis works, 
ami who wajj scut, conjointly ^vith Aelfeah, llishop of Win- 
cheater, by Etbelred II., to King Ajdaf, al Soutbamptoa, 
in the year 9*H, as wv learn from the Saxon C bronicle under 
that year. iS^or i^ it impn^bablc that be is identieal with 
Aetheiweard '* dux,^* vvhoi]i we III id attcstinj;^ several cliarters 
between tbe years 97G and ^)D8.* William of Malniesbury 
desirniates him as the *' nnble sind inagnilieent.' Tbe date 
ac wblcb be compost d bis clironlcle is nut known, but as tbe 
personage to whom we may stdlly conclude that it was ad- 
dressed died in 101], it must of eoursc have been written in, 
or befVjre, that year. 

* KtliL-lw^'iird ha> hvvn placeil h\ Bale ami Mt-holson al Ihe end of th^ 
t^lt^vttith ot'titu! y, but it (hnjK not ujipiiir n[Hin wlnu j^uimd, utik^s ih^y sup- 
l^'^rd ^hltiltb ut hv thv QiHen nf Witliiiia tlu- ( Vm([iien,r 

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A.D. 977. A.D. 977. 

1161. Annales a Christo nato ad annum 977. 

MS. Cott. Faust B. vi. f. 41. Tell. 4to. ziii. cent. 

Ineip. — << Ad Noetas ab Adam qaot anni sunt tibi tradam." 
This MS. contaiiis nothing of anj importance, being little 
more than a series of lists of Kings, Popes, &c. Many years 
together are left blank. It seems originally to have come 
down to the Conquest, but the latter part has been obliterated 
and written oyer. 
At end«— -^'Per nasom curtum poteris cognoscere stultum.*' 

1162. Chronioon a Christo incamato ad annum 977 

MS. Cott Tiber. A vi. ffl 1-37. relL folio. 
A very fine copy of the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. For a fuller 
description of this manuscript, sec afterwards A.D. 1066, 
under the head of the Anglo-Saxon chronicle, where a full 
account of all the manuscripts of that work is given. 

A.D. 494.— AD. S78. AD. 978. 

1163. Qenealogia et successio Regum West-Saxonum ab 
anno 494 ad Edwardum, filium Edgari. (Saxonice.) 

MS. Cott Tiber. A ill £ 175. Telliim4to. zi. cent 

MS. Bodl. Laud. 661. paper, xri. or xrii. cent* 

MS. Bodl. Jimiufl 66. pf^>er. xvii. centf 

MS. Bodl. Jimiii8 10. paper, xvii. cent^ 

Incip, — " Da waes agangen fram Cristes acennednesse cccc. 

** ^ xc. iiii. ; wintra.'* 
ExpL — " ]>a feng Eadweard to • Eadgares sunu, j heold . ."§ 
This is only a single leaf, and from the similarity of the 

handwriting, as well as from the genealogy ending with the 

* A transcript of MS. Tiber. A. vi. when it contained the " Genealogia.'* 
f A transcript by Junius of Tiber. A. vi. in the same state. 
X Another tnuiscript by Jnnlas of Tiber. A ri. 
§ The rest of the line is blank. 

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-I7*t l*EJ^rCIT'!r\ E < Al'AT/Hn'i: HT \lANUsrinPTS RELATIKG 

AAh D78. Ror'ossirjii of Eihvard tlio IMfirtjVj it appe^ii'!^ to have onee 
formed part of tlin Cottorvian MS. Tiber. A. vi,'^ 

The mutter i?i tin? saiiic^ to tbo at^co^^hm uf Alfred, as tlif 
rntry in llie t'orpus Chii.^ti College MS. and that wliidi 
Wiieloef liM:4 printed nt p. v, of Wis Prefaee to the Anglo- 
Saxon vrnsion of Bedn's Ecele!^m=?^tieal History* He does nol 
men lion the MS, fron:i wbieli he took his tixt ; but tlic 
varion^i rradinn^ he give.-^ are eridintly frniii the Corpns MS. 
I Til, and the Coitoniini MS. Otho. B. xi,, now destroyed, 
fTe docr! not app<ar ti.) liave .^een Tiber ins A, fii.t TIiiis it 
would seem that there is n fourth MS. eontaining the '' His- 
" toriolii/' whieh niiij possil>lY l>r in one uf the College 
Lihrarit'^ srt Carobrid^e* These tliree texlfi, viz., the Corjui^ 
Tiherin^, and Wlieloc, ought to have been printed in columns 
in Mr. Thorpe'?; ediLion of the Anglo*Saxon Ciironiele, 
llie mon^ (specially a^^ they exhibit iinportjiul varhifion? in the 
orlho^rraphy, but a^ ^Iv. Thorj>e has omitted to do this, thev 
are iiif^erred here. 

py geai-e \h* \va?s ugan 
fram e r i & t e s a^'e u 1 1 e s^^e. 
CCGC. wintra ^ xciitt, 
uuintra ■ jia errdtc ^ rynrie 
his sunn t^ii^fin !jp irt § 
cerdieo'^ oran mid v. 
Rcipum ' ■] se eerdie wa^s 
fde.'^ing ^ ele^^^a tiling- es^la 
gewif?ing giwis wliriuir ^ 

TiWp a. in. 

Da wies ;tgany:('ii iirwn 
erit^tes iiemnediu t.^e f rre. 
^ XiiriK wijitra - ^a ( enlie 
-| eynric hi;? sniru eonmn 
npp n?t eerdiees orari miil 

Da wa^'s figangoa /rn 
Criste^ acennedya^ ODCtfc 
-} xcnii. wintra )»i C«rfil 
-) C'ytierie his euuu comfli 
up]^ apt Cerdk^es oraa mi 

V, seipnni^ 3 St' eerdie wasifif seipnm - "[ so C^ 
elesiug • eli'sa eslin^^ - esia w,ts KLesIng * Elcea 
gj wiping jL'hvis wiging *| tbnvi?i.sing - Gcwia W^ 
wig freiiwining ■ fn^awinr ing ■ "VViging FreawimJ^' 

Freawine Fre(flx)g*riii| 

wig freawiiiing- fn-awini^ | fn*n]>n(TjvrIng ■ fr(<i|iogar 
fri|njgaring- fri|Migar hnonhiig • iirand bnhheg- 

bronding' ltrf>nd ]iadd;i'^^- lag ^ hjvMiig -wndening - ^ 

b it' hi a- 

Fr eo5ga r 1 ! ro n d S og Brwd 
Ba^lda^gjng ■ Bii^ldffg ^^ 

wodening. |>3f'S emh<- vi. gf'nr \h^ hie di inngMva^^ ymjiesjx] 

* Si* TrVMili-y, p. iP^t. T>n IL Puiifi, h-huniT, th'mU * thiit it h the remains of srtin^O 
/ copy of thi' ('hroTiirft% wlii^^h bus ^'mcv }wi'u hist," {J^ioili's Lift^ ni Alfrwl the Grrat, cap, i.) 
fiir-?mnlLi ih grivtn in Mr, Thoi-|ir'.s oilUiuu nf iln^ S;iA:nii Chroafik, pliitc vii. 

t Whfli>e% rvxT IH repniJtcd in Sir Ji^hn SffAwii^\ Uf?^ of AltVtnl the (JrcaJ ( App, iv, p IJ* 
and lip artribnii's the fraprmetit ro that mnnareh, without at-sip-Tying inn rfasan. Kdit Oxob. IfiTl 

I (;ibssin p.ji! In^^raiTi hnvc iniiLrtnd tidh ^^tnealopv in ihvlr rttsist'ttjve Editions of the 
Chronicle un'iir the vfar +r<,7. 

§ JnterUuiid in a bter hand. 

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GotpnsMS. 173. 

and }wi ymb vi. gear ))aB8 

^ Ide up cixomon geeodon 

wnti lettna rice • ^ J^aei 

watnm )»a aerestan cy 

thpi }e west seaxna 

hod on wetlnm geeodon • 

^ he b»3e ^t rice xvi. 

gwr. -) ^KegejfSr ))a feng 

lu« nnra cjnric to J>am 

rice ;) tttoU xni. winter. 

pa be geftr )>a feng ceol 

to }m rice ^ heold vi. 

gear. jKi he gef<5r |>a feng 

ceohmlf to his brofur • -j 

he riesode xni. gear • -j 

hiera c^ g]fe}> to cerdice. 

Jhi faigc^egils ceolwnlfes 

hro^ gtinn to rice ^ 

ricflodexxxi.wintra- -j he 

wifeng srest folwihte wes 

*ttiiia eyninga • 3 J^a feng 

tmwalh to ^ heold xxxi 

*iirt»»- •} se cenwalh waes 

c^»g^se8 snnu • -j ])a heold 

•^txburg his cnen Im gear 

^H riee sfter him. pa 

ftiig cscwine to rice faes 

tjn g»^ to cerdice • 'j heold 

0. gear, pa feng cent- 

*uw to wesseaxna rice 

<)Mgiking . -J riesode vii. 

psr« pa feng ceadwalla 

^ )«» rice J>8es cpi gaej) 

te eefdice • ^ heold iii. 

fw* Da feng ine to 

•c*xii» rice jwBS cyn gaej> 

^ cettdice • -j heold xxvii. 

^«rtii. pa feng • aB)>elheard 

^ ^» cjn gtBp to cear- 

*» • J heold xuu. winter • 

J^ fa^. cu)»red to f«8 cyn 

Tiber. A. in. 

npp coman • hie geeodan 
westsexna land • -j f 
waeron J>a serestan cingas 
|)e westsexna land aet 
wealum genaman • ^ he 
haefde f rice xvi. winter • 
J>a gefor he • ^ feng his 
sunt] cynric to t^am rice 
"3 heold XXVI. wintra • J)i 
he fort5ferde» J)a feng 
ceawlin tS • his sunn • j 
heold xvn. gear, pa he 
gef5r« J)a feng ceol to 
Cam rice • "3 heold v. gear, 
pa he gefor- Ca feng ceolf- 
wulf to his broCor • -j 
rixodo XVII. gear • -j heora 
cjun gaetJ to cerdice. J>a 
feng cyne gils to • ceol- 
wnlfes broCor snnu • to 
rice T rixode xx. wintra • 
^ he onfeng serest fulwihte 
westsexna cinga • ;] J)a 
feng cenwalh to* ^ heold 
XXXI. wintra • se cenwealh 
waes cynegilses snnu* ^ 
J)a lieold sexburh cwen 
an gear f rice sefter him. 
t$a feng sescwine to rice • 
])se3 cynn gaeC to cerdice • 
^ heold n. gear, pa feng 
centwine to westsexna 
rice * cinegilsing • ^ rixode 
vim. gear • t$a feng cead- 
walla to J)am rice • faes cynn 
gaetJ to cerdice • 3 heold 
m. gear* t$a feng ine to 
westsexna rice • J^aes cynn 
gaejj to Cerdice * 3 heold 
xxxvn. wintra. pa feng 
ae]>elheard o psds cpm gse]> 


Caes pe hi npp coman 
geeodan West Seaxna rice • 
f wasron tJa aerestan c^n- 
ingas Jfe West-Seaxna 
land on Wealum geeodan 
-} he haefde f rice sixt^e 
gear • -j J>a gefor he -j J>a 
feng his sunn Cleric to 
J)am rice • ] hit heold 
xxvii. wintra. pa he 
for J)ferde • fa feng Ceawlin 
his sunn to • "j heold seofan 
winter, pa he gef5r* <5a 
feng Ceol to Cam rice* 
^ heold s^x gear, pa he 
gefor J)a feng Ceolwulf to 
his brotJor* ^ he ricxade 
seofont jTie gear • heora cynn 
gaeC to Cerdice. pa feng 
Cyneg^lsCeolwulfes bro15er 
suna to rice • "j haefde an 
'} frittig wintra • 3 he 
onfeng aerest fulluhte West 
Seaxna c5'ninga. Da feng 
Kenwalh to rice -j heold 
hit frittig winter * se 
Cenwalh waes Cynegelses 
sunn -^ J)a heold Seaxburg 
his cwa&n an gear f rice 
aefter him. Da feng 
^scwine to rice • ]>ass 
cyn gaej) to Ceardice • 3 
heold twa gear, pa feng 
Centwine to West-Seaxna 
rice* C]jrnegelsing -j ricsade 
nigon gear. pa feng 
Ceadwala to ]>am rice * Caes 
cynn gaeC to Cerdice 3 he 
heald ni. gear. Da feng 
Ine to ]>am rice • ]>aes c^nn 
gBs6 to Cerdice • 3 he heold 

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Corpus MS. 173. 

gffi]j to cord tee ■ 3 Ijookl 
xni* gear. pt\ feug eige- 
brjbt to faea cyn giuft to 
cerdice * "] lieokl fin gear. 
pa fetig cynewulf to rice 
pms cyn ga?)> to crardice • 
^ beold XX xr. wintra* pa 
feng IJeorhtric to rice \m& 
cyii ga*]j 10 cerdice ■ ^ heold 
XVI. gear, pa feng Ecg- 
bryht to pam rice * 'j heold 
XXX VII, wiiitra ■ 7 vn» 
monaf ■ "] pa feng n^lrelwulf 
his sunu to * ^ heold uigon 
tco)iG heaJf gear, se JDjiel- 
w ul f ivies ecgbr y h ti n g - 
ecgbrvht calhinunding » 
ealhmitnd eafing * eafa 
copping* Eoppa ingil- 
ding • in gild cenrciling ^ 
3 inc cenreding* 3 ctiji- 
burg cenreding • j cnen- 
biirg Cen reding " cenivd 
ceolwalding - ceolwald 
cupwnlftng' cupwulf rnjj- 
iviuing- cup wine celming^ 
celm cynridng ■ cynric 
ccrdieing. oud pa feng 
a?pelbald his sunn to rice 
■] heold v» gear, pa feug 
n']H:'lhryht hitt bropiir to * ^ 
heold V. gL'B.r. pa feng 
trpered hieni bro|Hir to 
rice • 3 heold v. gear, pa 
feng ffilf red hiera brD}>ur to 

to cerdice ■ ^ heold xvi. 
gear.* pa feng sigebrilit 
to ' pass cyn gtrp to cerdice* 
^ beold u gear, pa feng 
cynewulf to * pEes cyan 
gtep to cerdice ■ ^ beold 
XXXI. wint. pa feug birbt- 
rie to rice ^ pma eynn gie6 1 
to ccrdico * ^ heold xvi. | 
gear, pa feng eegbriht to 1 
pam rioe- ^ beold xxxvii.l 
wintra -j vii. »iuna5 * pa 
feng apelwnlf hi^ sunu to ■ 
;) heold ix. teotSe heaJf 
gear. Sc apelwulf wiesj 
ecgbribting - eegbriht 1 
oalhmnnding ' ealhmund 
eafing • eafa copping ' 
eopp iug i n g i hi i n g ■ i ngi Id 
cen re ding ■ -} ine cen red- 
ing ■ -j cufiburh cenrediug- 
3 cwenburh cen reding • 
cenred ccolwalding- ceol- 
wahl cnpwuliing ■ cut^wulf 
ciil5wining ► eii?Sv\'ine celm- 
ing ■ celm cjuricing - 
cinric ereoding ■ ereoda 
c erdici ng. An d pa fe ng 
a^pelbald hia sunn to * 7 
heold v. gear, pa feng 
icpelbriht hir* brofior to * ' 
-] heold V, gearf ^a feng 
11* if red bcora bro5(ir to J 3 
heold opnin heal fan gearo, 
'laea pe xxx. wiotra, pa| 


tiva 7 )^rittig winter, 
feng JEpelheard to 
-j heold feowertine 
Da feng Cupred ta<j 
ej nn ga^fS to Cerdies ^ 
beold sj'xtj'nc wtnti 
iong Sigcbyrht to ■ 
cyn gusts to Cerdice* 
heold an gear*6a 
Cynewulf to rioe- 
greS to Cerdice * ;] be 1 
an -} ?irittig geara< SaJ 
Beorbtric to rice • 
hoold SIX tcnc gear. D&l 
Eegbyrh t to p am r ice ^ I 
Heofon 3 prittig ge 
Kcofen monaS-* 3 pa 
iEt^lw u I f his dtian j 
heold nigontope 
gear - 3 so iEMwotfJ 
Eegbyrh ting • 
Eabing Eaha T^ 
lop pa Ingilding* 
Cenroding • 3 lae 
reding • 3 Cupburh 
reding ■ 7 
Cenr^ing - Cenrel I 
walding- CeolwftJd 
wulfing ' Cupwulf ^ 
Cup wine CclmiEg' 
Cj^nridng - Cyiieric 1 
ing ' Creodda Ce 
pa feng JEpelbald ha s 
to rio6 * 3 lieold 6f j 

* '5a feng CuSrcd to ■ iScet: cyn gtiTtJ to CtEifdice ■ i hi cld 1 7 wintra {inierlia^ m a rasml i 

■f ha feng ^Nred hia brotSor (0 ricr^ - 1 lieold v. gear. 

J rice* T ha ^aca agaugen hh ylde f>rto i twentig wiotra' i trfo hund • 1 ^x "j Uundall 
TTintni i>£E* H hi!^ cyn terest WcstMmma land 011 Weal urn getodon. The two psfagr^lutsl 
note and in the one nboTt art? print^Mi in Mr. Thorpe's text (p- 232) tus iaterlinealion* by S I 
hand J bni no such interlineations occur in the mnntiscTipt. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Corpos MS. 173. 

rico • 3 l^a was agan his 
ielde xxiii. wintra* 3 ccc. 
3 xcvi. wintra )>ses pe his 
cjn aerest westseaxna lond 
on wealum geodon. 

Tiber. A. iii. 

feng eadweard to • aelfred- 
ing* -] heold xxiiii. winl* 
€a he for^ferde • ]^a feng 
£e]>elstan to • his sunu • 3 
heold xini. gear- 3 vii. 
wucan • 3 III. dagas. pa 
feng eadmund to his 
bro)K>r • 3 heol seofotSe 
healf gear butan 11. nihtun • 
«a feng eadred his brojwr 
to • '} heold IX. gear ;j vi. 
wucan. pa feng eadwig 
to • eadmundes sunn 
cinges • 3 heold iii. gear • 
J xxxv^. wucena* buton 
II. dagum. pa he fort$- 
ferde • ]7a feng eadgar to • 
his brotJor- 'j heold xvi. 
gear • 3 viii. wucan 3 11. 
niht • J)a he fortSferde. pa 
feng eadweard to • ead- 
gares sunu • ;j heold .... 
The greater part of the line and the rest of the page, 


pa feng .^^Ibjrht to his 
broiJor • ;j heold fif gear, 
pa feng ^J^ered his bro)K)r 
to rice • 3 heold fif gear, 
pa feng Alfred h^ra 
brojjer to rice- 3 iSa waes 
agangen his ylde ]>reo "} 
twentig wintra* •] J)reo 
hund- 3 six 3 hund ny- 
gantig wintra • ]>£8 ])e his 
cyn aerest Westseaxna land 
on wealum geeodon. 

about one line, is blank. 

A.D. 978. A.D.078. 

J 164. Passio Sancti Edwardi, Regis et Martyris, sub- 

juncta miraculorum relatione. 
MS. Addit Mus. Brit 11,881. ff. lb.-4b. veU. foUo. dble. colL xii. or 

xiii. cent* 

MS. Coll. S. Johannis Bapt Oxon. 96. fol. 39. veil, folio, xii. cent. 

MS. Bodl. Kawlinson. A. 903. veil, folio, xii. or xiii. cent 

MS. Rawl. C. 440. ff. 179 b. veU. large 4t8. xiL cent 

MS. Lansd. 436. ff. 45 b-48 b. veil, folio, xiv. cent.f 

Bubr, — " Incipit passio Sancti Eadwardi, Regis et Martyris, 

" XV. Kal. Aprilis." 

* This MS. has been sadly mutilated, and some of the initial letters have 
been cut out 

t This MS. does not contain the miracles, and the text is in a contracted 

Digitized by 


i80 bM^fftrt CAtAtOGftTE of MAifttSCfRIPTS RE^^TmG 
A.D. 978. Incip* Pmsia, — "Inditus Ees Eadwardus alto et noW- 

ExpL Passia, — ** qui erat anous Domini milkBitnus primus, 
'* regnante eodora Domino nostro Jesu ChristOj qui cuto Patre 
" et Spiritu Sancto rivit et gloriatur Deus per omnift s^cula 
" saeeulorum. Amen." 

Colophon, — "Explicit passlo Bancti Eadwardi, Eegid ei 
" Martyr is. Incipiuat miracula ejusdem/* 

Tficip. Mirac. — ** Pltarima tmrftcula per Sanctum Edwardatn 
'* patrata sunt, de qnibuft panca httic nostro opuaculo insererc 
** curavimus/' 

Exj}L Mirac. *^*^ perfrui mcreamur, prrestante Domino nostro 
*' Jesu Chris to, qui, cum aeterno Pat re et am born m Spiritu 
^^ Sancto, vivit et re^nat Deud per immortalia saecula ssecii- 
^* loTum. Amen-" 

Colophon. — "ExpHcmnt miracula Sancti Eaduuardi, Eegis 
** et MartTTis.'' 

The author of this work is unknown, but he apparently 
lived about the end of the eleventh century, Uo decline? 
stating ntiy thing concerning Edward or his miracles, unless he 
has either found it authentically written, or has beard it 
related by people worthy of creclit. 

The author may very possibly have been Eadmer, who 
wrote a Hymn to Edward the King and Martyr (MS. C.CC. 
Cant, 27L 2), and to whom an Epistle was addressed by 
Nicholas, prior of Worcester, concerning the mother of Edward 
(MS. C-C.C, Cant, 37 L 6), See Anglia Sacra, li., prjef,, 
p, ^ii, 

Edward, the second Saxon King of that name, was botB 
nbout 962, succeeded his father in the year 975, and waa 
murdered by order of big step-mother at Corfe Castle in 
978. He was buried at Wareham, and removed to Shaftot^ 
bury, 18 Feb. 978, In 1001 or 1002 his remains were ttuna- 
lated from Shaftesbury to Bradford (?) and to Glastonbury, 
Portions of the relics were also removed to Leominster and 
Abingdon. There ia a life of this King in John Bromptou's 

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1165. Narratio de S. Edwardo. A.D.978. 

MS. BodL Bigby. 146 ff. 101 b.-104. velL 4to. xii. cent 

Incip, — " Mortuo Edgaro Rege, filius ejus senior Eadwar- 
" das." 

ExpL — abruptly at the beginning of a chapter. ** [NJisi 
" granum fmmenti ..." 

1166. De Saticto Edwardo, Rege et Martyre. 

MS. Cott Tiber. E. 1. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — " Mortuo autem Rege Edgaro, successit Edwardus 
« filius (BJtiS." 

EocpL — '*et Incamationis Dominiese anno millesimo 
" primo." 

Printed in Capgrave's "Legenda Nova Angliae," f. 116. 
It appears to be an abridgment of MS. Addit. 11,881 > in the 
British Museum (No. 1164). 

1167. Vita S. Eduardi, Regis Anglorum, carmine con- 
scripta Qallico et Latino. 

MS. BibL Regin. Suecise in Vaticana. 1292. 

On this piece the Author of the ** Histoire Litt^raire de la 
" France '* thus (vii. 175), writes, ascribing it to Abbo of 
Fleury : — " Quoique nos Hagiographes n'aient rieh imprime, 
" ni m^me fait aucune mention de cet ouvrage, et que per- 
** Sonne ne le donne ^ notre Abbe, nous ne serious pas 
** neanmoins dloign^s de lui en fkire honeur. II a tout Fair 
^' d'etre la production d'une plume Frangoise ; et nous ne 
" connoissons point d'ecrivains dans le temps oil remonte 
*' Tantiquit^ de manuscrit, h, qui il convienne mieuit qu'^ 
" Abbon. H ^toit Poete, comme on ra le voir ; et lorsqu'il 
" alia resusciter les lettres en Angleterre, il n'j avoit que 
** sept i huit ans que S. Edouard n*^toit plus au monde ; sa 
" mort ^tant arriv^ le dix-huit de Mars 978. Abbon alant 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 


A.D. 978. " fait cette vie en vers Latins, un autre Poete Faura raise 
" depuis en vers Francois." 

1168. Versus de translatione corporis S. Eadwardi, 
Regis et Martyris. 

MS. HarL 1117. f. 1. velL 4to. xiL cent 

Incip, — '' Omnibus est recolenda dies qua maximus An- 
« glum." 
Expl.-^^* Funde preces pro quo, sodes, rogitiunine summo." 
Twenty-six verses. 

1169. Life of St. Edward, King and Martyr. 

MS. Bodl. Tanner. 17. ff. 39 b.-42 b. veil. xv. cent 
MS. Cott Jul. D. ix. ff. 41 b.-45. velL 12mo. xv. cent 

Incip. — " Seint Edward the jonge marter was King of 
« Englonde." 

Expl, — " To J>e joye of hevyn )?ere )>ei ben — ^to him bringe 
" fere. Amen." 

This piece is usually ascribed to Robert of Gloucester. 
Several other copies of it exist, but with slight verbal varia- 
tions. The principal are MS. Bodl. Laud. Misc. 463 ; 
MS. Bodl. Laud. Misc. 108 ; MS. C.C.C. Cant 145 ; MS. Bodl. 

1170. Vita Sancti Wuhrini, Episcopi Scirebumensis. 

MS. Lan«downe, 436. f. 48. veil, folio, dble. cols. xiv. cent 

Ruhr. — ''Incipit de Sancto Wlsino, Episcopoet Gonfessore." 
Incip. — " Clara Dei luccrna ccclesia;, Sanctus Wlsinus." 
£arp/.— "ubi supplicium vota secundum fidem suam ex- 

" audiuntur, patrante Domino nostro Jesu Christo. Amen." 
Colophon. — " Explicit de Sancto Wlsino, Episcopo et Con- 

" fessore." 

The year in which Wulain died is involved in considerable 

obscurity. His death is placed under various years 1>etween 

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958 and 983. MabiUon (" Acta Sanct." vii. 237) has collected A.D. 978. 
much information respecting him, and he prints a letter 
addressed to him, shortly a^r his consecration, by Archbishop 

Wulsin was born at London, became Abbot of Westminster, 
and afterwards Bishop of Sherborne. 

1171. De Sancto Ulsino Episcopo at Confessore. 

MS. Cott Tiber. E. 1. ff. 13, 14. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Ineip. — " Sanctum enim Wulsinum claris natalibus Lon- 
'* doniis natum." 

Eocpl. — « yi. idus Januarii in manu Domini efflavit spiritum 
" suum." 

Printed in Capg^ave's " Nova Legenda Angliie," f. 331, and 
in the "Acta Sanctorum," 1. 547. (8 Jan.) It is an abridg- 
ment of the Life in the Lansdowne MS., noticed above. 

A.D. 980. A.D. 980. 

1172. De Sancta WolfhildsB, Virgine et Abbatissa, ad 
an. 980. 

MS. Tiber. E. 1. 105. 
MS. BodL Tanner. 15. 
MS. BodL 240. p. 607. 

Incip. — '' Alfredus, Rex West Saxonum, silvam quandam 
•* venandi.** 

ExpL — ** usque ad monasterium iUud detulit" 

Printed in Capgrave's " Nova Legenda Angliae," f. 326 b. 

King Alfred, while hunting, hears the cry of a child, which 
is found in an eagle's nest ; he causes the child to be chris- 
tened, and in time makes him an earl ; he has a son With- 
burding, whose granddaughter, named Wolfhild, is sent to 
Winchester to be educated. Edgar falls in love with her, but 
finding all his attempts to seduce her to be in vain, he gives 
her the monastery of Berking. She is visited by Bishop 
Ethelwold, and, during their meal, the drink miraculously 

Digitized by 



A.D. 980. suffers no diminution. She is expelled from Berkiug by the 
mother of Ethelred, but is afterwards restored. At her death 
she is buried at Berking. 

1173. Chronicon ab anno 674 ad annun^ 980. 

MS. BodL Digby 168. 

A.^-981. A.D. 981. 

1174. Vita Brithnodi, primi Abbatis Eliensis, auctore 
Johanne de Tynemouth. 

MB. BodL 240. p. 593. 
This Life is taken from the "Liber Eliensis." Brit)inoth 
was the first Abbot of Ely, and was martyred in fhe year 981 . 
See Anglia Sacra, 1. 604, and Liber Eliensis, e4it. Anglia 
Christ Soc. 8vo. J848. 

A.D. 982. A.D. 982. 

1175. Vita Forannani, Episcopi et Abbatis Walciodo- 
rensis, ad annum 982, auctore Boberto, Monacho 

Incip, ProL — " Quonjam in culmine pandelabri." 

Incip. Vita, — '* Gloriosus igiturPomini sacerdos Forannanus, 
" nobili." 

ExpL Vita. — <^ . . . sui splendoris, toto innotuit mundo, 
" etc." 

This Life, written at the request of his convent by an 
anonymous contemporary who had known Foranan, but re- 
touched and amplified in the twelfth century by Bobert, a 
monk of Wazor, is printed in the ** Acta Sanctorum," iii. 808 
(30 April), and in Mabillon, Act. Sanct., sec. v. p. 576. His 
history is also to be found in the ancient Chronicle of Wazor, 
published by Dachery, SpiciL vol. vii.,* but it is very erroneous. 

* See also Mabillon*s Acta, p. 584. 

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Foranan was born m Ireland* about the end of the reign of A J). 982. 
Charles the Simple. He became Bishop of Armagh, but left 
Ireland and settled in the monastery of Wazor, on the Meuse, 
in the dioceee of Liege, between Dinant and Charleqaont, of 
which house he became Abbot about A.D. 969. He died 30 
April 982. 

A.D. 984. AJ). 984. 

1176. Vita Saneti Ethelwoldi, Episcopi Wintoniensis, 
auctore Alfirico Abbate. 

t HS. Bib^ Imp. Paris (Fonda Lat 5362, £ 74). yelL folia zi. cent 

Incip. Prologus, — *^ Alfricns, Abbas, Wiptoniensis alumnus, 
*' honorabili Episcopo Kenulfo et firatribus Wintoniensibus." 

ExpL ProL — "propter inopiam scriptorum oblivioni tra- 
" dantur. Valete." 

Incip. Vita. — ^^ Erant autem parentes Saneti Atheluuoldi." 

Expl. Vita. — ** mentis sanctorum suorum, cui est honor et 
*' imperium per setema secuia. Amen.'' 

Printed as Appendix I., vol. ii., of Mr. Stevenson's Chro- 
nicon Monasterii de Abingdon, published among the Chronicles 
and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland. 

A manuscript containing this piece was found by Mabillon 
(in Codice Fiscamnensi), but he preferred printing the Life 
written by Wolstan, who relates the same facts, generally in 
the same words, but has made some additions.} Mabillon gives 

* Kobili ex 8ooteDtiiiiD prof^oa ortna, § 8. 

t This MS. was apparently written in France. That it is not the pro- 
duction of an Engli^ scribe is obyious, dx)m its errors in the names of 
places and persons. 

X Mabillon prints a few passages iWnn the Legend by Alfric, in which 
the narrative of that writer differs from that of Wulstan. One of these 
gives the name of a male&ctor, which is not recorded by Wnlstan. Some 
dreams are given by Wulstan which are not to be found in Alfric, one of 
which he had heard from Ethelwold himsel£ In other places also Wulstan 
e3q;iressly states that he derived his information from Ethelwold. The life 
printed by Surius, Yitss Sanct (1 Aug.) 23, may possibly be the work of 
Alfric. C!hanging the style, as was his usage, he says it is a shorter life 
than that given by Mabillon, and that he found it in manuscript 

Digitized by 



A.D. 984. Alfric's prologue,* which Bubstantially agrees with the latter 
part of Wulaian's, Alfric aclciressei* his work to Kenulf, 
IS [shop of Will ton, and days thnt iwenly years have cUpiSed 
since the death of Ethel wold ; as that prelate died, in August 
98 4j the date of Alfrlc'a compilatioti is fixed to the year 1CX)4» 

Ethel wold wa^ bom in Winchester during the reiga of 
Edward the Elder (therefore before tlie year 925), and wns 
the early friend and schoolfellow of Dunstan. His first 
ecclesiastical dignity was that of Abbot of Abingdon, fi-om 
which he was remored to the see of Winchester, and there 
consecrated by Dunstan, 29th Nor. 963. Here he distinguished 
himself by the vigour with whieh he carried out the expnliion 
of the secular canons, and the introduction of regularSp The 
establishments of Ely, Raniscj, and Peterborough also experi- 
enced his influence in- the same direction. 

Considerable doubt exist^^ as to who the Alfric was, by 
whom this piece of biography was written. It is clear from 
the preface to Alfric's Homilies, and hi* preface to his Gnon- 
mar, as well as in his preface to the Kule of Ethel wokl 
written for the Monks of Eynsham, that Alfric was a pupil 
of Ethel wold ; bat it nowhere appears whether it was at 
Abingdon (where Ethel wo Id opened a monastic school) or 
at Winchester^ after Ethelw^old's promotion to tho bishopric 
of that see, that he became his pupil ; but if he was the 
author, it was probably at the latter place, as in tho prologue 
to this piece lie styles himself Abbot and Scholar of Win- 
ch ester, Mabillou e^tlls the author Abbot of Abingdon, though 
ho has not given his authority ibr that statement. Wharton 
is doubtful to what monastery he belonged, but thinks t]mt 
he certainly did not belong to Abingdon, William of Malmes- 
bury supposes the author to have been Abbot of Mai mes bury, 
but the time will not agree with the 20 years mentioned in 
Alfric's prologue, as he is said to have become Bishop of 
Crediton A.D. 994, ami to have ilied in 999. Mortis (dc 

* The prologue is as follows : — ^' AlfViauK abba^, WintonieiiKis aluninuts, 

** hoDoraliili episcopti Ketiulfo et fiiitribuB Wirttoiiienstbiis, Kalutem in 

** Christo. Dijnnmi diiccns deniqxie nHqim de ^t.^tiji patrih nomri et tiisg- 

" nifici doct^iris Athelwoldi irn^iori^p luddo i^onimendart?, tmusaclis vide - 

" licet vigiiit) Btinifi post tgun iiii^ratioTiciii, brcvi qiiideiii naiTatione Triea» 

*' wd et ru^ticjii, 1 J 1105 tipiid vos vel ahafi a litlutibuM drdiei huic etilo ingtiio, 

** ut' fdrtc penitupt propter luopiaiu scHptoruni oblivioni tradantur Vnltte*" 

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daobus Alfricis) holds Alfric the Grammarian to have been AJ). 984. 
Archbishop of Canterbury, and Alfric, Abbot of Ejnsham, 
afterwards Archbishop of York, to have been the writer 
of the Life of Ethelwold ; and this is probably correct, for 
there is a difficulty in supposing that Alfric, Archbishop of 
Canterbury, wrote this piece, inasmuch as the writer calls 
himself Abbot and Scholar of Winchester ; and does not in- 
sist, as that prelate might have done, upon his own personal 
acquaintance with the subject of his memoir, which was long 
and familiar. The tone also of his letter to the monks of 
Winchester would almost lead to the conclusion that it was 
from them he derived his information ; indeed, he states that 
upon one occasion he^had heard some particulars from Ethel- 
wold himself; but the same statement, in nearly the same 
words, is also to be found in Wulstan's memoir. 

1 177. Vita S. Ethelwoldi, Episcopi Wintoniensis. Auctore 
(ut videtur) Wolstano Monacho, ejus discipulo. . 

*MS. UticeiiB. in Gallia, t 23. velL xi. cent 
fMS. Cott Nero E. 1. 415 b. yelL large folio, dble. col. xi. cent. 

* This MS. is now in the Library at Alen9on, No. xiy. Besides the life 
giYen by Mabillon (which begins on fol. 23), it contains several other 
pieces connected with the history of Ethelwold, of which the following is 
a catalogue : — 

1. "Hymnns in honore S. Adelwoldi prassnlis editns, elegiaco et parac- 
** terioo carmine, per alphabetom compositos.'' t 34 b. Written apparently 
by a monk of S. Switbun's at Winchester in hexameters and pentameters, 
the former beginning with the letters of the alphabet in soccession. 

Inc. — ** Alma lucema micat" Printed in MabilL sec. v. p. 612. 

2. ** Hymnus yesperdnalis." fol. 35. 

Inc '< Inelitos pastor." Printed ibid. 613. 

3. - Hymnns alter de eodem." foL 356. 
/wc.— " Cosli lenator." Printed ibid. 

4. " Missa in festo cgosdem sancti redtanda." Ibid. Printed ibid. 

5. '* Missa pro die translatbnis cjusdem.'* Ibid. Printed p. 614. 

6. ** De horis pecnliaribos." foL 36. Printed ibid. 
Imc, — ** Prssterea Beatos pater Adelwoldns horas." 

7. " Tropi." foL 36. 

Inc " Patris adest votira dies.** Printed ibid. 

The MS. is of English execution, and of the eleventh century, 
t This MS. has hardly any variations ftom the Arundel MS., except 
pertiaps errors of the scribe, and agrees very closely with the text of Mabillon. 

Digitized by 



A. IX HB4 'MS. ^\nittd. Hiy. f. 12^>, vfll, fijlin, dhh. l-oL xii. ctnt. 

MS. rutl> CuUj^H j\. viii. f. UL veil, 4to. xii. eent.f 
MS. Colt, Tiber, D.lY.f..i72 b, J vull. fnl. dhk-, col xii. cenL 

Invip. Pf<€j\ — ^-^De vitsi j^Oorlofc^i piitria Athflwoltli Epi* 
'' st'upi, CUJU8 sacra uicmoriji celubraiur in Ivalcjidi?^ Augusii, 
^' t|u;i iliti iV'liritur itd lo^na mi^iiivit ctelfslin. Fostquani 
*' iniiiliU Hid V a tor Cbristu^.^' 

Erpf, IViif. — '"L't i^l- qui leclLiri vi^l aaditiirj ^unt. inuru- 
** turuiii.'^ 

liivl/t. TiV/^ — '^ Eraot igitur parenUjs saocti ponlifici^ 
'' Ailtihvalili," 

Kxpl. I'ita — '^et ad cii^k^tia rugiia perdiiccrc, cui adhuc in 
*' carnc dcgenti ^ulitu^ coiiceiisa est pottsla.'* Jj^andi atqno 
** solvc^iidi, pniislantiu' Domino nuslro Jus^u Cliri^ilti, C|ui cum 
^' Ik'u, cojt'ternii Pat it"* ct S[dritii San do vivii id rt.gtiai Deus 
** pel" intinita Siosfnla r:a?i uliiruin. Amen/' § 

Printed in Malpillrnij Aet» Siuud. Ikned* tn.e. v, p, ij96 ; 
A( til SariLt, (1 An^^j i. 88. Ciipgrave Las abriilged tliiti Life. 

The unthur pjupu.^if^i relating the Hit' and nets uf Klhehvold, 
as lii^ liad eilhrr wiiru^^-^^'d tbe'in liiiusvlf or Lad leanj<'d ihcnr 
i'luin tlie credible testimony of tlie elder.'^. He divide ti hia infor- 
mation into 46 eliapfers. KtlielwuM^ parents resided ai Win- 
eliesler in the lime uf Edward lite Elder. Hiri muiiier lia:3 a 
miraenlouss pre^a^e concerijing him before bis l>iith. He 
becomes in his youtb a great favouiite of King Aibclstan, 
He is urduined by J^isln>p Kljfhrgi, with Dims tan and a 
person who after wards Ixeame an apostnte frmn monastic 
(ardurs, named E^lelstim. Their fnture di-'.=;tiny is foretold 
by Elphege, Ktliehvold t^tndies iir>t under EIj>bege, and 
afterwards under Dunatun, then abbot of Glastonbury^ and 
becomes a inouk of that eistabli.shment An account of bis 
> Indies there. King EdriHr^ favour !o the ebnrt'h of Win- 

' A Ciillfllinn uf tlis SfS, with tliL' '- Acta Sauetumm " and ftrahihon, r. 
(10 s, *ihnw?i that its variiitioiis iirc vtry few, and, exci^pt two or tlirt"t\ are 

t MiUiliUid u^ far as pbapier X\ tmnX^ chaptt^r -JO, mil cndw irith chapter 
IG, Si] far a.s it p>os it a^rc^j, t UimIv ^hh iHl' ArutJdtl ItS^ 

% Bunia^^-d by \\n\ \mi n^^tored. 

?S App^"'tlt4] fa dif Lifu i^i u Hviim in honour of Ethtlwoid. in htxa- 
raeter>^ .ml pt-ntanifki-s, appurcinly ihf ^^ume us iu the MS. Ut Al 009011 
mentioned in note C' 1.) on thi* prt-cedin^ juigt'. 

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cheater ; he appoints Ethelwold abbot of the decayed mo- A.D. 984. 
nasteiy of Abingdon, and bestows on it large possessions. 
The Sling comes to plan the building, and is entertained, 
with the Northumbrian nobles, bj Ethelwold ; at the repast 
the mead suffers no diminution, although they drink to 
excess, and the doors are shut by the King's order, that none 
may escape without taking his share. The story of Elfstan and 
the cauldron.* Ethelwold becomes a great buUder. The ex- 
cesses of the canons of Winchester. They administer poison 
to him while he is entertaming his guests in the hall, but he 
recoyers. The canons disperse throughout England. Ethel- 
wold purchases Ely from King Edgar, and settles monks there 
and at Peterborough, also at Thomey. He expends the treasure 
and ornaments of his church to procure food for the poor during 
a famine. His amiable disposition. He is of a sickly constitu - 
tion. While he is rebuilding the church at Winchester,! a 
monk falls from the roof, but escapes unhurt. The vision of 
a tree laden with cowls. His vision of fishes, which the 
author had heard him describe. The dedication of the new 
church at Winchester, A.D. 980.} Verses on the ceremony.§ 
Ethelwold dies at Braddington, sixty miles from Winchester, 
A J>. 984. Persons who were present relate the circumstances 
of his death to the author. He is buried in the crypt at 
Winchester^ on the south side of the altar. He appears to 
Elfhelm, a blind man of Wallingford, twelve years after his 
death, and orders his body to be taken up, commanding him to 
communicate this to Wulstan the precentor, and his body is 
translated to the choir by Bishop Elphege. He releases a 
thief who had been punished by Elphege. 

* The story of Elfttan and the cauldron is copied almost yerbatfan by 
William of Malmesbmy in his << Qesta Pontificun" ii. 4. 

t Some of the notices about the progress of the work are worthy of 

I One of the bishops present at the consecration was Foca, whom he de- 
scribes as : — ** Nulla laboris agens, pocnla multa bibens.'' 

§ These verses would dispel Mabillon's doubt whether Wulstan was the 
axEliior of this piece. They, for about sixty Unes, are almost verbatfan 
with the commencement of the miracles of Swithun, the undoubted pro- 
duction of Wulstan's Muse. Among the persons present he describes 
King Ethebed :~ 

" Begis Ethelredi &ide pnssente modesti. 
In regni solio qui superest hodie." 

PP 2 

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A.D. 9S4 Wul-laji, the autlmr of lliln Lift', was a clifiifiplG of Bishop 
EtbchvoliJ. It rcluturi all that h coiUahied id Alfric\s Lifa 
(bcc No. IISO), but iiLld,> sumc tliingri m»t in that narnitive, 
William of MahnesbLirj, nu iitioiiini;^' it, .-ays, 'llujus vitarii 
'' V\ ulstanu^j (juidam cuiilur \\ intonieiisis. di^eipulus t jus 
" scilicet ct alunjuuiij coujposult stylu uitdiocri/' 

1178. Hi^toria Ecclesiie Elien^sis, sivo Lilielluf^ qutnMin- 
dum jDsigniim uptTum Jl /Edolwoldi Epi.scui>i* 

MS. Trin. Cnli.Cint, O. 2. 4L 

Itii-ip. PrtiL — ^*'Cuiu prjt'terinu'uni nolitia lOJuin Ignoranli;!'." 
E.xpL Prtfl.^^*^ Si:\\ oKs^flienhj; bono couuntiidatur/* 
liict/i. /A>Y. — >* Teiii[NH'c' quo Kl'x ^T.dgarijs gubcrnntnila 
*' n'giii/' 

KApf. 7//a7.—*' facta era t trausgrt^ssioni obuoxia.** 
Prill ted in Gale:'^ ITi,stotia* llritannico?, Saxonictc, An^ki- 
Diiuii*:!^ Scriptorei*, xv. p. 4{)3— 1:8S. 

T\\h history, ux tun ding from iIk' jx-ar 96;] to 984, is said in 
tfiu prologue to have buon tran^latrd froni the Anghj-Snxon at 
tlie desire oi Bishop Ilerv eu^, in order to ^npjjly the omi.^.-?ion 
relating to Kir ill l he Life of Bishoi* KUitdwold (appareiitly 
that l>y Wulstan, who barely iiieniiuTis hi.^ fonmlaiion at Kly) : 
ht% huWi ver/ fidds litlle to our kutiwlt-dge of Ethehvnld ; it 
rdateij ehiefiy to matters eoniietjted with Ely. It coutiiius 
several curious partieuhirs roliuing to the mode of acq^uirinf? 
property. It U suhstanlially the same n?«: \\\\ti of tite Second 
Book oi' I he Liber Kliin^^is* wiih I ho addition of some en com i- 
aslie vcr&ies on Bi-^hop Ethel \voKL 

As Ilervey iilled tiie Set' of Ely from A. I). 1 109 to 1 131 ^ we 
easily ascertain the date of llie present narrative. It \a not 
so eai^y, however, to decide what was the Saxon narrative to 
wdiieh the author refers in hi^ prologue ; whatever it wa^i, it 
relaleil to the birth, life, death, and mirncles of this celebrated 
Bisliop of Winclteater. 

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1179. ^ta Sancti Ethdwoldi, Episcopi Wmtoniensis. ^^- »«^- 

MS. Cott Calig. A. TiiL £ 121. 

Incip. — ** illins sibi conscins esset.'' 

ExpL-^** Olim sibi coelitos ostensum est'* 
This is a mere fragment^ beginning in the chapter xzziii, 
of the Life, as printed bj Mabillon, and ends with chapter 
xli. The poem (p. 608 of Mabillon) does not occur in this 
MS. After the miracles, as in the printed edition, comes this 
colophon : — '^ Finit Libellns de ortu, vita, et obita et de trans- 
'* latione gloriosi et beati patris nostri Athelwoldi episcopi.** 
It consists of four leaves. 

1180. De Sancto Ethelwoldo, Episcopo et Confessore. 

MS. Ck>tt Tiber. R 1. fl SIS. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — '' Erant enim parentes S. Ethelwoldi.*' 

ExpU — ^' munns amoris deposnit et abiit" 

Printed in Capgrave's " Legonda Nova Anglioe," f. 143. 

Abridged from Wulstan (see No. 1177). The story of 
Godwin at the end is a blunder, in which Ethelwold is con- 
founded with Alfwold, Bishop of Shirbnrn. 

1181. De Sancto Adelwoldo Wintoniensi Episcopo et 

MS. Lansd. 436. H 81-84 b. veil, fblia xiy. cent 

Indp. — " Temporibus Regis Edwardi dicti senioris." 
ExpL — ^' et ccelestia miracula frequent! us perpetrantur." 
Nothing more than an abridgment of Wulstan's work. 

1182. Vita S. Ethelwoldi Episcopi. 

MS. EccL Lincoln. 

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A.D, 'jB4. 1183. Oneeliims Monachiis de Vita Sancte Edithoe 

^rs. BodL JiawU C 9f^ft (fornn rly 1027), 4to- mln. sec. xii. or xiiL 

Rith r. — ^ ' 1 1 1 i* i p i t 1* rol og us G oce 1 i n i M on ao In in v i tatn 
" SftTieliti Eilitlun Virjiinis, ad Sanrtnm LfinlVanelmm, Cantii* 

Iftcfp. Prof.^"* Oinnlmti ollbrcntiiim a4 labcrDaculum/* 
KrpL Prof. — *' aspiri't alfertuo'^is." 

Bfthr. — *' P^xplicit Fialogua. Incipit vita Sanctiu Edit ha: 
** Vir<:^inis/' 

liict/t, I'itiK — *' R<^^nal>at rf:"gnoniin ])lt1as Edgarus*" 
Ki pL } it a .. — * ' V II ni prti li a ti -^ s i mi s v i i' t u tu in 3ei ] u* ' nt \\^r 
}hfht\^-^^ Explicit vita Sancta:: Editlm? Virgin is:' 
Tliis MS., wlilrli is niiii|tip, ib .^liglilly iMi])crlV<'t in a fi'W 
plH<"OS. iVum n liniall pitft' <>1 paichiiient liaving iallin ntTivhicli 
Iiad covChmI a httlc in t!i(! skin. 

Tins Life u dtdicatrd hy GtJ^r/clin to Archbisliop Lnn- 
frfine. It ^vfi;^ probably kno;vn to ilalmeslnny. S<^c Dti Gt'stit^ 
Poiilirienni, li. 4. and Di; Gi^slis Koi^inn, 7. lib. W. § 218, p. 871, 
a [id \\\><) tu liobcrt llrurjiU', who i^ucrns tu havu h[>rrci\v€<l om: 
uf \\\< laks fioin iL Sul' alsu Ltiland^s Collect, ii. lofi. 
It id printed in ihf* ** Artu Sanctorum/"' IH Sopt. 

llSk De SaTicta Editlia," Yirgine ct Aldiatissiu 

MH. CotL Tiber. E. I. Hit?, 
Mt5. BodL Tnunvr. Ij. 

I/fCTjK — "Beatii virixo Edit ha illia f'uiLEdjari Kegis." 
J'lvp/. — " Ucddiia autcia ti.-na, sine mora spiritnm c mi sit.'' 
Printed in CaiJgravc'.-^ *'NovaLcgcndn Anglia'," 1", 102-10:ibj 
and ID the Acta Snn^t. v. iJfi4. 

Editha was tlic dn lighter oi' King Edgar and Wulftrudc, and 
wan brought np at Wiltun under thi/ care of tn.r mother. She 
i m i t a t g^ , am < j n g u t U ei .^t her a 1 1 n t 1 -M i t h a . Sh e vcj » r or € ? Ethe I- 
wold fur making an oh?icrvati^ln nn her drciss. When liftecn 
years old hrr father givri? her three mona.-terio^T Winchester^ 
liarking, ami antjthei\ no I nicutioned. She will not: howtver. 

* Hiv i.-^ ^uiuitiiiii'-i tallfil " l^u'-i^'iil i(. 

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leave her mother, but appoints deputies there. The nobles A.D. 984. 
are desirous of raising her to the throne on the murder of 
Edward the Martyr, but she refuses the honour. She dies on 
the 16th calends of Ootober, in the year 984, aged 23, and is 
buried by Dunstan in the church of St. Denis, which she had 
built. She appears to Dunstan thirteen years after her death, 
who translates her remains.* 

This Life appears to be a very brief abridgment of the pre- 
ceding piece, ascribed to Gk)scelin. 

1185. Translatio ipsius Edith® cum sequentibus 


MS. BawL C. 938. fol. 16. 4to. min. ubo. zii or xiii 

Incip. — " Annus jam tertius decimus." 

ExpL — ^^ actio celebratur, plebs lietatar unanimis, et 
*' adoratur Deus ab omnibus, qui in Sanctis suis gloriosus 
^* apparet et mirabilis, cui est honor et gloria in sadcula saecu- 
^' lorum. Amen." 

After which follows a hymn, beginning '^Salamonici 
'^ mysteria Candida templi." 

On the chronological difficulty as to the dates assigned to 
this Translation, see the note to the preceding article. 

1186. History of the Foundation of the Priory of Wilton, 
in old English verse, containing many matters relating 
to King Egbert and other Saxon Kings ; also the Life 
and Miracles of St. Editha, and her Translation. 
MS. Cott. Faust B. iii. ff. 194-258. veil, 4to. xiv. cent 

Incip. — "Almy^ty Grod in Trinite, Fader and Sone and 
« Holy Goste." 

ExpL — '^ pat we mow oome afler owre deythe to ]>e same 
'* plase ]>eras seynt Ede ys. Amen.** 

This piece contains an account of the abbey of Wilton, and 
historical notices of English Kings down to Edgar ; it then 

* Tlie storj of her tnnslatioii bj Dunstan (if the date be correctly 
given) most be spurious, as he died four years after her. 

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r»r^4 DHSCUTPnVfi CATALOOri: OF manurcrtpts rff.ming 

A,n. yg-l. jimsbos on (1\ 204 h) to (ho Lil'u nud ^Oracles of Si. IMitliiL ^lul 
Viiuiimii?^ that suljjtcl to I Ik: end. On i\ 2aJ* ilu* iuitlmr ^^ivis 
llie nanic!? of Ihr Imok-i niif] jiutlioritu',^ whitli ho lias ii^i'd, jvnd 
ainon!! Ihrin *' Lt ^ri^nda Siiiirtn^ EJitliti' VirL^nn.^/' Tlnre is 
absi a Lifu of St. KtlieLlrctla of V*U\ liy Ibe same UamL in 
Ibis MS, 

A.D. DSG. A.D, 1IS(J. 

118T, S, Aljbonis Floriaeeiisis Epifitula encycHca ud 

I/fcip.- — " Dilccti^^inii.-. i]i Uliristn vVn^^Iigonis tralriluLs/' 
Erpl. — ** . . . vi'l ili-^ceiiilo ohjsriunt (pilqnc i?tiidiosi»** 
IVintf'd iji MriVulIori. Annnl. lib, xlix. ^ fi^, ami In tlic 
A|>pen(lix to vol. iv. p. 0*^7, 

Alil>!> was .^('iit from Flcnry iiiU> lln^land in 9So, at the? 
ro<tne^t of O.^waUl, suoct-^^iivoly Bi>h<ip oP Worcc^iitiT and 
Aiclibisliop of Ymk. lie rc>i<lrd and inittrhl at Rain?iej, 
Ho rt'mainc'(l m Kw^XmvX until ^JH7, and it was ilfirmjj his f^iay 
?ii IV tlial \w wroti' tbiri Cii'fabir Lctti'r mbbv-sud in tb** 1-ng- 
li^li :\lunks *ttiJ lh«is^.' a I FkniT- Hr wns killod Nuv. \m\. 

AJ^ :'^^e* A.D. !)88. 

1188. Vita K Dnastnni, ATTliio)(i8copi ot C'mifea^^oris, 
anrfctm^j lit videtiir, BridfLTtho, Raiiiesiensi Moiih-icIio. 

MS. (;v>tt. Cli'n]>[it. It. ^ht, ir. .V>-^iS. \v\l oiiall hvo. xi. conl* 

* Tht^ fullmunf^ nntt' na llio fir-t leaf of thi,s 31S, is uonli\ of nulicc, d.s 
<'X|ibj]at<iry of tin* prevwuLs L^ttjrv uf jhc viilmnt.* of ulifcTi it funris pnn i 
*^ Ihinr libriiTTit cdjiin iiaetor. iit iijuiiiTi'bii ItL^tiKn'. tlnniit titn|Hirr jp?iius 
*■' UTinaaDl, (le tjno tT|;^itnr, reperi inrer vck^.^ lilunji MSS. monusterij 
** AifiTu'^menH?* CjiFituaiiir. A J). 155^3, iiunse Anirii^tL'— ' Jtnio. Jnssdinus/ 
** tbi hnnr ip^um libnitn tt (hiL MriliiU'*.}nuir'ii>i npunnm is^^e, ts llbm 
*' i-jii^dcTiic]«» smti<parn1elllristi\nii"nsin munarskrii wpptin't.^* b. I'sJinu^i/ " 
Tlif tc-st wlilcii llii.^ MS. fiiiTii'-lH's is in -rvirjjl ri^s|HLijs EjUpt^rior to that of 
\\{v iVrran MS* T(s v mi at ions arc not record • jl in nny rdiiiivn, hn{ lUoj prL- 
^iill worthy of notk'i' It a ho ?*n|iftlii,s \h\i purttini nliich i.-. luft ut th<^ 
* Ud ol (lu Lopy UMd It) lilL' Huiii(ijUi'il> 

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Incip. Prol.-^*^ Perprudenti Domino Archonti Alfrico, om- A.D. 988. 
" nium extimus Sacerdotum B. vilisque Saxonum indigena." 

Incip, Vita, — ^''Cum multorum temporum a vero cultu 
" Christianse religionis." 

Expl. imperfect, — "a peccatorum prius ponderibus levatos, 
« pio . • ." 

The following abstract of its contents will give a fair esti- 
mate of the nature of this biography. 

Prologue addressed to Archbishop Alfric. 

Ch. 1. — Dunstan's parents and birth. Description of Glas- 
tonbury. He is carried thither by his father. His vision of 
the future state of the monastery under himself. He is sent 
to school (verse). His sickness. He runs on the roof of the 
church, and is taken down unhurt. His ardent study. His 
fame reaches the Court. He is ill-treated by some of his 
companions and those about the palace. 

Ch. 2. — He is tempted to marry. A large stone falls be- 
tween him and Bishop Elphege. A revelation concerning the 
future burial place of a priest at Winchester. King Athelstan 
entertained by Ethelfleda. The mead at the entertainment 
suffers no decrease. Dunstan sees a dove descend to her when 
sick. His harp sounds while hanging against the wall. 

Ch. 3. — ^Eang Edmund has lately banished him from Court. 
Edmund while hunting is saved, by Dunstan's agency, from 
falling down a precipice, on which he is recalled. He becomes 
^' primus abbas Anglicas nationis ** {i.e, Benedictine). He is 
distressed by visions. 

Ch. 4. — Edred commits his treasures, &c. to his custody, 
and endeavours to prevail on him to accept a bishopric. Vision 
of SS. Peter and Paul. During sickness Edred sends for 
those who have charge of his effects, in order to make a dispo- 
sition of his wealth before his death. Dunstan sets out with 
his portion, but by the way hears a voice announcing Edred's 
death. The story of Edwy and the two women. Dunstan 
and Cynesige force the king from them. Elfgiva causes Dun- 
stan's property to be plundered, in which his own society 
assist He escapes being blinded by retiring to Flanders. 

Ch. 5. — Edwy deserted by the Northern people. Edgar 
recalls Dunstan. Edwy dies. Dunstan is made successively 
Bishop of Worcester and London, and Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. Elfsin dies on the Alps of cold (but no mention of Odo). 

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A.D. U8S. Dunslan gots to Rome. Tic hns a visinn of lus in€tlior*& 
nmrringi^ in hoaviii, wliicli siiiniricfl the Cliiin.h e^pmiRcd lo 

f'h. r>. — TL' iivV:i a virion, wliitli lU-notes iho king's ap- 
proaf'Uiiirr <l<'^lh. lie expountb a 4roam of tlie king fallinj^ 
iislrfp, unti oi' tlie guriits h( Ing turnfil into goats. Virion of 
n jjiTBon with a roll of purehinrnt Ixftiro the king^a J cat In and 
<jf a yoiilhV nfinl Inin^f riirrit'd to heaven. lie goe?i to St, 
AufTQstin'a, Ilia Ttsion tliere. Description of hla conduct in 
the disrh!irj[rf' of his^ arrhi^^piseupiil fiincllons. lie fulls Unleep 
befViio hi> dosjthj and i.^ sevii to be miraculouBly Hftcil from iJ^c 
ground in hi-^ < hair. His dt-ath. 

The Amis MS. is im}>r'rf^H't at the end, but the j^mall poi- 
tioii miFsing may be snpplied from tlie Cotton ian 1\1S, 

The writer T>f (his Life makes iKt rneiitiou of the i^eath of 
Elf^nvii, noi- of any puldir transnetions aftei' the death of 
Eilgjtr, and the notiees of this king before that e so lit are Yery 

d'he mlraf^nloiB htorlcs are, almost nil, visions alleged to 
havj- been .=etn by Ihin^tath The style is very verbose. The 
ruirrative tvjijjearrf to have l.Hrn written between A.D. 989 and 
J()<lil Muinlion conjectnit -, from I he WTiter*!^ name bcgiiiniiig 
with B, that U inean.s IJridfi-ith of Uamsey, a pupil of I lie 
eelebratrd Abbo, who liveil at this perioti 

The following ehronologienl data which it affords are worthy 
of notice. 

The Life wa^ written during the period in which Alfrie was 
arehln?^boi>* (99G-10<)nK pi^rhap,^ alumt ]()(>0. The authors 
iiifurmation w^as derived fnmi Dunstnn him>elt^ or from those 
immediately about hU perr^on,! and corrected hy them. Part 
of liis narrative is founded on what he hitd himself witnessed. 

Dunstan is said to have been borii in the time of AtheistanJ 
(924-*)i<)). lie ^^n■^ made ti monk l>j Bp. Elpbcge (935-0.51 ).§ 
Ho ricems to have been a monk at Uhistunfairy when Athelstan 

* A(?t:L S.iDrt,, p. 'Uli. 

f ■* . . Tiif^i tnrtt^ <|mv vil xulnirlii t«| iMUlifndn. licet intullpctu torfj+'titf, 
'■ i\\y iji'^'i didu^nmTiK vtl t^tiani iT fjns rihimni^;, qm^^ n trnelhi j^lvennltt^ 

*' l\}^iUU'i tduciindn ili'duxil, ' |», i'>4ii. AlhI L\'^dh\ :tt p. 3;>S liv rccouuts 

P :si7 V 1' 'i'-' 

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was feasted bj Ethelfleda,* and to have possessed considerable A.D. 988 
inflaence in the beginning of the reign of Edmund (940-946),t 
haying been called to Court on the death of Ethelstan, where 
he remained some time* Shortly after, ho was made Abbot 
of 61astonbur74 having been expelled from Court, and then 
recalled. He was in great favour with Edred.§ He refused 
the bishopric of Crediton on the death of Ethelgar,|| and was 
present at the coronation of Edwj.lT 

He was obliged to flj a considerable time before the revolt 
of the Northumbrians,** which occurred, as we know, in 957. 
No mention is made of the jear of Dunstan's death, or his age, 
but it is stated that he died " decimo Kalendarum Julii, senex 
" plenus dierum." 

This valuable piece of biography was printed from the 
Arras MS. by Henschenius, in the "Acta Sanctorum," Mail 
xix. p. 346. A collation of the text of the Bollandists with 
the original MS. at Arras shows that they have fallen into 
several mis-readings. Most of them, however, may be cor- 
rected from the Cottonian MS. Mabillon (Act. Ben. sec. v. 
p. 639) censures the style in which this piece is written, and 
declares it to be unworthy of republication, though he admits 
its historical value (Observ. previas, s. 2.) 

Those above mentioned are the only copies known. 

1189. Vita S. Dunstani, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
authore Osbemo Monacho et Prsecentore Ecclesiae 
Christi Cantuariensis. 

MS. Lambeth. 159. ft 1.-30. 

tt MS. Cott. Tiber. D. 1 1 1. ff. 1 18 b.-134 b. veU. folio, xiii. cent. 

XX MS. BodL Digby. 110. t 35. yell. xiii. or ziv. cent 

§§ MS. Cott ViteU. D. xv. 

♦ P. 850. t P. 350. X P- 351. 

§ P. 363. II P. 353. ^ P. 353. 

*♦ P. 354, 358. 

tt This MS. end« abniptly In the Second Book, " qni homims. . ." 

XX Wants the Prologue, and ends at ** veniret'* 

§§ This MS. has been bornt, but H was extant when Smith fonned his 
catalogue of the Cottonian MSS. Some knowledge of it is deriyed fiom 
that source. 

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t MS. irarl, .'tirp. f. 1, vdl. folio, dble, eol. xii. cciiL 

:[: MS, Di>dl. :2?ri. 2, lull, xlii. c^nt, 

g MS. C.C.C, Cant. A2. 4. veil, folio, xiil. com. 

II atS. CotL Tiber, D. iv, f. !2!^1 b, veil folio. Ch\e coU xii. cmL 

MS. Clinstma in Ytitican. Tin. ff, J-TA rell Ji^vo. xii, cent. 

'^ MS. Arund. in. rtll. 8vo. xii. ci?nt. 

T/f. — " Incipit Fr(ili>gu5 in vitam Bancti Diinstaiii, Ciui- 
*^ liiHiricnsi.s Arcliiejjiscopi *:t Coufe.^sori>,'' 

Iftrip, ProL — ^'^ rnivci'^l-* C'atholica^ niatris Kccksia^ filii^ 
"^^ cntiihtteroorum, por cam quoD in Christo csl rcgciiuniliuiicni, 

/i,,?7^/. /Vr//. — *' isia a*igiT<li tenlabo.** 

Ciil. Pral. — '' ]>xisli( it ProlriL^us ui vitam Snntti Dunslanij 
" Arfliitplicropi ('aiUuarioti5;.-3j ]iOL' OthLinum Monacliuui ci 
'* rr^ccritoiTm cjiisdom ee<'Ics5rK Clinsli Cantuari^'titiis/* 

Tk^ — '* Iiirij>iL \\\\i Saiieli, Dnni-lani Arcliie[>i?copi ct Cou- 
*" fr.ssoris/^ 

Incip. JV/r/.— >* Hegikiute inagnilico lU'gQ Elliohtaiio/* 

F.xpi. Jlf/f. — '^ ,[h n\lo ]iriTicipio sumi possit,** 

(ofo/Ji.^-''^ |].Kpliri( Yita .^rtrK'lissimi patris nojitri Dunstanij 
"' (.'aidUiirif'iisI^ x\rchi(.qMt^copi ct Cimlct^oriR, Sfc^'cumluin (K-^- 
'' 1)1' I] mi 11 J LJu^Jrm llccle^ia^ Ciiri^ti Caiilttarkii^is Cummoua- 
'- fliiiin et Pricceiitorcin/' 

TLtarigby 5IS, 110 ami the MS. Bodky 28r> ai>pear to 
li'pn'sonl an earlier recension tlian that wliicli occurs in tlse 
(vtJK T Topics. 

t)f lljis piece there are three several cdilkms. (1.) That of 
tIu^ linllaudi-^Ls (Ada Snnct. iv. ;]j9-376, L9 Mny), ex M8. 

* This MS. cotilaitif^ au miditicmal paragraph afttr ihuend i^f cap. 1. lib. ii. 

t Bk'pns ii!ini[»t!y iiiar the t^nrt of ehajitrr I, aud is aho impTft'Ct aT 
the c^nd. 1 1 lias Wtn nmtibtL^d Tor Oip ^nki- i»rih^ ilhimiTiniioii??. 

t WaLiJs thL' iWtvgtVj" liml iiiimcli^*;, iiud is iniporfrct 11 1 rhr eri<i» con- 
uluding vjth " vcuin^L" p. 120, line n, h1. \Vhni1<m. 

I Knds ittJiuTfccfh Tvilh " qiiirdunu' 

II SliLditlv burnt :iT the idizeH. 

*l J':irt of ihe SceoTid llouk. IT, :t*M},-J:^* hus hi?vu mtijjiIshI Tiy u hits? 
htind- II is a l>eUrr ropy tiinn th'tt tisi-d fjy Wh^rlon, 

** AlXvt " |ios.^it" Mjibilkui odds sixteen liiie^ (ifvrfse. becrinniiiE^ ♦'.Tusins 
* Imiiiio, iiiidii^ vitiii, Hiik's f^ubit aliiiaSp" uud ending " iiiVtC fannihitii tiuuu 
' \i\n i\y[ A.AiA uiiuuim," 

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Antwerpiensi et Bonifontis. (2.) That of MabiUon, in his A.D. 988. 

Act Sanct., from a MS. which had belonged successivelj to 

De Thou and Colbert, apparently that now marked Fonds 

Lat. 2475, a fine MS. of the thirteenth century. Other copies 

exist in the same collection, viz., 5284, 5348, and 5489. There 

is also another in the MS. belonging to the School of Medicine 

at Montpellier, No. 2, and one at Laon, MS. 163. (3.) That 

of Wharton in the Anglia Sacra, ii. 88-120, from a MS. at 


In the Prologue the author states that he has been re- 
quested to compose a Life of Dunstan, although several had 
already been written, but which had in general been either 
inelegantly or carelessly performed ; and, more especially be- 
cause that which had been more commendably executed had 
perished in the late conflagration of the church.* 

The basis of this Life is apparently the same as Bridferth's, 
with some passages from Adelard (see No. 1198); but the 
author appears to have added much from some other source, 
and occasionally to have amplified Bridferth's narrative. The 
principal additions seem to be ; the account of the death of 
Elfgiva. Dunstan's rescue of Edwy's soul from the devil. The 
dove alighting on Odo's tomb. Edgar's violation of the nun, and 
his subsequent penance. Dunstan's prophecy at the coronation 
of Ethelred, and much of the latter part. 

Malmesbury, in his Life of Dunstan, attacks Osbern with 
great asperity, as though he (Osbem) had added most of 
these incidents without authority ; but, as not only Osbem 
but Eadmer also has, in general, the passages reprobated by 
Malmesbury, it is possible that both obtained at least the 
greater portion of their facts from some life with which 
Malmesbury was not acquainted. 

This piece was composed during the archiepiscopate of 
Lanfranc (Mab. Act. SS. ssec. v. 679, § 17.) 

* This doabtless refers to the fire which occtnred in the year 1070. See 
Gervaise of Canterbmy, ap. Decern Script coL 1291. See also Mabillon, 
Act. Sanct Ord. Bened. sac. v. 679, § 17. 

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(100 iiKHfitirTivi: c.^M^vi.fM.nK (\v maxusl'HIPT^ relating 

AM n8s 111)0. LiliiT IL <1m vita Dnnstani. sl'U de iniraciiJia ijiis, 

a II c tore si » ei o o. 

MS, CiiU. TlW^v. Ih IT. \\-]]. Utluh dbletuL xiii. cenU 
MS, LiiiTJK'tb. I.'i!), r. :i4 b, psiper fulio. xvJ. cunt. 

/f/rlp. Pntlfitf. — '^ Pixiiini?^ in ?u[>crinri librlloj <pulms 
** ]i:iirni]h[i> vriTL'raljilis ]>at( r Diin^tfiriiis," 

htiiju .V/r//r.— ** Yi<'us ('-^t lu'bi C'liiituarine vicinus/' 

Eji'pl. — '* JUS?, ^lu^lu1'^illills i-t suiiiiio iIili)L^<Mp, (?l obFcquio 
^* vi^iKruri, Gloria oiimiputtiiitf \yvu Piitri, qui jUuru \vv\\ ; 
" glori;i UnigiLMUtu \h\ Filio. i|iji illym ivtkiiiit; *^l<iriii S|^iril(li 
" SaiiL'lUj ijui ilium sua Lnittbi illumiiiavit j \JW\ Hoii vivo ct 
" vero Dc'o lau:? ut frnttianiiii aollu per inliMila sivnila 
'^ S;i i.'iiloriini, Amrn.* Lads Duo.'^ 

Coht^ihitti. — " Ex|>li(Ml IIIht iiisnu uluiinn bt'^vtl^r^imi patrir^, 
*^ iKi^tJ i patrrjiii, Dinisturii, Art liit'|Hsco|>t C'Eaitnaritnsif; t-cdc- 
" sire, HyaiiulQin O^bLTUUin, luiju.-i t-ctk'^ia.- Cimmiuniu'liuni, et 
'* Pra;c«Mit<in^m 1 1 Snppriurcai. Qni crat vir iliH'ti^finm?^, ut 
" seribtt YiiiecnriuH, Histiniiili- Librn xxv. CMi)ttnb> oiiij^ nbi 
'' (liuil Of^liernns CaiitiMuiu^ Cantor nalli austro tiinpmv siilo 
** ^et'iindiis, in iun;?ii'a umninin jiriinit^. >^\i\\ l\u liunor ul 
*' gloria.'^ 

Priiitiil in l^rabilloii, AcL Santt. UiiL IJiih^I. w 672, inn! 
ill ihn At'ia SaiH'torum. The Tritlogur aiunu i-- prinluJ in 
\\\Q Aiv^Vni "S'Avrii (ii. 121 k 

TIjI"^ ]iiii<'L', in \\^ {n' Ibna at li'a>tj was inlcaalvd an a 
sorTHon a<!<ln .s^ni <l to tlic innuitoj? of .^nme eliarcli f|>ri>bably 
Cantcrburj) with wliicli Dunataa LaJ bmi elosiilj Luiini tUiI. 

Tbc author having rtlatodin the IVnnier book thu bistorj 
of Dan.^tim IVnni hi-^ biitli to bis ikatli, now | ri'ca- 
pitnlating thi* niiracbs wliieh bi;^ !ieat(Mofl spirit has performed 
iai rarUi ^nuo bis deptna tiro, and for thf^ jjrroHtiT part in fbo 
author's own time; warning his not to make their own 
exia.xkiii'C' the measure of their faiih with respect to Dua- 
stnnN niiraele.-, 

Tlie niiraeles whieh ihdi fulhav an^ ehliliy the eare^ of 
varitais inftrnuiie^. The must remarkable are I hose of the 
paralytic priest of Folk^foiie, who diJ nut choo?e to bc Coii- 
sirh^ied one of the Lonls |Hjor, § 4. 'I he mni^trelj \9. The 

* FolluwtHl by ibur Unejj of irerse ; *' tiuclli gyniii. mKignit, yirtub uttoHere 

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correction of boys remitted in consequence of a miraculous AJ). 988. 
cure, § 11. Boys screened from their masters by Dunstan, § 15. 
The old church destroyed, and the Translation of the relics of 
Saints, § 16. A man confined in chains for killing a deer, 
and the destruction of pirates, § 20. 

At the conclusion of the piece, § 24, the author excuses 
himself for not relating certain miracles which he has omitted 
because they have appeared to him to be somewhat incredible. 
Eadmer, however, in his biography of Dunstan, seems to 
have thought differently, for he has inserted at least six not in 

Osbern was probably a native of Canterbury, and was 
brought up firom early youth in that cathedral, in which he 
became cantor and subprior. William of Malmesbury says 
that in knowledge of music he was second to none in his 
time. He was contemporary with Lanfranc, at whose com- 
mand he wrote the Life of Elphege. He is also said to have 
written a Life of Odo, which is not now to be found, that 
printed by Wharton in the second volume of the Anglia Sacra 
appearing rather to belong to Eadmer. Other Lives have been 
ascribed to him, but without sufficient authority. 

Osbem's style is highly praised by William of Malmesbury. 

1191. Vita S. Dunstani, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, 
authore Eadmero. 

C.C.C. Cant S71. ff. 105-154. yellum 4to. xiL cent 
MS. LaqscL 436. ff. 59 b.-67 b. veil, folio, dble. col. xiy. cent 
♦ MS. BibL Pub. Laon. 163. tcU. xii cent 

Incip, JProl, — ** Quia Deum in Sanctis suis mirabilem pro- 
" phetica voce laudare jubemur." 

Incip. Vita. — '* Beatus ergo Dunstanus ex nobilissima gentis 
'^ Anglorum prosapia originem ducens.** 

£xpL Vita. — *^ Sit nomen tuum, Deus Israel, benedictum in 
^* saacula. Amen." 

Colophon. — ** Explicit vita beati Dunstani, Archiepiscopi 
" Cantuariensis.** 

Prologtte.^^At the request of certain " simple " persons, the 
author purposes relating plainly the wonders which it pleased 

* TUa la here said to be by Osbert It is followed by a collection of 
nundea partly pnbliahed by Mitblllon, Act Sanct Ord. Bened. v. 691. 

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A J). 1KS8- (hi, I Ui jjpiioriji fnr S, Duii^^Lm. It avin^ to rhv consitkmtion 
t.r till' \vi<i- tIuk-u ufT'Otiiil?^ id' \]\5 nits, wliit Ji lire conij>o><^il 
in u iliirLrent styks Ik' tliL^ more rLiidilj asH'iiteil to tJii:^ 
iv^jur^^t* ln'iausL- .?<)inL- tliinp:^ luivtt hivn itIuIciI whiclr seem to 
III' at varituioc wiili tlie rrotiveJ aecoinits. The author hag 
(uHLCtoil ^vlliltLVC■^ was to \iv ijlAnxuinl, nrnl hus conaulud 
uiiioni^ others Egelied, who was afltrwaiils Prior of Wor- 
cester, uiiihT Bishop WuUtaiJ, irncl u ho liinl hmg Iji-cn intiiuatc 
with Egelrie. Bisiiu[i oi' Chichester, who was almost con tern- 
ponmeoiH with DuustuM. 

lUi: life h in substance the same n^ tliat: ni' OsIk i n, htit is 
wrillen in a jihilner >tyli*, Tt is «ieiiurally Fcantier, yvt 
occa^ioImlly it is fntler alr-o : the s^aine vvdw uf rehition is 
nearly observed in hntli* 

Tiiat Eadmer used the same matunak ns Oshernj if he had 
nrtt D.'^bern hefsjrc him also, is beyond a qnestion ; as ireveral 
*MrcnnL^Lanees to wliieli Oribern mrrely indirectly referr^ are 
Iirri' inserted at h Jigtii/^ Tljnt (J.^IkhiV LilV of Dunstan 
^Inmld liave e?enped Eadmer, a rNnUemjiorary, and of tlie 
Hamo house, is iniiiri>baUe ; niu\ accordingly there is slTtaig 
j[^['onnd for contendiJifr that ho made use of it-f Tlie only 
ditlirnlty with res[n et to the Lite at whieli he glances in his 
juvluci' is, tliMt W eliargCBlliewriti r with ignorance m assert- 
i]ig ihiU ilie muilivr of Edward the 4M arty r was. a mm ; but 
tiiis is uut in Oshorn, Whurtoii sMt>po.-os liim here to allude 
tij the Lilo meiUioned by Oshurn in his Prulogiie. 

Til is jaece has never been printed ensire* Sarins (iret gave 
an abridgment nf it.:|: Mabillon, p. GiH, tlien printed such 
portion:^ as he believed were of importance and had been 

* TlsL- principal viuiutiun^i arc ; hn- sic count of Kdi^vV con duet to Queon 
Ktitlii^ivsi, inmstiin bmikin^ hin rru^kr c^n dii.^ divil's Uwk, (wIk> hhd at- 
tacki'd Idni in iW- hbapi.' id" a Tji'ar,) and tlin'atining hiiii ihiit In.' ivould hure 
n Mniner tmv llie nvxt tinu' ; uhicli was the* ea'^v. t5»r be %n^idv :t riiw" ane 
^vidi u mIvxt s^^heru im the tu|i, iurUisJnr. a ti'otli i^f S, Anflr.M, Kdwy 
nnd the twu iiroiiicii. iitarly iiH in Uridflnh. Exeimiujmijciitiiui of th<? 
incest uniis nubkiiian (ihis tiom AdLtjint). The dcba'^tTs uf nnmty. Tin? 
priiJL'ip^l aaaition> urL- IbL^ ?itury of Mjyiuld chnrch, and lite IvinghuiUing 
oil Stinday. 

I Kudiner LXprissly mi.^n(toTiH liit^ own ncjimint^iiicr widi tJsbiTa ia hh 
treali^v im tlie relies of S. i}uvu (Mj^. CCC Cunt a71), 

t ily Jiuributes it tfj Obbcn, a monk of CaiitLrbiir\ . who flyuriuhed io 
till? year lU;2o. 

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omitted by Surius, from a MS. at Compi^gne ; both of them A.D. 988. 
ascribing it to Osbert. Wharton also printed such parts as 
were told with any degree of variation, or were omitted by 
Osbem ; he found it in a MS. at Corpus Christi College, 
Cambridge, among Eadmer's works, and assigned it to him.* 
This position appears to have been well founded, for in the 
miracles, the writer describes himself as having been present 
at the translation of Dunstan by . Archbishop Lanfranc. In - 
the ** Acta Sanctorum " (May 19) the most remarkable vari- 
ations from Osbeme are inserted in the notes. 

Eadmer's description of the monastic system as it prevailed 
at Canterbury before Lanfranc's time is of great value. 

1 192. Vit»a Sancti Dunstani, Archiepiscopi et Confessoris. 
MS. Cott. Nero. E. 1. ff. 401 b.-409 b. veU. folio, dble. col. xiii. cent. 

Ruhr. — "Incipit vita Sancti Dunstani, Archiepiscopi et 
•* Confessoris, xiiii. Kalendas Junii." 

Ificip. Vita, — "Beatus Dunstanus ex nobilissima gentis 
" Anglorum prosapia." 

ExpL — " . . . Christi ascendebatur. Cui est honor et 
" gloria in saecula saeculorum. Amen." 

Colophon, — " Explicit vita beati Dunstani Archiepiscopi." 

This piece was printed by Surius, and ascribed by him to 
Osbert. It nearly agrees with Eadmer's work. Mabillon has 
printed portions of it under the title " Fragmenta ex Vita 
" S. Dunstani, auctore Osberto" (p. 691), and Wharton, 
" Anglia Sacra," ii. 213, ascribes it to Eadmer. 

11 93, Fragmenta ex alia Vita Sancti Dunstani, auctore 
Osberto Monacho, sseculo xii. 

Incip, — ** Post hffic Edgarus partem regni, quam diximus 
'' Eduino remansisse, obtinuit." 

Expl. — " prsBtermissis illis, ad sacrum ejus obitum enarran- 
'* dum cor et linguam praeparemus," etc. 

Printed in Mabillon, "Acta Sanct. Ord. Bened." v. 684-691. 

♦ A collation of Mabillon's extracts with MS. C.C.C. 371 ftimishes 
only verbal variations. 

VOL. I. Q Q 

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am-toir (Kslicrto, M<niMelM> t 'aritriMiir'n.^i. 

MS. C.Vr. Cant. :ui. 

Ifinp. — '^'Nonnnlla f|ii^' cL: vila IJ. niUK^(;iin, vi[nv|nf* 
' tlncossii nut Bcripto/' 

fC,rpL^~*'^\ cnnfurrr^utf- miiltitinlinls mnnibiH mm stotirii 

iiilerfiM'hi AnHii(?t,'Vtf\ 

Tlii> piico fins not. I icon prmh^l si?^ a whohv but portifin^i 
ijiivp Ikuti piiTili'il 111 ^TtiliMlon> "'Af^tsL SiiircL On], Benfil," 
V. lifM-9J><"i, ex ]M8. Co^lk't- ( Vimjvondini^I. 

The anllior propn5=r-i lo nhu*- siiocinrtly frftsu writ I en 
nntlioritj, frorn eri'ililil<* tnnliliriTU or I'mtn hts own rx[H'rii*riin% 

Amoirj tlir nn^l <Mirii)iH f^f tlipso fire tlie nvllnwing, wliicli 
nrf til riv( il, widi some vai iiitlifn-, \hm\ i >-}nvn: — N^^ Hi, Alshot 
ScfitlniuV'^ vi-inn of a Lrnnl ll'jiil in tlii/ I'tillKilriil ; No, 17, 
I ho ni.'ul <Lnroii ; Ki** 21, llic rnniik delivered j'nim uluiiElirt^r^ 
on itJVdktnir TJiinj^tnn ^ No, !2L^ u liliml uism nstond j No, 2.L 
ihe t'hfitiil>le u^i^d hy Diinslan fit "\Ve:4fniin-hT ; No. ^ktlie 
{.'01! ri try nin^i piini^^Led ^t S;i[irrton,^ in I ihiufesiterj?htre, Tor 
workiriiT fVi the Festival nf St. l>ini?^t!in, to whom the cliureh 
wfls <Vtlic!itr(J. 

Eadiwr's nnracles, a^ well as those of Oshern, nl!ot*<l various 
eurioas pariieuhir^^ dI" luoiin^tie Hfe, of the ilenii^liiion of the 
old cliLireli at C'smterbury. llie erection ai' tlie ticw, 8te. 
Wfiarlon hi\< omilttMl thr \vh<»le of iho miiarhs, llie llol- 
lundir^t- jjjive alt-lrJiei?^. 

There hn- Inoii iqiprnriilly MHiif le^^ittition a- 1o the autlior 
of t]ir>C' two [>ieei.'>» S<>mr have hupprssed Iiiirk to he llie ^'fjrne 
pet son a* 0^h(']*n, htit MsiloUon ihink^ that tliey were eoni- 
posi'il hy tliilnn't, a monk <ir t/anleibnry, who iivecl in the 
veai' 1120; Toit (hf y ari^ 5<riMiiiuly tlu- work of Kahnrr. See 

Sui*iu2i ray- iln.* nollmr'^ namo wa- O-Ih i't> mid tli^il lir^ lived 
in theyeu- I02tj. 

Tlic Ms. pp^r4 tt\ ^tllV1^)^•ll ri * 1 ^'irprMMOnK* 

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1195. Quilielmi Malmesburiensis de vita S. Dunstani A.D. 988. 
Archiepiscopi labri duo. 
MS. BodL Rawlins. Misc. 263. f. 1-83. veil. 8to. xv. cent 

Ruhr, — " Incipit Prologus de vita Sancti Dunstani, Archi- 
" episcopi." 

Indp, ProL — " Dominis suis venerabilibus et fratribus 
'^ patribusque in sancta Glastoniensi ecclesia Deo famulari 
" gratulantibus, Gnilielmns, vester devoiione servns, commilitio 
" frater, dilectiono filius." 

Incip. Vita. — '* Annus igitur Regis Athelstani primus 
'' produxit in mundum puerum Dunstanum, totius Anglim 
" patronum futurum.'* 

ExpL Vita, — "meliori siquidem aetatis parte consumpfa 
" qnanto fini accede, tanto curare debeo ne mea laceretur 
*' opinio." 

ExpL Mirae, — *^ Pro his igitur omnibus beneficiis tuis sit 
'^ tibi, Omnipotens Deus, laus et gratiarum actio, et super 
*^ populnm tuum, cui tantum dedisti patronum, sit precamur 
^* tua larga semper benedictio, qui Unus in Trinitateet Trinus 
^* in Unitate vivis et regnas Deus per infinita saeculorum 
*' siecula. Amen." 

This piece has never been printed. It was written at the 
request of the monks of Glastonbury,* for whom the author 
had previously composed the Life of St. Patrick, the Miracles 
of Benignus, and the Martyrdom of St. Indract. It is men- 
tioned by Bale, Pits, and Tanner, but they did not know 
where it was to be found. The first Book ends at f. 33 b., 
and the second is written in Thomas Heame's hand. The 
copy from which Heame made his transcript has not been 
traced by the compiler of the present work. 

♦ He also says that he writes to correct the mistakes of the new, but 
deceased writer (** novo scriptori ") of St Dunstan's life : — " Plerumqne 
*' enim ant opinione decipitor aut favore inflectitor." He then instances 
some points, of which the third mns thus : " Terdo qnod Glastoniam regali 
**■ fisco addictam et Dunstanom ibi fiiisse primom abbatem dicendo, non 
*' mediocriter in historic veritatem delinquit. Quod, quantum a yero exulet, 
'* testantor abbatum nostrorum nomina, qui annis cccliij., sicut ex conse- 
*' qnentibus liqnebit, ante nativitatem Dunstani Aiere in Glastonia.'' 

<JQ 2 

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A,T>, 9!«fl. 1100. EjHi^tnln Aflfilardi. BlnnJiJifiisis rriaif^*l>ii, nd 
Ellihfgiuii AnLirpii^c^.ipuin di* viUi putris Dinistniii- 

AfK GrayV Tnn, n. d'. 7:t-7JS \k vtlL i'^Uo, fll>l. i'ttL xi. ctnt. 

MS. Gj(t. Nent. C. ^il ft 7^K-TV. vdL ftalio. xii. or xili, ceot. 

M S . Li I iil>L4h . 1 ."> tt . i' 4 .^ , PL] I Ji^ r Inl i^ j . xv i , cc^n r ; 

hfvip. ProL — ^' Domino T<.n' Sunclo, yKljfliO'jOj Sitnrtf*! 

lifiip. I iftt. — "^Quia ^ciIkinuilniH *.'xcub]is 1ran?tinm l-tniti 
*' Diiiist^iii,'' 

KrjiK lllff, — ** Ubi vi tc die IioilK-ina poutifu'ali ^Inrin 
*' curoniituni n gnnro |ir£i'CC[>it. Qui f urn coiitcnui Patrt' rt. 
*' Si>iiiiii Saiicto \ivit ii lorrTi.^ Jiuiic it pj'i' imraorlaUa 
** iijrrulji ^ii eiiluiuiij. Anini. Lau^ Dun. Anion." 

CWf^-yjAo/^— '^ExpHcit yjt^i Sanrti pjitii> nc^nLri I)nn>(:ini, 
'■ aUrLviafit pvv Adclrrnhnn. cxtgnuni intmilnni Saneli Bland i' 
*' n ten sis C'li'nobit. Epislola pt-r enm niis^a sul Sanctnm 
'' Kiphc^^imii, ( anliiarit.msi>i Eecle^ia^ Arcliiepiscopum/' 

This Eulogy, hj AduLai'd/ appear.^ to Iiavo l>con wnHvn 
alMiut hvcnty years alnr llic do:illi of Dnn.nran. and is drdi- 
catod to Arclihisliop Klpliei;<.\ 1 hero fore nl'ter UKK3. It is very 
declainalory, niid adds jiotliing to history; indeed, it is ordy an 
abridgment of tLe narrativi' of BriiHVrth, in the shape of a 
CMinnienKfcrativo sermon. Speak imf of hii3 own wrsrk, in hi^ 
prologue, he ^ajs : '' Scias nutem in opere i>tu liii^toriam vita^ 
" ejus nou eontineri, sed ex etideni vitu qiia^i luxvem scr- 
** iTioni.s Tei-.<ienluiii." 

Wharton, in his AiiL^lla Saera^ ii. 11"^, 1ms printed the 
inirodui'Eory lei I it frnm Adeljird to Aixdibishop Elpliege 
rehitive la the lilV of Dnnsiam It i,-^ followeil In MS. Lanib< th 
'«y twelve ^L■cti^^n^, extendi ul^ from f. 4^ to f. o3. and rntithnl 

* Dniisuin in lii^ banislmveiit fMutifl ti viftip- in liu- n>r>m?^ti'r\ nf St. 
IVhT, lit GlifTU. nshiTMiM' lllnii-lt'iiln Ii,'. and III' ii'Tnaiiinl iIu-R' diiviri^'' two 
yiai^. <<1li[L Clni^L v. iirl^} A'lrlartL whn vvirdir hk ]][{• \u 1(J0(;, had 
lis'i'll iHtiimtrd 111 the Siitiie ini>ijash'n . In ins inTrmJiM titrv ijji.stk' he ctilk 
hiiiisirir " Aililririliis, Sinii-li rilNiiiliTuriMV^ cuuoKif r?ii^mt?T rhiimliis." 
TriimiT Eijipcar* tn Imvr inisitittT|Hi't('»l lliv ti;iiih« (ft llu^ iiifiim'-tcry. and 
misroLiniL'd tlir ^M'itir Htth Aihilanl uf Ibtli 

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" In Depositione Sanciissimi Patris nostri Dunstani; Lectio A.D. 988. 
"* Prima." 

1197. I)e Sancto Dunstano, Episcopo et Confessore. 

MS. CottTiber. E. 1. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — "Regnante Rege Ethelstano, annoregni sui primo." 
ExpL — " brutis etiam plurimis in periculis subvenicndo." 
Printed in Capgrave's Nova Legenda Angliae, ff. 88 b.-97. 

It is an abridgment of Dunstan's Life and Miracles, by 


1198. De Sancto Dunstano, Episcopo et Confessore. 

MS. Bodl. Bawl. A. 294. tL 63-85. yell, small folio, xiii. cent. 

Incip, — ** R^nante Rege Ethelstano." 
ExpL — " sensus ei redditur." 

Colophon « Explicit." 

Apparently an abridgment of Osberne's work. 

1199. Sermo de maxima laude Sancti Dunstani, 
Archiepiscopi et Confessoiis. 

MS. CC.C. Cant 161. veil folio, dble cols, xii cent 

Incip.' — ''Beatissimus Dei prsBsul Dunstanus, cujus laudes.*' 

Exp, — " sublimatur honoribus." 

This is only a laudatory summary of the Saint's exploits, 
who is compared throughout with Moses, Aaron, the Prophets 
and Apostles, and even with Cherubim and Seraphim > 

1200. Miracula de S. Dunstano. 

MS. Bodl. Laud. Lat 18 (ol. 674). ff. 85-89. veil small 4to. xiii. or 
xIy. cent 

Incip. — ^* Sanctus Dunstanus, antequam Archiepiscopus 
" esset." 

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A.U. Jib. jiiut. KplsLohi 'Ail (JhsioiHt^UM^s ICInieri, fdikr iCdiiipn, 
(jilt I tiuipniL (iliistoiUL lists Jisstrvl^aiiL ^^ furpii.s 

MS. I. ill! I Will l:-U, C ;tl-L;(j ivjM.atrd at it tU-tiTb. 
//^rvy* ^ ■* <.llijriu>u c'uiivchLui inujiiK'liuruui cixMiubii Crlar-- 

Lrp/ — ■' V^ilrnt igitUL- 8iUJi;titii5^ vi.,^ti'a In t'lirj?^lo Jc^Uj tl 
'* mvl pro nobis/' 

("iiinp/ttin. — ^^^ Explicit l4fi.<tula Hiliiui i, Munncln ICcL'k'fjin.' 
■ I'hrisli <.'iiiitM!iiJn /' 

]*tijjt(/(l in l]w Ahgliii Sairn, it. 222-226. 

TIm" wrilrr .^ay^ f]i. 22ly] lUnl Ur wiolr uhuat iiTty )Tar.-? 
ai'uv llii' ti-jm^hiliyn ol ilir sihuV frrnsuii.-, ulut'h would bihj|i 
thivinv^riii k'lUv io iiliuul AAK IllM. ii iluh; wliirli wuuld 
WiH cun'Oiapuuil wilh >vlutt W(j kiiyvv rt'.^i Meeting Kmlmcr, 

Ar. liiijpisrnpL 

MS. I iiM Lfn^i .il. L. i^, ir, i'rj^t'A. ii;i|n]. siJiUlJ ^\lk xvi, LLiit. 

//^r//i. — ■' Amik» all Inraiinilinjit.^ I>nijjiiii nnllriiuiu i]uv 
" di't'iiiiu rrgmtniL' illu.>tri Hi tin ]Minunilr>.'' 

I'liv 'rrau>latioii ut i ^il^tt^^Jll^ul■v 1^j<ik ijLhv iti llic V(?ar 1012. 
L'aimlL^ \vi?-]itil iLi rc-^tijiv liiiu to t^antuilHiry in 1016; nuA 
r>ul)Nr([iu'iit <]l-^[mti- i-n^iRil uIkhu hirs leijiiiini*. 

This is iipusinutly lakeii iVuin .Mtilnusbury'a *' I)l Aiiti- 

l20Li. llyiitMUsLul S, i)iru.^tainnii, cuiii nuli^ iiiiLsicih 

Ms. i'Mtf. NiM. A. il. i: I. uJJ. 121II.I. X. or xu wuL 
/fit tp. — "■ t> ijii IJic (oiirrs^dr tlnisti/' 

A ?ln»rt liyuiii -ct 111 ijju^kv. 

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1204. The Life of Dunsiane, Archbisshopp of Canterburie. A.D. 988. 
Written by Osbeme, a Monk of Canterburie, who lived 
in the yeare of onre Lorde 1020. 

MS. Harl. 537. ff. 9-25. paper, small 4to. xvi. cent 

The Preface. — "Because we are commanded by the Pro- 
'* phett." 

Incip. Vita, — " St. Dunstane came of a noble in the realme." 

ExpL Vita, — " Lett thy name be blessed for ever, O God of 
** Israel. Amen." 

This is a translation of Osbern's Life of Dunstan. It occurs 
in a volume of Stowe^s collections. 

1205. De Sancto Dun&tano. 

MS. C.C.C.C. 145. smaU folio yell. xiy. cent 

MS. CkHt JuL D. ix. ft, 50 b.-68 b. veil. 1 2ino. xv. cent. 

MS. Bodl. Tanner. 17. ff. 107 b.-UO. yell, folio, xv. cent. 

MS. Bodl. 779. t 85 b.-87. paper, folio, xv. cent. 

MS. Bodl. Laud. Misc. 109. (olim 1486). ff. 29 b. -31. veil, folio, xiv. cent. 

MS. Bodl. Land. Misc. 463. (olim 1596). ff. 50-51 b. veil, folio, xiv. cent. 

MS. BodL Vernon, veil, large folio, xiv. cent 

MS. Trin. Coll. Oxon. IviL 24. f. 46. velL iblio. xv. cent 

MS. Harl. 2277. 20. ff. 61-64. veU. 4to. xiv. cent 

" Sein Donston was of £ngelonde, icome of gode more, 
Miracle our Lourd dude for him az he were ibore." 
ExpL — " Bringe us to pe joie of heveue, as angles ))ine 
** soule here." 

Several other MS. contain this metrical Life of Dunstan, 
but they all differ more or less in orthography and expres- 
sions. Mr. F. J. Furnivall has printed this piece for the 
Philological Society in his volume of '' Early English Poems 
" and Lives of Saints." 8vo. 1862. 

A.D. 992. A.D. 092. 

1206. Vita Sancti Oswaldi, Eboracensis Archiepiscopi. 
MS. Cott Nero £. 1. ff. 1-20 b. large folio, veil dble col. xi. cent 

Rubr, — " Incipit prologus de vita et virtutc gloriosissimi 
** Archiprtesulis Oswaldi." 

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i\\i\ riKsniiPTivi: rATAijn;n!i tn' manum lurTs kklatlm; 

*■ N'irgihi -iiit cxar.vtji/' 

E.rpL — ^*'' ( I iiilirini s^nifuitm\ Jrsu Clivi^(i.i laririfcutr.qui cum 
■■ Fiitrc ct Spirilu Sniu'lo \ivil ft Vigrj;U Dcu.^ pT inniiia 
'* >iv'cula ^luculnrtiiii/' 

Tliis \^ ilm prudiictiuM uT a innuk ol liam.-^i v, lunl \\'a^ umer 
been prill If n. It i.< llie i?i>iircr iVoiii ivhicli arc (Iriivi^tl tin/ 
\arirniH IjiogiaphitH iil' Aielrbi-ln>p < Iswiilil, ami riutw itlistiiit*!- 
iji;r siitnu crnna in delaiij ami tJie uiiiiiviliiig .styli' in wliirli it. 
i.- ivrittt n, it is a ivurk ui' vrrv Iiigli imjHUtaiu t.? fur the lil-^lory 
of I lie perioil. Tlie author «*|ipettv.s lo liave iH.'eti ou liutnliar 
lerino isilli Llu^ An-1'1>iHliijj(. :uul reiunint^ some jtai ticiilai's, llie 
knuvviedge <»1 ivlii< [k lir cuuM liaw ublaiiiiid only iVoiii thswuhl 
liiniseit", I' wonM ^vww iliaL lie went Ui \{\\m^\;y at il^ l\juiidn- 
lioh In llie y^iar \)'J*1. anil that ho wa.'* there al the seeoud 
dceUeatiiHi uf thu chiireli in IMJl, It may \}\: ijifurreil iVom the 
authors mentiou ol' Aichl»iehM]i ^'Elt'riej that this Life was 
wrtUeii behveeu A.l). ^J\)i iind lOOfJ, If it be iiermittuil to 
oHet' a eunjeL'turt Ita^d ti[>'fn whrit lir' eoiii^idev;? thcctymiik>gy 
of tlie name of Rtinisey (and wliJeli is teiieuted in ihe -' lli.^turia 
llarnseunsis/' Gale. i. oH(i.), ii uiIghL be eiPiicluih d liial he was 
a fun i;^ner. possibly one uf lho<e monks whom (Oswald inlro- 
d u e e d IVu i n 1^' 1 1 ■ ii ry . * Inters p e i' ? i ■ d i v i t h the hi ^\ i it y ri f (>;. iv^ t d d 
ute many mdiees of Od's sueees,^ivc'ly Hi^^hop of Wilhui and 
Arehi»i.shnp of C'anttrbnry, whii-h thi^ author cun^jileixd as a 
Jien^.-^iiry i n t rod ur Lion tu tlie |UL-Lnt biognijdij. 

The 5iyle is nlti.'cted, turgid, and verlMi^^e, and iVeijUcidly 
di^hM;urod by tho iigf ofCiieek wonl^, LatijiiiCerL TIu- maiiu- 
sieript, mofCHJVTr. U iitc<irreclly written ; but ihu error-- of the 
serilie may easily bu deleetvd an<l amcndt.iL 

U^wahl, lJif:ilio|» of Woree?^tei\ and al the >[ime tune Areli- 
bi^hop of Yitrk. \\a^ vi( rmblo deseeiil.y and eonm ele<I by birth 
whli the two Jiietropolijjrns i\\' Ijiirl.uuk l\v was eannn, and 
afterw^ardii ilean. of W iiuhv^jrr, from wLiili lie tran.^ferred 
himself to Fh uiy, wlieie, hnvliig assume d rlie niona-tie habit 4 

IH'L Ualilij, :(tii, toil 

t " . , nnii (.xili jifot^rnit' (iHiiixla^ = , - •' Malnii':-, Di? rt^ntUT. I j:t b. 

X *' Al!iT;it!i^ I'st m nKpa:LL'hiLiii, laiiilliiifj ]»rr al ^^,'^Tl|:ill^ Alight cyiisralu- 
*■ dine." M^ilau'^. \\k 

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he remained five or six years. Returning home, he was a.D. 992. 
created Bishop of Worcester,* from which church ho expelled 
the secular canons, and introduced monks, and in furtherance 
of the same object he founded the monastery of Ramsey.t 
He also held the archbishopric of York, to which he suc- 
ceeded in 9724 He died 29 Feb. 992, and was buried in the 
church which he had erected at Worcester. § 

The biography of Oswald is important, as he was intimately 
connected with the great ecclesiastical reform of his day, the 
expulsion of the seculars and the introduction pf the regulars. 
Malmesbury commends his zeal for the advancement of litera- 
ture, and adds that it was owing to his solicitations that 
Abbo of Fleury took up his residence in England. || The 
Bollandists and Mabillon have only Capgrave's Legend, but in 
MabiUon are long extracts from the Ramsey Chronicle relating 
to Oswald. Eadmer apparently had this life before him and 
abridged it. 

1207. De Sancto Oswaldo, Arcliiepiscopo et Confessore. 

MS. Cott Tiber. E. 1. 
MS. Bodl. Tamier. 15. 

Incip, — ** Sanctus enim Oswaldus Archiepiscopus nobilissima 
** progenie ortus." 

ExpL — " implorantes advenerant." 

Printed inCapgrave's "NovaLegendaAnglifiB,"ff, 151 b.-154; 
in the <* Acta Sanct." (29 Feb.) iii. 752, collated with a MS. 
at Utrecht ; in Mabil. " Act Sanct. Ord. Bened." v. 722, and 
in Snrius. This Legend seems to be an abridgment of the 

* He was indebted for his promotion to Dunstan, whose principles he 
adopted and carried out at Worcester, Bamsey, and York. See llist. 
Rams. 393. 

t Much valuable information respecting this prehite (based, however, 
upon the life contained in the MS. Cott Nero £. i.) is embodied in the 
*' Historia Ramseiensis," printed by Gale, vol. i. p. 385, aegq, 

X Rot. Wigom. 577. 

§ Chion. Sax. 401. Mor. Wigom. 580. 

R ** Pneterea litteris excellentes viros in Angliam evocatos monifioentel* 
» curare ne illo bono Araudaret patriam, sine quo cetera bona pene mihi 
** videntur inania.'* Malm. 1 54* 

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iintiec ol' tIjLs triiii&ltilioji l^f l>^wulil\- l>u<Iy in iuni\ uinl jt few 

written hy FokUanl, a ujojik ai Su Ay^ni-liDcV, Can Icr bury, 
iiuU AU'ri^. 

MS, VA\{\ \'iiu\. :i7L t: :il L vtll. AU*. x± lviu. 

* MS. S. Jok. Ba|vt. tlxnn &tj, I, M'uk xu. ccul. 

MS, CotL Llaud. A. v.f 

MS. i!,.dJ. Fiiir|-i?c, \i, :i, 

//^//^/'.-*-'* Jiielpil vitit S.Liitti Oswald]. KliurauLii^is Arrlii- 
' lpiMH>|ii v\ Cuiil'csi-oii;^/' 

liiv/p. /V^j/.— "" St'fjuiKhiin inDjiLK-hujij ^LaLia- Dli veiKiramJuj 

El pi, PruL — " i|ii:ilicinii4UL: vli-Ikjj lhjj indaginu <.■% j^lieuie/' 
Inrip. Viia, — '^ ExurtHuiu (jri:u iKilivituii.^ giuiiusus 

' Uswuliln-," 
Exp!. — Vri} i]> quiliaf^ .^uribeinli.-. auiunim 1!L1lilliu^. ct jam 
( lli't'iiiiu jrtiail iJfii^ ill (Ih nuLii r^uiuiJ:-, At i|K-i OiniiiiiuNjiili 

' Dlu, Pati j^ Filio. ill S|iiiitui Sauclu l;ul^ 1 1 ^ruUuriun actio 

* per imriiui tulia silcuIji. ^ajcul<jrnjn. Auk Ji." 

(oL — '^KxiiliciL \\liv liiati O^WiiMi, Ariliir|ji-t(.>ni et 

It i^ |HiMl(.«l iji Whartun ^ Aiiglla Sarra, ti. 19J-210, and 
i-. Hn.iiitnijly an abrviI;.Mnt'i]t £ij^ tin- LilV in thu Cuttuniaii 
MS, Nliu I'^. 1. l.the wljnir oi' iluj inciik'Uts ctnUiiiiHtl in 
wliich aiv liLfc jinvervcil, incuipinatcd. bfiWLvrr, witli ^oniu 
(la-j^age-^, wliicli i\i\\ nut luLnnl in tiiu uii;^iiial. Tliesu adtli- 

* Tlii-- Ms. iiijirt'o Tu.'iLLrJv vuhnhtn \\\\\\ WhaiiiHiV, tt'xt. 't'lu' ll'w varta- 
not IS ^lik'h oLi'iir btMui'u Ha' l^^o tuiis [irui'L' ila MijiLrkirily uf tJic 

t Now ttchtroj L'd. 

f Jt ii^iVL> rlii-^fy wil[i Vy'tiiinuu'-, ux(. 

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lions occur at pp. 192, 195, 196, 202, 203, 206, and 207. The A.D. 992. 

life is followed in the Bodley and St John's MS. by — 

"Libellus de Miraculis ejusdem Oswaldi," perhaps by the 

same author. 

Tit — ^'Incipiunt qusedam de miraculis ejusdem patris." 

Incip. Prol. — " Transcursis juxta quod Deus." 

Incip, Mirac. — "Frater quidam Wigorniensis ecdesise mona- 

** chus acerrima febre.** 

ExpL Mirac. — "Voluntas Domini fiat, cui sit honor, etc." 
In Calce. — " Explicit vita Sancti Oswaldi, Archipraesulis." 

1209. Magifltri Senati, Prioris Wigorniensis, Vita Sancti 
Oswaldi, ArchiepiscopL 

Ms. Eccl. Dundm. B. !▼. 39. rell. quarto, xii. ceot. 

Incip. Prol. — " Sanctorum frequentare memoriam, actusque 
•* crebro replicare." 

Incip. Vita. — "Puer igitur Oswaldus in ipso hig us vi talis 
'* vestibule." 

This Life was supposed by Wharton (Anglia Sacra, ii. p. 15} 
to be lost. The author, Senatus Bravonius, flourished in 
the reign of King Henry the Second. He was elected prior 
of Worcester in 1189,* and resigned that office in 1196.t 
The MS. is unique and contemporaneous with the author, and 
is in fine condition. It is, however, of no critical value, being 
abridged from £admer, with a few unimportant additions. 

1210. De Sancto Oswaldo, Eboracensi Archiepiscopo et 

MS. Lansd. 436. f. 76. veil, small folio, dble col. xlv. cent 
Incip. — " Gloriosus Christi Confessor Oswaldus." 
ExpL — ^et merita Sancti Oswaldi non parum miratus 

" expavi." 

This is an abridgment fVom Nero £. 1, through the medium 

of Eadmer. 

* Annales Wigom. in Wharton's Anglia Sacra, i. 477. 
t Id, 478. 

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A.D. 992. 1211< Vita S* OHwiildi, ArebiepiscoiH Ebonvccnsis^auctore 

nnonymo Raiasiensi, 
MS. Ejtcheq. Pub. Rec. Office, 
Incip^ — "Bonoo igitur ludolis JLiveniaOawuldus parenl[bu&<" 
Mxpl, — "<liom extrcmum oi>erhiiitur resumendfo*'* 
This hiatory of tbc Life of Oswald wM written bjra monk of 
Rtiiiisoy, who ttpijcars to Iiave lived rtfler the Normao Con- 
qut'stj* whli tlie vk*w of narrating tho proceed ings conDcct*jil 
with thi^ foundation of that mona^tor/. Its general structum 
folio wst pretty closely the earlier Life contained in Nero E. l,t 
cnlar^ing^ however^ upon locul incidcntaj sueli aa donations 
mado to the monastery, &Cp It extends from lib. i. cap, viii* 
to lib. ii. cap, Ixii. of the Ilistoria Ramseicnsis, printed by 
Gale, i* 391-428, from the manuscript belonging to the 
Kxchequer, now in the Pablic Record OrticOj a full notico 
of which will bo found iu its proper place. Another t'dition 
has been given by Mabillon, Act. Sauct, Or J. Bonod. vii. 715, 
from a MS, eommuuicatcd to him by the English Bcuedieliues $ 
but wiiother it was an early eopy^ or merely a modera tran- 
script of the Exchcttner bookj it docs not appear. 

1212. PasaioS. OswaldL 
MS. Ecd. Pettxiburg. D. 2. 4. velL 4to. 
Incip. Imperf. — ** . . * hodie multi dc ipso*" 
Expt. — ^" Et per annos viginti octo laliorjofiijssimo tenuis 
^* regnantc Domino nostro Jesu Chin&to, qui cum Patrc ct 
** Spirita Sancto vivit et regnat Deus per jufiuita »tccuk 
" fia^eulorum^" 

1213, Life of S. Oswald tho Archbishop> 

MS. Cott, Jul. D. ix. ff. 1»7 b." veil. Vliao. xiv. cent 
Incip. — ^* Seint Oswald |>c biachop was iborc here in EDge« 
** londc." 
Ej-ph — " Now God lete owb to (>* joio come p* he ifi iniic i 

*» brou^t.^' 

* Gale, L 409, 

t Iie^m^DC(! h made at p. 391 (Gale) to a IM&i proUably that (me alrewLjr 


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?A.D. 993-994. A.D.993- 


1214. The Battle of Maiden and Death of the Ealdor- 
man Byrhtnoth. A Fragment only. 

Jncip, — " .... brocen wurde. 
Het J>a hjssa hwaene.'* 

Expl. — " NaBS j>aBt na se Godric 
pe t$a gu5e forbeah. 

Printed as prose by Heame at the end of his edition of the 
Chronicle of John of Glastonbury, from MS. Cott. Otho A. 
xii. 3., destroyed in the fire that occurred in the Cotton ian 
Library in 1731 ; and afterwards printed by Thorpe in his 
Analecta Anglo-Saxonica, p. 131. He suggests that the chief 
of the Northmen here alluded to, though not mentioned by 
name, was the famous king Olaf Tryggvason. See the Saxon 
Chron. sub An. 993-994, and Lappenberg*s England, under 
the Anglo-Saxon Kings, ii. 15o>169. 

AD. 696-1000. A.D. 596- 


1215. De Rege -^thelberto ejusque progenie: necnon cle 

Sanctis qui in Anglica patria requiescunt. 

MS. Cott Vitell. A. ii. ff. 3-5 b. veil, small folio, xii. cent. 

Rubr.^'' [D]e Rege Adel " 

Incip. — "In nomine Domini nostri Jesu Christi beatus 
*' Angustinus Adelbertum Regem Cantias cum gente sua 
'* convertit," 

ExpL — " Sanctaque Merwinna abbatia in loco qui dicitur 
'* Rumesyge prope amnem TsBrstan." 

This was originally a very fine MS., but it has been burnt, 
and the edges of the leaves are much contracted by fire." 

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AD. 1002. A.D. 1002. 

1216, Durilo flo S. Quintino deGeatiaDucum Normannite, 
ab anno 860 usque ad aTumm 1002. 

* M8. C^tf. Clttud. A. xli\ ff. 2-75 b. vdl. 4to. x\. cent 

t MS, Colt. NtTO D. viiL fF. 72-135 b. veil, folio. %il cent 

t MS. Bibl Tl^p. 1.^. B. itiY. ff. 1^110. Yf^XL small foJio.dbl** col xi. efm! 

MS, Bibl. Pak Cant Mm. 5. I r. 

§ MS. C.C.C. CoJiL 276. S. TcU. 4to. id. fiwit 

/ii/'i;^ — ^" Ep is tola Ponogjrica, etc. iiiclyto ot pie Tenerando, 
*^ '^Ic* AdalUcrgni Episcopo, S. Dei Lnuduiion»i» eccleiia^ 
'* catlicdra rcsideiiti, etc., Dudo — 

''Gloriosissimi norainis tiai diviilgamcn." 
• "Liber L Totlus njimque molis orlyc descnpto ambitnqiie el 

** sufK^rficiG li?n"ir« an gar iter permenso." 

Ej-pL — '* Sub quo Bernartlus Cbristi dulcissfmii nanbis, 
Hostis ad angorera, qui Bftnetum spirat ndorem," 

Printed in DQcliesni-*s Collection of Norman Writers^, Farifl, 
1619, p. 49, from two ]\ISS., one belonging to Fmn^oig 
♦rAmboisc, tlie second (being the better and more complete) 
to the Jesuit Sirmond. 

Dudo's work extendi from the Invasion of France by Halting 
in the year 860, down to tho dc^ath of Dtikt^ Richard, the aon 
and successor of William tho First, m the jcjir 1002. It is the 
only authority for the early history of Normandy, and is the 
basis of tho work of William of Jumi^ges. Notwilhstiinding 
the care bestowed iipon it^ n more untrustworthy production 
dntii not exi.Ht ; if of any real \alue, it is curious as preserving 
the traditions current at the time, which were communicated lo 
hJm by Count Raoulj brother to Duko Richard I. II is aiyh ia 

* A MJ^. n*itp by B<? la Rue wtntps ihnt this cop)- d<M^ not pontnin the 
** nint>inn ruftica" which disG^nire Ducht'Kiie'fc f^i^timl. It hsw not lh(* 
F|iiNllt%ftii(! enciF, '* K^Tvanten II hid honore sub Twa^no*" p. 138, Hn^ 1 1, of 
Ihnln^NBf's €MiHion, K^ving out thf last pnragrBph of the proves Mid the 
T#rB(?s. It U foUowi^d bj a tn?atis<^' on preciom Htofies in tlie snme batid. 

t Thv text in thin MS. begins nnd endit preciwly as Id J>tiehfHti«*3 
i«ditiufi, with the (^Jcco-ption thnt it ha^ not the last rwdv^ Tetf*e^ p. ISO. 

J: ThiH M8. containR the Epiirtk*, nnd the vut^t^ at the eod^ is la 
Dncht^^nc'ft edition ; but Ibc last prir^^rnqdi of Uneliesni^'s prose is omitted. 

§ This MS. wjkn originally in the Library of St. AiigiisHne*!i, at Qmti^ 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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, • 

verbofie and inflated. Much of his narrative is related by A,D. 1002. 
several parties, introduced with set speeches. There are various 
notices of transactions between England and Normandy, but 
they are apparently of suspicious authority. There is a re- 
markable deficiency of precision in regard to dates, and the 
few notices relating purely to English affairs must be received 
with caution. 

A few circumstances connected with the life of this author 
enable us to form an approximation to the period in which he 
composed this work. 

Dudo had attained the dignity of Dean of S. Quintin ; con- 
sequently it must have been after A.D. 1015, as in that year 
the deanery was occupied by Vivian, Dudo being one of 
the canons.^ When this history was published, Adalbero, 
Bishop of Laon, was still alive, and we know that ho survived 
until A.D. lOSO.f It had been long in preparation, as it was 
commenced two years before the death of the first Duke 
Richard, consequently in the year 1000, and was continued 
at the request of his successors. It would thus appear that it 
occupied the attention of its author for nearly a quarter of a 
century, and was probably completed between the years 1015 
and 1026. 

AD. 1004. AD. 1004. 

1217. Vita Abbonis, Abbatis Floriacensis, auctore 

MS. Floriacense. 

Indp. Epist. — " Reverentissimae vitaB viro domno Herveo." 
Incip. Pr€Bfatio. — " Antique Gentilitati id quondam fuit." 
Incip, Vita. — " Venerabilis igitur Abbo Aurelianensi ortus." 
ExpL Vita, — " nominis sui fidelibus manifestare." 
Printed in the Bibliotheca Floriacensis of John d, Bosco, 

* Mabfll. Annal. Bened. ir. 244. 

t Id. 360. By a strange inadyertence, Le Long (34,93S) supposes that this 
was Adalbero, the first of that name, whose episcopate extended fVom 977 
to 996, snch being entirely inconsistent with the charter quoted by Mabillon. 

Digitized by 


A.D. 1004. pp, 299^34H,» and in Mabilbn's Acta Sanct. Ord. Bencd. ?l- 

When Oswald, nfterwards Archbishop of York, was devis- 
ing how he might beat promote the ad viiii cement of hiB 
couiitirymen in religion and literature, he despatched n mimlon 
to Fleury, in ivliich monastery he had himself received a per- 
lion of his education, to invite some of tlio monks to settle in 
KnglflticL The Engiish, sowritei* the anthor of this Life, were 
attaelied to the rule of St. Benedict, because St. Gregory^ hj 
whoBO means ihey received Chrintianityj bad especially incul* 
cated the observance of hla rule, and Oswald, a noble of great 
eminence, who had been resident at Flcuri, had founded a 
monastery to St. Benedict, some of whose monks formed the 
embassy before mentioned. Abbot Oylbold selected Abbo, as 
one well qualitied for the task, to instnict them in the know- 
ledge of tilings divine and human. He proceeded to llamsey^ 
which was just then consecrated under the auspicea of Oswald, 
and during his stiiy of nearly three year?*, instructed sonjc 
of the monks. He also visited the King of England, and 
Hehelguin, his earl.f From the former he received ** verba 
" tantum, a duce vcro condigna auEe s^anctitalis suseepit 
" munera," and was held in high estimation as well by him as 
by the Archbishops Dnnstan and Oswald. He was recalled to 
Fleurr,:): and took home with bim many valuable presents^ here 
ppeeifiedj the gifts of these two prelates. He wag murden^d 
J 3 November 1004^ 

William of Malniesbuiy (de Pontif, p. 270, ed. Fratic,) 
states that Abbo wrote a Life of Edmund, King of East Anglia 
and Martyr, shun by the Danes in 870. (See No, 1096, p. 521.) 

* It h imp^rfon .and mcorreci, 

I On his pa.4i^gc '* a Mftritiis '' ha perceivetl ^' mnrsnppaB o< porcipiscpi '* 
RportJng i a the sea, the mdlc^tion of an apprtmctiuig Ettomi, m the Kailont 
told him- 

J Hi" coTiTLil vnnowfi nltars at Fleury wiih plates of gold Mid silver, ftnd 
Gauifivd, hi -whoHC charge lu* hnd plac<Kl ihe*e valuables, built a Mont* 
treasury a^ a defence af^iiisfi fire. 

§ See HiKt Lit. vii. 1:^9. Mubill Annal h\ 20, Hist Hasnes. flp. Galt^. i 

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1218. Versus quidam in laudem Monasterii Ramseiensis, A.D. 1004. 
auctore Abbone Floriacensis. 
Ex MS. Peleteriano. 

In the Appendix to the fourth volume of his Annals, 
Mabillon has published Abbo's prologue to a treatise "de 
" Grammaticialibus/' written by him for the English Bene- 
dictines. Appended to this, are fourteen lines in praise of 
the monastery of Ramsey. 

" O Bamesiga, cohors amplis qufe claudere stagnis.'* 

A.D. 1007. ^^- 1<^7 

1219. Vita Sanctee KennochaB, Virginis Scotise. 

Printed in the Acta Sanctorum, ii. 338 (March), from the 
Breviary of Aberdeen. It is deficient in historical incident, 
and is of very doubtful authority. 

A.D. 1012. A.D. 1012. 

1220. Vita Sancti Elphegi, Archiepiscopi Cantuairionsis, 
authore Osbemo, monaebo Cantuariensi. 

MS. Lambeth 159. small folio, xv. cent 

MS. Cott Tib. D. iiL f. I. veil. foUo. xiii. cent 

MS. Cott Nero C. vii. t 45. ▼ell.'folio. xii. cent. 

♦MS. BodL Digby 110. 1. 4to. veil. xiii. or xiv. cent 

IMS. Bodl. Digby 39. ff. 74 b-89 b. velL small folio, xii. cent 

(MS. Rawlins. A. S94. £ S5. folio, veU. xiiL cent 

MS. Hari. 310. ff. 62-80. pi^r folio, xvi. cent 

MS. ColL Jesu Oxon. 

§ MS. Cott VitelL D. xviL 

§ MS. Cott Otho. A. xii 

y MS. Bibl. Imper. Paris. 2475. Lat velL folio. xiiL cent 

MS. S. liaris Bonifontis. 

♦ Wants the Epistle and the Translation. 

t Ends mutilated ** et desperatio &cit invincibiles*' (Anglia Sacra, ii. 131). 

X It omits the Epistola. 

$ Destroyed by the fire of 1731. 

I This is the copy nsed by Mabillon. It formerly belonged to Colbert, 
in whose collection it was numbered 1418. It agrees closely with Wharton's 

VOL. r. R R * 

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A.D. 1019. TiL — "Epii^tolft do vita vel pfissione S. Ealpliegi, Archi- 
^' cpiscopi Ciintuanensis ei Martjris." 

Incip.EplsL — " Omnibus in fido Christ! mancrttibus, in- 
^f dignijg Sanctii^ Cantuarionsis MelropolitaiiBi Ecclesioe flUus 
" Osbernus-" 

EspL Episi. — ** orator! a eundom narration e extollamus.** 

Rtibr, — "lueipit vita ct pas&io sancti patroni noetri <>t 
" dominl Elpbegi, archiepiscopi Cantwariensis ct martTris/" 

Ineip. Vita. — ^* Principum uascendi splendid ieaimia natalibus 
" trahens Elpbegus,*' 

ExpL Vita, — "stjd portas Paradiai resera* poiestate tibi a 
*' Salvatori> tradha, qui cum s&terno Patre et amborum co- 
" Bitcrno Spiritu vivjt et regnat unue, solus et verus Jy&QB 
*^ per infinita emcula sa^culorum. Amen/* 

ColopL — ** Explicit vita et passio Sancti Patroni nostri 
" Elphegij Cantuariensis Ecclesiin Archiepiscopi ot Martyrifi 
" ghiriosi." 

Printed in Wliarton's ** Auglia Sacra," ii, 122-142, ftam 
the Lambeth MS., and reprinted In Langebek*s ** Script. Ecr. 
** Dan.** ii. 4,39, with notes. Ako in the '^Acta Sanct," 
(Ap.) ii, 638, and the ^* Acta Sanct. Ord. Bcned." vi. i. 113, 

The author in hia preface states^ that he writes at the in- 
stigation of Lanfranc,* for the intermntioo of such ae }iad seen 
the events here described, or bad heard tjicm from such persons, 
whose barbamns names ho omits. He bad also added a few 
particulars from written documents, fie seems to intimate 
that ho had already written a metrical life of St Elphege, set 
to muaic, at the desire of Lan franc. The principal events 
of Elphege's life are then described. He is bom of nobla 
parents. He studies philosophy. Ho becomes a monk at 
Derehnrst. After some years he becomes a recluse at Bath- 
Many Join him. He becomes Bishop of Winchester, and 
afterwards Archbishop of Canterbury. He preachea to the 
Northmen, and is taken hy them and detiiined in prison for 
more than seven months, iu the expectation that ho will 
purchase his liberty by a costly ransom ; hut on finding them* 
selves disappointed in their object, be is martyred by them on 
the 19 April 1012. 

♦ Con<?eniit)^ ihe interest takeo by Lunfhjnc and Ana^Im its fliTs history 
of Elphegt, sec the i»rticular« giveu in Eadmw*is Life of Ao^lm. Bd. 
GertM^T. p, 10 (fc»L Paris, 1721J, 

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The style of this piece is very declamatory, and the narra- AJ). 1012. 
tive prolix, but it is important as shewing the progress of the 
policy introduced by Dunstan, to whom Elphege owed his 
elevation ; it contains also several curious and valuable 
particulars. Those passages also which treat of the Danish 
invasion have an especial interest. It appears to have been 
written about the year 1080. 

Osbem was educated at, and afterwards became a monk of, 
Canterbury, and successively became precentor and superior 
of his house. He was well skilled in music, and wrote the 
Lives of several saints ; among them those of Dunstan, Br^- 
win, and Odo, Archbishops of Canterbury. 

1221. Osbemi Historia de Trajislatione Corporis S. 
Elphegi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, a Lundonia ad 

MS. Lambeth 159. paper folio, xr. cent 

MS. Cott Tiber. D. iii fl 13. yelL folio, xiii cent 

MS. Cott Nero C. vii fil 45-67. yell, folio, dble col. zii. cent* 

MS, HarL 624. ff. 136-1*88 b. TelL folio, xiii cent 

MS. Bibl Imperial Par. 2475. Lat yelL folio. ziiL cent. 

Bubr, — "Incipit de translatione Sancti Patroni noetri 
<' Elphegi, Cantuariensis Ecclesias Archiepiscopi et Martyris 
" gloriosi." 

Incip. — '^Quia venerandam Beati Martyris Elphegi pas- 
" sionem." 

jExpL — ^et nobis in terra propitius donavit. Qui cum 
** Patre et Spiritu Sancto vivit et regnat Deus per omnia 
*^ ssecula saeculorum. Amen.** 

Coloph,-^*^ Explicit translatio Sancti Patroni nostri El- 
'^ phegi, Archiepiscopi Ecclesias Christi Cantuariad Martyris 
" gloriosi." 

Printed by Wharton in the "Anglia Sacra,'' ii. 143-147, 
from the Lambeth MS. and reprinted in Langbeck's '^ Script. 

• In f. 71 b. at Ae bottom is the rubric "De translatione 8. Alfegi," but 
it is wanting in this MS.,the missing leayes being in MS. Harl. 624. f. 136. 
It would be curious to ascertain how they came there. 

RR 2 

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AD, 1012. ^^ lier. JKm/'ilio ^*A<t. S:iiict.;" (iml Miibillonj '■ Act. Sanet, 
" Belied.'^ vi, i, 10:^ 

Tills piece, wliteli i^ nUo nilttcsi liy Ur^bcni, iri very shorl, 
and coll tin 11:^ littlo llnU i^ ivmui'kable. Its contents an\«— 
fhe hody of the martyieil AiThbislmp liaving been buried in 
ihi' chniili ul' St* l*aul in Lontlon, and having pmved it?^ 
sanrtity l>y various rniraeleSj Areblii-^hop Kgt^noth ri'r^olvcii 
to tiinv^lato it to Caiik rbtny^ h:i mare Eij^trDpriatt' feeling- 
pluiT, Accordingly, fin ilu! 12 Manh 1023, this design wws 
ean-icil inlo evccLHion.* 

O^bcrn reci/ived his accrmnt of the trnniibition from 
tiuilrir, Dean of C^unterbiny, wIjo had funiirrly heen one c»f 
Elphege's sehidars, and who wa?^ prci^ent on the ofrasion* 
The narrative coiitninH also tux account of tlie disasters whicli 
hi fell the per^^ons who liad abiftrd I lie u) order uf the Arcli- 

V222. Vit^i JS. Klphegi. Cautiuuien^is Areliiej)iiscopi. 

MS. BodL -is:), f. \Aii Ik vttL hov<' totio xii. cent. 

Iftcip. ProL — * 'Sane torn m patruni^ fi'atres carisj^ind, exordia." 

Itir'fiK Pftaah. — "Hie naniquc heatisBirnu8 prn?*-inl." 

A vrry brief epitunie <d' Oshe^n^'^ work, in the fuim 'd' a 

^ennun ; but the ombi^tonM are .so rre^jiient and deeidtMl, ihat 

it eaniiot jtis^tly be ranked among the inaiiur^crript?^ of that 

[deee of biegraphy. 

li!2o. De hlancto Elpliego, Archiepisonpo c-t Murtyif. 

MS. Cott. Tilxr. E. E 
MS. JJmlL TiiaiUT. \:^. 
MS. Lansd. 4yn. t '*\>h. viH. smnll folin. clltk' cnf xiv. ct'iit. 

Fftrip. — *' Priueipiuni nasceiidi f^plendidiiisiniia natalibuja 
*^ trahens Elphegus." 

* Tlw datt-N^lvuii in the Saxon iliritnifk- vBfy frtmi Ohim's narrative. 
Tht-ri % it i;* ^tatid tluif diu tliViUion (kfllR^ Indy t(K>k jthur S Jum\ and that 
nil tiif lodt it wriK convtiyird fiviii lidchistiT tu t ant^Hmry, d4[R>Mled in 
Cbrisi clnirrli on tlit- lltli, itiid jilattd mar tliu higli iilUir on \\\v- I5lh of 
\\\\\X iiioudi, S+e '' MunidUiJiila lhs(. rjril..'* ji. 4i»H. 


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ExpL — " in sarcophago veneranter collocantes.** •^^' ^^^2. 

Printed in Capgrave's '^ Nova Legenda Anglias," f. 126 b.- 

This also is an abridgment of Osbern's Life, different^ bow- 
ereri from that in MS. Bodl. 285, mentioned above. 

1224. The Life of St. Alphege, by Robert of Gloucester. 

MS. Cott Julias. D. ix. fL 57-60. veU. 12mo. xv. cent. 
MS. BodL Tanner. 17. veil, small folio, xy. cent 

MS. BodL 779. 
MS. Harl 2277. ff. 30 b.-33 b. veil. 4to. xiy. cent. 
MS. Bodl. Land. Miscel. 463. 
Incip, — 

'* Seint Alphege the marter, that goodman was inough, 
Bore he was in Inglonde, and to holi liif drough." 
ExpL — **J>* we mote J>urf his bone to J>e joje of heveno 
" wende. Amen." 

There are verbal differences in each of the above-mentioned 

A.D. 1016. ^ A.D, 1016. 

• 1225. Chronicon ab Adventu Saxonum ad Regem 
Edwardum Ironside. 

MS. Cott Titos D. xix. ff. 105-108 b. veil, small quarto, xiv. cent 
Incip. — " Decrcscente paulatim regno Britannorum." 
ExpL — '' In comitatu Gloucestrias, ubi prsedicti Reges pug- 
" naverunt." 

Yerj brief, and of no value as an original composition ; it Ls 
apparently taken from Florence of Worcester and William of 
Malmesbury, and other well known and still existing autho- 
rities. It consists of only four leaves. 

A.D. 1020. AD. 1020. 

1226. Vita S. Ailwini, Monachi et Episcopi Elmensis, 
auctore Johanne de Tynemouth. 

MS. BodL 240. t 594. 

Ailwin, or Alfv^iu, became Bishop of Ehnham in 1020, in 

Digitized by 



A.D. loao. which year he ititroduced monka into Bury Saint Edmund'^. 
Tho date of his death is uucertain. The iuformatiou coti tamed 
in thia MS* is both vagiio and apparently inaccnrate. 

A J). 1029. A.D. 1029. 

1227. Fulbem CarnotenBis Epiacopi Epistolae Selectav 

Fulbert, a disciple of tho celebrated Gerbert at Rheima, 
became Bishop of Chartros in the year 10O7,* and occupied 
that see until his death in 1029»t 

One hundred and thirty-four of his epistles are still e^stant, 
and have been printed in his collected works at Paris, IGOSj 
aa also in the BibL PatruMi torn, xi., edit* Colon., and 
torn* xvii,, edit* Fari^f* The most importani of these in a 
letter addressed to King Cnnt (pp. 2-8., edit. Piiris, of tho 
Bibh Patrum), in which he thanks that Sovereign for the aid 
aifordod %y him in rebuilding the Cathedral at Chartrej?, 
which had been destroyed hy fire in 1020, Tlie same letter 
is mentioned^ and extracts from it are given by William of 

A.D. 1032. A.D. 1032. 

1228. De Constructione WintomeiiBis Ctenobii, quod 

Novum auncupatur. 

MB, Stowe^ presa. iii. No. xxxii. svo« m^ 

Incip, — " Incipit praGfatio conatructioms Wintouiensia mo- 
** nasterii quod Novnm nuncupatur, scilicet a quiijys personis 
'* inceptum perfcetum que fuerit, vel quibus regum pi'ieroga- 
** tivis ab J pais fund amentia clauerit." 

* Mahiil Amml. iv. 193. 
t IhJd, 351 

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A.D. 10S5. A.D.1035. 

1229. Chronica Johannis Wallingford. 

MS. Cott. Julius D. yii. 6. 
Incip. — « Anno ab Incamatione Domini occcxlix." 
ExpU — " urbo mortuus est, Anno m.xxvi. [mxxxv] ab In- 
" carnatione Domini." 

Printed in Grale's *^ Historiaa Britannic®, Saxonicse, Anglo- 
DanicsB Scriptores, xy." i. p. 525, from the manuscript cited 
above, which is believed to be unique. 

This piece extends from the year 449 to 1035. The author 
seems frequently desirous of examining and comparing autho- 
rities, and yet the result is only error and absurdity, as 
he confounds persons and places, and sets chronology at 
defiance. He often speaks so much with the appearance of 
truth, that it is vexatious and mortifying to find, on ex- 
amination, that he is in reality full of error and confusion ; 
for instance, he makes Charlemagne to have subdued England ; 
0& to have put Ethelbert, King of Wessex, to death; Brich- 
tric^ King of Wessex, is said to have been tributary to Ofia ; 
Alfred is reported to have attempted to violate Freth- 
switha ; Rollo comes to Ethelingai to assist Alfred ; Guthrum 
after his baptism returns home till recalled by Athelstan, 
during the reign of his father Edward the Elder ; Edgiva, wife 
of Charles the Simple of France, comes to England, and her 
brother bestows her in marriage on Sihtric, King of Northum- 
bria, by whom she has Guthred and Olaf ; Edward the Martyr 
reproves Gunnild, and on leaving her she stabs him ; Ethelred 
has engaged a body of Danish soldiers in his service, whom he 
is compelled to sacrifice to the clamour of the people ; Sweyn 
and Olaf come to avenge the slaughter ; Ethelred, alarmed 
at their approach, goes to Normandy to buy assistance from 
Duke Richard, and leaves his children with him ; London is 
besieged, and Olaf makes peace with Ethelred ; the battle of 
Assandun is fought before the death of Ethelred. 

The author seems to have used Beda, William of Malmesbury, 
Henry of Huntingdon, Florence of Worcester, and William of 
Jumi^es ; but the Lives of Saints form the larger portion of 
his work.* Among them he evidently uses the Life of St. Dun- 

* Many of these have been confessedly omitted by Gale, and he has 
passed oyer seTerai others without notice. 

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G26 DescEirrrvE catalogue of >tANUSCHn*rs eelating 

A.D. 1035. Btais, attributed to Bridferth, the Life of St. Neot, the Life of 
Gu til lac, by Felix, and tlio Life of Kdward the Martyr. He 
frequently mentions his intcntioa of composing a larger 

Although this ChroDicle is attributed to John Walling ford, 
yet thorc is considerable douht as to its authorship* In tlio 
beginning of tho MS, (Julius D* vii*) is this rubric, "Hie cut 
*' libor fratris Johunnis Wailingford, quern , , , /' (tha 
remainder being obliterated). In another part is the figuru 
of a monk, and over it "Fraier Johannes de Wftlliiigford> 
" quandoquG Infirmarius;" which has induced Gale to consider 
John Wallingford to be the author, and to be the same person ns 
Abbot John Wallingford, who died in the year 1214, But 
this appears to be an erroneous con cl us ion, for at the end uf 
the volume is a list of all the monks of St, AJban's who died 
from the time that John Wallingford entered the society in 
the year 1231 ; and under the year 1258 occurs as follows, 
** xix- Kah Septembris npud Wy mundham obiit Johannes dc 
'* WaUingford, sacordos Domini et scriptor hujus libri," from 
wbich it would seem that the Chronicle was transcribed by a 
John Wallingford, and not that he was its author or compiler. 
There is, however, no doubt that there was another John 
Wallingford. Abbot of St. Alban's, who died 17 July 1214, 
Matthew Pari^, in bis account of this Abbotts life, enters into 
minute particulars concerning him j but makes no allusion 
whatever aa to his having been a chronicler, although ho do- 
seribci? him as a man of learning, nor does his name occur in 
any of the bibliographical memoranda preserved by the caidier 
writers upon our literary hrstoiy. Whoever tho compiler may 
have been, it is clear that he wn^ an inmate of the abbey of 
St. AIbau*s, 

A.D. 1036. A. D. 1036. 

1230. Historia qaiedam de Cnuto. 

MS. Claud. D. ii- £ 16. 
MS. Ilarl 746. f 8i. ' 

Irteip. — **Fost pacificatum Britanniam Chnutyfl Rex Anglo* 
'* mm:' 

Merely tho iutroducLioa or procmo to the kwB of Ciiut. 

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A.D. 1040. A.D. 1040. 

1231. Emmse Anglorum BeginsB, Richardi I. Ducis 
Normannorum Filise, Enoomiam^ incerto auctore, sed 

♦ MS. Hengwrt 158. 

Incip. Prologus. — ^^ Salus tibi sit a Domino Jesu Christo, 
'^ 6 Kegina quae omnibus in hoc sexu positis prasstas morum 
" el^antia. Ego Bonras tuns nobilitati tuse digna factis mois 
'^ exhibere nequeo quoque pacto verbis saltern illi placcre 
" nescio,** &c. 

Incip, — " Argumentnm fortasse d Lector.** 

Exph — ''Beginaa Emmas laaditus respondere." 

Incip, Lib. i. — " Begem Danomm Sueinam inquam veredica 
" comperi relatione omnium," &c. 

ExpL — ^^ Haec illis omnia praestitit qui unanimos in domo 
^' habitare facit, Jesus Christus Dominus omnium, cui in Trini- 
'^ tate manenti immarcessibile floret imperium. Amen." 

Printed in Duchesne's Collection of Norman Writers (folio ; 
Paris, 1619, p. 161)| and reprinted by Baron Maseres in 

The period embraced in this work extends from Sweyn's 
invasion of England, A.D. 1012, to the accession of Hardecnut 
in 1040. 

The above title does not accurately describe the scope and 
contents of this narrative, which is rather a history of Cnut 
and of his son Harold than of Emma. 

The only copy of this piece hitherto used is one which for- 
merly belonged to Sir Bobert Cotton, and which was lent by 
liim to Duchesne, who apparently did not return it. Ko traces 
of it can now be discovered, either in England or in France. 
A second copy, however, has recently been discovered in the 
Imperial Library in Paris, Fonds Lat. 6285 (formerly Colbert 
5887, and Beg. 10. 504-9) in small quarto^ upon vellum, of the 
fifteenth century,f and formerly belonging to Cecil, Lord 
Burghley. It omits the Prologue and Argument (pp. 168 and 
164 of Duchesne), and varies considerably from that text, 

* ** TrenBcriptom et excerptum a vetustissimo exemplari manuscripto per 
Thorn. Talbot, 1566.'' This is in all probability a transcript of Sir Bobert 
Cotton's MS., as it agrees with Dtichesne's text 

t It consists of seren leayes and half a page, 45 lines in a page, 10 words 
in a line. The writing is remarkably fine and minute. 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

G2S DESiinnivh: lataluciuk ot' MANU.iuKiprs eeluing 

A.D, io*(Kc)iiefly liy omis>iuiu Aa llicse omir^.^ion.^ ntfc^.! the puiiions 
\v hi I'll thntw disLirJit uptui the ;ic<'nriiey uf the work as it 
atarul? ut pn^SL^il, they are of conr^iilerablc importance. Until 
!i t'averul roiliition hns givi^n us a knowledge of llua new text^ 
we lire Ci^mpelJi-d to ?^uspeinl our jndgiiii iit a.^ to tlie value of 
tlio narrative, as printed in Ducliesne. 

Tlie fullowing extnieta from the text <jf the MS* in the Im- 
perial Library^ rnay be of same value in the meantime : — 

'Ex eodeai Oilda in histeria de Sut^yno ct Knutone, quam 
*' in grntiani fit^ripsit ad regina^u Eniniarn, 

*' Keg^eiit Danoruni Sueyiiuiij veridiea etimperi relatione 
«' iimnium siiurnni it lupurum legum ferme tiirtunatissfiimum 
* extitl?e^e; adeu ut, tqnod raru eonTinrr^re .^uletj) priiieipiis 
" tVlieihudi sreuTiduui Deum et ^Jieculum, midlo felieior le- 
■'■ ,^ju>ndiL exilur^. Hie deniqiie a nobilisshoisj quod pnmnm 
*' est inter hoiiiine^j duxit origtueuit magnninque t^ibi decus 
*' senuiduin 5:ecuUiin jieperit imperii t|Uod Mdniini:?trahat re- 
'* ^loneiij, Tuuiani ilrinde illi i^ruliani divina toiu'i-^Htiit viitUij 
'- ul etiam imeruluft iniiino uiiuetLi diligiretnr ab omnibus j 
'■ I ant u 111 patri pr<j[>rirj ijivist.i5, nnlhi har jkniiaereute jiueruH 
♦ '* eulpa* &ed ^uhi turlmntu iiividia. CJni t'artijs juveui,", in 

'^ aniure qiiulidiu c're>e<.ljat pupuli, inidr juagi.> mugi'^que in- 
'■ VI ilia siMgebiitur patri^i ; adeo uL euni a jiatria non jaiji 
*' elaneuhirn i?ed palani vellet uxiJellere, jurando ai^.^ereus eimi 
'^ post .H' rc^iiUluruuL nun v^^v. Undcdulens exerdtus^ relictu 
^- pat re, liiin.biit lilin* el evtrn deieiisab;it j^eibdo. Iltijus rei 
"* i;au?ii eengri diuiilur pnelioj in tpio vuhieratLis fu^atut^que 
'• patrr jul Selavos fugit, ct uon multo post ihi ubiit ; et 
'■■ Sni'ynu'^ eju^ stdinni qitlete Lenuit* regnum piaidenter et 
*' streunc in einnihii^ gubt rnau:^, et s^uos in annis ad quos- 
" ennque tiveulu^ i^^xereuns^, ct dementia liberlaleque arctis- 
^- hiinie -ild devitieiens, 

^- Tandem^ -midentibu:? ainieis et prorerilnii^, ^taLuit validum 
*' exeieiuitii In AnLdiain irnjieere ; maxime quud pridcni illue 
^* pni tH's-^erat Turrhil jsrineep.s niilitl^e enni vaiida nianu, de 
" eiijii^ lide tbibitjibtil, (pKMJ nildl de .-^ui^ inibi g^:^stis reimii- 
^' eia.^sf'l. In^truitijr igilnr pr;"V;ilida rt rn imlissinra ela^sis. 
'' Ipse interim re^rni i Uhtiidia^ piM-fecit tilium natn mtnorrm, 
"* i:m nomrn Jlarsihbis : nuijon^m vero Kuiilunij ^ive Canntum, 
" ^eeuIll diieenrf* Otiinibtt^ iirinir paratis et eum exercitu 
'' conseeiisi.- navibu?^, dexlera veiitieatione tmidem ad ora^ 

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^^ Britannicas appnlit, cum finitimos mari patricienses ejus rei A.D. 1040. 

'^ sinistri commonnit noncias. Nee mora, quo regia olassis 

^^ anchoras fixit, inoolad omnes loci occurrunt ad portom, po- 

'' tentiori so frustra parati defendere intrandi aditum. Be- 

'^ lictis navibus, regii milites ad terram exeunt, et pedestri 

** pugns intrepid! se accingunt. Hostes prime duriter contra 

** resistentes dimicant, postea vero duplici periculi formidine 

'^ versi in fugam, Bauciandi occidendique copiam persequenti- 

'^ bus praestant Itaque rex ex efiectu * prime prffilio usque 

'^ adjacentem f regionem invadit, fusis fugatisque hostibus. 

'^Tuno tali successu factus audacior ad naves rediit, et 
'^ reliquos portus, qui plures earn terram oingunt, eadem ra- 
" tione inyadit Postremo universam patriam tanto labore 
^ perdomuit ut, si quis omnem historiam ad plenum per- 
^' currere velit, non modicum auditores fatigabit ^ ot sibimet 
'' injurius erit, dum ut voluit omnia perstringere minimo 
" valebit 

''Itaque ubi saspedictus rex totam Anglorum patriam est 
" inthronizatus, et ubi jam pene illi nemo restitit, pauco 
*' supervixit tempore, sed tamen illud tantillum gloriose," etc. 

The manuscript ends thus : — 

'' His Ardechnuto cum matre certus factus, et transmarini 
" litoris tandem portum nactus, a cunctis iucolis ejus dominum 
'' terrsQ gloriosissime recipitur, sicque divini muneris gratia 
^* sibi debitum redditur. His ita peractis, et omnibus suis in pa- 
'' cis tranquillitate compositis, fratemo correptus amore mittit 
'' ad Edwardum, rogans ut veniens secum obtineret regnum. 
'' Qui jussioni fratris obaudiens, Anglias partes advehitur, et 
** mater amboque filii regii paratis commodis, nulla lite inter- 
" tendente, utuntur. His itaque fratribus concorditer reg- 
'* nantibus mors media intercedit, et regem Hardechnutonem 
** vitalibus auris abstulit. Regem mater et frater maximo 
'' cum luctu honorifice sepeliunt. Mortuoque Ardechnutone 
'' in regnum successit Edwardus, hseres scilicet legitimus, yir 
" virium eminentia conspicuus, virtute animi consiliique, 
'' atque etiam ingenii vivacitate prsdditus, et, ut omnia breviter 
<^ concludam, omnium expetendorum gumma insignitus." 

* Affecto, MS. t Ad jactatem, MS. 

t Fatigabat, MS. 

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A.D. 1040. TJio author, of whom nothing ii knowDj* though contenipo- 
rary with, and addressing, the Queon herself, does not appear 
to have any great share of information on the subject of which 
« lie treats. For instance, he does not ^eeni to have known that 

Emma had be43n before married. Some of hie statements may 
jufttly be questioned ; such, for instance^ as Sweyn's piety, 
tho wefvpons in one ship, and tho description and ornaments of 
Sweyn's ship, Some are apparently exaggerated, and some 
are clearly made in ignorance, as Turkirs defeat of the Eng- 
]L!$h at Scorstan near the Sea, the siege of London, &c. Ho 
also considers Edward and Alfred as the sons of Cnut. The 
work, as a wbolcj is meap^re and unsatisfactory. He gives:, 
however, many curious particulars, and his stjlc, thongh in- 
dated, is, for that period, not inelegant. 

A.131054. A.R 105*. 

1 232, De Origine God%viiii Comitis et ejus moribua. 

MS. Cott. Titm 0. viii. f 328. paper. 
Jncip. — " Edgarus Anglorum Rex." 

Of no value, A modern copy, in the hand of Mr. Jamcg 
of CCC, Oxon. 

^^•^«^®- A.a 1058. 

1233- Historift Tranalationis S. Le-wiDo?, Virginis ct Mi*r- 
tyri^, ex Ajaglia, in Monastcrium Bergeiise ; auctore 
Drogone, eja^deu) loci Monaeho eosequali 
Etl MS, Emeiicj Bigotii. 

I/icip, KftisL — ** Domino ac yeuerabili Abb at i Rumoldo." 
Incip. ProL — "Omnis mortalhjm cura diversis studijt 
'' agitur/' 

Jncip, Hist — '* Venit in men tern cuidiim nionaclW* 
Expl. Hhi, — "Pia Virgo, mihi, ore, venJam impetra seele- 
■* rum, quam in stnu suo cocle^^tia continet gloria. '' 
— — — « — = — , r- ■ — ■- ^_ — 

* The French BcniMiictinch (Hist. Lit. de k Fnuice, \ii. 6T3) c^eetim 
that he yf^ a nitmk of S. Bcrtitt, 

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Printed in Mabillon's Act. Sanct- Ord. Bened. vi. ii. 115, A.D. 1058. 
from a MS. which at that time belonged to Bigot. The Bol- 
landists reprinted this text with collations ** ex MS. Bergensi " 
(24 July) 613. 

A monk named Balgerus determined to make a voyage 
from Flanders to England, where he was well known to the 
king and to many great men, and purposed landing at Dover, 
but the vessel was driven past her destination by stress of 
weather, and at last entered the port of Sevordh under full 
sail.* Next day being Easter Sunday, Balgerus was anxious 
to be present at Divine service, but no church was. near at 
hand in which he could perform his devotions. He, how- 
ever, perceived one nearly three leagues off, which he ascer- 
tained was dedicated to St Andrew,! and contained the relics 
of St Lewina. He was kindly received there by the priest, 
who interpreted to him the miracles of St Lewina, which 
were written on sheets of parchment and fixed on the wall. 
After a time, the priest having left him in charge of the 
church, whilst he went elsewhere, Balgerus stole the relics, 
and conveyed them to Borg. On opening the package, they 
found a scroll of parchment, stating that the virgin Lewina 
had suffered martyrdom in the time of King Eilbert and 
Archbishop Theodore, and that many years afterwards her 
remains had been translated by Bishop Edelm4 Little more 
than this was known of her history, as her acts had either not 
been written or had perished. 

This Balgerus appears to have been a notable relic-hunter. 
He had before conveyed those of St Oswald, king and martyr, 
and St. Idaberga, to Borg (Act Sanct Ord. Ben. vi. 114). 
As Drogo dedicates this history of St. Lewina's translation 
to his abbot, Rumold, we are enabled to ascertain that it must 
have been written before A.D. 1068, in which year that abbot 

* " Sevordh Teatonioe, Latino elo<iiiio Marisyadmn dicitor.'' A descrip- 
ti<m of the port follows. It clearly is the modem Seafbrd. 

t It is called a ** monasteriiim." but that term iras frequently applied to a 
pariah chorch, and this appears to be the case here, as no one is mentioned 
but the presbyter, who was also the keeper (^edt/tfiu), and <m his quitting 
it for a particular purpose, he leayes it in the care of a stranger. There 
seems little doubt that the church was that of St Andrew in Lewes. 

X Edehn was Bishop of Selsey (now Chichester) in the time of King 

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1234- ClirnijiLnii Ijieve a Christo nsito ar] .'nnuiin 1062- 

:\t^, Cult, Cli^(>p;jr. A. yii. ll 1-7. 
A <:fjnij»il:ili(jii frain cxliiting iiutlit>nties, tii" no valine fir iii- 
turtflt ivliiduvtr* 

1235. Kistoria Ruiiesii iij^ii.s, sivo Liljcr do Fimdntione 
<'t Bi-ni'dictoiibiiw Cojtiubii Raniii^^iensjs. Aiietore 

MS. h^cattan in Puhl. Ikr. (tff. 2;^ ff. 10.1-1 :]2 h, vdL fol xiii. coril, 
MS. Boai. Huuliu^?. B. :t;i:i. (iilim Spdiiian) 

/i' I ^ Z» J ' , — ' ' P i'ir\ f fit ins \H\ u Ti 1 1 .H o I H ' r ! s / ' 

fnrip. Pnrf. — ^' Uiiiwrsis univL"i>iLli.'4 Rancti i^ratiis Krdt*- 
■' si:i i'tljii^ \u (|iJon]iii nvM)ii5( libilkij:; i-te rlt-yenrrit." 

A J y i L Pncf. ^ * ' c X parte au i n i a ^1 vli ri^ i <.>n i ^ j u^ i- i <• u 1 i .^ s ti ]> ( ■ rn a 
'" JrA'tisione pruLcgi ^umjH'r ulitiiu-ati^ ct communiri." Ex^ilieit 

l^fthr.—^'' I)c mn iji^uliv <iua^ Runnjj-ia dicitur/' 
Ifi<'*qi. liht, — '' Ctini i.!filui' \u ofwwi^Yv fingub territorii 
'^ HuntitigiLnTOTisis," 

lUpL HiKt. — ^'ail porUt'rirjnim nolitiani uoidirnmvit/* 
Tlie auilinr In- (livitlf'J Ijij^ ITi?^tory hi to lour pnrts, l>ut 
ifircD cm] J, and the conrluiling part of the fVmrlli, an? to In* 
IVmnd in llui Exidioij^inr iimnntivripL Gait;, who ust/d tliis 
manuscrijit for Ids text, ]]:ia printed aniutjg thu ** Smp tores 
Xy,/' vol. i. ]ip. ijs J— 161', tlie ilrH i\\vm\ psirU only, and Iif* 
statt*9 tliat hi had sought in vain tor the fourtli pait^ t^oninu nc- 
ing witli tlioNurniao inva^iim. A trnnsrript uf thu fourth part, 
whirl I Inid helot ij^fLil to Sir Ilrnrv Spchnan,* i^ Tn>iv among 
ihi! n nvlinhiori MJSS. in thi> Bodleian, aud has never been 
printed ; nor Inii^ tho general lu'eface to thr^ hook. Gale's 
ohjt^ct ill omitting the pn 'fare 13 u n ti ec on n table, especially ag 
it proves that the authur wrote during the time when Walter, 
who died hi llie year 11 tit;), wai abbot of Eanif54-y. 

* S|itJii]iia fl^H^ not mcntioii \ihiTf> tlsf original rtfj^i^tt^r -s^a^, from which 
tu' ttiadi" hi?^ tran*.mjiL Thtrc is X\v\^ note in the Ilawlinpon MS. . " E.^- 
** aiiiin:U cum nriji. 27, Jnii. U'^'l^ f>er mc* Tin Spthnan ft Francis**, 

'^ linjrtlil]/ 

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This piece is a good specimen of monastic history, and is A.D. 1066. 
written with apparent candour ; it gives an account of the 
foundation and fortunes of Ramsey Abbey prior to the Norman 
Invasion, its endowments by various individuals, and a 
sketch of the biography of its abbots. It contains also slight 
notices of public events, with many curious particulars of the 
manner of acquiring property, and of the arts and customs of 
the age in which it was written. It has also a few notices of 
Archbishops Odo, Dunstan, and Oswald, and of its founder, 
the £arldorman Ailwin. The general history affords little or 
nothing new ; it seems derived from William of Malmesbury, 
many of whose expressions are adopted. The charters entered 
in this work are, in general, confessedly translated from the 

The History is followed by an account of the persecution of 
Abbot Walter by Greoffirey de Mandeville, commencing, " Per- 
** secutio domini Galteri Abbatis. Postquam dominus Gual- 
'^ terus, quondam Abbas Ramesiensis,'* and ending, ** Abbas 
** iste multis laboribus et expensis magnaque sui corporis 
'* anxietate, Graveliam, Bradenach, Cranleiam, Elington ad 
<< dominium ecclesisa Ramesiensis revocavit. Walton vero de 
*-* novo adquisivit." 

This is the end of the fourth part of the Rawlinson MS. 333. 
The earlier portion of the fourth part was not entered in the 
Exchequer MS., but a space is left as if it was intended for 
it. The author lived during the time of Abbot Walter (as 
appears by the preface which G^e thought fit to omit) conse- 
quently before AD. 1160. 

There are other registers of this abbey extant. One 
among the Cottonian MS., Vespasian E. ii., a small quarto 
volume, on vellum, entitled ''Registrum Cartarum Abbatiae de 
*' Ramesey transcriptum per Robertum Dodford, dericum, 
** usque ad 30 Hen. HI." Otho B. xiv. f. 253 contains some 
valuable charters, as also does Vespasian A. xviii. Other 
charters will likewise be found in Galba E. x. In the Har- 
leian Collection are two registers ; one (No. 5071), the con- 
tents of which are given in Uie Appendix to Sprott's Chronicle, 
edited by Heame ; the other (No. 445) formerly belonged to 
Peter Le Neve. Tanner, in his ** Notitia^" mentions a register 
belonging to Henry Cromwell, Esq., in 1650. It is probably a 
copy of that now in the Public Record Office, if indeed it be 

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A.D. 1066. not the ^ame ; at least tlio following memorandum occurs 
in that volume: — "Liberatur in Curia 20® die Januarii, 
anno xxy, Reginas Elizabethae, per manas Henrici Cromewell, 


The Chronicle of Ramsey, embracing the period between 
1341 aad 1401, which was formerly in the Cottonian Library 
(OEho D, viii.)> was destroyed by the fire of 1731. 

1 236. La Estoire de Saint Aedward le Rei. 

MS. Bibl. Pabl. Cant Ee. iii. 59. f small folio, yell, triple cols, 
xiii. cent 

Rtilr. — *" Ai camenco la Estoire de Seint Acdwfird lo Rei, 
" trauslatco du Latin.'* 

Ineip, — " En mund ne qaI, ben vus los dire,! 
I'ais, reaiime, ne empire 
U tant unt este bong tqI& 
E seinx) cum en isle dEngloii'.*^ 

ExpL — " Issi finiat lostoire 

Dg Seint Aedward kest en gloire/* 

Edited with a translation nnd glossary, among the f* Chro- 
nicles nnd Memorialfl of Great llritain and Ireland," by the 
Rey. Henry Richards Luardj M,A., Fellow of Trinity College, 
Cambridge, Lond. 8vo. 1858, 

Tho poem is in Norman Froneb, containing, at present, 4GH(i 
llno^, and extends over the whole life of Edward the Confeflsof. 
It is addressed to Alianor, Queen of Henry the Third, and is 
translated from the Latin. It was probably written in 1245, 
on the occasion of the restoration of the church of Westminster, 
Of the church itself a very elaborate description is given. 
Its basis seems to be tlie " Vita Eegis Edwardi " and tlie 
■* Genealogia Regum Anglorum*' by Aelred of Eievaulx ; but 

* Among the aocient Tlollh belonging to the Cot ton mn Collection k one 
tnariced 11* 16, cousiptiug of five membranes, and containing an e^tteusive 
Cataitigiie of ihe Libmn* of IlamHej Abliey, with tbe nam*^ of the dif- 
ferent persona by -whom the respective mamiHcripL^ wi^rt: given. It ia utj- 
fcTtunfttelj imperfect. Lelnnd, io liia '* Collectanea " (iv. 44), has noticed 
th€ titles of B few nf the works lie saw in the Library of that Abbey, 
f Described in Mr. Lujird's volume tneiitioncd above, l^n^ftc^, p. ix* 
I The first line h omitted in the teitj but written in the margin. 

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in the early part, at least, there are additions from other A.D. 1066, 
sources, and the author has mixed up the two works together 
no as to make one continuous narrative. He has also availed 
himself of the works of other chroniclers, ai)d has apparently 
obtained information from persons nearly contemporary with 
the events he describes. It ends with the Translation by 
Gundulf (Aelred, 1. c. 40) ; the last leaf but one has been torn 
out. Each page is headed with a coloured illustration of the 
events described in it There is likewise a description of 
the illustration in verses written in red. The illuminations 
are of great merit, in outline, coloured. The MS. belonged I0 
Nowel in 1563, and was given to Cope by Lambard. It was 
formerly in the collection of Bishop Moore, and presented 
by George I. to the University of Cambridge. Of the author 
nothing is known, but Mr. Luard's suggestion, founded on a 
hint he has given of himself (lin. 2020-2), that he was 
connected with Westminster, is probably correct. 

1237. Vita -^duuardi Regis, qui apud Westmonasteriura 

♦ MS. Karl. 526. ff. 1-20. veil. 8vo. xii. cent 

Incip, Prol, — " Surgens Musa tuis comitata decenter 
" alunmis." 

Expl. Prol. — " Utque mones proso tramite pergo viam." 

Incip. Vita, — " Virga aequitatis Dei ubi quod sibi displi- 
" cuerat in populo." 

ExpL Vita. — '^ et pro fide cujusque Deum invocantis insignia 
** pietatis suce rex regum Deus operatur." 

Edited, with the piece last mentioned, by the Rev. Henry 
Richards Luard, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, 
among " The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and 
*' Ireland/' 1858. The above mentioned MS. is the only one 
now known to exist; but it is clearly not the author's auto- 
graph, but the work of a very careless and ignorant scribe. 
The author appears to have written his work for Queen Edith. 
He commences it in a dialogue between the Poet and the 
Muse, by whom he is exhorted to write on the glory of King 
Edward, the Queen, and her father Godwin. After the exor- 

* The MS. is imperfect; it originally consiBted of 24 leaves, or 3 quires 
in eights ; the middle pair of the first and last quire ire lost 

VOL. I. S S 

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AJ>. \(iCiG, Jiiiin, which t*xttni<lii to luuety-ibiir Vmvgt, he writes in prOi^e. 
Thr ]M ri<Kl ('nil>nirt(l in (lie wnrk it? tl(e whoh? liio of the Con- 
usor, from Im birUi to lii?^ dcalli. mul In a bisioricsil jrihU of 
view this eoiai>ihittorMci iiiujUL*r;tiori:ibly luost vulitahh'.* 3Ir. 
Liinnl siigge-sls lljsit if wil-^ wiilliii betsvci'ii tlio jenrs 1066 
jiml IdT'^* ''(hiring tin' |ii u^^^ure t'f thtj fluficrini^s^ hroiight oo 
** the Siixons by the N(frrii!in Conquest, tbuugh it h curious 
^* thill nti iiint of thu Cuuqufst ur Ifartilifi? lii riih» or iveji inon- 
'* thin of AVilliain, otTui'Si throughout the umnu^cnpt*" Fie 
Mils, lujwover, sis it uniy, it \h unijne&stiouably ii contemporary 
work, and eon tains many fains not foniul iii other writers, 
find sonir wliii'li ditf'T (.'i»n>i(lerably froni tho u<ual acituints. 
Bring a foalniiporury, hr wns iirol-al^ly tln^ fvi>t wIhi wi'ulu a 
history of ihr ihnvs in whirh \w livcc!, unfl being about Ihf* 
Cniirt, \iv ba^l ample op puruini tit-si of ei>lh eting hi^ uiatcrials 
from the IoluHihu heafl ; but iu reailtng; hrn work sorau ih?- 
ihu'liinv inui^t be ui/nlc jVinn ihr^ praise Avhieh he sa largely 
iK'f^hAvs njj thr Queen ^iiid lier faunly. " 1 Jje au therms style/' 
wrirt s Mih Luiiril, "is Ihr i\u^ umsl jiart ea>y and elear, as 
** far a:^ tlie ])nK=ip portion^i <if bin work me eoueerued. Tin* 
** pa>^?^tiger4 in vers^e, on tho other huiul, th^nigli sometinif^ 
*' ii;-TUg to wlial may lie calleil poetry^ are often very diffieuh 
'' ntul obj^eiui', 1 ]jr tjlhisiouri beiug by iio int^anH always evident." 
Nothinj^ \vh:H'vrr i-^ known oT tin* author, but the conipih^r 
oL' \\w Cahdogue ot^ thu llarleian Mann^cript^ throws out a 
^iuggetstion rlial Earlnier was I he writer ; ^]\\ Luiird, lu>wever, 
eonelusively sliews fliMt ilu' slyle iitid matter of ihe twowrih.-rs 
diller * sseiiliidly, 

AD. ]Ot;f>. 
12^8. Vit;w^t Mir;o.nilM S;iiirti Kdwat-ii, Re^ns rt i\^n- 
fessiuis, :ildjievij.da ex Traetatn fhuuini Osbtrni 
[iXsliiTti], VVe^tTiumnsteiieu.sis Pri<kris. 

M^^. CA\C. t;jitil. i.'H]. VI IL xiii, vimt 
Tit. — *" lueifiil exin rjHum tju^lolie Domini Osherui, Prinri^ 
'* \S'esnnona.>1eriij ;id ^Vllierieinu Legatunij in Vita Saneti 
'^ lvlw:u'ili IJrg].-.'' 

" i'hi^ \-\v\\i-v ^*\' thf ariuli' ' < riirhnii.'^ in ^Ih' Bingniplna Hritiitiiiica, 
ilifMijjh eiily kiiiuving ilic rxinuM ]i\s\n \\\ Mnw. ^ays, -'AIVt {\\v Sai^ui 
" Chrntitoli'. ir wan, pt^rliiips*, thi' mi>Kt nutlicatic [.liecc ol" hJjiloTy that 
" e^t^fijttd Tlir iicntTri] \( n-ck tifa!! rhiU n frtinhd ihi- Sjijcnii Oiui^^timriou " 




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Ineip. -Ectfcrp/.— "Innocentii summi Pontificis sanctaeque A.D. 1066. 
" Bomanaa et apostolicaa sedis Legato venerabili Alberico, Dei 
" gratia EcclesisB Ostiensis Episcopo, frater Osbertus West- 
" monasterii pradpositos." 

ExpL Excerpt — '^ Taad itaque Celsitudini novum Regis opus 
" saorandum dirigitur.'* 

Coloph. — " Explicit excerptum epistolae. Incipit prologus 
*' excerptos ejusdem auctoris.** 

Jncip. Prol. — <* Insignia virorum fortium gesta litteris 
" tradere.'* 

ExpL Prol, — " ut a veritatis dulcedine non discordet." 

Coloph. — '^ Explicit prologus de vita Sanctissimi Edwardi 
" Anglorum, Regis et Confessoris." 

'^ Incipiunt capitula seqnentis vitae Sancti Eadwardi, Regis 
" Anglorum." 

Incip. Vita. — "Pretiosus athleta Domini et Rex insignis 
'' Eadwardus." 

Expl, Vita. — ** Hinc supemo Regi laus et gloria, cujus ma- 
'* jestas et imperium extat in saecula saBculorum. Amen." 

CofopA.— "Expliciunt vita et miracula Sancti Endwardi, 
'^ Regis et Confessoris, abbreviataex tractatu Domini Osberti, 
" Westmonasteriensis Prioris." 

This piece has not been printed. In the volume in which it 
appears are several other Lives of Saints, this being the last 
in the volume. It is the foundation of Aelred's work, as may 
be seen by the ** Capitala " of Osbert's tracts which are printed 
in the preface to Mr. Luard's ^* Lives of Edward the Con- 
fessor,** p. XXV. 

Osbert de Clare was originally a monk of Stoke Clare, in 
Suffolk, and subsequently became Prior of Westminster. He 
was sent by the King to Rome to obtain permission to esta- 
blish a festival in conmiemoration of King Edward the Con- 
fessor, whose body had been exhumed in Westminster Abbey, 
and on which occurrence he composed this piece. Osbert 
wrote other Lives of Saints. His Letters also are preserved 
in Gale's collection at Trinity College, Cambridge, and were 
published by Mr. Anstruther, Brussels, 1846. See Art. 1245. 

SS 2 

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lit^irl^ AiiL^liMnnii. pi-r Aihi-'linii IvHvnllrnst^tn Al^fjifeni 

MS, N(Tf. tA. 
MS. riurl 'Ii»i K 1Cl>. \lI1. -idi. 
\[S. I lad. SIL*. f- :Hi. veil. -iUh 

MS. JLivl. 374. ir. 21. 

MS. ]Uv\. .')Gri. f. Iiil. YttL 4 TO. 

MS. riurl. ■l'>M. velL 

MS. Hiai. LnMd. l\ in. 

MS. Umll. Dipby. 5.1 f, ^ii*, vtIL Mvn sii. cnil. 

MS. Hofll. 1'. 7. 2. 

I\[S. IMtwtyn (iliKJihRth 'J. i* folio, vill. xii. iwn\. 

Ms r'ntr, \\-^i-as, 15. xi. ti', ^1-H»5ln velL Miiall I -lio dMo tnl 

."^IS. C'ltt. V iikH. C. xii. t: 2:Aa. \ilL fulio, 

MS. tVCr. Cimt im. IC. v^l. fol. \3i, trtit. 

MS, CX\C. rant. :hs. f. 1, vvIL 4l<». \IiL li-nt. 

MS, ItiUL lie-. G. li i\, 4. veil. ho. xi . f t»T 

]MS. Bern. VI II, xiij. cenf, 

:^]S. O'll S. iTiah. Ib[il. < K.,cL 1 tJ, tl; ]-iUK \"\\, AU\ xiii, friir. 

7V^ — *^ Iiii'i|>it priilogiis ilompni Aclredi, Ablsatis Kitval- 

liwtfh — '" Miilti- vlIltuiii ^hhlio didii'limii;/' 
/Jjyi/. — ^' iu ^1' tern am rum lu o|ilijicjis iVli<.'iliL(uTn. Ann^n.** 
'^]]\plicit priilo^MJiii. JncijJr piMdutin t^jii^ili ni si-I Liiurcii- 
' lluin, AljlKitL^m Wi^tmonastL^rii/' 

*' anijilurteiulo veiKnibHi pair! it df^miit*i, duiiipno Laiircru'io, 
'■ \Ve.^tiiior»a>tiTji Al^!)a^i. tValrr Elix-iltiiS."' 

EitpL Pnff. — 'ii'le itin m\\\\ \\\'.\ \nm prcriosj Coiif\,^inri^ 
^* Dpitiilnllunc iliim^tui /' 

■■' ICxpltrit imrt'Lcio. Jitci[fii vi(:i Simn li IMwnr-li, IXv^^h 

Jftrtp. \ ifit. — *' Di^ suji. L''"nf'n>ritaf<.' rt ^^ant 1 itiifc*, 

■■ irjulifuri." 

iiiliL \ ifa.^^^' et expiTH-^ii^ pxtf/lliinUini tnnti iiKuili 
^ p:itiniit[:ii iiiniiiiun (ni'ilii foinrnin it^ :hl hniduin vi gliiiianr 
" Liuniiiii ito.^lri Ji>ii C Eiii-Li. i ui i-t Tiohor iu sii'i'iilil 
■* s:i^culm"Mm, Ami.'ii/' 

^* Exi"liiit Vila Sukcli JldwsinlTj Urgis ^"1 Cfsrtrr^j-ori^, rnni 
' iniracxili.^ tju.iilLHn. " 

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Printed in the "Decern Scriptores,"* col. 369-414; in A.D. 1066. 
SuriuS) De probatis Sanctorum Historiis ;t in the Opera Divi 
Aelredi Rhievallensis, edit. Ric. Gibbon. 4to. Douay, 1616- 
1631, and reprinted in the Magna Bibl. Veterum Patrum, 
Cologne, 1618 ; in Migne's Patrologia ; and in the Acta Sanct. 
Jan. i. 2924 but which last omits the preface and dedication, 
the last chapter of the first book and the whole of the second 
book (consisting of miracles) being abridged. 

This piece, which is in two books, is almost entirely 
derived from Osbert, to whose life of the Confessor Aelred 
appears to refer in his preface addressed to Laurence, Abbot 
of Westminster, who took a prominent part in the translation, 
at whose request Aelred's work was written. He was present 
in the Abbey of Westminster at the translation of the relics, 
and on that occasion composed this Life. 

1240. Vita Beati Edvardi, Regis et Confessoris, carmiHe. 

MS. Bodl. Selden 55 £f. 1-20. Tell, small 4to. xv. cent.§ 
MS. Bodl. Digby 186. folio, paper, xv. centjl 

Incip, — " Quid faciat virtus, quae spes speciosa beatis." 
ExpL — " Per quem nos scimus bona, quo sine scire nequi- 
" mus." 

Col. — ** Explicit vita Beati Edwardi, Regis et Confessoris." 
This poem, containing 536 lines, was written by the com- 
mand of King Henry VL, to whom it is dedicated, and was 
probably composed, as Mr. Luard suggests, between the years 
1440 and 1460. It embraces the same period of history as 

* It is singular that the editors of this work could only find the single 
MS. copy, one, namely, belonging to Usher. See Twysden's Pre&ce. 

f The history of the translation, fit)m a MS. apparently imperfect at 
the beginning, is given by Surius, and reprinted by Bollandus, p. 303. 

X In this edition the miracles are given in a contracted form. 

§ This MS. formerly belonged to Robert Hare, and the initial letters are 
alternately in red and blue. The first letter of the poem contains what is 
intended for a portrait of Edward the Confessor. The MS. contains ten 
leaves, twenty-seven lines being written in each page. 

II The MS. contains seven folio leaves, thirty-seven lines being in each. 
It is bound up in a volume of prophecies, of which many are by John of 
Brydlyngton. It omits the Colophon, and there are some verbal differ^ 
ences of no great moment between it and the Selden MS. 

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(MrU ltKHi;umuVE *. A'J Al.UdUK UF >lAN[^Sti:tPTN HELATIX<; 

A.D. uii.f.. tliiil lit iht! *^ Viht Kilwanli Higis " by Athul ; luid :i? il U 
EippEin/ally vvjjoily diTtVinl tWmi thnl work, it dot'd uul llinsvv 
ii]]_y juMitsuiial ii^hl nn iJie In^loiy of tltsit reign. It in, huu- 
(■vei% valuable; it^ -a spicuiwn of tljo Lalht jujetry ol' ilic limo. 
Ol'tUi' aiulmr notftiiig h known, 

PrJntnl, from llie twu MSS. mentioned al>ovi% aiuoii;^ tin- 
" I'hroiiieli.^:^ and Memorials of Givut Uritain ;niil hvlsmd;' 
under Xhv rdilor*liip ol" iLv Urv, iioiiry Hicliards Luardj M.A*. 
]"t,!hiw <d' Triiiiiv (^jlk-^o. C:onhrid-e, ISoH. 

\-l\} \ i 1 : 1 S . K J w n r 1 1 i t J o u fe s-io n 8, Begi s Ang I i 1 1* . 

31i^, i'lilus CoiL t antub. L":i- vl-II, xiiL ctriL 
MS. Vsilif. Chri^titi. 4^^ll, 1', '!j rvUiK tuH -Itn. 4Mr cul. mu, tent. 

1^1 S. Niirf. Anmrlcl lih 

Jk'nhf . — -'* tjnid vtlil ex jiroloLTo Jl^er Idr .-iadio,se videm 

l^'ctm', i|ui rt'i^L^ i II el i lit l^i'SIu le^r],^/' 

iftltU. I*f'ol-^ 

'' (/inn ul>i, L;nin nli. eiig:ir jKUvrvr jnlirnii. 

l^iu^ tannij ilk movent (\\x\v jiia eurde inNeni/ 
l.viii. iVtiL — *' ACilunnrdi extrennitii fniiii ad n.Hjne <lieiJi." 
/■/////. fjh. i. — 

" ^I'JaU'iii ]ir5niiun [HHnu> lil>er exiliinnque 
-Kdmsardi re^i:^ ul ihiUi :^t:eptra eanit.** 
HtuL Lth, ii. — 

" Iste liher .-'reiHHlLi& init tli:iliiLjiu;i jnnlimina dacnin 
DetiLiit a papa vota reiiu?^?ii cantt/' 
ff/f/L iJh. iii. — 

'' Teielnhi n liinna rellLR'e^ et somnia visa 
t'landiini eLirutuin l('in]>la peraeta eanii.'' 

hi tla^ VatiriiTi MS. \\wi-v U :i TransLiTUm u\' l\iv Latiii Wxi into 
N n n iiii T \ V rent' ti . 'J Mi i' >i' h ok' < »f t h i' f i is t hi >n k . liu i^ t- \ ir, ;i ii d s(in i e cl i a pter> 
(hniif MHim<k am utnsiiiip:. Tliu FiL'iicfi text, which t'Xlvmls from fal I 
Ni fol ;i.i of thi^ MS,, t'oniiiit niM's — 

" Ja- ik'n^ a\T]t ia -^lui ciir> fait 
E \vdV nan J ft' se i^-l ri^hiiit,*' 
aihii cuil-^ at f'<>l, '.L'j^ 

'' Pnr j|in l(n' fixrL" tmt «a Satictc.*' 
I'hc Vatican MS, jcidgmir frnm a anwUm traa>cript (fnr Ilit: nripinal ba^ 
not l^ecn "Mi'tn Tn fht' Ldftnr), is \er_\ irilmor tu the Cains MS. A t'tjpy of 
iho ivlinlf pneni, hulh Lailn ami Frt'Och !cxf^, in ia L'jiliiL Vniir. V^ pp. 
h;2-iru h, and vul. ii. pp. 124 i:vii 

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TituL Lib, iv.— A.D. io66 

" Sanat foecundat quartos dat lumina ludos 
Asperat offocat pandit aperta liber." 

TUtd. Lib. V 

*' Expositus quinto redit anulus ultima sistur 
Mora propheta oanit rex olet aula gemit." 
Titul Lib. vi.— 

'^ Sextus adest claudo csecis febri paralisi 
Yirgam rcstituens regia membra palat." 

" Noster equus victor curBus donandus honore 
Percipiat bravii debita dona sibi. Amen." 
This metrical Life of Edward the Confessor, in six books, 
has been attributed, though without sufficient authority, to 
Aelred of Rievaulx, but it is hardly anything more than a 
versification of his prose Life of that monarch. Mr. Luard, in 
his preface to the " Lives of Edward the Confessor," pub- 
lish^ among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great 
Britain and Lreland, has pointed out the chief differences 
between this and the prose Life. (1.) The prologues 
differ considerably. (2.) The single combat of Cnut and 
Edmund L'onside, which is omitted in the prose Life, though 
given in the genealogy, is mentioned in the metrical Life. 
(3.) In the account of the dedication of Westminster the 
account of St. Augustine's mission is much fuller in the 
metrical Life. (4.) The " Literas Regis" and the " Privilegium " 
Domini Nicholai Papas are omitted in the metrical Life. (5.) 
The Preface to Book vi. is not in the prose Life. (6.) The 
metrical Life mentions Harold's defeat and death, which the 
prose Life does not 

1242. Revelatio S. Edwardi, Regis et Confessoris. 
MS. CotL Cleoptt C. iv. f. 114. paper, 4to. 
Of no historical importance. 

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64j2 descriptive catalogue of manuscripts relating 
A.D. 1066, 1243. De Sancto Edwardo, Rege et Confessore. 

MS. Cott Tiber. E, 1. tt 6-b. 
MS. Bodl. Tanner. 15. 

Incip. — '^Gloriosi ac Deo dilecii Regis Edwardi Uteris 
** tradituri." 

ExpL — '^ visitato sancti sarcophago quasi in momento 
** curat! sunt." 

Printed in Capgrave's " Legenda Nova Angliae," f. 108. It 
is an abridgment of the narratiye of Aili*ed of Rivaulx. 

1244. De Edwardi Anglorum Exequiis. 
MS. Vatic. 3726. yelL ziv. cent 

1245. Epistola in Vita B. Regis Edwardi, Domino 
celeberrimo Ostiensi Episcopo et Romance Ecclesise 
Legato, prsemissa, Epistola Osberti de Clara ad 
Dominum Henricum, Wintoniensem Episcopum, 
Apostolicsa Sedis Legatum, de canonizando Sancto 
Rege Eadwardo, cum Epistolis Henrici Episcopi 
Wintoniensis et Regis Stephani ad Innocentium 
Papam de eodem argumento, cum ejus Responsoria ad 
Abbatem et Fratres S. Petri Westmonasterii. 

MS. Cott VitelL A. xvii. f. 19. veil. 4to. 
MS. Trin. Coll. Cant Gale. O. 10. 16. 

Ineip. — '^Sanctse Romauas et Apostolicas Sedis summo 
" Pontifice Innocentio praesidente." 

Printed among the letters of Osbern by R. Austruther, 
Brussels, 1846, from the Trinity College MS. 

These letters relate to the attempt to procure the canoniza- 
tion of Edward the Confessor in the year 1 1 40. That to Henry 
Bishop of Winchester states where he derived his information 
relating to Edward's miracles. This is followed by letters of 
credence for Osbert, Prior of Westminster, to Pope Innocent ; 

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and for Henry, Bishop of Winchester, from the Chapter of St. A.D. 1066. 
PaaFs, from King Stephen, recommending the canonization ; 
andlnnocent's answer to the Abbot of Westminster commending 
Osbert's condnct ; but requiring more information, and a more 
general request- for the canonization. Concerning his canoni- 
zation, see a bull of Alexander IV. dated at Anagnia, 7, Id. 
Feb. 1161, given bj Wilkins, Concil. 1. 434, Mansi, xxi. 871 
and 1047, Baronius ad an. No. 1, and in the Acta Sanctorum, 
p. 303. King Edward was canonized by Alexander III., at 
the instance of King Henry 11. The translation of his body, 
which ought immediately to have followed his canonization, 
was delayed until the return of King Henry to England from 
Normandy. The ceremony took place 13th Oct. 1163; and 
his festival was thenceforth held on that day, instead of the 
day of his death, which occurred on the 5th January.* 

124G. S. Edwardi Regis et Confessoris vita, auctore 
anonymo, Anglice. 

MS. Coll. S. Trinit. Oxon xi. small 4to. xv. cent 

Incip, — " Seynt Edward the good kyngc ought devoutly to 
^* be had in remembraunce ; he was born in England of the 
" blood royall. Afore his days there was in Englaude oft- 
** tymes werre and blode shecd, for fokes were as they yet 
•* are trecherous." 

ExpL — " that we may come to rcigne with hym in joy and 
'' blys that be in Haven. Tu autem Domine miserere nostri ; 
*' For charite pray for me ; Deo gratias." 

It ends "with the narrative of Gilbert Crispin and the 
Bishop of Rochester finding the King's body incorrupt (Aelred 
Rievd. col. 408), and seems to be nothing more than a 
translation from Osbert or Aelred of Rievaulx. It is ap- 
parently the composition of Lydgate. 

* Snrius, i. 78, bas printed a piece entitled ** De Canonizatione et Trans- 
** latione Edwardi Regis et Confessoris, ex antiquo codice." 

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A \} lint'- \ {} ijMO inf,(;. 

IlI47^ iSiilrardii.-v .Mnnachu;s We priuisi ioiisimcti'iuo 
L:t drdit.Miiunc El'lIu:?!;^ Wiu^tiiKuia^leili, 

MS, Ottl* Tltu-i A. \iii. M-tt liu. xiif. vf\i\. 

lihfL' — ** IJr' lticj]>it [)ii>l(ig!iSilL consU'iKniuiit^ Wcistiiiuira:^- 


lurip. — *■ VcncJiiblH viiu tL^L'll>lH'l' Dei ;^ein<j. <l<niiinu Abbat i 
^ Vilali.* 

/t',i/j/*^*'iTtleiitt tjor; Mduni An^lia .-ed inuiiiliu^ vielnit 
'* ii"jxnis in ;^a^iiiiluin/' 

Tho prologue ]> sultlrtss^eti b\ AMinl. Yirjili>. mul Uil: nuihor 
iln'i'citi ^iives liis mUliorUie^ iiucl ex[>hiiiir^ I li^ design. He state? 
Mint IjlirHniL ]{ifi- iif lv<ni, hui!( inojuisti tm ^ Ml Caiiti.ilntiy 
run! Jl<u]j('^tei" ; It" silii-rwjirils l^uill \\ t'luinli jU LotiduTi iu 
hoin^H (>r Si. l*aiil ■ :unl wliiii Lli>i;finn^ Iu julil ^LnoLheT tu be 
iledieuti'ti to S« i'lter, '* (juiduiii eiviiim iirbi^ noii iiitiums eiiin 
*' MXeii'.' a>k> ^^el'lld^si^^u Ui inn Id tfTKi wliieli he grants. It i^ 
ImijU, uitd i^ deiiiejLted ]iy M, IVler in |ier-on. Kinj^ Ot!k 
l*ecoiae> iibenefUeEor lo \Vi->nidKs(ri ; he goes to Home, Inmidii 
llh: EriL'ilWi seUeol I here, and tfikes tin' euvvh Froni Ids time 
to IhiiL of Itid^^ar, W'estmnisler hiy nrgle^red, when Ddnstau, 
ulin Inul ie:ei ol' llnit in<nhi>hiy, \Mr^ well ;(s In tinl uf it iVom 
Id^ inedeee.^.'-ur, tijiidies tu Kdt:ar. who bei-lLn^.- il im him ; Le 
|Hin hn-^cs lands and erects olliees, ^r. there. IMwitrd the 
t'oiilesMjr jmrj>o.^es going to Rnmo ; luii i> juevjdled on tu 
sjhandon hi^ design and restore senir mntitistery dcdietttcd 
Li I St. IVlei-. Thi' author hiin^ell' Imil Mvn the old cliureh i a 
nun' church is built and ordej'ed to l»e dcdieatcd. Edward ialJs 
siek and dies, and is there l>uried ; he dissejjdiles his E^iekuess 
un the lirst day ; hni oo the ^eeond is unable to apjieiu 
bi'l'ore hid iiohlea. 

In botI> ruMunsei'ipts Iheie tuUuu s a (juUeetion ot C'harter?^. 
L(dLers, itTid Papal Jinlls rrluting to WeetniinsEer. Tn the 
I'an^tii^a MS, tliey eome down a- lew iis llie rctL^n of Henry 
Vllbin ^t\eral hand^ j \w\\ in \\iv 'rilie^ MS. they do not 

'J!ii' ri(]i' hi M.S. Titij- A. viii i-. - HSf iiu^ijuT J'rjiloMUs, de prtnn 
♦^ cnrl^^^K'rio[n tTt[i.\4iic WL->nniinu^nTii,rt <U «k>lit';LliiriiL- iuti rjii^drm pur 

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come lower than the time of Edward I., aod are all written by A.D. 600- 
tJie same hand. « *^^^- 

Nothing appears to be known of Sulcardus, except that he 
was a monk of Westminster^ and -dedicated his work to Abbot 
Vitalis between the years 1076 and 1082. 

1 248. Speculum Historiale de Gestis Kegum Angliae, per 
Ricardum, Ecclesise Beati Petri Westmonasterii, prope 
Londoniam, Monachum, ab anno 449 ii»que ad annum 

MS. Bibl. Pub. Cant Ff. i. 28. 

Tit — " Incipit prooemium in Speculum Historiale de Gestis 
'' Regam Anglise." 

Incip. Profzm. — " Prudentise veterum mos inolevit laudabilis 
** res memorise dignas suis in temporibus factas." 

ExpL ProiBm^ — '' quatinus facta regalia dignissima laude me- 
^^ moranda diligenter ea intuenti luce clariuselucescant.'' 
LiBEH Primus. 

Tit. — "Incipit liber qui vocatur Speculum Historiale de 
'* Gestis Regum Anglise. De causa vocationis Anglorum et 
'' de adventu ipsorum in Britanniam." 

Incip. Lib. i. — "Post primum insuhe Britannia^ Begem, 
** nomine Brutum." 

ExpL Lib. i. — " metam figentes ad secundum librum operis 
'' prsBsentis stilum nostrum duximus convertendum." 
LiBBR Secundus. 

THL — " Incipit Prologus in librum secundum Speculi His- 
" torialis de gestis Regum Anglorum." 

Incip. ProL — " Prosequentes igitur materiam inchoatam de 
" gestis." 

Expl, — "in praesenti libro operis nosti'i duximus conse- 
" quenter inserere." 

Tit. — "Incipit liber secundus Speculi Historialis de gestis 
" Regum Angliae." 

* The Second Fart is caUed " Anglo-Saxonnm Chronicon," and is a 
continuation of the First Fart to the year 1348. In MS. Bodley, Bawlins. 
B. 193, it is brought down to the year 1350 ; and in Corpus Christi CoUege, 
Cambridge, Ko. 427, art. 3, there is an abridgment which extends to the 
year 1272, beyond the year 1265, where NasmiUi (p. 399) fixes its ^'desinit 

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A.l». li>GfV, lifrt/K [Jh. ii. — *Aniio ij:i;itin: D.xlVI", \{nl cj^I iuirnti 

Kip!. Lih. ii.^^^'qui rcgiii j\ii;:rlj;i:! jnou;iirhniLiui cxtikr?i( 
■ iH'ima-. L5|>itMlHrit<.' Domino, rcfto onlijic indionDtct;/' 

Liiii:i; 'rr:i,'TiiH. 

TiL — ^' Incipit Hbii" tolling Spi culi iri^ttjrijilis tie gfj^lis 
' HfLnim Anglin\" 
iiiif/i. LUk iii.^^'Aniio (Irviniiiica rni."ani!itifjjii^ D.ct clxii'^" 

f'.tpi. Liit. iii,-^*^' tain nobiles qtiaiii plelxi <JUH jjii^jLliii 
■ iniiiitJK.' lugrlmtit." 

Ijiri i: Qi,\iML>. 
TiL — '*Iiiri]iit liluT qua} Ins Spt^tuli llistorlali:? do gostirS 

/urijL J J ft, iv. — " A jivlino miinnrL'Itu iiiLiMiii AnE^licuni/' 

Etjfl. LUk \\\ — *'S(.il rt jam ad Willrlmi piinii It'inprna 
'* |iiTVonientos, jilaont Hbro (|ijnrtii S[»L'i'nH Ilirtoiialis dr «:v?ili^ 
'* Ut'giiin Aii^^Ha.^ liinni impi>ni.jv, t't ,a pra^dicKi WHIolnio 
*' Aiigloi tini Kcgr liln'uiii qniiilnm pni seuti^ oporir^ inrlioaiv/' 

KxpliriL liSjLT t|uartMj^ S[kc(iH Hin1<niali& dt.' gL*^l\^ ilogiun 

Wui liiiitnr prima purs historiro prar^ciiliri dc ;ru^ti> legalibus 
ab aihcntn Angktrnm -ivti Saxon ntn in Britanniani* rx*dironR*ti> 
divt^'r^i'^ colleL'ta, vi in (pnUiior libiif^ pusfrlptiis digestaj per 
IrakTm liicardinu dc Cininji .-trni. Munat'hujti Kcclo^i^e bt^ali 
Pitri Wcfstmonastcrii pinpo Londonijjs. rrivtiicn .Nceunda 
]uir^ lii^luria' i>i;iliba(ai de gei^ti-^ le^^dibus atjuiiito liinu sumet 
iiiitidiiL *|iiaTt^ a n;Uivitatc |»riiju Wilk^lmi Anglorum liegis 
|HL>t)Uii- tVatei' Uicaidir^ indi(r,Mtr duerrvit.* 

'1 Ids winV is id I lie pn ^.^, umler tliu fdiiorsldif of ihc 
Rov. d. i:. 1). .A lay or, j\I.A.. Fulluw tif St. J.»lin ,^ CoUc^^c, 
CamUiidui, and will bu pnbli:!^lied among tlji.! ■■ CliioiHtd<A^ 
'* AwA JMLinniiak rd Gnnil Brilaiii and Ireland." 

Ibe lirst part t^xtcnds to Four Book:^. Tin/ lir^t book 
roniaiTis 54 iliaintr.s. oomna nriim ivitli tin.' arrival fif the 
SaxfMi- In liritatu in A. P. 1 l!ij iind tialing viilli tliu dtatli el' 

** M^liuii viditt ul in pag. 4UU/' 

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King Webba, in the year 594, which intervening space the A.D. 1066. 
author denominates the Pagan period. 

The second Book, in 71 chapters, begins with the conversion 
of the Saxons, and ends with the death of Ethelred, in 871, 
and the union of the kingdom under Alfred. 

The third, in 36 chapters, commences with the genealogy 
and coronation of Alfred, the first monarch of England, and 
ends with the death of Hardecnut. 

The fourth, in 52 chapters, commences with the birth of 
Edward the Confessor, here called Edward the Third, and 
ends with the accession of Harold II. 

Of the compiler little is known. In the prologue ho calls 
himself Richard, a monk of Westminster, and at the close of 
the fourth book, or, as he terms it, the end of the first part, 
Richard of Cirencestria, a monk of the Church of St. Peter, 

The MS. volume (which is the only copy known) formerly 
belonged to Archbishop Parker, and has his signature, Mat- 
thsens Cantuar. 1574, written on the top of the first page. 

Stukely, in his account of Richard of Cirencester, states 
that his name first appears on the chamberlain's list of the 
monks of Westminster in the year 1855. He was witness to 
a deed in 1387, and his name is found in the chamberlain's 
lists 1397 and 1399. In 1391 he obtained his abbot's licence 
to go to Rome. In 1400 he was in the atbey infirmary, and 
died in that or the next year. Other works are ascribed to 
him. The treatise " De Situ Britanniae," which was published 
by C. J. Bertram, at Copenhagen, in 1757, is also given to 
him ; but the authenticity of the work is doubted. 

AD. 1066. 

1249. The Anglo-Saxon Chi-onicle. 

There is some difficulty in placing the collective annals 
which constitute " The Saxon Chronicle " under any one year 
in particular, as the manuscripts in which they are contained 
all end at difiereut times, and consequently there would be 
a difficulty in inserting them in this Catalogue under any of 
the years in which these copies respectively terminate. It 
iias therefore been deemed advisable to place a notice of the 

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Q^H )n:^{ rjvrw'F, f'ATAT.nnrH of \fANTNCuiPTS rfxattno 

AJ> \^ii]r,, >vork iiinlrr tlii^ yrar I fVlH, fis bring flir l:i-;l vf^nr of tlio Angli>- 
SjiKoii (lyimsly ; iihhiuixh OTIC ropy brinrri* tlii* annsil-^ duwn 
bi fho yojii' I lo4, 

A I. what iJrTujtl tlu' An;jlii-S;L>;iiii t'liroriiulo tir^l lirj^aii to 
bi' ciMiifHi.^i J, *n- by wliotii il WM'- uri^^dnally cornpiltd, Uivre is 
iifi^" no inftm^ fit%li^t*oyorni;r ; lutt it is cviih'iitly tho work of 
vjirtiiTiH r:;Trrp?isir^ liand^^, find fx tends in oin^ *-opy rnnn Iht^ 
tlnif uC t 'j^^ur'-i itna^ion !o tln^ niidillfi iii'thc iw^'HVh century. 
it i.^ jilsri t:Irar that it. wiis runimimpcd al'trr the dcatli r*f 
Bed a in 731, as ncaily iho wliole of tl«e [kution from iti? 
hrginiiini*; bi tbal yiMr, wlnu lioda's Ecele,>ia!?liral llintory 
tennJnatr:^, \^ iL^riveil t'Tlhi-r from tln\t work or lu^ ''Cliront- 
*' poij/' T\h^ violice^H, 1 however; relating to inibiary evenl,^ are 
generally pfenliar to tin? Cliroiiit'k* itself. It la likcwij<o in- 
fllr^pntable that at tin- vrul of tln^ ninth eejitnry it had a^f^unn-d 
its pr<'si'u{ iVirm ; ibr A^sor^ wlm apjsejirH to Iiave written 
thi' Litr ill' King A If Veil :ilioiu thr ye^r H^io, employed ti 
i'opy whiei) i^nnie down In ilio ye;i! SS7, while Eth*?lwfard 
tvidrndy nded one tnding in tlie year i>7o, and dilTerirjg i'ntin 
lh(it employed by Asi^er in many, l)ut trivifjlj [>oirit.^- J''rom 
ihe^e *:onsi<k' rations it sc'eniii j>rf tty elear lliat. thore was but 
«jne original text, v\hii^h Ibiruf d tlie basjin of all tlie othcrj^ that 
lire now known to exii^b* 

From the internal evidinre ut' the ('hr<»Tiieh% it wonld ai^]iear 
to bo neatly eertfuTrihiit nil its tarlicir piirtiLm, i.r., iiniil abont 
the yrar "^."^1, is a emupihitiun IVom a Latin^j (with a 
Irw additions from ^oine other .^onree, ]>os^ibly from tradition 
er frisforIi:al poem^i) j i^H' it Is n^Jt jirohabhj that ■several 
diftrn^ni jirrsons wonhl have been eompiling at tlie same 
lime, luid wtjiild have .^elected the .^ame events, nnd adopt 
prerh-itdy tlie ^ariu^ langUJige and expres,^ion, l!nt the 
fpn^dlion wlnthcr or not it wa^ first ptnmd by a Mcreitm 
or West -Saxon mn,'it be hd^t under ided until .^nme philo- 
logist» t>r L^rvater s^kill and disrernmtnit than nny who 
hm hitherto inve?itigatcd the subject, shall be able lu 
di'tiiridne ihi^ tlict from the intrrnal evidence of the i^everal 
mjinusM'ipts of the Uhrotiiele, There y imw a fair uj»por- 
Imiity of a<'J 'uni pi i siting this dasirabh^ md Ity mran^ of the 

* In \jroiif thsU ull thr nintiuiimpls wtTe copied fmm tm& wmrce, it 
ijiay hi' stnU'd ihri! fivr mftnustripls pimv \h(i d€',lUi i>f rynt-wnlf inidi*r (he 
vfiir TTin, wbvreLiH it did mil tKCiir imtil ihf \*'M' 7'*'i 

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edition which has recently appeared, among the '' Chronicles A.D. 1066. 
^^ and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland/' under the 
direction of the Master of the Bolls. 

To King Alfred, Archbishop Flegmund, and Archbishop 
Donstan, respectively, has been assigned the honour of being 
the originator of the Chronicle ; but no contemporary evi- 
denoe can be adduced in favour of any one of them. That the 
first named, however, may have ordered that materials should 
be collected for such a purpose is probable enough, for we 
know that he did everything in his power to encourage 
learning and foster historical knowledge among his subjects. 
When we find him translating Beda's Ecclesiastical History, 
Orosius, and Boethius, into his mother tongue for the informa- 
tion of his subjects, it certainly is no violation of probability 
to believe that he would order the events of his kingdom to 
be gathered together, and published in the vernacular idiom 
of his people, for their benefit and instruction. The fact of 
the extraordinary general accordance of all copies now remain- 
ing, from the earliest entry in the Chronicle to the close of tho 
ninth century, does to a certain extent encourage the belief 
that it was at Alfred's command that the compilation was 
commenced. Against this supposition, however, it may bo 
urged that so important an undertaking would scarcely have 
escaped the notice of Asser, his contemporaneous biographer ; 
but in answer to this, it must be borne in mind that the 
same biographer has omitted all notice of Alfred's other 
literary productions. 

In fiirther corroboration of the assumption that King 
Alfred was the originator,* we do not say the actual framer, of 
the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle ; this fact may be adduced, that 
from the date of his birth in the year 849 to that of 891 
the entries in the different manuscripts, as far as his actions 
are concerned, are, with one exception (Domit. A. VIIL), 
unequivocally alike. 

All these circumstances combined certainly encourage the 
belief that it was by King Alfred's order that the various 
annals or memoranda of public events, at that time kept in the 

* Corroboratiye also of this view, at least to some extent, is the assertioii 
of GeofiVey Qaimar, that King Alfred caused an English book tti be 
written of deeds and laws, of battles in the land, and of kings who made 

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AJh men. vniion> Tnonfi:^k'i'it'> untl wrhhn in Lntin^ ^liouM Im* eolU cleil 
trnn^hiiitl inlij JCiirfiisli^ ami fpuX tn the [jrniL'i|i:il lll(>^:l>l^r]l^=l 
hi flu* I'f'itlhu li.^ hv (lid in the eu,su ol' hi^ [niiisltlioii ul' Pop** 
Gmijrnry's Fsi:JttHulr. 

JlJ^^^^' siniuUs, Jiclng iluis di^itrilHUeil, wci'p continued in some 
iiioniif^tcrit's mu\ ntgliX'tcd In oTljur^ ; Im'iioo U h llint \\v Imvo 
ill Nit' crfidi'^ whir-li are rxhuit sn iiiany Iik'uI luHircs in 
^01 no, thai tiV(} no I luujid in otlnT^. 

jMftiiy iriridt']ilJil imtu'cs nt ifs (^onhnijiui nix f^u-: j^mgrcs,^* 
n?i ta iniitliTs td" piihlir iuhrist, fuulU ho pointed out, WLve il 
iK'iH viitry, lull fhoir if< cmio in nfrnnoe to tho y< .ir 1(H2 
wliii'Ii oarrii^s oimvii linn fin it.s faro* In tliiLt yoar IIjo liody 
orKifoiili i.T >aid tu Ih' jim^v nt Lomioiij ultliongli its r«'niov;il to 
Csinioriniry is doKiiho"! olovi n yours iiftcnvards. 

Tlio ^rSS. wliioli Av*' jif pn^sonl knuwii nmy hv tlitn 
clrissod t— 

L ^IS. ('or|nis Chrish Culli !:o\ t'nniln iiIlto. 

]MS. CVit!. TilK]-. IJ, xi. 
II. MK Vi>\t. TiUrr. A. ^I, 

MS. Cutt, Tiht r. B. i. 
Til, MS. C\d(. Tibor, IL I v. 
IMS. Coll, D(fniiL A. viiL 
MS. ]]fjAl LnmL imi. 
rpon a <.;n'rt*nl riJii^idtniTioii i^f llie ■^iibjiM^. it vvnnUl iseem 
Mnii I In- original MS,, wfiioli furmt^d tlin hasirf uf iitl ilio otln-r 
MSS. Ui the oixl ol' llio Tihuli t'lnlnry, w!is >iiniliii- lii ihi^ 
C»jrpu^ Ciirii^ti MS, tioToro ii wu> inti rpijljitod \roi\i the now 
dt'^ln^jrj MS, Ot]i?> B, \i, ; fnit flus ljiHi& is onlnrgrd in 
dirtoniu copies l>y parlial insertions fioni llcda's '' Kioli sias- 
■■' lioal History,'* whioh wtro not i!i ilit^ orijiinal oopy, and hy 
thr ucousional introduction id' [lurvly local tvoiit^, 

11 to An^rlo-Stixon Cljrnnicdi^ lia^ lieon |>j'iiitiil r^ovt ral timc^. 
Fii-t nndii- tlio tiiK^ oT '"ClirDnidogiji An;:lo-Saxonicii/' ui 
CiiUihv'uh^i\ in tln> yrar H> I L witli a Lrtlin IrrinHlation b}' 
Alnalnun \^'llt■^lO. Tlio h-xt i- taken from JMS. Cult. Oilio, 
IL xi. (wliich wa^ iifti r^vurdf^ nearly iloslioyed in tlic firo of 
IT^M !, and MS, C.C.C, Cantab, IHJj. Jt wa.^ noxt edited by 
Ivlnnnul GiWon» ai Oxfurd, in the yrar 161^2. He used 
Wlkdoo*^ text a^ Iii-^ liasi^ and :\IS. li<n]l. Laad GS:i ( formerly 
i:. HO). MS. Cott. Tihrr. A. \\.. and MS. C^dt. Domit, A, viii. 
iiu,*!ides ^nvitig a mw Latin vtr-iuii id" tlio to\t, lit added a 
jirofaeOj notes, aud gjnonolo^neal and ^dus^aritil indiecrf. In 


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1823 an edition was published by Dr. Ingram, president of A.D. 1066. 
Trinity College, Oxford. . He collated all the known MSS., 
and gave an English version, together with a preface, notes, 
indices of persons and places, and brief grammar of the Anglo- 
Saxon language. 

In the " Monumenta Historica Britannica," edited by the 
late Mr. Petrie, and published in the year 1848, that portion 
of the Chronicle extending from Caesar's invasion of Britain 
to the year 1066 was printed with an English translation and 
notes. The text was re-constructed, and a manuscript in 
Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, (the oldest known,) was 
adopted as its basis ; this was collated with MS. Cott. Tiber. 
A. vi., MS. Cott. Tiber. B. i., MS. Cott. Tiber. B. iv., MS. 
Bodl. Laud. 636, MS. Cott. Domit. A. viii., and the frag- 
ments of MS. Cott. Otho. B. xi. All additions to the text of 
Corpus manuscript are placed in brackets in the text ; where 
this could not be conveniently done the variations form a 
second text. Every variation, however minute^ occurring in 
the several manuscripts has been preserved. 

A new edition has lately appeared among the '^ Chronicles 
" and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland," published by 
the Government, under the direction of the Master of the 
Rolls, and edited by Mr. Benjamin Thorpe. In this edition 
the t^xts of six manuscripts are printed in parallel columns. 
A second volume contains a translation of the text. The 
indexes are translated from those in Gibson's edition, but 
made to correspond with the pages of the Anglo-Saxon text 
and translation. There is also a glossary of two pages and a 
half of a few Anglo-Saxon terms, necessarily retained in the 
translation, for which there is no exact equivalent in English.* 

1250. Aimales Saxonici a Jul Csasar. ad an. 1070. 

BIS. C.C.C. Cant clxziiL yelU med. fi>lio. 
/nctp.f— " JE,r Cristes geflsescnesse Ix. wintra," 

* Mitt Gurney made a translatioii of the Saxon Chronicle, which was 
printed bat not published. 

t There are at the commencement of the Corpns Christi College MS. 
tome short annals containing the genealogy of the West Saxon Kings, from 
vol* I. T T 

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A ]h iiidi). t^tpt.—'' J i?y|il>aii I'a l^letsmigan umkrlinig."* 

Thtj oldest L^visJin^^ iiinmj-^eriiit oi' the "' Anglo-Saxon 
'^ Cliroiiichj '' is Ihat |iri^^erved iu Aivlibi.-liop Paikur*^ Collec- 
tioNj wbicli lie presented to CoqiUi CLiriiitL College at Cam- 
bridge, It is %vritlL'u on vellum, in vai'iou^ hantU, and in 
donidc eolnmni^, to the inul of jiagte ^) (A.D. 417), Imt nfter- 
warilb in ii full page la the end. The iii>t or original hand ends 
with tlic year 891, at the bottom of page *^rj, with the words 
" [>c on Scott mil wa.'s gelbr,^* Auothtjr begins at the top of tbe 
ver^o of p. 33, something like the erased liand at An, 84*5. men- 
Uoned below ; then p. 34 18 ill aitotiier lijind. At p. 35 toneartlie 
endufjK 41 (An. 91 2) the haiid rieeins ii litth^ etiangtMl ; then to 
the end uf p. 42 (An. JH h tuid xl puuduai) it lis again djtU?rent. 
At p* 43 to the eod ol' p. 48 (tha ared), | being the conclusion 
of An, 9l?l ), the hand i,< ifeemiragly the ?anie a^ at p. 34, Page 
49 I Ail 922) is in itiiother bund, ending about the middle of 
p. oO, and leiiviiig the kiwer half of thai paL^e hhuik* At p. 50 

LVrdic tu thu iiewHsioti of nUjiud, tinrl iK'^aunin^, "' ^y gL^ire he wfles agim 
*' iVimi ( Vjsk'8 act'Oiit^iJie fccc, uuintra n xciiii- uiuatrj ;" and ending, '* hte^ 
'* he bts vyn tcrest Wi'stseajtna huidnii Wt'iilnin ^t'ouilun," Tbe Ctiitonian 
MS. Tihtrius A. ill. ttmlaitJS u M-a^\^ Ituf, vf\\\\ the h\x\\\\i Emnals, but <:mi\\u^ 
lower dowu, viz., h} \\w aeci'ssiun of I'ladi^ t-jirci, Kd^'ur'^ ton, whert' tbu 
MS. tL'nnmatts ahnijitly. The dL'smiyt*d M3. Otlio 11 xL alsr> had the 
saint: nunal*, Imt teriniuatiiig ut dju saiut' pviint us the CDrjiii^ Clu-i^li 
miinuscHpi. Htnte it iiii^ht hn inliTr*.'tl Lliat the Cor|Jtjpi MS^ liod tlitf MS. 
C.ltiui wifiT wi'iiit'M iQ tilt/ R'ign tif Allred, and Tilx^nns Ah iii,^ or rathtT 
'ri1uTTa*t A*Yi-, fer Wttalt?)' ^vith ptKid rtai*t>u uoDJi-t'tun"* ttiat this thigTii*?nt 
i^ri^riuiiny bdmigt'd \<t ihut MS, ( Set' No. 1163,) wiiij wriUfii during iht 
rci^a ijl Edward thu Rliiriyr. TisL-i^e anaala huve bft-u rc^fKUivdly iiriint-d j 
finst in the prtifati] to W be lee's tdiuou of llcdii, p. v,, and ntltrHards ia 
tJif Uxford LdiiinQ of Sixhiiiuii'tj " Vita vKit>L'di," p. \)^\L Thty aru aJso 
JTisc'rtt:d iu LiiljT^nii'Ti and lupLmi'H tditionb of da^ Saxou L'hronieks Au. A^tt* 
* Thiti is fiJlowi'd hy au net: s mo I of J.unfhaic, in Latin, coiiimoiicing, 
■' llor uniio Lmifranea^, Cudoiiitftisiis Abt>a?;/' ;ind ending, " t^t saeratus t'st 
*' ii. Nofi. Ductal oh,'* 'Wk-h cnm^! the *' Lv^ls ^mfredi Ke^i^, fn qmbuw 
*• rLiilunlur Legt*?, Inie, \W%\^ Wt^si-baxmiLitu/' Li irnttiiatek a lie i- whieh 
occur "Netninu I'tuitiiicuni K^i^njiaua' iirttU. Art'hiepiiit.'npinTLiu DorovLm^^nsiii 
'' Ecelt'siit'. KpUcoporum llroftfOHis, i )f [jalliis a FoutihcibiLH UoTnani^ hue 
" JiiihMs. Nniiiiiia K[Nscoponini Uritnialiuni ^LLsunllnSpAu^>t^uliul^ Saxonumj 
" Ueeidc^utahuin Saxon um, SLirebui^eniiis Ecck^^ia-, WiUuni-a^'is Ei'eleMii?^ 
it CndienMhi Eeehsia';" t-ach gtneraUy ending wilh the immediate fuoce^surfi 
of tbo.He lant najiitd in MS. t.<>it, Tibtv, IJ. v. The nuincs of the northeni 
Bi^bnpK evidfully dt> not ctjino froni tlie f^iun*? MHireu. Hotb of tht^% \ia.j 
the account of Lanfrauc aud tliL JJstij uf Bishei>a are printed by Wheloc. 

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to 54 (An. 925-955) the hand is again changed, and at p. 55 AJ>. loee. 
there is another hand. From p. 56 to p. 59 (An. 973 to the 
end of An. 1001) there is a different and smaller hand. The 
remainder^ to An. 1066 (except Cnut's gift, An. 1031), seems 
to be in the same hand. The account of Lanfranc (An. 1070) 
is in a somewhat different hand, and in the latter part it re- 
sembles that of the ancient additions preceding An. 891. 

Besides the varietj of hands already noticed, there are many 
insertions preceding the year 891, in a hand apparently of the 
twelfth century. They in general occupy the place of passages 
which have been erased,* and which they were probably in- 
tended to correct ; but there are also a few corrections or 
various readings inserted between the lines, without effiKung 

yiH patricius 

the ancient reading (mip — Her paladius).t 

Wheloc, who collated this copy, has inadvertently ascribed 
these additions to Josselin, who, though he did indeed insert in 
the margins many collations from other manuscripts, yet the 
hand in which they are written in the text is certainly not his. 
Wheloc further says, that Josselin assigns them to the ** Codex 
'^ Petroburgensis," whereas Josselin merely says occasionally, 
" sic et in Cod. Petroburg."J 

The original hand in the text to An. 891 has various uniform 
peculiarities of orthography, such as Cuam for Com, Walas 
for Wealasy hiera for hiorOy Of slog for O/sloh, MUrcna for 
Myrcn<i^ Cuen for CweUy &c. Josselin has attended to these 
variations in his collations in Tiberius, B. iv. ; but Wheloc has 
not noticed them.§ 

* The original and its intended correction or substitation may be seen 
at An. 603 and S04. 

t At An. S45 a passage has been added and afterwards erased, apparently 
because it iras fonnd to be In the text lower down (An. 851). It is, 
howerer, still in a great degree legible ; being in a hand somewhat larger 
than the text, and not so upright 

X For instance, nnder An. 381, 409, 423, 430-604, and in two or three 
other places, Josselin writes ** sic etiam in Petrob.," yet he leares many 
others without any attempt to appropriate them. Most of them, howerer, 
in substance at least, are either in MS. Cott or in MS. Laud 636, which, 
if not Josselin's Cod. Petrob., is a nearly similar cqpy. 

S Wheloc has not denoted the additions at An. 86, 560, 596, 606, 616, 
and he has erroneously marked as additious parts of An. 465, 588, 761, 794, 
and 879, which are in the original hand. He has also omitted to point out 
a few pasMges which are wanthig In the CkirpusMSL compared with 

T T 2 

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A.D* 1066. Tliese dialectal iK*c\iliaritie3 am tlj ought to itidlcafc n. 
Mercian orlgiu. 

He has also omitted to notieo, ainori;; <o]nv Dtlier p;irtiriiLir?, 
the tulio^Yin^ eircurn^tiuicob corinei'tt:il with thf^ chronolit^^y at" 
ibis maiiai^eri[it. An. H92 is left hlunk at the bottoQi of tho 
rt^to, where the orii^iirat hand end^, and the word?; '^ ond |>y 
^' ilean ^eare/* (Wlieloc, p. 540) fuHow in a n<.w iiainJ at tlie 
titj.1 uf tlie next ver.-^o, witliont any date, l»nt apparently adopt- 
ing the precudiii;.' date, 892. 

An. 893 of Wheh^c *'lier on fystim" was originally H92, and 
the i^cveral years ti> An. 92.j (originiilly 924) have been altered 
in the .sanio manner; so tlnit (at ha^t to An. 915). it i^ not 
ca^sy inoverjyear todisicover the obliterated number ; bntthty 
are evidently nuw a year htrr than they originally stood. 

With a few exceptions, the Curpus MS. fieeni:^ to have 
agreed witli Otho B, xi. till the hilt*r ende<l. An, 1001, 

The Corpuii MS- bogiii?i with the genealogy of the West- 
Saxon King^ to Alfred, printed by Whehsc in the preface to 
Bedu (p, 5). Thi/ text *' iEr Cristes'' begins at the top of the 
*^ ver^o/^ or sieond }ntge. 

There are red crosses in tlirec places in the margin, at the 
year:5 853, S60, and 910 ; afewotheris in ink huving been added 
by a later hand. 

ll^rjf. Ctiroiiicon Saxoniciinij a Julio Cir^iro ii,«qquf^ ad 
anniini Dotnini HKH iiicluhjive, 

MS. CutI- Otho 13. xi, vtll. sm:ill fuho. 

/^ie//>.^" JEr Criatea gefla^Rcncj^se syxtl win Ira." 

Kji'pL-^'^ -} syl>|^an i^a hlet?^ungan nnderfeng.*^ 

The volume in whieh this eojjy of the Saxon Chronicle occurs 

was a small folio before it was damaged by tire in 1731. It is 

now reduced to a email quarto. The whole volume, which is 

in a hand apparently of the eleventh century, was supposed to 

have been destroyed by Arc, but a considerable portion of 

Beda's Ecclesiastical History, whieli was included in the 

volume, and three leaves of the Saxon ChroniclCj beginning 

A.D. 8o7 and ending A.D. 871, have recently been recovered. 

Both works were used by Whcloe in his edition of Beda's 

**IIistoria Eeclesiastica" and the Saxim Chronicle* Of the 

latter thi-» MS. formed the liasis. A comparison of stich part? 

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as are still legible with Whdoc's edition shows that he AJ). loee. 
transcribed it very faithfollj. 

A transcript by Lambard, apparently of this MS., is among 
Usher^s collections in Dublin. 

Incam. — ^A.D. 977. 
1252. Annales Saxonice ab Incam. ad an. 977. 

MS. Cott Hber. A. vL if. 1-34. veil, small folio, xii. cent. 

Incip, — " ^r Gristes geflaescnesse Ix. wintra." 

ExpL — " on Scs Paulus portico." 

This was originally a small qnarto, but is now much shrunk 
by fire, and has been rebound. It extends from the Incar- 
nation to the year 977, and is written in one uniform hand, 
apparently of the latter part of the tenth century. The chro- 
nology was never completed. The years are regularly marked 
on the outer margin (except in blank years) to 552 ; but 
afterwards they are only occasionally inserted. Jossclin has 
supplied the chronology where it was wanting, but his dates 
do not agree exactly with those of any one of the copies which 
he is known to have used, although they approach very nearly 
to those of Tiberius B. iv. To A.D. 918 this copy, with little 
variation, is taken from a manuscript similar to the Cottonian 
MS. Otho B. xi. ; but it would seem that the compiler of it 
having found the Annals of Mercia, during the government 
of Ethelfleda, in a separate form, instead of attempting to 
incorporate them chronologically with the other narrative, has 
inserted them continuously, so that after carrying on the 
annals to An. 918, he returns to 896 with the Mercian notices, 
which are continued till the two narratives run into one. An. 
919. Thenceforward to An. 934 it has little resemblance to 
MS. Otho B. xi., but afterwards, from that year to 975, it has 
much in common with that copy. Its connexion with a copy 
resembling Otho, rather than the Corpus MS., before it was 
interpolated, is ascertained by a comparison of the years 54-7, 
560, 565y* and 616,* with Wheloc's edition, as collated with 
the Corpus MS. 

* Both years are on erasares in the Cktrpus MS. 

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A.lh iDGfi, Tliere \R a trini?i"ri[>t of this manuscript on pnper of the 
cnil cif i]w sixteen til or In ginning of tlje soyGuteenth centtiry 
in tht^ BuJlpiiia Library, Liuid (iljl (formerly G. 36 J, which 
wiisi usid by Gibi?on mid rL-forrcil to by him aa *'MS. Cant*" 
Tt lias no nnto indieulinj^f I ho nmnc of a former pos^C3Sor, 
except that of Latur:? donation in 163S, Nor is thrre any 
rtinrtrk eonOGrning tlie cliroiioh>;zyT which is regularly copied 
from that snpplied hy Jos soli n in Tiborini^ A, vi. 

1253. Chroiiicoii Srixeinietiui a. Jul. LVi\sai\ ad ann. 


MS. Cott. TihmuH Tl. I. vi4l. 4 To. 

fjiciih — *'^T^r CfLstt^s p;en:T-scnr?<.^o is., wintra." 

ExpL^-*^} |je!j t'yjiiiifre^ sn, .ITutmnndus let ITtirold f^iran 
^- hwiw to Ni>r\voio niid allc )^a si'Tpe/' 

This eo]>y ex tend < from the irivuijinn of Juliusi Ca^t^ar to the 
yoar lOfifx It i:^ written apparently in tlin same liand to the 
year I04'>p ami aflerward;^ in %^ariouf^ hnnd;^ to tht^ end. The 
years of thr Inearnariioi are in red, .At An. 10,^6 there li* 
half a page blank, and it thm pasr^erf on to UKJo. 

Tl apj>eara to have hun copied from a manuseript nearly 
similar to Tiheriu^ A, vi., a.^ iar a< that eojiy reaches. It 
abo inserts the account of Etln-bleda eonliniiou.sly. Afier- 
wards it agrees to A J), lOoG for the nio^it part with Tibcrius 
B. ivp, Bodley, Latul 63H iind Uomitiaii A, \\\\. After HJ56 
it is blank 1o A.D, lOH^j, an<l omls in a haj»d of llie twelfth 
century, with the story of thr Tlani- i\\ Stamford Bridge, A.D. 

I Li a ?^\Y instances, differing]: ffoai of the other copies, 
it ?eenis to Ijegin thi^ year at Eti^tcr.* 

Ey Josftclin it i^ called '^ Chronicon Abbendonla.i**f aad "MS. 
Boyer/^ Before it hoc am e tho propter ty of Sir Robert Cotton, 
it belonged to Bowver^ who was Keeper <if the Records in tho 

*" Tlu^ year To;? {<. c^'rront^ou>*ly ^rincTi f(»r 70 Si, anfl in constquence of 
thi^ iiii^taki' i at li i^iiL'L'LH^hiiL^ year to A,h TUl |j£i?^lM't'n made une ahort, 
f Tlitf Land yi6. hia^ mure uolictv^ \A' Abingdon than this MS. 

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1264. Chronicon Saxonicum ab Incaro. ad ann. 1079. AJ)..i066. 
MS. Cott. Tiber. B. iv. med. folio, veil. xi. cent 

Ineip. — ** Brjtene igland is ebta hnnd mila lang." 

ExpL — "Newyllewe })eh her na m^re scaSe awritan })e 
" he his fasder ge . . ." 

This copy extends from the Incarnation to the year 1079, 
and is written in the same hand to A.D. 1016, then in the same 
kind of hand, bat smaller, and afterwards nearly the same to 
the end. The continuation after 1016 bears internal evidence 
of being in some places the work of a contemporary. It is 
much mutilated from An. 261 to An. 693 ; but part of 
the hiatus, from 409 to 633, has been filled up by Josselin from 
other copies. It is also mutilated at the end. It originally 
had no initials, but some have been added in red to An. 794. 
Besides using the common basis of the Corpus Christi MS. to 
An. 975, it seems to have insertions from two other MSS., 
one like Laud 636, and the other like Tiberius A. vi. ; in 
addition to which, it has many events relating to Mercia and 
Northumbria from an unknown source, which would almost 
seem to imply the existence of a distinct Chronicle. The 
history of Ethelfleda is interwoven chronologically, but some- 
times unskilfully. 

In general Item implies the beginning of a new year f but 
in this copy it seems occasionally to indicate the insertion of 
an extract from a fresh manuscript. 

This MS. is called " Chronicon Wigorniae " by Josselin. 

The portion extending from A.D. 1043 to the end has been 
printed by Lye as an Appendix to his Saxon Dictionary, from 
a faulty transcript by Lambard, now in the library of Christ 
Churcl)^ Canterbury. 

1266. Chronicon Saxonioon ab iDcamatione ad A.D. 


BiS. BodL Laud 636. (olim E. 80.) veil, small 4to. xii cent 
Incip, — '^ Brittene igland is ehta hund mila lang." 
ExpL — " abbot 3 . . . haued begunnon. Xrist hi . . . . " 

* In the latter portion of this MS. the annalist seemingly commences 
the year at Easter, contrary to the nsoal mode of Anglo-Saxon reckoning ; 
thei^by atrengthening the presumption that this portion is the work of a 
contcn[^K>rary writer. 

Digitized by 



AhD, 1D66- Til is topy. cmljnK'iiifij tin? period from thr Irirarnfition lo 
A.D.I 1.j4, is wiiUen iiv tloul>le rnlnmiis from Aiu 12 to An. 47fi, 
buL uftiT that, in full im*io. Iletwcen tht^ yuars 891 and 1)75 
iLc iiiformfitiou in it is vory scanty, sCTCral years boinj^ blunk** 
The lian<lwriting find ink are iicjirly IIk* same to A.D. 1122, 
UTid tliiL^ fjir it is apparently tlie wfuk nf the same* scribe. 
From 1122 it appears to have I iccn written by various per- 
sons. The year 1 122 is in it looser hand ; thnt of 1123 \a in 
pider ink ; and that of 1124 in darker ink, but the writing is 
not so matn^thr liandiii pynenil afkrvvftrds to the end, thoujih 
ill the same description of ii:md. It cnd.^ in n mutihiteJ statu 
itt till' boitimi of a page, and a ^nlall portion of the la^t leaf is 
now illt'pibh'. Several of the latter leaves arc larger than 
iIk' rest, and on the margins between the year.n 112B and 
1140 is inserted, in a later hand, a brief French Chrotiieic 
fjuni Brut to Eilward T.t 

On the pappr with wliirh tht' volnme is interleaved, and 
sometimes on tho orl>iinai }iarelimeni, are Ciillations and a few 
noti^^^ apparently l»y Lialr, from the Corpus MS-, which is 
referred to as *rBetict MS, vok 269," and ihe^e extend as low 
a#i An. 918 ; after wliieli he calls it '' MS. Caut.;' or '* Canter- 
** hnry Bo<)k/' To A.D. H9\, it is dciived IVoni a copy 
similar to the Corpus C'bristi ^^S. It has, however, many 
atlditions during tlial poriod, of which the greater part is from 
lleda. Th(' remainder consist:* of brief notices, partly relating 
to the southern purtinn of the island, and partly to North- 
umbria. This Laud MS. lias little in common wJth the Corpus 
Christ! MS. at^ler An. SIM. Imt after An. 975 it agrees more 
or ir>s with Dmnitiau A, viii., Tiberius IV, i*, and Tibt^rius 
IX i v., I ill tin y severally enrb 

From A,l). ^^^> > it has irmny laie additiens pecuhar to itself 
con earning Pi tirlitJiinigh. t«> win eh monastery it appears 
til have bnlongi'ibi It ha? also certain Latin notices inserlrd 
between the years III and ^12, whieh are derived from a 

* NnOiin^ i^ L>Dttfrc£n)etW€tfa tin* yc^v^ ^94 ami mh 

-\ '' A]}Tv^ !"i Ml^n, III ) fa n-i Edw^ht i^nu lii^. Wt^a bncbel^^r. pniz et 
*' viiliiiat.'" 

i See Ann. *5nr», f;r,7. ryiV, r^^n, 777. S5:^, [*tin, ki.\ In MS. rmt.Domit, 
xvUi. ff. a8^4li ^lY t\i'ir]>t> Mcniingly from iLlh MS. fnna ihi^ yi'HT 189 
tn 1173, mad I by L^iwrctite Nowvll, 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



source similar to that of the *^ Chronioon Cadomense," printed A J). 1066. 
bj Dachesne. 

In the latter portion of this manuscript there is much to 
lead to the inference that it is the production of more than 
one contemporaneous writer. In one place an expression 
points to Edward the Confessor as being on the throne when 
the entry was written (An. 1041). In another the author 
gives a minute and graphic description of William the 
Conqueror^ from personal observation (An. 1087). A pious 
ejaculation for the welfare of Emulf, Bishop of Rochester 
upon his accession to that dignity in 1114,* shows that 
the passage in which it occurs must probably have been 
written at the time, certainly before his death in 1124. 
A sentence which may be seen at the end of the year 1127t 
proves that the writer when he penned it was then ignorant of 
the issue of a transaction, which, however, he presently enters 
as concluded in 1 128.| This portion of the Chronicle bears in- 
disputable marks of a contemporary hand on every page ; the 
hopes and fears, affections and antipathies, of the writer being 
all distinctly recorded. It was not reduced to its present form, 
however, until after the death of King Stephen, whose reign is 
mentioned as having extended to 19 years (A.D. 1 137). Again, 
Martin Abbot of Peterborough is spoken of as dead when the 
narrative assumed its present form, an event which we know 
did not occur until An. 1165. The writers, whoever they 
were^ seem to have been well informed upon the transactions 
of the period, and at the same time cautious in introducing 
statements, of the veracity of which they had not reasonable 
evidence. In one place. An. 1 106, they say, speaking of some 
strange appearances in the sky, '' but we do not write more 
^* fully about it, because we saw it not ourselves." Upon 
another occasion, they express themselves with a degree of 
independence of thought upon the delicate subject of the 
venality of the Court of Rome, which shews them to have 

* ** God iBlmihtig wimie lefre mid him." 

t Spetking of Henry, Abbot of Peterborough, the chronicler says, ''pis 
" wms his ingang . of his ntgang ne conne we iett noht s^gon. God 
" Bcsweibre.'* 

X **1 Hm ilees geares ferde se forensprecene abbot Henri ham to his 
** agen minstre to Feitoa . be |>»8 Kyngea leve.*' 

Digitized by 


060 BEscRrprn-E fATAi/xmK of manuschipts relating 

A.l). \m^^. beon inon who woulil not. scruple lionestly lo cxprcs^s tliDir 
t^oriyicliflns. Upon the whole, wo may pcTlirtps consider this 
inanuscript as tlir most vnhiable copy of thi^ Saxon Chrooiclu* 

1256. Chroiiicon Saxon ico-Latinum a Christo iiato ad 
A.1). JUoS. 
MS. Colt Donih. A.viii. ii. vttL 6vo. isin nr xii. oeisu 
hftip. — '^Britcnc iiflsind y^ elita hund mHa lung/* 

ExpL—''^ Siward 11^), to ti, to Kof " 

This MS- is npparontly in the Bume hand througljout, but 
snmetimos carelczisly writlen* nnd 111 somo places nenrly illegible; 
in whirh sttiti' it ends. There are al^o many craaures. A Latin 
translation follows the Saxon* text at the end of each year, 
and in in general very elose ; but it has oceasionally insertions 
in Lntin, whieh aro not to be fuund in the Saxon text. 
If. eontaius alo^o wirions iidditions ehielly relating to Iventish 
eeele>i(V}Jlienl affairs, the firf^t of whieh oeenris under the year 
694. It appears to have belonged to Cliribt Church, Ctmtcr- 
bury, within the walls of wliieh it was probably compiled. 

Its l>asis ro the year 891, in cornmon with the (/ottoniaii 
iMS. Tiberinpi B. iv, and tVie Bodleian Laud 636, is a text 
similar to Otho B, xi., only with many addiiioiis^ whieh, 
ffir the greater [lart, resemble those copies. Like Laud 636, 
it ronhnns very little between the years *^91 and 97o ; after 
^vhieh it neitrly eoineidrn widi Tiberius B- i.* Tiberiu:? B. iv., 
and Land 636. 

Aineng the Bodleian MS, ( Jnniii;^ 10) is Jnnius^s collation 
of this MS. (Domitiun A. Tiii,), with Whcloe's edition q^ the 
Saxon Chronicle, but he takes no notice of the Latin trans- 

Wu, Tlte A)ii:j]n-Soxnn La^ys. 

It has been expedient iu noticing this class of 
materialH for Engli>h Ilir^tory to place them together under 

* Thu L;\tiii vn .jn)j nf iKfs jM.s, Ih^^ihk " lirUannia iusala haliet in 
lun^ttiicline Minfnimiu millarin/* und L-nds '^ Kt Kdwardiui jialt^r Edgar! 

Digitized by 


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one head, rather than to distribute them under the seyeralAl^* 1066. 
periods to which they respectively relate. 

The earliest collection of these Laws was made by William 
Lambarde, who published the result of his labours in the year 
1568, under the title of " APXAIONOMIA, sive de Priscis 
^* Anglorum Legibus Libri, sermone Anglico, vetustate anti- 
** quissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis conscripti." This volume 
only contains the Laws of Ina, and of Alfred, the agreement 
between Alfred and Guthrum, the Laws of Edward, the agree- 
ment between Edward and Guthrum, the Laws of Athel- 
Stan, Edmund, Edgar, Ethelred, Cnut, and Edward the 

In the year 1644 Abraham Wheloc produced an amended 
edition of these Laws, with the Laws of the Conqueror and 
Henry L ; and David Wilkins published, in 1721, his celebrated 
collection under the title of ''Leges Anglo-SaxonicsB Eccle- 
'' siasticsB et Civiles." The last edition of these Laws published 
in England* was in the year 1840. It was commenced under 
the direction of the late Mr. Henry Petrie, as a portion 6f the 
'< Monumenta Historica Britannica," and was to have formed 
one of the volumes of that national collection. Mr. Petrie 
was assisted in this portion of the work by the late Mr. 
Richard Price, a highly competent and accomplished scholar. 
On the death of Mr. Price the completion of the work was en- 
trusted to Mr. Thorpe by the late Record Commissioners, and 
at his suggestion the portion that had been printed under 
Mr. Price's revision was cancelled, in order that <* an uni- 
'' formity of phraseology might be secured in fhe translation." 

The Laws of Kings Aethelbirht, Hlothasre and Eadric, 
THhtraed, Alfred and Ine, Alfred and Guthrum's Peace, the 
Laws of King Edward the Elder, Edward and Guthrum, 
Aethelstan, Edmund, Edgar, Ethelred, Cnut, and Edward the 
Confessor, will be found in one or other of the following 
manuscripts : — 

Ma Cott Nero K i. Nero A. L Claud. A ill. Claud. D. U. Tiber.Aiii. 

Veepas. D. xr. Tiber. A. xxvii. Vitell. A. ii. 

MSS. Harl. 55. 746. 

MS. Bibl. Reg. ii. B. il. 

• Dr. Schmid biou^t <mt an editton in 1832, and Kolderop published 
tlie Laws of Cnut in 1826. A new edition lately published in Germany. 

Digitized by 



A,a 1066. MSS. C.CXt. Cant. 38-1 (10. ^). 2fi5 (k. 2). ;?01 (s. 18). 17:1 (s. 11). 

ion fL. xii). 
MS?iS. Uofll. L^iifl 1\ 17. Junius l:il. 

MS. Lib. Rub. Scacc. 

MS. (iisriu'v (Mricrn). 

MS. TrolJvbani. 

MS. l^ibl. Due. Biirguod. Briistll 

Thr followiijg M8S. cofitaiQ Latin vcrsiQii^ of the Saxon 

M8, BibL lliig. Vi. 0. IL MS^. On. T\hi.*r. A. xxvii. YhvW A. xvii. 

Claud. U. ii» Domtt, A, viiS. 

MSS Ilari. 7 ifi. 1704. MSS. BodL lli^by 12. BudL Douce 1-17. 

51 S. Oriel, xlvi. MS. Ite^in. 212. 

MS. IJnivcr^s, 177. MS, KtirJii. lii^rluw. P. 13 (24 lU). MS. CCC 

Cant. 70. 

MS, Phillips. 8rf7r». MS. G unity (Mii^m). MS, Holkhaiii 22S. 

MS, HiberSl. 

MS. BiliL du Rot 4771. c^liui Colbert ar Pari^. 

The fid low] 11^ MSS. contain llitj Lawa nl' Edward the 
Coiift'ssor 111 FriiKdi i — 

My. Bibl Pub. Cant Kt'. i. I MS. Bodl. Douce 139. 

1258, \\\^h}i LaW8. 

The rea:^on for horc ;^roupIrig all the Wel^h Jjhws togtdlicr 
1!? thu 5:17110 a^ that assigned a( yu 660, fur jilaciii^ iiiiijtjr one 
head all the: Angln- Saxon Law^. 

A coHot'tion of Wi Lli Laws was first niado hy Di\ William 
WottO", ami publishoil in tijc ytur IT'^O, undrr the title 
'* C} freithjcn Ilywel Ddii ac eraili, ^ini Leges Wallica^ 
'■'' KcelosiastieiL* et t ivile^ Iloeli Eoni et nliorum WalliEC Prin- 
''^ jmni, ex variis Codicilnjs ^Innu.^erjplL-? cnity\' 

* The principal MSS. ik^etl by Dr. Wotton were MS. C'.CC Cant. Q. xi, i. 
(4r)4). MS. Leida\ MS. Cott. Wspas. K, xi. i. MS, Cotr. Calig. A. lii, 3. 
MS. Cott. Titus )j. ii. MS. Cott. Titua IK ix. MS. Cott. CUopat. 11 r. 3. 
MS. Cott. Citf^pal. A. xiv. fv MS. IJarl. 93. c. 23. C3. B SO. :MS. ColK 
Jesu.H Oxon. MS. (Jwtii Mayriekf. MS. toll. Mj.^rkiti Osloti. MS. peccs 
MuHou indiilnium. MS, Gail. Philipp.^. IMS. lieu. 11 ow lands, Mij. iJe- 
lirf-ht. MS. llnjgwii. 

Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

Digitized by 



A new collection was formed by the late Mr. Aneurin Owen, a.D. 10C6« 
and published bj the Record Commission in the year 184*1 . 
It was originallj intended to constitute a portion of Mr* Petrie's 
" Monumenta Historica Britannica ;" but the Record Commis- 
sioners determined to publish it in a separate form. In the 
first instance it was entrusted to the late Humphries Parry ; 
but his decease occurred before any progress had been made 
by him in the collection of the materials. It is pleasing to 
observe the terms in which Mr. Aneurin Owen speaks of the 
late Mr. Petrie when offering his acknowledgments to those 
who assisted him. 

The Venedotian or North Wales Code, containing the Laws 
of Howel Dda» as printed in Mr. Owen's edition, will be 
found in the following manuscripts : — 

(a) MS. Hengwrt xiL cent 

(b) MS. Cott Titos D. ii ziii. cent 

(c) MS. Ck>tt Caligola A. iiL ziii. cent 

(d) MS. Hengwrt xiy. cent 

(e) MS. Welsh School, London. jdiL cent 
If) MS. Hengwrt xy. cent 

(g) MS. Hengwrt ziii. cent 
(h) MS. Hengrwt 

The Dimetian or West Wales Code, as printed in 
Mr. Owen's edition, will be found in the following MSS. : — 

(i) MS. Hengwrt, Beta 19. yell. Svo. xiy. cent 

(j) MS. ColL Jesu, Ozon. zy. cent 

(k) MS. MS. Hengwrt, Kalan. zy. cent 

(1) MS. Cott Titos ziii. D. iz. cent 

(m) MS. Hengwrt, Beta 47. ziy. cent 

(n) MS. Hengwrt, Beta. ziy. cent 

(o) MS. Hengwrt, Bedn. ziy. cent 

(p) MS. Hengwrt, Be-fol. ziy. cent 

(q) MS. Wynnstay. zy. cent 

(r) MS. Hengwrt, Maredudd Uwyd. ziy. cent 

(s) MS. Cymrodorion Soc. Lond. zy. cent 

(t) MS. Harl. 95S. ziii cent 

MS. Bodl. 280. ziy. cent 

MS. Coll. Merton, Ozon. 

MS. Trin. CoU. Cant 

MS. Lambeth. 

The Gwentian Code, as printed in Mr. Owen's edition, 
will be found in the following MSS. : — 

(a) MS. Hengwrt, Morg. ziy. cent 
(y) MS. HarL 4353. ziy. cent 

Digitized by 



A.D. 1060 (^') ^^^- Cutt. rii^op:it. A, xiv. xlvt cent 

(y) ]S1S. Cmubt-ari*. xiv. ceut. 

Tiie WcIbU or AiimualoLm Lsiu's, ns printcil in Mr, Ovvcii'e< 
udiiion, will be funnel in I he Tullowijig MSS. :^^ 

/V MS, }\tuf^\vTt, Ak \v. tvnt, 

6 MS. Stlin;v|ii ;\^ 

CD MS. Ili.i];r\vTL Frafj. 

D \V h i it^ li t Aj Is of I Uig L^^ t. 

Ttjo Lo;ies WiUHnii:' (Latiin, as printr^l iii Mr, Owiii% 
I'llitiuii, will be ibiiijJ in th<' fuUmving MSS : — 

MS. Ik^ng^^Tf, Lat xiii. ci^iit. 
MS, L'ltlt. Vi'sjm.'i. E, xi. xiv. tvnl, 
MS* ILirL 1 Tini. xjU. etat. 

I 2-j9. Breliori Law.s. 

'Vhr Avrii :\ 1 Lavv;^ ajid Insti tl tes ol' Iiiklaxtj, 

A C'ommjj^siiin was issued in Lin- yrar Jy.j2 lithIci' !lio Great 
SL^al of Ireland, Tor tlie |m>iiKirinn oT liistoricril knuvvk-dge, 
fnul llie eolleeliini and iniblicatJLUi of ibe aneient lawn of Ire- 
Itind in a funn •similar to that in whleh the Anglo-Saxon and 
Welsh laws werp eiiited. It was well known, from the Es^ay 
of Edward ( TRi illy, publit^lied in the iburtceuth volume of 
die TraririaeLiuns (jf the llvyn] Irisli Acadrniy, and from the 
'* Capitula sulecta ex aiiti(jua C'ununujn eullLutione facta in 
*' Ilibernia sccnlo eirciter vjii," in D*Afhery .Spiel k gin m, Jul. 
Paris, 1723, as well fis from the extni€t=! published by Val- 
laneey, in his ** Collectatiea de Rebtts Hiheriiieis/' that the 
aneieiit Iii^li laws, known :i^ tho *Mirehon Laws," ?i[>art from 
lliiir mere aiitisiniry, pussti^^ eoiK-ide ruble interest to the 
liJStoriuTi :ind jurist. 

The iirehun laws are tu lie Ibuml in several nianuserlpts of 
(Treui. llritain and Ireland, All hough no nnmuseript con- 
laining lliem can he toond of an older date than th^ fourteenth 
eentujy. \rt they bciir the inarka of great aiitiifuity. They 
are wrlilrn in ti dialcet almost ai*ailllrent from the vcruaeular 
Irish of the present day as Angb-Saxon is from modern English. 

Digitized by 


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They exhibit important bearings upon the existing condition A.D. 1066. 
of society in Ireland. Some relate to offences against person 
and property ; and regulate, in the most minute manner, the 
fines to be paid by the offenders as the compensation to be re- 
ceived by the injured parties or their representatives. Others 
prescribe the prices to be paid for work done or articles 
purchased. A very interesting class of laws lays down the 
privileges attaching to persons in the different ranks of society. 
Others have reference to the distribution and transfer of land. 
No portion of the wofk has been published ; but large collec- 
tions, amounting to about 13 volumes, have been made, and 
are ready for printing. 

1260. Codex Diplomaticus ^Evi Saxonid. 

An important series of Charters, WUlSyand other documents, 
has been collected and printed for the English Historical So- 
ciety, under the above title, by the late Mr. John M. Kemble, 
from various original sources and ancient manuscripts. 

A large and valuable collection of Charters relating to the 
Anglo-Saxon period was made by the late Mr. Petrie, and is 
now deposited in the Public Record Office. It contains a 
great number of important documents which are not in Mr. 
Kemble's volumes. Mr. Petrie's collection was lent to Mr. 
Thorpe in the spring of 1868, and that gentlemen has 
announced his intention of publishing the collection. 

1261. De Dignitaie Hondnum. 

MS. Undenbrogianai in BibL Ciidt Hamburg. 

Incip. — *^ Taini lex est, ut sit dignus rectitudine testamenti 
" sui." 

JExpl.^-^^ Et alia plurima fuerunt a pluribus, quorum hoc 
^* viaticum sit, et quod supra diximus." 

A short tract, showing the duties and rights of many ranks 
and conditions of* the common people before the Norman 

Digitized by 



A,l>. lotU'n 1-fj-. Catalogus Sanctorurn ^jiu in Aiiglia requiescuiDt, 
vel oxinde oii>^niKiii tia\*.'iiiiit. 

^rS. C.C.C. Cunt. S. If^, (20j) S, 18. t: I4r, Un. vill. ^mall fnliu. xl cent. 

Mi?. Bi>dL Jun. 38. iv. et MS, Bodl. Jim. im. 

MS. Sloatiu 3S. 

MS, Cott Claud E. ix, -l, 

MS. l[nrl. 1GG3. 

Printi^tl in llickcs' ** Di^.-^ertiUio KjiiMo!ari^j'*iVom th*^ Corpus 

Christ i MS., r. 147. 

LipL — '* )kG his ^I'idda f:idor EatlWd eynin^^c lict nscttan 
*' Goile to lofc 3 .Hca Marian." 

1 ^()3- D€ Sanctis in Aiiglia sepulti.^.* 
.^^s. cac. Cnnt. s. \^ {^im) t u^. 

MS. Con. Virdl D 17. f, ^I?^± vdl. 4to. 

/,V/i, — ^^Jlei" ongintieJ** Ht'cgnn bu ^nm Go*le** f^vm j'C on Enfif- 

^' l^ilandc rtston.-' 

hitijK — " Scs AU CUIUS a^ro.^^t martyr on Ercotone/' 
KxpL — *' Lii ealra ^vuruIcIi^ woriili] on trnyi^st*. Amen." 
PrintLHi in Hiukct^' '^ Dissi-rtafio EpL^tolan?;/' p, 117, from 

tlii> Corpus MS. S. IS. t 149. 

1264. Exceipta o Secundo Liltro HiHtoriro Eliensis, 

Incip — ^' Tilt* rim a!jba> [ISritlinoiliis] circa ecdci^iiT?.** 

£.vpl. — *Uan1um iiuluctuH novi rc^ni,*' 

Priiitcil in CJalc'n ** Ili^torire Britannica^j Saxoiiica^, Anglo- 
*' D.^niciv .^criptores XV," I, 4H9, 

Thi,-* is a portion of llic Second ISouk of the '"Liber Eliensis/' 
ivbicb ill the Ely MS. reaebej^ to the year 1 107. Giile printed 

^ A J.aiin vtrsuiu of tlu^ in ia JIS. Colt. VittU. A, 2, L 4 b. aud MS. 
Lnmbt;tb 99. f. IS". 

Digitized by 


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it from his own MS. It contains but little of a public interest. A.D. 1066. 
The author uses and quotes Florence of Worcester, the Saxon 
Chronicle, Osbern, and William of Malmesbury. He gives 
various interesting details respecting the monastic modes of 
acquiring property. 

1265. Oodefridi de Malmesbury ab adventu Saxonum 
od tempore Regis Guilielmi primi Historia, quando 
Normanni regnare coeperunt. 

MS. Cott Vespas. D. iv. f. 126. veil, small folio, xv. cent 

Incip. — <* Britannia insula a quodam consule Romano." 
ExpL — 'Mpse Rex Haraldus bello contecuit. Tunc coepe- 
*< runt Normanni regnare." 

Godfrey of Malmesbury is a writer unknown to our early 
bibliographers. His history is said to be founded upon Beda ; 
but in fact it is almost entirely based upon Geoffrey of Mon« 
mouth, with a continuation down to A.D. 1066, from well 
known and existing authorities. The work is of no historical 

1266. Nomina Normannorum qui floruerunt in Anglia 
ante Conquestum. 

Printed in Duchesne's Collection of Norman Writers (folio, 
Paris, 1619). 

A short list of dubious authority. It is followed by copies 
of the Battle Abbey Roll, the *' Feoda Normanniae," &c., and a 
collection of charters, genealogical tables, and other matters 
illustrative of the volumes. 

VOL. I. U U 

Digitized by 



A.D. 1066. 1267. Vita Haroldi, quondam Anglorum Regis. 
MS. Harl. 3776. ff. 1-25 b. 4to. veil. xv. cent. 

Ruhr. — **Inclpit prologus in Tita TCncrabilis Haroldi^ quon- 
^* dam Aiif^lorum Regi^."' 

Ineip, ProL — ^" Sicut foederis tabcmttculi B«b Mojsc/' 

E^tpL ProL — *^ in portnm socimdi litoris perdu cat. Amen.** 
Explicit prologus, 

litihr, — " Indpifc Yitii servi Dei Haroldi, quoin] am Bcgis 
*^ Anglorum." 

Incip, Vifa* — ^* Ilkstr jssimi vcre, quia Regii? legitinii,' 

ExpL Vita, — ^"ad Jest in a tarn perdu xis** station em. Sit 
** aiitem Deo, Adjutori nogtro, omnts honor ct gloria, qui Trinus 
*' et Unu.^ solus imperat. bencdietua, laudabilisi, gloriosue, ni 
'* super-exaltatus in s^cula. Amen.'' 

This is followod by two additional chapters, the second of 
wliich terminates abruptly with the wortls ** et ipaum esso ter- 
" ti*8imo re . , ." 

This piece, which is little els<? than an historical romance, 
ift probably unique, and has never been printed.* It waa 
written apparently for the ptirpose of proving that Harold 
waw not interred at Waltham, and was, perhaps, conipo?!f^d 
by one of the secular canons who had been expelled from 
that establishment J with the intDntiou of robbing it of the 
honour of holding the remains of its founder. Tho narrativa 
originally consisted of twenty cha[)ters, but two others were 
aubseqiientlj added. 

The principal events narrated are as follows i — In cap. 5 
the author states that Harold was mortally wounded, and to 
all appearance dead, but when the field of battle was ex- 
amiucd by some women who were searching for their friends^ 
it was discovered, and life still lingered in his body. With 
the aid of two I^nglish franklins, he wasJ removed to Win- 
chester and placed in a secret place, where ho was at- 
tended for two years, and finally cured by the surgical f^kill 

♦ A portion will be found in Michers ** Chroniqnes Anglo-Normandes " 
torn. li. pp. 223-254 ; and Mr. Stevenson lias given a full account of the piece 
in an article in Cochrane's Foreign Quarterly for June 1835. 

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of a Saracenic woman. On his recovery, lamenting the A.D. 1066. 
fate of his country, he determined to try and rid her of 
the yoke under which she was groaning, hy expelling the 
Normans. He left England and sought the assistance of 
Saxony and Denmark, but without success. Cap. 6. Disgusted 
and foiled in his attempt, he determines to abandon ambition 
and revenge, and by way of penance to go barefooted to Pales- 
tine. He spent two years there, and underwent the greatest 
privations and austerities, and at the same time collected many 
relics, evidently for his foundation at Waltham. Cap. 7. When 
at Rome he carried off the bones ** Crisanti et Darias ;" he is 
pursued, however and brought back in bonds. The author states 
in cap. 9 that the oak is yet standing near Rouen under which 
Harold swore to William when he was in his power. Cap. 10. 
He says that the oath was extorted from him under fear 
of perpetual imprisonment or death, from which there was no 
escape, and that on his return to England he related what he 
had done^ and all persons were enraged with him ; yet notwith- 
standing, he was, at Edward's death, unanimously chosen king. 
That when the King of Norway invaded York, and Harold 
went against him, he was attacked with a disease in his legs,* 
and that he was cured by Elsinus, Abbot of Ramsey, through 
the mediation of the spirit of Edward the Confessor. In 
emp, 13 the writer relates how Harold during his peregrination 
pined for his native land, which he determined to visit. He 
lands at Dover, and from the top of the high cliffs surveys 
the kiugdom once his own. Assuming the name of Christian, 
he passes through Kent and goes into Wales, concealing his 
scarred features with a cowl. In Shropshire, at a place called 
Ceswrthin, he constructs himself a cell, where he remains 
ten years, but leaves the spot on account of the annoyances 
he received from the Welsh, who frequently beat him and 
stole his garments. Cap. 15. He has now become decrepit 
with age, and prays to have a place assigned for his death, 
and wanders in search of it. He goes to Chester, where by a 
supernatural intimation he finds a dwelling prepared for 
him in the chapel of St. James, within the cemetery of St. 
John the Baptist, on the banks of the river Dee, a little 
beyond the walls of the city of Chester. An anchorite had 
recently died there, and Harold succeeded to his cell. They 
suspected from his wounds that he was Harold, but he gene- 

uu 2 

Digitized by LjOQQIC 


A.U lor^C. rjilly gave ovajsivr an>wer^ t'* nil ivhu <|ursiioi]<il inifi ;is to Ins 
naiin' inn! rank. }lv cnui^^^icd tliiit lit^ liad lirm :;t iltr luitlh' 
*i|' IJa^itiiiu?^, and tliat no man was <leaivr m Ilandtl tban 
hiiihseir. llr- Uvod llieiv ^fven vr^ars, ami at his ikath 
iTveakd hi^ .^fcrcl, ami j]ckn<j\vIrilG:ofl that lit* was In deed tlie 
Iji^t Saxon Kin;:^ of Kn^rlaiKL In iya\K 17 thr writer savii tljiit 
[w doi'B nof wiind< r nt the orrnr of Malini-sbury in liis acmnnt 
i)t* ilaralirri deatli and burial, T^mv.v thr caiions of Waltliani 
tlH.'Tiiselvc's bnriijd a liody whirli ;Im y lal-^t^y bfliuvt^l to be 
Harold':^, bni tluit tha?*e wlm !iatl carried ofi' ilav^sM alive froiii 
tlir baltlo-tii Id hfid cirrulatiHl a rr|>orf of his dr-jitli, and con- 
Ycyt'd a mutllati dand docapng turpsi^ to Walthaiu. 

Tho nnthor ^taifs tliat he hnil obtaint^d Ins inforiLintion 
from ti certain v( nerabh^ ancliorite named Sc brieht, ivho had 
hvi.:u ITaroldV servant at Clu^^ur, and wlio. at [hir;>M">^ diatli, 
Irft C'lvf^-^ter and made a pil^nima^je to the Holy Liuvl ()n 
hi> nlurri lie settled nt a vilhiL^e u\ ( L\rordt^hirr ealird Siait- 
tnn, whire the uLithnr luM-umr' :ieqnainti'd witii liini, and Jaard 
rroni liini ihi^ Idr^tory oi' IlarohL Mniny persons el" indnhitaljl'' 
vt^ra'^ij s . Vh']ii> had qnitr a- Ihvoiirable iip|Mfrtnijitiis of knowin,Li 
the jrnth, ennfirmed the ti'^hiiiofiy of Sehricht. (iurtlj* Hai-ohrs 
brother, who al<o survived (lie battle of Ila-tiiiL^s, fonlidentially 
eimfiruied Sebrioht s i5lu!i'Jtti*nt lliat I he eanous r»t' Wall ham 
wi^rr d< efdved as to tln^ body of Ilinold. wbirh had boon 
interred at Wallhain. ^lirbin I, al'iLiion of Wallham, who wa^^ 
alive when the narrative was writivn, bad also <Mnivirsed witii 
(4iirth on thr snbjeet. Two supiilementary eUa} iters emvtain 
thi- te,stimony of the reel use who innned lately ^nreecded 
Harold in his ceU at Che^iitor, who quotes the infornvation be 
received from Harold'^ contidentiul attendant, named Moysi^s, 
and that of Amlri'W the j>ric?t. tu wIkiiii the dyiitg King made 
his hi^t eontVi^sitau 

Xotliing is known of the nuthor of this narrative, but from 
intirnal evidenee therf is sutllcient to prove that it was 
written nbout loO ycJirs after the l>attle of Hastings. There 
is probahlv some trutb in tliis envious nanative, bttt Its errors 
are L^n at and nnmt rouj^. It is, however. knoAvn from ;:of»d 
(■vidi'ntn^ that there v^^< a !V]>ort in * ireuiation at inv eat ly 
prriotl tiiatlLuoM had e^eaped iiinn the slaughter ai Hastings, 
and tho^e who are eurious In kimw more im this subject 
may consult Bronipton'ts Chr'onide, col. 9(il; Knygliton. cnl. 

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2342 ; Aelred of Rievaulx, p. 394 ; and Giraldus Cambrensis, A.D. 1066. 
p. 874. 

For a highly interesting account of Harold, the reader may 
consult with advantage Mr. Stubbs's Introduction to the Tract 
'* De Inventione Sanctse Crucis nostrsB in Monte Acuto et de- 
" ductione ejusdem apud Waltham/' an account of which will 
be given in its proper place. 


1268. Versus circa Tumbam Haroldi Regis. 

MS. Harl. 3776. 

Incip. — " Macte pater patriae, meritis insignis Harolde." 
ExpL — '* Quae nequeunt salvare, necant, fraudemque se-> 

1269. De Belle Hastingensi Carmen, auctore W. 

MS. Bibl. Beg. olim Due. Bargand. Broxell. 629. f. 227 b. 4to veil. 

xii. cent* 
MS. BibL Beg. olim Due. Burgimd. Bmxell. 330 d. t 142 b. yell, 
xiii. centf 

Incip.^^^^ Quern probitas celebrat, sapientia munit et omat, 

"Erigit et decorat, L. W. salutaf'J 
ExpL — " Crismate diffuse, regis et ipse caput 

** Unxit, et in regem regali more sacravit." 
Printed for the first time in the ^^Monumenta Historica 
Britannica,'' from ivhich it was reprinted in Appendix C. to 
the Report on the "Foedera," pp. 73-86, under the title «*De 
•• Bello ]Normannico, seu de Conquestione Angliae per Gulielmum 
•*Ducem Normannias, Carmen Elegiacum." This latter edi- 

* The poem seems defective at the end, although there is no indication 
of nich defect in the manuscript 

t This MS. contains only sixty-six yerses. 

t The defects of the second line may be thus supplied in accoixiance 
with the theory here suggested. " Erigit et decorat L[anfrancum] Wfidol 
.* aalntat" J l J 

Digitized by 


,\li. tioii lias not yei bccu published. It wns niu rwiirds publisliRcl 
In f til' " Uhruniqiicia AnglQ-Kt>rrri!iiidrs" by Fraiicisque Michel, 
uiidt^r tlm titlu oi' ** ^Vid^J»is C'iirnuin ilu llasstiiiga^ Fra lia/* 

Thi^ pueiu ifi 8\ip|io?^i.d to bL* tlic luiiipo&iviuii of Wklo, or 
(iiiido, wlio held tlie t^QU uf Ajiiitu^ troiu Ihu year lUtjO to 
i(^7»j. 'rLh-i &iippo.iitimi i^ i'oumlcd im tlio t^tatement of Or- 
dnrirUh Vihilis. ihjit 3]jb1jo|i ( Jiildo wroti; a poem on tUe siiLjeet 
of (he battle <d' irnalincj> initnrdiatcly ultrr that vveMt, in 
wliirh Ik^ liiizlily uvtiklknl ^\ illiaiii/' and vituperated Harold, 
TliL' htudatnrv anil s itupciaiive iliurarkr of the pk-eo aeeard?3 
\u\[ with OrdrriLTit^'a descripii'ai of it, William of Jtniu^gcs 
al?o f^prak> uf a purtu in hL-xanietui.- by tlii- Guidoj whieh he 
ik'-iL^natt^ij n> a re^]M'rtalde pr^MhictjiMj. 

Again-t thr siippik^-itiori thaE. (itiido, Bishop id" AmiLvns, was 
ihf author Ky[' the }h>enu It mxy be urged thai tlu^ i^tylo and 
biihjret of flit' inlrudoL'timi in<Hrak' it aiaa nuoecu[dL'd and 
ainiini:,^ at LnLbriiy ; ^vliieli ciin fnirdly be rccijiK-ilrd with tht' 
chill aetL-r of [i pivhih' alniuly i^n dialiiij^rui^hed a- to be 
uppoiotiil hi iiLi of^jpiiriy Malihhij lite L'uinpieror'^ (.^nueUj intu 
]u> new dominions. 

Thu |fOoiii is a4<hus5ed ti* L., prohalily l^Mufrajus and beats 
;i .Lieneral n .^emljlanfe to ihn nitrrativi.' of William of Poitier^j 
oatdjT Lo^vovcr, uLeusioiiuIlY, in do:?i:nbin^' iho ^aniu event, 
txhibitiugeitennL-liincLn whlrhiLiv Hid to be found in tlie othor. 
Jt. U iirtercistinL' t>ii aL-Lount of [ho authentic infoj million it 
iilionls eoneerning the Kormaua tipon thoir arrival in this 
country, luid ombraec^ a puii^jd ofaijouL four moJiths. it wa:? 
probably (in inched before tho yt ur 10G8. 

Tho Miluinr in whirii llie wlioli> ]M>em ocrnrs formerly 
helonged to tho Dukee ui' linrgundy, aud is now in the Royal 

* Gui Us J:U(Mk|i r.r j\iJiiuii.-, ^'Mi idalt'd tu \hv CLMn|ULn3r. Iti the 
Arcliu^nlM^ia (x.vvi, .tri?) is n ^ftivAU^^iL^ui tiibU% irkkti >tLUL'*j Ids rulati^iD^ 
t.iii[P. l^t' L»»u;r{ArK *M*ji\7), uuikinj^ djt i»oini t«fGuv of AmiLah, T^riris; 
•^LV [kinau' dt t-iiu, KvMiui d'Aiuicviy, qui tli'unvsi>it « ii J 07^, l^i oitO pur 
* Ondrj ViriJl, LiU livru jii, dc >i»a IliMnin, oil it Uit ijut. tut uutewr a fait 
" luu^ jioLiiK' t|( ki tiuirrti d<.- Ninaijn-, dtitr kipHl, u. l\\am(iU^ dt* Virgik 
■■ lUli' SriKi. it tlKinlL kr- ^ruT-J»- LH 111 Lis lie Lv?4 IkTOv; Uv bkmiL' tt 
" iHKidainni.' llnndd: niris^ il Iniu' rl itlcvc bt'aiii'istip GuUluuriu' It- Coa- 
' r|vj/raiit. l^llelJL'^t«L■ tiL' itt uLivniL!;!.' ifiuniii.' aiaioi>mt, |uig. l'J5 dem 
- ijiflfichou dt'i lli^rturitat, di. i ninety i^'if^s 11 iat' luarqut! [tnh ou H se 
^^ tnunt*/' 

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Library at BniBsels (No. 629). It contains a variety of pieces^ A.D. io<6 
and is written continuoasly in one unbroken series, in a very 
minute hand of the twelfth century. The poem has no head- 
ing or title of any kind The other volume is in the same 
'library, the writing being of the thirteenth century ; but it 
contains only the first sixty-six lines, abo without any title or 

1270. Balderici Burguliensis Abbatis, Versus de Con- 
questu Anglise per Guilielmum Normannorum Duoem, 
ex majore Poemate nunoupato ad Adelam Comitissam. 

Le Long* says it exists among Duchesne's collections in 
Bibl. du Roi, tom. xix. p. 537. The author of the Hist. Lit. 
xi. 104 can add nothing to this notice. 

Baldericus died some short time before Honorius IL, who 
expired 14 Feb. 1130. 

1271. Obituaria diversarum Ecdesiarum sive Coenobi- 
orum usque ad annum 1066. 

t MS. C.C.C. Cant 67. 5. veil, large folio. 
X MS. C.C.C. Cant 196. 1. velL smaU foUo. x. or xi. cent 

* The following is Le Long's note on this entry, Ka 34,96S (ill. 370): 
'' Ce fragment de Bandri, abbe de Bourgueil en 1089, nommc k Ver&che de 
'* Dol en 1114 et mort en 1131, est conserve dans la Biblioth^qae da Boi, 
'' entre les MSS. de Duchesne, volume dixneuviime, pag. 537." When 
in Paris, in 1858, Mr* Stevenson examined this volume of Duchesne's 
collections, and found it to consist of " Memoires de la maison de Chastillon 
'* sur Mame, non imprimes en Tllistoire/' with notes, extracts from MSS., 
and other genealogical matter. It is probable that the reference has been 
changed since Le Long's time. 

t In the mai^ of this martyrology the dates of the death of divers 
saints and monks are noted in various hands. 

X Imperfect at the beginning and ending. 

Digitized by 



AJ>. 1066»1272. De Ecdesiis fimdatis ante adventam Norman- 

norum in Angliam. 

MS. C.C.C. Cant lU. f. 307, olim. MUcel. G. Partly Tell, and partijr 


1273. Chronicon de rebus gestis Anglo-Saxonum a tem- 
pore Regis Vortigemi, usque ad victoriam Nonnan- 

MS. Harl. 902, fbl. 48-64. 63, b.* 

Incip. — *^ Postquam vero de inclitomm gestis Britonom." 
ExpL — *^ ad dominium Normannorum, quorum strenoitate 

*' regnum Anglorum per longa tempera claruit, nobilitate, et 

" sic finis." 

1 274. Gtenealogia Edwardi, Regis Anglorum et Confesso- 
ris^ a Sema filio Noachi ; in qua breviculse deducun- 
tur nan*ationes de sucoessione Regum Anglise usque 
ad mortem Haraldi filii comitis Godwini. 

f MS. Cott Julius A. xi. £ 25 b. velL small 4to. xit. cent 

Incip. — " G^nealogia Eduuardi regis Anglorum." 
ExpL — *' Signum regium quod vocatur standard aspor" 
" taverunt." 

1275. Historia brevis a Bruto usque ad tempera Regis 
Edwardi Confessoris. 

MS. Cott Titus, D. iv. ff. 15-75. paper. 

Incip. — " Quoniam vera temporum distinctio ad histo- 
" riarum." 

ExpL — *' Hie Saxonum et Danorum progenies desiit, nee 
•* olterius prosecutio." 

^ F. 64 commences a new tract headed ** Reges Anglorum Saxonum.'' 
t This MS. fbnnerly belonged to St. Mary de Bella landa ; it Iras 

presented to the Cottonian Library by Sir Henry Sayile m the year 


Digitized by 


Digitized by VjOOQ IC 

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1276. Polychroiiicon Ranulphi Higdeni, Monachi Ces- A.p. 1066, 
trensis, de rebus Britaimicis et Hibemicis usque ad 

Printed by Gale in his Scriptores, vol. 1, p. 179. 

A full account of this writer and his work (of which that 
which is here printed is only a portion) will be found in the 
next volume. 

1277. De Connubiis et Prole Regiim Anglise, ab Aluredo 
ad Willelmum Primum. 

MS. Heralds' College, xlviii. fol. 96. 

This forms a portion of the Collectanea of William of 
Worcester, alias Bo toner. The information is neither correct 
nor complete. 

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The Appendix contains a list of the materials for our 
history which have hitherto been printed. Although it 
may seem sufficiently intelligible of itself, some explana- 
tion may be necessary. 

Since the appearance, in 1 480, of the earliest historical 
work by Caxton down to the present time, the ancient 
English historians, chronicles, and works of less preten- 
sions have at different times been published, either 
separately or in collections. To the historical student 
the knowledge whether a manuscript has been printed is 
essential, and it is part of my plan to assist him in this 
respect, by directing him to the volume in which it 
occurs; for there can be but little doubt that gene- 
rally a reader would prefer consulting a printed book 
to a difficult manuscript ; thus the list may prevent 
a valuable manuscript being used, except in instances 
of doubt as to the correctness of the print. There is 
always some chance of deterioration every time ancient 
writings are used. The list given in the Appendix 
was compiled for my own use ; I found it indispensable, 
and I print it here in the full belief that it will be 
equally useful to others. Much of it refers to the period 
from the Norman Conquest to the accession of Henry 
VIII., and therefore, strictly, should properly have 
been inserted at the end of the work ; but for obvious 
reasons it has been placed where it now stands. 

Although the list shows where each article has been 
printed, there is a double reference given to those which 
occur in such collections as the " Scriptores post Bedam," 
" Anglia Sacra,'* " Acta Sanctorum.** This arrangement 
appeared to me more convenient for general consultation 
than that generally adopted of giving cross referencea 
Several of the works which are mentioned belong to a 
subsequent period ; but in giving a list of the publica- 

Digitized by 



tions of the various Clubs and Societies, as well as those 
of tljG Government, I have thought it advisable not to 
omit auy, although they relate to matters subsequent to 
the reign of Hemy VII. Hollingshcd, Fox, and one or 
two other well-known hiatorical works, have been placed 
in thb category* 

As many of the articles which are printed among the 
works of the dificrent Societies or Cluba, and in collec- 
tions, are of little importanc*^ compared with others, and 
may be termed Hubsidiaryj I have not mentioned them 
specially in the alphabetical list. If the reader does not 
find the article which he seeks in its proper plaee, he bt 
requested to look under the collections published by the 
several Cluba and Societies, as well as by private in- 

The Jouraab of the various Archmological Societies are 
not included in this Appendix^ as their contents are gene- 
rally in the nature of dissertations, ratlier than the pub- 
li eat ion of original historical pieces. Some articles in the 
Arohseologia, &c., form an exception, because they oon* 
tain original documents. 

It may be objected that some of the notices refer to 
books which can scarcely be said to belong to the class to 
which this Apjiendix is devoted ; but I have deemed it 
advisable not to exclude them, in the beltef that they will 
be found use fid to the reader. 

It may jtlsr^ lie said that this Appendix does not exhaust 
each subject, and that much more could be added to some 
of the articles. The only anfiwer I can make to such an 
objection is, that I do not profeFia to put this forward sis 
a perfect work, but only perfect so far as my personal 
knowledge extends. Those who luive made any one 
subject tbeir speciality will be able, no doubt, to supply 
many of mj^ deficiencies. 

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Digitized by LjOOQIC 


Abbanus : 

Vita S. Al)bani, AbLatie do Maghamuidbo. Ex ZfS, Cod ice 


Vita Sancti Abbonia, Abbatis Floriacensia, auctoro Aimonio 
monaoho ejus disoipulo. Ex Lihrh edlfis et Cod. MH. 

Mftblll. Act, Sanct. vi. par. i. p. 27, edit. Venet. : vi. p«r.l. p. SO, edit. Par. 
Higne*s PatrologiaD Cursiu Completiu, 130, 3S7. 
Miraoula S. Abbonis, auctore eodem Aimonio. 

Ibid. p. SI. edit. Venet.; p. 67, edit. Par. 
Vita 8. Abbonis, Ploriacensis Abbatis, auctoro monacbo 
Ploriacensi anonymo. 
Suriui (13 Nov.), iv. p. 322. 
Vita S. Eadmnndi ; v. Edmund^ 
Abbotspokd Club: 

Ancient Mysteries, firom the IMgby Mannsorlpts, edited by Thomas 

Sharpe, of Ck>Tentry, 1836. 
Household Books. Ck)mpota Domestics FamOlarum de Buckingham ct 
d'Angooleme, 1448, B2, et 63. Quibus annexe expensae cujusdam 
Cknnitis in itinere, 1273. Edited by W. B. Tumbull, 1836. 
Weavers' Pageant: The Presentation in the Temple, a Pageant, as 
originally represented by the Corporation of Weavers in Coventry. 
Now first printed, 1836. 
Ancient Metrical Romances of Eouland and Yemagu, and Otuel, with 
a Augment of Alexander. Edited by J. Maidment, from the Auchin- 
leek MS., fh)nti8pieoe8 by C. K- Sharpe, 1836. 
Williams (Sir John, Master and Treasurer of the Jewels to King Henry 
VIII.) Account of the Monastic Treasures confiscated at the Dissolu- 
tion of the various Houses in England. Edited by W. B. Tumbull, 
Berries (Lord), Historioal Memoirs of the Reign of Maiy Queen of Scots, 
and a portion of the Reign of King James the Sixth. Edited by 
Robert Pitcaim, 1836. 
Saint Andrews and Cupar. Ecclesiastical Records : Selections from the 
Minutes of the Presbyteries of St. Andrews and Cupar. 1611-1698, 
ikio-similes. 1837. 
Fifa. Bodesiastical Records : Beleotioni from the Minutea of the Synod 

of Fife, 1611-1687, ftMVsimiles, 1837. 
Metros (Thomas Earl of, afterwards of Haddington). State Papers, and 

Miscellaneous Correspondence, from 1699 to 16S6. 2 vols. 1887. 
Ancient Mysteries. Mind, Will, and Understanding : A morality ; fh>m 

the Mauro MS. Edited by W. B. Tumbull, 1887. 
Miscellany of the Abbotsford Club. A collection of Documents illustra- 
tive of the History and Antiquities of Scotland. Edited by J. Maid- 
ment. 1837. 

Digitized by 



ABBfJTI^ronD CLJia—ContifjiittJ. 

]^»tlrr^ i^ntJ Stnlr PfjjuT?^ duiin^^ tin' ll'-lfzji nf Kipii? Jiimchi the Siilh, 

fmitt tlir iiTJsrinal 31?^.. fjir-siicik'si. llditJ-d hy .1. Makliiii lU, ISiiS. 
Arlhimr And AIitHh; A M^irlenl lUjiiifinui', uiav lir^it mIvN^I from tin* 

Aui'hinlr'rk MS,, tlno fnnit>Hj»ii.n«-' hy C. K. Shar]M% l^t^i, 
IhVtiitalh' I "bnmoW'ii.jiic tW-^ liooumi'ijt>h rilalif* it ri!isUiirt" irEnuasep 

LuiLiyr^L!- aiix AriL'lihis du IlivV'atDiHr ii l%rin, hy A. T< uk-t, 1859. 
HuiTir-^ ol' Wi'ddiTlmni : Huciiit (Davldiv i\^ tUM'^crnft), Dc Fnmilia 

HLimiU \V< itderbiirMMii^i LiIht. l§:i[i. 
Lmitii'k. Enlcsin.sHf al lift'onh : Seli^ctsDiis rroiii I hi' Ri'tfistiTa uf tht 

AUioU Funtify: Jaeobili' CoiTes[j€3iiJenci; of tlic, duriii?? thp Rcbcltir^n 

I7i5- W. IH^l^l, 
Sir(TUY of Warwick, ninl Rouihritii Jns Srin^ tUi^ Eamfinrf h of, now first 

L'dili il frcjiii llfco AinUiiili 1 k 3IS.. fpNiiti-^jfiRi' h.v C, K.Shnrr*\antl fao 

siiuil*^s. iUlUvil Uy W. II, TMniUiai. ISl^i. 
Li' CI* Ti' ((TiiillfincTid, Tnjuvtre du Trijk->i:ni^ f^it'olp), Lf> Iktmnn drg 

Avmdnris df? PtfifUs. I'liblii' iitmr la j>jTnn rt' foi^. juar J[ic-lit?l, iS41h 
Siiiiit KjiLIu riiK i^f AJrsandj*ia, tlir J>gv'ud uf, Eilitcd by IIk' Rev. Jamt,^ 

Mrjrti^i!. ViiTiU'Sti-. ISIL 
J?!ilt]i(rijiii iitid LimlorcH. LiUvr ^Jinet*' MiiHf^ di' Rnliunrinach pt Luu- 

di>Hs. Xdiv Mr^it pnidi^l fi\>m tin- (ritf-itml Mj^S, Editi'd byW. B, 

Tiind>nH. Flnl<H. l^u. 
LUrt ('(^inTiitiiH Sin< tji^ KuthfTiiw Sdion^is, by J, Mmduifril, iS^l. 
CliTOidi l<'?f EMrEuHa i- Vfiriis OdnkisSrotjfr, by \\\ H. Tni'nbull.lH-i2, 
Cfkrdvrn'fi ftM'nis; (ianliri vf Crnvj? nm\ (.v>dlio Flfm-rs iuid tho 

Th'filri' of Srotli-h RinL'r*Jii)' Vntt AU'\, (l:iriltn, Edtttnli bv W. B. 

Tui'iilmH, 1^:., 
Til/' riiik'Mirih* Ordirof KiilpjlitbiMkrl. liy 1*. Lciistu-, isiT. 
Sir*' Dcjr"!'!''' ■ A lb irUid H^ntianrr, IhIJI. 
t'nunTiHi *if L'u'liirl'-i Mmm^irs, KUiUhI by J, ^JH-kntudit, 
bibiT UJlif'irdi-i Kriiu ti AiidptJi", Ts-lS, 
rnimi-^ ■ A Piniiy^i^ii'lh <if Wit. 
( kdnl ki^HilNJiiKl r< udnl Wnmtrw nf nrkiir\\ l^r^iL 
Mi'Mioir^ 111' {ho hisdrn'Olmn in SroHaud in 171, T. byJtrliij, Mitstpr cd 

Ei^iiirlFiir with ^'ulrn ]>y Sir \V\ SciflL, ridihd }»> Th baihg nnd Jnmr-H 

MjW'knkht. is-H, 
Ath'Ji nl Ksi.fb-1i l')»i^try, frmn tJn- Am hiirlirk ^}^„ by I>. Ijiiiiir. 1W7, 

Ar<jmi:vmi<j Ouimnalm m ; r. Roll;*. 

AuilKUUATJo rL\(n^»UlM; L\ EoLLS* 

T^ibrr S. Thnmn^ de j\brrlirothoc ; Ho^uMti'iim Abbutin> do 
Alji'rlprotlior, pjif:^ prior; Rc^istrum voliis. ninniineiitaqiit* 
j'idt'm fiKL'htyuii c'c)infib'rtf*n>i. llTS-l^-P, 

Edit I'd hy r. IiHir^ Jind IV Oiylmrrs is^S, (Vii- Ibo BaTiDalyn*'' Lliih. 

('tir<niirlt* of tlic Abbey nf Al>i riornviiy. 

VAlWil h.v Sir IT, EIliK, for [ht^ Cniiidi n Surbty, 18J7, 
AKEilltKKN : 

Kxtnict.-* rinin }}\o (.hmiiril RpLMfitfr oi' tlin Burtrli of Aber- 

Kddrd bv J, sltHnrl rio, I'^tl-i'^. I'Hidrd f'tr thi ,'^|ialdiiiir C'hd^ 
Rr^^i^hmn KjHsr<t|i;iius AbcrtbiTu usis Ktrle^no ratbodrnU:^. 
Aiif.' nl^ni e 11 ^ i s re gn s t;i q u;v o xUtut hi n iiuiu c i>l 1 ij ctii . By 

l*rinb'd for tiic Sijuiilurj mid Mal^lnn 1 Ulul>^, 

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Abebdeek — continued . 

Breviariuin Aberdonense. Edinburgh, 1509-10. 
Bejirixited al London, 1852-1853, for the Bannatyne Club. 
See BoETHius. 
Abingdon : 

Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Edited by the Bev. 
Joseph Stevenson. 

Among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland. 
2 vols. 8va Lend. 1868. 

Chronicle of the Monastery of Abingdon, from 1218 to 1304. 
Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 
4to. Beading, 1841. 
Historia Coanobii Abendoniensis, a prima ejus Fundatione 
ad annum Domini MCXXXI., ex additamentis Chronici 
Florentii Wigomiensis, authore monacho Abendoniensi. 
Anglia Sacra, i. 16S. 

Acta Sanctobum; 

Quotquot toto orbe coluntur, yel a catholiois soriptoribus 
celebrantur, ex Latinis et GrsBcis aliarumque gentium 
antiquis monumentis coUecta^ digesta, notisque illustrata 
ab Jo. BoUando, G. Henschenio, ot D. Papebrochia, et 
aliis Presbyteris theologicis e Societate Jesu, servata 
primigenia soriptorum phrasi, operam et studium con- 
tulit G. HenscheniuB, S. J. 

FoL Antwerp, 164S. FoL Yenetila, 1734-70. 

List of the principal British Saints contained in the " Acta Sanctorum.*'* 
Januarff, torn, {.—Adrian, Abbot of Canterbury, 696.— Aelred, Abbot of 
Aieval or ^evaux, 740.— Benedict, Bisoop, 743.— Brithwald,Arohbishop 
of Canterbury, 607.— Cedd, Bishop of London, 373.— Ceolwulf, King 
and Monk, 1061.— Bdward the Confessor, 291.— Egwin, Bishop of Wor- 
cester, 707.— Elvanus and Modwenna, 10.— Erard, 633.— Felui, or Foe- 
land, Abbot in Sootia (Ireland), 604.— Ita, or Ida, Virgin of Ireland. 
1062.— Kentigem, Bishop of GUsgo, 816.— Melorus, pp. 136, 1069.— 
Mochua, or Cuan, Abbot in Ireland, pp. 46.— Hochua, or Cronan, p. 47. 
— Pega the Yhrgin, 632.— Peter, Abbot of Canterbury, 334.— Bumon, 
Abbot of Tavistock, 1092.— Sethrida, 626.— Wulshi, Bishop of Shire- 
bum, 647. 
Janmary, iom, ti.— Adamnanus, 1120.— Aidan, or Maidoc, Bishop of 
Ferns, in IreUnd. 1111.— Blaithmaio, Abbot of Hy, in Scotland. 236.— 
Boisilus ofMehv8e,640.— Brithwald. 446.-Cadoo, or Sophias, Abbot 
in Wales, 602.— Feohin. Abbot in Ireland, 329.— Furs^, Abbot in Ire- 
land, 36.— Gildas the Wise, or Badonicus, 053.— Heniy the Hermit, 60. 
— Mildgitha the Virgin, 176.— Maidoc, or Aidan, 1111.— Maimbodus, 
542.— Theorutgitha, 740.— Wulstan, Bishop of Woroester, 238. 
Fabruarff, torn. «.— Bridget, Abbess and Patroness of Ireland, 00.— Dar- 
lugdacha, 186.— Finian, 004.— Oilbert of Sempringham, 567.— Ina, King, 
006.— Indraot, 688.— Modau, Abbot in Scotland, 407.— Cuanus, 447.— 

* Many of these are nothing more than historical commentaries by the Bollandists. 
Where distinct Uves taken flrom MS. exirt, they will be found in their proper place 
in this list. 


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684 APPEKDrx. 

Acta Savctohv}!— f^on fluff pd\ 

M^l RLotli, 77».-I.BitrMic«% AryhbbUop of Ciuit«rbujT.i&«.'-Li*!tliArd 

Ffimmty, torn, ii. — Cajwltnori, 652.^0 utluoiaa, 1^7.— Domlnieliit or Mo- 
aomiioc. Bishop etf Ihaory* H73.- Elfleda. 178^ — Ertnptiildt^ fl8ti.— 
Ethel DToia rjf LiiidbfarucsflMffliidB^.-Mariimiis 8i?ntU9, 3G1.— M&dan, 
60.— Eich^ni Kim ^^^ Con feasor, 69— Sigfrid, ai7 — Thdiwi, 303*— 

Fe&rnar^, tmn. i(t — ALnotli thn Auchc^rot^ (584,— Colman, 82.— CiiUn, SS, 
— Cotpjjati, C83,— EaiTouijoths, SS7.— Etholhprt, Klnsr and Confe*af^r^ 
470*— Fin&n of Liatlisfujiif, 2L— Fiaturi, Abbot of Cluam-Ednpch, in 
Injland, 16.— LetbanU 4SM.— Milburga, SSS. -Oswald, ArobbiBliop of 
Ycirk, 7*9.— WfvlbuTga, GU. 

March^ torn, p*— Adrian, Bi^Iiop of St. Andrew, S37 — Enlthf^TP and Bilfrid, 
+18.— Ceada, or Chad, BisfUaii, 143.— David, l^tmn of >yalos, 38.- 
insihak, Biabop of IUi»s» in Scotland, 70£t.— EaBtonvlno, Odl— Felii. 
Bkhopof EmI Aoi^tifl. 770-— flttnrlniii, 286.— Ricnui.of Iri3lAnd, 3^^i^. 
— KjneberB«iKyn(?swida, and Tibbsi, 44U— Marlyruiii St*<jtland, 33a— 
IHofian, in Smtlind, fl«.— Oswin tho Mi[>tik* 312-— ^Sc^nanut of Iniland, 
7B<>— Suibert, 67.— Tibba, W3.-Win^aJD, £4S — Fridoliii. 430. 

March, t^mi. ii.— Bonif^w, Bi^bf»l> of Eoai, In Scotland, -MP.- Boa*. 10 
und 5^17.- CoUimba, \itpi" iinil Martyr, of CornwiilK AZl^—Gcn^Hn'- 
iinus, KinJT of Stotlfttid, i>4.— Kdwanl, Kinp ^nd Mnrtyi', «3ft,— EJphpg 
CaJvus, 12^0.— Fi nan of Iruland, +«.— Gemld of Ireland, £|18.— Oregoiy 
thoOrtAt* l£l,—Kynnodia.. Villon of SootUnd, 33S.— KtMogui, »».— 
Mociioamoe of Ireland, 2S<>. — Momnujt of I inland, 212. — I'atripk, 
Apostle of Ireland, Bn.-l^til, Bunhop of Leon, lOS.-WihtbuJ^n, (305. 
—Maud, or ^lathildta, of Girnianj, ^^H, 

March, toat. lit,— Aodclw^d, IMi^atand Anchorit* of Liridbfiirne> 4C3.— 
AJoknmnd, 17.— Alhiwold of Scbtfrbum, OS?. — Ctitbbcrt. Bbhfjp and 
Confs.i»sor, &3,— I>om&n>tart of Ii^land, 4^3.— ETideua of Irr^laiitlt 3(17,- 
fingar^ or (iui^ngar, 45fl.— Guiidlnnui. 7S3*— ll^tt*bert, 14S.— Hildelitha 
ofBerking, 4ftl.— Mocbt^Uochus, (Ki(L— WUUam, th*^ Boy of S^orwirh, S%«. 

April, i^itn. !.— Gilb<jrt^ Bliibfip of Caithjit»e!i, in Scot land, 49k— Richard 
Bbbop ofObicbpaiiir. 277,— Tij^ftpnacii^ Biahnip in Ireland, 401. 

ApriL torn. ii. — Atimlm^ Ai^hbishop of Cantorbuij, WW,— Carftdoc of 
Wales, 1 61,— Dotvaiiiia of Ireland, 4S7*— Elt»h<»ei*, Arcbbiahopof Canier^ 
tjurjr 6M.— Gulnocb, Bishop in SeotlftTid, lS8,— <lnthlii4.\ Henuit of 
C(^jyUMid, ,^7.— Laserian, Bishop of LfligiiHu, in Ireland, frti.— Mafiiun 
Comea Inaidarum, 439.— Patornufl, 378.— Mr'rbtildis of Scotland, <J5. — 
TBmidus of fSi-otUtTidj a&$.— Eodanua of Ireland. S^2. 

April, tout. If!.— BsbortH 153 and KiT.— ErKenwnld, Bishop of London, 
780.-Hecbcrajctu*, 2^Jl.— Macull of Ipolajid. flrtil.— Maoiialilos, 3(56,— 
McUituM, Archbishop of Canttrbtuy, SSO.— Cronan, Abbot in Indand, 
R«0. — SfJianus, (!*0. -Wilfrid, 3t« -Forauati, a07,-ltichariUi, 411,- 
Wilftid II., Arebbisliop of York, mi 

Matf. f^f^- >,— Asaph . Bisliop and Couf^Fssor, eS.— Brtno, Bishop kiid 
L\nif»?«Hor, 01,- Kellach of lri.^lanil, 1(H. 

Maif, tt}m. <i.— Cornell Abbot in Ireland, fi7B.— Eadbcrt* BUhop of 
LljidUDmiPj 107 — Froamnduj, eBfl,— John ttf Befcfkty, 166.— Wim^ 
Bishop iti Ireland, {KKf- 

Mait, fitm, uj — Brendan, Abbot in Ir^jbwidn S&O.— Camntoc of Walw* 
5H-*.— CartlL-nb, Biabop in Irrlandj ,175.— Simon Stok. fl53. 

Ma if, four. ftr.-ElfgjTft, 18ft.— Alcnhip 33^.— Corwiillui of S<>otbmd, 183.— 
Dmuitan, 544. 

Moif. tam. v.- Etbplbcrt. KiUET of Eaat An^tlia* £4!.— (Jixlric the H«n 
mlt, (!S.— William tho MartjT, £(».— Silavis, Bp. of Ireland* (JS. 

Mdif, torn. P^ — AMlnhn, 77,— AuCTislhn*, 373,— l^-dft. 7lS.— rjn.fifranCp 

May, torn, rti.— Adrian of Ireland, 262.— Buriena of Cornwall, 87.— Cai- 
doc of Ireland, 282.— Hadelgisiliu, 264. 

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Acta Sanctorum — continued. 

June, torn. <.— Boniflaoe, Bishop and Martyr, iS^—Ooemgen, or Keivin, 

of Gleaadaloch, SIO.— Gudwall, Biflbop and Confessor, 728.— Ninnoca, 

407— Petroc, 399.— Wiatan, 85. 
June, torn, it.— Baithenus, £S6.--0olman of Ireland, 26.— Columba, 180. 

— Cumianus of Scotland, 244.— Docmael, 957r~£adburga, daughter of 

Edward the Elder, 1070.— Gildard, 67.— Ithamar, 294.— Margaret. 

Queen of Scotland, 820.— Meriadoc, 86.— Bobert the Abbot, 47.— Wil- 
liam, Archbishop of York, 186.— Yvo, 287. 
June, torn, iii.— Aldulf and Botulf, 898, and torn, vi., 204— Molingus, or 

Dayrgella, of Ireland, 406. 
June, torn, io.— Alban and Amphibal, 146, and torn, vi., 228.— Bartholo- 
mew of LindisfSume, 832.— Etheldreda, 489.— Idaberg% 29. 
June, torn. ff.—ViL 
June, tarn. t>i.— Moloc, 240. 
July, torn. <.— Germanus in Mona, 677.— Golvenus, 127.— Leonorius, 118. 

— Bumold of Ireland, 169.— Servanus, 67.— Swithun, 821.— Oudoceus, 

July, torn, n.— Darerca, or Monynna, 290.— Ethelburga of Faremoutier, 

481.- Eadgar, King of England, 659.— Ererilda, 713.— Orimbald. 651.— 

Hedda, Bishop and Confessor, 482.— Kilian, 699.— Modwenna, 241 and 

897.— Odo, Bishop of Canterbury, 63,— Palladlua of Scotland, 286.— Sex- 

burgh, 846.— Willibald, 465. 
July, torn. «<i.— Canutus. 118.— Mildreda, 612. 

July, torn. !>.- David the Abbot, 108.— Deusdedit, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury, 48.— DovonalduB of Scotland, 60.— Kenelm, 297.— Plechehn, 60.— 

Thenna, 422. 
July, torn, v.— Dedan, Bishop in Ireland, 690.— Lewenna, 60S.— Wulfhad 

and Eufiftn, 671.— Wandregisilus, 253. 
July, torn, vi.— Hugh, the Boy of Lincoln, 494.— Sampson, Bishop of 

Bol, 568. 
July, torn, «it.— Oermanus, 184. — Lupus, 61.— Neot, 314.— Olavus, or 

Olaus, King and Martyr, 87.— Tatwine, 159. 
August, torn. <.— Almedha of Wales, 70.— Etheldritlia of Croyland, 173.— 

Ethelwold, 83.— Kinedus, Anchorite of Wales, 69. — Walthenus of 

Boothuid, 241.— Luanus of Ireland, 339. 
August, tarn, if .— Blanus of Scotland, 660.— Malchus of Lismore, 560.— 

Oswald, King and Martyr, 83. 
August, torn, wi.— Clitanc, 783.— Dega Macaryl of Irehmd, 656.— Evanus 

of Scotland, 663.— Helena, 648.— Macarthanus of Ireland, 208.— Moc- 

tieus of Ireland, 746. 
August, torn, tv.— Justinian. Hermit and Martyr, 633.— Oswin, King of 

Northumberland, 67.— Sigfrid the Abbot, 636.— Gunifort of Scotland, 

024.— Eugenius, Bishop in Ireland, 624.— Irchard of Scotland, 773.— 

Andoenus, 794. 
August, torn. «.— Bregwin, 827.— Ebba, 266 and 194. 
August, torn, «.— Aidan, 638.— Sebbi, King of the East Saxons, 616.— 

Eanswitha, 684.— Outhburga, 696. 
September, torn, i.— Macnisius, Bp. of Connor, 662. 
September, torn. <».— Bega, 694. , 

September, torn, itt .— Alchmund and Tilberht, 112.— Bertellinus, 446.— 

Kiaran of Ireland, 870.— WllfHda of Wilton, 454— Osmanna, 417.— 

Eunanus, 128. 
September, torn, <v.— Albeus, Bishop in Ireland, 26. 
September, torn. ©.- Editha of Wilton, 364— Ninlan, Apostle of Picts, 

September, torn, «t.— Adamnan of Ireland, 642.— Piacrius, 698.— Qeremar, 

692.— Theodore, Archbishop of Canterbury, 65. 
September, torn. ri«.— Barr, Bishop of Cork, 142.— Ceolfrid, 123;— Lioba or 

Leobgytha, 748. 
September, torn, i^^.— Honorias, Archbishop of Canterbuiy, 698. 

XX 2 

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Acta Sakctobum — continued, 

October, torn. {.--Thomas Cantilupe, Bishop of Hereford, 6aO.~Reinigiiis, 

Octi^ber, tom^ li.— The two Ewilda, ISO. 

Oritur, t<tvi. iiL—Ont\K »3^ und bat pops flf Yol— -PiUadlui, 9ti.— 
YwiuM, 400. 

Oet^^MT, torn. *.— Fivulimis of York, 102,— Etholburgik, G4S/^Mmlcui, 

Wg."Oani8, CI.— Jolm of York. 135. 
OHahtr^—CcmBMn^, Z2S.— Edwtnits the Einir, lOS.— Fitimnii 

wid Fyndwh»p ^3± 
Oef^ihtr, lorn. t*ii— Colmfiu, S51.— GalitiB, op GilJ, 850,— Kiara, Vlripii of 

IrelaJid, 050. 
OetorftT, tfm. i?fii.— Ethblnuii, 474,— Bthelwal mA Etheiber!, W.— 

Frifi&iwidft, S3fl. 
OvloLtt, Urn. tj— Miimm, or FinUu, 8*5,— WendeJin, SlS.'-Ooiidedait, 

Adam ; ^^ MmtMUTu. 
Adam, Bp. op Worcester ; 

Reaponsiouesf Adat% quondnTO Wigomienpie Episcopi, modo 
Wyntonienils eleoti confirraati^ ad appellationcin contm 
ipsum proposal titm Aruio Bomini 1534, 

Twysidi'ii. Hist. An^L H<iHpt. Uereni, col £7ft1. ' 

Adam he SLuiisco; -v. Munumknta FnAi^ciiiCANA, 
Adamnan ; 

Vit4i S. Columba;, auctorc Adamnano, monaaterii Hienais 

CnntsiuM Aiitiqtiop LKjttotiea, \v. cMlit. Ififtl j v. SOflHlSU «lit, Iixmlst. 
)OWj J. 117 K <Hiit. Bflsimff. 1745; i CfJ*. tnlit. 1727, Me«sJii|p;hiun. (FId- 
rtkf^iuiii Iiisulfl^ SanctDnim, *t?U Vitit* l»t Acta Sanctarmn Tlibemlip, 
I(, lil, tdit. I'iiriB, ias!4, CollHitra TrLa* Thj»uiD*titPgii. 33G-3712, <>dil. 
Iiyj7, AclA Sauctw. (^ June), \L 197. PiiikrTtaii^s Vlt*? AntigiuB 
Saiicloruin ixk 17^9- Il(?evu'a <KliC. IMT, for the ArchnMilogicaJ mid 
Ci^llle goektj, Miymu'sf Patrologio^ Our^ius Conipiutus, US, 7^ 
AoKIANtt.S S. : 

De S. Adriano, ALbate et Confeseor©- 
Captfrave's Kova Logenda Angltej f, I. 
Adulphps ; l\ BOTULmUS. 
Aelfbic Society: 

The Koniilicfl of iht^ Anflo-^kuion Church. Tho Htist pwt, (sotitaitiinir 
the "Scrnioncsi (Pathol ici," or Homilicfi of Aelfrle, In the origiii&l 
Aniclo-Baion, with &u EDglkli Version. By S. Thortjo, E ruli. Lond. 

The Uittlii«tn?a of SfdcimtMi and Balunitm, with an lllstorlcal Inlrodtw?- 
tlon [and Eti^flihh Tnuitilntioii]. By J. M. Ki^uiblr^ ^vo. Land. 1&18>. 

Tbe^ Pottiy nf tho Codc;:s Verwllwiaist with an EnirliaJi Traruiliition. By 
J, M. KPMihle. 8vfl. I^nd, l^W, The piwrqs found in Vvft^Ui QmIpi 
imeaixin number:— (I J A lA'gt-nd of St* Andrew; (a) The Fatt^i of 
Um lU. ApOKtk'Mj (a> The 1)01)1x44^1 fkiuVn Adilresa to the Body: (4> 
A ftelMrioun Fragment j (0) A Dream of tho Holyrood; (41) Tho Invoti- 
t ion of the CtcoHh, 

Aethelweabd : 

Chronicon .^thelweordi ab Incamatione Domini ad annam 

Savile. Boript post Bedun, p. 880. FoL Lond. 1696. Pol. Franoof. 
1001. Hon. Hist Brit. p. 409. FoL Lond. 1M8. 

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Ajsthelwolo : 

Benedictonale S. iQtbelwoldi, Episcopi Wintoniensis. 
Archaeol, zxiv. 47. 
Agincoukt : 

The roll of the men-at-arms in the English Army at the 
Battle of Agincourt.* Edited by Sir N. H. Nicolas. 
Boyal 8to. Lond. 1832. 
The Siege of Harflet and the Battle of Agincourt of King 
Henry V., from MS. Cott. Vitell. D. xii. 

Bdit Heame, al the end of Elmham's Life of Heury V. 8vo. Oxon. 

See Political Poems. 
AiDAKUS, or Maidocus : 

Vita Maidoci sive Moedoci, Archiepiscopi Femenis, auctore 
(ut patator) S. Evino Abbato. Ejh MS. KilkenniensL 
Colgan (Jan. SI), i. 208. 
De S. Aidano sive Medoco, Episcopo Femensi in Hibemia. 
Vita ex MSS. Kilkenniensibos et Salmaticensi. 
Act. Sanct (Jan. SI), ii 1111. 
De S. Aidano, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda Anglie, f. 4. 
AlDOS, S. : 

Vita S. Aidi, Episcopi et Gonfessoris. Ex MS. Killkenniensi. 

Oolgan (Feb. 28), i 418. 
Vita S. Aidi. Ex MS. Cott. Veep. A. xiv. 
Bd. Rees, for Soc. for Publiahing Welsh MSS. 
De S. Aido sive Aidano, Abbate. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda AngUaD, 1 2. 

Eulogium Davidis regis Scotiad, ex Ailredi Bevallensis Ge- 
nealogy Begum Anglomm. 

In Ptnkerton'sVite Sanctorum Scotifc, p. 430. 8vo. Lond. 1780. 
Vita Sanoti Edwardi Begis et Gonfessoris^ auctore Ailredo 

Twysden's Hist. AngL Script, decern, 86IM14 Acta Sanct. (Jan. 6), i. 20S. 

Sarins, i 127-1S8. Oapgrave's Nova Legonda,f. 108 b. Migne's Patro- 


Epistola Abbatis Bievallensis ad illustrcm Ducem H. set 

postmodum Anglorum Begem, de genealogia Begum 


'Nrysden's Script, decern, pp. 347, 870. Migne*8 Patrologia, 106, 711. 
Vita Niniani Piotorum Australium Apostoli, auctore Ailredo 

Pinkerton's Vite Sanctorum^ Scotie, p. 1. 8vo. Lond. 1780. 
Descriptio viri yenerabilis Ethelredi Abbatis Bievallensis, 
de bello inter Begem Scotiss et Barones Anglios apud 
Standardum juxta Alvertonam. 

Twysden's Hist. AngL Script, decern, col. 338-{)46. Migne's Patrologia, 
. 105y702. 

* The Rer. Joseph Hunter published a list of the commandeni of the army at 
Ag in cou rt , Lond.llmo. 1850. 

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AiLREJD OF RiEVAULX — Continued. 

Ailredi Abbatis Biovallensis Historia do qoadam Sancti- 
moniali do Wattun. 

Twysden's Hist. Angl. Script, decern, coL 416-422. Higne's Fsatrologia, 
135, 739. 
Vita 8. Margarotffl roginad Scotias, ox oa quam Adelrcdus 
Abbas conscripsit, in compendium ab incorto redacta. 
Sorius, ii. (10 June), 1G7. Pinkerton'ti Vitn Sanctorum Sootie, p. 871. 

AlMONIUS ; V, Abbo. 

Alan of TEWKESBtJBY : 

Alani Prioris Cantuaricnsis, postea Abbatis Tewkesbcrionsis 

Edited by Dr. Giles, I&IS. Migno*s PatrologiaD Cursus Completus, 190, 

Alban, S. : 

The Livis and Passions of Seynfc Albon and Seynt Amphibal, 
translated out of Fronssh by Dan John Lidgate, at the 
request of Maister John Whetehamstcdo, Abbot of Soynt 
Albon, the year of o\ir Lord 1439. 

Printed l^ John Hertford. 4to. St. Alban's, 1534. 
Do inclyti et gloriosi Protomartyris Angliae Albani, quem in 
Germanifi. et Gallic Albinum vocant, conversione, passione, 
translationo et miraculorum coruscationo. Cologne, 1502. 
S. Albani Vita [MS. Reg. 12. B. xxiv.] 

No dftte, place, or printer's name. 
Do SS. Albano et Amphibalo. Vita ex Beda. Vita inter- 
prete Guilielmo Albanensi. 

Acta Sanct. (22 June), iv. 146. k vi.228. 
Do S. Albano Martyre, 

Capgrave'8 Nova Legenda Angliae, f. 6. 

Sermo do S. Albano. 

Edit. Heamc, in the Appendix to Will, of Newburgh, 1719. 8vo. 

Alban's, St. : 

An accoimt of the first Battle of St. Alban's. 
Arcluoologia, vol. xx. pp. 619-623. 

Alban's, St., Cheonicles; v. Walsinguam. 

Alchmdndus : 

Do SS. Alchmuudo ct Tilberhto, Episcopis Hagustaldensibus 

in Anglia. Translatio auctore auonymoCauonicoBegulari. 

Mabill. Act. Ben. ili. par. i. 20*. cd. Vcnct. Act. Sanct. (Sept. 7), ilL 112. 

Alcuin : 

Beat! Flacci Albini sen Alcuini Epistolse. 

Alcuini Opera, edit. Ducheme, fbL Paris, 1617. Alouini OpenK edit. Pro- 
benioB, FoL Batisbon, 1777. (^anisius Leot. Antiq., ed. Baanage, Pol. 
Antrerp. 1725. torn. ii. p. 379-466 (from a MS. at St. Oallen). Some of hii 
letters are in DAchery's Spidlegium. ili. 321 ; iv.398 ; others in Historis 
Franoorum Scriptores, ii. 668, edit. Duchesne, fol. Lut. Paris, 1636 ; also 
In Mabillon's Vetera Analecta, p. 898, 8vq. Paris, 167fr-86, i. 622; 
Nov. edit. Paris, 1723. L 409 ; and in the Bccueil des Historians des 

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Alcuin — CMitinued, 

Gauls et de la Franco, v. 604. Pezius Thesaurus Anecd. Nov. li. 4. Pol. 

Aug. Vindelic. 1721, and some were printed at Ingolstadt in 1601. 

Migne's Patrologiae Cursus Conipletus,tom. 100 and 101. 

De Pontificibus et Sanctis Ecclesiae EboracensiB poema, auc- 

tore Flacoo Alcuino. Ex. M88. Codd. Bemenai, et Sancti 

Theodorici prope Bemoa. 

Gale XT. Scriptores, i. 703, 7S2. Mabill.* Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened. iii. 
par. ii. p. 604, edit. Tenet.; p. 658, edit. Fftr. Migne's Patrologiw 
Cursus Completus, 101, 813. 
Tita S.Willibrordi, Episcopi Trajectensis ad Ehenum, scripta 
dnobns libris ab Albino Flacco sen Alowino. 

Mabill. Act. Ben. siec. iii. p. 1. 601, edit. Par. Canisius Lect. Antiq, ed. 
Basnage, ii. 463. Migne's Patrologiao Cursus Gompletus,101, 094. 
Homilia Flacci Albini seu Alcuini in natalem S. Willibrordi, 
Archiepiscopi. Ex, BM. Monasterii 8, OallL 
Canisius Lect. Antiq. ed. Basnage, fol. Antverp, torn. ii. 460. 
Elogia Alcuini de S. Wilgiso parente S. Willibrordi. 

Canisius Lect. Antiq., cd. Basnage, ii. 470. 
Vita B. Alcuini Abbatis et Levitse in Gallia, auctore anonymo, 
ejus fere squali. Ex editions Cheania/na et 8uriana. 

MabiU. Act. Sanct. iv. par. i. 138, edit. Tenet. ; iv. par. L 146, edit. Par. 
Act. Sanct. (19 Mali), iv. 333. Surius (10 MaU), ii. 267. Edit. 
Froben. inter opp. Alcuini, i. 69. 
Annales (ut Tidetur) Alcuini. 

Perts, Monum. German. Hist. v. 2. 

Aldhelmi Opera ; ed. J. A. Giles. 

8vo. 1841. Reprinted in Migne, Patrologin Cursus Completus, 89. 
Vita Sancti Aldhelmi, Scirebumensis Episcopi ; seu Liber 
quintus Wilhelmi Malmesberienais de Pontificibus An- 

Edit. Wharton, Anglia Sacra, ii. 1-49. Acta Sanct. (May 25), vi. 77. 
MabilL Act. Sanct. iv. par. i. 683, ed. Tenet.; iv. par. L 726, edit. 
Alia vita, auctore Faricio, monacho Malmesburiensi. 

Acta Sanct. (May 26), vi. 84. Edit. Giles, 1854^ for the Cazton Society. 
Migne's PatrologisB Cursus Completus, 89, 66. 
Do S. Aldelmo, Episcopo et Confessore. 

Capgrave's Nova Legcnda Angllie, f. 10. Edit. Giles, 1864, for the Cazton 
Vita S. Althehni, Episcopi Schirebumensis. 
Surius (May 26), iL 806. 

Aldhem ; V. Patees Eccl£sl£ Anglicans. 
Aldredus, S. : 

De 8. Aldredo, Abbate et Confessore. 
Capgravo*8 Nova Legenda Angliie, f. 11. 

Al£Xand£b de Sancto Albano ; V. Neckham. 
Alexaudeb i>e Neckham ; V, Neckham. 

* Given as an anonymous production. 

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Alfred, K. : 

K. Alfred's Will, Saxon and English. 

At the Clarendon Press, 4 to. Oxford. 1788 ; reprinted from the Oxford 
edition of 1788, with apreCftCoand additional notes. 8to. London, 
The Aiiglo-Saion vcraion of the Compendious Hiabory of 
the World by Org^ius, liy Aolfrcd th^ Great. Together 
with mi English translation from the Anglo-Saxon, by 
Bainoj* Barrington. 
evu hcmdtfu, 177*, 
Boe thii C on aol at ionis P hilosophiio , L i Ifr i V , An glo- Soxonic 
rodditi ab Alfredo, mcJjto Anglo Saxonmn Bege, Ad 
apographum Junianuin cspressoii cdidit ChriBtophorus 
Bawliimon^ e^ Collegia Eegints. 
flvo. Oion.ia{»& 
Song AJfred'8 Anglo-Saxon verBion of Bocthius dc Consola- 
tione Philosophiin, with jm English U'aiishition and notes, 
by J. S- Cardalo. 
Bvo. London, 132B. 
King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version of the Metres of Boethins, 
with an English translation and notoa, by the Eev. Samuel 

evo. London, IS35- 
he Proverbs of King Alfred (Roliqufts Antiqua\ L 170-188). 
Edited by Thomas Wright and James Orchard Hal 11 well. 

Svo* Londou, 1H41. 

Ohtberi Halgelandunaia ct WuifsUni HccthensiB ^Tayiga^ 
tiones Baxoniec et LatinoD, 

Edit. Oxon. ,11178. 
A description of Europe and the voyages of Ohthora and 
^Vulffltan, written in Anglo-Saxon, by King Alfred the 
Great, [extracted from King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version 
of the historian Oroaius], by the Ecv, Joseph Bosworthj 
D.D., RR.S.,F.S.A. 

Svo. Lond. LB55. 

iElfi'cdi llegiK Praifatio Sa^xonica versioni sum Libri Gregorii 
Magni do Curti Paatorali prajmis^sa ; Saxouico haoc cum 
daplici vcr^ione Anglice et Lat. edidit D, Kattlneus 
Parkerug. Folio, Lond. 1574, 

Hi^pHntcd at L^jden m 15^)7, fjar Bon. Vulcaniiim Brug^njHs^D, in D« 

LiU'riit t4 LinRiln GcUinimt hItc Golhurimi; hy Cauidi'iU in tbc 

AnglirRt Norcn*tini<;a, kv*, folics, Pm-iiror. ItiySj *iJsu at the 4.'nd of Kinn 

Alfbfd** Life, Oxon, 167B ; and by Wise, Hvij., i)*on. 1722. 

Historiro EcclcsiasticBe gentia Angloruni libri v. a vencrabili 

Beda prei^bytoro scripti; ab AugUBtissimo vetorum Ajjglo- 

Saxonum Rege Aluredo (sivo Alfredo) examinati ; cjustjuo 

paraphrasi SaxonicS elegaiiter cxplicati. 

Edit I'd by Wbeloc, follow Cftntubr. 1^ i and by gmitU.Mkh O^I«b. 

See AssEB. 

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Alfked, or Alubed, of Beverley : 

Alnredi Beverlacensis Aimales, sive Historia de Gestis Ee- 
gum Britannias, Libris ix. e codice pervetusto. Edit. T. 
Heame. . 

8vo. Ozon.1716. 
Alfric of Canterburt : 

De S. Alfrico sen ^Ifrico, Archiepiscopo Cantuarionsi. 

MabiU. Act. Sauct. vL, par. i p. 55, odit. Venet. ; vi par. L p. 61, edit. 
Alpheg ; V, Elpheg. 
Amphibalus, S. ; v, Albakus. 
De S. Amphibalo Martyre. 

Capgrare's Nova Logenda Anglia, f. 13. 
Aw ALECTA Anglo-Saxonica : 

A selection in prose and verse, from Anglo- Saxon authors of 
varioas ages. By Benj. Thorpe. 
8T0. Lond.1884. 

ANDRi, Bernard : 

Bernard Andr^ Tholosatis de vita Eegis Henrici Septimi 
Historia. Edited by J. Grairdner. 
Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain. 
Extracts from Bernard Andre's Life of Hen. YII., so far as 
it relates to Perkin "Warbeck. 
ArcIuDoloRla, zxrU. 153-156. 

Andrew, St. : 

A Legend of St. Andrew. 

Edited l^ James Grimm in 1S40» from Appendix B. to the Report on 
Bymer's Foedera (not published), and by J. M. Kemble in 1843, for the 
.Slfiric Society. 
Andrew's, St. : 

Liber cartamm Frioratils Sancti Andrese in Scoti&, e Eegistro 
ipso in Archivis Baronnm de Fanmnre hodie asservato. 
Edited by Cosmo Innos. Royal 4to. Edinb. 1841, for the Bannatyne 

Anglia Christiana Socebtt: 

Historia de Fundatione Monasterii do Bello. Edited by the Ret. 3. &* 

Be Instructione Principum, by Giraldus Cambrensis. Edited by the 

Rot. J. 8. Brewer, 
liber EUensis, by D. J. Stewart* 
Anglia Sacra : 

Sive coUectio Historiarum, partim antiquitus, partim recenter 
scriptarum, de Archiepiscopis et Episcopis Anglia?, a 
prima Fidei Christianas susceptione ad annnm MDXL* 
Edited by Hen. Wharton. FoL Lond.1091. 

Pahs I. 
De Sede Cantuariensi.— Stephani Birchingtoni Historia do Atchl^ 
episcopis Cantuariensibus, a prima Sedia fUndatione ad atinunl 
1S60: Willelmi Chartham Historiola de vita Simonis Sudbury Archi- 
episcopi Cantuarionsis ab anno 1370 ad 1381 : Exoerpta ex ChronicO 
Cantuariensi de Robert! Winchelsey Archiepiscopi rebus gestis : Dies 

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Alglia Sac^a — ^onilna^d, 

ohlUiaivs Arfltiieplicoporam C*iitti*riensiBna ^ obttnArio Bccltauc 
CaDtuurir>nsi5: Anoii^mi Histork dc contnoversia iotcr Ecd«3 Cva- 
tumrlcufti'm et KbomceuHom drcA pritnotuto ; Fomiiilic profeKiioniun 
aatlquartiiD Arcliicpiiscopiif Cunt, fkct&mixi i FomiuJa ccrtiflcatlonU 
inttquiu di^ deriininH Bpijicupi StifTrafcnnoi et prasftt'iitatioiiiji eju^e^m : 
HeTtrici dij Eiitria Cataluffus de succesjioTic Archiepiwoporum Cimt* et 
nu^t Jonibuii intprmedils t Bucr(?£«{o Areliioplacoponmi Caiit* vl .Vn- 

' naJlbiia vi*tustia fioSytLBibus : fiAdulphi de BJocUi IndJciiitiS de i^etn- 
p4:iHt>iu Arrhj^piNCOparuta Cant. : Jur& an: httpfMH)|mtuj| C&QtiULricii' 
fiisi Caoontci Lichrddensii indicnltiB do iucce.^Ione Archiepisco 
pommCant. : IMMfrtatiti de vviramectfisrifinp Archiepi*?ijp<>ruin VtnLi 
DUHtrtaiin dt* duobu« Elfricia: HlAfoHa dc Deconi-H *it Piitidliu? 
Eceli^Biji? CarUimHt^nsin : HLstoria de lnfiiitlltioDl^ arohidtaron«tus 
Oantuaruyisia J Chrgnimti OEiiobil S- Cruds Edinbiiiiporisis : If ittona 
^I'tiLsta A Ix'TulcnlotmLa : €harta ^bckrdi Ecfd5 data Cnriiobia Scii?- 
biimensi : Epi^tola Al^ajidri III. Fapst do Tbiama Becti^t ArcHcpii- 
cojxj Cant* : KpiatuU Wjdk'ri Et'ynold Ajfrbif-plftcoin Cant* ot Epitoo- 
pcinini An|?li:e dv canon Izfttido li^bcrlo TiYindielaux : T<^limonmm 
Waltcri df SiitbPpld Epifteo]>l Norvricoij^is ile p^jteststfl Ardiit^pisropi 
Cant Jn prioratu Cant,: Eeiit'flcia pcrtmf!titia ad doUfttionem Arvht- 
v\n^ny[ii (;atit, antirj 1400. 

Di^ ShIo Wifjt^mk-tisi.-Thflm>ti Ilud^^01■no Historia ^Ii^or de ftipda- 
tionc! Ecrlpi^iiD ^V{Iliolli1^n^ifl et buucifsslDii^ BplHOoixcrma c^usdiTii) ad 
amiEjm 11^: EJitNdein VnilDgiia in Hi^toriau) fiuiujl Minororn : 
Hikiia^ilil Wiiik»niu<n^9 ATiniUiii Eoclcfdai Wintouietiiila ab dnno i^3S 
ml &rmum 1277 : Continuatio HisLoruQ Wititonlcuali ab a^no l^H 
ad IMii : Et^btotji? trcii ant itiujn de Monacbia i^i Eii^esu 'V^'^intonieuHi 
noil €'jic^^L^ndiiJ I l^itfrtKH Pmloirmi ad Qistoriam do miracull* S. 
BwJtbimi Episcopi WintoniGnsii : ^ueccsidij Priorum Ecdi^Jiu Whi- 

De NtMli? EoITcnaj*— Emulfi Episeopi BofTeneis Colloctani?a do rebus 
KcdrtfUL' G^fTfimii: EdMundi do Hadeuham ADiialif* Ecck'siiD 
ttoHteusifl a prima Sedia fundatbno <nd annum 1307 s Wiltelnji tie 
Dfiia^ IIi«iU»ri.i R^CTensiB ab an no 131-1 ad iSiJO : CoDtinuaClo Flk- 
itrnx Rottetiiis Ah aimo l^yH) tui 154(}: Lib«ULiH Kfouat^horiim Kot- 
fcnsium anno 1300. Rcgi oblat^is dv patTOtiatn Ecck^uu Rofftnsis.iieti 
de Jure cljffE?ndL Episcopl [ Cliarta Joh^niils Rr^a dfl patronatu tijsis- 
ivjpatm Eoffrri^iet 1 Jutu epIiccipatuA Eflffcni^iji a^nni^K): C(iniju<^£u> 
diuoB EcckiiiJi* lU^m^nmi femx^.^^sio lYiortun Ecclosio? Eolfccsifl. 

Do Spdc ftorwirensii.— BartbQloniad de Cfitton Annnlca E'CcJt^^ Norwi- 
c^nnrUi ab &imp U>i'l ml ajinum 12Bi5: EjuhjIciu llitttodade Epivoopii 
Norwiccn?1hii!ia prima l>t"dis fiiadntione ad annum 12i*© : Hanaclii Nor^ 
wicensiH Iliatoria d^ KpifteDpiftNiirwIrtrnmbusnbatmoiSEOiiidaiinnni 
IMJl : Ccinttniiatio Hiitohic A'tinriceiuis abanno ll46ad l&M : Succcaaio 

De S*)do Co¥is«tn*tL»l et Lldifcldonfii.— Tlidmre il© Chcst^rfeld Hi*t-oria 
da Epiacopta Coventrenslbtia ft LicJifflcfensjbiit a prima Sedis Tnn- 
dationc ad annuni 1347: Wilkltui Mliitiocke a4ditamGuta ad 
Hblorijvni rrrcpt'denttm : EJ^^Gni Ul^torm de Episeopli Covenlr, 
€!t LirhfnJc]. ab tkUiw 1S4T ad annmn 1$^ : Epi^^tula Loonia 11 L l^pii? 
ad Kitniilpbum Rc^th do archioplacopatu Llclilcldenst : Epi9itc>lH 
KpiiCOj»onim Aniarliio ad Ltonrm 111. Paiiain: SuctMSHio Priorum 
Covontrcniifi Eceleiiffi : Succcsjiio Dccajiorura Lielifuldctiaia E«cleri*!^ 

De Sede WigomipaiL— ilonacbi WigomUtusria Anrinlc* Ecclpftiit 
Wigonnt'HF^iB a ptijna (*jnB fluid at ionc iwJ fUToura 1308 1 Coiitinimtio 
Mistoritt? Migofidetisii ab anriol302 ad 15 Wh HsMuniiiufi llifltoriola 
do VI La B. VVlslani Kpispopi AVlpomiensis : Acta Bjnodi Wlgor^ 
nlL>niLs oil DO UWi habitii} : Com|iA»Ulo iTitcr Epiacopum H ItoTtachoa 
Wipom[i]iLBi^s df elcctloTie l*riopisi: Btitc^jabio Pj-iortim Wi^omleniia 

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Anglia Sacea — continued. 

De Sede Bathoniensi efe Wellensi.— Ctnonici Welleniis Hiatoria de 
Episoopui Bathoniensibufl et Welleiuibus a prima Sedis fUndatione 
ad annum 1483: Continuatio Historias de Epiacopis Bathon. et 
Wellen. ab anno 1428 ad annum 1G40 : Adami de Domenbam His- 
toria de oontentione inter Epiaoopos Batbonienaes et Monachos Glaa- 
tonienaea ab anno 1192 ad 1290 : Successio Priorum £ccleai» Batbo- 
nlensia : Suooeaaio Deoanorum Eocleaije Wellenaia. 

De Sede Elienai.— Thomie Monachi Elienaia Hiatoria Ecdeaife Elienaia a 
prima c^ua fundatione ad annum 1107 : Bichardi Prions Eliensis con- 
tinuatio Hiatoria) Elienaia ab anno 1107 ad annum 1169: Monacbi 
Elienaia continuatio Hiatorin Elienaia ab anno 1160 ad annum 1888 : 
Monacbi Elienaia Continuatio Hiatoriae Elienaia ab anno 1388 ad annum 
1486 : Boberti Btewarde, Prioria ultimi Elienaia* continuatio Hiatorin 
Elienaia ab anno 1486 ad ^annum 1554 : Bicbardi Eliensis Historia de 
oonveraione abbatis Elienaia in epiaoopatum : Thomae Elienaia Fng- 
mentum de dignitate Abbatia Elienaia : Sucoeasio Priorum EcclesiiD 
Elienaia : Geneakvia Boberti Stewarde, Prioria ultimi, ab ipao con- 

De Sede Dunelmenai.— Hiatoria do Epiacopia Dunelmensibus a 
prima Sedia fUndatione ad annum 1006: Monachi anonymi Du- 
nelmenaia Hiatoria de Epiacopia Dunelmenaibua ab anno 1096 ad 
annum 1144: GaiifHdi Sacriatv de Coldingham continuatio Hiatoriae 
Dunebnenaia ab anno 1144 ad annum 1214: Boberti de Grayatanes 
Epiacopi Dunclmenaia continuatio Hiatorias Dunelmensia ab anno 
1814 ad annum 1886: Willelmi de Cbambre continuatio Hiatoriao 
Dunelmenada ab anno 1333 ad annum 1659: Hiatoria de Epiacopia 
Haguataldenaibua : Suoceeaio Priorum Dunclmenaia EccleaiaD. 


Willelmi Malmeaburiensia liber quintua de geatia Pontiflcum An- 
glorum, aeude vita S. Aldhelmi Epiacopi Bcircbumenaia : Odonis 
Archiepiacopi Cant. Bpiatola, vits 8. WilfHdi Archiepiacopi Ebor. 
praeflxa : Goaq^lini Hiatoria Minor de vita S. Auguatini Archiepiacopi 
Cantuarienaia : Yitae Tatwjni, Notbelmi, et Cuthberti Arcbiepiaco- 
porum Cant., authore anonymo: Osbemi (verius Johannia Tinmu- 
thenais) liber de vita S. Bregwini Archiepiscopi Cantuar. : Osbemi 
{veriua Eadmeri) i liber de vita S. Odonia Archiepiacopi Cantuar. : 
Osbemi liber prlmua de vita B. Dunatani Archiepiacopi Cantuar. : 
Osbemi prologus ad librum secundiun de vita ^usdem: Osbemi 
liber de vita et paaaione S. Elphegi Archiepiacopi Cantuar. : Osbemi 
liber de tranalatione corporia ^uadem a Londonia ad Cantuariam: 
Adelardi Epiatola ad Elphegum de vita 8. Dunatani Archiepiacopi 
Cant.: Johannia Sariaburienaia liber de vita 8. Anaelmi Archi- 
epiacopi Cantuar.: Alezandri III. Papae Bulla de eanonizatione Anael- 
mi I Epiatola 8. Anaalmi insignia, in nuper editione Pviaienai vitiata : 
Eadmeri librorum de vita 8. Anaelmi qus desunt in editia : Eadmeri 
lioer de vita 8. Bregwyni Archiepiacopi Cantuar.: Eadmeri Uber de 
vita 8. Oawaldi Epiacopi Wigom. et Archiepiacopi Eborao. : Eadmeri 
liber de vita 8. Dunatani Archiepiacopi Cantuar.: Eadmeri Epiatola 
ad Monaohoa Qlastonienaea de corpore 8. Dunatani : Willelmi Warham 
Archiepiacopi Cantuar. acrutinium de corpore 8. Dunatani : ^uadem 
Epiatola ad Abbatem Glaatonlenaem de corpore 8. Dunatani : Bicbardi 
Beere Abbatia Olaatonlenaia Epiatola ad Willehnum Warham Archi- 
epiacopum de corpore 8. Dunatani : Willelmi Warham Archiepiacopi 
secunda'ad Abbatem Glaaton. Epiatola de corpore S. Dunatani : Nicolai 
Prioria EodesiA Wigom. Epiatola ad Eadinerum de primatu Sedia 
Eboracenaia in Scotia: Turatini Archiepiacopi Ebor. Charta de con- 
qecretione Boberti Epiacopi Santandroani : Eadmeri Epiatola ad 
Monachos Wigomienaea de electione Epiacopi: Willelmi Malmabu- 
rienaia libri trea de .vita 8. Wolatani Epiacopi Wigomienaia: Monachi 
Boffenaia coctani Uber de vita Oundulphi Epiacopi BofTenaia: Wii- 

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694 Af'PEKWX. 

AircLU Sacka — CGuUnittnl, 

lotrot do Wycumb* llbri dUo da viU Bobcrtl ButuQi £fiiwo|)l Hcro^ 
!brdi?QBis : Siiccn^^a&io Pnorum Erclcsiii? LanthoniflnBu ; Eich^rdi Uqh 
ni^hl Rardoiiieuiiii liber de vita lUiberti Gtwitlicad £pificopi Liiico>l-» 
niffUBls : VitOr E^ibcrti Gro«lhoad Kpbcopi LineolTJcnjib €!S AmialiUun 
tlo LAnorcost ; Bpiiftoln Bctcsajil et Ca[»itii}i Bw^kysim S, !*auli LctJidan* 
ltd Cl{viti<.ii)ti.^ta V. Ffkiiam de eaticinLisaiido Hfdierto GroHthc^ : Ginl> 
di Cumbiviiiiiit EpktrolB do biiidibuij ItolHirti GrcM^tbead: Indiculiis 
Bcrtptoruui lUjl>erti Gfwathoai^l 3 KotK-rti Gm3tbe«4 PropojiUio <k 
viHitatioiio dloccab t\us*. Vita llugonw Nojiont Bpbcopi Coventr* 
f^t lictift^ld.p audhorc Girsldo CambrenM: VJU Willcliul M'icklnuzi 
Epi«H>pi WintonwnsiSp aiitbore ThotSB €luumtll«if : ViU Thonioc dv 
Btkintuna Episcopi Uathoiu vt WoIleiLt Mtttune Tboma CLiaundlc^ri 
Vita Hcnrici Le ^pynwr Bplseopl NorwloeEiBli, »itbofO Jobarmo Cftji* 
jq^vio : Richimli Scrope A rchippl»copl Ebor. ArticuU ddvvnm 
ULmripum IV- Anglltts Ra^m; Cleon^ntb MBfiiestono Historim tin 
lunrt^Tio Eic&rdl Sc«>|j« Arehiepiscopi Elxir. : Gimldi CaiDbmusiji 
libri ditD dc vita Ga-lfridi Arcbiepiscopi EL>or. : £^uijdi*m libc^r do 
\'\tis EpiBcoporum Lhicxilnienj^ifiro : mii9CJcn:i lib^^r do vitis ici 
Eptaoojiorum Ajif liic POicUneoruta i Bju^dt^m Bpi&UiUt. jn3 Stopbwium 
Arvbii'[iunxtpum Caiit.dc urchiepbccjpatu imn abdicaudo : Bjufldcin 
Epbtolii ad Capitulum Hetcfordeniso do Ubria u [w .wripti* i Kjii$dem 
Cataloffiis brevwir Ubrorma syoTUDO; ^osdenj bbtT accundua da 
de^criptfmiP WoJIlii:, ^ivo du iUaudabilibas WhIUic : Ejusdcm Rctrw^ 
tationca : ;^iuidem tlbri ires do robua n bk go^ti^ : mufldfim Distliic- 
t!f}iie» HOptrim de jure et st&tu Mcav^etiffk Eccli^iic: l^usdom Uh- 
toria dr vlla S. Davidln ArchJoijistsopt Moaevensi* t Sittiotib dc Fraadud 
Cantjnid Her^rordoiiiLs Cartni'U wi GkvJdmn Oaitnbrcimetn : AddLU- 
mcutA ad Logcncbun S. l>avidi«, ta vita cjuisdcaj p^a- Eia'iuarcltum 
EpifK^pum M<^iicvE?ti!icm ^'ripta: AnnaJm brt^Vl.'a Eq^le-His Mpdc^ 
vcii4itt ab Aii|;lorum odventu ad annum l£Ti, ant bore Canonico 
Mf^nev«iifli : Vita Davidls II. Epiarnpi >IonevcDsia^ autboru flnoai'iiK) 
coo^tauco : Vita B. Dubrielt Arcluepisjoopi urbiRi LtTgitniiuii, auibcR-tj 
Bunedlcto Atuuavba Claudioecstn^ual : VitA 8. Tf'lia^i Bpiacopl iMa-^ 
daveuiist ttuthore GatfHdc}* fdiaa Stt^pltano. Landavtmsl Dccano ; Hia- 
toriola do fUndatioiie c*t doUliono Jjodavonsi* Kc(?Ic«iA:>, ex antique 
oluadcm EcelGsifD Rogiatro : Ecciuiflitio Urbani Liuulavoiuia Epiacopt 
rvd Caliitum II, l*apam in Coiirilio Boiilwnsl; Dpcrcturn KonoriiLlr 
F'ajiae dp cauna L'rbani LaiHiavotiats Efiljicojii : RtMlulpUi de Biceto 
EK.-cani Lotidiucneis Ht»toria da ArcbiupL»co]iiH CaatuarJonalbuR a 
prima Sodln fkmdatloiie ad annum l^UO: Heuiiei Arcbldlaootii Huu- 
tindonicruiA Eplatda ad^Taltomm dc Epiaqopis ct viris iUustribus 
Htil temFx>ria. 
Anglica, Hibersica, it^oEMAJCNicA^ Cambrica, & vetoribuB SCriptA i 
ex quibus Aaser Meneveneis, AnoBymus de Gtiliclmi Oou* 
qaes torts, Thomas Walsinghatifi, Thomas de la More, Gulielmtis 
GtmifcicensiBt Giraldus Cambric nstB i plerique nunc primtim 
In iuccm cditi, ox Bibliotlicca Guilielmi Camdetii. Cum ludice, 
turn vcrborum, turn remm in oper^j hoc to to cum primiB memo- 
rabilium locuplotiBStimo. Fraiicofurti, impensifl 01 audi! Mamii, 
ot haeredxim Johaniiis Aubrii. Anno M.DCIII. 
ABjif^ruB do ^Itrodi Rcbiis Gratis, l-£fl. 
^rojirmeiitujii f!i Aiitit)no Libro monastoHi 8. SUphiuii Cadcimcndifi, de 

GulJdmc! Conniwatore, 2JH15* 
Hbtoria brcvi^ Tbomi^ WtvlaiDgbaui» ab Edvanlo Primo^ ad nonriemn 

f|uinttim, 4I7-4OS, 
Ypodigma NunstHa! vcl Normauniio, per Tlioiiiam du Wabiui^liain j ab 
irruptijuiic Nortuanaomm um^uc ad amium aextum rq^l H^nHdr 
QuinU, ^W-m. 

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Akouca, &o. — continued. 

Vito et mon Bdwardi Secimdi, Begto An^^ oonicripto a Thoma do 

la Moor, Bqiiite aarato, et cjtiidem BegU flimulo, 688-608. 
Wilhehnus Gemitioeniii de Ducum Nonnaimorum gestii, 604-691. 
Topognphia Hiberni»,iiTe demirabilibus Hibemin, anthora Bilrestro 

Giraldo Cambreiue, 602-754. 
Expngnatio Hiberuin, alve Historia vaticinalis SUvestrU Giraldi 

CambrenaiB, 755-61S. 
Itiiieraiiam Ounbrie ; leu laboriostt Baldiiini Cantuar. Archiepiaoopi 
per Walliam legationii, aoctirata dflMriptio ; auotore Silveatro Giraldo 
Oambreuie, cam annotationibos Davidis Poueli, Sacno Theologin 
ProfBttoris, S15-878. 
Cambrie Deacriptio, auctore SiL Giraldo Cambreiue. Cam annota- 
iionibos DaTidii Pouoli, Sacra Theologis) Profonoris, 879-896. 
Anglo Saxons : 

YitsB qnonmdam Anglo-Saxonnm. 

Edited by Br. GUea for the Cazton Society, 1854. 
Anglo-Saxon Ohabters: 

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Publidied for the English Historical Society. 8to. 188(hl848. 6 vols. 
Chartad yarise Begnm Anglo-Saxonum. 

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Three inedited Charters from the Cartulary of Cirencester 
Abbey. , 

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Anglo-Saxon Chbonicle : 

Chronologia Anglo-Saxonica, with a Latin translation. 
Edited by Abraham Wheloc. 
FoL Camb.1644. 
Chronicon Saxonicnm, sea Annales Eemm in Angli& 
prsBcipue gestamm, a Christo nato ad annum usque 
MCLIV. deducti, ac jam demum Latinitate donati. Opera 
et Studio Edmundi Gibson. 
4to. Ozon. 169S. 

A literal translation of the Saxon Chronicle, by Miss Anna 

12mo. Norwich, 1819. 
The Saxon Chronicle, with an English translation and notes, 
critical and explanatory, &c., by the Eev. J. Ingram. 
4to. London, 1828. 
The Saxon Chronicle, down to the year 1066. Edit, by Petrie. 

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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, according to the several original 
authorities. Edited, with a Translation, by Benjamin 
Thorpe. 2 vols. * 

Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 roL 1861. 

Anglo-Saxon Htmnabium : ^ 

The Latin Hymns of the Anglo-Saxon Church, with an inter- 
linean Anglo-Saxon Gloss ; derived chiefly from a manu- 
script of the eleventh century. Preserved in th& Library 
of the Dean and Chapter of Durham. 

Edited Iqr the Be?. Joseph Sterenson, 1861, for the Snrtees Society. 

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Anglo-Saxon Laws : 

^Apxaiovofila, sive de priscis Anglomm legibns libri, sermone 
Anglico, yetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis 
conscript!, atque nunc demnm, magno jurisperitorum et 
amantiam antiqnitatis omnium oommodo, e tenebris in 
lucem vocati Guilielmo Lambardo interprete. 
4to. Iiond.1568. PoL Camb.1643. 
Concilia, Decreta, Leges, Ac, opera et scrutinio Henrici 

Fol. Lond.l6S9. 
Leges Anglo- SaxonicBd ecclesiasticae et civiles, accedunt 
Leges Edwardi Latinse, Guilielmi Conquestoris Gallo- 
Normannicae et Henrici I., Latinsd, Ac. Cum Codd. MSS. 
contulit, notas, versionem, et glossarium adjecit David 

Pol. LoncLmi. 
Legum Eegia Canuti Magni quas Anglis olim dedit, ver- 
sionem antiquam Latinam, ex Codice Colbertino, varian- 
tibus le<5tionibus atque observantibus annexis, cum Textu 
Anglo-Saxonico edidit. Jan. Laur. Andr. Kolderup-Bosen- 

4to. Copenliagen, 1826. 
Ancient Laws and Institutes of England. 

A portion of the Hon. Hist. Brit. Pol. Lond.1840. 8?o. Lend. 1840. 
In 2 vols. Edit. Schmidt, 1832. i 

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X. et xi. flouere (apud Mansi, Ooncil. Collect, torn, xviii. 

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Anglo-Saxon Mantjscbipts : 

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criticus et Archeeologicus ; Auctore Georgio Hickesio. 
3 vols. PoL Oxon.1706. 

Anglo-Saxon Poems ; v, Analecta, Beowulp, Brunanbukgh, 


Calendarium seu Menologium Poeticum, Ex Codice Manu- 
scripto Cotton. Tiber. B. i. 

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Menologium sive Calendarium poeticum, ex Hickesiano The- 
sauro ; with an English translation. 
Edit. SamL Pox. 8vo. Lond.1830. 
Anglo-Saxon Poem ; printed by Hickes from a MS. now 
lost, with an English translation. 
Archnol. xxvili. 339-345. 
Phoenix, the King of Birds, an Anglo-Saxon song of the 
X. or xi. century. 
ArohiBol. xxz. S66-8tt. 

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kpvmmix. 697 

Angouleme, Count op : 

Inventory of the Libraryi Plate, Jewels, Ac., belonging to 
the Heirs of the Count of Angouleme, A.D. 1496. 
Bzoerpta Historic^ p. 344. 



Aimales of Tewkesbury, Dunstaple, Waverley, Margan, and 
Burton. Edited by Henry Bichard Luard, M.A. (In 

Among the Chronicles and Hemoriala. 

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AugL Sacra, U. 178. Some of Anselm*s letters are in D'Achery's SptoUe- 
gium, iii 433, and some in Usher's Veterum Epistolarum Hibernicanun 
SyUoge,p.88. 4to. Dublin, 1632. 
Epistol» septem S. Anselmi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis. 

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Avesgoti Monachi Cenomanensis Epistola ad S. Anselmum. 

Epistola Joannis ad Anselmum. 

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Fasohalis Papsd II. Epistola ad Anselmum, Archiepiscopum 
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Cantuariensis, lib. ii. nunquam antehac editi. 
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Mauri Migne's Patrologie Cursus Completus, 168, 50. 
Vita S. Anselmi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, auctore Ead- 


Digitized by 



Anselm — CO ill hi i ipd. 

Vita ex Hbtoria NDvorum Eadmeri. 

Ad- S&nct. (Ap. 21) Ji. saa. 
Vita S. Anijelmi, Cantuarianaia Archiopiscopi, ab Eadmoro 

ShriiW (Ap.21), 207. 

Miraciila S* Aiiat^lmi mfrtnce, E;e MS. R€(f. Bv^ciiM. 

Martfini* AmpL Collect. vL esa, lllgtie'ti Futrfjlofrin? Ciirsiia C^Jmjtlctus, 
15^, 119. 

Vita bievinr S. AiiBelmi, Ex MS. Bill 8. Ykfor. 

Miiriif^'s Ptittt»lci*dtt? Cursii* Ctimplptiia, 153, l^. 
Bulla Aleatandri III. papa?, dc canonizations Anselmi. 

AngHa SttCrm» ii. 177* 
De S. Annelmo Arcliiopiscopo, 

0&Pffra,T«'s Nova Lofrenda Anj^iinv f. 14 

See Patebs Ecclesl^ Angucanj«. 
Abcileologia I 

J. 01. A PotUion of Ihe Citizens of WlnchiFster, anno 1450, to Klog 

fli'nry VL, concemiD^ thp Ridnons StHte ofthtslr City* Ei Rot. TttfT. 

1. ai3» A LetttT frtJra thf? Black rTmco to the BLifaop of ^Woroeatep, 

dated SOtU Oc-tolxir lasO, rt'laliiig to thfl Battle of mtierfl* wheroln 

Xhv Pn^rich Kinff waa mode prisouer, &e. Ex ft<^tn> Hd^ginoldi 

Britm Wlgorii. Episeopi, foL H3, 
l. 3CH>. CcrttUftnifll of tho Fmioral of Kii^g Edward IV., from & MS, of 

the lato Mr. Aiiatln, now iu the possession of Tliomiw A^tlc. 
T. ^7. A Romembmnwof the QrdnT and Mnnntr of the Eudal of Miuy, 

Queen of Sfols. 
VI. i!l3. Tho Rx,li of Khig: Edward III. licet before Calid*. 
VJL3.n. Subsidy Roll, &l Kdw. Ill,; by John Tophjuu, 
X. S*l. An Invetitorj- cifthe Crovm Jt-wuls. 3 Etlw. HI.; by Craven Oivl. 

XV. Of], An Aocountoftho ETitortAinmi^nt of King Iteuiy VJ., at tho 
Abbey of Bury St. Kdniund* i by Cmvl^n OitI* 

XV* a5*-iMli- "Hotultu FAniite/' is Edw, I., with a Tranalation and 
Xc^ti'H ; by Samuel I^M>ni. 

XVI. A3. EoU of tho Eipeii»e4 of Khm Edward I., At Ehuddlan CMtle, 
in Wales, A,D. 13SI mid lS!§i, wHh a Trwuilatloii ^ by S»iuiiel l^ywonii. 

X Vi, 123. An Inifentory of CL-rtaiti Aptiidea d^^live^ed oat of tho Armory 

at Ui«> Tower, a" :J3 Hon. VI. 
XTIL S97, Roll of Puj^haao^H made for the Taumament of WlndUor 

Fb3\^ a Edw, L i by Samuel Lyeuna. 
XVII L n. Poeuuontho Ik^nth of Kim? Bd ward TILtand on tho Di«« 

turbanct-s of tho earlier part of tUo iH?inrn of Kliif Rkhard tho Soeond, 
XX. CID. Alt Acoonnt of the llrst Battle ofSL Albans ; by Jubn Hc^lty. 

XX. !i95, Hbtoiri! du Eoy d'AnRlctcrre Richard, tnuetant iiartkulfFrC'' 
inent In ll^^bt'lUoii di; *m siibleeU et priiLs« de Eta fiersronae. Cooiiioiam 
lor un Gcntilhom'ci FraniHjis de luarque^ qui fUt a la tuite dudict 
Hoy, af (yrq penntioion du Rny do Franoe, ViWi, A Tranjilatii>ti by the) 
Rtfv. John Webb precedju*^ the orlpimL 

XXL H. An Account of the SHec^md Invasion of Kngland, m 1471, by 
Edward IV-, from aFiieneh Manuscript; by Edward Jeniltiglyita. 

XXL 34, Extracts from thia " Lib<T llutnorandojtsm Caiacnrlorum 
" Be<H.*piii'' ScflccariU" relative to the Jeweb pliedgied tii the Hth of 
Htiiry VI. to Canliual llcftufort, 

XXI. 43. Pticni of the Sieffo of Roueiij writt<sn in tho reign of King 
Hi-Hiry the Fifth. 

XXI. Si. PoUtieal Poom, written by an adli^rent of the House of 
Ii«iu'aiat«r« in the Ijat year of the reign of Richard 1 1>, I39ff. 

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XXL S88. Inventory of the Effeots fbnnerly belonging to Sir John 

XXI. 281. Croissdes, a Bvarvej of Egypt and Syria, by Sir Gilbert de 

Lannoy, lent thither by King Henry V. ; by the Ber. John Webb. 
XXI. 206. Creton's French Metrical History of the Deposition of King 

Richard II. ; transUted by the Bev. John Webb. 
XXI. 478. A Narrative of the Progress of Edward I., in his Invasion 

of Scotland in 1296 ; by Sir Harris Nicolas. 
XXIL IS. An Account of the Army with which King Richard II. invaded 

SoothAd, AJD. 1S85 ; by Nichohu Harris Nicolas, Esq. 
XXIL 204. An Historical Relation of certain Passages about the End 

of King Edward III., and of his Death ; by Thomas Amyot. 
XXIL 307. Ancient Norman French Poem on the Erection of the Walls 

of New Boss in Irekmd, A.D. 1266. 
XXIL 850. Old English Poem on the Siege of Rouen in 1418 ; by Sir F. 

XXIIL 287. Archbishop Anmdel's Letter to Henry lY.; by T. Amyot 
XXIV. 47. Benedictionale & .Sthelwoldi. Bpisoopi Wintoniensis. An 

illuminated MS. of the x. cent. 
XXVL 266. Three inedited Saxon Charters from the Oartnlaiy of Ciren- 
cester Abbey. 
XXVL 266. Narratives of the Arrival of Louis de Bruges, Seigneur de 

la Qruthuyse, in England, and of his Creation as Earl of Winchester, 

in 1472 : by Sir F. Madden. 
XXVU. 15S. Documents relating to Perkin Warbock ; by Sir F. Madden. 
XXYIL 164. Extracts fh>m Bernard Andre's Life of Henry TIL, so fur 

as it relates to Perkin Warbeck. 
XXYni. 26L Extracts from the Liberate Bolls relative to Loans supplied 

by Italian Merchants to the Kings of England ; by Edward A. Bond. 

XXVIII. 839. Anglo-Saxon Poem, printed by Hickes, fjrom a Manuscript 
' now lost, with an English Translation. 

XXIX. 180. Political Song, written on the accession of Edward lY. to 
the Throne in 1461. 

XXIX. 818. Political Poems of the Bdgns of HeniyVL and Edward lY. 

by SbrF. Madden. 
XXIX. 319. Political Poem on the Death of the Duke of Suffolk in 1460. 
XXIX. 826. Political Poem on the Stote ; by a Lancastrian, Ui 1483. 
XXIX. 830. Political Poem on the Yorkist Lords. 

XXIX. 840. Political POem on the Position of the Yorkists and Lan- 
castrians, and the Policy to be observed by the r.;*mer. 

XXIX 334. A Poem on the Battle of Northampt..n. lOth July 1460. 

XXX. 266. Phoenix, the King of Birds, an Aiiglo-Saxon Song of the 
Tenth or Eleventh Century, with a TranshU;ion by Gkxirgo Stephens. 

XXXL 1. Expenses of the Great Wardrobe of King Edward the Third 
from A J). 1347 to 1340 ; by Sir Harris Nicolas. 

XXXL 826b Account of the Ceremonial of the Marriage of the Princess 
Margaret, Sitter of King Edward the Fourth, to Charles, Duke of 
Burgundy, in 1468 ; by Sir Thomas Phillips, Bart 

XXXIL 326. Copy of an Historical Document, printed by Machlinia. 
dated in 1476; by Sir Henry Ellis. 

XXXUL 129. Satyrical Rhymes on the defeat of the Flemings beftxre 
Calais, in I486. 

XXXYIL 68. An unrecorded Contract between Ferdinand and Isabella 
King and Queen of Spain, and Ferdinand, King of Sicily, for the 
Marriage of Isabella, daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, with 
Ferdinand, Prince of Capua, dated 81st May 1476. 

Amnlplii Lexoviensis EpistoIsB. 

Edit. Giles. Oxon. 1844. Among the Patres Ecclesie Anglicane. 
Migne's Patrologia, 201, 1. lyAchetys SpicUogium, 610. 

, VOL. I. Y Y 

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Archbishop ArundeVs Letter to King Henry IV. 
ArcluBologiak toL xxiiL 297. 

Aelfiredi Regis Bes Gestee, anctore Asserio. 

In Anglo-Saion characters. Bdit. MaMh. Fkurker, foL CLond.] 1674* 

ABseras de Aelfiredi Bebns Grestis. 

Camden's Anglica, 1-28. FoL Franoof. 1602 and 1603. 
Annales Bemm Gbstamm Aelfredi Magni, anctore Asserio 
Menevensi, recensuit Pranciscns "Wise, A.M. Ooll. Trin. 


8V0. Oxon.1722. FoL Mon. Hist. Brit, edit Fetrle, 1816. 

Chronicon Fani Sancti Neoti, siye Annales Joan. Asserii; 
ut nonnnllis videtur. 
Gale, Script, xv. p. 141. 

Athelwold; », Ethelwold. 
audoenus : 

De S. Dadone vel Andoeno, Ep. Bothomagensis in Nor- 

(i.) Vita, anctore snppare. Ex M8. UUrajecHno 8. 8aU 

(ii.) Vita altera anctore anonymo, quern tamen aliqni Fri- 

degodnm nominant. Ex M88. Mon» Comeolensis, ValUe 

Lucentif et OwrtusicB Dvvionensis. 
(iii.) Yariae translationes. Ex Martene Theaawr, AnecdU. 

iii. 1669. 
(iy.) Miracnla, anctore Fnlberto Mon. Ex M8. Bothomag, 

Mon, 8. Audoeni, 
(y.) Alia Miracnla, anctore anonymo. Ex eodem M8. 
Acta Sanct (Aug. 24), W, 794. 

Yita S. Andoeni, Episcopi Bothomagensis, anctore Fride- 
godo Diacono. 


De S. Andoeno, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda Anglis, f. 21. 
Augustine, S. : 

Yita Major S. Angnstini, Episcopi Cantnariensis primi, 
Anglorumqne Apostoli. Anctore Grotselino Bertiniano 
monacho, qui yertente, ssBcnlo xi. scripsit. 

MabilL Act. Banot. t 485. edit. Venet.; L 406, edit Par. Act Banct. 
(May 26), vi. 375. Migne's FatrologiaB (Tursns Completus, 160, 743. 

Historia Major de Miraculis S. Angnstini, Archiepiscopi 
Cantnariensis, anctore GU>Bcelino Monacho. 

MabilL Acta Sanct Bened.L 621-648. Acta Sanct vL 897-411 (May 26). 

* The title page does not give either the name of the printer or place where it 
was printed. 

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AuGUSTiNEy S. — contvmied. 

QoBcehxd, Monachi S. Aagnstim Oantnarieneis, Historia 
Minor de Yita S. AngOBtmi, Archiepiscopi CaDtoArienBis, 
Anglomm Apostoli. 

AngUa Sacn, iL pp. 6&-71. Lanfinmci Op., ed. Jhcberj, App. pp. 07-07. 
FoL Fluri8,1648. 

LibelluB de Miraonlia Sancti AugaBtdni, aaotore eodem 
GotBelino monacho. 

MabiU. Act. Suoct. L 617, edit. Tenet; L535, edit. Par. Act Sanct. 
(96 Maii). vi 873. In Appen. pp. 57-07, of Lanfranci Opera, ed. Dachery. 
FbL Paris, 1648. 

Historia Translatdonis S. Angustini Episcopi, Anglomm 
Apostoli^ alioramqae sanctorum, qui in ipsios monasterio 
Cantoariensi quiescebant; auctore Gocelino ejosdem loci 
Monacho seqnali. 

MabilL Act Sanct. tL par. ii 740, ed. Tenet; tL par. iL 748, ed. Pur. 
Act Sanct (26 Haii), vi 373. Migne's Patrologin Oorsui Oompletus, 
De S. Augustino, Episoopo et Confessore. 
(Sapgrave's Nova Lege n da Anglis, f. 22. 

Boberti de Avesbnry Historia de mirabilibns gestis 
Edwardi Tertdi. 

EditHeame. 8?a Oxon.1720. 


Bacok, Booeb : 

opus Majos Bogeri Baconis. 
Bdit Jebb, DttbUn, 178S. Fol. 
OpuB Tertiom et Opus Minus Bogeri Bacon. Edited by the 
Ber. J. S. Brewer. 

8ya Lond. Among the (Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and 

Baitheneus : 

De 8. Baitheneo, Abbate, Sancti Columbsd successore in lona 
ScotiaB Insula. Acta ex MS. 
Act. Sanct (June 9), U. 286. 

Baker, Gbofibet, op Swikbboks : 

GkklfHdi le Baker de Swinbroke, Chronicon Edwardi II. et 
Edwardi DI. ; ed. J. A. Giles. 
8vo. Lond. 1847. 
Vita et mors Edwardi Secundi Begis Angliaa, conscripta a 
Thoma do la Moor, equite aurato, et ejusdem Begis 
famulo. Translated from the French into Latin by 
Geoffrey Baker. 

Camden's Anglloa» pp. 608H)03. 

TT 2 

Digitized by 



Balmekino a^d Likdores ; 

The Chartttlarios of Balraorino and Lmdores, now first 
printed from the original manuscripts, 

Prlntttl far the Abbotsford Club. Edited hy W. B. J), a TurnlwU, 
4to. 1S41. 


Stephani Baltiaii, Tutclensb, Miecellanea, novoordine digeata 
ot non paucis innditis moniimeiitiB opporUiniRqiie aiiimad- 
versionibus ancta, opera ae studio JonnniJ^ Domiuiei Mansi. 
LucensU. Lucn^ 17(>L 

Epistoln JohanniH V"IL Papic nnX Anglos, i. 400, 

Epifitolai w^^lem K. Anstflmi, Ai\*hieptfino]iI C*ntn*rlerisU. H. 172. 

Avr-voti Moriachi Cenoiunnorisis EpUtoI& nd S. Atuielmunitii. 174. 

BpiHtola Jo«.iiniii aid Ansoiniiinii iL 171- 

P^halis Pafui! IT. Epiiitol& nd Aiisclmum, Archiepigcapiuii Drntrui- 
rienwnn, iii. 10. 

WalafriiJu!* Strabo tie )M«ilicA condits a. Euggc fllift Eti^ AtijrU». iv, I** 

« 'anus's 1 \\\ liiud<-m S. AiiseJmi. Art'hkpi^icxipJ Ganttiarif nstt, iv. 15. 

Ejiic'^lion in obit urn S. AiiiKilitd^ iv, la, 

}>tn>H-hjiliji I'npe 11. EpiiitolA ad Bolw^rtmn, Ejiincopmu CaTentranimip 

Litti'm? Pbilippi Pidcbrt Fmncoruiu E^^fis de sublc^juida inopia 

Matlhu'i Eiriscopl Dimkeldejiiiiii in Sc«tb, ii. 104, 
EpLfit^la Hf^nrici II . ELpffis Anplise dc piistodia abljatiiB S- JulJanL 

Ilenrid Boifis HiftTOsolyiiiitani. gui FmJIcdd IL Imp* t't Isabel Ih? Oliiis 
fuit, Epistola nd Bi^m ATurlonmi imtruum »uum, liL 100. 

Littem itilisa per Rt*jct*in Aiiffiirej oratoribus in mem BnflUk^nsI Sj-nodo, 
ili im 

Coiifillimi LondlQeae hiibittim imna 1151, Ji* 131. 

Epijstola Willclnii Rejy^ Anfflorum ad Qr^roniim VII. Papuiu i^i. 7. 

Goiiemtlcj Guli'Lilmi Bastard i ct qaorniidain alioruni iDiwmoniai, iv. 11, 

The Baknatyne Cum : 

Ip) VitiD Ihinkeldonifis EuclvsiaQ Epiacoponim, a prima Sodk fund&tiioiiP 

adammmlSlfi* Ab Alenndro Hyliu Printed at tbi^rapetiiw of tb*! 

Club, and edited by Tbonias Thomson, Kscj^ V,y — Vide also Kck 40. 
(*,) I'tM^ms by Sir Dn%id ^furray of fiorthy : Tlit? Tn^ncall Death or 

Sophonlsba, kc. If^ll-IGIJ^. Pn'st^iitt^d hy Tbom]^ KiDnQOr, Esq., 

TirasurtT of tbi* Cbib, 
{X) Tb(? Buko of thi^ liowb*. By HollAnd, Presented by DaTid IaStw, 

Esq., Socrt^t4ii*y of tho Club. 
(4* J Tearea for thp IJeath of ALciaudcr Earle of Bunircrmfling, Lord 

ClianraUororSTOtlaiHl* By John Lyoun* iCii^. Pn^a^'tited by Jwnea 

]IIaidtn«nt» Enq^, Advocate". 

{^.j Diiic^ura particnlier d'Escosse : Kscrit pateommandcmont cl ordon- 
nance do'la Ro^>'nt: Dovari^rt^ut Eegcntf", (jat H^uin^a Jaqn«3i Mdi^nU 
Cknc dn RJ(?¥■^st^l^ ct Jeati Bellendon, Clcrc dc la Juiticc. 1SK>. Prt?- 
spnt«ilby TbomasiTliotuHnii^ i'luq,, Virt'-Prfsidimt* — Home CXtra COplM 
of tbi» volume wqtk prmted on thin i^ommou yai>cr. 

(t.) Eobene ami Mnkync", and thr T^'^taniont nf Creaseid. B|y Bobert 
Ki?nryaon. I^^i^aentvd by (looir^ Chalmf!!rM, Esiq., Ixitidou* 

t7.) Report by Tbonmji Tnck<?r urwn tbp Sottlcmoiit of the Bevenuei 
of Excise *nd Customs in Bcotlund* A.D. lfl.W. Presented by John 
A* Mnri^Vi Ksq. (now tbr Hon. I/ord AlurrayJ 

A Baniiatyne K»rlaude. By P. F, Tytlt r 1824-211. 

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Tub BAKKATrK£ Club— coniiwttc^. 


(8.) Btchinffs, chiefly of Views in Scotland. By John Ckrk, Esq., 
of Bldin. 177S-1770. Presented by the Hon. John Clerk, Lord Bldiu. 
—This Tolume is in folio, and contains 27 plates. 

(9.) Auld Bobin Gray ; a ballad. By Lady Anne Barnard. Presented by 
Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford, Bart^ President of the Club. 

ao.) Bedt de I'Ezpedition en Escosse, I'an 154e. £t de U Battaylo 
de MuscleburKh. Par le Sieur Berterille: an Boy Edouard VL 
Plreseuted by David Constable. Esq., AdTOcate. 

(11.) Heotoris Boethii Murthlaoensium et Aberdonensium Episooporum 
Yitn. [1A22.] Itemm in looem edits. Presented as a joint-oontributiou 
by Henry Cockbum, Esq. (now the Hon. Lord Cockbum), and Thomas 
Hailland, Esq. (the Ute Hon. LordDundrenaan). 

(12.) An Apology for Sir James Dalyrymplo of Stair, President of the 
Session. By himself. 1690. Presented by WUliam Blair of Avon- 
ton, Bsq. 

(18.) The Historic and Life of King James the Sext : being an Aocomit 
of the AfDsirs of Scotkmd fhnn the year 1886 to the year 1596: with a 
short continuation to the year 1617. Printed at the expense of the 
Chib, and edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq., y.P.— Some extra copies 
were printed for general sale on a thin wove paper. 

(14.) The Discomie and Historie of the (Sold Myncs in Sootkmd. By 
Stephen Atkinson. Written in the year 1619. Edited by O. L. Meason. 
Presented by Gilbert Ijaing Meason, of Lindertis, Esq. 

(16.) Letters of John Gra)iam of Claverhouse, Viscount of Dundee. 1678- 
1689. Presented by George Smythe, Bsq., Advocate. 

(16.) DeVitaet MorteBobertiBoUok, Academic EdinburgenePrimarii. 
Xarrationea; Auctoribus G^eorgio Bobertson et Henrico (nuurteris. 
1599. Printed at the expense of the Club. 

(17.) Memoirs of his own Life, by Sir James MelviUe of HalhilL 1549- 
1689. Printed at the expense of the Club, and edited by Thomas 
Thomson, Esq.. V J^. 

(18.) The PaUoe of Honour. By Gawyn Doughu, Bishop of Dunkdd. 
Presented by John Gardiner Kinnear, Esq. 

(19.) The Bannatyne MisoeUany; containing Original Papers and 
Tracts, chiefly relating to the History and Literature of Scotland. 
Volume first. Printed at the expense of the (Hub, and edited by Sir 
Walter Scott, Bart., President, and Mr. D. Laing, Secretary of the 
Club. See volume XL under 1886. Volume IIL under 1866. 

(20.) Extract fh>m the Despatches of M. Couroollcs, French Ambassador 
at the Court of Scothmd. 1686-1587. Edited by B. BelL Printed 
at the expense of the Club. 

(21.) Chronicon Coenobii Sancts Cruds tonburgensis, iterum in luoem 

editum. Presented by Bobert Pitcaim, Esq. . 

(21) The Siege of the Castlo of Edinburgh. 1689. [By W. B.] Presented 

by Bobert Bell, Esq., Advocate, 
(28.) Letters firom the Lady Margaret Kennedy [afterwards Burnet] 
to John Duke of Lauderdale. 101 copies, printed on ordinary paper, 
were purchased for the Club, and an additional titleiMge supplied. 
(24.) Papers relative to the Marriage of King James the Sixth of Scot- 
land, with the Princess Anna of Denmark, 1589. And the Form and 
Bfanner of Her Majesty's Coronation at Holyrood House, 1590. Pre- 
sented by James T. Gibson Craig, Esq. (now Treasurer of the Club.) 
(25.) A Diary of the Proceedings in the Parliament and Privy Council 
of Scothmd. May 21, 1700-Maroh 7, 1707. By Sir David Hume of 
Crossrig. Presented by John Hope, Esq. (now tha Bi|^t Hon. Lord 
Justice Clerk.) 

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Thb Bannattnb Club— corrfwMwJ. 


(M.) Memoirs of h\A own Lifft and 1*tae«, by 61/ Jimoi Tnnier- IftS^ 
1070. Itil copies, printed ©n Club paper, wen^ purcluaed for tho 
UKjmbc re. Edited 1 ly ThomAa Thorn son. Esq ., Y.P* 

(27,) Pipers n^iatiTe to tlio Scgall* of StotSand- [IndudiiiR a tme 
aocounl of the prvyKFrratioo of tb*3 aegmli* of Scotlwid, By Sir GsoTgo 
OidUie of Barr»s, Bfcrt. BdlnbuTijfii, iTfll.J Pre<io.ntod Viy WiUUm 
BflJ. Bsq. 

(ta) LcB Affainja du Contedc Iloacii?U TimlBflP. EditofJ by T. G. Repp. 
Freaetitftl m ft ieconti joint-eontiibiilioD by Hmry Cook burn, Esq. 
(now tho Hon. lord Cockbom)* and Thonuu M^itluid of Bun- 
drfJii3An» Esq. 

(29-1 Tho History of the Ilonm? of St^ytono to the yiw ISOS* By Sir 
Birhftrfi Maitlnnd of LetliinErtoii, Kjilirbt. With tht^ continiuition by 
Alwandw Viscoutit Kingston to 1€S7. 101 rupie*, prlnlwl on Club 
jiH\niT, weiD ptifchswd Tor the laembera from tho Maitlimd Club* 

(30.) Jltflcrittloac) del Eipftnuo di Bootia, di Pctnicdo UbaldLuo* ISS^- 
I're«csat*Ml by An(Lr«)w Coventry, Esfi, 

(SI.) Lottt^ra ftora Archibald Eacl of AnR-le to JohnDvdse of lAHilef^ 
dale. 101 <?(>i>iP5 of thiir volumo, printod on ordinary p«per. wwro 
puTchBfl*Hi for tho mfiintjei^ 

(8S.) Thi! iJiary qf Ur. Jam^ Melyille, Miniitorof Kilretniy. laB6-lflOL 
l»M«eated PS a joint-oontrihdtionflwn Viscount Molt^ille, Sir WlUiaai 
Arbuthnotp Bart., Sir Hcoiy Jardine, flcilRj-t liundaa. of Arniatou, 
Bflfi-p Oolin Mftckensie of Ponmortj Es<|, *tid John ikirthwickt of 
CTOolL*(k>n, Bsfj, 

(as.) MomoftftlMof Gonrgi? BannatyQt\ l£r4(K10OAt (IncludinB a Memoir 
by Sir Walter Boott, Burt,, and au account of Bannfttynt''** Maoo- 
Hoript Pootic^l Cvlliwtions, lfl«8, by Mr, I>. IaIhe J Printed li th* 
f^ipcuflt; of the Club. 

(84) ThomaiDempBtcri Historia Eix!lodA»tlc^ Gentia Bofjtoruni! hIvd 
do S(Tit»toribua Sriotijt, Editio &lt*'Ta. In two vtsls. I'rostiiitwi ae 
a joiiitKjcjiitriiJutioii IVom thu C^junt M. «to riiOiauitt tlio H™- Lo"l 
Fullertoo, l>avid Irving. LL,D., William Morm^, of llendcrkuid, Esq., 
JanjBB Kt-ay, of Swaljcs>, Ehi,, James Campbell, of CruiKic^ Esq., Andrew 
gktroe, Eiq„ Andrew B.iitborftuHl, Eiq,, and WilUaai Gil*on Crsd^^, 
youngiii'^ i>f Eiciairtcn* Eihi*— (The tcit of Tnl. I, was clJX'OiaUti amoug 
the mombcTB in IBiS j vol 1 1, and the prcfat'O t<i vol 1. in lJs2S.) 


(SB.) Tho History of tb^? TToublcjs and Mcoiorablc Transactiona in 
l^ootloDd and En^hkiid from WH to \M&^ By Juho hpoidlng. In two 
vok. Editiid by J. Sknnr, I*rintod at thti exjionae of fchu Clnh, ( Vo- 
lume L vfiis eircul^t^'d siiur^nf tho membef^ In l^sa,) 

(10.) Tlie Anatomie i>f llnmoura ; andtbe Pautonatc Spark of ii E^ihmtlng 
Mi tide, B> Simlon Grahamet IW-i^lfflW. l^nsiciitiMil^Ilobert Jatno^o, 
Esq., AdvoctUi?. 

(37»> EoJation of Proceoiliiuca tHWiceminK tbo AS^n of tho Kirk of 
fioottand, fWm Auguiit 16^ to Aui-raiit lOa^. By John Bar! of XCothta. 
Proaentml liy James N&inie, Ksq, 

(91^) Menioii^oftho AtTair^tif St'othmd. im-WX^ By Bavid Moyde. 
I'nscnk^ t>y JajucalX-rmistoun, Eoq. 

0^.) The Hiiiit^'^ of Scotland. From the di-^h of King JatueJt tho 
FiPit, ill thb ytar l*3ft, to this ycjor 1^1. By John LcaJi-y, Bliihop of 
H09K. Iftl copieflL, printed on Club paper* wf jc purchast^ for tUo 


(#.y Oompotmu Majriatri Pnbriw Pontis Dunkeldenins. 151:^-151 A. 
In a To^publicaUon of Mjln'a Uvea ot th^ Bishops of Ihmkdd (No. I. 

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The BANNATTme Clttb — eontinued. 

<a (he Olub Berifls), an appendix was added under (he above (i(le, 
and separate oopifl> v^re (hrown off (o oomplete (he original edition. 

(41.) Trial of DoncanTerlii^aliBaOlerk, and Alexander Bane Maodonald, 
for (he murder of Ar(hur Davis, June 1764. Presented as a second 
con(ribu(ion l^ Sir Walter Bcott, Bart., President of the Olub. 

(42.) Criminal Trials in Scotland, fhnn AJ). 1488 to A J). 16M, compiled 
firom (he original Becords and MSS., wi(h historical notes and illus- 
(rations. By Bobert Pitcaim, Esq. Of this collection, 101 copies, 
printed on Olub paiper, were purchased for the members* This work 
was circulated in separate parts; viz.. parts 1. 2. 3. in 1829;' parts 4 to 
8, in 18S0; part 9. in 18S1; and part 10. in 1833 : the last two parts 
forming the earliest portions of tlie series of (rials. 

(48.) Hymns and Sacred Songs. By Alexander Hume. Beprin(ed firom 
(he edidon of Waldegrave. 1590. Presented as a second contribution 
bj John Gardiner Kinnear. Esq^ Treasurer of (he Olub. 

(44.) Gdllec(ion of Anoien( Scottish Prophecies, in alliterative verso : 
reprinted from Waldegrave's edition, IMS (and collated with Hart's 
1615). Printed at the expense of the Olub. 

(46.) Diurnal of Remarkable Oocurrents that havo passed within Scot- 
land since the Death of King James the Fourth till the year 1575. 
Prom a manuscript of the sixteenth century, in the possession of Sir 
John MaxweD, of PoDock. BarU Bdited-by T. Thomson. Printed at 
(he expense of (he Club. 

(46.) Memoirs of (he War carried on in Scotland and Ireland. 1689-1691. 
By Mi^ar-General Hugh Maokaj. Presented as a joint-contribution 
by James Maithmd Hog, of Newliston, Esq., Patrick Fraser Tytler, 
Esq., and Adam Urquhart. Esq. 


(47.) The Bulk of (he moe( noble and vailaeand Conquerour Alexander 
ibt Greal. (Beprin(ed ftrom Arbudinot's edition, drca 1580, in the 
ponenkm of Lord Panmnre.) Presented by William H. Miller, of 
Oraigentinny. Esq. 

(46.) (The Ragman Rolls.)— Instrumenta Publioa sive Processus super 
PideUtalibns e( Homagiis Sco(orum Domino Regi Anglis fiifitis, 
A^. 1291-U96. Edited by T. Thomson. Presented as a joint-contri- 
bution hy the Right Hon. William Adam, Lord Chief Commissioner 
of (he Jury Cour(. and (he Bigh( Hon. Sir Samuel Shepherd (for 
merly Lord Chief Baron of (he Goar( of Exchequer in SootUnd). 

(49.) Letters and Papers relaiing to Patrick Master of Gray, afterwards 
seventh Lord Gray. Presented by (he Lord Gray. 

(SO.) Chronica de MaUroe, e Oodice unioo in BihUotheca Cottoniana 
servato. none tterom In hioem edKa. Edited by Joseph Stevenson. 
Presented as a jotnt-eootribatlon by Sir Jolrn Hagr of Hi^yston, Bart, 
and Alexander Pringle of Whytbank, Esq. 

(5L) PhUoCua, a Comedy. Reprinted tram (he edKkm of Robert Char- 
(eris,160l. Preaented I7 J(dm Whitefoord Maokenile. Esq. 

(ML) The Bannatyne Miscellany. Tohirae second. Printed at the 
expense of the Club, and edited by the Secretary. See volume first, 
under Now 19. 

(63.) MemorialesofTransaotions in Scotland. 1669 to 1673. By Richard 
Bsma^yne, Secretary to John Knox. BdKed by R. Pitcaim. 101 
copies, prin(ed on Club pi^r, were purchased for (he membera. 

(64) Dtery of PubHe TransaoMons snd o(her Occurrences chiefly in 
SeoHand. From Januaiy 1660 (o June 1667. By John NicoU. 
Edited by D.Laing. Printed at (he expense of (he Chib. 

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The Bannatyne CLvn—eoidhmcd. 

(65.) Life or Liput.-Geniinil Uugli Mockiy of gcoury. By JoUu Miickay^ 
K%f|., tkf AuckHcld. 101 t5opiea, printpd on ordinary paper, wera pur* 
iiUu^^ for tho Club, and an additianiil titlc-pagc supplied* 

(66.) Eicerpia e Libria DomidHI Doraini Jjwwbi Qxdnil Ecffls Scotormu. 
152G-1535. Prtjsouted aa a jomt-cotitrilititioD bjtUt' Hon. Lord Mic- 
]e«ii%{c. l^^bert Graluiiii of BalgDwan, Ee»q., nnd JEiinc;! Mackciuk, 

(07p) l>avidiij Hui haucLni do Seriptodbua Scotia Libri dixi, nunc pdmtun 
vditi, lYiisted at Lbo oxpcnso of tbe Club. 

(5S,) Liber Swictu ^larir da McIpos* Munimenta Vctustlor* Moiisfi' 
torii CistercieiiBiiT dt' Mt'lrua. In two voU. l^^enttjd by tbti Duko of 
Bucclcugh and Quucnisbeiry. A few copies wore printed on largu 

(59,) The Sovcn Soiras, in &«ti!sh Metre. By Jobn Holland of Dalkdth. 
Hcpriritf'd from the wlition nf U78* Pr<?3i?titrd by JiUDnt Ivory, 
Esq. (now thft Hon* l/(ttl Ivoty.) Kditcd by B* Ijiin^- 

(60,) Kcfriittruin Epiycopaluii Moravien#i*, e pluribua Codlcibu* Kiii- 
Eari'iiiatuin circ* A.D. 1*<K». Cuni Coidiuuattony Dlplotrifttum n^oeii' 
tiorum via^ne ad A*l), la3S* PrcTSiHited aa a joint^eoiitributiou in the 
munf?5 of tbc late and preMt^nt Diikiis of Siitbc^rland. 

(«!> Historical ObBerves of lleniorablK (kcurrenlw iu Chutcb and 
Statp, frum October imn to April imQ, By Sir John Lauder, of 
fountain ball* Pr^ntPd at thfi eipenso of the Club. Borne addi- 
tional «1ic<?ta U* oninplctp tbis voluTnti were priiitcMl in 1840. Tbe 
copies, printi^d on thin tier paper, intdided for icncfml sale, were 
afterwartls diiitnbnted oiuoug the m^mberji. 

(ei*) Aiieirnt Scottish MeIo<lics. from n Manuscript of tbe Hei^ of Kh^c; 
James VL With an Introiluctory In<inir>' illnstnitivu of tbe History 
of tbo Mnsric of ti^cotluid. By Williajn l>aunfy, Esq* 101 oopic*, 
printed on Club paper, were puFchaaod for the meuibcnk 

{m.) CataloBrue of tbo Libran' »t Abliolsford* [By J. G. Cochrane.] 
"' To the Pre4ildor]i and Mondif^rH of the Bannatyne Club this CaU- 
** loffue of tbe Abbotaford Library is presented by Major Sir Walk*r 
" Scott, Bart., as ft slight retuni for iheir liWrality and Jtindnesss in 
" !Mrreeinic to continue to tbat library tbe various valuable worki 
* print««d under their Bnp(?rintendence." 

(fri.) Sir (iawayne, a Golloctiuii of Ancient Romane^Poettia, by S<s)Ubh 
uiid English Authors^ relatinf^ to that celebrated KnlKbt of the Bj>imd 
Table, Tflltb an Tiitrodnctlont Notps, and a GloBsary, by Sir Fre- 
derick Madden* K*H* iMutcd at tbe exjiense of the Club. 

(65.) Be Arte Logistica JoainiJB Naperi Mfrehiatonii B^uonis, Libri: qui 
ftupenfimt. 101 copies, printed on Club paper^ were purchaeAd for tbe 

(66.) Joanniii Ferrerii nbttoria Abbatum d« Kynloi : tmia raini TIta 
Thoma- Oir^y stall i Abljatifi. Presented by Sir Aleitaader Wellctley 
Leitb, Bart. 

(67.) The JEnvvl of Vir^ril, trauMlated into Scottish VorseL By Gawin 
Uon|;Ias, Biahep of Dnnkeld. In two voh, Presented as a joint-oon- 
tri button by Andrew Rutherfnrd, Eaq. (now thft Eight Hon. Lord 
RutbcH^nl), aiidQeorge Dundai^t Esq. A third volume, oontalning 
flu Introduction, Glosaairy, kfi^^ waa hitended to have compleled tbe 

(68*) rhnitiicon de Lanercost, isMil-lSiO* E Codice Cottouuitio, nunc 
primum t^iib in«ndiktiim. Edited by Joe, StevetufOtu F^^eviciited by 
William Macdow»U of Oarthluid, Eekj, 

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The Bai;katyn£ CLUB—continiied. 


(60.) Tho Booko of the UuiTorsall Kirk of Scotland: Acto and 
Prooeedinga of the General AssembHes of the Kirk of Scotland from 
the year 1560. (In three volumes.) Printed at the expense of the C3ub» 
and edited by ^Thomas Thomson, Eaq. The first volume (1500-1877) 
was circulated in 1838; and the second (1578-1502) in 1840. See 
volume third, under the year 1845. 

(70.) Roman de la Manekin, par Philippe de Bcimes, Trouvdro du 
Treiii^me Sidcle, public par Frandsque Michel. Printed at Paris at 
the expense of the C!lub. 

(71.) The Accounts of the Great Chamberlains of Scotland and of 

some other OfBcen of the Oown, rendered at the Exchequer, 

M.CCC.XXVI.-M.CJC0C.V1. Printed at Edinburgh. 1817. Two volumes. 

Edited and presented (in 1836) by Thomas Thomson, Bsq^ President 

of the (Hub, and circulated among the members in May 184L Sec 

volume third, under the year 1845. 
(72.) The Letters and Journals of Eobert BaOlie, A.M., Principal of 

the University of Glasgow, MJ>CJLXXYII.-M JXIXXII. (In three 

vols.) Volumes L and II. Printed at the expense of the Club, and 

edited, with a memoir of the Life and Author, by D. Laing. See volume 

third, under the year 1842. An impression of the work in rqyal 8vo. 

was printed for sale, but not at the expense of the (Hub. 
(78.) Liber (^artarum Prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia. E Begistro 

ipso in Arohivis Baronum de Panmure hodie asservato. Presented by 

O. Tyndall Bruce, of FalUand, Esq. 
(74.) Liber Cartarum SancteOuds : Munimenta Ecdesie Sancte Ouds 

deEdwinesburg. Edited by Cosmo Innes. Presented by Lord Frapds 

Egerton (now Earl of EUesmere). 
(75.) Memoirs touching the Bevdution in Scotland, 1688-1000. By Colin, 

Earl of Balcarras. Presented to King James IL at St. Germains, 1000. 

P res e nted by Lord Lindsay. 


(76.) Correspondence of Qearfge Baillie of Jerviswood, MJXX).IL- 
MJ)CC.yUL Presented by the Earl of Minto. 

(77.) The Letters and Journals of Bobert BaUUe. Vol III. With addi^ 
tional sheets to voL L, containing a memoir of Baillie by the Editor. 
Se^ volumes L and IL, under No. 72. 

(78.) Begistrum de Dunfermelyn. liber Cartarum Abbatie Benedic- 
tine S. S. Trinitatis et B. Margarete Begine de Dunfermelyn. Pre- 
sented as a joint-contribution by the Duke of Buckingham and 
(Thandos; the Earl Spencer; the Earl of Bosslyn; the Bight Hon. 
Thomas Grenville; Bobert Perguson, of Baith, Bm}.; James Loch, 
Esq^ M J*. ; and John Bichardaon, Esq. 


(79.) Begistram Episoopatus Glasgnensis : Munimenta Eoelesie, Me- 
tropolitane Glasgnensis, a Sede restaurata Seculo ineonte XIL, ad 
Beformatam BeUgionem. In two vols. Printed at the Joint expense 
of the Bannatyne and Maitland Chibs, and edited by O)smo Innes, 

(80.) A Diaiy of the Public Oonrespondenoe of Sir Thomas Hope, of 
Cndgfaall, Bart., 1688-1646. Printed at the expense of the aub. 

(81.) Leven and Melville Papers: Letters and State Twipen chiefly 
addressed to George Eari of Melville, Secretaiy of State fbr SootUmd. 
1689-1601. Prom the originals in the possession of the Earl of Leven 
and Melville. Presented by the Hon. William Leslie Melville. 

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The Bank at TNT- CiUB — tonthmf^d, 

(aij LsliPrEcolo*icdeB<yiti: MuuImeiiU Vi^tuKtinrft Mrtnaftterii S«icto 
Trinitatiii p* Sancti Micb«?ll» dis Scon, Pratoultd hy WUUmo Soi^ythc, 
E»q., Advocate, 

(Si; Tiifi Bookft nf Ihe UiiiTRrmll Kirk* I'iirt Third, l^gOr-UlS. 800 

v&ltmm I. aud Il»* under No, en, 
(84*J The rnu*iidH!f Wii R^iUii, 4<j, Volamo third, with ■ PrcftMC lo Tdtuno 

Ibvt. S«e iliL^ preriouii voloi&ai uiidcr Ka. 71 « 
(aaj Horn et Kimooblld. EecudJ di? rt? i^ui rc«to des Po^Jint* rfTbtift 

dftnH IG XJU., XrV,, XV, andXVL giifec'Je. Publlii i*r Fx^udaque 
lilciiol. Printed ot Paris, n tb^ t^iijciusc of the Cltih* 

(81) Uber B, Mvrto dij Ckli^hou ; KeffuitTum Cftrtarain AbhaiiSr Tiron- 
«Dibi de Kfllso, 1UIJ-1M7- Edited bj C. lnii«. Two Tolamea. Pre- 
Bra]tc4 bj Iho Duke or Raihiir»di«, 

Cfl7*) liber B. M>riB d« DryburiBrh : lif^strvmi Cartanmi Abbacie Pre- 

muQsltHlanvb de Drybuiv^h. lYemtiU-d bj Joliti Spottl^JWondB of 

Bpo^livoode, Kiiq. 
(m.) Oa«i» UouiMlitiiD do North Bervi^: Prunuto:i Ci!cU<n:l«ndA B. 

Hado d« Koiili Berwici IfuJiiiiieiita Vi^tuAU qtu> dnpiinfurit . Printed 

at the Flpcnw of tho Club. Editjt^j by (\ I om^ 
(90i) Librr ImidM^ Miic^Tnm : Abbn^^it* Ciiioniccfrum E<?^lirium B. 

VirgimA et S* Jcphaiinii dn Uwli^Urj Rftnutrum Votus : IVi missis 

(jiiibitadam QcHcaltaliKJi Anlkiui de Stiatbcrfio Fcliquiifi. Priut^^ «t the 

GTiwnK< of the Club, 

{*M*) Liber & Thncoo do Aboirbrothrjc:, ILc-^gutnLm Abbncic do Aber- 
briitbotv Pan priiir ; Eegi&tmin VetiitiijMuiiliiiientaquo ^ideni (xwolania 
eotuplectoDS^ Il7lhl3£(». Edited liy C, luncw and P. Ciialillci^. Prilitod 
Mi iha cipdJi^ of tbb Club, with i^m oopksn tni a difEe'i^^iit pflpv, for 
prlvatfl auhftcnbcTs. 

(»1*) HtitfHcaJ Nnticw of Scottish AflklrH, BQli>ctcd from the Hauiuoriptd 
of Hir Jcibu Laudur of FouritaliibAllH Hart., otw ot the Scniatofa of the 
Colk§o of Jiwticp-* EflitEN.1 }^y Ih hniittc. In two vobs. VriJ. 1., IMI- 
liSS, Vol IL, Hi83-l*tS8. FKntedal tliee*p«i*^ofthcClub. 

Aji0i(?iit BiXMwdii of the HUhoprick of Caithueaa, frodji tbe ChartiT Room 
at DuikTobin* Contributed by tlic DukL"! of Sutherland to tbo Hia- 
ecllan; of the Club. Edited b]r C/«iiui Itinob N3-— For^ii fiart of 
a third rolumi^ of tbo MiBcdlany, 

(tJS») The Anoient Sculrititrt?<l Mouumtifita of Lbo Cottnl.v vf AngOB; 
including those ni Moigli- tti Perthidun, aud ouii at Fwnloun in the 
Mtsams. {LmiwJi&l foUOv) Pfflsentod b^ Pbtrkk ChuJuKita of 
Auldbar» £1^- 

(03.) B>4.'fri«truin 8. Mario do XoulKitk i Abbado Cisforcit-itAiji. Boate 
Virginiti tlti Noubotlo Chartnnuin Vpuu». Aeoodit ApjKiidLiL Cutamm 
Qri^^kiaUtim, L1«)-15S!^ Efiitol by C. tnnesj. Pointed M tho Qipenae 
of th« Club. 

(Ml) Tho Daneu I^iorv i Bdng a Sdoclbii of Drigina] Lettora and 
Offldal Uociuncnta relatiniff to the Eitabliibmont of a Colony »t 
Baricn, by tba Ci>rjipiiiix of Scotland tToding to AlHm ajid thn ladies, 
l«9Q^t7Ut). Bdited by J. H, Burton. Pnnl«d at tlio cxfieiii^e of the 


(OS.) DesoriptiTe Catalogue of Impressions firom Ancient Scottish 
Seals: Boyal, Banmial, Bocksiastical, and Municipal, embracing a 
period from AJD. lOM to the Commonwealth. By Heniy Laing. 
101 copies on Clab pM>er, purchased for the members. 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Th£ Baitkattne Club — eontmued* 

(96.) Origines Fftroohiatos Sootis: the Antiqtiities, Eodetiactical ind 
TerritoriAl, of the Pferiihes of Scotland. (Bdited l^ Cosmo Innet, 
B«i., Advooite.) Volume flnt, with a map. 4tow This Tdume was 
presented as a joint-contribution of the Ute Lord Jeffiregr, the Hou. 
Charles Prands Stuart, and Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane, Bart. 

(97.) Original Letters relating to the Ecclesiastical Alfidrs of Soothmd, 
ohi^ written by, or addressed to. His M^esty King James the 
Sixth, after his accession to the Bngliah Throne, MDCIIL-MDCXXV. 
(CoUeoted and edited hy the Secretary of the Club.) Two Tolumee. 
Presented byBeriah Botfleld, Bsii., Norton Hall. Northamptonshire. 

(96.) Prenoh State Papers : Papiers d'Btat.Fldoes et Documents inMits 
ou pen oonnua relatift k I'Hlstoire de I'Bcosse auz XYL Sitele, 
tirte des Arohires et des Biblioth^ues de Prance, et public pour 
le Bannatyne Club^ par A. Teulet, Archivist. Two toIb. Printed at 
Paris at the expense of the Club. B^vport de M. Mlgnet, Ac. 

(99.) Breviarinm Aberdooense : Pars EstiTalis. Beprinted in London 
for private subscribers. (See No. 192.) The copies subscribed tor by 
the dub. 


(100.) Begistrum Honoris de Morton : a Series of Ancient Charters of the 
Ba^dom of Morton, with other original Papers. In two volumes. 
Printed at the expense of the Club. Edited by T. Thomson, with the 
assistance of A. Macdonald. The edition completed by Cosmo Innes. 

(lOL) Engraved portrait of Thomas Thomson, Esq., President of the 
Bannatyne Club, and Biogn^hical Notice by the Secretaiy. (4to. 
folio, pp. 18.) 


(102.) Breviannn Aberdonense: Pars Hyemalis. Beprinted at London 
firom the original work, in two volumes, which issued fhnn the press 
of Walter Chepman at Edinburgh, in the years 1609 and 1610. See 

Album ofthe Bannatyne Club. No. HI. Edinb.1854. 12ma 

The Bannatyne Miscellany. YoLIIL 

Origines Paroohiales Scotie. YoL II. Edited by C. Innes. See No. 96. 

The Black Book of Taymouth [by W. Bowie], with other papers, from 

the Breadalbane Charter Boom. Edited by the Marquis of Breadal- 

bane, with a prelhoe by C Innes. 4ta Bdinb. 


Begistrum Eplsoopatus Brechinensis, cui acoedunt carts quamplurinue 

originales. Edited by C. Innes. 2 parts. Aberdeen, 1866. 4ta 
Letters fh)m Boundhead officers, written fh>m Scotland, and chie^y 
addressed to Captain Adam Baynes, 1660-1660. Edited by J. T. 
Ackermaoi Bdinbui^ 1866L 4to. 
Yit«D S. Columbs, auctore Adanmano. Edited by W. Beeves. Dublin, 

1867. 4to. This volume was edited tat both the Bannatyne Club and 
the Irish Arohnological and Celtic Society, and circulated among the 
members of the two Societies under two different title pages. 

Original Letters of J. Colville, 1688-1603. To which is added his Pal- 
inod& Edited, with a memoir of the author, by D. Laing. Edinb 

1868. 4to. 

A Catalogue of the Graduates in the FacultieB of Arts, Divinity, and 
Law of the ITniverslty of Edinburgh since its foundation. Edited by 
D. Laing. Edinb. 1868. 8vo. 

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The Bahnatyke ChVB—continued. 


Beffistmni Cwtarum Eoclesin 8. Effidii de Edinburgh. A scrieH of chuv 
tera and original documents connectod with the church of St. Gtles, 
Edinburgh. Edited by D. Laing. Edinburgh, 1850. 4to. 

Tracts by David Fergusson, 1563-1572. Edited by J. Lee. Edinb. ISeo. 

Ttat^ta b.v CiilbtTL h*k<^> JUS Mt*(licii]ar t(* hb Mftjrsly J*ijira 1- Edittxl 
with a triofrmphtcid notk^, by W. F, g. Edfniv l^*^. ^U*. 

Pajiieri d'Eiai pidfSM el du'imipntji iniMlitii ou pf'a f?nnnii5 rc^rlatiftt a 
reiBtoSre de rScoMO ay XVI. Sifcs^k, ilrt^ dm Biblioth<"fiu«» ct d^i 
Archiv4si (if> FTBiioe, et pubJk'si pour le Bmiinatytit; (?kUj d'EdlTibcnir^, 
I*rA. Tptilet Srd toL Piri»,lg51-60. 4tfl, HceNo.OS. 

B(iri*t™m Domus do SoRtT, iwcnnn Epc1(>«iiiG Colleffiatir B. TiiiiltatlA 
pnti^it' Eillitbiu^li. Chartfrs i^t thi^ H*w|rftal cf Soltre* of THiifty Ool- 
U'ftf*, KdiTibm^h* winl <itlM?r CollmiatG Cburrhiw in MiiL^Lolhiai], 
Kditod Uy B. LaIii^. Edmb. ISOI. Ito. 

&KR[EH OF CLITB B(}Oi^ tX 1^0. 

tU ODtT(^[ioi]danL^« Diplomatique de tt«rtmnd de Sftil^iiM; do ta 
Mothe Fine Ion, Aiubajwatlfur de Pi^iicp en Anglpterrc, ice. 1!MV^-1JS75. 
Sown TOb. Edit^ M. Alei, Tcnik^t. 101 copies of ihii work, prtJit«d 
oil ortllnaty papf r* wetr purebAifd ftir the luemlian. Vols. I. and 11, 
wore Pirpiiliitrf?d in 183&, the tFomnlns vob*. in IS4*. 

(g.) Tli<? work* of John Knoi. CfiUceUxl i^nd e^lltoU by David l*itiK. 
VohiiiicM 1. and IL TIib first twn voluiniirMi. containing Ihe Kistofy 
of tho RpfbrniatUiii in Iwotland, and circulated in 1H47 and lEO^i, wen: 
printed fbr thu Wodrow t^4ety, mid cupii^'ji on Club p«pt^r for tbo 
mefnlKim of the Bannatync] Club. VoltituQ third ht now wniplttodp 
and will Iw circuJatcd in a few wnnks. \oluni(* fourth in in tlu^ pro^ 

(3.) HblOTy of the Clmreh of Scotland. By Jobn 8pott1iiwood. Areh- 
bishop of St. Androwtk (I^dlt^^ by the |at<? HbHop EuascLI, and Mark 
Nftpier, Etw^,) Three* vols. 8vo. 15^50, Copien on Club papist porrhaiied 
by thu members. 


BASBOun^ Jona ; 

The Bruce, or History of Eobcrt !*> King of Sootland, by 
John Barbour. 

l^no. Edinb. leifl; Svo. Edlnb. 3020, 1«4S, lim^ ti^O; S^. Glai«:., ie!72, 
4to. Edtnb. 1758; 8vo^ Loud. 1700, S vtilit. rdit. John Hnkfrtoti, Ha. 
EcilnlL ISao, f voli.^ lidit. Jkiuiqisou. Edit. Cosmn liuie* for the 
Spalditiff Club, l&5fi. 4to. From the I7ambrtdffc and Edinlmrgh 

Babtholoslieus : 

Do S. BttrtholotnuoOt Ei*ctnita hi Farne AjigliBQ Ins^ila. Vita 
aucfcore coa^vo G. Monacho, for sail Ualfrido, Ex MS* Cw>- 

Act. Eanet. {June !f4). fv. mi. 
De S, Bailholomeeo, eorvo Dei ct, Mouacho. 
C^pff FJiTc'a Nova Legi^nda Ang1ia\ f* 3*. 

Boberti Baistou, fra^tris Carmclltici, metra do iUuiitri pnelia 

Kilit. Hmnic, iu the App« tO Fowlun'^ ttoDtichraukiiUt p. 1670. Hva. 
Oiou. 1722> 

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Bath and Wells : 

Historia de EpiscopiB Bathoniensibns et Wellensibas, aprim& 
sedis fondatione ad annum 1423, anthore Canonioo 

Contdnuatio Histori® de Episoopis Bathoniensibus et Wel- 
lensibas, ab anno 1424 ad annum 1540. 
AusUa flacnK i. S7S. 
Adami de Domersham, monachi Glastoniensis, Historia Con- 
troyersiflB inter Episcopos Bathonienses et Monachos 
Anglia'flMnK 1.078. 
Successio Priomm Ecclesiaa Bathoniensis. 

Successio Decanomm Eoclesise Wellensis. 


Vita S. Bathildis, Francorum Beginsa, scripta ab ejus saquali. 
Ex M8. Codice Moncuit, Bubece Vallie. 

Surini (Jmi. 26), L 441. Act SMiot (26 Jan.) iL 742. 
Vita S. Bathildis, BeginsB GMlise, auctore coffitaneo anonjmo. 
Ex veteri M8. 8. MarUe de Bipatorio, 
Act SMCt (26 Jan.). U. 760. 
Historia Translationis S. Bathildis, auctore anonymo. E 
M8, ertUa a Joanne Oama/naio, 

Act. Svict. (26 Jan.). ii. 747. 

Battle t 

Chronicon Monasterii de Bello, nunc primum typis man- 
datum. Ed. J. S. Brewer. 

7or the AngUa Chriftiaiia Society. 8vo. L(md.l846. 

Batsux Tapestby, representing a series of events relating to 
English history, immediately before the Norman Conquest, ot^ 
17 large sheets, coloured in imitation of the original tapestry. 
Published bj the Society of Antiquarien of London in the " Vetiuta 

BsCKST, Thomas, St., Abchbishop op Canterbury : 

Passio Sancti Thomsa Martyris Cantuariensis Archiepisoopi, 
edita a magistroEuvrardo, qui martyrii ejus tempore, ante 
Dei martyrem crucem portabat. Ex M8. B. Marice de 

Martene,The8aarusNoTiiiAnecdot.tom.iii.p.l738. Paiii,l7l7. 
Edit. Oilei, 1846. 

Epistola Prions Sanctsd Trinitatis CantuarisB ad Episcopum 
Wintoniensem de Passione S. Thomas Martyris. 
Kartene, The«Mir. Nov. Anect, torn, iii p. 1746. 
Vita S. ThomsB, Cantuariensis Archiepisoopi, a Willielmo 
Steph^ide conscripta. 

8parke*8 Scriptorei Varii 7oL Lond. 17SS. Edit. J. A. Giles, Ozon. 
1845, London, 1846. 

Digitized by 



Becket, Thomas, St., AacrrBisnor of Caatebburt — continued, 
QuadrilogTLs, sen Vita et proceiifttim S. Thomio Cantimrieusia 
Hartyris super Hbortate eccleaiiieticft, 
■ito, Paris, 14iJ5. Eclil. Giles. l^iid.lS^e. 
Epbtolflo et Vitii Divi Thomas Martyria et Arcbie|)l&oojn 
CantuariensiB, per Joaimem SaJiisbarienaem. 

Edit. Lupus. 4to. BTOselba, l«sa, Bdit-Gitea, Lcmdawa. 
Vitsy S. Thoina^ Cantuariensis, Archiepi^copi eb MaJliyris, 
anetore Herl>erio de BosGbjim. 
Edited hy Ur. GUee. IS41 
Vita S. ThomsB Archicpbeopi CantaariGDais ot Mailyris, aU 
Edwardo ojns contempomneo coiiscripta, 

Benedieti Alibatty Petribtirgemsia liber de Vitft et MimcuUs 
B. Thomro CantuarienaiB. 

Ejiitod by Ur, GilKi for tho CiuLtou Sot iety. 1S50. 
Vita Sancti Thomiu Cauttiariensis Arcbiepiscopi et Marty ris, 
ab anctoribus contemporaueia, videlioot Edwardo Grim, 
Eogcrio de Porttinlaco, Willelnio Pilio Stepbani, Johanne 
SaicsberienBi, Alnno de Towkcabcriftp Willelroo Caiifcu- 
luieusi, Elia de Eveabara, Henrico do Rogcrio dc Ci*oy- 
kn dJ ii , anonjTno Paris ien fii , B ouedi cto Petribur gunsi, 
^nuiiymo Lambetbiensi, alUsque iicripta* 

Edit . J. A. Gildii, Oxtord, l»i5 1 LoruU iSlfi. 

De S. Thoma Aj-cHcpiscopo, 

Liv^ jirintiid iii Mlictic^'s putToloffifflS Cu/ifUS Comjilutui, tom. IWJ, 

Tom. ie«. 1. tiO Vita 8. Thquuu CoutuaiicuiiU^ auaturc Ed. Grim. {Re 

Ed. Oihs.) 
5^ ill) VitA S. Hiomic CjuitUfirJeEuti^ auctore Bf)(z^o di) Footlnbco, 
irta. (iii. J Vitn S.Thomfli Cwjtmirirnna.auctope 'Wlllielmo Alio St^-phani. 
IDS. (iv.p V.) Vitn B, Tliotuc Caiitumrii^iiiiii, iVU(*tozv Al&no et Joamic 

04. (vi.) Vita B.Thfni3a^ Cti;rituikHcnsiji^ tmctoat; WHlielahO OuitiiirimKL 
£fi4. (vii.) Vita S. Tho^it^ Cautimiit^slH, auctoto E. d* Ef^sbam, 
£&a. (viiL) Vita S. Tliomai Cantimrieuaia, audATrlb\i8 Henrioo A'b^mtis ct 

Eogtrlo Mcjjuicbo Croilaiidiie* 
SAB. {ix,) Vita S* Tboinro Cantu&rienxiA, anctciru annnymo. 
^7. {%,) Vita R. Th(^mii; CnTitiuirt^HiB, aurtorc Bfrno^to, Abbatn 

i7S» Vitu 9. Tliomo] Caiitiuiricn^, auctope ftxionymo Launbetlienai. 
91ft-S44. Quinqiie f>d8siuDGfl auctoribua anonymi$, 
S4<Ji, Vita Qi Piuwfu S. Thotuip, auc t43iKj ancmynia. lEd. Paris, 14«k) 
atl. Vita et Pflfisio K* TbotDrt?, auctort? aaonyuio. {Ed, BntsMky 1381) 
3flS, Fm+nni]! I turn Vitjo S. Thoma;, ( Ea: J^S. Lamidowtu^ 388. ) 
37X, lltM'unjmta hbt<»rica iiims ad 8. Thottumi iKftJnciiL 

1070. Hm?bcrti de Bofttaani, Vita 8. Tliomo] Cantaaricn^> {Ex Edit. 

I WX Jli'i^'borti de Bo6L'liam HomiliA in fcato H, Th<itnm. 
Vita 8. Tboraoa Cantuarit'Uflia Archiepiscopi, auctoro Philippo 
Leodienai ; iiecnoD quipdam alia de S. Tboma, 

EcL Giles, inte; An^otft BctUc Lmfmnei et lOJommt Ayr tho Caj^oa 
Society, isai. 

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Becebt, Thomas, St., Archbishop op Cantekbubt — cofdvnued, 
Tractatos de FromisBione Beaiii Thomed HartTria, videlicet 
quod talis esset sibi Buooessnms, qtd eodeBias Pontini- 
acensi recompensaret pro liberalitatibas sibi tempore stii 
ezilii impensis. 

]farteiie^Theaiur.Nof.A]ieod.iiiI87«. Bdit J. A. GUks. LoncU 1848. 

Vie de S. Thomas, Arolievesqne de Cantorberi. 

Edit. F. Michel in Appendix to Chronique dee Duct de Nonnindie. 
4to. PBrl8,1886-18M. 

Vie de Saint Thomas, Archeyesqne de Cantorberi, par 
Ghiemes du Font de St. Maxence. 

From the Wolfenbnttel maniucript; by Immanuel Bekker. Berlin, 

The Life and Martyrdom of Thomas Beket, Archbishop of 
Canterbury, from the Series of Lives and Legends now 
proved to have been composed by Bobert of Gloucester. 
Edited by W. H. Black. 

8to. Lond. 1885, for the Percy Society. 
Epistolaa S. Thomae Cantuariensis, Archiepiscopi et Martyris. 

Edited Iqr Dr. Giles. Ozon.l8tf. 2Yoia, 
Series CaussB inter Henricum [11.] regem, et Thomam 

Twyaden's Script, decern, 711-720. 
Causa Exilii et Martyrii Beati Thomas Martyris et Pontificis 

Edited by Dr. Giles, 1846. 
Epistola Alezandri HI. Papaa ad Henricum U. Regem^ de 
Thoma Becket, Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi. Ex M8. CoU, 
VUel. E. flj. 

De ejusdem Canonizatione, littersa Alexandri Papse HI. 


De S. Thoma, Archiepiscopo et Martyre. 
0iH>ffraTe*8 Kora Legenda, f. 288 b. 
BECKDf OTOK, Thomas, Bp. op : 

A Journal during his Embassy in 1442, to negociate a 
marriage between Henry YI. and a daughter of Count 
Armagnao. Edit. N. Harris Nicolas. 
8to. Lond. 1828. 

Yita Thomas de B^kintona, Episcopi Bathonensis et Wel- 
lensis, ex principio collocutionum Thomas Chaundleri, 
Cancellarii Oxoniensis, de laudibus Willelmi Wickham, 
Episcopi Wintoniensis, desumpta. 
AngliA Sacra, iL 867. 
Official Correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, Secretary to 
Henry VL ; with other Letters and Documents. Edited 
by the Rev. George "Williams. (In the press.) 
Among tlie Ohronioke and Memorials. 

Digitized by 




BecUe Hifitoria Ecdeaie.Btiea genti^ Anglontm. 

Ho impHtit OT dftt^f Irnt prtAiBbly from tlic press i>f Conrad Fyner it 
Bftlingtoix, betweptt 1471 nnd 1475. StraslKJum. ^'ff^ (prtntod hy 
Hen. Eggisteyn), Stnubourg, 14t^, gpires, 14^. Strasbourg, lAOO. 
ilHffennu, l&OO. Arsent. 1514. Antwerp. 15110. PnPm, 1&44, 15*C. Iliai 
LtmvAiu^ I50<k 1£mo» QoldL4bcn7,. edit. 4oPOTtie Ccamaelln, 1587 
Oolapie, 16ttl. B«Mle, 1503 tin ttfrai«*r«BtJd?t') . PwHa, iwa. Colofrnt 
IWl, InterOiwra Bodir.BvoL FoL Baffil. 15+3. liiti^r OpcSf* BtMija*. 
Vot GuJoffiiP. Itlia, ftud 1(1!^. Foltft* CanibriilKe^ 1643. with Anglo- 
Smtc^n v^rafon, edit. Wht^w, FoU Cftmbridpi*, 1*>44, 4ta Pwia, 
1^1, edit. Chi IQt^t. FoL Ouul). 17£S, edit, ginitli. Hvo. Lond. tiSS, 
(Klit. Stevenson. Kollo, Lond. IJttB, edit. IVtrie. Mmt. HIrt, Brit. 
Mi^K'^Ji FatrolfMciff Cursusi Ccmaiileluii, torn* 00 i rupHnt erf' Smith*] 
t^ditinnornas. Edit. GiJi«, 1* vok 8m London, l&ia-*. 

Opera BedsL^ 

Pnlirt, Bftil.. ir.G3. Folio, ColomiD. 101*1. Cologne?, iSlg. and lasS. St a 

Una, l«i3* for the? Bn^liiih Hist^ricnl Sodety, edit. 8to^*n«m. 

Mipu-'pi Ftatitjio»dfl? Cur5U» Cotnpletwa^ torn. 1Xh»L 
Bedm Chronicon, sive de sex uetaMbns seonli. 

4to. Vmi>L mts. 4to. I^ii, IM7. Fal. Colon, 1537. Fol OftmbHdie^ 

X7£a, edit, Smith, Moil Hist. Brit. Folio. Lond.lfHS. nvf>. hmt. 

Iftil, edit. Stevc-nsjoii -, and in tlpcra Bodip. 
Beds Epiafcoluj nd Egbertum Ai'chiepiscopum Ebor&cenacin. 
Fd. Catntj, i7;2S. edit. Smith, ^fco. Lond, IfiOS, odit. Whirfcon. avu. 

Lond. 1S41, edit* Stevenson, Migne's I'tfLiroloi^ Ouwus OanijlfiUiii,, 

Bedi& Martyrologium. 

S^tj. Aiitwpn*. 1M.1. 15455. Fol. Camb, 1723, edit Smith. Ulgtvf^ 
T^trolot^Ei- Cu^mi Crtrnplctua, M. TWK. 
Beda3 Vit^ii alibatum Girwi et WiramutJia. Edit. J, Wai'e. 
Svn. I>ab!tn, \mi, 4tQu Lond. IflSS, wilt, Wharton. For. Cnmb, 1738. 
(Hist. Smith. Svo. Lctnd. 1841, (?dit, S£cv(?rison, Mlxnif's J*ii1i"olofriiie 
Cursus Ct»tiii>kHus, W. 71 3. 
Bedm Vita B. Cuthljerti, Epbcopi Lindisfanrnjusis, 

Fol. Camb. 17^ edit. Smitli. Stvo, Lond. 14^41. wlit. St^?veii§oiu Ael. 
Sam t. {m Mar.)t iiLffJ. MiBTifl'H PlitinaUijrliv Cursiia Comjiletnn* M. TM. 
Beda> Vitft Cntbberti (mctrice). 

Cani<iiu!f Loct. Antlq.^ tidu Bwmuc^, 17^> voL it. p. t-£i. Act* 8«nid. 
IJpiit^, S.-CC. ii, B79> pdit. \>n^t. ; 915, efl. Pimi», Fol, Camb, 1702, fidit. 
Smith. Svo. Lond. lS41p edit, BtevtiXAOt^ Migne'i Platrologia^ Curau 
Crmiijlptiis, f^K C75. 

Vita Bodaa, aiictore anonymo, pervotusto inoerto iirtatls, 

Fol C^mb, 17S1 ^t, Sm^tli. Sro. Lond, 1B4I, «dit, St^vens^m, Edit. 
(ftlwi, 14134, for thu Caiton Society. 14lgne*« PotroloftiiD Cniaua Ccmi- 
p^etn^, 90, 4S, 

Vita BediP renerabilis, presbyteri et jnonachl Girwensis^ 

Bcripta partim n Ciithljci'to ipaiuii disripul**, partjm ab 

alio (pit ^a-'c, xi. VL\it. E lilri^ cdiiis el MS. Cod, Thttaneo. 

MaUM. A(?t. Band, ili. par. i. BOtt, edit. Vehot. i SH, edit. Fir* Mlfrtit'** 

Pntrolo^dFT CursU'* C«uipli:4«Pj 00, 33, 

De venerabili Bedft Prosbytera. 

Car>*:Tave*a Xova L<?^iidft Angliji\ T, *T4. 
Sancti ot Ven. Be die Vita, aiictore Tnrgoto Priori Du» 

Act. Snn<?t. tMay 2T)i M, 718* M igiic*a Patrolflirim Cuwm Ooropl^Hiii, DO, 

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B EDA — continued, 

Historia de Obita Yenerabilis Bedsa Presbyteri, ab ejus 
qnodam discipulo. 

Prefhoe to Wheloo's Bditkm of Beda. Banmius' Annala. A.D. 781. sect, 
ao. Act. Sanct (May 10), vL 711. Mabill. Act. Ben. iii. p. i. 609. 
Snriua (May 10), ii. 184. 

Belluh Sanctum : 

Incerti Scriptoris narratio de rebus in Bello Sancto gestis,, 
A.B. 1217-1218. 

Bd. J. a. Gileff. 8vo. Lond.1846. 

Benedict, Biscop : 

Vita S. Benedict! Biscopi, abbatis Wiremutbensis primi, 
et saccessorum ejus Sigfridi, Ceolfridi, et Huvetberti, 
Scripta duobus libris a venerabili Beda Biscopi discipulo. 
Ex Martyrol, Bened, Angl, et Jacohi Warcei editiane, 

MabilL Act. Sanot. ii. Oei, edit. Yen. ; 1001, edit. Par. Acto Sanct. (Jan. 
12), i. 748. Sarins (Jan. U), L 176; and in all the editions of Beda s 

De S. Benedicto abbate cognomento Biscop. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda Angliie, f. 84. 

Benedict op Gloucesteb : 

Vita S. Dubricii Arobiepiscopi Urbis Legionum, autbore 
Benedicto monacbo Claudiocestrensi. 
AngUa Sacra, ii 664-861. 

Benedict op Petbkborouoh : 

Benedictus Abbas Petroburgcnsis de vita et gestis Hen- 
rici n. et Ricardi I., e codice MS. in BibliotbecA Har- 
leian& descripsit et nunc primum edidit Tbomas Heamius. 
Svo. Oxon.1786. 2 vols. 
Benedictus Abbas Petriburgensis, de vita et miraculis 
S. Tbomas Cantuariensis ; v. Becket. 
Benionus, S. : 

De S. Benigno, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda Anglise, f. 86. 

Benoit db St. Maub : 

Cbronique des Dues de Normandie, par Benoit, tronv^re 
Anglo-Normand du xii* si^le, public pour la premiere 
fois, d'apr^s un manuscrit du Mus^ Britanniqne par 
Francisque Micbel. 

TomeL Paris, 1886. TomeiL Paris, 1888. Tomeiii. Paris, 1844. 
Extrait de TEstoire e la G^n^logie des Dux, qui unt est^ 
par ordre en Normandie ; par Benoit de S. More. Pub- 
lisbed among Cbroniques Anglo-Normandes, recueil 
d'extraits et d'escrits relatifs a Tbistoire de Normandie et 
d'Angleterre pendant les xi« et xiii* sidles, public par 
Francisque Micbel. 

8 vols. 8vo. Bouen, 1886-1840. 
VOL. I. 2 Z 

Digitized by 




The Anglo-Saxon Poems of B60?nilf, the Traveller's Song, 
and the Battle of Finnes-bnrh. Edit. J. M. Eemble. 

Foolscap 8V0. Lond. 1888 and 1887. Edit. Oonybnie, in Hlort. of 
Angk^^axon Poefeiy. 4to. London, 1826. Bdit Thorpe, Ozon. 185S. 

A Translation of the Anglo-Saxon Poem of Beownlf, by 
J. M. Kemble. 
Svo. Lond. 1887. 
De Danomm Bebos Gratis, Secnl. iii. et iv. Poema Danicnm 
Dialecto Anglo- Saxonioo. Ex Bibliotheca Cottoniano, 
MuBSBi Britannici edidit, versione Lat. et indioibns anxit 
Grrim. Johnsen Thorkelin. 
4to. Oopenhaeen, 1816. 
Beownlfs Drapa (a translation of Beowtdf into Danish verse), 
by N. F. S. Ghnindtvig. 
8^0. Copenhagen, 1820. 
Beownlf, dasz alteste dentshe, in Angelsachsischer mnndart 
erhaltene heldengedicht nach seinem inhalte, und nach 
seinem historisohen nnd mythologisohen beziehongen be- 
trachtet. Ein beitrag znr geschiohte alter dentscher 
geisterznstande von 5. Leo. 
8V0. HaUe,1889. 

Vita S. Berachi Abbatis. Ex MS. Mon. Insulaa Onminm 
Sanctorum. Supplementnm vit89 ex Cod. Hibemico Eccl. 
ejnsdem Sancti. 

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De S. Bemaco, Confessore. 

Capgrave's Nova Legenda Angliae, f. 86. 
Vita S. Bemaci. Ex M8. OoU. Vesp. A. xiv. 

Ed. Beee, for the Soc for publishing Welsh MSS. 1863. Svo. Llandoverr- 
Bebnaedus, S. : 

Vita S. Malachi89, Episcopi. 

Messingham, Florlleginm Insnlas Banotonun, p. 360, and in lOl editions 
of St. Bernard's works. 
Bebtellikus, S. : 

De S. Bertellino, Heremita et Confessore. 
Oapgrave's Nova Legenda Anglie, f. 60. 

Bertram (Carolus) Britannicamm Gtentium, Historiie Anti- 
qns3 Scriptores tres ; Bicardos Corinensis, Gildas Badoni- 
cos, Nennins Banchorensis. 
8vo. Haani»,1767. 
Bebwick, Pbiobatus de : 

Cartas Monialium de North Berwic : Prioratus Cisterciensis 
B. Marisa de North Berwic Monimenta vetusta qnsa super- 


Edited by 0. Innea, 18«r, for the Bannatyne Ohib. 

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Vita Domini Boberti de Betnne, HerefordenBis Episcopi, 
per Willelmum de Wyoumbo^ priorem Lanthoniensein. 


Bbyerlet, Alfred of ; v. Alfred. 
Beveblet, John of $ v, John. 
BmcHiNGTON, Stephen : 

Stephani Birohingtoni, Monachi CantuarienBis, Historia de 
Arohiepisoopis Cantaariensibos, a priin& Sedis fnndatione 
ad aonnm 1369. 
Anglia SaonK L 1-48. 

BmiNus, S. : 

De S. Birino, Episcopo et ConfesBore. 

Oapgrave's Nova Legendft Anglis, f. 88. 
Yita S. Birini, Episcopi Dorcestrieiisis et Confessoris. In- 
certo auctore. 


Black Prince: 

The Black Prince, an historical poem ; written in French by 
Chandos Herald, with a tnoualation and notes by the 
Beverend Henry O. Ooxe, 

4to. 1842. Printed for the Boxborghe Club. 
Letter of Edward the Black Prince to theBp. ofWorcester, 
2ath Oct. 1356, relative to the Battle of Poitiers. 
ATch»ologia» vol. L 818-218. 
Yerses on Prince Edward's expedition into Spain. 

In ToL L p. M of Wright's Political Poems and Songs, in the Chronicles 
and Memorials of Great Britain. 8fO. Lond.1850. 
Prince Edward's expedition into Spain, and the Battle of 
N%jara, by Walter of Peterborough. 

In ToL L p. 97 of Wright's PoUtloal Poems and Songs, in the Chronicles 
and Memorials of Great Britain. 8vo. Iiond.1860. 

Blaitmaicus, S. : 

Yita Siemcti Blaitmaici, abbatis Hiiensis et Mariyris, cum 
aliis monachifl, auctore Walafrido Strabo, Abbato Augiensi. 
Ex tarn, vi, Canisii et Bolla/ndo. 

MabilL Act. Banot. iiL par. ii 898, edit. Tenet. ; UL par. iL 489, edit. Par. 
Canisins, Antkius Lectiones vl Plnkerton's TitaD Antiqae Sancto- 
rum,p.469. 8TO.1780. Colgan ( Jan. 18). L 1». Act Sanot (18 Jan.), 
iiBSe. Messtngham's Ptorileginm, p. 899. Migne's Patrologis Corsus 
Completus, 118, 1046. 

Blakvan, John ; v, Henbt YI. 
Blanefobde, Henbt de : 

Chronica de Treugis inter Sootos et Anglos, Henrici de 
Blanefordia, with John de Trokelowe's Aimales Bdwardi 
2di, Ac. Edit. T. Heame. 
8?o. Ozon. 1729. 

Bund Habbi ; v* Henbt the Minsibbl. 

zz 2 

Digitized by 



Blois, Petee of I v. P^bb. 


ScotoTQin Historift ab iUins gBntis origine Hectoris Boethii. 

Fol, P*r, 13i6; foL Pmr. 1S74, IBTfi. 1577 1 fbL Kdiisb. IHK. Tr«nalikted 

into ScoU-li l(y Bellcmdcn ; fol. Kdinb. lMa(?) and 1541, -tto. Bdinb. 

Hectoriq Boethii Murtblaeensinin et Aberdonensinin Epis- 

coporuui Vitae (1-522), 

m<t. y^iiA, 15£i. -Ito. l^l£| for tlie Buiii&tTiie Clgl}, 
Tho Bulk of the Croniclts of Scotland; or a Ketrical 

version of the History of Hector Boece; by William 


RdiUtd bf W. B. TumbiUl, vnoiig tlie Chnmiclea iuiil Hemorial:!. 3 vols. 

BoLDON Book, The : 

I'ublbihed by tUt? RworJ Commission in the Apfpendii to tJoioiesday 
Btmk- Pol Ijond. 181*. En»^lnt<^i by Bev, W* Greenwelh Tor the 
Surt^ees ^Miptj . 


Epifltola; S. Botiifacii Martyris^ primi Mogmitini Archiepis- 
copi, Germanoruin ApostoHi per Nicolanm Serarium. 

Uo. Mosmnt, IflSa. l^lbL Mai. P*tmm. Fol. Pftriijoin. iL BibLMax. 
PdtruiPH T*aris, 1G77, torn. HL Bibl. Pat. FoL CoJon, toia* iriii, 3uppl. 
W\hL Mai* Pair* FoL Ludg, torn, liii* Fol. Maitwit. 178». Migne's 
PatroIOfrijC' Cimns ComplctOH^ l$9, 087. 

Vita Sancti Botxifaciii Epitjcopi ilogtmtini et martyris, auc- 
tore Willibaldo ipsins disc-ipulo* 

Arta Sftnct. fJunp S), i. EM2, DmtBiua. Antiqiia? LectidtiuM, lens, vol. ii. p. 
i. S3Sp Etl. Bbsti^N!*^* Mubill. Act. ^nct. lii pJir. ii, 1, ^tt, Ycn^t. ; iii. 
par* ii. )* edit. Par. SSurliui (J hub B)» 49- Edit. Ollet, ISSl, for the 
OutoiiSrifiety. P«rtK, Mmi, Orman, Eiat. iL 331. Mi^e't Pfttrologla? 
Cunoui Completua, m, WS. 

De S* Bonifacio MartjTC* Archiepi3co]M> Moguutino ;— 
(1*) Tita, auctoro Willibaldo Presbytero* 8npplemeutam 

auctore Presbytero Moguntmo. 
(IL) Vita, luictore Presbjtero S, Martini tJltrajecti. 
(Ill,) Vita> auctore fbratvn Monasterii. 

Excerpta ex vita S. Grcgorii Pastoria TJltrajoctini, Analecta 


Vita B, Boncfacii, auctore Othlono Monacko. 

C^laiua, Antlq. Ijtici. iii. p- 1, HST* Miprje"* Bilrolo^ Vnr^n^ C6m- 
pletu«« Se, 087* 
De S. Bonifacio, Episcopo et Martyrc. 

Cap?mve*s Nova Lepunda An^Hcr, f, ap. 


Epistf>la Bonifacii Arcbiepiscopi Cantnariensis ad Tfenricum 
Rcgom de jure emq in Epiftcopata KofTciiKi. Ejp MS, Cott 
YitelL E. V. 

Anglia S^^rap L 9S* 

Digitized by 


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YitaSancti Thomas, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis otMartyris, 

auctore Herberto de Boseham. 
Liber Melomm Herbert! de Boseham. 
Homilia Herbert! de Boseham D!scipal! Historiographi 

Martyris de Natal!t!o Martyris die. 
Epistolad Herbert! de Boseham in persona S. Thomas Can- 
tuar. et aliorum Scriptas. 

Edited by Dr. GUes, 1845, reprinted in Migne's P&trologia, 190, 141S. 

Boston ojp Bukt : 

Johannis Boston! MonachiBoriensis, Speculum Coenobitarum. 
Edit.HaIL Svo. Oxon. 1728, p. US. 
BoTONER, William ; commonly called William of Worcester : 
" Willielmi Wyrcester Annales rerum Anglicarum." 

In voL iL p. 4H of Heame'8 Liber Niger Scaccarii. 8vo. OxC 1728. 
8T0. Lond. 1771. 


Vita Sancti Botulfi, abbatis Ikanhoensis in Anglia primi, ubi 
de S. Adulfo, Episcopo ejus fratre. Scripta ab auctore 
subpari. Ex M8. Cod, Monast Uticensis, 

MabilL Act. Sanct. iii. p«r. i. 1, edit. Tenet. ; iiL p«r. i. 8, edit. Par. 
D* S. Botulpho Abbate et S. Adulpho Episcopo. Vita ex 
MabilL et duobus MSS, Epitome vUm ex Breviario Slea- 

Act. Sanct. (June 17), iU. 898. 
De S. Bothulpho, Abbate et Confessorc. 
CapgraTe's Nova Legenda Anglin, f. 42. 

Bouquet ; v. Prance. 

BowEB, Walter ; v. Fordun {m note). 


De Legibus et Consuetudinibus Anglice. 
PoL Lcnd.1660. Reprinted 4to. Ii(md.ie40. 

Brakelonde, Jocelin de : 

Chronica Jocelini de Brakelondi, de rebus gestis Samsonis 
Abbatis Monaster!! Sancti Edmund!. 

Edited by John Gage Bokewode. 4to. Lond. 1840. Por the Camden 

A translation of thii work l^ T. B. Tomlint, Lond. 1848, 8to., under 
the title of " Monastic and Social Life in the Twelfth Centiur." 

Brechin : 

Begistrum Episcopatus Brechinensis ; cui accedunt cartas 
quamplurimsB originales. 

Edited by C. Innes. 2 parts. Por the Bannatyne Club, 1868. 
Bregwin : 

Yita B. Bregwini, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, authore Ead- 

AngUaSaora,ii.l84. Acta Sanot. (Aug. 26). ▼. 887. Migne's Pfttrologin 
Cursus Completos, 160, 764. 

Digitized by 



j^REGWiK — cordvnued, 

De 8. Bregwino, Episoopo et Gonfessore. 
CapgraTo's Nova Legenda AngUa^ ' • ^ 
BaENDANUs, S. : 

Yita S. Brendani {e» M8. Cott. Veap, A. tna). 

£d.Bee8,for8oc.forpQbli8hiiigWe]8hMSS. 1863. 

St Brandan ; a medieval Legend of the Sea. 

Ed. T. Wrli^t, for the Percy Society. Loiid.l8M. 8vo. 
De S. Brendano Abbate. 

CapgraTe's Nova Legenda AngUs, f . 48. 

Bridlington, John of ; v. Political Poems and. Songs. 
Yita S. Johannis, Prioris Monastorii BridlingtonisD. 

Burins (Oct. 10), iv. 140. 
Yita S. Joannis de Bridlingtona, auotore Hugone Canonic o 

Act. Sanot. (Oct 10), v. 186. 


I. HymnoB de Yirtatibns S. Brigidas, Kildariensis Abbatissas, 
anctore 8. Brogano, rythmo Hibemico oomposita et in 
Latinnm versa. 


II. Seonnda Yita S. Brigid®, anotore Cogitoso, ex MS, Codiee 
8. Anumdi. 

Oaniflius, Antiq. Leot. L 416. Acta Sanot. (Feb. 1), L 90. SuriuB (Feb. 1), 
L21. MfHHinghain*8 Florilegium, 180. Oolgan, iL 618. Higne's Patro- 
logiflB CuTBUs CompletuB, 78. 777. 

III. Tertia Yita, auotore (ut vidotur) S. Ultano Episoopo, ex 
Coddce Mon. 8. Magni Batishonm in Bavaria. 

Colgan, iL627. 
lY. Quarta Yita S. Brigidaa, auctore (ut videtur) Animoso 
seu Animchado. 

Y. Quinta Yita, auotore Latirentio Dunelmensi, ex M8. flfo^ 
Origan, iL 607. 
YI. Sexta Yita S. Brigidaa, anotore S. Chffiliano seu Coelano 
Iniskeltraensis Oosnobii Monacho, ex Oa^sinensis Biblio^ 
theem vetustia M88. colUUo cum alio exemplaH Bibl, Vaii- 
earuB et aliis plwnbua {veraihua HexoMeirie), 
Colgan,il682. Acta Sanct. (Feb. 1), L 90. 
Appendices quinque diversa continentes ad S. Brigidam 


De S. Brigida Yirgine Scota Tbaumaturga Eildariaa et 

Duni in Hibemia. 
(I.) Yita, auotore anonymo. Ex M8. 8. Audomari et aUis. 
(II.) Yita, auctore, ut creditur, Cogitoso, ex variie M88. 
(m.) Yita, auctore Chilieno Monacho, rythmice, ex Colgano. 

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Bbigida — cofUtnued. 

(TV.) Yita bipartita, anctore anonymo, ex M8* Hugorda 

(Y.) Yita, auctore Lanrentio DunelmonBi, eso M8, SalmaU- 

Act. Sanot. (Feb. 1), i. 99. 
"Vita S. Brigidaa, auctore Oogitoso, ex Conmo. 

De S. Brigida Yirgine. 

Capgnve's Nova Legenda Angliio, f . 4S. 
BbiOCITS, S. : 

Yita S. Brioci. 

Acta Sanctorum (May l)Kt 91. 

Epitome Historiad Britannisa, ex M8. CoU, TUua JD, xsm» 

Ed. Bees, at end of Lives of Oambio-Britiah Saints, edited for the Soc 
for publishing Welsh HSS. 
Le Livere de Eeis de Brittaine. Edited by J. Glover 
(in the press). 

Among the Chronicles and Memori^ 

Willielmi Osmdeni Britannia, sive florentissimorum regnorum Anglis, 
Scotis, Hibemis et Insularum adijacentium, ex intima antiquitatc, 
ChronogrH>hioa descriptio. 8vo. Lond. 1686,1687,1590. Fol. Lond. 
1607. 8vo. Francof. iei6. ISmo. Am8t.l639. 8vo. Amst. 1617. 8vo. 
Lond. 1674 Sevenl other editions followed. It was tramUated by 
Gibson, 1695, and by Gough in 1789. 

Bbitfebt ; V, Duustan. 


De 8. Brithano, Abbate et Confessore. 
O^pgraTo's Nora Legenda Anglic, f . 50. 
Bbithwaldus ; v, Egwih. 

BbittON : 

Commentary on the Law. 12mo. London, printed by Redman, circa 
1540. Ed.Wingate. 12ma Lond. 1640. TranslatidnbyKdham. 8vo. 
Lond. 1762, and in Houard's Anglo-Saxon Laws, voL iy. 4ito. Bouon, 

BfiOGAinJS, S. : 

HymnnB de Yirtutibns et MiracnliB sen Yita 8. Brigidss, 
Kildarensis Abbatissaa et Hibemiad Patronse, a 8. Brogano 
rythmo Hibemioo composita, et in Latinnm ad sensnm 
litterad versa. 

Colgan's Acta Sanctorum Hibemls, IL 615. 

Bbompton, JoH3I : 

Cbronicon Johamiis Bromton, Abbatis Jorvallensis, ab anno 
588, qno 8. Angnstinns venit in Angliam usqne mortem 
Begis Bioardi !.» scilicet, A.D. 1198. 
Twysden's Script, decern, 78(hlS84. 
Bbuce, The ; v, Babboub. 

Digitized by 



Bbuges, Louis D£ : 

Narratives of the arrival of Loois de Brages, Seigneur de la 
Gruthuyse, in England, and of his creation aa Earl of 
Winchester in 1472. 
Archsx>Iogi% xxrL 265-286. 

Carmen Anglo-Saxonicum de prffilio Brunanborgensi inter 
Danes et Anglos anno 937 conscripta. 
lAngebek*s Renim Duiicarum Script, ii. 412. 
Bbunne, Bobe&T D£ : 

Chronicle from the death of Cadwallader to the end of King 
Edward the First's reign, being the translation of Peter 
de Langtofl's Chronicle. 

Hwrao. 8to. Oxford, 172S (2 vols.) 8vo. Lond. 1810 (2 vols.) 

Le Boman de Brut, par Le Boux de Lincy. Bouen, 1836. 
Continuation du Brut d'Angleterre de Waoe; par un 

Edit F. Miohelin Chroniqoes Anglo-Nomuuids. 8to. 1896-40. 

Bbut y TrwTSOGiON, or The Chronicle of the Princek of Wales : 
In Owen's Myvyrian Archaiology of Wales, vol. ii. pp. 381-588. 
Monumento Hist. Brit to AJ). 1066, with an English truialation, edited 

by Petrie. 1848. 
8vo. Lond. 1860, edit J. Williams Ab Ithol ; amonff the Chronidei and 
Memorials of Great Britain. 
BucHAifAK, David : 

Davidis Buchanani de Scriptoribus Scotis libri duo. 
Bannatyne Olub, 1887. 

Buchanan, Geobge : 

Berum Scoticarum Historia Georgii Buchanan. 

FoL Edhib. 1582, 1583. FoL Geney. 1588. FoL Franoof. 1604 and 16S8. 
12mo. Amst. 1642. 8vo. 1648. foL 1665. 8vo. XHtn^. 1668. 8yo. Tn^. 
adBb. 1697. Svo. Edinb. 1727. 8to. Abord. 1762. In OpermO.B. 
foL Edinb. 1716. 4to. Ludg. Bat. 1725. Various translations have 

In O'Conor's "Berum Hibemioarum Scriptores Vetercs," torn. IL 

Compota Domestica Familiarum de Bukingham et d'Angou- 
leme, 1443-52-63, quibus annexce ezpens» ci:yu8dam 
comitis in itinere 1273 ; edited by W. B. D. D. Tumbull, 
with emendations, 

4to. 1886. Privately printed for the Abbotsford Club. 

Annales Monasterii Burtonensis in agro Staffordiensi, ab 
anno 1004 ad annum 1263. 

Fulman's ** Berum Anglioamm Scriptores," pp. 246-448. 

Ed. by H. B. Luard, among the Chronicles and Memorials (in progress.) 

BuBT St. Edmund's; v, Edmund's, St., and Henby VI. 
Bybchinoton ; V, Bibchinoton. 

Digitized by 


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CaDOCUS, S. : 

Vita S. Cadoci, ex. MS. CoU. Veep. A. xiv, 

Ed. Bees, for Soc for publishing Welsh MSS. 1853. 
Do S. Cadoco, Episcopo et Martyre. 
C»pgiuvo*8 Nova Legendft An^is, f. 52. 

Yita S. Cadroe, Abbatis Yalcidorensis, auctore anonymo. 
Ex membranis Mon. 8. Htiberti in Ardeiina. 
Vita 8. Cadroe, auotore Beimano sive Ousmano. Ex MS. 

Act. Sanct. (6 Mar.), L 474. 

CcBdmonis Monaohi Paraphrasis poetica CreDesios ac pras- 
cipuarom Sacred Paginas Historiarum, abhinc ozmos M.lxx. 
Anglo-Saxonice conscripta. 

Bd. Junius. Sm. 4(o. Amsterdam, 165S. Csdmon's Metrical Paraphrase, 
in An^o-Sazon, with an English Trsnslatiou by B. Thorpe, was pub- 
lished by the Society of Antiquaries in 1881 
De S. Cedmono, Monacho, Cantore Theodidacto StreoeshalsQ 
in Anglia. Vita auctore Beda. 
Act Sanct. (Feb. 11), iL 552. 

Annalis Historia Brevis in monasterio Sancti Stephani 
Cadomensis conscripta. 

Duchesne, Script. Nonn. FoL Lut Pwis,1619 pp. lOlft-lOtl. 

Beg^strom vulgariter nimcnpatum, The Becord of Caer- 
narvon, e codice MS. Harleiano 696. descriptum. Edited 
by H. Ellis. 

FoL Lond.1888. 

Caithness : 

Ancient Becords of the Bishoprick of Caithness. 

Miscellany of Bannatyne Club, vol. iiL Edited by Gosmolnnes. 1848. 

The Chronicle of Calais in the reigns of Henry VII. and 
Henry VHI. to the year 1540. Edited by J. G. Nichols. 
4to. Lond.1846. For the Camden Society. 

Liber S. Mariaa de Calchou : Begistmm Cartarum Abbacias 
Tironensis de Kelso, 1133-1567. Edited by Cosmo Innes. 
4to. Bdinb.1846. (2 vols.) For the Bannatyne Club. 

Calendara of the Proceedings in Chancery in the reign of Queen Elisa- 
beth, to which are prefixed examples of earlier proceedings in that 
Court fh>m Rich. II. to Elizabeth, flrom the originali in the Tower. 
Svals. Fol. 1827-1882. 

Digitized by 



Calbndaes — contmit€d. 

CWpndAfS of thc' ProwfdlT^KB in tho Cbantwry of iM Ducbyof Ijwuastnr, 

Fol Lond. 1^530-1834. 
0&1efn(i£mum BotuJriinu;} Cluu'tiu-nin d Inquisltionum ad quod dinmujn* 

1 roL Fol 1M5- 
Cal^nclaHum EotuJonun Pktrntium ia Twrl LoimL 1 toL FoL Iflfll 

Kt^jiCT'ii Socotid EiTwit. App. 3, No. 7. 

Calendar of tht Patent EoUi depcwltcd tn th^ Bolls Chspd^ Icoap- 
Bdwmd V. and Eichard IIL Deputy K^cper^n Ninth Eeport. App, 
2, If 0*. 1 and 8. 

Oii]et)dar of mifpelltuieoui BoUj in tbu Bword OfEce, Towi? of Lomdoti, 
fmm KiiifT Johti to Bdward HI. Dcn^^y Kficpcr*a Swond Bcpori, 
App- Z. 

CUmdar of mlscpllan«nis Eolh In tbo Beccird Offlcw, f owtr oT London, 
fhnii Edward m. to Ifles* Depmliy Keeper's Thiid EepOTt, App, a, 

Calendar of Eoyal and other Ijcttere in the WaJtefiold To*«r. Deputy 
Kocper^B Fourth EcporU App. 2, No» 5 (c). Fifth Report, A pp. f ♦ 
l^ffAiCr). Siilh EcTwrt. App. 2* No* i. Seventh Report* App. S; NaT, 

CSolti^ndar ofPToobii of Arc. Iditol^r dii)Coir?nMl upon tht; JU«fl of thi^ Chan- 
cery in the Tower, Deputy Kjee[H^r^» Third Bepcirt.. App, %, No* fi (e) ; 
and Fourth aepfrt, App, 2^ No. B (b). 

Calendar of ths Gontenta of tho *' Ba<a» di? Socrotiij" Bdwipd IV, to 
irnhajn IIL Deputy KfiOp«K» Third Eeport. App. £, No. ^ Fourth 
aiTJOrt. App, i. No, 7. Fifth KpjKjrt. App, 8, No. fL 

Calendar of tlu* ** Ancient Compotuswi '' of the Eif hequcr, containing^ the 
EncboaUa^a AcvmnLta^ liiqaHtiotiJi pofit morticm, and other Jnquisi- 
tions and Dotiuini^jtif, tmm the Mrst yi-ar uf thfr rciffn of lleiL TIL to 
the cIoHin^ of tach BSJiics. Deputy K^t^pcr'^ Fourth aepoft* App, 3, 

Cilendar of thi3 ancient Taxation* of the Chur^ih of btjlaind, temp. Edward 
L and Edward U. Deputy Kw?|iur'i Fifth Ecport App, 2. No* fi* 

Calendar, topographioilly arrangi< of the Iriviinttin(?s of the Goods and 
CJrnamrntM in the eevvral Churrhw and Chapeii of the mdm, a« they 
were fbund by Ihfi various bodied of Oonuniedonert mppmiited to in- 
Quiir ctjnocrninB tbo same^ in tht* sLith year of ths tojcu of Kdvard VI* 
Iteputy Keeper^ii SertTith Eeport, App, 11, No, 10. 

CftJf^dar of 1 nvuntories of Church Goods and Omamenla in th^ idgn of 
Edward VI*, with eoptw of docuuMTita roloting to tho powtjra and 
moth] of prtwecdinp of the Commiasionora, Deputy Keei^e?'* Ninlh 
iUitJCrt. App, 2, No. 3. 

Caitndar of tlie Dowhi nf Siirrwtdei- of certain Abbejit, Priortes* Collcsen, 
HoKpitakp Free Chap*^l*. Chantries^ Bi»hoitrick», l»reljenda,|and Eeo- 
tofiw made In the rei^n of Eeuty VIIL. withafpw of tho ndfni of 
Bdwani VI,; prcw^r?ed apart frem tho other Rworda of the ftl>olhshod 
Court or AiUEmentntiona. Litputy Keepc/s Kighth Beport. App, fi. 

Cftlf^ndar and DcB(Tii>tioti of thiT monasHc «ul other CbartuhirieB, pto^ I*, 
Tfa^ n portion of thoie auinn^ tho Rwfmhi of tbo late Qtrari of Aug- 
mtntfviion* Dsputy EM-per's EJirhth Rot«3tt. App* 2^ Nft. 4, 

Oaletidar luid InvtTjtopy of Partiamontaify Survey's, pnf'sw'm^d amonif thA 
Eecordji of tilt* lato Court of AufrmCTi Uti on. Dtfiuty Kjj^ 'per'n Seventh 
ftpport, A|fp* 2, No, « ; and Ekhth Report. App. % No, SL 

Calfliifhu of F*i»J Erieft, luMiciiiJd and Ducal Letttrra. addiwaed chiefly 
to Reury VHl, and Ctanilnsii Wolsoy, from 1611 to 1537, and ftmn 
liJia to 1,123, and orurinal Lt'tlcm and Btale I'iiptrry.addjvsswJ ebieHy to 
Caniiiuil Wobsey, 15ia to 1S2», &l\ Deputy Keeper'* Seciond Report* 

Aftp, i. No* e* 

SuppJemcfita to tho ahowe. Di^puty Keeiwr'* Third Report* App* % 
No**(*), Fourth Report, App, g, No. i (aj* Siatii Eeport. im^% (h). 

Digitized by 


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Calehdabs— con^»mi6cI. 

Oi^miii^ of andent Oorrefpondenoe amongst the mlBoeUaneous Dodu- 
mente of the andent Treumry ot the Eeodpt of the Exchequer hi the 
Chapter Houae, Westmfaister, Bdward L and Bdward n. Deputy 
Keeper's Bighth Bcport App. 2, No. 9. 

Calendar of the miscellaneous Documents amongst the Records of the 
ancient Treasuiy of the Beceipt of the Exchequer in the Chapter 
House, Westminster. (1.) Miscellaneous Records formerly deposited 
in a hag Ubelled " Rageman." (2.) Documents formerly contained in 
a hag labelled "Augmentation." Deputy Keeper's Ninth Report. 
App. 2, No. 4. 

Calendar of certain hitherto unexamined Rolls at the Chiqiter House, 
via.. Letters of Prince Edward, afterwards Bdward IL AJD. 1S06, 33 
Edward L Household RoU, 21 Bdward I. Deputy Keeper's Ninth 
Report App. 2, No. 2. 

Calendar of misodlaneous Records in the Chapter House, Westminster. 
By William Dlingworth, 1806. Report of Commissioners on Public 
Reeords, 1887, p. 17. 

Calendar of State Pa^jers, Domestic Series, of the Reigns of Edwurd VI., 
Mary, Elizabeth, 15417-1580, presenred in the State Paper Depcurtment 
of Her Mi^esty's Public Record Office. Edited by Robert Lemon, Esq., 
F.S.A. 185(J. VoLL 

Calradar of State Pliers, Domestic Series, of the reign of James L, pro- 
served in the State Paper Department of Her Mi^esty's Public Record 
Office. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green. 1857-1859. VoLil603- 
1610. Vol iL 1611-1618. ToL iii. 1619-1623. Vol iv. 1623-1625; with 

Calendar of State Pa^rs, Domestic Series, of the reign of Charles L, pre- 
served in the State Vsper Department of Her Mi^esty's Public Reoord 
Office. Edited by John Bruce, Esq., Y J>.S.A. 1858-1863. YoL i. 1625, 
1626. Yol ii 1627, 1628. Yol iii. 1628, 1629. Yol. iv. 1629-163L YoL v. 
1681-1633. YoL vi. in progress. 

Calendar of State Papers, Domestic Series, of the reign of Charles II. 
preserved in the State Paper Department of Her M^est]r*s Public 
Record Office. Edited by MAiy Anne Everett Green. 1860-1862. Yol. i. 
1660,166L YoL iL 1661. 1602. YoL iiL 1662, 1068. YoL iv. in piogreia. 

Calendar of State Papers rehiting to Scotland, preserved in the State 
Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Reoord Office. Edited by 
Markham John Thorpe, Esq., of St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. 1858. YoL L 
The Scottish Series, of the reigns of Henry YUL. Bdward YL, Mary, 
BUxabeth, 1509-1589. Yol iL The Scottish Serie^ of the reign of Queen 
Elisabeth, 1589-1603 1 an Appendix to the Scottish Series, 1543-1592; 
and the State Papers relating to Queen Mary of Soots during her 
detention in England. 1568-1587. 

Calendar of State Papers relsting to Ireland, preserved in the State 
Paper Department of Her Majesty's Public Record Office. Edited by 
H. C. Hamilton. Esq. 1860 YoL L 1509-1573. YoL iL in progress. 

Odendar of State Papers, Colonial Series, preserved in the State Paper 
Department of Her M^iesty's Public Record Office. Edited by W. No«l 
Sainsbuiy, Bsq. I860. YoL L 1574-1660. Yd. iL in progress. 

Calendar of State Papers, Poreign Series, of the reign of Edward YI. 
Bdited by W. B. Tumbull. Esq., of Lhicoki*s Inn. Barrister-ot-Law, 
and Correspondant du Comity Imperial des Travaux Historiques et des 
Soddtte Savantes de France. 1861. 

Calendar of State Papers, Poreign Series, of the reign of Mary. Edited 
by W. B. Tumbull, Esq., of Lincohi's Inn. Barrister-at-Law, and Cor^ 
respondant du Comlte Imperial des Travaux Historiques et des Soci^t^ 
Savantes de France. 186L 

Calendar of Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, of the reign of 
Henry YUL, preserved in the Public Reoord Office, British Museum, 
Ac Edited ^ J. S. Brewer, M.A.. Proflossor of Bnglish Literature, 
King's College^ London. 1862. YoL L 1509-1614 YoL ii. in progress. 

Digitized by 



OALENDARa — continnfid. 

C*l#^itlar rtf SUt* Pupers aiul otlmr DopwmeiiU prewn*d iii the ArcJurra 

of i^iukmicad in SjwiTi, Ar. KtliHsl tiy fi. Jk-nwiiroth- imt^ 
CiilPiiJjir of !Jt»W Par^^f^i I'orplp" ScrlcsL, of tlic rcipii of EMsMlxith. 

KdlUMl by tbL< Eev. J. SU-veiihOii, 3I;A., of ITiUvePsiti" Collqro, Ihirtwuu. 

Cftlondirium hinubiticnuau i»obI ntortcm ftivf Esi-aetanuiL Hcii. 111.— 
Rkli. IIL 4 vols. Folio. 180ft-iaOfii l*tai-li§2g, 

Kilpiidani mrl Inventoripa of the Tnife^iiiy of His Majt^ty'n Ej^pfMsqufr; 
t{)ff«*tli('r with otlit'r DorurucuU iltualfitlni^ tho WsUnj of Umi lie- 
iMwittjry, 5 vols. Rnyal Svo. iSM. 

List of tlif* Stwls uniK^xCTl to thfl Baron's UHt^r to Fo|*t* Bcmifiyje VUL 
(A.D. 12(*1,^ Ktlw. I.L Uetprmtnin/f tlttt th^ Kiii« ou^eht not to sul^ 
mit ki tlw judiniiPHt of thp Fopo c#n€«Tiiiitf tlj<^ dominion of ScoUftud, 
t>pjnily Kocrx^r** EiKhth Ilp|rort. Ai>p. 2, Xo. ft 
CaLENDABS, IttlSli AXI> ScOTtiJ : 

Inqni-dtioimui In Officio RotulonmiCanr^llar^ HlbcniiR anerF«liirtLm 
Hi^inrtorimii, 3 rob, Folio. lS2ja-18i». 

Rotiilonim I'Jitfiitiiun^^Clauwi.nim CflnPellftrinjEibmiiajCBlcmlariiiin, 
!! i-n . 1 1— 1 Ipii . V H , FolJ 0. J t28. 

UixT HibrmiA'. KUJt*"*! by Howlpy La»ei*U@s. 

I]iqiiliiitLr>nutu aiL Caih^IIuu Domini Rf^!i Hetomatarum qun in pub- 
lic! h .Vrt'liivl* Hcotlaj adhuc peiT»ntiir, abhrpviatio, Froiii iiT>oat 15M 
to llif i»nd of tlio nth cTiiturj'. * voK ISll-lSlB, 

E.'srfatrimi MiMnii E'^Wl tlHE^xni Bcotunuu in Arcliivisi pubUcIs aw»crrM 
Liun. A,D. L'W16-14^4. J vai. FoHo. ISI*. 

Cahbbensis GiHALmis ; V. GiB.iunrs, 
Cambria : 

Amialcs Cumbriiu. Edit, Be v. J. Williuina Ah Itbel. 

8^0. LftiuL ItiGft. Chrori teles and Momoria.l« of (Jrt^it Brttaiu md Inkud. 
To tht* 3*c*r Km, In Moii- ilist- Brit. Folio, Loiid. l^g, 
Camden, William; v. Ajsglica and Britankia. 
Camden Society: 

Hi^lorl^ of th*i Amvull of Kdwui^l IV. in K upland, »nfJ tin* final 1 Ro- 
Cdn'^ir>"o of hifl Kinplomca fitsm lloiiiTi' Vl^ A*U* MCCCCLXXJ, EiUtod 
by John Brnrn Eitq., F.S.A. IWM. Pj*, rt.fij. 

Kynprc^Johan : a liny in two Pnrta. By John Bale. Etlitcd li^ J. IXt^*c 
OciiHer, Esi],, F.S.A., fmni th** MS. of the Anthor in flic Llbniry of hb 
(Jraw the Ihiku of Ik^vonshtrp. ISSB. Pji. xW. lid. 

Allltemti^fs Fc*m on I hi* Deposition of Kin^c Eichjird IL Kicanli M*y- 
diflton de Concorrlia inter Rte. IKct Civitatom London, Edited by 
Thomnfl Wright* Esq., M.A., F.K.A,, of Trinity ColJepr, Cambridgp, 
IflSK. Pp. vhi, ei. 

Plmnptoti CorivwiwndL'nft*. A vetin of U'lfcei^, chk^y Doun^ick, writ- 
lii-n in the Toipn* of Edwjini I\'., SJchartl III., H^nry YIL. and 
ll<"iiry VI n, Kditcii by Tlipniwt Staploton* Eflq., F*e*A., fmm Sir 
Edwinj rlMtTiTttoii'rt Bof>k of Jj^^ttcTw; ^\th Nottcvai, hktorical »nd 
hiofcraphi™! , of t Im fkinily of Fh t m pton of Fhimpton , ixam. Bbor. 1S30^ 
Pp. riixvUL aiS, and a hhwt fHtllgrw. 

ATi*;wlotw *nd Tr^litions, iUnslrative of Early EiiirlUh History mid 
LilCTRtnrc% ct(T|>t?d from MS. sonrt^. Edlu^l by "SYiDiam J. Thoui*, 
E^.,P.S.A. IfeSU. FP'iviii. 1^ 

The Pciliticoi ftonps of Enftlant^ fhmj the pei|:it i*f Johji tc tint of 
tdwftPtl 11, Edit^Hl and trftmintwl by Thc^mas Wriptht, Esq., M.A., 
F.S.A,, (if Trinity Colh»ip»-. Cjinibridw. -1S3#, Fp> jcriii. 10ft. 

Am»l* of ihi' flnit Four Vcara of tlip Eoign of Qn«?« BIbabttli, by 
»Ir John H*ywari), Knt.. D.CX, Kilitwl from a M». tn the lUridan 
CoBortion, by John Brute, E«)., F.Sji. imo. 1^, Ml6. 

Bccledniitlca] Docnmt-nt^ : rise,— I. A briitf Htitoiy of the BihboiiriGk of 
Somi'TicI f^ui ibf Fotmdtition to the ytar 1174 iX. Charten trom the- 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Camden Society — corUin/ued, 

Libiwy of Dr. Coz Macro. Now fint published by the Rev. Joseph 
Hunter, F.8JL 1840. Fp.iz.100. 

Speculi Britumis Fmb: an Historioal and Geographical Descrip- 
tion of the County of Eawz, by JcAm Norden, 1804. Edited fhun 
the original manuKript in the Marquii of Salisbuiy'i Library 
at Hatfield, by Sir Henry Ellis. 1840. Introductory pages zliv. ; 

A Chronicle of the first Thirteen Tears of the Eeign of King Edward the 
Fourth. By John Warkwcnrtii, DJ)., Master of St. Peter's Collego, 
Osmbridge. Edited fh>m the MS. now in the Libraiy of St. Peter's 
College, by James Orchard HalliweU, Esq., F.IL8., F.S.A., of Jesus 
College, Cambridge, Ac 1888. Pp.zzviL70. 

Kemp's Nine Dales Wonder : perftnrmed in a Daunoe fh>m London to 
Norwich. With an Introduction and Notes by the Bev. Alexander 
I^yoe. 1840. Pp.zxTL86. 

The Egerton Pliers. A Collection of Public and Private Documents 
chiefly illustrative of the times of Elisabeth and James I., fh>m the 
original manuscripts the property of the Bight Hon. Lord Francis 
Bgerton MJ*., President of the Camden Society. Edited by J. Payne 
CoUier, Esq., F.SJL 1840. Pp. viii 500. 

Chronica Jocelini de Brakelonda, de Bebus gestis Samsonis Abbatis 
Monasterii Sanoti Edmundi Nunc primum typis mandata, curante 
Johanne Gage Bokewode. 1840. Pp. xL 171. 

Narratives illustrative of the contests in Ireland In 1041 and 1090. 
Edited by Thomas Crofton Croker. 1841. Pp.ziv.l4e. 

The Chronicle of William de Bishanger, of the Barons* Wars. The 
Miracles of Simon de Montfort. Edited fhnn Manuscripts in the Cot- 
tonian Libraiy, by James Orchard Halliwell, Esq., F.ILS., F.SA., 
F.BJLSn M.B^L., Secretaiy of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 
Ac Ac. ike. 1840. Pp.xliil62. 

The Latin Poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes ; collected and 
edited by Thomas Wright, Esq., MJL, F.SJL, Ac. 1841. Pp.zliz.871. 

The Second Book of the Travels of Nicander Nucius, of Corcyni. 
Edited from the original Greek M& in the Bodleian Libraiy, with 
an English Translation, by the Bev. J. A. Cramer, DJ)., Principal of 
New Inn Hall, and Public Orator in the University of Ozford. 1841. 

Three Early English Metrical Romances. With an Introduction and 
Glossaiy. Edited fh>m a MS. in the possession of J. I. Bbckbume, 
Esq., M.P., by John Bobson. Esq. 1842. Pp. zliv. 132. 

The Private Diaiy of Dr. John Dee, and the Catalogue of his Ubraiy 
of Manuscripts; from the original manuscripts in the Ashmolean 
Museum at Ozfbrd, and Trinity College Libraiy, Cambridge. Edited by 
James Orchard Halliwell, Esq., F JLS., Hon. BLILUL, Ac ftc. 1842. 

An Apolonr for Lollard Doctrines, attributed to Widiflle. Now first 
printed from a Manuscript in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. 
With an Introduction and Notes, by James Henthom Todd, D.D., 
y.P.ILLA., Fellow of Trinity College, and Treasurer of St. Patrick's 
CaUiedial, Dublin. 1842. Pp.lziiL206. 

Butland Papers. Original Dociunents illustrative of the Courts and 
Times of Heniy YIL and Heniy VIII., selected from the private 
archives of his Grace the Duke of Butknd. By William Jerdan, F.SJL, 
M.BwS.L., Corresponding Member of the Beol Academia de U Historia 
of Spain, Ac. Ac. Ac 1842. Pp. ziL 188. 

The Diary of Dr. Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester; commencing 
at the time of his elevation to that See, August 1C86; and terminating 
with the Visitation of St. Maiy Magdalene College, Ozford, October 
1687. Now first printed fh>m the original MS. in the possession of 
the Rev. Joseph Hunter, F.S.A. 1843. Pp.zviilllO. 

Digitized by 



Camden So€ iei y — r rml In ue tL 

Qri^ml L^tCcm nf Bminent Ltt^mpy Mun of the &iitepnth, Suven- 
teoth^ and Eiichk^nth Centurtee. With ?Jot*« and niuslmlionB by Sir 
BeoTT ElliH. K.H^ F.K.B^ Seoretuy of Vlic Bodety of Aritiquiuics, imd 
Prindpal LlbnuniuioftheBiitbhMtiJM?iMn. Ii43. Pj). \ii IS*. 

A oontfffliiHirHj? N.imitivf? of the ProtscixIitigB n^ndnst Dnmo Alifo 
Kytd4]r, prfiwjcuted for Sottbit In 1324, Uy Eichapd Je IfdiisdG, 
Biibop of OsBoiy, Eilikid hy Thonuwi Wngbt, Esq., MJL., F,EA,, Ac 

PpotDptoKiim PnrvtiloTum aivo CHnricorum, Lijximii Aiiftrlf^Iailnum 
Prin<^ps, auctom fhitrp CJnIfrido Gnunnratlco dicta, e Pmiiotoribivft 
Loiini) Bpiscfjpi, North fokicnjil, A.0* diren M.CCOC.XL. OUia o pafdo 
I'yiisoniano tyjjis lUAfidiktumj nunc pdii3um,i]nmm(»ntanoLk aubjccti^i 
04 tkilvm codicuia nM^nauit AJbertus AVivy^ Totniii^ Prinr, IS^, i^ 
Jti. 31& [A-LJ. 
. TCfmiiH AitPr, ] WS3. P|). 319-43t> [M— R InduKtw}. 

ThnM} Cliapters of Lettprs rolHituiff tn thu Suirprewion of M onostGriM. 
Kdltod trxmi tlic oHiririatn in ihu Brttiih HuHjiun hy Thtntita WH^t, 
Baq^ M^*» F.S.A. Ao.* Oorrwpotidlni^ Hi^mbct of tlie Eojai Iiyrtitute of 
Pnuict! (Ac3ui«}m]o dm Imicriptioni dt Bd]c« LettN!^.^ ISiS. P|j. im. 


€ktiTM)>f>nf](<ncc r>f R^ybqrt DudJoy, Ead «f Le(fotfi£lff, during hii Goirf^m^ 
niffiit of the Low Countrfea, tn tbo ycttm 1685 and IBSO. Bdit«l by 
John Brace, Eaq., F,a,A, Ttmcuw of the OMndea Soclfjty, lAM* 

This Fpfiiioh Chpcmtolo of Ijontldji. Chrcinitiuf^ Jo London, deptiis Fan -M 
ni;n. nt., jusqir* rwin Bd^^.m. Kdit<^ from a MS. in the Cot- 
tofiian Ubntry, by G«or^ lamte, Aitngi«?r. IS*4. Pf». ucIh ItL 

Tlirce Books of PolydoPo T<»iiri!'ji EnfrTi«h Hlfltory, oompii^iniu^ the Rdgiw 
of Ilt'iiTy YU Ell ward IT^^ and BJchnni ilU ftoin an early TniiiilaLion 
rmtiMrn wl olnutif^ tiiC MSR* Of tbo old Eoti-rI Libraiy in tho Britiiih 
Miwuui- EdittHl by Sir Hffiry Ellis, KJf, 1844, Pp.ntU.a«.» 

TliB Tliomtori Horajuioc'!. Tijo Early English Mftrical RouianaM of 
Pflnsva], rsiiinbras, Ej^iamouf, and DotBrniinuiL Soloctod from Miinu> 
vcniiiM Hi LbjcoJu and CarfibHdpnf. BdiUsI by Jttmm Chrbanl Halli- 
wdl. Esq., P.B.S., Hon. M.I.A., Hon MJtB.L..F.S.A., &c. Corfewpond- 
ing Member of the Ckiiidl^ dra Arts et Monumont*. IS44* Pji, IvL Slfl» 

VtTney I'apfra- Note* of Prooc>c«dings in the Lt'iiif Pnrliiunt'fii, ti.'tn}h 
Cliarlw L, prititiNl from original pBticU mcnLrHimtidJa talstn in tho Iioum* 
by Sir I^ph Vi'iruQj^ Enijcbt, Meubc^r for thu borough of Ayli-ybury, 
and now hi thi; posiK^ion of Sir UmTy Vfitu^, Bart. Bditod by JdhM 
Brinv,E«i.;F.S.x\. 1S15. Pp. liii IWI. 

Till? Aiitobiricnijdiy of Sir John Bnunsfton, ICB., of Skroctii*, ia the Hun- 
dred of Chuhniford j now li^t prinltMi fh>in tho origin^ MS. iJi tlw 
fjOEW^Hion of hi?* linpftJ d(»crndwit TbotnSfl WiDijun Brtunaton, Esq^ 
one of th*j Kiii^tht^ nf the Shin* for IkHitli EiWJE* 1S«. Pp* ix. MA, 

Irttttre hrom Jam^ Ear! of Pnrthp Lord Cnrancdlor ol Scotland, fto;, to 
biH Blotter the Cfliiiit*st of Brmll, snd other racmbera of kb P&mil^, 
Edlt«l by William Jcrdan^ M.KLB.L., and Con-. Mem, of the R4sl 
Acadffmm ih" b HisUiHa of Spaiu. Itm. Pp. rri lis. 

De Arditjuia Trt-gibm LiU^^ Gitmlca Malonira ot Vicecomitiun Lon- 
dtjnianim, frt <iuodani quo oontlnj^baiit tcmporibiuj tllis ah aiiiio 
MCLXXVIII"* ad annum MCCLXXJY"^ cum ApiA-ndico. tinne 
primiim tyi^tsTiuindata. cunuito Thoina 8ta[>lclon. l^lfl* I'p.cdxxi, 

Tlie Chronide of CalttK in thtreiffnsof K^.niy VIl. uid Hcniy VIII* 
to the ymr J 540, Edited fhrni MSS. fa tho Britiah MoBeum, by Joha 
Ooui^ NCcboUs, F.eA* IBVi. f ^). ilii, 2SS, 

Polydoi^ Vt!rCTl'a Enfrlisb History, froin an early Trantilation ^mserffi) 
araon; tbi] MSB. of tbc old Hojnl Library la tho BriU^ UiuKoim* 
Tfd* L {xniUininjf tbc tirMt oi^t bo<>k(f, wmptMsig tb& period pvior 

Digitized by 


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Camden Societt — continued. 

to the Norman Gonqaeit Bdited by Sir Heniy EUis, K.Hn 1840- 
Pp. XT. 824 

A Belation, or rather a True Aooonnt of the Isle of England; with 
sundiy partioulan of the Cuitoma of theee People, and of the Bpyal 
Revenues under "King Henry the Serenth, about the year 1500. 
Translated tnm the Italian, with Notes, by Charlotte Augusta Sneyd. 
18«7. Pp.xviiil86. 

Documents rebtive to the Foundation and Antiquities of the Collegiate 
Church of Middleham in the County of York ; with an Historical 
Introduction and incidental Notices of the CasUe, Town, and Neigh- 
bourhood. By the Rev. William Atthill, Canon and Sub-Dean of Mid- 
dleham. 184/7. Pp.zxz.llS. 

The Camden Misodhuiy. Volume the first. 1847. L Eegister and 
Chronide of the Abbey of Aberoonway : fhim the Harieian MS. 3726. 
Edited by Sir HeniyEUis. Pp.aS. 

IL Chronicle of the Bebellion in LincoInsUre, 1470. Bdited by John 
Qough Nichols, Esq., FJ9JL Lond. and Newc. Pp.28. 

ni. Bull of Pope Innocent VIIL on the Marriage of Henry VIL with 
Elisabeth of York. Communicated by J. Payne CoUier« Esq., Trees. S A. 
Treasurer of the Camden Society. Pp.7. 

lY. Journal of the Siege of Bouen, 1601. By Shr Thomas Coningsby, 
of Hampton Court, co. HereftmL Edited by John Gough Nicholls, 
Esq., Fi(.A, Lend, and Newc Pp.84. 

Y. Letter fh)m George Fleetwood to his Father, giving an account of the • 
Battle of Lutzen, and the death of Gustavus Addphua. Edited by Sir 
Philip de Malpas Or^ Egerton, Bart., MJP., F JLS., YJ*.O.S. Pp. 12. 

YI. Dia]7 of Dr. Edward Lake, Archdeacon and Prebendaiy of Ezeter. 
Chaplain and Tutor to the Princesses Msry and Anne, dau^ters of 
the Duke of Yorir, afterwards James the Second, in the years 1677-1078. 
Edited by George Percy Elliott, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Pp. 82. 

A Commentaiy of the Services and Charges of William Lord Grey 
of Wilton, K.G., by his son Arthur Lord Grey of Wilton. KG. With 
a Memoir of the Author, and illustrative Documents. Edited by Sir 
PhiUp de Malpas Grey Egerton, Bart, M.P., FJLS., YJ'.G.S., Ac. 
im, Pp.zziv.8S. 

Diazy of Walter Yonge, Esq., Justice of the Peace and M J*, for Honiton, 
written at Colyton and Axminster, oo. Devon, fh>m 1004 to 1628. 
Edited by George Boberts, Author of the History of Lyme Begis, The 
Life of the Duke of Monmouth, &c 1848. Pp.zzziLl24. 

The Diary of Henry Machyn, Citizen and Merchant Tsylor of London, 
ftrom AD. 1660 to AD. 1663. Edited by John Gough Nichols, F.SA., 
Lond and Newc. 1848. Pp.zzzii464 

The Yisitation of the County of Huntingdon, under the authority of 
William Camden, Clarenceuz King of Arms, by his .deputy Nicholas 
Charles, Lancaster Herald, A J). 1613. Edited by Sir Heniy Ellis, K.H. 
1840. Pp.zv.l4a 

The Obituary of Bichard Smith, Secondary of the Poultry Compter, 
London : being a Catalogue of all such Persons as he knew in their 
Life: eztending from AD. 1627 to AD. 1674. Edited by Sir Henry 
Ellis,K.H. Pp.zziil24. 
Certaine Considerations upon the Government of England. By Sir 
Roger Twysden, Kt. and Bart Edited ftom the unpublished Manu- 
script by John Mitchell Kemble, Esq., MA. Member of the Bqyal 
Academies of Berlin and Munich, ^. Ac Ac 1840. Pp. Izzzv. 19L 
Letters of Queen Elinbeth and Kbig James the YL of Scotiand, some 
of them printed from originals in the possession of the Rev. Edward 
Byder and others ftt)m a MS. which formeriy belonged to Sir Peter 
Thompson, Kt Bdited by John Bruce Esq., Treas. SA. 1849. Pp. zzii 
Chronicon Petroburgense. Nunc primum typls wi ynUtgm^ cuiante 
Thoma Stapleton. 1840. Pp.zv.200. 

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730 . APPENDIX- 

Camden SocrBTY — conluined, 

Tho Chrottido of Qiieen Jane, and of two jre&tis of QuMn Ku^, and 
tspwiaUy of the Ri^WlJfoii of Sir Thomjw Wjatt : iinitten by ansridrnt 
in the Tower of Lcjiidon, Kditi^d, with iniiJiitmtivo DocHimciiU and 
Not«3^ by John Gfnifl^ Niciioi*, %*q„ F,8,A* IB50. Pp. dii, HMk 
"Wl^ht and Invpntoriojs fVom the Ko^tf^m of the ComniiiHary of But^ 
St* Eiitnund"!! Jinil ih»^ An^ideacon of Sudbuiy, Edit<?d hv StamuFt 
Tyuims. Trcafturtr and £k*cfir!Uiy of the Biiiy and Vft^t Stiffolk 
AreKfl»:ih]«fi^ Insit]tnt«. 1830. Pji. xU. !$00, 
Gualtcri MafH^ do XiikIh Curialluiu DUttiiKliimps ^tdtiiqu?, Edite4 ftvaa 
the uniqur MannHtript hi thi* BodiPiAn Library at f^J^fonl, hy Tliomu 
Wriffht. Esq.. UA., RfinA., Ac. lt&). Pp. 3svi, Sift. 
The I^lffiynjage of Sir Richard Giiylf<Htie to tho Holy I^nd, A.D, 15o», 
f^om a oopy bcIiCTod to bf uni^jiie. from the prcftt of Hjchard Pyiuoiij 
Edited by Blr Heniy Ellfi*, K,H.> S<?c, S.A.* Priiiriiial Libmrion of thi* 
British MtLwum. litol. P|a. ivi. 93. Thf J^refju'^ is followed by a 
shw't jiediffree of t}ie fiimiiy of Giddefonl of FIonipated«Keot:« 
Moneys rw^ivT'tt and paid fttt B(*it.'t i^k-rdces of Chariest II. and Jatniv II. 
fWiin amh M*n>h 167» to S5th lJw^mbt?r 1*188. Edited (hsm a MS. in the 
fKMHt-siifjn of WiLIiain fkiiby Lowndes, Em|,. by John Yonge Akt^rman, 
Estfi., Fellwv and S^cTvt^ry flf the ScuHety of ATiliqiuries of London, 
18,'it, Pp. I. S40. 
Chronicle of the Gttiy Friars of London. Edited by Jabn Ooagh 

Ki<™hol». rJS.A. Lond. and Nijwr. ISfi*. Pp. SJtjn?. l*a 
The Cwiidi'fi Miw'cllflny* Vnliioie tiic StHM^md. XSi53, L Account of the 
Exp<<nHW of John nf HmtArtt^ and Henry und Thomai of Ijancantert 
A.D. IWt-n. Bditeil by Joseiih BuHt, Esq.. of the Piiblit- Ej?eoind 
Omce> 1S5S. Pr"- i^'i- IS- 
XL Kouiihold EipcastH of the Prinee-%s Eliitabetli during; her residence 
n.t H attlold, (X'tobi^t 1. 1 DSl , to September SO* 1 a^2. Edited by V iji'oiut t 
Stnnfffonl. OX' .B.. G .CM . . P.R.8.H DiJt?ftor ^A.* Ae. te. Ig&S. Pp. Sv, 48. 
Ill, The Et-qucat otid Snitfl of n Trt\e-heart«i Eitfflbihman, wHtten hj* 
lilfillialu C'hohnify, Loiidyner, in Iho yenr 1553. Editetl, from the 
orij^rial MS. in the I.tbrary of the Facidty of Advix^tcii of Edlnburfrh, 
by i\\ J. TJionis, F.B.A. la.^. Pp. \± 2A. 
IT. The lHjicmTiy of the Jesuits' Coliff^e at ClerkenweU hi Marvh 10*7-8 : 
and a LetU^r found hi their Houite, (as utsserUtl.) dirertoiitotho Father 
RjectOP nt BrnicJIO:^. Editod by JohTi Goiwh Xichob, F.S.A. ISSl. 
Pp. St. 

V. Trelawny Rij»rs. Edite<i by WiUiam DiirrKnt Cooper, F.B.A, IR53, 
Pt>^ sa. 

VI. Antobio^rmphy and .\rnKNiot<^, by TVilliain Taswetl, DJJ., itometline 
Eettor of Newinirton, 8arrty» Roetor of Bi-Jiaondscy* wid previoiwly 
Studtnt of Ch list Ch iwflh, Oxford. A.a 1 Wl -1*^82, Edited by Qeorfw 
Ptrcy Elliott. Ksi)„ Barrinter-aMaw. Pp. 4iS. 

Letters and l^fjer* of the \ emey Family down to the end of the year 
aesa. Printed from the oridual MSB» in the po^ni^saioii of Sir Harry 
Vemoy, Bart. Edited by John Bruce, Esq. IMS. Pp. x\v. SO«v >uid a 
sheet r^edJiTw. 

The Aner^'n Biwle ; ft Tj'witbc on the Bulw wid Dutis of MonaistIrT 
Lift"* Edited and t ranslatcd Tmm a Betui-Saioii M S. oT the Thirteenth 
CentuiT. By Jamra Morton. B.D., Vicar of Holbeacb, PlwbeudMy of 
Ltni"i4n, and Chaplain tn the aiRht Hon. Earl Gn-y. 18fi3. Pp. xiviii 4»0i 

Lt'^ttc^fH of the Iji^ly BHIlinjia Karlcy^ wifi? of Sir Robert Harley, of 
Hramptoii Bryaiit KniKht of the Bath. M'ith Introduetiou and Not«i 
by TiiOTniw Taylor U^wi^, A.M., Vicar of Brtditaw, HewftinUhiiVp 
li54, pT».lii, K7B. 

A Boll of tlip Hciusehold EiKiwt* of Rtclianl dc* Swinileld. Bbshoji of 
Hprpfonl* during jmti of the yturs 12S9 and lilN), Editwl by the Um\ 
John Webb, M.A., F.S.A^ M.R.^.L. IBfl-t VoTutoe IL AbstntU, 
13 luNtnit I Dhs, fi lojtsao', and 1 r a de^ . 1 SiW. Ttiffethor, pp. etixtli. TtO. 

Gran la, clt. from the Crown during the n-Uft^ of Edward the Flllhs 

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Cakden Socibty — coMnued, 

ttom the orlginml Docket-Book, MS. Harl. 48S. And two Speeches for 
opening Parliament* by John Buaaell, Bishop of LinooUi, Ix>rd Chan- 
odlor. With an Historical Introduction, by John Gough Nichols, 
FJSA. Lond. and Newc 1854. Pp.lxyiL96. 

The Camden HisoeUany. Yolmne the tUrd. 1856. L Papers reUting to 
Proceedings in the County of Kent, AD. 1642-164A. Edited by Richard 
Afanack, Esq., P.8A., ftrom original MSS. in the possession of John 
George Weller Poley, Esq. Pp.TiL68. 

n. Ancient Biographical Poems, on the Duke of Norfolk, Viscount 
Hereford, the Earl of Essex, and Queen Elizabeth. From Gough's 
Norfolk KSS. in the Bodleian Library. Edited by J. Payne Collier, 
Esq. Pp.2e. 

IIL A Relation of some Abuses which are committed against the Common- 
Wealth; together with a flneindlie Reprehension of the same. Composed 
especiallie for the benefit of this oountie of Diwhame, December the 
zzy}*^ 1829, by a poore Freind and Welwisher to the Common-Wealth. 
Edited, ttom the original US. preserved in the British Museum, by 
Sir Frederic Madden, K.H., F.RJ3. Pp.iv.85. 

lY. Inventories of the Wardrobes, Plate, Chapel Stuff; Ac of Heniy 
FitxRoy, Duke of Richmond } and of the Wardrobe Stuff at Baynard's 
Castle, of Katharine Princess Dowager. Edited, with a Memoir and 
Letters of the Duke of Richmond, by John Gough Nichols, TfAjL. 
Pp. c55. 

Charles L hi 1848. Letten of King Charles the First to Queen Henrietta 
Maria. Edited by John Bruce, Esq.. F.SAn Dir. Camd. Soa 1858. 

An English Chronicle of ther reigns of Richard IL, Heniy lY., 
Heniy T., and Henry VL, written before the year 1471; with an 
Appendix, containing the 18th and 19th years of Richard XL, and the 
Parliament at Bury St. Edmund's 25th Heniy VL; and Supplemen- 
tary Additions fh>m the Cotton MS. Chronicle called **Eulogiiun.*' 
Edited by the Rev. John Silvester Davies, MA., of Pembroke College, 
Oxford. 1858. 

The Knights Hospitsllers in England : being the Report of Prior Philip 
de Thame to the Grand Master Elyan de YiUanova for AD. 1388. 
Edited by the Rev. Lambert B. Larking. MA., with an Historical 
Introduction by John Mitchell Kemble, MA. 1857. Pp.lxxiLa01. 

Diary of John Rous, Incumbent of Santon Downham, Suffolk, ttom 1825 
to 1848. Edited by Mary Anne Everett Green, Author of **• lives of 
the Princesses of Enghuid,*' Editor of " Letters of Royal and Illustrious 
Ladies." 1858. Pp.xii.148. 

Trevelyan Papers prior to AJ). 1558. Edited by J. Pftyne Collier, Esq. 

1857. Pp.ix.819. 

Journal of the Very Rev. Rowknd Davies, LLJ)., Dean of Ross, (and 
afterwards Dean of Cork.) ttom March 8, 1888-9, to September 29, 1890. 
Edited, with Notes, juid an Appendix, and some account of the Author 
and his Family, by Richard Caulfleld, BA., Member of the Society 
of Antiquaries of Normandy, Ac. 1857. Pp.xiv.188. 

The Domesday of St. Paul's of the year M.CC.XXII.; or, Registrum 
de Yisitationo Maneriorum per Robertum Decanum; and other 
original Documents relating to the Manors and Churches belong- 
ing to the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's, London, in the Twelfth and 
Thirteenth Centuries. With an Introduction, Notes, and Illustrations 
by William Hale Hale, MA., Archdeacon of London. 1858. Pp. xvii, 

liber Famelicus of Sir James Whitelocke, a Judge of the Court of King's 
Bench, in the Reign of James L and Charles L, now first published 
ftrom the original Manuscript Edited by John Bruce, Esq., Y.PJ3A. 

1858. Pp. XX. 131. 

Savile Correspondence. Letters to and ttom Henry Savile, Esq., Envoy at 
Paris, and Yice-Chamberlain to Charles II. and James 11^ including 

VOL. I. 3 A 

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Camden SoctETT — fonilnni^fl. 

Letters from hta hrotlipr Geoi^. Mwyjulfi of Haliikt PriTitoil from m 
Mnnnsftljjt IwJcmpne to his Ghkjc thii Duke of Dwonfltiirp, and fnim 
OTt^iiftl^ in Oor MftjffltyV 9tflt<» PaiKT Ofn^c. Bdltfld by William j 
Durf»nt Cooper, P. 9. A., CofresiMsnciijitj Mc-mlKT of the MMSBcbuaetta 
Hiiiorical Sodrty* ISSfl. Pp. laiv. 3UL 

The Ecnuant'e of Blmidp of dfbnl Bnd Johan of Dnmniirtin* By 
Philippe <le Ef?lt^^^8, o Tmuv^in* nf the Thirtwiith Opnturj. Edited 
Trx>m the Tnlquii MS. in the Impt-rifll Library nt Pitrts, by M. La 
Eotii de Imyy. l§,'iS. 3V ix^ii. gl4^ 

T5n? CaintkTi SlisrellnnyH Volumtr the fourth* IRSft, 1. A IxKidon 
Cbronirlc dimrig the E(4|m'i of Heno' thf? St^entli and Hiiiry the 
Eighth. Edit^Hl, fKtm the orintinftl MS. hi thw Coltoninn Ubrftiy of 
ihf? British MufteuDQ, by Clnrptifi* Hopr*i". IBGB. Pp. 2L 

II. Thf? E3iT^"*r* ^f the Judicra of A^wIsbp ridiiij? tliF? T«'f«U^ni and Ottord 
Orruits^ teinp. Eli3»b<^h. lBOfi-l*Wl, Edited, tram the MS, Acommt- 
boftk of Tliomajd WiUmysli^y, me of I ho Jna(t1ft«i ofths tViinman ?kai, 
hy Willinjn Bummt Cwjppr, F.8,A* ISK* Pp. BO. 

III. ThP fi]ir^'iTtn-Ts* Piny, The Inm^ulity of St. ThotoM. From % 
Maimw^ript in tlit^ iKKSMsuriwi rjf John Sykos, Ewj.* M*l>n of Doniai^ten 
EdhtHi by J. l^.vTie C^iUler, F.S.A. 1850. III. IS. 

IV. The Childr nf Bristowe, a Poem hy John Lydpite* Edlt<N:l, frnm the 
orijd riftl M S, i n th( * Briti-ih M t w^tim , by Claren i?p J I oppt-r. 1^^, Pp. 2S. 

V* Sir EdwanJ Ijnkc's AwflUuL of hL* Interview* wrttb Charie** I, un 
beiiiff t^rmte^l a BaiNiiiiet, and rfoHHiiK an Augmentation to hU Ajthm, , 
Edited hy T. i\ Ijiiimiwsd. Esj. 185S* l^p, 20. 

VL Thi* iA4t4>rs of Vo\}e to Atterhuiy, whi-n In the Tower of London. 
Edited by John C^ukH Nuhnli, F,8.A. IKifl. IV- S. 

VII. Suppktnpntnry Note to the Discovery r»f the Jeamit*' ColleiH.'. at 
rl^rkrjiwell, in Mnrfrh Ift27-H. Printed in the 8(?(*f»nd Yob4uie of tlie 
CjinideTi Miseellsuiy. By John Gcnwh Nieholst. F.SaV. 1859. Pp. Itt. 

Diary of the Marehfw r>f thi? R^iyal Army dnrinjc the pmat Civil Wart 
kept by RlrhW-fl Synmnds. Now rlrat fuihliahcni fnym the oriffinaJ M8, 
in the British ^lus^mu. Edilwl by Char^^ KdwnJd Ijmip, M.A** Trin. 
OolL, rumhrid^*. IflSy. IV siip. EPfl. 

OriffLuaJ! Pfl|i«TH illnstnitivii of the Life and Writinji?s of Jolin Milton, 
ineludiiijr sijctwn IjetteM of Slate Trrttten by him. now llnsl puhliithrd 
fh>m MSS. in the State Phper Offlpt*. With an Appetidii of Dwu* 
ments n'llii.tlng' to bin oonneetinn with the lV)wi"Il famib'. Z^oll&cte^ 
and *^t<*d. irith the ]MirniiKiion of the Mas1:er of the lidk^ by W, 
BonnibA llatniJtoti. of H.M. State Puper (KTlep. and rnivcmitj 
CoUeKf, Lfjiideu, author of " (>nt1Uii>a of the < '^iiititutionaJ Hiatorj' of 
" EnifL^d." fte. 1SK>. Pp. vili. iSi*. 

Letti'rs of Giiorffp Irf^rd CnrfW to Sir Ttionm^ Rop, AmboASMior to tile 
Court of the Great Mogul. tS15-lftl7. Edited by John Mjwb*^!. ¥MA^ 
Ki^|H r of the HtoordM of n.M, Ordnaisee in the Tuwef of London, 
Editor of the Life of Sir P..»t*: r Vu^vr. Knt, t^K Pp. iiv. 100. 

Narratives vf th*" do; n ef tise Rcfoririation, ehielly frc™ the MiintiPCTipt* 
of John Pone, thf* MfLrtyrfjlnjrist, \dth twoenutrtnihyraTy Bio(rraphi& 
of Archbishop Crat^mcr. Edited by Jchn Gongl* Nieholi, ¥MA* 
1859. Pp. SJvllL mi^ 

Con^iKindcnce of Kinc Jjuufw TT., of Scotland, with Sif Bobcii Ce«it vtd 
otheRi, in Enirlnnd. ibiririff the reign of Qne^i Eliialieth; ip^ilh nan Ap- 
fn.ndls etmtftiiilnif l*fip«T9 illufitmtive nf TmnittetJoJW lietireisii Kjag. 
Jainc!» and RoJtert EaH of ERWJt. Pr*iiiri|»itlly jjublLidied for the flrsl 
time frtkin MnnUflt'ripts of the Most Xohle the Mnnjiiiji of SaUabur^ 
prpsftmii at JlatflifliL Edited by John Bniw, Esq., P.S^.A. 1961. 
Letti-m wrttien by John Chjini>>eriain cbirin^ tbo hxigu of Qtit^n 
EHwiljeth. Edited fnjxu thu Ortjnnals by Sar»h WUIiaiuJ. imi. 
1> \ii. l^<i. 

r*ror'f«etUng? prineipnlJy in the County of Kent, in (^onneelioii vlllfe tM 
Pari laments called in 10J#, aiid especially with the Coatmllteo of 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Cahdek Socibtt — continued. 

Religion appointed in that year. Bdlted by the B«v. Lambert B. 
Larking. M JL, from the ooUectlons of Sir Edward Dering. Bart. 168^ 
1641 With a Preflioe by John Bruoe, Bsq., F.SJL 1861. 

Campion, Edmund : 

History of Ireland by Edmund Campion. 

Published by Sir James Ware, together with Spenser's "View of the 

" State of Ireland, and a portion of Heniy of Marlborough's Chronicle 

" and Meredith Hanmer's Hist, of Ireland.'* PoL Dublin. 1633. and 

Svo., Dublin, 1809. 8 vols. 

Narratio de Divortio Hen. VIII. ab nxore Caiiherina, et ab 

Eoclesia Bomana discessione. 

Printed in Nicholas Harpsfeld's Historia Anglicana Ecclesiastica. 
p. rss. Polio. Douay, 1622. 

Candidus, Hugo: 

Hugonis Candidi Coenobii Bnrgensis Historia. 

Sparke's Historie Anglicana Scriptores. Polio. Lond.1783. 
Canisius : 

Thesaurus Monumentorum Ecclesiasticorum et Historico- 
rum, 81 ve Henrici Oanisii Lectiones Antiquae, ad Saeculo- 
mm Ordinem digestsB, variisque opusculis auctae, qui- 
bus FraBfationeB Historicas, Animadversiones criticae, et 
Notas in singulos auctores, adjecit Jacobus Basnago ; cum 
Indicibus locupletissimis. AntuerpisB, apud Budolpbum et 
G^erhardum Wetstenios, 1726. Folio. 

Folio. Seven parts in four volumes. Basnage dedicates his edition to 

William [Wake], Archbp. of Canterbury. 4to. Ingoldstat, 1601 and 1604. 

Sancti Adamanni Scoti libri tres. de Sanoto Columba Scoto, Presbytero 

et Confessore, qui circa annum Domini 665 floruit. . VoL L 674-706. 
Acta Sancti Cuthberti, Lindisflunensis Episcopi, a venerabili fieda 
heroico carmine oonscripta. JBx membranU MS, eeleberrimi Mo' 
nagterii S, OaUi edita. Vol. iL par. i. pp. 1-24. 
Vita, sive potius Hodoeporicon» Sancti Willibaldi, primi Epiacopi 
Aichstadiani, scriptiun a oonaanguinea Sancti Willibaldi Sanctimoniali 
Heidenheimensi. Ex MS. Moncuterii BebdorffenstB, prope Aich- 
atadium. Vol. iL par. i. pp. 105-117. 
yita» sive potius Itinerarium. Sancti Willibaldi, Episoopi Aichstadiani. 

Ex MS. MowuUrU Oxenhusiana, YoL ii par. L pp. 117-122. 
Vita Sancti Wunibaidi, fhttris Sancti WilUbaldi Scripta a quadam 
Sanctimoniali Heidenheimensi. Bx MS. MotuuterH EebdorffenHs 
prope Aich$tadium. ToLii. par. 1. pp. 124-184. 
Sancti Willibaldi, Episoopi Eichstadiani, liber de Vita Sancti Bonifhcii 
Martyris, Germanorum Apostoli, Archlepiscopi Hoguntini Bx MS, 
Cod, Rebdorffensia prope Aichstadium, Vol iL par. i. pp. 232-240. 
Cogitosus de S. Brigida, Tirgine Scotia, qu» sub Justine seniore Imp., 
anno 521 obiit. Bx MS. Monaeteri* Ordinis Pradieatorum Aieh- 
atadii. yoLL416-«24. 
Flabci Alcuini Epistols. Bx MS, Monaaterii S. GaUi. YoL iL 

par. i. pp. 384-456, 540-648. 
Homilia Fhicoi Albini sen Alcuini in Natalem S. WilUbrordi Archi- 

episoopL YoL iL par. L p. 460, 481. 
Ejusdem Alcuini liber de Yita et Rebus gestis 8. Willibrordi, Oarmine 
conscriptus, et Elegia in S. Wllgisum parentem S. Willibrordi. YoL ii. 
par. L pp. 463-471. 
Yita S. Walpurgis, Yirginis et Abbatissse Heidenheimensis. Scripta a 
Wolfhardo, Monacho Hasenrietano, Jnssu Erehemboldi Octavi Prasulis 
Eistetensis. YoL iL par. 3, pp. 26»-279. 

3a 2 

pigitized by 



Cakisius — coni InuBtl. 

VIU gbuicll 'WllUbaldL EplKOpl Aii^hjitadiAnL. iiK^t^ji^ ation^^ixiOt. Mr 
MS. M^nast^rii WindberffenwU in Bavaria, VoL IIL pw* 1* pp, l*-lft, 

OtliJon] Fill Jii'TiJiu Pn'ifbytoli rt Motm^hi Libri iluo de Vitd B. Boniforil 
Murtyris, Gorm&nanLm A]Kifttfill> AJTbkiKLMCDpl MogunUnl, Ex MS^ 

TUa S. ir&lpurKiSt Virginia et AbbnHsm Hciii«nbfiiD«mk. Bcdptaa 
Pliilippft Irija^^'ijtio mino pfinsulft AkhatftUiAno. Kr, ifS. M<matierii 

TiU S. ElftliUmBLd. Alilutid Bikiuik wctore- Wakmdja Stimbone, Abb«t<! 
Anfdensi. Vol 11 p. ii 201. 

Cantebbuby t 

Stephnni Birchingioni, Moimclit Cflntuariensis, Historla de 
ArchiepiBcopi;^ CantuarieiiBibuii a prin»i sedifl fuiidfttione 
adfljinum 13G9. 

Vita Simon ia Sndbury. Ex Spnculo Parvnionmt. 

De Boberto W i iichcl so^ Archi episc opo Cantnari ensi . E^siierpta 
qiKBd^im A,o Chronko Ecclesi(F CAn'sft* Ca«^««nerf#i* 3f5- 
Aji^JIb fiacmi !* W* 
Dies Obi tun lea Arcbiepiacoporum CantniiriensiuTQ fix M»r* 
tyrologio ct Obitunrio Ecclesirt* Christi Cantuarienfii«, 
Anfrlin Sacra, L G:f, 
Anonjrni Historia GontroverHiiD int^r Sodes CftiituaHetisem 
et E b or ac eiis em d e P rimatu . 

Form u lie Profess ion um Ai^chiopiscopis Cantuariensibus 
faotarurn . 

Aii^lui Biora, i, Tfi, Edit, Hnme, at the end of the Tesrtvi EolTciifb. 
Sv'o, Oion. 1720, 
Formiilft Certificatoriffi Epiatolffi de eleetione aUci-gus Epi- 
scopi SiilTrag^nei ad AjThiepiseopura C&ntuan ens tarn 

CataJogus Archiepiicoporum CantuarienBiuna. E?» Eefisfr& 
MS. Menrki th Esiria, Prior U Et^cUiws Ohrhti Gantuarimi' 
8i», "in BiUwUieca Cottonk^na, Galha, E\ iv. 
AuRlia. Sacra, 1, So, 
Success io Archiepiscoporam OantuaHenaitun, Ex Annal>hi$ 
brmihu^ Ertfmsihus a Christ <> ad ammm 1160. 
Aim-lb Sotra, i, e;S. 
Eadulpbi do Dice to Indi cuius de Suc^essione Arehiepiscopo 
mm CmitiiariensiuTiir ^i a qtubus Apoatolicis pallia flusce- 

ijiglift SiMT». 1. 87. 
Jnra Arch i e pis c opatua C antuari ens is , 

Epistola Bonifaeii, Archiepiacopi Cantuariensia, ad H^nncma 
Begem de jiLre stio in Episcopatu RofTenei* 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Oakie&bubt— <km^t<d(2. 

Canonici Lichfeldensis IndiculoB de Successione Arohiepis- 
coponun Cantuariensium. Addita Dissertatdone de vera 
Successione Archiepiscoporam Cantuariensitiin. 
Dissertatio de Elfrico, Archiepisoopo Cantoariensi, utmm is 
fuerit Elfricos Grammaticas. 
Aii(^ Sacn» L 186. 
Historia Decanorum et Priorum Ecclesias Christi, Can- 

AngliA Sacra,! 186. 
Fragmentum de Institatione Arcbidiaconatus Oantoariensis. 

AngUa Sacra, L 160. 
Testimoninm Walteri de Suthfeld, Episcopi Norwicensis, de 
potestate Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis in Prioratu Can- 

Beneficia pertinentia ad collationem sive prssentadonem 
Archiepiscopi CantnarienBis, anno M.CCCC. 
Anglia Sacra, i 176. 
Gervasii Monachi Dorobemensis sive Cantuariensis, Tracta- 
tus de Combustione et Beparatione Dorobemensis Ecclesias. 
Twysden'B Hist. AngL Script. Decern. coL 1289-1808. 
Imaginationes Gervasii Dorobemensis de discordiis inter 
Monachos Cantuarienses et Archiepiscopum Baldewinum. 
Twysden's Hist. AngL Script Decern. coL 180^-1884. 
Actus Pontiiicum Cantuariensis Ecclesise, auctore Qervasio 

TwTBden's Hist. An^ Script. Decern, ool. 1029-1684. 
Epistola Eadulpbi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, Calixto 
Pap89 missa, quserentis de injuria sibi et Ecdesiao Can- 
tuariensi illata in consecratione Archiepiscopi et causis 
Ecclesiad Eboracensis. 

Twysdeb's Hist. An^ Script. Decern, ool. 1786-1748. 
Decreta Papalia de Primatu Cantuariee. 

Twyiden's Historin Anglicans Scriptores Decern, ooL 1749. 
Chronica Guillielmi Thome, Monachi S. Augustini Cantuariee, 
de rebus gestis Abbatum Sancti Augustini Cantuarias. 
Twyiden's Hist. AngL Script. Decern, coL 1767-2202. 
Historia Monasterii S. Augustini Cantuariensis, by Thomas 
of Elmham. 

Edited bj Ber. C. Hardwick, among the Chronicles and Memorials. 

Innocentii lY. Indulgentia xx. dierum accedentibus cum 
donariis ad Eccl. S. Augustini Cantuar. 

Edit. Heame, in App. to Fordun's Sooti-chronicon, p. 1480. 8va Ozoii.- 

Statuta ab Innocentio lY. ad ccenobiumS. Augustini Cantuar. 

' transmissa, A.D. 1253. 

EditHeame,in^ip.toFordun'sScoii-Ghronicon,p.l422. 8fO. Oxoiu 

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CilfTEBBLTit — cordtTiUed. 

Evideutiro Ecclesia) Clirifiti, OaijtuuiniE, 

Twpiikti "a 11 [atoria* A;igJlc»iiic S<Tiptore* Df t?em, coL 3WffJ-4aSll 
GhroiiGlogia spcclaiii* ad cocmibium SS. Petri ot Fa>iilJ| 
Angnstiniqnc, Ajiglonim Apostoli Cuntuariae, 

Tfry»i1tin'ii Hi^tDiin.' AnglK-nxiic S^riptons Docem, coL SSSfMSSUSt 
Haretirn llifdditio Abbntlai S* Augu&tiiii GaiitTiariii?» 

Twif»deii*ft HtKtoriffi Aiigluainin S<'rif lion's BtNHmi, roL S203» 
Amiales Cantuarieusea ; ik Liudisfameiujis. 


Do S, Thoma* de Caatilapc, Episcijpu HerefordeuBi* CojH' 
pendinni vitaa gx prt)oc!S8iL canon izattouis ex ccdice Y^tic^uiOr 

Miracubi ex cod cm prooesBti, 

Appendix do Aliraculins. 
ArL SaiitL (Oct. 2)* L 5S»- 

Vita 8. Tbomsc, Here ford ens it^ Epiiicopis »uctore anonymo, 

De Stmirtyo Thorn a, EjJiseopo Herefordiaa. 
O&pgnve^n Nova LagcndA* f. ifSS K 
CaNUT ; 

Do S, Cauuto Bego at Marty re Ottoniffl in Piouia Daniic. 
Vita auctoro ^Inotlio, Moii. Cantiiarierusi. Ea^ Jtf&\ 
Th<^ttano r^oUaia cmn cditiouc Mt^nrHit. 
Yita alia auetorc Sax~one Grammatico- 

Art, SatK't, (July lit}, iii. lia. Laii^zt^LKik'jii Ecrum Dojiicftrum &erl|iit 
iii. :i3a. 
De S, Kimuto Donor am Ecg© et Martyr e, ox Saxoiic Qram> 
matico Htstorim Daiticaa, lib. ri. 
Sariiiii (Jan. 7), L 100- 

Eulogiiim S. Kaimti, ficgia tt Martyi^is. 

lAtiKplHk'ft Eemui Daiiicflruti] !*rnpt. iii. ^17. 
His tori a MitrtyriEatiouis 8. Kaiiuti, auctoro auonymo cosevd^ 

LaiiKPliwk's lU'nuu Lhujii'iruuj Script, iii. 322. 
Logoudju aliquot de S. Kauuto, 

Laiigt^X'k'a Eicrum Dwiicaniin tJcript. iiL 3110, 
Capgiuve, John : 

♦ Nova Legejida Ajigliit\ 

Edit.'flf'^ynk/ii dt? ^Vbrtk, UKL It eotataiuji the foil owing bttigrtfiloeit 3-- 

Dp fla-tu'to Ailnano abtmto ti HSTifcvmQrv, i- 1* Dt! aancto AJdo si\f Aidum 
^bbate. t JL !>€ sajicto AJckiio cplacoix* 1 1 tmufesiorr, t ^ Be; ioucUi 

* Tbin la ■ roll<;*(rtic»n fif Iha lives of KTijtlish* Srctt^h^ "Wi^lsb. and Iitali Sfllut*. In 
tbe firefei?!^ to the pHntiid work (wlucb in apjuui^nUy written by Uie EdiLor, mod »ol 
b; Cnpi^Tvvf') it in nekiiuwkdi^il thiit Itio li^t in tiot tf^tiipktc- but ihjcy a»? FOic^b ibt 
ocTurwd. At tho ond of mzuy or tho Uv^ are iuiH>rt4Ml Hti>ries luidcr the title " Xfcr- 
raiio," from Jocobu* do Vomime, Viui'^ntiasi Bnilo¥ALi'ti;^ii9, Bmlik, Mftlmealjiu^. &^.\ 
but whicb hnvo fc*reoJ^ t'ver nny eon nexion with tbw firecedlnit Hul>Jnt j relatiuit, fof 
tho uTpnli-r jiuri, to fiiroifrti naiutH, It i* iwaiiy s transiTript of Job 11 of TjTitrooutb, 
pbciJiK the Mvva lapbabutiL-jLUy, iiistcad of Kconijng to tbo Odcnduv and ^itttnK 
many of lbs coUoctii and incidanti* vrhlvh Knu found in l^emoutlu 

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Oapgbave, John — continued. 

Albano xnaitjre, f. 6. De Mncto Aldelmo epiaoopo et confessore, 1 10 
De 88noto Alredo abbate et confBMore, f. 11. De sancto Amphibalo 
nuurtyre, f. IS. De sancto Anselmo archiepisoopo, t 14. De sancto 
Andoeno epiaoopo et confessore, f. 21. De sancto Augustino episoopo 
et conliBSsore, f. 22. De sancto Bartholomeo servo Dei et monacho, 
t 82. De sancto Benedicto abbate oognomento biscop, f. 33. De 
venerabili Beda presbytero, f. 84. De sancto Benigno episoopo et con- 
fesBore, f. 86. De sancto Bemaoo confessore, f. 86. De sancto Birino 
episoopo et oonlbssore, f. 88. De sancto Boniftdo episoopo et martyre, 
f 88. De sancto BoUmlpho abbate et confessore, f. 42. De sancto 
Bregwino episoopo et confessore, f 43. Dq sancto Brendano abbate 
f 43. De sancta Brigida virgine, f. 48. De sancto Brithuno abbate et 
confessore, f. 60. De sancto Bertellino heremita et confessore, 1 60. 
De sancto Cadoco episoopo et martyre, f. 62. De sancto Garodoco 
heremita, t 66. De sancto Carantoco confessore, f. 66. De sancto 
Cedd episoopo Aratre sancti Cedd» episcopi, f. 66. De sancto Cedda 
episoopo et confBSsore, f. 68. De sancto Claro presbytero et martyre, 
f. 60. De sancto Clitanco rege et martyre, £. 60. De sancto CoUHdo 
abbate et confessore, f. 60. De sancto Oolumba abbate et confes- 
Bore, f. 62. De sancto Columbano abbate et confessore, f. 66. De 
sancto Cuthberto episoopo et confessore, f. 69. De sancta Cuth- 
burga regina et vii^e, f. 79. De sancto Cungaro heremita et con- 
fessore, f. 80. De sancto David episoopo et confessore, f. 82. De sancto 
Decumano heremita, f. 86. De sancto Deosdedit arohiepiscopo et con- 
fessore, f. 86. De sancto Dubrido episoopo et confessore, f. 87. De sancto 
Donstano episoopo et confessore, f. 88. De sancta Eanswida viigine et 
abbatissa, f. 97. De sancto Eata episoopo et confessore, f. 98. De sancta 
Ebba Tirpdne et abbatissa, f. 99. De sancta Edburga vbrgine et martyre, 
f. 101. De sancto Edgaro rege et confessore, t 834. De sancta Editha 
vir^ne et abbatissa, f. 102. De sancto Bdmundo episcopo et confessore, 
f. 108. De sancto Edmundo rege et martyre, f. 107. De sancto 
Bd^ardo rege et confessore, f. 108. De sancto Edwardo rege et martyre, 
f. 116. De sancto Edwino rege et martyre, f. 116. De sancto Bdwddo 
confessore, f. 120. De sancto Egbertomonaoho,f. 121. De sancto Egbino 
monaoho, f. 122. De sancto Egwino episoopo et confessore, f. 123. De 
sancta Elfleda abbatissa et yirgine, f. 126. De sancto Elphego ardii- 
episcopo et martyre, f. 126. De sancto Erkenwaldo episcopo et confes- 
sore, f. 130. De sancta Ermenilda regina, f. 136. De servo Dei Esterwino 
abbate, f. 135. De sancto Ethelberto rege et confessore, f. 186. De 
sancto Ethelberto rege et martyre, f. 136. De sancto Bthelburga virgine 
et abbatissa, f. 189. De sancta Etheldreda vhrgine, f. 141. De Sanctis 
Bthebredo et Ethelbricto martyribus, f. 142. De sancto Ethelwoldo 
episoopo et confessore, f. 143. De sancto Felice episoopo et confessore, 
f. 146. De sancto Piacrio heremita et confessOTe, f. 147. De servo Dei 
Pinano episcopo et confessore, f. 147. De sancto PoiUano episcopo et 
martyre, f. 149. De sancto Premundo rege et martyre, f. 161. De 
sancta Prediswida virgine, f. 162. De sancto Purseo abbate et confes- 
sore^ f. 164. De sancto Qilda abbate et martyre, 1 166b De sancto 
Oilberto confessore, f. 166. De sancto Godrico servo Dd et heremita, 
f. 167. De sancto Grimbaldo abbate et confessore, f. 167. De sancto 
GKidwalo episcopo et confessore, f. 167. De sancto Oundleo rege et 
confessore, f. 168. De sancto Gnthlaoo confessore, f. 169. De sancta 
Helena regina, 1 173. De sancto Henrico heremita, f. 177. De Sanctis 
Hewaldo Nigro et Hewaldo Albo martyribus, f. 178. De sancta Hilda 
virgine et abbatissa, f. 179. De sancta Hildelitha virgine et abbatissa, 
f. 180. De sancto Honorio arohieplsoopo et confessore, f. 181. De 
sancto puero Hugone a Judeis crudfizo, f. 182. De sancto Hugone 
episcopo et confessore, f. 183. De sancto Dtuto abbate et confessore 
f. 187. De sahcto Indracto et sodis ejus martyribus, f. 188. De sancto 
Jdianne de Beverlaoo episoopo et confessore, f. 189. De sancto 

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Oapgrayx, .JoE^^eo7itmiAcd. 

JohiJiiK? dc Bridlington cotif^sioie^ f. 101. Do t«ii{:to it^tiih ab 
AnuHili, r. im Be EOiitrto ltbBiEiBit> nii^^c^P*^ ^t eonftnAon^. 1 IW* 

«av, 1 *0l. De wJicUy jtwtinano mmtyve et motiaelio, I. SOL B&ttncto 
Justo irc:hkpi!M?i^'pD e.t cotifeasorc, r SOS, D<^ suicta JuthTon Yiigtne 
v^ mir^rp] f. SftSu De flnn^to Kcbio cpiicopd et eoiii^iM^rc*, f- BtlS^ Da 
Manete Keyn« vi^Fin^t f* ^04 Do nnfto KracdDConf^sitKirp^ f. EOfk Du 
Mneto Kflif^lmo rem.* et martjiv^ f. SQM. De annclo Epntf^p^nio ^iftoopo 
«t conrHBOtT, tSti7. Be !«ncto Kyljaijo cmn sodb ftuia martyribu*, 
f. SIS. P^ «ini'tii« Kj'neswjiU, Kynebur^gK, d Tihbi ^iiidiiibus f. SIS^ 
1>d iant!to Lamrmrteo arehwplscojK)' pt eonfc^aorv, f. £13, D? aatt(4o 
Laarencio apchi!?]n«oopo ot ponffwsor^T f. 21 7. Do i^tiGto Lethevdo 
opiKwpo et CCTifcssoiT, f. 218. Dc Boiirto Maj^buio f?pwcopo ct eow- 
few<«^)^T ^* ^^^* ^ tfucio Mkii^lorid t'libf^ifio crt confcsson?, f^ 2ZL fie 
Aticto Malschia ^jitMWfjo et {.imff?st$finf^ f. 222. De sancta Mancsrcta 
tv^nn S£?f*tiii;, f. 225. Ikd s>.i>Tieta Mitit'ntia viFjcnw pt muHji^, t EST. 
De iianpto MdJito ajrhiepistri'P*!! <H TOiiRffi*K>ra% r SSS. l>e saiifto 31 d- 
Pora? episcojift ut c:Tmff?ist:*rc, T 22ll> I'M saiir^to Mei<iro martyre^ f. 2^. 
Dfi A^cta liti1t}iiir;EA. virgino, f, ^l. Utr ifianeta JliJdnxla ^ifinne ct 
abbaliafia, f, S^S^ Ik* lAiifitii Hodwemna vtrf^nf ut abbatis^ f. £13^ Ito 
Avn4?t4i Keoto ab1nU> ^t eoiifosaion'^ f. 239h Be sLnc^to Ntnimio p p ijc <>p o 
et confeflBon^, t £11. Bg wuicto Ddlono oichipplwripi) tt eonibssore, 
f. aisiv De mncto (Mulpho coTifo^ieintic, 1 3+4. Bo sitncta 0»iiha virfrtije 
et rnnrtyn^, T SS«. Bo i^tt-tii OtnMina vurKiiic^ f. £47. Dc wiuf4o 
Ommrifl'J pfrtacvpti H ccmf&snns f, 2*7. Bi* tianrlo Chrwaldo ancbl- 
■fpiHonjio c?t (?oiifV3»or(?( f. 351* De wmiiu OAWtddo pei?*? el martjTP, f, am^ 
De fiaii{.'l<} Oswino n*i((! H tuartyir, f. £07. De saiicto Oudoooo 
epiMxipo et ccinl^nsore, f. SaS* l>e ^iiicrto Pnteroo epiflcotJO pt conre«aar«j 
1 EM. De Atifto Patrido <?pi*<«P*> *?t cojfiresrton?, t £59. Do «aiicto 
Paulbio pr>v^'ciTKt ct ronfc^son?, f. IG4 De Bancto Fetnico ahbate et 
cotifbwiri\ f. Sttti. De saiirta PiittjiD eptepofio tit conl^ssot?, f. £0?. Be 
eatirto HJcbanlo oplucopo et mnftwow, 1 f». Dv vptv^ l>(^r Epbcrto 
abbate venerabili, f. fTS. Di^ nuiL'tu lluiuwoldr> t:onfvsiiion^t f. S74 De 
iiaiicto Bauipaofie episcopo trt c.-otift«iiiM:an% f. S7&. Be lAiicta BexbuJia 
nf^n i*t abbnlifsi, f. S7S. De suieto SwitbiuiQ epi«copu et Bonlfeflaofv 
t £78. Dvi saneUj Tbathoo eonfesson?* f. £80. Be aanclo TMiio 
("pfjicapo €t Ronft-?4sor^, f, SSfl, Dt' ssintlo Th»xicm» annhiepispopo et 
OOTiftujwjt', r. 2ei. De wantto Thotna epiapopo Heribrdw, f. S8S. Bo 
mtieto Tlioma ari^tiiepU^ctiitfj et uiart,vj^, f. S«S. De lanolo Thama 
monacho a Galhs oo^tso, f. £9^. De fiiaiipta Walbur«a virgltics t £iB. 
Be santitc* Walleno abhati% f. ^|i3^ Be Hajitfco WaJsttaiio confc*aare, f. SM. 
r>e ^ii!ta Wptiefreda rirgiue et m&rtyro, t SOa Bt' N^iu'ta Wcrebiu^ 
vLfirine* f. S». D© aajictii WUftido opiacopo et ctJiireswsj^, f. 3<M>. De 
anneto Wirfmo c^pisropo et wnfesaon-* f. 3ft7* Bo saucto ^"iUibrordc} 
episccjKt (?t coiiftHtscrrp, f. 307. Be enneto WiUdino pavto et martjie, 
f 300. Dc ^ncto Willdnio epincopo et oonftsssoj^, f. Sltf. De sanctrO 
WiJleLHin iflart>T(;, f. 311. B& saiicto WluwaWo abbat* ct eonrmaopc 
f 31£. Bo saricto WLstano «nw ft martyir, f, J14. Be taiict* Witb 
buTFD TriTTjfiiic f. 315. Dt* ssaicta. UnuU TirprfiK? t't martjjf , 1 SIA. 
Do Mmrta Wlfbiid<? >1j:jriiie ct abbatbsa, f. 536. Dc saiirta WIHoo 
confestow* f. 32a, Be nanci^ TflTbino episropo f?t ooDTcBKirei C 331^ 
D© sanctct Wlttaito cpbcopo et co&^asorei f. 552. 

The Chrouicle of Engl mid fTom the Creation to lil7. By 
Jolm Cjipgnive. Edit. P. C. Hin^eBton. 

Amonif tbe ChTOni(?Iefl *Tid Memorialii of Grrat Britain and Iretaud. 

Liber de illustribus Henricis Johoimia Copgrave. Edit* 
P. C. Hbgeston. 

AmGOg tko ChTvmiclm uid MexDodal* of Ortmi Brilnin vad Inland. 

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Cabadocus, S. : 

Be S. Caradoco Heremita. 

CapgmTe'sNova Legends AiiglUe,f. 66. Act Sauct. (April 18), ii 160. 

Cakadoc op Laucabvan ; V, Bbut y Tywtsogion. 
Cakantocus : 

De S. Carantoco, seu Cemafcho, Episcopo. Vita ex MS. Cott. 

Veep. A. xiv. 

Act. Sauct (Hay 16), iii 684. Ed. Rees, for Soc. for publiihiug Welsh 
HSS. 186S. 
Dc S. Carantoco Confessore. 

Capgrsve's Nova Legenda Anglis, f. 66. 

Siege of Carlaverock (in Dumfries-shire), in the 28th Edward 
I., A.p. 1300, with arms of the Earls, Barons, and EJiights 
present. Translation, History of the Castle, and Memoirs 
of the Personages commemorated by the Poet. By N. H. 
4to. 1828. 
Cabthacus : 

De S. Carthaco, sen Mochudda, Episcopo et Abbate Lismo* 

rensi in Hibemia. 
Vita ex duplici MS. Legendario. 
Alia vita ex antique MS. Hibemico. 
Act Sanct.^ (May M), iiL 876. 

Cabthacus ; t;. KiABAinis. 
Cataldus : 

Vita S. Cataldi, Ep. TarentinaB, Civitatis. Ex MS8. Ecclesice 

Catalogubs : 

Scriptorum illustrium Majoris Brytannias Catalogus. 

Ed. J. Bale. Pol. Ban. 1669. 
Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum qui in Bibliothecis Gralliaa, 
HelvetisB, Belgii, Britannias M., Hispanias, Lusitanias 
asservantur, nimc primum editi a Gustavo Haenel. 

4(0. Lips., 1880. 
A Catalogue of the Lansdowne Manuscripts in the British 

In 2 vols, or parts. PoUo. 1812-1819. Thefirrt part being a Catalogoe to 
the Burieigh Papen ; the second part containing the (^tesar and Kennet 
PHiers, with the remainder of the collection. 
Catalogue of the Cottonian MSS., by Thomas Smith. 

Polio. Oxon.1696. 
A Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Cottonian Library, 
deposited in the British Museum. 

IvoL 870. 1777. By S. Hooper. IvoL Folio. 1802. 
Librorum Manuscriptorum Bibliothecas Harleianas Cata- 

2 vols. Polio. 1769. 4 vols. Polio. 1806-1812. 

Index to the Additional MSS. and Egerton MSS. Small foUa 1840. 

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C ATALOG DES — cont mued, 

Libronun Manuscriptorum in Bibliotheois AnglisB et Hiber- 
nicB Oatalogns. 
FoUo. Oxon;i9»7. 
Catalogus libronun manascriptorum quos coUegio Corp. Ch. 
in Acad Cant, legavit Mat. Parker, Arch. Cantnar. 
IvoL Folio. 1802. Ed. Jas. Nasmith. 4to. Cantab., 1777. 
Catalogue of the Arundel MSS. and Bumey Papers in the 
British Museum. 

iTOl. 1834. 

Catalogues of the Additional MSS., British Museum. 


Catalogue of the MSS. in the King's Library (British 
Museum), by David Casley. 
4to. Lond..l734. 
Catalogue of the MSS. [Sloane] in the British Museum, 
hitherto undescyibed, by Sam. Ayscough. 
2 vols. 4to. Lond..l782. 

Catalogue of the Archiepiscopal MSS. in the Library at 
Lambeth, by H. J. Todd. 
Folio. London, 1812. 
Catalogue of the Arundel MSS. in the College of Arms, 
prepared for Sir C. G. Yoimg by W. H. Black, 
8vo. Lond.,1829. • • 

Catalogue of the MSS. in the various Colleges at Oxford, by 
H. 0. Coxe. 

2 vols. 4to. Oxford, 1862. 

Catalogue of the MSS. in the University Library at Cam- 

4to1i. 8V0. Camb., 1856-1861. 
Catalogue of the Ashmolean MSS. at Oxford, by W. H. 

4to. Oxftmlisis. 
Catalogue of the Laud^ian MSS. in the Bodleian Library. ^ 

4to. Oxford, I860. ' 
Catalogue of the Tanner MSS. in the Bodleian Library. 
4to. Oxford. 186L '^ 

Catalogue of the MSS. in the Library of Caius College, 
Cambridge, by J. J. Smith. 
Cambr. 8vo. 1840. 
Catalogue of the MSS. in the Library of Sir Thos. Phillipps, 
Bart., of Middlehill. 
Privately printed- 
Dictionaire des Manuscrits existauts dans les principales 
Biblioth^ues d'Europe. 

Published by TAbb^ Migne in the Nouvelle Cydop^die Th4ologique. 2 
vols. 8vo. 

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/ X 


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Cave, William : 

Scriptorum eoolesiastioorum historia literaria. 
FoL Geney.,1720. 

Cawdoe : 

The Book of the Thanes of Cawdor, 123^1742. 
Edited by Cosmo Innes for the Spalding Club, I860. 

Caxtok, William : 

The Chronicles of England, or Caxton*s Chronicle. 

Ciurton. Folio. 1480. St. Alban's, 148S (under the name of "Pructus 
Temporum**). Gerard de Leew. Antwerp, 1498. Wynkyn de Worde, 
Westm., 1497. Plete Strete. in the oyne of the Sonne. 1502. By Julian 
Notary, in 1504 and 1516. Bichd. Pynson, in Flete Strete, in the sygne 
of the George, 1510. Wynkyn de Worde, in 1516, 1520, and 1528. 

1 Caxton Society : 

Benedicti Abbatis PetriburRensis de vita et miraculis 8. Thomse Cantiui- 

riensis. Edited by Dr. GUee, 1860. 
Walteri Abbatis Dervensis Epistohe. Edited by C. Heasiter, 1850. 
Bevolte du Conte de Wanridc ; Lettre Pran^aiae sur Marie I. ; et Petite 

Chronique du Si^ d'Orleans. Edited by Dr. Giles, 1860. 
Henrici de Silgrave Chronlcon Anglis. 
Chronicon breve Bononienae ab A.D. 548 vsque ad 82S. 
Chronologia brevissima ad Northanhymbros spectans, ab AJ). 547 ad 
I A J). 737. 

. Catalogus Pontificum Bomanorum a beato Petro usque ad annum 

' Domini 1254. 

Exoerpta ez historia Anglorum. Edited by C. Hook, 1840. 

Lestorie des'Engles solum la Transladon MaistreGefflrei Gaimar. 

Le Lai d'Havelok le Danois. 

Narratio de uzore Emulfi ab Ella, Bege Deirorum, violata. 

De Gestis Herwardi Sazonis. Edited by Thomas Wright, 1860. 

Radulfi Nigri Chronicon ab initio mundi ad A.D. 1199. 

Badulfl Nigri Chronicon a Christo nato ad regnum Henrici Sectuidi, 

Begb Angliie. Edited by Lieut.-Col. Bobert Anstruther, 1861. 
B. Grossetcte Carmina Anglo-Normannica^ viz., Boberti Growetetc, 

Episoopi Lincolniensis, Carmen de creatione mundL 
La Vie de Sainte Marie Egyptienne, and an English version of the 

Chasteau d' Amour. Edited by M. Cooke, 1862. 
Vitas quorundam Anglo-Saxonum. Edited by Dr. Giles, 1864. 
Vita et Passio Waldevi Comitis. 
Excerptum de Familico Herewardi 
Vita Harold! Begis. 

Vita Bede venerabilis auctoro anonymo pervetusto. 
Vita alia venerabilis Beds. 
Vita Aldhelmi, Parido auctore, cui adneza est alia vita Aldhelmi 

e Capgravil Legendis Nova) Anglia). 
De Vita et Passione Beati Martyris BonifSuii* auctore WUlibaldo. 
Vita Sancti Wilftridi, Episcopi Eboraoensis, auctore Eddio. 
Do inventione Sancts Crucis WalthameUsis. 
Vita Sancti Gilds, auctore, ut fertur, Candooo Lancarvaueust 
Alia Vita 8. Gilds, auctore incerto. 
Vila Sancti Egwini, Wigomiensis Episcopi, per Brithwaldum Glaston- 

ieiisem monachum, ex MS. Nero E. i. Edited by Dr. Giles, 1854. 
Memorial of Bishop Wayn flete. Pounder of St. Mary Magdalene College, 
Oxford. By Dr. Peter Heylin, now first edited fh>m the original MS., 
by John Bouse Bloxam, 186L 
Anecdota Beds, LanArand et aliorum. Edited hy Dr. Gileo, 1851. The 
volume contains :— 

Beds Epistola de BisMxto. 

BonifiKdi, Archiepiscopi Moguntini, Epistola ad Outhbertum. 

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Caxton Society — contvnued. 

BoniflKdi .AnigmAta de Virtutibm, qu» miiit & Bonifhcim ad 

Tatwini iEnigmata. 

Venus ci^juadam Sooti de Alphabeto. 

D« aoerbiflsimis Halia. 

Camien ad Deum. 

Oratio Dominica. 

Badem aliter. 

Yemu in Symbolum. 

Bibliotheca magnifica. 

Eusebii iBnigmata. 

De Septem Diebus. 

Yeraui de duodeoem Laiiidibus pretiosii. 

Venus cujusdam sapientis de Antore. 

Item venus laudativi de Aratore compodti eleg. 8ermone. 

Venus titulantis ct^usdam sapientis in librom Prosperi Bhetoris. 

Venus de Philomela. 

Scholastici ctjgusdam irrisio contra oalvos. 

Hugbaldi Ee^nsio de laude oalvorum. 

Epistola Lanftvnct 

Ad Sanctum Vedastum. Twenty-flYC lines in Latin each ending 

with two syllables in French. 
De Palude Croylandensi a S. Guthlaoo expuiigata. 
De Abbatia Croylandi». auctore Pelice. 
Ad beatam Vii^i^inem Mariam. 
Colloquium inter Cardinales et Sanctum Thomam Cantuarien- 

sem AJX 1170. 
Versus varii. 

Ad Sanctum Thomam Cantuariensem. 
Supplementa Herberti de Boeeham. 
Carmen lythmicum de vita Sancti Thonue CMituariensis»auotore 

Mh-acula quiedam S. Thomso Cantuariensis, Ac, ex archiris D. 

Martini, &o. 
Carmen breve iTthmieum de S. Thoma. 
Haurini monachi Caimen in vitam et passioncm S. Thorns Can- 
Hymnus de S. Thoma. 
Hymnus alia. 

Willehni Cantoris de Cumba Hymnus. 
Versus ^usdem. 
Qui cito dat, bis dat. 
Carmen eompendioeum de S. Thoma. 
De Martyrio S. Thonue. 
Ad Sanctum Thomam. 
Versus de Sancto Thoma Martyre. 
Vita Sancti Thonue Cantuariensis, Archiepisoopi et Uar^yris 

auctore Philippo Loodiensi. 
Lectiones in Tnmslatione S. Thonue. 
Epistola Theobald!, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, ad Alfredum, 

Episcopum Wigomiensem. 
Beds Bpistols dun accuratius impresMS. 

Be S. Oedd Episcopo, fratre S. Cedda9 Epigcopi. 

Cmgrave's Nova Legenda Anglin, f. se. 
C£DDA, S. : 

De S. Cedda, Episcopo et Confessore. 

Cipgrave's Nova Legenda Anglias, f. 68. 
De S. Ceadda, vel Cedda, Episcopo. Bx Beda. 


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Ohaxbkbs, Datu) : 

Histoire abbreg^ de tous lea Roys de France, Angleterre, et 
EscoBse ; plus, rEpitome de rHistoire Bomaine des Papea 
et Emperenra. 

8to. Purii,lS79. 

Chakbre, WnjJAir: 

Willielmi de Chambre continoatio Hiatorifle DnneUnenaia. 

Edit Wharton, AngUa Saor. i. OM. Edited hy Jamet Baine, 1839. for the 
Surteei Society. 

Ohartham, William : 

WilleUni Chartbam Hiatoriola de Yita Simonia Sudbury, 
Arobiepiacopi Cautuarienaia ab anno 1370 ad 1381. Ex 
Specula Parvulamm in BibUotheea Lambethana, 
Alalia Sacra.!. 49. 

Chestbetbld, Thomas de : 

Thomao de Obeaterfeld, Canonioi Licbfeldenaia, Hiaioria de 
Epiaoopia Coventrenaibua et Licbfeldenaibua, a prima 
aedia fundatione ad annum 1347. 
AngUa Sacra. i.4«. 
Chbtham Socbbtt : 

Bemaina, biatorical and literary, connected with tbe Palatine 
Countiea of Lanoaater and Cbeater. 49 vola. 

VoL 1. Travela in Holland, the United Provinces, England, Scotland. 

and Ireland. 16H 16S5. 3y Sir W. Brereton. Edited l^E. Hawkins. 

Manchester, 18M. 4(a 
VoL 1 Tracts relating to militaiy proceedings in Ijoicashire during the 

great dyil war. Edited by O. Ormerod. Manchester, 1841 4ta 
VoL a. Chester's triumph in honour of her Prince (James I.) Beprintod 

trcm the original edition of 1610, with an introduction and notes. 

Manchester, 1841 4ta 
VoL4 The Life of Adam Martindale, written by himself. Edited by 

B. Parkinson. 1845. 4to. 
VoL S. The state of parties in Lancashire before the rebellion of 1716. 

By Samuel H. Ware. 184S. 4ta 
VoL a. Pott* s disooreiy of witohes in the county of Lancaster. Re- 
printed trvaa the original edition of 1618, with an introduction and 

notesbyJ.Crosseley. 184S. 4ta 
VoL 7. James (Richard). Iter Ijoicastrense. A poem written 1686. 

Now first printed. Edited, with notes and an introductoiy memoir, 

byT.Corser. [Manchester], 184S. 4ta 
VoL 8. Gastrell (Francis), Bish<q> of Chester, Kotitia Cestriensis, or his- 

torioal notices of the diocese of Chester. Now first printed, with notes 

l9P.B.Baines. VoLL,ftc Manchester, 1845. 4ta 
VoL 9. 1>B Norris Papers. Edited by T. Haywood. Manchester, 1846. 

VoL 10, 11,16, SO. Whalley Abbey, The Coucher Book, or CHuurtulary of 

Whalley Abbey. Edited by W. A. Hutton. 4 vols. Manchester, 

1847-40. 4ta 
VoL 18. Moore (Edward). The Moore RentaL Edited by T. Heywood. 

Manchester, 1847. 4to. 
VoL 18. Worthington (John). The Diary and Correspondence of Dr. 

J.W. Edited by J. Crossly. VoLl. Manchester, 1847. 4to. 

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Chbtham SomtY— cemHnudE, 

ToL t*. Ajiflb**Eon {Nkhnla*). Tlio Joiimiil of ^. A. of Dowtthiitn. for 
pvt of tlic- jii?Ar 1A17 and put or Iho yc«r f^iUowlnt. Interijicnanij 
with iioici fWtm tlie Lif(!> of John Bruen. Edited ^y the E«v. F. IL 
HAliifw. Maiichoflt-pr, Ift^S- 4ta 

Vol 15, IJi-iaiihaw (He II a)' Tin* hu\y lyf^ jinil hUtory of ^aijmi War- 
biiTftf^, rti'. [a f^^-^Luitk ropKiit of Ihi? Mlitiicm hy i^soti of tsn,] 
EdiUMl by E. Hawkins. M&nf^hc^L^r. IMS. Mo. 

YdL n^ UpAumont (Winiam), Feu^p WiuTiiiiEEton in 1403. A« dewrrltMMl 
ia a. C!ontt;mporary rcnt^rall Dftlit^ lafeh Family. Kditiil. wUb m truui* 
ktJcjri mid plan, lij W, Bttinnirnit. Mstneb^U^f* tftm 4to. 

Vai IB. Iff'Wfflinp (lIpniy)H Th*? Diary of It, Xoweom^ from fk^pt^SOi, 
IBCl* to 8opt. an, leffiJ. Editwl liy T. TIeyTfood. M*m4vf«t€'P, lam 4tOt 

Vol* BS, Eohlnsicin (RioJjAPdJn. A fkihlen Mirroiir ; cont<'h"iifip e<?rt*irie 
pithlo and lliii^iTativt'' vifiion<i profaioaticattni^ piod fortuiit'i |o Enitland. 
^rh<'rt'to )m* afljdfyniHl i?ertairt(? flrt^tle ijoetniai, writton on thv nsmos of 
♦nmdHo both notile and worahipfull H^piHiited from ^m ouljr 1< nown 
»>PX of the orlginki t^tlou of 15S0 in the BHtiwli MuAeuo], wlUi an 
IntrotJMi.'itlon and tiotes by T. Cozwr. Manclimtcp, 18G1. 4Aq. 

VoL 24. C'hrthani ML'K'it^llajii^. A'ohnnc^ tUi.^ flj^t, Coutolult^ jiftpQiv 
nontiof^tfiid with thn nilkin of Milton tuid bb fkmlly (edited by J. F. 
Marcb) ; cpistolniy jnelip* of I^ni'itiibiire itnd (JbaiJiirt* antUiniuHoi; 
caleoidm of the n»iin'« of ftauUia whi<?h tsnUsred thdr neveraJ |jiHH(rriMit 
ha the puc>«e!>isivL' hcmlidic ^iBJtationi! of the* coiuitj poJatlnt" of t^m> 
f1Il#tl^^. A fnuaiicnt 111 list r»tiv(i at Sir "W. Ihit^dalc's Vi*ltfttion of 
JiinK'*«bir<^ Aiito1iif)fcraphic!il trflj?t.i cif Pr. J^ Bp^. Wardfui of tho 
IL7{»ni^^ of ManL'heiitpr. Edit4?<j by J. Cni^Mk^y, & p«rt«, Mancbctvter 
1B91, 4to. Noie*—EiK'h part ha# a dbitintt po^nation and rt^htcr, 

VoL 2fl. AIUti (William^H Cajrdiniil AHiai's dffnipc of Sir William 
Stnrib^y'H snmiidi^r of Bpif^nter. Edited by J. Hoywood, ManHiitMU*r, 
iHn. <lto. 

Vol. as, 87h Xoweome {Henry). TUr* antobicu^phy of II. Ucwi'ohk', H,A. 
Edit^xi by IL lVkin*Jii. aiancht-stor, ISSS. 4to, 

Vol E8- Jfoftuioont <W.) Th(? Jiu^obiU:* trial i at Mandi(strr m IWH. 
Pniin an nopubliahpd raanUBrript. Edited by W, Be*uint>nt* Mais- 
i^hmitor, INdS, 4to. 

Vol. 29. The li^tftnlpy Papers Miin^bmtw, 1853. 4tn. 

VoU flL The Slarik'y Pap'rv Ft. i FrnHnffton fWiUiani). TJie Derby 
Honw'bold Mciok»,rrjii3priiilnff an nf^f^iint oftb** Hoti«.*hold lUinilaiioitii 
mid Kj^Knu-^i of Edrt'ord arnJ Hfijry, third atid fonnh E^tU nf iVrby. 
to^pthrr witlift diary c^otitainkig tho natmn of tho frtif^lH who vkitod 
thf^ ifltt^T iTirl ttt hi<t houses in LanPaahink Edltod by P, E. BaliieL 
Manchcsier^ 19M. 4io. 

Vol. 3B. nymm (J.) The privmte jonm^l nJid litvrBty rFmaki9 of 
J. Byroro. Kdik^l by E. 3^»rkinsoii. ManPh ester, I854t #to. 

Vol, sa. J*ie«ipe (G. J,) Lanca&hirc and Cheahlren Will!i Mid Invpn* 
torii.'fl fWfm tho Eoc'leviuiticnl Cotiri, Chpster. Mandieatyer, 1WS7. 4 to. 

Vol. 35, Slruttlpworlh (Fsniilyof). Tbt? Hoii»(?and Farm AtHwuntiiofthe 
Shuttlewortha of (lawihorpo Hall from St-ptfrnbiT 1582 to OcMwr 
1021. Eilitwl by J. llw-latuL MaT]cht'?*t{.T. t85rt. etc. -ka 

Vol. 37h C'bfthain Mlseellanipii, voluta^r thcBixsond. Edited liQf W. iMtift^ 
ton. MMichfttter, m'Mli, itfl. 

Vol. as. Biblio^rapbicaJ Noiicen of tin? Church LibrirSesat TtirtuM and 
GortiM, By G. J. Frpnoh. MaiK-be^ter, 1965, 4to. 

Vol 3J». ThD FaHnKtf>n Faix'rs, The Sdrip^ty of W. FIHrinfrtcm, Riq. 
All Ifi^lfl. iKn unit" III:* relnlinp tu tlifj civil war^ and an Apj^inditof 
Tii^ttfrft Iw^tnreen lht« yf^ars 1517 and IrtSS, 8<^]wti'd and t^ti^ by 
SJf. FfkriiiKt*iT(. Tdanfhei-t^TH IMfl, *tfj. 

Val la. BfKikfr ( JoKnh A history of thi* AnHctnt Chaprl* of Didiibufy 
&ild UhoTlUTif III Mftnrhuik<r paristh, iuclttdinf hkctoht^ of tlie Wwn* 

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Chbtham Socibtt — eordintied. 

•hips of Didabniy, Withington, Borni^, Heaton Norris, Beddish, 
Leveiuhulme and Chorlton*cuin-H«rdy, together with notices of the 
more ftnctent local families, Ac Manchester, 1867. 4ta 

Vol. 43li. Miscellanies ; being a seleciion fh>m the Poems and Correspond- 
ence of T. Wilson, with mttnoirs of his life, by F. Raines. Man- 
chester, 1867. 4to. 

Vol. 47. Booker (J.) A History of the Ancient Cimptti of Birch, in Man- 
chester parish, including a sketch of the township of Busholme, with 
notices of the more ancient local ftunilies, etc Manchester, 1889. 4to. 

yoL48. A Catalogue of the collection of Tracts for and against Popery 
(published in or about the reign of James II.), in the Manchester 
Library, founded by H. Chetham. In which is incorporated, with 
large additions and bibliographical notes, the whole of Peck's list of 
the trsotft in the controTenqr. with his references. Edited by T. Jones. 
Manchester, 1859. 4ta 

Vol. 49. The Lancashire Lieutenancy, under the Tudors and Btuarta. 
The CivU and Military Government of the County, as illustrated by 
a series of royal and other letters. Edited by J. Harland. 2 Pt. 
Manchester, 1859. 4to. 

Vita S. Brigidae, auctore Chilieno Monacho, metrice. 

Acta Sanctorum, L 141 (Feb. 1). Colgan's Acta Sanctorum Hibemis 

Chbonicles and Memorials: 

The Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland 
during the Middle Ages. 

The Chronicle of England, by John CiqigraTe. Edited by the Rev. 

F. C. Hingeston, MJL 
Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. Yols. I. and IL Edited by the 

Rev. J. Stevenson, MJL 
Lives of Edward the Confessor. I.— La Estoire de Seint Aedward le 

B«L U. — Vita Beati Edvardi Regis et Confemoris. IIL-Vita 

.fiduuardi Regis qui apud Westmonasterium requiesdt. Edited by 

H. R. Luard. MJL. 
Monumenta Franciscana ; scilicet, I.— Thomas de Eccleston de Adventu 

Fratrum Minorum in Angliam. II.— Adas de Marisoo Bpistol«D. III. 

— Registrum Fratrum Minorum Londonin. Edited by J. S. Brewer, 

Fasciculi Zisaniorum Maglstri Johannis Wydif cum Tritico. Ascribed 

to Thomss Netter, of Walden, Provincial of the Carmelite Order in 

England, and Confessor to King Henry the Fifth. Edited by the 

Rev. W.W. Shirley, MJl. 
The Bulk of the Croniclis of Scotland ; or, a Metrical Version of the 

History' of Hector Boece; by William Stewart. Vols. L, IL. and 

m. Edited by W.B.Tumbull. Esq. 
Johannis Capgrave Liber de XHustribus Henricls. Edited by the Rev. 

F.C. Hingeston, MJl. 
Historfa Monasterii S. Augustini Canttuuiensii, by Thomas of Elm- 
ham, fbrmerly Monk and Treasiu^ of that Foundation. Edited by 

C. Hardwick, MJL 
Eulogium. (Historiarum sive Temporis), Chronicon ab Orbe condito 

usque ad Annum Domini 1366 ; a Monacho quodam Malmesbiriensi 

ezaratum. Vols. I. and II. Edited by F. S. Haydon, Esq., BJL 
Memorials of King Heniy the Seventh : Bemardi Andrea) Tholosatis 

Vita Regis Henrici Septimi ; necnon alia qussdam ad eundem Regem 

spectantia. Edited by J. Gairdner, Esq. 
Memorials of Renrj the Fifth. L— Vita Henrici Quinti, Roberto Red- 

manno auctore. II.—Ver8us Rhythmici in laudem Regis Henrici 

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Ohroniclbs Asm Memorials— ^owf^y]?(p<^I» 

Qiilnti. in.—E\mhami hVtier Metrieus t^ Htnrv^i %\ EdttiU 1i> 

C. A. Cok, Bjmi. 
3ttui[ment^ Gildhsllft'! London if^iiJiiM; Liber AlbiiH. Liber Cu-stiimiinuii, 

et Lilitr Unni, in archil GiMhaJlic awervfttu Vol L* Liber Alltun* 

Voh II. {in Two Flirts}, Liber CuAtimiarum, Vol UL, TmiwlAtbri of 

tbe Anfflo-Xanujin PasiiAjrc^ in LH>?r Albuj, Glohuiries^ A{}ppiidicffi« 

»nd Index. Ediifil by H. T. Riloj. Esq. 
Chronica JoliwinlH de Os^jntdcs. Ti;dJt4?d by Sir H. EUb. K.H. 
A Coilectiou of Polttiml PovitiM ftioin tbc^ Arocxnldn or Eilwaitl III, ia 

the lUripnv of Hpnry VllL VoL*. I. and II. EdiU'd by T, Wrij^bt, 

Eaq., MA. 
The " Optt*t Tertium " and " Opns Minuii " of Efl^rer Bicon. £dUf^ by 

J. S. Hi*wer, MA. 
BKrtboiom/il di? Cot Urn* Monm^bi Norwicensut* HiHtoria Angllmn*. 

fA.O, «o-lt»8.) Kditi'd hy H. E, Luard, 31 .A. 
The Bnvt y Tjwysogion. or, Tlip Chronioio of tho PHnfrt of WilAi. 

Edited by the R*v. /. WililMui tib Ithol, 
A Collection of Boyal und Historic*! Lettc« durinj? tlie Reign ©f 

Hpiiry IV. Vol I. Ediiod by the Hcv. P. C. HiiiffBiton, M.A. 
The Eor^rt'Kiior of over iisitrh Jllauiin^ of the Cl^Micy. Hy Ikicinftld pE^oopk, 

BOmotime Bi«hop fit Chithi^tep. VoU. I* mid II. Edited by C. 

Bttbliiirton, B.U 
Tlie A rinalei Cambnir^ Edited by the E^. J. Ullltanix nb libel. 
The Works of Gimldna Gunljrcnsi*. Vols. I. and II. Edited by 

J. S. Bn^wtT, M.A. 
Letters anil Paper* lllmitrfttiire of tlwj Wjh^ of the Eiiffliwb in Fivicc 

durinir the Kfiign of Ht'nry the Sixtli, Klnii: of En^laud. Vol I. 

Editod by thfi R^^v* J- fitcv(*iis*iri. 
Tbf* An»i^>Aiiio» OljronirUMi*!t'ordinij to tliP several Ori^riiml Authoritlfti. 

Vol L, Oriirinal 1\'\U. \»l IL/flTinHloiicin. EaiUnl by E. Tiiorpe, 

Letters und ropf/rs illustrative of the Rei^m of Riohord HI. and 

H^n pj' V n . Xttll. Ed i ted by J aine>J On I rdner, Esq. 
Letters nnd Ti-eatusfcH of iJiAbup iircksEi'tct^t iDiiMtrative of the Sodal 

Condition of lib Time. Edited by the E'^v, H. IL Lu^rd^ MA, 

In th€ Prm$. 
Bdcardl dc Cirenontria ST'^nUini Hbtorialede Qasiit Rf^mAiiglie* 

( A . D. +47— lOfla. ) Ed i t«i by J , E. B. aift^vnr, M.A . 
Le Livere de Eois de Brittainn', Edited by J. Glover. B€A, 
Bficiieil dps Croni elm's ^t antiblunniS iHtorieu lie la Onint Brotolirne & 

present notjijriie Enitlekrre, par Jthwi d^ Waurin. Editeil by 

\r. Hardy. Ej«]. 
Tbi^ Waf^ of the Danes in Ireland : written in thtJ liieh knf^iu^ 

lidiied by the Eev. Dr. Todd. 
A Colleetion of Hagsa and othf^r Hifftorical Docuoieiibt Tfbitinp to the 

Settlements »nd Dei»eenta of the Xorthinen on the BritiJi I*]**. 

Editwl by Geonee TV. Jiastent, Ewi.. D.C.L Qxmu 
A Colki-cticin of Royal nnd Hi-itorieal Letters during the Eei^ of 

Henry IV, Vol. II. Edited by the llev. F. C. Hiniate^Loti* M.A. 
Eulc^um (Hiiftorluruui alve Teiniiorig), Chrfjnicon ah Orbo rondlto 

usque imI Annnm Donihd IS^ti^ a Monnrbo quodatn MalmosblHemti 

eiaratom. Vol. Ul. Edlt«l by F. S. Haydon, Ei«i,» BA. 
Lett^hi iviJiJ I'apTH llluAtrative of Uie Wnrs of the EndLsli In Francv 

duriiifc the Rrtpn t»f Henry the Ki^tb, King of E norland. Vol. 11. 

EUiied by th(^ Rt^. J, Btt^^enson, MA. 
ChrojnIcoM Ablinlijt^ Eve»bauienifk Auetoribnfl Domini™ Friore 

EvMhainin^ et Thouia do Marlebcrjcf' Abbatx*. d PundMione ad Annum 

lilS, una cnm ContiTiimtione ad Antaiui UlS. Edikd by tlw 

Rev. W. a ]llaeray, MA. 

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Chhonicles and Memorials— con<inw€cZ. 

Polychronicon Biuiulphi Higdeni, with Trevisa's Translation. Edited 

by C. Babington, B.D. 
Letters and Papers illustrative^ the Eeigns of Bichard III. and 

HeniyVII. YoLIL Edited by James Oairdner, Bsq. 
Ollicial Correspondence of Thomas Bekynton, Secretary to Henry VL, 

with other Letters and Documents. Edited by the Bov. George 

WUliams, B J). 
Boyal and other Historical Letters illustrative of the Bfiign of Hcniy IIL 

Selected and edited by the Bev. W. W. Shirley. 
The Works of Giraldus Oambrensis. Vol.' IIL Edited by J. 8.- 

Brewer, M JL 
The Saint Albans* Chronicles: The English History of Thomas Wal- 

singham. Monk of Sahit Albans. Edited by Henry Thomas Biley, 


/* Progre$8. 

Historia Minor Matthaei Paris. Edited by Sir F. Madden. E.H. 

A Boll of the Irish Privy Council of the 16th Year of the Bcign of 

Bichard II. Edited by the Bev. James Graves. 
Original Documents illustrative of Academical and Clerical Life and 

Studies at Oxford between the Beigns of Henry III. and Henry VII. 

Edited by the Bev. H. Anstey» M JL 
The Histoiy and Cartulary of St. Peter's Monastery at Gloucester. 

Edited by W. H. Hart, Esq., P.SA. 
Tear Books of the Beign of Edward the First. Edited and translated 

by Alfred John Horwood, Esq. 
Chronicles and Memorials of tho Beign of Bichard the First. Vol. L 

Bicardi Begis Iter Hierosolymitanum. Edited by the Bov. William 

Stubbs, B JL * 

Annals of Tewkesbuiy, Dunstaple, Waverl^, Margan, and Burton. 

Edited by Henry Bichards Lnard, M.A. 

Chronicles : 

A short metrical Chronicle of England, from Brute to 
A.D. 1312. 

Printed in Bitson's Ancient Engleish Metrical Bomancccs. Svo. Lend. 

A fragnlent of an old English Chronicle of the affairs of 
Edward the 4th in Heame's Appendix to Sprott's Chronica, 
pp. 283-306. 
A Chronicle of the first thirteen years of the Reign of King 
Edward the Fourth, by John Warkworth, D.D., Master of 
St. Peter's College, Cambridge. 

Edited for the Oamden Society, fh>m the MS. in the Library of St. 
Peter's College, by J. O. HalliweU. 1889. 

Licerti Scriptoris Chronicon Angliae, regnantibus Ri- 
cardo II., Henrico TV., Henrico V., et Henrico VI. 
Ed. J. A. Giles. 8va Lond.1848. 
Chronicon Vilodunense, sive de vita et miraculis Sanctaa 
Edithaa, Begis Edgari filise. Carmen vetus Anglicum, &c. ; 
cura Gulielmi Henrici Black; sumptibus Bicardi Colt 
Hoare ; v, etiam Editha. 

Pidio. Lond.1880. 
VOL. I. 3 B 

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CHKOurrctES — confln ued. 

The Chronicle of Queen Jane, and of two y<^B^s of Queen 
Mary, and ospeeially of the Rebellion of Sir Thomas Wy»t ; 
written hj & rcKidi^nt in the Tower of Loudon. 
Eiiitod \yj J, G. Nichols for tht Camdoii Society, 1850, 
Chronica Abbreviate ab anno 1377 naqne ad anniuu 1469 » 

Edit. J^ J. Smith for the CKmbrldjitD Antiquariu] Boeltitj. 
An English Chronicle of the Eoigns of Richard II», 
Henry IV., Henry ¥., and Henry YI.^ written before the 
year 1471 ; with an Appendix containing the iSth and 19 th 
years of Richard H., and the Parliament at Bmy St. 
Ednmnd't^, 25th Henry VT, ; and Bupplementary additions 
from tho Cotton MS. called ** Eulogium." 

Editeil by the R(*v. Jc*hn EUvvstcT Da^^ra for the Ganition Society, llSft. 
Chronicle of the Rebellion in Lincolnshire, 1470- 

Eiilt^Hl by J. G. Molials for tho Comdei] Sodcft^TiIn v^Ll of iko Cundai 

Chronicle of the White Rose of York ; a series of Historical 
Fra^jmcnt^, Proclamations, Letters, and other contempo- 
rary Documents relating to the Reign of Edward IV, 

8vo. IM5. A reprint vt Mn Bnjoe's HistorfQ of tlic ArnvaJl of 
EdwiLhl IV. in En^lojid. Printod for the CAmdrai Bocwty in t8.TS. 
Clironicon, sive brevis enumeratio Regnm et Principum, in 
qpoB variante fortnnat Britaniiiro Iniporinm diTer&is tcm- 
poribtia trunslatum e^t Georgio Lilio, Brittmnd anctore. 

SniaU^to. Franoof. lfi^% 
Johannia Historici Aiiglia? Cbronieon, aprincipio ad annnm 

1350. E^ Oodkc mjemhraimceo descripium, 

Fniiicd ijii wdL liL p^ 83 of Lndtimi?'^ fieliqum MAnuMftptciirum oinini*^ 
ffivi Diplomat iiTTi at' Moniuiieutormti Lncditoruiu odhitr, 
Chronicjuea Anglo-Kormands j i\ Kormandy. 
ChroniqncB def« Hqci^ de Wormondio ; i\ Normandy* 
Chronielca of Bngland; %\ Caaton. 
Sason Chronicle ; t^ Anglo-Saxon, 
Chrome on S. Crncis; v. Edinbnrgh^ 
Chronica do Mailros ; v. Mclroiie. 
Chronicjui Manniai ; v. Man* 
Chronicon Godsitoviannm ; tu Godatowei. 
CUronicon Petrolinrgense ; %\ Peterborongh, 
Tho Chromclo of the Abbey of Aberconway ; f\ Aber* 

The Chronicle of William de Htshanger of tho Barons' 

Wars ; if. Riflhanger, 
The Chrom'cle of the Grey Friars of London ; r, London » 
Tlie Chronicle of London ; v, London. 
The Chronicle of Cjilaia ; v. Calais. 
Chronicon H. Fani Neoti; i\ Asser. 
The CronyclcH of diyergi realmys ; i^ Ro^tell, 

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Codex Diplomaticus Mvi Saxonici. Edited by J. M. Kemble. 
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Correspondence, Inventories, Account Bolls, and Law Pro- 
ceedings of the Priory of Coldingham. 
Surtees Society, vol. 12. 

3B 2 

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C0IJ)INGirA3f, GaUREI} Of : 

Liber Cfaafridi SacriHtaa do Coldingham de Statu Ecclesia; 

AnirHeSacn. Edil. Wharton, L 718. Edited by Junes Baine, 1839. for 
tliQ SuTCeea Soeiet;^, 


Be S. ColfridOr Abbabe ct Coufcjssore. 
Qipgrave « Nova Logendi* AiiffliT, f. W. 
COL6Ain7S : 

Acta Sanctorum Hibcmia?, per iToannem Colganom cdita. 

Vor. L Vtu a. Fliitartl A>)t»tl>t, t'l MS. Salmantioensi, p. 11. 
■ Vita B. Hr&rdi, aurtonj I'nulo. ci Bollando^ p. 22. 
Alia Vita 8. Emnll Er^bicopl, Attetxjre Conrado a MontepueUamm, p. 29. 
Vila 3. [tie atiiM Kidm YirgtiiiA ei Matiyris, ex Codioe Kilkenniensi, 

p. 0& 
Vita S. rtmvsl Cotifcssori!}, ei Membnnis Monasterii CygniaoensU in 

GafliJi, i\ 7^, 
Vita S. FoiUaai p. «o. 
Vita B, Bciooll tdvc Deicokc^ aiictoTQ anonymo^e LutrenabusMembranis 

cdita a BQliuido, p. iTjk 
Vita 8. Btaatkmaici Blartyrb^ imctore WalafHdo Strabone (carmine), 

VTla S^Fci'lilni Abbati^ Fovarentts. auctore Augustino Gradino, ex Codice 

IriNcii^ii, jj. 110, 
J Alia VilA not! Siipplftutiitum Viti^ S.Fechini, ex M88. Hibemicia, p. 1.^ 
VltA B. JiLolsg^ Ncti MolE<ji C«iT]f»soria, patroni Ecdcsis do Tcgh- 

Mojaomc. CI Hibemko vprsa* p, 145. 
Vita 8. MaimbodJ Mulyiis, cdita a Bollando ad 23 Januarii» ex M8S. 

Vnotit ifinpTiiEut Beckflin?, p. l&Ti* 
Vira S. GMtv BiuionicL AbUtb ct Confessoris, ex Bibliotbeca Florlaoenai. 

«?<lita » Jtyinnt Ue Bosco, p, 181. 
Vltii 8. llaiilod tieu Moedocii, AMiLepiaoopi Femensis sen Lagenia*, ex 

Codicc Kjlltrnnlernt, au(!to«^, ut pnUttur, S. Evino Abbate, p. 208. 
Vita S. TrtSKiiiii Conff^asorU, ta 3la Monasterii S. Bemegii B«mis, ubi 

ejus rarpuA nHii*Jcscit. T»^ 271- 
Vita S. Fiir«fi, fipiscopl pt ConJbiSf™, a Domino Jacobo Desmaii Galilee 

tonncTipU H post<u Litint T^Jitai p. 282. 
Vita S. Famnmini, ci Jf ib<?nik'fl wnA, p. 336. 
Vita S. Berajtlii AbbatL*, ex MS. :^lona8t InsuliD Omnium Sanetoram, 


Supplotni^ntum viUa B. Bcrachl, ex Cod. MS. HibomicoEodesift <juadcm 

««icli, p, aWv 
Vtta 8. Hntani do CluAJii-oJm-d), tx Cod. Kilkenniensi, p. 840. 
THisain S. Gui^cH ftive Fininuis, Fialjc et Sodorom, auctore S. Anselmo, 

Archicpkcojii Cantti:u1enai, p. 387. 
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SaliiiatircTiMi, p. 303. 
ViU S. Aidi, KijUcopi ct ConfeBsrjrisL ex MS. Kilkenniensi, p. 418. 
Vita B. IJavi4lK EpiATopi Moni^vi^tuns, ex Mcmbranis B«ev. Dom. Davidis 

TLoiitli, Epiwripi Osst^ricTiifui, p. igfi. 
Vita 8. Kiemnl. Episwri pt Conft-isoria, ex Cod. Kilkenniensi, p. 4C8. 
Alia Vit.1 si!u J^wtiotu* oiBfii rjus^.ei MS. Salmanticensi, p. 467. 
Vita S. Fridnlini, ti Bibl. ^m GaJlcnsi, auctore Balthero Monacho. 

p. 481. 
Vita B. Cadroc, Abbatis Valdodorensis, auctore anonymo, ex MS. 

Monasterii S. Hubert! bi Ardenna, p. 404.* 
Vite S. Senani, Episoopi et Conftasoris, ex Codioe Kilkenniensi coDato 

cum alio Salmaticensi (carmine), p. B12. 

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CoLGAXV&^cantinued, ^ 

8ocund» Vita, aeu Supplomentum Vits S. 8enani, ex Hibemico trau* 

munptum, p. 580. 
Vita 8. Moclioemooi. Abbatls do Lbth-mor in Uolia, cz Codioo KiUkcu- 

niensi, p. 588. 
Vita 8. Goraldi, Abbatis Elitherensis et Magfonensix, ex Codioo Insulcnsi, 

p. 589. 
Vita 8. Abbani, Abbatis do Maghaiuuidho, ex MS. Ck>dico Kilkcn- 

niensi, p. 610. 
Vita 8. Fridiuii, Epiioopi Luconsis, ex MS. Carthiuda} Colonicnidtf. 

p. 638. 
Vita proia 8. Oathberti, Bpisoopi et Confessoris, auctore vonorabiU 

Vita 8. Endel, Abbatis Araniensis. ex Cod. MS. Insula) Omnium Sanc- 
torum, auctore Augustino Magradin, p. 704. 
Vita 8. Mochtni, Episeopi Lugmadensis, ox Codico Salmantiocnsi. 

auctore anonymo, p. 728. 
Vita 8. Corbmad Abbatis, ex vetusto MS. Hibernico Leccancnsi Latinc 

reddita, p. 751. 
Vita 8. Ruperti, Episeopi Salisburgensis, ex tom.0 Henrici Canisii. 

p. 756. 
Vita 8. Mocbue sive Cronani, Abbatis Ballensis. ex Hibernid^ M88., 

intcrprete Ph. Osuillevano, p. 789. 

Vol. IL Hymnus sou Prima Yittk Sanoti Patricii, Hibemie Apostoli 

(Hibernice), Sancto Fieoo Episoopo Sleptensi authoro, vena in 

Latinum ad sensum littene, p. 1. 
Socunda Vita Sanoti Fatridi, autbore (ut videtur) Sancto Pttrido 

Juniore, aliove magni Patricii Disdpulo. Ex mombranis Monasterii 

Sancti Hubcrti in Arducnna, p. 11. 
Tcrtia Vita Sanoti Patridi, ex vetustis mcmbnuiis fiiburgcnaibus in 

Bavaria, p.2L 
Quarta Vita Sancti PatriciL Ex vetcri Cod. Pcncam. MS. Alnonsis 

Ccsnobii, authore (ut videtur) Sancto Elemno Sapiento, p. 85. 
Quinta Vita^ fieati Patridi, primi Pnedicatoris et EplKopi totius 

Britannin autbore Probo, p. 51. 
Sexta Vita Sancti Patricii, Arehicpisoopi, Primatis, et Apostoli Hibcniia;, 

authore Jocelino, Monaoho de Pumesio, p. 64. 
Septima Vita Tripartita Sanoti Patridi. Authore (ut videtur) Sancto 

Euino, p. 117. 
Appendix L Continens diversa officia in Festo Sancti Patricii dccantari 

soUta, p. 189. 
Appendix II. Continens diveraa fhigmenta Actorum Sancti Patridi dc- 

sumpta ex operibns aliquot veterum Scriptorum qid ejus acta fusius 

scripeerunt, p. 196. 
Appendix IIL Sive Supplementum actorum Sancti Patricii, continens 

varia ejus gesta et miracnK quao in pnedictis vitis non referuntur : 

dividitur in tres partes. Prima est de variis ejus gestis et miraculis ; 

secunda, de prophetiis ; tertia> de virtute Hymni ipsius, p. 199. 
Appendix IV. De quibusdam gestis Sancti Patricii a se ipso descriptus 

aliisque ejus scriptis, et Actorum Scriptoribus, p. 212. 
Appendix V. In qua producuntur et resohruntur nonnuDie difflcultatcs 

et dubia, qun circa acta Sanoti Patridi moveri poesunt, p. 219. 
Appendix VI. De Purgatorio Sancti Patricii, p. 278. 
Appendix VIL De MetropoU Ardmachana c;iusque ftindatione, pncsu- 

libus, viris illustribus et divenis oadbus, p. 289. 

Vita prima Sanoti Columbn Abbatis Pictorum et Scotorum Apostoli. 
utriusque Sootin, id est HibemitB et Albanin Patreni, ex Belfortii 
supplemento, p. Kl. 

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Vita BecundA Sanofei Golumbe tije ColumbMii Abbatis, Bootorum ei 

Pictorum Apostoli, et utriusque Sootie Pstroni oommunis, authore 

ut putotur) Sancto Cumineo, Abbate Hiiemd. ex MS. Salmantioena, 

p. 325. 
Vita tprtia S«tctL OolmnbiQ Abbatiap B<>otonuti et Pictorum ApoBt^ilJ. ib 

iitHti!M]UG: ScutiiB Patrouji^ aultaon; Juiuiiifi Cappnvio \c:\ vmua Joauiio 

Timiiutbcnen, p^ S$S. 
Quartn Vitn Sitnc^ti Columbn* Abbaiiji» Bccitonuu H Pictorum Apotttoli, 

tit uiTiu^Ofj Bcoiiffi Patronl. Aiiihrii^ S«jieU Adamiumo Abbatr, c^ 

mtmbrAPib AuptE? Dlvftia in Gf nnanla, p, S3i&^ 
Qiiiiitn Vita Saucti CiiiluiDbiE, pi ca^ quam Ma^xm O'DoiicUujt, Tlrdo* 

iiallia; Priticcpw justo volnmitic HiU^ruiw deticri|itit. suwinctiMi Bt- 

ix'rTitA, et In Latifimn )fi.'4iiiaaem v^iw, ac tci tn» libfoa * 

AltpLttdtx iirimo^ Onicium Bnnrrti ColuiiibiB AbbatUp pnmt i 
l^arufUfl est Urjpre!i»uiii« ft. 4&4l 

Apiwitdix Becunil^ BlpartitMU Imnc damus Append] wui» wti Suppltw 
ij^c^titum Act'Orum Sancli ColumUc^ prima fiartc prodUjOexno^ ciuatinni 
)4i»ta Qt mtiadila Saiic^i Colum^jm ex alinnim Sinctofmil vlliii ; ms. 
vujula. vem ei allcirmii bMatioofimj v% Scnittonun teaUiiKHilu lum* 
tfuJU imxturemui <dua fEL^ta vt^l UuUeii (TOiicNiniiittitia, p. 4S6. 

Appendix ifirtia. In bac ApjHmdlcn Trtijartita, primo «fft4miv» itf) 
Actonmi Sancti OoluTuba^ 8cripU>nbu*i t Sccundo t\& ipditiH &iricti 
npedbtia meu ncriptii: TertK exblb«l>imu» quondam daiietlO^limihrn 

QuJHta ApptTidix. Ehicidatiom?4i Actonmi Saiicti CoJumlMC', oi riwtlii* 
iiones dubiorump qua? circa oa morm |>OBaunt» jk 477^ 

Quinta Ap|;«jidii. De Ccrtiobiis ct EedeellH a SaucCo Odumba ftmdaitls, 
torumquc piwlatis, tt viria iilmltihuit. p» 4W. 

llymnu!^ dt^ vlrtui]bii& vi m\nuni\m, ir'u Tita prima Sftnot«> Brif^iii*f 
KlldarbiiuiiH Abiiatv4^'i», et ilibt'rnlj» l^rxmit; a &iziclo Un^fquio 
Fythma llibvmieo ixjaiijosita, «t in Latiumn ad «n*iUiti litt^mBr vervA, 

Btinuida Vita 8aiicU< Brigidn, authorff Sancto Oq^tosOi v*x MS. Codjc* 
8atitrti Anmndi. p, 51 &. 

Tpftia yitiL KaiictiD BrifffidJEi authorp, ut videtur* SnjH^tn nt.WM^ T^jti^ 
cffpmx px vTtu.stiB«imo Codicp Mouattuii Saiieti liitrrn lfnCisbhri.a3 
til Bavnrin di^jscripta. Ptr nviTciidum Patrem Slcr>hitiuiiu \Uum 
Boeii^tatiit Jcaii. Varia lectio in mai^in^ adiioiitta. denuuiptn n^t partim 
I'l M8. Aloiijiiitoni Sancti AutbertiCamrnuii.partimcx M£«Moii»t«Tfi 
tiiAttltf, Uipnium Saurtorunt \n Ilibcrnla. p. fiiT. 

Quarta Vita f^nptw Brigidf, autbon* iut Yidetur) Anltn^iio aeu ArUm- 

Qultiui Vltn ^nj]ctw Briirida<, authoiv Jjitirenda DciialiojetuiL m If 8* 

S^JmaiitleetiHi, p. 567. 
Sexta Vita ^aitctai Bri^iliTp aulbcMv Sanrto Chicllaiifi h(<u €ocJaj)fi, 

Iniih&dtTBPniiA CcEnobii Monacbi), <<x Cainneiijsiii Eibliotbccrn \TtiLtela 

M8.; collAla oum alio cjicmpbMl Biblioihi'Ciis Valicatu^ et alJU jrlu^ 

rfbui, fiv fitii. 
Prima Appc^ndix, Pc divemlM SaiictiD Bri^daj Offldi^ Et^UttiMtidi^ 

p. 5m. 
Appt'ndJ^ Hirii tidily ?icu SupploinuiitUBi Actonim Sanrtas Brigidflt «t 

aUaruHi Sanctunim vitia et alii^ hliil^His ?- 0rr2. 
Apperifiix tertia. De Actonmi Sajictw Bri/ridiu 3<Tipt<»Hbuiit fpnuaquo 

Yir^iiis f]nibu«datii Bcriptli^ p- fHK*. 
App4.nidix qiiarux Htucidstioripij A riorum g. ErijiddJ^^ ei raiciliiU<]^«M 

dubiorum, qnc^ rim « movcH poMiitut, p. f^ll. 
Appendix quiiita. De Ecclciia KllhUinerui, <<jus(|ae pnclatiu-iii, pmlalbi 

urlH iliuiftnbua, <;t diveiiiifi LiL-iOm^ p, mk 

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De S. Colmano seu Colmooo^ Episcopo Dromorensi in Hi- 
bemia. Vita ex MS. Salmaticensi. 
Fassio S. Colmanni Scoti Martyris Austriaci per Joannem 
, Stabimn, sapphico carmine desoripta. 

Vita S. ColombsB, Abbatis Hyensis in Anglia. Auctoro 
Cmnmeneo Alboperantiqno. ExM8. Cod, Com^midiensie 

Mftbil Act Sanct. L 861, edit. Pftr.; i 848, edilVenet. Act. Suet. 
(June 9)» iL 180. Colgui, iL 886. Pinkerton's Tite Antiqiue Sanctoniin, 
p. 87. 

De 8. Oolmnba, Presbytero Abb. in lona Scotise Insula. 
Vita prolixior anotore Adamnano. 

Ouiisius.Anti4.Leci.i.674 AcU Sanct. (June 9), U. 180.. Oolgan. ii. 836. 
Meaaingham'i FlorUegium, 14L Surlus (June 9), 144. Edition by W. 
£ee?ea, ft>r the Iiish Archsological and Celtic Society, and the Banna- 
tyne Club, 1857. 4to. Pinkerton'sTit«BSanetonunSooti»,48. Migne's 
Fatrologifle Cunus Completus, 88, 726. 
Vita S. Colombsa Abbatds, Pictorum et Scotorum Apostoli, 
ex Belfortii snpplemento. 
Vita S. Colambaa ex ea qnam Magnns O'Dcmellins TirconallisB 
Frinoeps Hibemice scripeit, in Latinum versa. 
Appendices qninqne, continentes miscellanea ad S. Oolumbam 
De S. Odnmba, Abbate et Oonfessore. 

a4)gra?e'ftNo?a Legend* AngUie^f. 68. Oolgan, ii 888. 

CoLUMBA, St. ; v. Adamkak and OiTicnfius. 


Vita Sancti Oolnmbani Abbatis, auctore Jona Monacbo Bo- 
biensi fere aaqnali. Oollaia own divereis CodicQms M88, 
Mabfl. Act Sanct. iL 2, edit Tenet ; iL 6, edit F^. Surius (Not. 21). 
467. Mewrfngham'g Florilegium, 816. 
lOraonla S. Oolnmbani, auctore anonymo. 

Kiwringham'a PlarOeglum Insuln Sanctorum, 888. 
De S. Colnmbano, Abbate et Confessore. 
Otipgrvn^* Nova Legenda AngUs^ f • 66. 

De S. Comgallo, Abb. Benchorensi in Hibemia. Yita ex 

tribns codicibns MSS. 
Alia yita ex MS. antiqno et editione Snrii. 
Act. Sanct (Hi^ 10), ii 579. Surius (Maj 10). 

OoirciUA, DxcBXiA, Lbgbs, &o. opera et scmtinio Henrici Spelmiui. 
FoL Lend. 1689. 

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Concilia Magn.« Britajinli: et HiBEasL€, a Davido Wilkin^. 

FoL LontLl737* 
•An. 4I& Bynodiw Vnh>l,ijnitnsis.— Ex Mat Hi. ^^caitinOTiiiit iii uid. : i, 1. 
An» 440, OoiiPilluin UritAimicum,— Ej M. Westmoii^t. : L £» 
An, «flL Bjnodus S, Fiitrlcli, c?tc* In Hlbcniii— £i MS. C.C.C* Cant. O. 

20: i2, 
lucciifl, SynoduM oJia S. PaiHdi : L 4s, 
An, 43fl, Cation ed ft. Patrieio adscripti.^Zji OpUK. 8, I^tric, p€T J AC, 

li^aractim., p- 30 : L 0. 
All. 465. CoTidliiiin CanibHcruin : i. 7. 
An. fili, SyncMlus BHUrinif* i i* 7. 

All. Clfi. CtfRircntus BrilAtniiciiif. — Ei Galf. IVIotium. lib* D. c* 14 : L 7. 
Ah* 519. Syiiodios Mcnc^'Miida,— Ex Balaoo <?t Giraldo CiLttibit?[isi i i, 8. 
Inocrto. gyiioiiiiA Vk'toriai Ui "WallUL — Ei Giraldo Cambr. cte ViU S. 

Davidis, lect. S : i, S. 
An* 5D3. Grcf^orj] M* p&piG Bomaul i^Fpistolic BriUnniCflo <?pbtol& Oit!» 

Fcorji M. uTiivCTBia ^piBTojiii per Ililwmiaiii, do c>u^ ti^um c&ptlulcH 

ruin, do qulbua in (<jriodo artum *srt.— E Hb, 2; epiat. 34, indict, lu. 

Anno IJoin. BW, ipeina Gregorii a» i iz., aim** ante advcntutn Aujcostmi 

Cantuariunfia cpiw. : i. B. 
iUia ojusdt'tii epbiij'U. Hoitatur ooa qui Anf^liam proficiiiciintur, itl 

iLulli^ laborlbtiii i^erterreuitari scd indiootti perfldmit : i,D. 
Alt. B92, etc. Epistola Gre^oril M. TheodoHco ct Tlsoodcbetio rt^buii 

Pr&iicorum, {]c Augustiiio setvo DcE,— Ex Gregior Mm lib* A„eplKt, A§: 


Gro^riiuj M. BnjtHchilrJrc rqrinn* FnUTconim. Dc ct^nrcisionc Anglonuii, 
ct Au|^ialina--^Ibid* eplst, CH* i i* 10. 

£pi<(to1a Gri'^Tii ^I. AiijiniBtino opiKopo An^lorura* Do convct^nc 
^Titin if^tiHj. ct ut lion plorictiir in operation iijn virlute, qt<tMm pU> 
rumtpiR ftiditnt ot HmlU— Ex Gn-gor* M., Jib* 0, cpist. B8: L 10. 

AiJ. &fL Grvf^nxia A1dibi:!rffaj ro^diiii? Ati^Ioiiim* De conju}^ ejus ad 
uicJitira eihortnnUo.— Ei Gncircfr. BI., lib. D, tipist Itt: i. IS, 

GrcyoriiL* Aldtt^rto ti':jn Aiijilnrniu. Conimi'tulata.^ de cxinvuniiDnc gcniU 
irmuA. — El Grefior. M., lib. 0, opiat. GO 1 1. IS, 

All. 50S, etc, Epistola Grcfrorii M. Quiriito cpiK^opo, i3t CiCfltcris cpistxipus 
ill Hilic'inia mthobdJi. De his qui ab bareticia in THnlLatU nomine 
l>a|jlizatitur» iion rt*baptiKiindlij,qiil iij ocridente per nmzju^ impaiA- 
ticiiicm, cbriHinate voro in orieiite, Kaneta {^ntcltHku rceoiiciliantur. Do 
bis vTrrt, qui ill Trinitntis nonainc noji: Ijaptizftutui-^ jTbuiitizandia* 
Scribit etinni do Sancta Maria, qiiaro dicattu- mater et anrilli. Et do 
FirnoticU revoraiu quid proinitt{!ro deb<sint»^Ei Gn?f|or. M.» lib, 0, 
Lpistei, iiidit't. 4: L 11 

An. 5U£t etc* Atia Gn^tii M. Auprujstino opiacopo Anglomm* 1>q ukm 
pallii^ et Loiidonierisi et Ebomcvnsi ccdesia,— Ex Betbi, lib* L c 40, et 
Qrcffor. M,, lib. lii, ep.l5, : i. 14. 

An. 502.ctc. S,Gn^rit stndlum inoonvtrtciiLlis An/rlk* GrE^riua aiudct 
Anplu-Baxonea nonverierc* Aufnistiuum mtltlt cum plurimui monaehiu 
(rt foraiidaiit-M iM^lntur liteHs, frt in rem eorum mult«« scrfblt epis- 
tfliiuj,— Ex B<Hla in vita ot obitu Groftor* lliat., lib. iL *?, ti L Ifi* 

An* C96. Advent us Auf^iatini, Anfflorum episcopi. Aufpi^tinuii Brf- 
lantilain ndvenit; ab EdiRwrto, sive Etbcllwrto fvf^ Cantiormn 
l>eni|^(? eicipitnr, vitam ^t doetrinam primitivjc ©ccJeak: imitattir j 
ncfTt'in bnptizat i et sede Pirfecopaii donatut,— Ei Beda, Itb* i. ctfk IS 
ct peq*: Lie, 

An. fiOT. ^jiiCHlita LandartMiMia. Synoilu^ Lantlaveii»i& ab Oudocvo tertfo 
lAiidavenNl episcoiKi eonvocatai qua Muurirus rt-x GUunoripiniAt ob 
iwrfldain Cynuctu iiitcrft^tioncm i-scommunicatur, etc— Ex vift* MS. 
Idindar* ecck'^itei eitarito Sircltn^niio : i* 17. 

* This list extendi only to the your IDGS. 

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CoHCiLU — continued. 

SiynoduB alia Landavensis. Synodus alia Landaveuiis ab Oudooeo pnc- 
dicto (tertio Landavin epiioopo) ad Podom Carbani vallis oondliata in 
Morcanti regia absolutionem.— Ibidem : L 17. 

An. 0B7. Synodos tertia Landavends. Synodus tertia sub Oudooeo tertio 
LandaTenai eptooopo, ab hoetlo Gui, usque ad hostium Tini, Landavis 
oongregata, tfoa Guidnert firatrem in causa regni interflciois, ezcom- 
municatus ^st.-— Ibidem : L 18. 

An. 60L Responsiones S. Gregorii ad Augustinum. Besponslones 8. 
Gregorii jmpad ad qunsita |ier nuntios Augustini primi Cantuaricnsis 
arohiepiscopi, pro nascenti jam apud Anglo-^azones ecdesia guber- 
nanda.— Ex Beda Hist Eoolesiast, nb. L oiqK 87 : i. 18. 

An. 601. Synodus Wigoniien8is.--Ez Beda, Ub. 2, H. E., c. 2 : i. 24. 

An. 605. Ckmcilium Oantuariense.— Ex Hist. nwrn. .Sprot dtante 8pel- 

An.60fi. Synodus Londinensis ab Augustlno et ooepisoopis habita: i. 29. 

Decretum regis Ethelberti» de rebus Dei et ecclesiK non abstrahendis.— 
ExMS.Boffensi: i.29. 

An. 617. Ck>noilium Oantianum.— Ex Beda, lib. ii cap. 5, et Faricer. Antiq. 
Brit, p. 78 et seq. : L 80. 

An. 621. Epistola Boniitaoii papoe V. Bdwino regi Anglorum, in qua eum 
ad fidem Christianam exhortatur.— Ex Bed. Hist. EocL, lib. ii cap. 10 : 

An. 622. Epistola Bonifhoii papee V. ad Justum nuper Boffensem epi- 
soopimi, modo Mdliti sucoessorem in archiepiscopatu Cantuarin ; in 
qua laudat eum quod Adelvaldum regem ad fidem perduxerat, spe- 
nnsque alios perducturum, pallium mittit, Jusque ordinandi episcopos 
oi oonoedit— Ex Bed. Hist. Eocl, lib. it cap. 8 : L 81. 

An. 622. Alia Epistoia Bonifkcii V. pape ad Justum archiep. Cantuari- 
ensem.— Ex MS. Cott Cleop. E. L, fd. 88 : L 88. 

An. 628. Epistola BonllSftcii V. ad Edelbuigam Edwini regis oo^jugem. 
In qua gratulatur earn fidem reoepisse, monetque ut hoc marito suo 
regiprastetbonefidum. Hunusoulaetiammittit speculum argenteum, 
et peotinem ebumeum.— Ex Beda, H. E., lib. iL c 18: i. 88. 

An. 680. Synodus Lechleniensis : i Si. 

An. 684. Epistola Honoril papoB L ad Bdwinum regem Kordanhum- 
brensium quern Anglorum vocat. In qua hortatur, ut permaneat in 
acoepta fide, jusque predbus, Honorio et Paulino Cantuarin at 
Eborum metropoUtanis duo pallia mittit ; decemitque ut deftincto 
altero, alter in locum ejus surrogetur.— Ex Beda H. E., lib. ii c 17 : i. 34. 

Epistola Honoril pape I. ad Honoriiun archiepiso(^ram Oantuaris ( Justo 
nuper defuncto) oonstitutum. In qua ipsum monet sui muneris : 
paUiique meminit cii^usin superiori epistola mentionem (iBdt— Ex 
Beda H. E.. lib. ii c 18. Hunting., lib. 8 Histor.: i 84. 

An.6S4k Epistola Honoril p^MB Honorio archiepisoopo Cantuar. conce- 
dentis d primatum eodesiarum Britannis.— Ex Cod. Cott FMist B. 6, 

An. 684b Epistoln Honoril p^md L et Johannis pape IV. ad Scotorum 
gentem pro observatione Psschn, et Pdagiann hsresis extirpationo; 
quas primoidem Honorius et post Johannes IV. epiaoofi Bomanigenti 
Scotorum pro Pssche observatione simul et pro Pdagiana luered ex- 
tirpanda miaerunt— Ex Bed. H. E., Ub. Ii o. 19, Huntingt, lib. iii 
Histor.: i86. 

An. 640. Epistola Johannis pajm IV. ad episcopos, presbyteros, ot abbates 
Sootias, de eodem : i86. 

An. 640. Constitutio Earoombertl regis Cantiorum de deetruendls Idolis, 
et quadngesimall jejunio obeervando, hactenus ab AngUs non sus* 
cepto.— Ex Bed. Hist Eoci Ub. iii c. 8 : i 87. 

An. 660. Conventus archiepisoopi, episooporum, eta, de monasterio Petri- 
buigensi consecrando : i 87. 

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Con cilia — emttmried . 

Ail. AB4 ByndduA Phji^iiai* (wt Htpeoa^fbAUi) ro«»tti HUdit Mff ab- 
bitHssA?, owlebmU Eiub Norduibiimbrotiiin n^buji Otwia T^tre, et 
AkhfridQ fiLlo, oiiiio ChHsti e4H,~Ex B&l, liM. EocJiw, lili. tit m]}. £&! 

An. fl<l7. EiitstftU VltAlinn! pajju ad OnityBi t*ffi*tn NonlimhimibporuiD. 

(ffUA ik l^itfCliAiu Judicium eipttiiiiieiu^-^fix Bedx 11. E^ HIj. iii. c. 20! 

Ail. 698. Vitaillatii pt^m I. tsptatote Ttoeodtmt ii«slil*pi«»|» C«ntuiir. de 

All, t;7.1. Coiirilium Heruilfdnlnisp. — fii B<Mia* lib. iv, Hist^ c, 5, coUal, 

cirai MS. Cotton. Vosfwii. A. 1*, fol. iTfts i. +1. 
An. (173. FrlTiififffttiij quod OftntnArifJisibn* nioiuwhin «BDobii S, Petri 

0i Pkoll ab Adihjdato papa eancis&ami fUiJte didtur^p^E^ MS, CHar, 

tr^PfrU pemA «it. rplac. Asbvittl : L 13, 
An. 670, Cmacflinm Houuttjo Britatin^ciiin, Octajrio ixiiita lomodi* nil 

ciuiiTatnr & c-Ijit, ^ijoiuuuitio^ ett'. : i 44. 
An. 670. En'm|ilar hii|us condlii juita MS* mdicem: fii iju© r««nc»dtur 

dp fttatii Britwinicw oKrlesiro, et dc raodo enndetn rcdintfiKnAdL— 

CiCiHitoSpf^lmanriOi 1.46. 
An, ^0, @<Hiulturallttd fK^mpfar iiitiui candlil juxtA IlfiU]n^AbimaiKL,ne] 

SftlU'm alia cjvi^cm iicHo in qua. WilfrldJ riniMt comitwt'ttuT, et ipse 

TiHitltUtftidiM ad art'hin'iflWtKittiJii Eltcraccriflrin di^ccmUur, ~ Kx 

ItAbMHbp dfl Qixi, Pontit, IJti, H 1 u 47, 
An. qsOi Deeictatifl npuUibi Agiufaouis pkim n?fd Mfitiiionin) ^thi^lrcdo, 

TliBodani archlepfHspo Ganlt flizQlfb K^nunnini i<pL«ii>?fx>, H^., di- 

Tflcte; in qnji AbtMtGni ll«dMXi«ted^ leicatiuii RonnaTiii^m cnnntituit 

mpn' mntK-m ATifflSimi ^nwleiiDqQa incmaBKxriiim (instar Umiiium 

aiHjft^lolfinira) fore pro ahu&lvendia votls qiiir fl<(? r*ifiifir^iaiiilo Romaiu 

oojieepSa ftierint. Est autism MfHihttmsiUid^ id qwA tx»t«tt do Buiwft 

nimoupatur, novbeSme Pclriburioiro, vnJ^ Pt'tBrtmii^, forte quod 

llmlnLi B. B&tri viwtti cihlbet.— Bx Chron. Swuin, tu ann. \ I M, 
An. mtK CondMum DedlMdieiu^*— £i Bed. Hist, fioclc*,, rib. iv, «^ 17. ; 

Huuilni^. lib. 4 : i. JSl, 
All. SMO. Synod ua Ij^tenuieiiadj,— Saiicta s>iiodiu dixit; i. Gt, 
All. 6**fl, Sjn«liJiA >'nrthumbreiiBiM> in qu» Tutyj datum Ajcathniui |jaF«» 

do miitucndo Wilfrido &K:hl«!pbiiM>|w> Eborarensi f'xaminatiu. — E:^ 

Hfxidlo* ill vita WitfridJ, eap^ 8Si L 65. 
An. fl»irt. Twifordenaisi synodiis In Northumbna, prR^add«nte Thmdoro 

archJeijIiKt^pd norob«»nvii!il* (v^fbiata ; tu qua Cuthbertui cpiflOotmir 

elwtiu wit,— Ex Monft«t, Anidlc,, torn, i. p. 4fl M. S5. 
An, AI& OoDciliam BaocanwldonjM>.— Kji Cbroiiii^ Suon. pa^. 48 : i ML 
An.fiWa. AUad oiemplar B<»peaD(."c4drn*is istiuh fcuciliL— E MS. OmL 

EccJ. A.t p. i8 a. b. sUMptum : L ST. 
An, asa* Lipiies «celaia«t|e» In» npf^ia Occiducirani SaiontLin «?u Gei^ 

¥i»oruiD in uaum ecclflaiiEi latB, cr aJiia aula lepdbm i&xotdds dcccrf^tte 

— Ki MS, CoU. COTp, Chr, CanUbr, B, S i I, flS, 
As*. 69«. Gonciliuin IterirlTmnst^t^iiHft.— Ei tactu Roff^nrf ? i. 80, 
An, 0^ Coiiititutlo qiioti^odo dazunn ft Lnjuriio aaoria utdinibiis illnia 

HunI fHJDipriisanda. — Ex U^xtu Rofrir<iij| : 1. AS. 
An. 700. Privilwimii WUhm^^i itwifi Cajitil, qufl ecdcrian k«ip dltionit 

liiwrnft mdt » tributis, 4c —Ex M S. Koftl«Mi. Oaiit A. pw «S. b, : f.«S. 
Bf tifltola Serfdl ptq^n tul Ct'oiMdum iLbbatcrm mana^terii BB. Peirf <et 

Y^uli {quotl fst sd Wiriimithani vi (lynmro) dti Be^ Enmwn imuh- 

nntUindo.'~Ex H8. clftr. Vsaerit in 8]M'lm, «|md revtir. ejiiHL Ananm. i 

L 6S. 
An. 701. CkmciUum lub AlArido rene Nordanhymbromm, et Biitwhaldo 

archiepisoopo OMatuaris haUtum.— Bz Maboesb. de Qett, Pontiff. lib. 

iiL: i.64. 

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Concilia — contvnvsd. 

Ail 706. Synodua MerdaiUK in qua Aldhelmo abbati moniBterii Maildufl 

urbis {ue., Malmesburin) pneoeptum est ut Ubnim acribat adveraua 

errorem Britonum in Paschate oelebrando.— Ex Bed. Hist. EocL lib. v. 

cap. 18 : L 66. 
An. 706. Concilium Niddenae.— ExMalm. de Qest. Pontif. lib. iiL : i 67. 
An. 706. Concilium Adderboumenae, oongrcgatum juxta fluvium Noddre 

vel Nodderum.— Sx W. Mahneab. lib. v. de Qeatis Pontif. t i 68. 
Bpistola Jobannia pap» YIL ad Ethelredum rcgem Merdorum, et AIM- 

dum regem Ddiorum, etc.— Ex Malm, de Geat. Pontif. lib. iii : i 68. 
An. 706. Synodua aub Ina rege Ocddentalium Saxonnm habita, in qua 

epiacopatua Ocddentalium Saxonum in duaa dividitur pansdaa.— Ex 

Parido Tuaco in vita Aldbelmi, et Malmeab. de Geat. POntif. L iii : L 70. 
Anno inoerto. Synodua alia aub Ina Ocddentalium Saxonum rege habita. 

-ExWillibaldo: i70. 
An. 709. Bulla Conatantini pap» Bixihwaldo arcbiepiaoopo Cantuaiienai, 

de oondlio celebrando, et de oomobio inatituendo.— Ex MS. reg. Cant. 

A.foLieb.: LTL 
An. 709. Synodua Alnenaia.— Ex Birthwaldo Glaaoon. in vita S. Egwini 

apud Godwin, p. 601, dtante Spelm. : i 72. 
An. 712. Concilium Londinenae.— Ex centur. Magdebuig. oentur. 8, et 

BalKO: 172. 
An. 712. Condlium omnium epiaoopomm et prindpum, prooerum, oomi- 

tum, et omnium aapientum, aeniorum, et populorum totiua regni, per 

pneceptmn regia Ins habitum cum jam Gualam filiam Cadwaladri 

regia Britonum, in uxorem cepisaet, unaque Cambriam totom et coronam 

Cadwaladri adeptua eaaet.— Ex leg. Edw. Confee. cap. 36. in auctar. : L 74. 
An. 713. Bulla Conatantini papse de privilegiia eoclesiffi Cantuarienaia.— 

Ex originali in MS. Cott. Cleop. A. 1, fol. 61,6% et reg.Cant. A. foLiia. : 

An. 714. Epiatola CeolMdi abbatia ad Naitanum regem Pictorum, pro 

catbolioo Paacbate et Bomana tonaura.— Ex Bed. Hiat. EocL lib. t. cap. 

21: i76. 
An. 714. Deoretum Naitani regia Pictorum pro oatholioo Paacbate et 

Bomana tonaunk— Ex Bed. Hiat. EccL Ub. ▼. cxp. 21 : i. 79. ' 
An. 726. Cbarta In» regii Ocddentalium Saxonum Glaatenburin 

monaohia oonfeota^ in qua pradia, immunitatea, et exemptionea ab 

epiaoopo iia oonoeduntur.— Ex Mahneab. de AntiquUate Glaaton. Eodea. 

p. 82, et acq. edit. Tho. Gale: L 79. 
An. 780. Gregorii p^w II. epiatola epiaoopia Anglin de Tatwbio arcbi- 
epiaoopo Dorofemln.— ^ M& Cott. Faoat. B. 6^ foL 97 a.b. : i 81. 
An. 734. Indpit auodnctua dialogua eodeaiaatioe inatitutionia a domno 

Ecgberto arcbiepiaoopo Eburaos dvitatia oompodtua.— Ex MS. Cott. 

ViteLA.12.1.: L82. 
An. 788. Condllnm Wigornienae.— Ex. MS. Cott Tiber. A. 13. in Monaat. 

Anglic, tom. 1, pag. 121 : i 86. 
An. 742. Oondliam Oloveahovienae.— Ex MS. Cott Claad. D. 2, f. 30 b. ct 

MS. Cant, dtante Spehnanno : L 86. 
An. 746. Epiatola Bonifludi Mognntienafa archiepiBOOpi, ad Aethel- 

baldum regem Merdorum.~Ex centur. Magdeburg, oentur. 8. Victe 

Baron, in ann. oollat. cum Eplat Boniflidi per Nic. Serar. edit p. 22, 

et acq. : i 87. * 

An. 746. Epiatola BoniftMsii ad HereiMdnm preabytemm.— Ex Baron. 

AnnaL in h. ann. : i 90. 
Epiatola BonifiMdi arohiepiaoopi Mogunt ad Cnthbertum arohiepiaoopum 

Cantuari», de corrigendia vitiia Anglonmi, et adbibenda Synodo.— Ex 

exemplar! Spehn. oollat com Epiatola BoniflMii per Nio. Serar. p. 143 

et acq. : i 90. 
An. 747. Concilium doreahoTienae : L 94 
An. 747. Synodua Cnthberti arddepiaoopL-Ex oodioe MS. Uteria Saxo- 

uida, dtante Spdnumno: t94. 

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Concilia — contUmd. 

An, 740, Prtvil^um Acttitlbaldl re|i;i&ocoI«lUconocaBUin.— ExcUur.Spel- 
mttnno : i. loo. 
Ail 760. Exccrptioncs D. Ei^licrLl Ebamccniia oivhiopifloopi o dictis et 

(•JUionHim ^iietonuii jnitntm tortciffin»t«(*, ot ad cixdesiMticB politia) 

ii«itit*jtjoiiein cijiuhici'Tit*?*.— Eat MS, CottoiL Nespo A. 1, foL 181« vcno : 

i. 101. 
Aitj^7lM}. Pi£iiiti?]ituiJo E(-Rbcni arcltkM>i2U»pi Eboraepiurfs.— Ex MS. CoU. 

CoT]i. Chr. CuiUbr. L lU. m. }*. aflft-HT 1 1* US. 
An. 'tm. ^yntKltw pfTtt'nJls nib Ciithbpfti>, wobiepiscopo Cantiuriie, qua 

dcci^rnitnr du natal UU* 8. Bout (feci I, etc.> annuo cfll^brandU.— Ex Mag- 

dcbiiT^« cent, viit. dx. p, SI 5: L 144, 
Ail T5T. Paul! Eomarit pontiflda ad Endburttitu Kordanhumbrorum 

refem ^pifltoliw— £x MB. dan VaaQt. lul huiio ItKimi inter oodct MSS. 

rev« epftc Asa&viTLHb : i. I^, 
An- TiQ, KliKMATulfl^ (^ccLdcntAlliuii Snxotmitt Tegi&, ad Lullum, Hokuu- 

tmuui archippijicD]mm, Dpiitolo.— Ei MB. clar. Vascr. ad hunc locum : 

1. 1 VJ. 
Ail 77(1. AJIm^li. Konlaiihumbronim rogis, &d tuUam, Moguntlnum 

arahlopinoopum^ ^^Tii^t^la. — £i MS. clar. Uesf r. ad hunc locum : i. 145. 
An. 785, Cxjncilium CalphutlipncM?.— Ea Maffdobuiir. cent, vlii c 0, p. 575: 

]. 1*5. 
ArL 7!!$5. Llchi'fddciiists epbicopf^tua in airhk'plfft^D^iatum designatur ab 

(KTa rc^o.— Ex oi^ctii S. Alban^ do vita OfTie n^\% H8. p. 15S.— Citanto 

dw. SjfflnL : i. 152. 
Aw* 7!i8. ConcUlum FlncUon1it]cnw,--Ex nantinplon, et allis: L 153. 
Sjnoduji .\dcciisiM»— Citanto SiK'lniannct : L 153. 
An, 7U.L CamU Mogni ad Ath^lardum, Cantuarleiiwm archiepiaoopum, 

ojiibtoliL— Ex }kIS. elar. I'sii^r. nd huno locmn: L 154 
OlRi, Tvn Mi^rclonim. ilL^clnioin ouinluiu reruin una nun ccdeiin concodit. 

— ^Ex Cbmnku Jo, Bramttin. abb. JomaL jp. 770 : i. 154 
CoHatio Ttrolaniii tmb Oira', rcirtJ Meftiomni, tk t-^quircndo 8. Albani 

protomarliTis rtuiiuUt^rK loco.— Oitantc ^ptliuaima: i 154 
An, 71*3. Concilium Verolamsfnw.— Ibidem : i. 155. 
Ail 7&k tHfrioriuN annuu» scholit- A^i^lonim RomiK Mllatus ab Oflk roge 

i^x NiiiFvUb r^umllli^ ref<nl nuL—Ibld.: L 1&5. (Causa coUationis, ot col- 

latio; |ji cvt^uA remnnpmUcfiiinn patta concedlt^ui nxdlua AngluB pa?iii- 

toniiir cauitn inittivtur in OiitlinmJ 
Ail Tljt-l, ConeiUum i •alt^huthiiiM'.—Ei Stow in Chronfco : i.l57. 
OiHdiiuui allud WmlamiLTizH] HUb Oflk n^.— €itante Spdm. ex M8. 

AUsJUicn»i: i. 357, 
An. TIM. gyiiodnanb Afilhehmlo* flirhicp. CantnariL"i;si coocta.— Ex Chron. 

Smoil j>. 07 j Kl5a 
CaTu]i Mi^pil Ml On^ii, Hcirionun rc^ui, ciiistoln.— Ex MS. clar. Uaser. 

wX li.l.: i.l58. 
A n. 707- Ak w I 111 jid A thelnnbnn , Can tnarjertscm arcbicpiacopum, epistola. 

— Ei MS. cHar* Us^>r, aii hunc lociun : t IflO. 
An. 70*7* Lw^nla pjajMo TIL rr^i^niD n^l .\thdartlam« archiopifoopum Can- 

tuor. dc Jure (?t privilninlfl ajnrhlopiHVDimtiia Cniituariensis.— Ex MS. 

Cott. Faust, B. 5, fo\. 97 b. 98 a. : i. UW. 
An. 7ti9. SynOfliw FlnehenhaJpn^H : L 101* 
Condilutn Clovtshoviense sub AthdanJaaTrhJi*pi9MpoDorobemi»,oclo- 

Uratiim.— C^tantu gpci^hnnnno: L 101, 
An. 703. Condjimn UaocnnoddcnaiG.— Ei Mg. Cott, Claudius D. 2. foL 

30b.ftlA,t Ll«3. 
An, soft- ConcLlinni provincialc Clo^TshtjvicnwJ.^Ex MS. Cott. Claudius 

D. a, fol. 31 : i. l&i. 
An. BOl. EiHstflb Ken u HI, rffda Mi^rdomini ad L^Jticm papam III. pro 

]«Btitut?nila Drffobcmoiittb fxeltsm dbpiitatc, cinsm Hadrianui papa I. 

d rex Oflh ajioUav^rant.— Bx Malm, do Gesih Beg, L L C. 4 : i. IQ. 

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Concilia — continue d. 

An. 801. Bflsponiio Leonis papn IIL wA epistolam Kenulfl, regis Her- 

cionim, qua petita omnia lubens oedit— Ex Halm, de Reg. Gest L L 

& 4: 1166. 
An. 801. Omnium tofcius Britannia) epiaooporum et noerdotum epistola 

ad Leonem IIL papam de suooenione archiepisooporum Dororemen- 

sium.— Ex MS. Oott. Veqias. A. 14, ftd. 17f : i 100. 
An. 808. Concilium Cloveahoviense.— Bz originall in Biblioth. Cotton. 

Aug. iLn. 66:1. 100. 
An. 803. Deoretum Athdardi arohlepiflcopi de Ubertate eodeaiarum.^ 

An. 803. Constitutioinconoilio Cloveehovienai de pastu reddendo epiioopo 

Wigom.— E vet MS. dtante Spelmanno : i. 168. 
An. 811. Synodus Merdana apud Wincbeloombam.— Bz VoL 1. Monait. 

Anglic p. 189:1160. 
An. 816. Synodus Calchuthensis.— Ex MS. Cott Vespas. A. 14, foL 147 : 

An. 83L Concilium sub Wulfinedo, arohiepisoopo Cantuariensi : i 171. 

Concilium apud Oslayeshlen sub Wulftvdo, arohiepisoopo Cantuariensi : 

An. 822. Concilium qmodale Cloveshoriense.— Ex oodice MS. "Wigom. 

c5, et ex MS. Cott Claudius D. 2, fbl 82: i.172. 
An. 824. Concilium Cloveshoviense.— Ex original! MS. Cott Aug. 8> n. 73 : 

An. 824. ConcOium Cloveshoviense.~£x M& oodice eocl "Wigom. citante 

Spelmanno: i.175. 
An. 833. Concilium Londinense.— Ex Ingulph. Saxon. Hist CroyL : i. 176. 
An. 838. Concilium Kingstonense.— Ex MS. Cott Claudius D. ii. Ibl 33 : 

Concilium Kingstonense. (Idem cum praoedente.)— Ex orig. MS. Cott. 

Aug. iL n. 17 : i 178. 
An. 840. Leges ecclesiastics Kenethi, regis Scotorum.— Ex Heot Boeth. 

1. 10, p. 201, edit 1074; Kenethi legce civilea ; Kenethi legee religiosn : 

An. 860. Concilium Benningdonense : L 181. 
An. 861. Concilium Kingeeburiense sub Bertulpho, B. Meroiorum.— Ex 

Ingulph.: 1181. 
An. 865. Concilium Wintoniense. 
Exemplar donationis .£thelwulphi in hoc oondlio tutn Juxta Ingulphum 

Saxonem : 1 183. 
An. 866. Concilium Wintoniense. 
Exemplar hi^us donationis Juxta Guil Malmesburium.— De Gest Beg. 

12,0.2: 1184. 
Exemplar hi^us donationis ab iBthclwulpho rege hctm, Juxta Mattheum 

Westmonasterium : 1 184l 
An. 887. Diploma JEthelwulphi regis.— Ex Florent Wigom. in An. 866. 

An. 867.Malm. de Gest Beg. 1 2, c. 2: 1 186. 
An. 876. Prefiitio, sen apparatus regis JElftedi M. ad kges suaa, tarn 

ecolesiasticas, quam civileB, e sacra pagina desumptus.— Ex text Boffen. 

ct MS. Coll Corp. Christl Cantabrig. s. xl ; 1 186. 
An. 876. Leges ecclesiastice iEUHdi M. regis Anf^orum, e dvilibus suis 

aliisdecerpta: 1191. 
An. 877. JcduumiB YIIL Bomani pontiflcis ad Athehfedum, Cantuariensem 

archiepiscopum, epistola.— Ex MS. Uaser. ad h. 1 : 1 195. 
An. 887. Synodus Landavensis sub Gurran X. Landavin etAaoapCK In 

qua Teudur, rex Brediemaniae, ob homiddium et peijurium exoommuni* 

catnr.— Ex vet MS. Landav. eodedaB, dtante Spelmanno : 1 196. 
Synodus Landavensis sub Berthguino XIV. ibidem episoopo. In qua 

Clotri regem causa homiddii et peijurii exoommunicat, etc— Ibidem : 


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Concilia — cmr Ifnayid. 

An, B87, BjnoduA alim lAniiiTenMa Bub B^rtheum^^ 3E1 V. 'Hridem epi- 

Kdpo^ In qns OtLTDMi ohlnciBstiim fiiin ndverrft ^im pii^cimmunicatur, 

ete,»-En vpt II a. Land, iiccl dt«n. Sjm Im.i I m. 
SjnodtjH t^ndavonib irob Covnliira XVI 11^ ihidom cjjiiHitipo. In qua 

Hmrel^ T^ Gknrf ^qs^f homkidii ct peijmii ewoA cxctommtiiiicatiir, etc 

— rhidem : i.J.07, 
An* S8T. Sjmftduw nlia lAndBvrfif ii sub Oei-enluro XTITI. Ibidem epi- 

wTOjjt*, In q«& Hi. ftl* Cmibli. homid*Ht rt pt^rjtirii raiuia ezcommuni- 

catur, etr.— Djidem : L 19i8, 
Syiiodus LdmcLavtninb sub CiulfrUlo XX^ ibidem epbcor^t ob violatuin 

c-nJenin ftatrinioni am babita. — Ibidem i L 19S« 
An, m7. Synodui IjitidAVtmsis «ub Giutilliaucft XXI L La»icl*vuBepi»oopo, 

ndff'irmft BTochrall msem. ccmfref^ta,— Ibidnin : 1, 109. 
Syrtodn» oJio. LjindBvensis 9ub oodom Civtfilliaue. In qiuk controvenis 

int^r netPPUi BmchimiJ et Iptiuni dbitnitur* — Ibidpm : L IW. 
An* Wii* Syiiwiu-s a rvfi>? EdT^-ordo wn. riitiifiTiii^atfk*— E* Maltneab. in vita 

KdirttTtil* L ft, c e» «i UB. n^i^U Vn.ntaar, A. fbU » b. : i. tW. 
An. 90.*!. ETfUttctIa Fnnnosi fAjjUts nd epincopcw AngILn do ^sccleda Ang^i- 

iSLtia l>eno nrdinanda.— Ex Baronto ccillat. cum M8, Oantuar. a. foL S : 

An. W5. Leffta «od«daiti<'ji! Edwardl HFnionH. t^^ Anrrtin*. (!t Guthomif 
Wfia I]«aQnuii in 9»t .\n|riiii. rk-. ab AJvwdo M. H Gutburno regibns 
jirtnium conditoi, et nuni:' dunuo ah Eclwarrlo fiba ejiiadezn Alvredi,et 
Gutburno fc^iit tnpuntibus IntLn^ordii^. ut \idcttir, conflrmatte. — Ex 
tcxtu Eofftm^i ct Srx'lni, : i. £l>£. 

An. eon- C*^noilSum SotiiitiitiK? in Scotia.— Bi MS, ixni 3im Biblioth. 
ITBS. Co11:Kit. Pann: L954 

An. V^. ConcUiiiui Gmti^lcanrim ab jEtbi^lsitiino^ tvkp. Anii^lariim, habitum; 
in ipio Ifjit^ pluHmffi cum nTiltis, turn c!(N?U??(iaatii'rei Htatuuntur : pr»- 
t£«iTnislff r«To jUbk^noii bie ista9<!onc!inn»Tiuiii»,— £x U^xtu Bolflensiet 

An. fUS. Lesm «cct«daitieA* IlffiiU JMa. reifb neu pirinoi]iiB totiiia Wallie. 

Pra-rktiijcat wmUcv Gtdidtni Pliilip[ji: i, l!08. 
An.&4a. CflTifrtitutionra Otlonla, ai^hiep. Cant. --Bi MS, Oitt. Yespas. 

A. 14. fbl 173, ™nin : L 212. 
An. 013. ^vtimbJis epi^oln Odionk, arcbiejiiiM^pI Oantnariensis, ad 

<*pi*cn]XM jrfbl «nfrrti«»u«* : i 214. 
An, 0<14 Con rib urn LoiLdin^mflO imb BdmTirjdn regi^, in quo sequentes 

Ipfn^ wclcsittsticn? ccniditic HUJit.— El t*itu EolThniri et i^pelm. : i 814. 
An* M^. Otmstitiitio di> nuptiia*— Text. KfllTen. : i. 216, 
An. Ml Chaita diitiattonlM K pri\-ilefrioTuiii ab EsJmtindo rego eccleoiflB S. 

Msrijp GlaiitordGnsJi coiii^eBjftinsin, etc^-Ex Mntm, Ocat* ERb L 8, c. 7: 

1. il7. 
An* fM8. OiMidlium Londinrntic*— Ex Inpilpbo, p, 38 wqq* t i 217. 
An.ftSO, Txi^t^ piwiiytcfonitn NortbnmbiTnKium mm »d mareeeonim 

r*omK*ndn*f, tuiti ftd tpporuxn miniM^ria pTOinoTendju—Ex MS. Coll. 

Corp. Cbr. CantAbr. bl IS r i, ^9. 
An. 5KS0. Synoiiufl LaTidiTtnsiA sub Poire xit.. ibidem tpieeopo, sacrOegii 

rauM in ir^reui Nfni^nii in t^osbp Miinufm. ccrtiFni?gata, etc.— Ex MB. 

I^tiilar. wrlfHiiP, HtiiTitc* Rp^lmani^it ; L ISS, 
An. ftVi* SrudiluK I^idAvcriRis mib Flitn> XXT* ibideni vyJiteopo, habita 

(ii I'atuffl. dijHfini nijtii^dan] ant* Iptiiim aHisne ajc^rik"^ interfectt— 

IbidfttJ! i*232. 
All. IMlft. lYiTlle^iuni Jobannis XI L jiapip DmtuartcQsibiui monachia 

(NiTiioljii S- Potri et PWill cflnw*wiin*— Bi MS* elar* Usiier. ad h. I. 

pCTiP* ppwr. rpliii?. i* ^3» 
An. WB6. Alteram pju»di*ni Jobuniut XTI, privllf^ffium ^idcim ocenobio 

Indiiltum.—Ei MB. tfsWT* L c. ! i. 224. 
An- 9fin* CrniflUbini Bmndanmrflmsi*' piiI) Edgamrp^f! rrmvocatum; in 

quo EdvJi rive EdwiTii t^h deotna VfBCinduutiu', nblata eoclesie 

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Concilia — continued. 

restitaantiir, el Dniutenus mb «xiUo re? o o t ur . — Bx Oebemo et 

HftliDQBb. et OApgnfto xpad Pwker. tnttq. eodei. BriteiL : i 225. 
An. 960. Oinonefl edit! rab Edgwo regie^Bz MB. oodice Saxonico 

ConegiiOorporifl Ghrifti, Oantebrigin, 1. 18 : i 826. 
An. 964 Bdgtfl regis Ang^amm oharte de Osw»ldedi;w, hoc est, de 

cjjiciendis derids uzoimtis et introdnoendis monaohia.— Oitante Spel- 

manno; 1289. 
An. 966. Leges monaohis Hydensibas ab Bdgwo rage dat«.— Citante 

dar. Spelmanno : i 240. 
An. 966. Alia Charta Bdgaii regis, qua nnDos unquam fkdsse perfaibet in 

Wintoniensi hoc coBnobio monachos ante hos, qnos ipse jam intro- 

doxit e monasterio Abingtoniense.'-'Ibid. : i 244 
An. 967. Leges eodesiasticaD regis Bdgart—Ez MS. CoL Corp. Chr. 

Gantabr., s. zviii etK.iL: i. 246. 
An. 969. Oratio Bdgari regis pro monachatu propagando.— Bz H. Parker, 

antiq. Brit Bodes, in Bunstano : L 246. 
An. 969. Coodlium generale sub Dnnstana— Bz Horeden. AnnaL par. 1, 

etMatth.Westm.inann. L2«r. 
An. 970. Oanones iElftid ad WulAinum epiaoopum. Habentur canones 

istt ad flnem libri oathoUoonmi sermonum An^ioe in eodesia red- 

tandonmi, in oelebri Bibliotheca Oorporis Christi Oantabrigie, I 12, 

prouti sequunturt i. 250. 
An. 970. Goncilium Londinense.— Bz Halmesb. de Gest. Beg. I. 2, c. 8, 

p. 31b.: L 256. Johannis XII. piqMO Glastoniensi coendsio conoessom 

priTQegimn.— Ex WilL Malmesb. 1. 2, de Gest Beg. AngL o. 8 : i 257. 
Jdiannis XIL pape ad .SUHcom duoem de GlasUmiensis ooendDii 

juribus (jbnserrandis epistola : L 207. 
An. 971. Charta Bdgari regis monasterio Glastoniensi oonoessa.— Bz MS. 

cod. Spelm. et ex GuiL Malmesbur. de Antiquit Glaston. eodesis 

p. 320 seqq. : i 268. 
An. 973. Condlium Bathonense; in quo Bdgarus in regem consecratus 

est.— Bx Chron. Saxon, in anno : L 269. 
An. 974. Charta Bdgari regis MalmesburiensiooMiobioconDBda; in qua 

se indicat derioos seculares cjedsse, monadiosque viUe regularis 

induxisse.— Ex Ingulph. Hist CroyL Vide etiam Malmb. de Gestis 

Begum. L 2, c 8: 1260. 
An. 975. Concilium Wintoniense sub S. Bunstano Cantuarin archiep.— 

Bx Osbemo apud Barium et Malmsb. de Gestis Beg. L 2, c 9, et 

Florent Wigom. in ann. : L 261. 
An. 977. Condlium magnum Kyrtlitonin post PMoha habitum an. 

Chr. 977, pnesentibus Bdwardo rage et Dunstano archiepisc Cant— Bx 

Chron. Saxon, pag. 124 ; L 262. 
An. 977. Concilium Calnense.— Bx WilL Malmesb. Beg. L 2, c. 9, et Henr. 

Huntingdon HistL 6 in ann. : L 268. Condlium Ambreshiriss, sen in 

urbe Ambrosi, pago Wiltoniensi oelebratum.— Bx Flor. Wigom. in an. 

Dom. 977:1263. 
An. 962. Synodus Ismdavensis sub Guoana—Bx Ismdaven. MS. foL 102, 

dtante Spelmanno t 1 264. 
An. 991 CondUum Siridi arohiepisoopi Cantuar.: 1 264. Epistola Jo- 
hannis pape XT. de pace condlianda inter .fithelredum regem Anglis 

et Bichardum duoem Normannite, quern marahionem Tooat—Bx 

Mafan. de Gest Beg. L 2, c. 10 : 1 264. 
An. 994. liber legum eodesiasticarum.— Bx MS. Colleg. Corp. Christi, 

Cantabr.,s.l8: 1266. 
An. 1003. Privilegium regis .Sthebedi eodesis Christi Cantnariensi, quo 

cjectionem derieorum de monasterio Christi Cantuar., et inductionem 

monaohorum gratulatur et confirmat, yillas ddem plurimas, et am- 

plissima privilegia oonoedens.— Bx MS. Cott Claudius A. 8 : 1 282. 
An. 1008. PriTileginm regis .ffithebedi eoolesiaB Christi Cantuar. con- 

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CovciLlA^ro a f in u eth 

vcssum juxta (^xctDplu 4^uidem Lfttlnun] prbcunii et n SaxoiUro In 
nonnullU dlvfnpin^— El Mi^. Cott. CUiidius A. 3 : t 334 
Am l<m. Condllum ^nhajnc^iiiiA,— Ex MS. Cote, Okudiiis A. 3i LSSfi. 

niilla ad nalutBin reps, derensiouctnqwo rf (jfiU el reipiibUe* itatuuiitur: 

An, 1*00. Concilli .£nb*racnsb SyuodaJia dcserdaw-^Bx M& OottClauiiiiM 

All. 1011 Lc^ztis ecoltftiftsticjD itthelrcdi n^ jKwt Bocidares £UAA atmd 
Uftbam (nlBAiliLm) cfindltm: L£&5, 

Arv. 101 S* Dlplomo Ciu^utl pB^ Augluc, mio laecltjsiiuij S|lvntorifl in Do- 
rotierriLa^ biiitiiimi oc<'lc!iiarum rctrriii An^Hprnl mivtrem tt doiuluAtu 
nonflrniiit.— E vet. MS. cotUni Canttmn dUinlo fi|ielm, : i. 284 

An, Uttl. GoiidUum Wintoiiienso suh Cannto refo Anffloninji iMnonini^ 
p% 'Sarwoguruxa, Imbltum in saiicto iinUlI Domini an, Chr. loai.— Ki 
M^. MonndttTii S. EdmuncU tie Bu^\ i Han to Spetm. ; L S97. 

An* 1*131. Epiutola Ciwmtl nids ad Antfltiruni arehicpboopw, ^?T'4*™Po*t 
nobil^ tlv^ tuino rcgid itui XV,. id mt, I>^in. noatri lOSU Homa mifl«n, 
in r\\m rcftTt fiumita l>cnt(ctdUito & J{>luuini7 t«»T». Conmdo imfk. ft 
Hodidpho Tef» nin plexus c*t. Sc lionism tmnsouiitibiw impelniMio 
privilcfrtJi; vilfljquo ffiiie institiituni wjnroctunim lovet Mmif?t ut 
dwllnent injujjtltiKai, ot Hiico nil indt'bittf fcrant. M pcclfstam j«ir- 
tiritiititt ai^dulo quirfiuP tt-ddl jubct.— Ex Malm- do Gt'sL E^fff. L % v. H. 
Iiijnilph, Fob COa. Flor, Wiirtmi. ml an. tieeuiidum Dionywium^ liKJI : 
1. i«?. 

An, 1033, CImrttt pt^fti^ Cunuti, tjua flumwi (^4iwai' insula? Gl&stoiiiJ!', twa 
ccrlc^iastictid quaiii !if.H.'ulaits,.tLbbAU!9 stippotiit Jndi(^,0ict^rit ("XctiislH 
protofltstibtw— Ks Mfclm. Ck^st, Eicf^, I. % c. ii. : 1, 2(a 

An, loaa» LtmiH w^U^iaatictu Caniili regli— Ei MS, Cott. Kero A, U 
TOllfitn fum I.( LT?:. nost. Aii|rio-8M&ii s i* iSO. 

An,lim. ^^vrnHhn UmdfLVfiiJiia sub Jo!M?pb. XSTIIL ibidem episropoj 
\n qujL Mjitirti-, vr% Guftiatmorfauit, ob ^iolatum Pofbgium SS. Diibrii>li, 
r-te,aiiatb€niati!uitur~E3t Ma Ecscb Lfindav, dtonte Spdnmnno: i. 

An. KKW. !-*ogcft weksiaatkiD MarcalioeL E, &potonini< o seriibribus stdfl 
ib-pntiiipta?.-Ex Uwt Boeth, Ki»t. 1. li. p. S6!> b, eiUt. 157i: 1. Sift. 

An. 1052, lJw» ecdcaiantiraj S. Bdwardi regis (^t (^iifcsunTiB o m?cw- 
Iniibus iiuiii d^proniptiE.— Ex MSS, Hovedonft toiiEetitmnco Bub hex; 
iltub [dtiuit« Speluiannci] t t 3lft, 

Am. in&B. Synodu3 LandftvcnBis sub HetTTUnldo XXIX. ibidem p^i^«>poJ 
in f|na fiuuilia rcirii pxcommiinfmUtr (>b vim iHatam per (jbrietatein 
rawiico et nejKitt opiscopi in ftwto^f ativitatia Ikiinini,— Ei MS. Lnndnv . 
E(^di^ft\eitflntcSpi^mfuinD: i. 514. 

An. liiflL EullA Mcolni fapnJ li* I'lnflpinans priviloptA rhJHWwitwnwts 
oct'k-siic.— KsL Mfi. irt-ncs ll<«n^ ftrehiop. Ciuit. fol. lOO a, i L 3lSw 

An. 1002, AlexandtT liRjia IL Sti^nduin alrhltT* Cflntuar. iJtr l(^tM 
intctdit'it, et E*Hinirt-(isi!t ftithit^pLsfOi^ti^ fSti*rttidI \ices afHt-^Ex 
Hovcdtn* AnnaL par. 1 ; i. Sbl. 

An, lOflfi. CoHventus WratmonaiitmonEiia srub Edwanlo Ckinfcs»on?: i* 
31 (^ Cbarta rrpis Edwurdi CunrpsMw*™ ctM'IcsdK' S. Pcrtri, VT^atiuoniia- 
t4?ripn5i. confcwU; In qna epUti^Ia LeonU ja^toi IX. ad unndBm mp^tu 
rodtatur.— Ex auto«rr* in Bibl. Cotton. : i. Slfl- 

Concobi>U'3;c:e of HisTOHiEs, Tiiii ; TL'. Fabian, 


De H. Gondcclop PreBbytero ct Eromifca FontaneUte in Nor- 

Vita ex MS. Tntrajectino H. Salvatpria, 
Vito ex MS. Eubiai Vallia et Mabillou* ^ 

Act. Sfuict. (Oct. 21), ix. SSL 

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Vita S. Germani Autissiodorensis, anctore Constantio, t;. 


Illastrationa of Anglo-Saxon Poetry, by John Josias Cony- 

London. 4to. 1828. 
It oontaini, inter aUar- 

Hymnf of Cedmon and Beda, S-9. 
Song of the Traveller, 9-30. 
Beowulf, 80-170. 

Poem on the Battle of Pinaborough, 178. 
Spedmens flrom the Junian Cndmon, 183. 
Specimens flrom the Exeter MS., 198. 
iBlf redian Veraion of Boethiua. 256. 
Noimau-Saxon Poem on Death, 276. 
CoopsB, Thomas : 

Epitome of Chronicles. 

Commenced by Thomaa Lanquet, who brought the work from, the Crea- 
tion down to the bhrth of Jeaua Christ ; and Cooper continued it to 1S09. 
4ta Lond. 1540, 1664, 1359,1600, 1666,1560. 

Yita S. Cormbaci Abbatis. Ex M8, Hihemico Leecanensi 


Historia Gnidonis de Warwyke. 

HeanM, in App. to the Chronicon de Dunstaple, U. 825-880. 8to. Oxf.. 

Cotton, Babtholomew : 

BartholomaBi de Cotton, Monachi Korwioensis, Annales Ecole- 
siflB Norwicenais ab anno 1042 ad annmn 1295. 
AngUa Sacra,! 807. 
BartholomaBi de Cotton, Monachi Korwioensis, Historia de 
Episcopis Korwicensibos a prima sedis fimdatione ad 
annum 1299. 
Continnatio Historis Bartholomsdi Cotton de Episcopis 
Norwicensibus, anctore Monacho Korwicendi anonymo. 
AngUa Sacra, i. 418. 
BartholomaBi de Cotton, Monachi Norwicensb, Historia 
Anglicana (A.D. 449-1298). 

Bdited by H. S. Lnard, among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great 
Britain and Ireland. 

Paschalis Fapse U. Epistola ad Bobertum Episcopum Co- 


Creton's French Metrical History of the Deposition of King 
Richard U., translated by the Rev. John Webb. 
ArduBologia, zzL 296-423. 
VOL. 1. 3 C 

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Crispin, Gilbert : 

Vita Sancti et gloriosissimi patris Herluini, Beccensis Abbatis 
primi et conditoris, authore Gisleberto CriBpino, Abbate 
Westmonasteriensi, ejus discipulo. 

Be^ Lanftund . . optT% . . edit. DMherU P&f. 1M8. p]i.88-40. Mabill 
Act Sanct. vi, par. iL 844, edit Tenet. ; 342, edit. Par. 

Crispin, MtxiO ; v. Lahfrakc. 

CRONAiniS : 

De S. Cronai^o, Abbate BoscreeiiBi in Hibemia. Vita ex MS, 

Act. Sanct. (Ap. 88), Hi. 079. 

Descriptio compilata per Dominum Ingnlphmn, Abbatem 
If onasterii Croyland, &c. 
SavilL Script, port Bedam. 484. 
Ingolfi Croylandensis Historia. 

Pulman's Eemm Anglicanun Scriptomm tetennn. FoL Oxon. 1684, 
pp. 1-107. 
Petri Blesensis Continnatio ad Historiam Ingulfi. 

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HistoriaB Croylandensis Continuatio [prima]. 

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HistoriaB Croylandensis continuatio altera. 

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Continuatio tertia. 

Pufanan'fl Ber. AngL Script, p. 681-698. 

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jneneo Albo perantiquo. 

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Liber de Translationibus et Miraculis S. Cuthberti, Episcopi 
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Ex MS. Cod. Compendiensi. 

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Par. Bd. Stevenson, inter opp. Bedie^ 1841. 8vo, 

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Odthbebt, S. — corUimied. 

Epistola Cnthberti, auctore Monacho Lindisfamensi cocevo. 
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Venet. ; 687, edit. Par. Twysden, Hist. Angl. Script. Decern, coL 8. 
Historia de Sancto Cuthberto, et de commemoratione locorum 
regionTunqne ejus prisose possessionis, a primordio usque 
nuno temporis. 

Twysden'8 Hist. AngL Script. Decern, 67. 
Vita Sanoti Cuthberti, metrice scripta. 

Edited l^ James Haine for the Surtees Society, 1838. 
Libellus de Nativitate Sancti Cuthberti, de Historiis Hyber^ 
nensium exoerptus et translatus. 

Edited by James Baine for the Surtees Society. 
Beginaldi Monachi Dunelmensis Libellus de Admirandis 
Beati Cuthberti Virtutibus. 

Edit. James Baine, 1886, fbr the Surtees Society. 
Vita metrica S. Cuthberti, auctore Beda. 

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suppleta ex historia Dunehnensi Turgoti. 

Act. Sanct. (Mar 20), iii. 93. Edit. Sterenson, Bngl. Hist. Society, 1841. 
Svo. Inter opera Beds. . 
HistoricaNarratio de S. Cuthberto, ex yariis codicibus MSS. 

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vita ex Capgravio. 

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De S. Cuthburga, Begina et Virgine. 
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De S. Cuthmano, Confessore StenningsB in Normanuia. 
Vita, auctore anonjmoi ex duobus yeteribus MSS. 
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Historia Captionis Damietes. 

(3ale*8 Hist. Angl. Script, quinque, p. 435. Gesta Dei per Prancos. 8vo. 
Lond. 1846. Edit. Giles.* Edit. Eccard Scriptores Medii iEvi. 

* Under the title of " Incerti Scriptoris Narratio de Bebus In Bello Sancto gestis.' 

3c 2 

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De S. Darerca sen Monynna Virgine in Hibemia. Vita, 
anotore anonymo, ex MS. SalmaticeuBi. 
Act. Sanct (July 6), ii. 990. 

Datid, King op Scotland: 

Euloglnm Davidis Begis Scotomin, ex Aelredi Bievallensis 
genealogia Eegom Anglonun. Ex MS. Cotton, Vespas, 

Pinkerton's Tita Sanctorum Sooti»« p. 487. 
.David, St. : 

Yita S. Davidis, Archiepiscopi Menevensis. 
Acte Sa&ot. (MMx;h 1), L 38. 

Yita S. Davidis, Episcopi Menevensis. 


GKraldi Oambrensis Historia de Yita S. Davidis, Archiepi* 
scopi Menevensis. ^ 

Anglk Sacm, ii ^OL 
Additamenta ad Legendam S. Davidis, ex vita ejosdem per 
Bicemarchum, Episcopom Menevensem scripta. 
Aoffl. Sac. ii. 645. 
Yita S. David (Wallic^). Ex M8, CotL TUua D. aaMt. Yita 
S. David (Lat.). Ex M8. Cott, Vesp. A. xiv. 
Bd. Beea, for Soc for publishing Welih M8S. 186S. 

De Sancto David, Episoopo et Confessore. 

OapK»Te*i Nova Legenda Angli». tf . 82 &-85 6. 
Yita Davidis II., Episcopi Menevensis, anthore (ut videtur) 
canonico Menevensi coetaneo. 
AngL Sacra, ii 66S. 

David's, St. : 

Axmales Ecclesie Menevensis, anthore Canonico Menevensi. 
Anglia Sacra, U. 648. 



De S. Declano, Episoopo Ardmorias in Hibemia. Yita, ex 
MS. Lovaniensi collate onm MS. S. Isidori Bomano. 
Aiif. Sauct. (Jul. 24), ▼. 680. 

Decumakus, S. ! 

De S. Decnmano, Heremita et Mart3rre. 
Oaf)graye'i Nova Legenda An^ia, f. 85. 

Deoa, St. : 

De S. Dega Maccayrill. Epis. Confess, in Hibem. 
Act. Sanot (Aug. 18). iii 666. 


Yita S. Deicoli, sive Deicolse, anctore anonymo, e Lntrensibaa 
membranis, edita a Bollando. 

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De la Moob, Thomas : 

Yita et Mors Edwardi II., Begis AnglisB, consoripta a 
Thoma Do la Moor, equite aurato, et ejasdem Begis 

OMDdfln'iAnglicftNormanniiXk FoL Francf. 1602. 1608. 

Dempster : 

ThomsB Dempsteri Historia Ecclesiastica (jentis Scotorom ; 
siye de scriptoribns Scotis. 
BannfttyneClub. 2 vols. 1828-9. 

Deke, William be : 

Willelmi de Dene, Notarii Publici, Historia Boffensis ab 
anno 1314 ad annum 1850. 
AngL SMnk L 866. 

Debvt, Walter or : 

Walteri, Abbatis Derviensis, Epistolaa. Edited from a MS. in 
John's College, Cambridge, by C. Messiter. 
I860. For the Outon Society. 

DsscHAMPs, Eustace ; v. Political Poems akd Somos. 

Deusdbdit, S. : 

De S. Deosdedit, Archiepiscopo et Confessore. 
OapgmTe'i Nov» Legends Anglie, f . 86. 

Dicbto, Balph de : % 

Historia compendiosa de Begibus Britonmn, a Bmto ad Cad- 
walladmm» anctore Badnlfo de Diceto. 
Gale*! Hist. Brit^ Sax., Angio-Ban. Script xv. p. 65S. 
Badnlphi de Diceto, Decani Londoniensis, Abbreviationes 
Chronicomm et Ymagines Historiarom. 
Twyaden's Hist. AngL Script x. oolL 429-710. 
Badolfl de Diceto Indicnlos de Successione Arcbiepiscopo- 
mm Cantoariensiam, et a qnibus apostolicis pallia suscc- 

AngUa Sacra, i 87. 
Historia de Arcbiepiscopis Cantoariensibns a prima sedis 
fondatione ad annmn 1200* 
Anglia Sacra, iL 676-698. 
Badnlfi de Diceto Series Causso inter Henricom Begem et 
Thomam Arcbiepisoopom. 

Twysden's Hist. Angi Script, x. TIL Twysden has only printed tho 
skeleton of this woric; the whole is in MS. Cott ¥eq[»s. A. xxii. 8. 


Dicoili Liber de mensora orbis terras. 

Edit Car. Athan. Walckenaer. 8vo. Par. 1807. Edit A. Letronne, Svo^ 
Par. 1814. 

DisiBODUS : 

Yita S. Disibodi, auctore Hildegardo Abbatissa. 

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Chronicon Bicardi Divisiensis de Bebus ges^ Bieardi 
Primi, Begis AngUea, nunc primam typis mandatiim, ca- 
rante Josepho Stevenson. 

8m Loud. 1888, for the BngliBhHiftoffkilBooiBtijr. Vnmbtion of the 
above by Dr. Giles. 8vo. 1841. 
DoMERHAM, Adah de : 

Historia de Bebus gestis Qlastoniensibus Adami de Domer- 

He«rne. 8vo. Oxon. 1727.* 
Adami de Domersham Historia ControversiaB inter Epi- 
sbopos Bathonienses et Monaehos Glastonienses, ab anno 
1192 ad annum 1290. 
Anglia Sacra, L 578. 

Domesday Book : 

Domesday Book, seu Liber Censualis Williebni Fnini, Begis 
Angliae, inter Archivos Begni in Domo Capitolari West- 
monasterii, asservatus. 
2 vols. FoL London^ 1783. 
Libri Censualis, vocati Domesday, Indices. Edited by H. 

Lond. Pol. 1816. 
Libri Censualis, vocati Domesday, Additamenta ex Codic. 
antiquis. Edit. Ellis. 
Lond. Pol 1816. 
A General Litroduction to Domesday Book, accompanied by 
Indexes, &c. By Sir Henry Ellis. 
2to1s.8to. 1833. 

Domesday Book op St. Paul's ; t?. London. 


Historia Trauslationis Lewinse, Yirginis et Martyris, ex 
Anglia in monasterium Bergense, auctore Drogone ejus- 
dem loci Monacho co-sequali. 

Habill. Act. Sanct. Bened. Saw. vi par. iL U4, edit. Veue^.; 112, edit. 
Dkyburgh : 

Liber S. Mariae de Dryburgh : Begistrum Cartanun Abbacise 
Praemonstratensis de Dryburgh. 

Edit by Oosmo Inneg. 4to. 184/7. For the Baimatyne Club. 
Dublin : 

Begistrum Ecclesiao Omnium Sanctorum juxta Dublin. From 
the original MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. 
Edited by the Rev. Richard Butler, 1845, for the Irish Archieolagical 
The Book of Obits and Martyrology of the Cathedral of the 
Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin, 
Edited ftrom the original MS. in the Library of Trinity Collage, Dublin, 
by the Rev. John Clarke Crosthwaite, with an introductioQ fay Dr. 
Todd, for the Irish ArcluBoIogical and Celtic Society. 

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Vita S. Dabrioii, Archiepiscopi Urbis Legionam. 

Liber LftndATensis, p. 75. Edit. Llandovery, 1840. 
Vita S. Dubricii, Archiepiscopi Urbis Legionam, authore 
Benedicto monacho Glaadiocestrensi. 
Anglia Sacra, ii 654-601. 
De S. Dubricio, Episcopo et Confessore, 
CapgraTe*8 Nova Legenda Anglin« f. 87. 


Dudonis super congregationem S. Quintini Decani de mori- 
bns et actis primorum NormannisB Ducum libri iii. 

Duchesne's Script. Norm. FoL Lut Far, 1619, pp. 51-160. Migne'u 
Fatrologin Cursus Gompletiui, 141, 607. 


Eegistmm de Dunfermelyn, Liber Oartamm Abbatias Bene- 
dictinaa SS. Trinitatis et B. Margarets Beginsa de Dun- 

Edited by Oosmo Innes. Mo. £dinb.l84a. For the Bal^uaiylle Club. 

Vitaa Dunkeldensis Ecclesiaa Episcoporum, a prima sedis 
fundatione ad annum mdxy, Ab Alexandro Mybie, ejus- 
dem EcclesiaB Oanonioo, 

Edited by Thomas Thomson and Oosmo Innes. 4to. Edinb. 1828-81. 
Printed for the Bannatyne Club, 
LittersB Fhilippi, Pulchri, Francorum Begis, de subleyanda 
inopia Matthaai Episcopi Dunkeldensis in Scotia. 


Vita Sancti Dunstani, Archiepiscopi Cantnariensis, anctore 
Osbemo Cantuariensi Monacho, saaculo xi. 

MabilLAct.Sanct.v.689»edit.Vene(. gurius (May 19). 281. Act Sanot. 
(Ifay 19), iv. 344. Migne's Fatrologis Cursus Gompletus, 187, 407. 
Liber Miraculorum ejusdem. Auctore eodem Osbemo Mo- 

MabiU. Act. Ben. v. 672, edit. Tenet.; 689, edit. Far. Acta Sanct. (19 
MaU),iv.876. Anglia Sacra> ii 88. 
Fragmenta ex alia Vita, auctore Osberto Monacho, saQCulo xii. 

MabilL Act. Ben. ▼. 684^ edit. Tenet. ; 701, edit. Far. 
Fragmenta ex Libro de Miraculis Dunstani, auctore Osberto 
[Edmero], Monacho Cantuariensi, ex MS. Codice Compen- 
diensi, in quo nomen auctoris deest. 

MabiU. Act. Ben. ▼. 691, edit. Tenet ; 708, edit Far. 
Translatip Sancti Dunstani in monasterium Glastoniense. 
Ex MS. Historia MonoHerii Olastoniensis. , 

MabiU. Act. Ben. v. 696. edit Tenet. ; 718, edit Par. 
Vita, auctore [Britferto] Presbytero coaavo et teste oculato. 
Act. Sanct. (May 19), iv. 844. Migne's Patrologiie Cursus Compietus. 139; 

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DusTAKUS, S,^^iontmued, 

Vita S. Donstani, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, auctore 

De 8* DujistftPO, Episcopo ct Confi&saofre* 

C:ipfnT*^'i^'5ii Nova Le^ndfl AisirlLKj f. SS. 

S. Donstam Epietola ad WuLfsmnm Sefairebiunensein 

Ma>}]n. A€t. Sanrrt. Onl Bt-tieiL sec. v, 239, Migue^fi PbCn)Jo^ CUrsns 


Aiiimlos Prioratus de Dtinstapk. 

Hfanie, f4vo. Uton. 17;J3 {f voU.) Ed, Loivrd, aimanjr t&o CtironiclM 
iLn<l Mcnnjrisin {in progro^). 


Poenm do 8itu ct Beliquiis Danelmi, Sax., cum versione 

Twjaden'u Kiit. Angl. Script. l>»wn. 7fi. B4 Sonmcr. Lo»d<>n, 1662. 
Hiakcft' Anglr^Saxon Grammar^ p^ 178. 

De Bamilfo Episcopo, tempore WiUielmi Conqua^stonsj et de 

alib aliquot Episcopis BtmelmQnsibuB. 
Tw}'wlun''ii Hint, AngL BcHpU Dt;<)eiB» CO-6^, 
Historian de Succ^Sijioiie Episcuporum Dunelmeusium a 

prinm scdis fuiidatioue ad annum 1096, 

Aiigli.! Sucr^ i, 691, 
Continuatio Hi,^toriKB Turgoti de Epiact>pia Dunolmcnsibus 
ab ihnuo 1090 ad annum 11^^^ antbore jyionacbo Bunel- 
meripti anonymo. 
Aii^i^lin Sat'o. L 705. 
Gaufridi SsicrisUu de Coldmgham Historia de statu Ecclesiaa 
Duiic4mcQsi9 ab auuo 1144 ad annnjn 1214. 

Ai idia anrra. 1. 7 IS. Edit. J. lUirie, lS3li, for Siirtcea Society. 
Liber Vitiu Ecole.siaj Duiidmcn»U; nee non Obituaria duo 
ejuadcjm EcclesirG, 

Bdit^d by tbe R^v. JtMoph Steroijson, 1S41, for the SitHcw Btuck^, 
Bitualc Ecclesim Dujielnienfiia. 

Boldou Book, or Survey of Durbam ; v. Boldon. 
Boberti Do Grajatanes, Dunelmenais Epiticopij Ilistoria de 
statu Eecle&fitij Dunelmcutfis ab anno 1214 ad aunum 1336. 
AnfUn Sflrm, i* 732> EUtt. J. RftiJie^ IMSW, for tbtj Surtc«t Bocioty. 
Willclmi de Chambre Cuntinuatio His tori aj Dimebneusis, ab 
anno 1333 jwl aujium 1559, 

Ajiglia Bftcm. 1 785. Edit, J. Rfti«o. 1839| for tho Surteci Soduty. 
Succetf^io Prioram Dnnelmeii^ie Ectilesiie. 

AriKlia Kaci?v, i. 7Sk 
Wills and luventorieB^ ilhistratiye of the mamicrs, langnagef 
and j^tatiatics of tbe north cm coimties of England. 
1S35, I'ur the Buiioea Bodety. 

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DuBHAM — continued. 

Sanctuariom Dtmelmense et Sanctuarium Beverlacense, or 
Begisters of the Sanctuaries of Durham and Beverley. 
18S7. FortheSorteesSocietj. 
Catalogi veteres Librorum Ecclesias Cathedralis Dunel- 
1888. For the Siurtees Society. 
The Origin and Succession of the Bishops of Durham, 
printed from the original manuscript in the Dean and 
Chapter's Library at Durham. 
4to. 1779. 
Histories Dunelmensis Scriptores tres, Graufridus de Colding- 
ham, BobertuB de Graystanes, et Willielmus de Chambrc. 
^ Edited by James Raine, 18S8, for the Surtees Society. At the end of the 
Volume is an Ai^wndiz containing 860 Charters and other Documents 
relating to Durliam. The three lives are also printed in the Anglia 


Laurentius Dunelmensis de Yita S. BrigidsB ; v. Brigida. 
Durham, Begimald be : 

Beginaldi Monachi Dunelmensis Libellus de admirandis 
Beati Cuthberti virtutibus qua) novellis patrataa sunt 

Edit. James Baine. 8vo. London^ 1836. For the Surtees Society. 
The Life of Sb. Godric of Finchale ; by Eeginald, a monk of 
Durham, his contemporary. 

Edit, l^ the Bev. Joseph Stevenson. 1846. 

Simeon, Monachus Dunelmensis, de Dunelmensi Ecclesia. 

Twysden's Script Decern, pp. 1-^ 
Epistola Simeonis Monachi Ecclesise Sancti Cuthberti Du- 
nelmi ad Hugonem Decanum Eboracensem de Archiepi* 
scopis Eboraci. 

Twysden's Script. Decern, pp. 7(^-79. Ed. Bud. London, 8vo. 1732. 
Historia sanctse et suavis memoriaa Simeonis, Monachi et 
Prfficentoris Ecclesiaa Sancti Cuthberti Dunelmi, de Eegi- 
buB Anglorum et Dacorum, et creberrimis bellis, rapinis, 
et incendiis eorum ; post obitum venerabilis Bedss pres<> 
byteri fere usque ad obitum Begis primi Henrici, filii 
Willielmi Nothi, qui Angliam acquisivit, id est cccc.zxix. 
annorum et iv. mensium. 
Twysden's Script x. 89-268. 
Simeonis Dunelmensis Historia de Gcstis Begum Anglorum 
. ab A.D. 616 ad usque A.D. 957. 

Edit Petrie, Mon. Hist Brit FoL Lond. 1816, pp. 646-888. 
Simeon de Obsessione Dunelmi, et de probitate Ucthredi 
Comitis, et de comitibus qui ei successerunt. 
iSi^yiden's Script Decern, 79-82. 

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Eadmeri, Monachi Cantuariensis, Historiffl Noyorum siye 
sui ssecnli Libri YI. Ees gestae (quibus ipse non modo 
spectator diligens sed comes etiam et actor plemmqiie 
interfiiit), sub Guiliebno I. et II. et Henrico I., Anglisa 
Begibus, ab anno nempe salutis MLXYI. ad MOXXTT. 
potissimum complexi. In Lucem ex Bibliotheoa Cotto- 
niana emisit Joannes Seldenus, et notas porro adjecit et 

FoL Lond. 1028. Pol. Puis, 1676^ p. 27, subjoined to " S. Anaelmi Open :" 
Bd. Gerberon. 

Eadmeri Cantuariensis, Monachi Ordinis S. Benedicti Opera : 
labore ac studio Monachorom Congregationis S. Mauri 
restituta et emendata. 

PoL Puis, 1721, as » supplement to the works of 8. Anselm. foL Venet. 
1744. Migne's Patrologiae Curaus Completus, torn. 159. 

Osbemi {verius Eadmeri) liber de vita S. Odonis Archi- 
episcopi Cantuariensis. 

Anglift Sacra, il 7&-87. MabOL Act Sanct. Bened. Sec. ▼. 28S-2B6. Act 
Sanct. (JuL 4), ii 6S. Migne's Patrologis Curras Completus, ISS, 981. 

Fratris Edmeri Angli de Vita D. Ansebni, Archiepiscopi Can- 
tuariensis, lib. ii. nunquam antehac editi. 
Antrerpic, 1551. 12mo. Migne*8 Patrologla» 169, 606. 

Vita S. Anselmi, Archiepiscopi Cantaarienfiis^ anctore 

Vita ex Historia Novorum Eadmeri. 

Act Sanct. (Ap. 21), IL 865. Surius (Ap. 21). 207. 
Eadmeri librorum de vita S. Anselmi quaa desunt in editis. 
AngL Sacra, ii 181-183. PoL Paris, 1721. Edit Monachi Congre^r. S. 

Vita B. Bregwini, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, authore Ead- 

Angl. Sacra, iL 184-190. Act Sanct (Aug. 26), v. 287. Migne's Patndogia, 
159, 754 

Vita 8. Oswaldi, Episcopi Wigomiensis et Archiepiscopi 
Eboracensis, authore Eadmero. 

AngL Sacra, iL 191-210. Migne's Platrologia, 160, 762. 

Vita S. Dunstani, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis, authore Ead- 

Anglia Sacra, iL 211-221. Migne's Patrologia, 159, 786. 

Epistola ad Glastonienses Elmeri aliter Edmeri, de corpore 
S. Dunstani. 

Anglia Sacra, iL 222-226. Migne's Patrologia, 150, 799. 
Nicolai Epistola adEadmerum de Primatu Sedis Eboracensis 
in Scotia. 

Anglia SAcrB,iL 234. Migne*s Patrologia, 159, 810. 

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Eadmeb — continued, 

Eadmeri Epistola ad monaohoa Wigomienses de eleotione 

AxiffliftSaor%ii.«88. Migne's Pfttrologia, 160, 807. 
Vita S. Wilfridi, auctore Eadmero, Cantnariensi Monacho. 
Acta 8aiict(S4 Apr.), iii 299. Habill. Act. Sanct. Ord. Bened., iii. par. i. 
170, ed. Tenet. ; 196^ edit. Par. Migne's Patrologia, ISO, 710. 
Eanswida, S. : 

De S. Eanswida, Yirgine et Abbatissa. 
Capgnve's Nora Legenda Anglis, f. 07. 

Eata, Bishop op Hexham : 

Yita Saucid Eata}, Hangostaldensis Episcopi. 

Edited by J. B^e, 1838, for the Surtees Society, in the volume entitled 
** Miscellanea Biograpfaia^" p. 12L 
De S. Eata, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda Angliie, f«98. 
Ebba, S. : 

De S. Ebba, Virgine et Abbatissa. 

Capgrave*8 Nova Legoida AngUs, f. 90. • 


Ecclesiastical Docttments : 

Early History of the Bishopric of Somerset, from its foun- 
dation to the year 1174 ; with charters from the Library of 
Dr. Cox Macro. 

Edited by the Bev. Joseph Hunter, P.SA., for the Camden Society, 

EccLESTON, Thomas de ; v. Monihibhta Faakciscaic a. 
Edbukoa, S. : 

De S. Edbnrga, Virgine et Martyre, 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda Anglise, f. 101, 

Vita S. Wilfridi, Episcopi JEboracensis, anctore Eddio Ste- 

Hist Brit., Sax., Ang.-Ban.: Script, xv. Edit. Gale.{. 40-00. HabilL 
Act. Sanct iv. i. 631, edit. Tenet. ; 076, edit. Par. Bd^ Giles, for the 
Cazton Society, 18M. 
Edgab, Eex : 

De S. Edgaro, Eege et Confessore. 
Gapgrave's Nova Legenda Anglis, f. 384. 

Chronidon Coenobii S. Crubis, Edinburgensis. 

Anglia Sacra, i. 152-162. Edit, by Pitcaim. 4to. Bdinb. 18^, for the 
Bannatyne Club. 
Liber Gartarum Sanctaa Crucis ; munimenta Ecclesise Sanctee 
Crucis de Edwinesburg. 

Bdited by Cosmo Innes. 4to. 1840, for the Bannatyne Club. 
Liber Conventus S. Katharinae Senenis prope Edinburgnm. 

Bdit.Ja8.1Iaidment. 4to. 1841, fbr the Abbotsford Club. 

Begistrum Cartanim Ecclesiaa S. Egidii de Edinburgh. 

Edited by D.Laing, fbr the Bannatyne Club. 4to. 1850. 

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EDiNBxmGH — continued, 

Begistmm domus de Soltre, necnon Ecclesiaa Collegiatae S. 
Trinitatis prope Edinburgh. Charters of the Hospital of 
Soltre, of Trirdty College, Edinburgh, and other Collegiate 
Churches in Mid-Lothian. 

Edited by D. LiOiig, for the Baimatyne'aab, IMl. 
Editha, S. : 

Vita S. EadgithsB sen EdithsB, Edgari Anglorum Begis filias 
et Sanctimonialis Wiltoniensis, auctore, ut videtur, Gotse- 
lino Monacho Cantuariensi. 

MabiU. Act. Sanct.. ▼. 628, ed. Tenet. ; ▼. 686, od. PftrU. Act. Sanct. (Sept. 
16), ▼. 365. 8urius (Sept. 16), 168. Higne's PatrologU, 105, 110. 
Vita et miraculis Sanctas Edith» ; v. Chronicles (Chronicon 

De S. Editha, Yirgine et Abbatissa. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda AngUa, f. 102. 

Edmund's, St. : 

Wills and Inventories from the Begister at. Bury St. 

Edited by Samuel Tymes, P.8A., for the (Tamden Sodety. 1840-50. 
Edhdnd, St., KiKO and Mabttb : 

Fassio Sancti Edmimdi, Begis Orientalium Anglorum et 
Martyris, per Abbonem Floriacensem. 

Surius (20 Nov.), iv. 410. Higne's Patrologiao Cursus Completua, 180, 607. 
Miracula S. Edmimdi, Begis Orientalium Anglorum. 

Martene's Ampliasinia Oollectio, vi 82L 
Vita et Fassio S. Edmundi Begis. 

Battelcy's Antiquitates 8. Edmundi Burgi, App. p. 110. 
De S. Edmundo, Bege et Marty re. 
O^pgrave's Nova Legenda Anglitc, f. 107. 

Edmund, Abchbishof : 

Vita S. Edmundi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis. Ex MSS. 

Surius (Nov. 16), 868. 
De S. Edmundo, Archiepiscopo Cantuariensi, EpistolsD qu83- 
dam. Ex M8, Edw, Bering, Bart, 

Edit. Heame, in the Appendix to Pordun's Scotiohronicon, p. 1405. 8vo. 
Oxon. 1722. 

De S. Edmundo, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Oapgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 108. 

Edwabd, St., King and Mabttr : 

Fassio Sancti Edwardi, Begis et Martyris. 

Acta Sanct. (March 18), iL 688. 
S. Edwardi Begis, Vita et Martyrium ut in antiquis MSS. 
exemplaribus habetur (mutato stylo). 
Surius March 18), 201. 

Do S. Edwardo, Bege et Martyre* 
Cbpgrave's Nova Legenda Angliffb f< US* 

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Edwabd the Contessob : 

La Estoire de Seint Aedward le Bei. Vita Beati Edwardi 
Begis et Confessoris. Vita iCdnwardi Begis, qui apnd 
Westmonasterium requiescit. 

Edited by H. R. Luard, among the Ghronicles and Memorials. 
Extrait de rHistoire de Seint Aedward le Boi, translatie da 

Edit. P. Hichdj in the OhroniquGS Anglo-NormandeB. 8?o. Bouen,18S6 
Ailredos Abbas Bieyallensis de Vita Begis Edwardi Con- 

Twysden's Hist. An^ Script. Decern, 389. Acta Sanct. (Jan. 6), L 288. 
Surius (Jan. 6), L 7S. Capgrave's Nora Legenda Anglie, f. 108. 
Migne's Patrologia, 105, 737, 
De translatione S. Edwardi. 

Act. Sanct (Jan. 6), 1 200. Buiius (Jan. 6). i. 72. 
De S. Edwardo, Bege et Confessore. 
Oapgrare's Nova Legenda Anglin, f. 106. 
EdwaBD I. : 

Liber quotidianns contrarotolatoris Grarderobte anno regni 
Begis Edwardi I. vicesimo octavo. A.D. 1299 et 1300. 
Printed by the Society of Antiquaries. 4to. Lond.1787. 
Botulus Families Edwardi I. 
ArchftolQgia, xv. 360-^82. 

Boll of Expenses of K. Edward I. at Bhuddlan Castle in 
Wales, A.D. 1281-1282. 
Aroh»ologia» zri 82-79. 
Boll of Pnrcliases made for the Tournament of Windsor 

Aroh»ologia» xvii. 207-810. 
A Narrative of the Progress of Edward I. in his Livasion of 
Scotland in 1296. 

Aroheologia, xzL 478H06. 

EnWABD n. : 

De Vita et Morte Edwardi IT. ; v, Thomas de la Moore. 
Annales Edwardi 2ndi. 
Heame. 8ra Oxon. 1720. 

Edwardi 11. vita a monacho quodam Malmesbnriensi. 

Heame. Svo. Oxon. 1729. 
VitfiB Edwardi II. et III. ; v. Trokelowe and Blaneforde. 

Historia qninqne priorum annorum Edwardi 2ndi. 
Heame. 8vo. Oxon. 1731. 

Boll of Arms of Peers and Knights in the reign of Edward 

8vo. Lond. 1828. 

Edward III. : 

Chronicon Edward Tertii ad annum 1346. 
Heame. 8vo. Oxon. 1781. 

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Edwakd m. — continued. 

Historia Boberti de Avesbnry de mirabilibos gestis Edwardi 
m. ad tamam 1856. 
Heame. 8to. Oxon. 1790. 
Anonymi Historia Edwardi Tertii. 

Hevne. 8to. Oxon. 17SL 
An historical relation of certain passages about the end of 
King Edward m., and of bis death. 
Arehncdogumxii tl8-S84b 
The Eoll of King Edward the Third's Fleet before Calais. 

Arehsologift, tL 21S-ffl5. 
Subsidy Boll, 51 Edw. HE. 

ArchjBoIogift, viL 8S7-347. 
An Inventory of the Crown Jewels, 3 Edw. m. 

ArdueoIoKia, X. 241-260. 
Poems on the death of Edward III., 1377. 

In Wrigfaf 8 Political Poems and Songs, voL i p. 211^224. Chran. and 
Hem. Sra Lond. 1859. 
Poems on the death of K. Edward HT., and on the disturb- 
ances of the earlier part of the Beign of King Bichard 11. 
ArduBologia, xviii. 11-28. 
Expenses of the Great Wardrobe of King Edward the Third 
from 1347 to 1349. 
Arohsologia, xxzL 1-163. 
Boll of Arms of the Beign of Edward m. 

Bra Lond. 1828. 
Songs on King Edward's Wars. 

WrigfafsPoUtlcal Poems and Songs, Td.i p. 88. Chionieles and Hemo- 
rials, 870. Lond. 1869. 

Edwakd IV. : 

Historia of the Arrivall of Edward lY. in England, and the 
finall Becoverye of his Kingdomes from Henry VI., A.D. 

Edited by John Brooe, Esq., for tlie Camden Society, 1888. 
A Chronicle of the first thirteen years of the Beign of King 
Edward the Fourth, by John Warkworth. 

Edit. J. O. Halliwel], for the Oamden Society, 1889; and in modon 
orthography in the ** Chronicles of the White Bose of York." Lond. 
8T0. 1841 
A remarkable fragment of an old English Chronicle or His- 
tory of the affairs of King Edward the Fonrth. 

Heame. 8to. Oxon. 1719, in App. to Sprotf s Chronicle, p. 28S-808, and 
in modem spelling in the ''Chnmides of the White Bose of York." 
Lond. 8vo. 1846. 
Chronicle of the first thirteen years of King Edward the 
Fourth's Beign. 

Edit. Halliwell, 4to. Lond. 1839, for Camden Society. 
An account of the second Invasion of England in 1471, by 
Edward IV. 

Archaeologia, xxL 11-23. 

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Edwabd IV. — continued. 

Political Song on the Accession of Edward IV. to the throne 
in 1461. 

ArctuBol., xxix. 18(hl31. 
Political Poems of the Beigns of Henry VI. and Edward IV. 

ArohiBoU xzix. 818. 
Account of the Ceremonial of the Marriage of the Princess 
Margaret, sister of King Edward the Fourth, to Charles, 
Duke of Burgxmdy, in 1468. 
ArchnoU zxxL 826-388. 
Wardrobe Accounts of Edw. IV., an. 1480; v. Elizabeth of 
Edwabd V. : 

Grants, &c., of King Edward the Fifth. 

Edited by John Gough Nichols, Esq., F.SJL, fbr the Camden Society, 

Edwabd the Black Pbince ; v. Black Pbince. 

De S. Edwino, Kege et Martyre. 
Capgrare's Nor. Legend. Angl. f. 116. 
EdwOLD : 

De S. Edwoldo, Confessore. 

Oapgreye's Nova Legenda Anglhe, f. 120. 

Egbebt : 

De S. Egberto, Monacho. 

Gapgrave's Nora Legenda Angliie, f. 121. 
The Pontifical of Egbert, Archbishop of York, A.D. 732-766. 

Edited by Bev. W. Greenwell, for the Sxirtees Society, 1863. 

Eobin : 

De S. Egbino, Monacho. 

Oapgrave's Nora Legnoda AngBie, f. 122. 

Edwin, S. : 

Vita S. Egwini, Episcopi Wigomiensis in Anglia, auctore 
anonymo qui videtur saBCulo xi. vixisse. Ex Januario 
Bollandiano et Capgravio, 

MabilL Act. Sanct. iiL par. L 316, edit. Tenet. ; iii par. i. 330, edit. Far. 
Tide Leland. Ck)ll. i. 300. 

Vita Sancti Egwini, "Wigomiensis Episcopi, per Brithwaldum 
Glastoniensem monachum. ExM8, Cott. Nero E, 1. 

Edited by GUes, 1854, for the Cazton Society. 
Vita S. Egwini, Episcopi Wigomiensis. 

Act. Sanct. (Jan. 11), L 707. 
De S. Egwino, Episcopo et Confessore. 

Capgrare>Nova Legenda Anglisp, f. 123. 

Eleanob, Countess op Leicester ; v. Mai^ners. 
Eleanor, Queen Consort op Edward I. ; v. Manners. 

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Elerahus, S. : 

Yita S, Fatricii auctore (nt yidetor) S. Elerano Sapiente. 
Colgan's Acta Sanctorum Hibernia, iL SS. 


De 8. Elfleda, Abbatissa et Yirgine. 
Capgnve's Nova Legenda Anglie, f. 128. 


Elizabeth of York, Queen of Henry YII. Privy Purse Ex- 
penses from 1502 to 1503 ; to which are added the Ward- 
robe Accounts of Edward lY., an. 1480. Edit. Nicolas. 
Svo. LonoLlSSO. 

Elmer, Pbior of Caitterburt ; v. Losikoa. 

Elmham, Thomas be : 

Historia Monasterii S. Augustini Cantuariensis, by Thomas 
pfElmham. Edit. C. Hardwiok. 
Among the Chronicles and Memorials. 
Yita et Gtesta Henrici Quinti, Anglorum Begis. 

Heame,8T0. Oxon. 1727. 
Elmhami Liber Metricus de Henrico Y. 

Edit. C. A. Cole, among the Chronicles and Memorials. 

Elphso, & : 

Yita S. Elphegi, Archiepiscopi Cantuariensis et Martyris, 
auctore Osbemo ejusdcm ecclesiss Cantuariensis monacho 
fere cosequali. 

MabiU. Act Sanct.. vi par. i 108, edit. Venet; vi par. i US, edit Par. 

Act Sanct (Ap. 29), ii 680. Sorius (Ap. 19), 188. Langebek's Berum 

Danicarum Script iL 480. Migne's Fatrologin Cursus CompletDS, 140, 


Historia de Translatione 8. Alphegi a Lundonia ad Can- 


Anglia Sacra, ii 148. Langebek's Rerum Danicarum Script ii. 488. 
De S. Elphego, Achiepiscopo et Martyre. 
O^igrave's Nova Legenda An^iie, f. 128. 


Historia EcclesisD Eliensis, sive libellus quorundam insignium 
operum B. ^delwoldi, Episcopi. 

Gale's Hist Brit Sax. Anglo-Dan. Script xv. p. 468. 
Excerpta e Secundo Libro Historias Eliensis. 

Ibid, p. 480. 

Liber Eliensis ad fidem Codicum Yariorum. 

Edited by D. J. Stewart for the Anglia Christiana Society, 1846. 
Thomaa Monachi Eliensis, Historia Eliensis a prima EcclesisB 
fandatione ad annum 1107. 
Anglia Sacra, i 066. 
Bicardi Prioris Eliensis, Continnatio Historiie Eliensis, ab 
anno 1107 ad annum 1169. 
Angl. Sac., i. 616. 

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Elt — continued, 

HonachiEUenBis, Continnatio Histori» Eliensis, ab anno 1169 
ad annum 1388. 
An^. Sac L 6S1. 
Monachi EUensis Continnatio Historiss Eliensb, ab anno 
1388 ad annum 1486. 
Boberti Stewarde, Prions ultimi Eliensis, Continnatio 
HistorisB EUensis, ab anno 1486 ad annum 1554. 
AngL Sac., L 876. 
Bicardi Monachi Eliensis Historia de Conversione Abbatiaa 
Eliensi in Episoopatum. 
G^ealogia Boberti Stewarde, Prions ultimi Eliensis, ab 
ipso conscripta. 
Inquisitio Eliensis. 

Publiahed by the Record CommiMion. PoL Load. 1846. 
Vita S. Etheldritfld, Yirginis et BeginsB, Abbatiss® Eliensis 
primsB, auctore Thoma Eliensi monacbo, qui sseculo xii. 

Mabfll. Act. Senct. Sa>c. it 738-774^ edit Par. ; 707, edit. Yenet Act . 
Buict. (8S June), iv. 488. 

Thomaa monachi Eliensis, Fragmentum de dignitate abbatis 


Emma, Queen : 

Emm83 Anglorum Beginao, Bicardi I., Ducis Normanorum 
Filiffi, Encomium ; incerto auctore, sed cosBtaneo. 

Dncheme Script Norm. Vol Lut Pu*. 1019, pp. 161-177. Langebek's 
Bfemm Danicanim Script. iL 478. Migne's PfttrologiaB Cunui Com- 
pletus, 141, 1378. N.B.— Baron MasereB r^rinted thia jHeoe, in 1788, 
for priTite distribution. 

E2n)BUS : 

Yita S. Endsei, Abbatis Araniensis. Ex Codice Insulas 
Omnium Sanctorum autbore Augustine Magradin. 
Oolgan (March 81), L 704. Act. Sanot (Mar. 81). iii 267. 

England : 

A Belation, or rather a True Account, of England under 
Henry Vil. Translated from the Italian of a Contempo- 
rary Venetian Nobleman, resident at the English Court, 
with Notes, by Charlotte A. Sneyd. 
Por the Camden Society, 1846^. 
Historiaa Anglicance, circa tempus Conquestus Anglioa a 
Guilelmo Notho Normannorum Duce, Selecta monumenta 
cum Notis, etc. a Fr. Maseres. (E^ttracted from Duchesne' 8 
Script Norm,) 
4to. Lend. 1807. 
Documents illustrative of English History in the 13th and 
14th centuries. Edited by H. Cole. 
iTol. frp.fbl. 1844. 

VOL. I. 3d 

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Epistola Joftimis TTI. Faf^m b4 Anglos. 
Ekglish Hiirrf>EiCiJL Societt : 

lionltan, iSttL 

Edited hrr Ibe E?r. JcMffth St^vvwon. §Mk IiOfiAiB«tV& 
O&dudeBxddioBrilafinie^ Edited fav>^ tbe Bcv* J«r^ 8te«vn«t«t. 
CkMkci]llplfiiiiUici]«.£Tifluonk3. Bdiled l)j Jobu IL Esmbk. &r<ilJi. 

let-lii 8*f±. London. 

Sofferi lie WLTitlorer Chrc<nic&, f^rt Plonv ^tooiiuraaik ff^ttrt t^ ftv 

E«^. e,0. Coie, 4toIj^ &I-& Loodon. Uii-i4> 
JLppeDdii fed Kn^i^ de Wmdfnrr Fl«i«s HMornrooL In i|tu lertioRma 

V«n»abili^ Rf^lffi nistoFia E€rti>«bKitin Gtsrlis Anflofva, BdUwdbj 

the Et^. Ji><^pli StPrenMHi. H\a In^tidigo, ISil. 
TeuR^iliA &»lv Qp<9«tiiitoru» minxmj rui,:— 
(K) Viu mttriw 8, Cutl*l»rtL 
(XL) Vita prrjs&iia S. Cuibbortt. 

jlllj Vita b«t<>nm] Abbotixm Boi^di^rll, OmlCpldl, Bwtervinl. 
Sigfridi *tque Hwi^tb«?rtitL 

(V.) V€ni?T3]iiliA B(&ht Epi^tolawl Eo^beratuni mtwytaii. 
(TL) Appendii. Eputol&rt C<mJC!iltii» Brv^eCknmkvm. A«DL731-7fK. 
Ylta 8. CuIIiIm^I, aot-tfln? aii^njino, Histi^j™ Translitkmli 8. Catli- 

TunF>U- Hia^l/iriA AhS^ium GyTTrnsiimiH, buetciTt ^onjimov Sermo tn 
taUIv ^. B^Dvdkii Alili^kti'i. 

F, Nicholai Trivet i, do OFdine ¥mt, Pnrdic&toruin. AmiaJcs am B^fum 
Anieliv, qqj a OimilUju* Andw.-aTfu^ilitii CFTlgtliitFtll truatint. (AJI. 
11*5-1 SO*?). Edited b.v Til ftmas Htv. Sv«l Londofi. 1SI& 

ChrontfjMn di! la traiioti tt mart iltf Ri chart Bstu;, B^gr DeciBleliBmp laliv 
en lutoiitire' d'a|frfei im maziuscrit d'.- la biblioth^iup Rojak de F^ria, 
autreroH oonierr^ d»n^ Vabtiajf de S. Vknorj avw J« vaHaatfia 
f mrnkti jiardii smlni* mftiniM^ritft. dcB <^lau^ci»^rtienta. ct uo rtontta, 
XWf Itefijainirt Williams. F.S.A. 8vi>. London. !S46. 

Adiuui M uHmu therms Chrijinea. E^ui tois ports (l3<3-t54fi} cn^m * 
[M»itiDafittQtje (A.D. l^aoh n quodam anonjiDo. Edited bj ' 
Hog. 8tip. London, 1846. 

Ge^ta l^tfrphoDt, Hcfcb Anirlorum ci Ducis KoniiaiiDCirum« imyrto aupttjtw, 
ftcd pont*inporaiieo»oUii3 t^i vett^fp rcdlct- MS- Episwpatuij I^iidimeiiaia 
ab AJidp^ I>ti( hesTie edita. Ethttd by EitJiard C. Si^cU, D.CX. tvii. 
Lender, IBM. 

ClironkKi^D Domini Walleri df HeminjirbiLrfrb. ^nilppo Haziin^iTnl dutim^ 
pati, ordinis S. Auiciintini Canon id Ecfrulans, ki cixnobio B. Mafii^ d« 
Giflbum, d^ pratis Rc^im Anplia.^ Ediksl by Hans Claude Hamilton- 

Plon-ntii WiiKimietiri* Mmi«i*hi Chrofibon a ChmiiScii, ah adveDtti 
IleiijBflsti H Horn ki BriUnniaiB n<iqm?adanTiiuii 1117, cui maxattnmt 
roi]itinuatione-» duic. cjiiarum una ad annum nil, aJi^^ra, nunc primuin 
typis vuli^ta. ad aiiiium 12J?5 pf'rducta. Edilwl by Benjamin Thorptv 
!4.A.S. 2 vole, itvo. Loudon, lB4»i-fl. 

nprsrici Quinti AnsrUa? 16 via Ch^wta, ctim ChnTni^ NaartH«, Galllef, 
nb anno UH lul 1422. EditMl by Bt^ijauiiii TV1;]liiU]i«, S,A,S» S¥<jt 
Lf^ndon, IJ55O. 

Hi>«tt:im rcrtira AnFlininim T'TilMniT Pam ordSnis S. AiMfUStmlCancmicl 
H^^mJaris ki ftntmbJo B. Maria? thu Ki'whiinrh, in Ayro Eboracvnii, 
EiLJtoil by Uauii Claudt^ iiftUuHon, t vob. Sto. JUKkdon, W^ 

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Ebabdus : 

Vita S. Erardi (Episcopi in Gtermania), anctore Paulo. Alia 
yita, anctore Conrado. 

Colgan (Jan. 8), 1 82. Act. Sanct (Jan. 8). 1 583. 
Ebkenwald : 

De S. Erkenwaldo, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Gapgnve's Kov» Lcigendft AngUs, f. 180. 


S. S. Ermenilda Begina. 

Oi^igrave'g Nora LegencU AngUie, f. 186. 

Nairatio de uxore Emulfi, ab Ella Ecge Deironim viola. 

Edited by T. Wright, tor the Caxton Society. 1850, from Mr. Petrie's text 
in the *'Monumenta Hiitorica Britvmioa," p. 795. 

ERiniLPH, Bishop of Rochester : 

Emolfi Episcopi Roffensis, Collectanea de rebus ecclesioe 
Bofifensis, a prima sedis fhndation^ ad sua tempera. 
AngUa SacTS, i. 829-884. Migne's Fatrologia, 168, 1448. 
Ernnlphi Monachi Benedictini, postea Boffensis Episcopi, 
Epistola ad Walchelinum Episcopum Wentannm. 
D'Achery's Spicilegium, iiL 464^171. Paris 1728. 
Ejusdem Epistola ad Lambertum. 
Ibid. 471^4. 

Erricus, Heiricus, or Herricus: 

Vita S. G^rmani, Antissiodorensis Episcopi ; v. Germanus. 
Escheats ; v. Inquisitions. 


De servo Dei Esterwino Abbate. 

Capgrave's Legenda Nova Anglis, fol 136. 

EsTRiA, Henry de : 

Gatalogns Archiepiscopomm Cantnariensinm Henrici de 

Anglia Sacra, i. 83. 

Acta S. Ethbini. Ex M8. Acquicmctvno coU. evm MS. 

Acta Sanct. (Oct. 19), 474. 
Vita S. Etbini Abbatis, incerto anctore. 


De S. Ethelberto, Bege et Confessore. 
CapgraYO*! Nova Logenda Anglin, f. 186. 

De S. Ethelberto, Bege et Martyre. 
Capgrave's Legenda Nova Anglis, f. 186 b. 

Ethelburoa : 

De S. Etbelbnrga, Virgine et Abbatissa. 
Capgrave's Legenda Nova Anglie, f. lie. 

3d 2 

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D& S. Etbeldredj^ Hegiaa* Tirgine, Abbatis^a Elyensi. Yita 
ex Beda. Yita auctore Thoma Monacho Elyensi ; libris ii. 
— Miracula siuctore eodem. Antileeta ex Ohronicis Elien< 
si bus. Tide etium Ely. 

Ai^t. e^f-t. (Jani! S3), iv> ^t). 

De S. Ethel dreda, Virgine. 

Yita S. ElhcldritfB. Yirginis et R^giiiCD^ AUbatisBae Eliensis 
prita:^, anctore Thonia ElienBi Moiiacho* qui scBCulo xii. 
Tixit. Ex MS. Cod. TCll. PP. Bewdieilmirum Augliae, 
Mabiil A*'t. SaTiet. ii Hn. ed \>Tiet.; iL 7TO. e<L V>r, 

Ethelred and Etdeibrict : 

De Sanctis Ethel redo efc Ethelbricio, iTartynbuB, 
Capgmve'* Nova Lcg^nctA, f, ]i2. 

Ethelwoldus, S. ; V. Ely. 

Yita S- Ethelwoldi. Epiecopi Wmtouiensia, anctoro (nt vide- 
lur) Woktano Moimeho, cju^ disci pulo* Ex MS. Codice 
CtPfiOhil UilreJiJiiit in Gallkt, 

MabilL kvl. Ssiirt. v. 5S>i. prl. Vcnet. j 60^, pd. Pftf, Act. Sanct. (Auff, 1), 
i. ftS. Siirliii* CVitir. 1)^ ^^* SlifHTf 'h I*iit(vlo(drts Ciirsus Compleriix, 
De KaiiL'to Etbolwoldo^ Epi^oopo et Confo&sore. 

Ethelwdle^Ds r 

Ethel wolfi Monachi carmen de Abbatibus et viris piis* 
Ccenobii S, Petri in insula Lindbrarnensi, Ex MS, Codic^t 

IAbMU. hcL Sanrt, iv. jitar. ii. 317, «l. Vt-net. ; iy. par. tL 802, ed. PSur. 

D© B. Eugeoio vol Eogmno, Episcopo Ardsrathensi in Jli- 
bemiii. Vita auctore ationyTiio ex MS, Siilmanticensi. 
An. SJinct. (Aup. si|, iv. fla*. 

Enlrsgium (Historiarum Five Temporiu) Chronicon ab Orbe 
coaditD usque jul annum Dnmini 1366; a inooacho qaodam 
Malmesbiriensi exaratum* Edit. F. S. Hay don. 
AiTKHiic I ho Cliroiiiclea aiid M cluoriaK 

Eustace Moxjiciiijs : 

Roman d* Eustace le Moine, pirate fameiK de xiii. si^le. 
Edited by Franebqiw Micbel. Sfo. Paris^lSM. 

Evesham : 

Chronicou Abbatia^ Evesham ens is anctoribns Domini eo 

Priore Eveshamiie et Thoma de Merlelierge, Abbate, a 
FiLudatione ad armum 1213, una cum continuatione ad 
annum M18. 

Edit. W. D. Matray. Among the Chjonidw tmd Memorial (in Uw 





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Evesham, E. de ; v, Becket. 
Evesham, Monachus ; v, Bichabd II. 
BviNus, S. : 

Vita tripartita S. Patricii, auctoro [ut videtur] S. Evino. 

Ckdgan*! Acta Sanctorum Hiberniie, ii. 117. 
Vita S. Maidoci sen Moedoci, vel Aidani» Archiepiscopi Fer- 
nensis, aactore (ut putatur) S. Evino Abbate. 

EwBLME, Hospital op : 

Statuta Hospitalis de Ewelme (Oxon). 

Edit Hearne, at the end of Otterburne's Chronicle. 8to. Oxon. 1732. 

ExcERPTA HiSTOBiCA ; or Illustrations of English History. 

Edited by Samuel Bentley. London. Royal Svo. 1851. Containing— 
MiBcellaneoai Extracts fh>m the Close Bolls of King John, 7 and 9 John, 

1906,1808. (Close RoUs in the Tower of London), 89S. 
WUlofWiUiam Longespee, Earl of Salisbury, 9 Hen. m. 1225. (aoso 

Bolls, Tower). S4L 
Mandate of Sing Heniy the Third (br a Standard of a Dnm;on to be 

placed, in the Church of St FMer. Westminster, 28 Hen. IIL, 12M. 

(Close Bolls, Tower), 401 
Poem descriUng the Assault of Massoorm; and more particularly the 

valiant Conduct and Death of William de Longespee, commonly called 

Earl of Salisbury, and of mtenX English Knights, in the Crusade by 

St Louis, King of France, 84 Hen. lU., 1250. (Ck>tton MS., British 

Museum), 84 
Convention between Prince Edward, afterwards King Edward the Phrst, 

and Louis the Ninth (St Louis), respecting Edward's Crusade to the 

Holy Land, 5S Hen. III., 1269. (Transcripts stated to have been made 

flrom a MS. called by Carte ** Liber de Antiquis Legibus," among the 

Archives of the City of London). 
Behition of the attempted assassination of Prince Edward, afterwards 

King Edward the First, at Acre, 58 Hen. III., 1272. Transcript from 

" Liber de Antiquis Legibus," before mentioned), 274. 
Descriptions of Preparations for the Coronation of King Edward the 

Fh«t,lBdw.I.,lS72. (Uber de Antiquis Legibus), 278. 
Ordinance of King Edward the Firrt fbr a compromise between the 

Bishop, and Prior, and Convent and the Citiiens of Norwich, respect- 
ing the burning of the Cathedral and Priory of Norwich, kc during 

theBioUtbereinl272,8Edw.I.,1276. (Close Bolls, Tower), 258. 
Ancient Orisons and Prayers. (Miscellaneous Beoords, Tower). 
Indenture by whkh the Custody of Montgomery Castle in Wales was 

delivered to WiUiam de Leybum by Bogo de Knoville, 29 Edw. I., 1801. 

(Cotton MS., British Museum). 22. 
Singular Tenures, 2 Edw. II.-89 Edw. IIL, 1809-1866. (MS. British 

Museum, paragraphs 1-4, 6, 10-15, collated with Inquisitions, Ac at 

the Tower), 19. 
Notices of IsabeUa, Queen of King Edward the Second, 5 A 8 Edw. IL 

(Cotton. MS., British Museum), 278. 
Will of Elisabeth of Hahiault sister of Philippa. Queen of King Edward 

III., 49 Edw. IIL, 1875. (Begirtry of the Commissary Court of the 

Bishop of London), 28. 
Letter ftrom the Earl of Northumberknd to the Lords of the Coundl, 

2 Bich. IL, 1879. (Miscellaneous Becords, Tower), 885. 
Letter flrom James DoughM, Warden of the Marches, to Khig Bichard 

the Second, 8 Bic II.. 1884. (Cotton MS.. British Museum), 142. 
WiU of Sir William de Walworth, Kni^t, 9 Bio. U., 1885. (Prerogativs 

Court of Canterbury), 184. 

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E XCEBFTA Hlfi 1 OaiC l—^^O} it Ui U*.'iL 

A mccaid Wai of Sir WUluuti tic Wmt worthy relstk^ to M« pmpett^ in 
the City or ix^nckui, b Uic. IL, 13H5, (Fnim i Tmnieiiiit ttttted li» 
h&vo beet) niajcLe frtiui a nsoord iMnonfr tii^i Ardiii'** of tht Ci^ flf 14^* 
dtm\ 4UM21. 

Lctu^rs of Proteetioti j^rauted b^ Kiuj; E«fai7 tha Tlilnl to penKnus wIm 
oDHimpaniod Prhice Edwnrd iu the Cru4Mlf<i during iMr klHeu<» 
ftron England. M Hen. I Il.» I2fi9, ISTO, (PftA*ut EolK TcMMsr), STl- 

Kotices of MoRsl*?r» in llie lime of Beurj the ThiM, 64^ II*?h. UL, 
ia70< Ae. (l^iisjcript from *' Lilicsr de Ajjtiquii Legibui,'* *bov(? men- 

NamUiu- of Uiffta at Xorwit?b» durii^s wliicli the Cftthedral was ton* 

nmnQd, ZG Ueii. 1 1 L, 1 272. ( UIkt do Antiquia Lefpbtu ) , iS%. 
Maiulat*^ cf Kiiw Uvnuj the Third tfj the Hi^hop of Ncrwieh. to wilJt- 

dniw till! tnLf'rdidt uiidiT which lieliadljikl the City of Norwich, on 

lu'eoiiii! of EJuLs ihi-fti tH*twt*f n the Jttfjtika m\d Uiti^ent^ 60 Hen. ILI^ 

1^2. I Clnse Hi^lla, Tow«*r ) , £S3^ 
Msudlate of KinK Ik-iirj the Third to the ShsriirH of ^ortaUk mid SttlMk, 

to siminioti all Kjii^chti und Frecholcitrs of 20?. a jpeaTt and to tlia 

Shst-ilfa of Vi^ihridnQ und Huntitiiwiuii to Ktim^cMH tweuly-fonir 

Knljrhti!! mid Prf^eholders, for inquedta into tijo Biuts at Nanrichi 

m Hon. 1 1 L, 1 37 £. { F&ti?nt Eoll^ Towel'), i5i. 
PrrMfiHlin^ in (Ik- Court of Eich^squer &^bi*t Margaret, widow of &if 

'NViUiam Walworth, ro9t*cctii>if a niitru whii^h had been i»ledf^ to btoi 

by the Aflihbbihnp uf Yort, IS Eic. 11., 1*04^, (Ixjnl Tressurcir'* Ee- 

uititubranoor'jt OfUGti in tiio Excht^iUi^r), h|2]£-4S&< 
"Will of Alira do Kcrford, wife uf Bir Thojiiaa d* ^trfoH. and aft^rWAnlt 

of JtiUii Otr KcrviJlu of Es«.x» 18 Uie. 11., 13P4, <B45giatiy of the Ckjtn- 

mlnftvy Court of the lii^lmp of l^ndon), 4ti. 
Meman^dum of thi? Ai^'iiuunt betwecii Kinf: Henry ihs Fourtht snd 

Gcoi^, Earl of Dunbar D.ud March, 1 Jicn. lY,, im. (Cotton MS.. 

Hritiiih SlUfloiiiii), 380. 
Lftu-re Patisnt of Ktiiff U(.^no^ the Fourth, certifying the Le^timacy of 

Sir ThoiuiiaSwyii/uHl, U Hen. 1 V^ 1411. (Patctit Eolk, Tower), IST-ISU, - 
Memoir on Uns Ijwwj of Kjitharirtp do lUiclt, wif^ of Sir Hugh Swyriford^ 

auil flrtiTwftribi of John of t Jaunt, Bake of Laacaoter. with Notices ckT 

tJio Swyiiford Kanulj", 1G3. 
View of thp Nvimt^r wid Descrifdlou of Pt.n*oiLti fflcnployed iti pbrrii»oiiiiie 

Calais, Guii?iiG6, Haniuios, and Ejstibaiik, ^HJ II «i. W^ l-UA-?. (MS. Ul 

posst^f^n of Sir. Ifcutioy), ^a. 
Qrdor of Kin^ H^riry thFr Fifth to pi^vi^le Sblppli]^ for the Prior of 

KtltTiaiiilianj and bU Fon^^ to ^omo to ]ii» a&siatanoc at Roliaa« 

e Ht^n. v. UlS. (MbicellMiHfua Eijcorda, Tower), aSS. 
Ordinant'Ojt made for Ihi^ Ocvertiiutnit of the Aroij bj King Henry tbc 

Fifth, at Mauntt and bj John Talbot, E«rl uf BhrewBbuiy, in tbo 

rfi^i of Henry tlH3 Suth. (MS. in tho CoUfg^ of Anmi^ and 1««h 

down*-. ».n[l atlilitiooat MSS. in the BritUh Hufleum), sa 
Marriflift! sH'ttlfinynt of WitlLani Hatiti\ of Kent, with Joan, daojrhtcrof 

Rjiliapd W>'dwillt', or thi> said County, Ew|, 7 Hen. VI., 14211. (HarldoJi 

Charter, British MiiMiini),249, 
List ff ^>w Tier's Giru prraeutod to Khm Honry Slith^ Ifi Ueu. TI., 

liST, (Cotton MS., Brit. MiutGumJ, I4a 
Petition of Janies Ha^Hcy to King Heiiry Siith, with Grants to him t^ 

th*" KiiiK. Ifi Ucii. \1m llS7-ii. (Cotton MS., British Muacum, ttud 

Patent Itoils, Tower), 1*1. 
XullH? of a Quarrel Ijetweiii a^reroJ Miinsber* of tho HottBO of Seville, 

1^ - 10 Hen. V 1.. 1433- 4fl. ( M U^l laneous Eecords, Tuwer), 1. 
vj rant of SOL found in n Piirsoiia^c, to the Int^umbent, bi i>onEsidivratiou 

of jiart of the litiildiuji^ having l^r?(^Jl blown down in a Storm, 2« Him. 

Tl ., 11 i ^. I :M i£ f f I f n 1 1 r.-fj Lt^ i: . vor\L» rr 1 1<! PMoht Hoi b, Jrj\f v r). I SO. 

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ExcEBPTA B.iSTOJLiCA.'-^eoniinued. 

Giunt of the Wardship of Margaret, Daughter and Heiren of John 
Beaufort, Doke of Somerset, to William de la Pole, Barl of Suffolk, 
a HeiL YL, 1448. (Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 8. 

Ordinance made by King Henry Sixth relative to Grammar Schools in 
London, 24 Hen. YL, 1446. (Miscellaneons Beoords, Tower), 4. 

Letter fhmi King Henry the Sixth to the Chancellor, commanding him 
to issue letters of pardon to Thomas Kenrer, 25 Hen. YI., 1447. (Miscel- 
laneous Eecords, Tower), 280. 

Letter from Henry Sixth to the Chancellor, commanding him to issue 
his Writ to the Constable of Wallingford Castle, to deliver Thomas 
Kerver ftrom his imprisonment, 25 Hen. YI., 1447. (Miscellaneous 
Records, Tower), 890. 

Bxtraot from the Will of Sir John Steward, relating to the imprison- 
ment of Eleanor (^bham. Duchess of Gloucester, kc., 25 Hen. YI., 1447, 

Commands issued to the Duke of York by King Heniy the Sixth, for the 
Expulsion of Sir Edward Neville, Knight, flrom the Castle of Aberga- 
venny. About 26 Hen. YI., 1447. (Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 6. 

Satirical Yerses referring to Political Events in the reign of King Henry 
the Sixth. About 1440. (Cotton. Charters, British Museum), 279, 860. 

Yerses describing the State of Political Parties in BngUmd, Hen. YI. 
Abdut 1440. (Cotton. Charters. British Museum), 159. 

Warrants by King Henry the Sixth to his Chancellor ft>r Commissions 
empowering the Master Masons and Carpenters to impress artificers 
for the erection of Eton College. About 18 Hen. YI., 1440. (Miscel- 
laneous Records, Tower), 48, 46. 

Grant by King Henry the Sixth to Eton CoUege of the Tablet of Bour- 
bon, containing some highly valued relicks which had belonged to the 
Cardinal BeaufoH. 26 Hen. YI., 1448. (Patent Rolls, Tower), 48, 46. 

Grant of Arms to Eton College by King Henry the Sixth, 27 Hen. YI., 
1440. (Patent Rolls, Tower), 44^ 47. 

Grant of Arms to Roger Keys, Clerk, uid his Brother and Descendants, 
for his Services in the Erection of Eton CoUege, Ac., 27 Hen. YL, 1440. 
(Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 45, 40. 

Grant of Arms by King Henry the Sixth to the (Allege of St. Nicholas, 
or King's College, Cambridge, 27 Hen. YL, 1460. (Patent Rolls, Tower), 

Grant by King Henry the Sixth to Nichohis CTIoos, Clerk (afterwards 
successively Bishop of Carlisle and Lichfield), fbr his services in build- 
ing St Nicholas* or King's College, Cambridge, 27 Hen. YI., 1450. 
(Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 864. 

Satirical Yerses addressed to William Boothe, Bishop of Chester, Hen. YL 
About 1461. (Cotton Charters, British Museum). 857. 

Warrant of King Henry the Sixth for a Writ to the Sheriflk of London, 
commanding them to erect Barriers and Lists fbr a Battle, upon an 
Appeal of High Treason, 81 Hen. YL, 1468. (Miscellaneons Records, 
Tower), 891. 

Letter horn Edward, Earl of March, afterwards King Edward the Pourth, 
and his Brother, Edmond. Duke of Rutland, to their Father, the Duke 
of York, 88 Hen. YL, 1454. (Cotton. MB., British Mtiaeum), 8. 

Petition of Johan de Castendot, Bsquhr«, and others, Gascons, to King 
Henry the Sixth, for Licence to p^ out of England. whHher they had 
come to appeal to the King for a Prisoner taken by haja de Bretailles, 
Esquire, 83 Hen. YI., 1455, 214. 

Warrant for the Appointment, together with the Patent creating John 
Judde, Merchant of London. Master of the Ordnance to King Henry 
the Sixth, 85 Hen. YL, 1456. (Miscellaneous Records and Patent Rolls, 
Tower), 10. 

Order of King Henry the Sixth to issue Letters Patent of a Grant of 
a Reversion in Ireland to Thomas Fitz Gerald^ Prior of Kihnagn* 
(Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 889. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 



ExcEBPTA 'Exatomck—H^onUimeJ, 

AccouJit or ih« Bute of Bie^es tti NDrthiunberlAnd^ 2 Gdw. IV.^ 14S1. 

CGottom. Chftrteti^ BriCi^Ii MuBeum), 30S. 
Letter horn Loret L^cbato to his M antcr, Jnltn Fclde. 6 Edw, IV., 1M5. 

{Andieiit Chvtcm, British Miijt<;uui)< 11. 
lioefiofi from Kinj^ Edwaml tlie Fourth to two Gircks to collect a EphQ' 

voknCQ from hJM Subjcctfi for the Rodtimption of their Hotfta^rea^ thai 

in the hjind« of tbe Turka, f £dfr. IV., 14i7. <Muioi>llaiiK>us Ik<x»^« 

Tower), aSS. 
KunLtLVQ of tlie Toumiuni^Dt between Aiitlionj W^^^'dCfViIkj Lord Bealea, 

mid tho BBAtard of Burn^uiidy, 7 Echv. IV., lie?. (LaiimIowiiq mnd 

Hsulcinu M^S.i Britinh 3Eiu»cum ; Armidcl M§., mid Another In iho 

College of Arms)* 171. 
Chxdiengea to piirforto Ff«l» of Arms after tha Toumaineut between 

Ijord Bcaleit ATid the Ba^itttLrd of Burgundyj S13. 
Ciinllen^ of Loj» de BnitaJliH, nttd Answer of Bir Jehan dc ChaissA, 

fl Edw. IV.. 1*%. (LanMiownfl MS., British MuseimU, S)«. 
CliaUenffe of Philip de Boutoii, 7 Bdw. IV., IMT. (IbidJ , 230. 
Acrountof ibc M^rrinptiof prineesa Haj^ret, Sister of Kin^ Edward the 

Fourth, 8 Bdw. IV., IKR (Cotton. M8., eollat4>d with SLcwio ES., 

Briti>jh Mnsemu), 229. 
Confession of Sir Babcrt Wcllra, ID Edw. IV„ 1470, (Harletan MB,, 

British Milium), 2i^2. 
Will of Kiiiff Edwjird the Fonrtb, IS Edw. IV.* 1470* (Trwutcrltjt bj 

Earner Lii the British Mii^nm, from ttie ongiiia] in the Rolls Chapel), 

Lettcre relating to the Btonor Family, IS Edw. IV., W1^, A^o, <Tlli«cel- 

laucouj^ aecordu, Towi-r), 35ii 
Wi] I of Anthony* Earl Rj-vetia, 1483, i Edw. V., 1IS3. (PineroKative Ccmrt 

of Canterbury), 240. 
Two tx-ttcrs frviji Btinon Btdlwortb*?, one of tin? Ofncers of the Bishop 

of LineoJn, t^ Sir Btonor, Knifflit, raving an Aeconut of th« 

Stal* of London, and the PoIitl«*1 News, shortly before the Acocsaioii 

of EJchard the Third, Edw. V., 14S3. (MbcellARCous Becortk, Tower), 


Coronation of King Eioh»rd Ibn Third and his Consort, Qiicen Anne, 
14*3. (From a contt'nijjornry ttoll in posNcssion of Mr. Bciitky^ H»^ 
leinn MS,, and MB. in the Coliqa^o of Amu), 379. 

LiPt of Duhes, Earls, Lords, and Knlg:ht» present and Knights of tbo 
Bath creatfti &t the Ctjronation of Eichanl IIL, 148,^ (Harleian MB.), 

Inventory of the Library* Plate. Jcwub, Monciy, Tapestry, Linen, tmd 
othtT Good-=i bcloniurliti? to ttie Heirs of the Count of Angoulcmo, taltcrt 
aft^T hi« dn?em«s 32 Hon. VII., 149<J. (MS. in the iKMscswiioii of tlm 
Baron Joiu^aiivanlt), tiU. 

Eitracta ftwm the l*ri\ y l\ir»e Kxpen^ei» of Kinp Henry the Be¥<!iith« 
1401-1505. {Transcript in tlie Bnti^li Miuwum)* 85. 

Letter ftom Marg»rvt, Countcfis of Eiehmond, Mothi^r of Kliig Henry 
the Seventh, to Thomas Bot4jIer, Earl ofOrmond, CJbambeHain to tho 
Queen, temp, Heu. VII. [ M iseelJaneous Eecordw, Tower) , 2S5. 

A Table of Signs used dm-ing the Hours of SilniPt* by the Stiftenf hi the 
Monaatery of Si on. (^IS* in the Library of St. Paul 's Cathedtal ) , 414^ 

Two Letters from William Blount, Lord Mount joy, at Tournay, to King 
Uf-nry the Eighth, 7 Hen. V III., I51fl. (Cotton. MS., British Museum), 

Description of the Standard!? of I^msw and Knishta in the reiffn of 
Hen ry the Eiplith. About 1520. (MS . in the Coi lepo of Armi), B*, IflSi 

T^an^lation ufu JjjitiL'r fnjiii n. Portuguese CicntkrmaJi to a FrieinJ fii 
I.SslMjn* d*wrihinp tho Esitution of Anne Bokyn, Lord Eouliford, 
Brereton, Norrl^, J?uielon, and Weston, 27 Henn" Vlll., 1336, (Trans- 

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ExcEEFTA HisTORiCA — Continued, 

lation from a certified copy of the origixial in the Ck>nTeiitaal LibTmry 

Letter from Thomas Dorset, Curato of Saint Margaret's, Lothbury, to 
the Mayor of Plymouth, and others, containing News fh>m the Metro- 
polis, 28 Hen. YIIL. 1637. (Ck>tton. MS., British Museum), 289. 

WiU of the Lady Anne of Clevcs, 4 & 6 Ph. & M., 1667. (Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury), 206. 

Funeral of the Lady Anne of Cloves. (MS. in the College of Arms), 308. 

Letter from Sir Marmaduke Barell to his Cousin, William Darell, Esq., 
giving an Account of the Death of Mary. Queen of Scots, of which he 
was an eye-witness, written on the day of her execution, 28 Bliz., 1686. 
(Miscellaneous Records, Tower), 17. 


Exoniensis Ecclesise Chronicon. 

Printed with an English Translation in the Transactions of the Exeter 
Architectural Society. 4to. Exeter, 1840, pp. 13»-146. 
Codex Exouiensis. A Collection of Anglo-Saxon poetry 
from a Manuscript in the Library of the Dean and Chapter 
of Exeter, with an English translation, &c., by B. Thorpe. 
8vo. Lond. IS42. (Published by the Society of Antiquaries). 
Exon Domesday. 

Published by the Becord Commission. FoU Lond. 1818. 


Fabiak, Bobebt : 

The Concordannce of Histories, a Chronicle of England and 
France, compiled by Bobert Fabian in 1493. 

Folio. Lond. 1616 (Pynson). Folio. Lond. 1638 (Bastall). 1542 (Baynee) ; 
1669 (Kyngston). 4to. Lond. 1811. Edit, by H. Ellis. 

Fahtosme, Jordan : 

Chroniqne de Jordan Fantosme, in App. to Cbronique de 
Dues de Normandie. Edit. F. Michel. 
4to. Paris, 1838-1841 
Jordan Fantosme's Anglo-Norman Chronicle of the War 
between the English and the Scots in 1173 and 1174, with 
a Translation, Notes, &c. by Francisque Michel. 
8vo. Paris, 1840. Published by the Surtees Society. 
Faeaknanus : 

Yita S. Farannani ex Hibemico versa. 
Colgan (Feb. 16), i 838. 
Faeicius : 

Yita Aldhelmi, anctore Faricio Monacho Malmesboriensi. 

Act Sanct. (May 26), vi 84 Edited by J. A. Giles, for the Cazkm 

Society, 1864. Higne's Patrologiae Cursus Complctus, 89, 06. 

Fasciculi Zizaniorum Magistri Johannis Wyclif cum Tritico. 

Ascribed to Thomas Netter of Walden, Provincial of the Car- 

inelite Order in England, and Confessor to King Henry the 

Fifth. Edited by the Rev. Walter Waddington Shirley, MA. 

Lond. 1868. Among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and 


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Fechinus : 

De S. Fechino, Abbate Fonrrii in Hibemia. Hjrmnus de 8. 
Fechino et Vita ex MSS. 
Act SMiot. (Jan. 20), ii 829. 
Vita S. Fechini, Abb. Fouranensis, auctore Aagustino Grra- 
dino ex Ood. Inisensi. Alia vita ex MSS. Hibemicis. 
Colgan (Jan. 20), i 130. 
Fsux OF Cbotlakd : 

Yita Gnthlaoi, Presbyteri et Anachoretffi Cmlandad in Anglia, 
auctore Felice Monacho Girwensi, ejus asquali. 

MabilL Act. Bened. Saec. UL p. L 26S, edit. Parb ; 256, edit Tenet. Act. 
Sanct. (11 April), ii 88. Capgrave's Nova Lefenda Angl. U9-17S. 
Suriufl. (Ap. 11), 142. It is riao printed in the Histoiy of Or^yland 
Abbfy, by R. Googh, p. 181-158. 4to. Lend. 1788. 

Felix, St.; 

De S. Felice Episoopo. Ex Beda. 

Surios (Mar. 8), 87. 
De S. Felice, Episoopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda, f . 148. 

Johamiis Ferrerii Historia Abbatum de Kynlos; una cum 
yita Thom89 Chrystalli Abbatis. 
1889. 4to. For the Bannatyne Club. 


Yita S. Fiaorii, auctore anonymo. 

Act. Sanct (Aug. 30). vi 598. 
Yita S. Fiacrii, Eremites* Em MS. Codice, 

Surius (Aug. 30), 329. 

De S. Fiacrio, Heremita et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda, f. 147. 


Hymnus sen Yita S. Patricii> Hibemi» Apoetoli ; S. Fieco 
Episoopo Steptensi auctore^ 

Colgan's Acta Banctomm Hibemic, IL 1-8. 

Do servo Dei Finano, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 147. 

The Charters of Endowment, Inventories, and Account Rolls 
of the Priory of Finchale, Durham. 
Surtees Society, vol 8. 

Fine Bolls ; v. Bolls. 

Fines sive Pedes Finium, give Finales ConcordisB in Curia 

Domini Begis, 7 Bic. I. 16 John (1195-1214). Edited by 

Joseph Hunter. 

2 vols. 8vo. 1835-1844. 

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FnroAB sive GuiaNBBtiSi S. : 

Vitft S. Fingaiis sive Gtdgnerii, S. Pialaa VirginiB et Boci- 
omm Mart, in Britannia, auotore Anselmo ; v, Amselm . 

Vita S. Finniani, sea Finneni, Abbatis de Cluaiu-eraird. Ex 

Cod, BaVmamiicensi. 
Officium B. Finniani, Hynmi, &o. 

Colgsn (Feb. 28), i 898. 
De S. Finiano, Abbate Surdensi in Hibemia. Vita auctore 
ononymo ex MS. HibemienBi. 
Act Sanot. (March 18), iL 4M. 


De S. Fintano Presbytero, Abb. de Cluain-ednech in Hibemia. 
Yita ex MSS. et Colgano. 
Act Sanct. (Peb. 17). iii. 17. 
Vita S. Fintani de Cluain-edilech. Ej& Codice Kilkenniensi. 
Colgan (Veb. 16), i 848. 
FiNTANUS sive Mtjuu: 

De S. Mnnnu sive Fintano, Abbate TeacbmnnnenBi. Vita 
auctore anonymo ex MS. Sabnaticensi (nunc Bruxellensi, 
7672 et Brev. Abendon.) 
Act. Banct. (Oct. 21), ix. 826. 
Vita S. Fintani Abbatis. Ex MS. SalmaTUicensi. 

Fitz-Stbphen, William: 

Vita S. Thonue, Cantnariensis Archiepiscopi, aWilliebno 
filio Stepbani conscripta. 

Sparke's Hist. Anglic. Script. FoL LoncL 1723. Edit. Qilctt. Ozon. 
1845, Lond. 1846. Migne's Patrologia^ 190, 103. 
Description of the city of London. 

Printed in Stowe's Survey, ThomB* edit. 1843 ; by Hearue in hi« edit, of 
Leland'8 Itinerary, and with a Translatiou by Bamoel Veggt, 177S} aod 
Riley's Liber (^ustumarum. 
Flemings : 

Defeat of, in 1436. 

Aroh»ologi% zzzUL 199. 
Fleta : 

Fleta, sen commentarius juris Anglicani Bio nuncupatus» sub 
Edwardo Bege primo, ab anonymo conscriptUB. 

4ta Lond. 1647. 4to. Lond. 1685. fol. Ixmd. 1785. Bd. Houard, Anglo- 
Saxon Laws, voL iii 4ito. Eouen,]776. 

Florence o? Wobcestbr : 

Chronicon ex Ghronicis, ab initio mundi usque ad annum 
Domini 1118 deductum, auctore Florentio Wigomiensi 
monacho. Accessit etiam Continuatio usque ad annum 
Christi 1141, per quendam ejusdem ccenobii eruditum, etc. 
Edited by William Howard. 

4to. Lond. 1692. FoL Franoofl 1601. 8vo. Lond. 1848. Edit..Thorpe 
for Eng. Hist. Soc. The portion extending fh>m A.I). 460 to AJ). 1060 
is printed in the Monmnenta Historica Britannica. Edit. U. Petrie j 
pp. 616-644. 

Digitized by 


790 At*PENBrX, 


FofiDEKA, CoNVKNTioNES, LiTEK/E, ct cujuscunque f^coeris Actii 
PubHca» inter Regcs AiigHse, ct alitis fjuoris Irapenitores, 
Beges, Ponttfice!^, PritJcipes^ vel Communitatea» ah iiteunte 
Seciiio duodecimo; yiR,^ »b aono 1101 ad iioatr» usquo 
Tcjmpora liabita, aut tra<,*tattt. Ex itutogrftplua, infm 
secrctiorea Archivorum Rogiorum Thesiiuranas per multa 
saecuUi roconditis, fidelifcer eatscripta. Accurante Thomii 

Si^ ihIH.. 10 Tob. PriL Hb^o, 173H^-IT*5. 4tK edit., bj Ewsiwi Cora- 
mlsnoru 3 vc^K tu 6 iiartiit extending froEu lOGO to i;j91. LouiL Pottou 

FoiLLiN US : 

De Ijivciitione B, Ftiillani, J?^* f focL JtHht'ity VaUlu, 

Aii* Historia cjasdem InveiititjiiiH. l^V- iffe'. 3lb7ku£&r» ^. 

^oUlani J tutu RJwdlum iu Hannonla. 
Tcrtia Hist^ria, E^' CodtGe ejngdnm Mt^mnfUrlL 

De S. Foillfliio, Episcopo et Martyre. 


Vitft S- Johaiiuis, Episcopi Eboraccnsi^, auctore {ut Tide tar) 
Folcardo BortiDiatio Monfuiho, uecnon Miracula ejuedeni 
Sant-ti a vain is coiisignata. J?h« MS. L*/fjt'nda Moita^tmii S. 
Gihlasit de Ncm^tw 

Act. a»nct. (7 M*iiK y, 158. JInteilL Jli:t. fianct, B^.<ricd. S«r. JiL p. 1. 
4lfl, etlit Yeuet, ; -iH e<Ut P*n MigJio'* Ffrtrolofiic Cursu* Oxmpkttu, 

FoHDUK, John : 

Johaimia Fordmi Sooti-chronicoii, sive Scot tor um Historia. 
GaJe'tt Hbft. Brit^* Sm.. An^lo-Daji. Scrlptor^i, xv* jip. SHa-Cffi), HHrneLt 
8vo, 17*2 (5 voLs,) FoL Etlinb, 17aa. Edit, GooOail, (fi voU.]t 

Fountains, Abbet of : 

Memoriak of Fountains Abbess vol. I., comprising the 
Chronicle relating to tbo Foundation of tbe Houfle, 
written liy Hut^li dc Kirkatall ; the Chronicle of Abbots ; 
the Regal and Papal Charters of Privileges, etc, j ail d au 
historical tleacription of the Abbej% with illustra^oiis. 
Edited by J. R. Wallirtui, Esq, for the flurtws Society, l»ea 

• Thb indudcH tmly the firrt fnnr Bookn. of F<iTidan, aitd part of the iflh Boo\, 
t This edit. tfiiiLi Willi tbo^Lcntii of Davkl I, in tli^ jcnr 1147^, and coU^timia tbr 

thr mrmindj'r to l.%5, ami IkrtTPr'si ixfiilimmtioti, fur tliat je^r. 
t Tills edit, contains Fcinimi*s Suoti-fiirvi I icon, with *un>iyaw*iiu Md » wmtilitt" 

ation, by Wnltcr Bower. 

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Tote, John : 

Bemm in Ecclesia gestanun qusB postremiB et pericnlosia 
his temporibus evenerunt Commentarii. Pars prima, in 
qua de rebus per Angliam et Scotiam gestis narratio 

FoL Bm. 1S50. 8V0. Argent. 1554* This work wMtmndAted under the 
title of ** Actes and monument* of these Ifttter and periUous dayes, 
*' touching matten of the ohuroh, wherein ar comprehended and 
" described the great perseoutiona and horrible troubles that have 
*' been wrought and practised bj the Somishe prelates, spedallye in 
** this realme of Bngland and Sootlande from the yeare of oure Lordo 
** a thousande, unto the time nowe present** F6L Lond. 166S, 1670, 
157«, 158S, 1996, 1507, 1610, 1618, 16SS, 1641, 1650, 1681 Sra Lond. 


Bouquet. — Becucil des Historiens des G^ules et de la France. 

2lT0ls. FoUo, 1788-1855. 

Becueil des Historiens des Oaules et de hi France, or " Eerum Gallicamm 

et Franoicanun Bcriptores." 
Alcuini Abbatis Garmina, v. 410. 
Aknini Bpitaphium ab ipso compositum, ▼. 414. 
Boniflusii Bpiscopi Moguntini Bpistole du», v. 483. 
Alcuini Abbatis Epist., v. 604. 
Ex Vita JElAredi, Anglo-Saxonum Rec^is, viii. W. 
PraBoeptum .Sdgardi Angknrum Regis, ix. 597. 
Ex Enoomio Emnue, AngL &egin». Bichardi I., Duels Norman., filue, 

incerto auctore, sed ooietanoo, xi. 5. 
Ex WiUelmi Calculi, GemeticensisMonachi, Historia Normannorum, xi. 

Ex Gestis Quillclmi, Duds Norman, et Regis Angl., xi. 75. 
Ex Ingulfi, Abbatis Croylandensis, Historia cjusdcm Monasterii, xL 158. 
Ex Willelmi Ifalmesburiensis Libro XL de Gestis Regum Anglorum, xL 

Ex Eadmori, Cantuar. Monachi, Historixe Novorum Lib. I., xi. 192. 
Ex Henrici. Huntindoniensis Archidiaooni, Historia, xL 206. 
Ex Orderioi, Yitalis Uticensis Monachi, Historia Ecclcsiastica, xi. 221. 
Ex Rogeri de Horeden Annalium parte priori, xi 800. 
Extrait de I'Histoire d'aucuns des Dues de Normandie, xi 816. 
Ex GervasU Tilberiensis otiis ImperiaUbus, xi. 817. 
Extrait de la Chronique ou Histohre manusorite de Normandle, xi 820. 
Ad Willelmi CalcuU, Gemetioensis Monachi, historiam Normannorum, 

emendationes ex MS8. Yiotorino et Bangermanensi decerpt«, xi 620. 
Addenda ad historiam Hon. Croyland, per Ingulphum Abb., xi 686. 
Diploma S.Eduardi, Reg. Angi, pro Monast. S.Dionyiii in Franda, xi. 

Bxoerpta ex Chronico Centulenst dTO Monasterii 8. Rioharii, auctore 

Hariulfb, xii 278. 
Exoerpta ex Historia Gaufridi Phmtagenet, Comitis AndcgavensiB, 

auctore Joanne Ki^oris-monasterii Monacho, xii 519. 
Genealogia Oomitum Richemundis post oonquestum Angliic, xii 568. 
Fragmentum ex Genealogia Ducum Normannorum. xii 560. 
Genealogica Historia Eudonis Ki^oris domns regie in Anglin regno, xii 

Exoerpta ex Willelmi Malmesburiensls de Gestis Regum Anglorum 


• To this edition are appended "AphorismiJoannisVuicleeul cum collectaneis 
quibusdm Reginaldi PeooU,EpisoopiCicestren8is; item On^roypo^ta qundam 
' ad OxonifOMi*'* 

Digitized by 



Fr KVCJ^—GOfUvnued. 

Ex cyuiidfim Illatodiie noTRllffl llhrii duobtu, mlEi. SA, 

^K HfltwHei Jlunlindonietisui Aroljldjaooni HJbtorwma librfi octo^ liiL 

Ek Olironino Arifflci-Baionico, xiii, 47. 

Er Floppiitii Wiptoniieiisis M«iiai^hi Chroni^'orwOT Chronico, liii. 07. 
El Simpoiiifl DimelinPTisisHonai'hi Historia de destiiiEfgmii Anslonini, 

xiiL 7ff. 
Ei Bwlora Hifttnria jt Jo]wirie^, HagiLStadiknsi Prion?, nd an. 11 M pon- 

Ki nnillelmi Kptibrigensl* derebuj Anglkin, liUHa v., liii. 92. 
Bi Gervaiiil, Doml)erttmi3h Momwiji, Chrtxiico do rebua AtikHk! mi ton- 

tiorlit, liii. ISd. 
E* BtJiiGdicti, Petrt>bun?<MiMfa Abbatut, Vila ct Gestb Hearid 11., Ajiglitt 

Ex Eadulft tl(* IMf^to Ima^mlHUi Hbtflrianiin.iiii. 183. 

Bi KiOgeri di? HoTctlm Anualiutn parte jKmUiriorji xiii. 305* 

Ei Bilvtslri GiraJcli Cftmbrenalji HlberniBC topo*n*pbia, lESL lOB. 

Ex Eadulfl GflgKesliiilt?, Abbatis Clironlco Anglit-anav lilL 217. 

Jtannia Sareabrnt'TkiiH Frafcmentam ex Poljcmtioon 8<'H da lUngiA Cu Ga- 
lium, libro vi.. vap, IB, liv. 10* 

Ex Gtrvaaii TilbtfrimsiJi Otiist Imjwriallhuii, dwlBione ii,. mp. 20, liv. 1,\ 

ElofTium WUlritnl fllii Oabemi, llcrfbrdia; Comitip, Norman niai Dacis 
dftiiireri. tiv. a?. 

El ViU B. LftiifmiKi, Cautuar. ATcHjeptscopI, awctore Mllone Cri^pfno, 

Bj ViU a. Ansdmi* Cantimri^isls ArcbiptHsiN^pi, ab Eadmoro, IWonajibo 

pt floclo eju!* indivlduo donseripta, liv. Ii2* 
El r[(*nnci Hunlindonienitii^, Arcbidiacont, Eplitola »d Walttsrum de 

conti^miitu mundi, ariv. 2*15. 
E3E Vita B, tririci, sHt* Ulft-lci, Prosbytm ErpmiLu? in AnFlia, ilv, as^ 
Gompendium Titic Vdncrabiha Thpolmldi, quinti Ab^jatis Asceenaii, 

poatea Cantuaricnsis Ai?chi*?plB€Opi, xiv. 411, 
Ex Vita S. Tboniff. Can luari^^nsis Ai^bicjjbicapi, quadripartita, iit. ME. 
Ei Girabii Cambrunnis, lihro ii. dc rebufl a sp gcatis, xiv. 484 
Joftiiiiia BaR>5b('rlt»nsis, Eplw^iii Caniotciisi8» clogiura* ei tvcscroloffdo 

C&niDtcDs^iii Mt^WifiP, II V. 48fl. 
ffpnpalofirfa BfiHoniSp primi Nopnmnniin Diici^i, In qua de Britannia* H 

CampaniBB Cfpniitilius, ivlL 4S5. 
Ex Benaiicti P('trobiirgc?nsis Abbulia Vita et Qeatis Henrici II., Angliu 

Eegis, ab anno 1179 uwpup ad annum llflS, Jtvii* 4*0* 
Ei Eof?eri di* Hovt^don A nnalium part<? iKiateriori ab awio 11&2 itaquo M 

arinum laftl. ivii* 046. 
El EatbilK dc Uircto Imagitilbua Hiatodjirtmi»ftb innoll70 uwine ad 

aniuun l^Olt xvii. fllfi- 
£iGt'n'a.^ii DorobrmenBis Cbronicodei^bttsAJigllK, ab anno 1180 usque 

ad oimum 11^, ivii, 660- 
Ex MatthoQi Pariit. Majori iinFlicana HiEttoilat ab anno IBOl usque »d 

annum 122«. ivii. «7ft. 
El GuilldmJ Ntiubrlicpnsis. libii"? qninque do rtbua Angling rviil, 1. 
Ei Radulfl, CogKc«balic Abliatia, Cbronicw Anirlicano, iviii. m. 
Ei Silvtaitri Giraldi Ciunbreiisis, dc instfucticjne jiriiicipis^ librii tribu*. 

ivifi, 121. 
Ei Eofteri do ITovodf^n An^alibuw ppr anonjtnum cpntinuatift, iriii. 1B4, 
El Annalibvw WavcrleitHiHiH in Anfirlia MuiiaaU'rii. iviii, 187. 
Prasfmti^ntnm genealngicum Dueum Nonnaiuilit et Atiffli* E^frmn. xviii* 

N*H.— TbPtti flPiJ scattered throuffbout tbe volumci of thin collection, 
f-icerptft rhim Lives of levoral Britlab Saint*, wliieh have bMn mnllted 
rVom this lial. 

Digitized by 


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APPENDIX, * 798 

FAavce — e&ntinued. 

Epigram on the Assumption of the Arms of France, 1389. 
Wrli^fB Political Poems and Songs. 8to. Iiond.1868. Chronicles and 
Memorials, p. 26. 

An InyectiTe against France. 

Wars of the English in France. Letters and Papers illns- 
trative of the Wars of the English in France during the 
Beign of Henry the Sixth, King of England. Edited by 
the Bev. Joseph Stevenson, M.A. 

1861. Among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and 


De S. Fremundo, Bege et Martyre. 
Oapgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 151. 

Friabs J/bsoji ; V. MoNUMBNTA Frauciscaka. 

Collectanea Anglo-Minoritica ; a Collection of the Antiqui- 
ties of the English Franciscans or Friars Minors, com- 
monly called Gray Friars, with Appendix concerning the 
English Nuns of the Order of St. Clare. Parkinson. 


Frideoodb : 

Vita S. WilfHdi, Episcopi Bboracensis, auctore Fridegodo, 
Benedictino Monacho. Ex MS, Cod. Bibl. Corheiensis in 
Ckillia, et Bibl, Cotton. 

MabilL Act. Banct. Ord. Bened. S»e. iii,i. 160. edit. Tenet. ; 171, edit. Par., 
from an imperfect MS. Ibid. 8«c. iv. p. i. 679. edit. Venet. ; 721. edit. 
Far., the completion of the work which was wanting in the previous 
vdtune. Migne's Patrologias Cursus Gompletus. 1S8. 079. 

Fbidsswiba : 

Vita S. Frideswidac. Ex Ca^gravio et M8. Ruhice Vallis. 
Fragmentum Vit89 metrice scriptae. Ex M8,' Bodl. B(iwl. 

0,568./. 1546. 
Historia Miraculorum, auctore Philippo priore. Ex M8, 
Bodl. Bighy, 177. 

Act. Banct. (Oct. 89), viii, 6S8. 

Vita Sanctaa Frideswidsa, Virginia Oxonie^sis in Anglia. 
Ex M8, Legendario FoTitanellensi, et Willelmo Malmes- 
hurienH Moruieho. 

MabilL Act. Sanct. iiL par. i 524. edit. Tenet. ; iU. par. L 661. edit. Far. 
De S. Frediswida, Virgine. 
Capgrave's Nova Leptenda. 1 158. 

Fridianus : 

Vita S. Fridiani Lucensis. Ex ejnsd^m Saneti officio MS. 

Luem eelebrari aolUo. 
Alia vita. Ex MS. Carthusi Coloneneis. 
Colgan (Mar. 18), i. 634 

Digitized by 



Fridolinus : 

VuH S. Fridolini, auctorc Balshero Monacho. 

Oolgmu (liar, ft), i. £81. 
FROiagAHT (SiBK JEirAN :) 

Croniques do France, d'Angleterre, d'Eacoce, d'Espaigne, 
de Bretaigjie, de GascongDe, de Flimdresj et lietuc cir* 
con Yoi sons. 

Ed. MieU* Lc Noir, 1505. Etl. VctbM. 4 voU. Bbtk letter. RwK IM*. 
Ed. Ant. Coutcflu, inau. 4 vols. FoL Ka,Lyow,133*-ei. -ivola, FoL 
Ed, Dftib Sftuvag^, Pa rut. 4 vola. FoL 
FiTJiBsart Cbroniqnra, ftvoc notes et t^claimssenionti, jmr J. 
A. 0. Buchon. 

Parift, 1837. 
Chronit'lcs of England, Fraiice, Spain, and Portugal, SooU 
land, Brciayne, Flandera^ and other placet* fldjoining. 
Translated out of French into our natnral tongue by John 
Boucbier, Knight, Lord Bemers» at the commandment of 
K. Henry YIII. 

:PyiiHoni IMS. 2 vols, Ynl Ijitnd. liSlt. 2 volsi, 4to. 

Froifl9art*s and Monatrelets' Chronicles of England, France, 
and Spain, hy Johnes. 
£4 vpU, tivo. LoncLlBOMft. 
Joaiinia FroiRF^ardi Historiorum Epitome, in qua dc Belib 
inter Anglos ct G alios gestis precipue agitur^ ab J. S, 
collecta et Latinitate donate. 

Edit. Comin^lii) in Ec^nini EritaimlcaruM Scriptorct TCtURtior^a. FoL 
Heid^-lb. laa", 

Fiilberti Carnotcns[s EjiiHtoln?. 

Kdit. ClmrU-fi de Villicrn. Pnm. 160S. 8vo. Also maoiif the \>t(?rnrn 
aliquot CiaJIio^ rt BiM^ ia^ rtpuM'uIa. Lud|F. BaL 13B^ !%ro. Atid with 
thf H>"mTii Er(*k=»iaslirl vfiriomm nuctonun, Francof, 1S?8, Miirne'i 
Patrolflfrin? Cursufi Coinf>JptiLi, HI, 180. 

FuLMA^' (WilllvjO i ^- ScRiPTOHEs Rekum: Ajsg Lie arum. 

FirBMESl'3, Jot tLIXrii DE : 

Yita S, Patricii. Vide Jocelin of Puniess* 
FuKMiS, S* : 

Vita S, Furseij Ahbatls Lntiniacensis prinii. Auctore 

anonymo fere cotcvo, E^' Bollajid^i et Snrto ad MS, Cod, 


MablL Art. San ft. ti. 2^, eiliL Tenet. ; il. 190, edit. Fkr. 

Pe S- Furseo, ConfesBOro Peronrp in Anglia. Hymni duo, 
Yita ex jnnltis veteribns MSS. Miracula. Alia Tita anc- 
tore anonymo ex yeteribus ilS8, Mimcula. Translatio 
S. PnrBei. 

Ad, Sanct- (Jan. 16L ii- ^.'5, 

Yita S, Furssei Confessori??. E.t' MS. Monasf. Cypiuicerms 

in CkiUm. 


Digitized by 


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FossEUS, S. — cwdmued. 

Vita S. Forsei, a Jacobo Desmaio Gallice conscripta et 
postea Latine reddita, 

Vita S. Pursei ex MSS. Codicibns. " Puit vir vitae vene- 

De S. Fnrseo, Abbate et Confessore. 
CapgimTe'g Nors Legend^ f. 164 


Gale, Thomas ; o. Scriptobes Berum Akolicarum. 
Galfridus Edts Burtoniensis : 

Vita S. ModwennaB, Virginia Hibemica» per Galfridom Edya, 
Bnrtoniensem Monachum. Ex. M8. Cott, Chop, A, n. 
Acta SMictorum, ii. 287 (6 July). 

De S. (}allo. Vita auctore anonymo. 
Act SMiot (Oct. 16) , vil 866. 

Vita S. Galli, auctore Walafrido Strabone. 

SurluB (Oct. 16), 252. Memingham's FlOrUegiiim Insuln Sanctorum, 
p. 865. Migne'i Pattrologle CunuB Completus, lis, 976. Pertz. 
Monum. Gennan. Hist. il. 1. 

Garderoba ; v. Wardrobe. 
Gascoione : 

Ezcerpta Historica e Thomsa Gascoignii Dictionario Tbeo- 

Hearne, at the end of Hemingford's (Chronicle, edition 1731. 

Geoffrey of Coldikghah : 

Vita S. BartholomsBi in insula Fame EremitsB, auctore 
Monacho cosbyo G., forsan Galfrido. 
Acta Sanct. (24 JunU), ir. 8S2. 

Gaufridi Sacristoa de Coldingbam Historia de Statu Ecclesiao 
Dunelmensis ab anno 1144 ad annum 1214. 

An8^Sacra»i718. Bdit. Raine, for the Surtees Society. 8vo. 18S9. 

Geoffrey Gaihar : 

L'Estorie des Engles, solum la translacion Maistre G^efirei 

The portion of the work from AD. 169 to the Xorman Oonquett in the 
Monumenta Historica Britannica^ pp. 764-829. FoL Lond. 1848, edit. 
Petrie. Anglo-Norman Metrical Chronicle of Geoffrey Gainar, with an 
Appendix, containing the Lay of Havelok the Dane, the Legend of 
Emulph, and Life of Hereward the Saxon. Bdited hy T. Wright for 
the Oaxton Society, 1850. 
VOL. I. 3 E 

Digitized by 


796 APPEin)ix. 

Geoffrey Gtaimae — coniinued^ 

Extrnit tlG la Ohromque de Gooflroi Gaimar, 

Tho iKJitioti of lh(i Pcwm bopinnififf with the Ntfrnum Oonqufirt, aniotif 
Iho Chj-auiquew Aii[tl*> NormanfJ*?*. B*cueil d'Eilr»its et d'Ecrits 
pelfltife a rHist<jii*<3 dft Normwjdio eb do rAiip?lttt?rrfl pi.»tjd^nt Jei 
xi' Gt sH" sL^lm ^ ]yiih\i6 p«r Fnucisqti^ Mi(;huL l^tntLOpnaoiHr, &r& 
Eoucn, ISStt. 

Vita S. Teliavi, Episcopi LandaTiensia, andxjr© GalMdo, tdias 
Siopbano LondavonsL 

LibOF Landavenuia, Llyfr, Teilo^ 

Edit. W. J. E<«resi. 8ra. Uuidaveir. 134^< For tJio Socktj fba" publlib- 
ing WuLhU MSS, 

Geoffrey of MojiMuuTH : 

BriUmniio utri usque et Principum OrLgo et Gesta inBignia, 
ab GaUrido Mouemuteiisi ex antiquia^imia Britojmici 
sermoiu^ monuineutia in Lf&tinuin i^ormouom cat traducta; 
et ab A^ccusLU curti et impQndJo Magiitri Ivonii CaFollati 
ia luccm edita: prostant in ejusdem asdlbus^ 4to. id* Jul. 
Britaiuaiffi utri usque Regum et Principum Origo et G^fitlb 
11119 ignia^ ab Galirido MonemutefiBi ex anUquiBeiixii^ 
Britaniuci aenuoniE moumncntis in Latinum tradueta ; 
et ab AEcenaio rnra u h majure acc uratioue impre aaa» Yenun- 
dantur in ejastdem uidibns, 4to. id. Septem. 1517. 
Golfridi MunometensLM Hiatari^ Rcgum Britanni^e, in pp. 
1-92 of Ronim Britunidetiriim, in est Anglia?, Seotice, vici- 
nammque inatilatMiiu ac rcgioiinin, Seriptorea vetiiadored 
ac jjneeipui, 

Fqi, Hetdclbei^ ( Coroniclin ) , 1SS7. 
Proptetia Anglicana^ Merlin i Ambrosii Britenni, ex incabo 
elim (nt homiimm fama est) ante annoa mille dneentos 
circiter in Anglia nati, Yaticinia et Prsedicfcionee ; a G«l- 
frido Mouuinetensi Latine convei^sse ; una cum eeptem 
libria explanatiununi . . * , Alani de Insulisj etc. 
evo. Fraj»»f*1§03, avo- Fmnoof. 1609^ 
Giiiirridi Artburi Monomutheneia Anihidiaeom, poetea vcro 
Epiricepo Ai^apbensia, de YitOret Yaticiima Merlku Calidonii 
Carmen heroicum, 

4to. Loud. 1830. Editwi by W> H. Hlnck mf tt*? BoiiiUTEhe Club. 
GaUVidi de Monemnta Yita Mcrlini. Yie de Merlin attribuee 
k Geeffruy de Moiunontli, suiyie dea Proph^tios de ce 
Barde, tirees du iv* Livre de rHistoiro dea Bretons ; pub- 
Ifes, d^opr&s lea Mauuscrita de Londreaj par Fnmeisquo 
Michel et lliQinos Wright 
8vo. f^. ]ca7. 
Chblfridi MenumetenBiB RiBtoria BHtantim, nnno pnmum in 
Anglia ex novem codicibua. Edit. J. A, Giles. 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 




Itinerarimn Begis Anglomm Bicardi et aUomin in Terram 
HieroBolymomm, auctore GaoMdo Yimsaaf.* 
QM9 Hist Ani^ Script. Qainque, pp. 847H180. 

Versos Magistri Gaufridi Yinesaugh de eodem Bege glorioso 

Ibid. 490. 

Historia Captionis DamietsB. 

IMcL48fi. It iBa]Boprintedin''Ge8taDeiperPranoo8,'*andMor{bedto 
Jaoobos d« Yitriaoo; and hj Dr. Giles, in 1848, as a new work under 
the title of **Inoerti Soriptoris Nanratio de Bebus in Bello Sancto 
gestis,*' AJ). 1217, 1218; bot the most complete edition was published 
hj Bocard in his ScriptoreB Medil Mft 


Yita S. G^raldi, Abbatis Elitherensis et Magfonensis. Ex 
CodUe Insulensi. 


Yita S. Germani, Antissiodorensis Episoopi, auctore Con- 

Acta Sanctorum (July SI), viL 201. 
Yita S. Germani, auctore Errico Monacho Antissiodorensi. 
Acta Sanct (July 81), vii 221-226. Abb6 Migne's Fktrologis Cunus 
Completus, czzIt. USL 

Miracula S. G^ermani Autissiodorensis a Constantio prsater- 
missa, auctore Heirico : libiri duo. 

Acta Sanct (July 81), vii 265. Sliriiis(Ju]ySl),868. Migne's Futrologis 
Curnis Oompletus, 12^ 1207. 

Sermo Heirici in solemnitate S. Germani recitandus. 

Acta Sanct (July 81), yiL 284. 
Miracula S. Germani, auctore Monacho Selebiensi. 

Acta Sanct (July 81), TiL 280. 

Gervasii Monachi Dorobomensis sive Cantuariensis, Trac- 
tatuB de Combnstione et Beparatione Dorobomensis Ec- 

Twyaden's Hist AngUc Script X. ooH. 128S-1808. 
Lnaginationes Gervasii Dorobemensis de discordiis inter 
Monachos Cantuarienses et Arcbiepiscopum Baldewinum. * 
Twysden's ffist Anglic Scrip. X. colL 1808-1884. 
Gervasii Monachi Dorobemensis Chronica de tempore 
Begum AnglisB Stephani, Henrici 11., et Bicardi I. 

Twysd. Hist AngL Script oolL 1884-1688. 

Actus Fontificum Cantuariensis EcclesisB, auctore C^ervasio 

Twysden's Hist An^ Script eon. 161»-1684b 

* This work, thon^ attributed by some to (3eofBrey de YlnlMOf, and by others to 
Biohard, a canon of the H<dy Trinity, is yet to be identifled. 

3 E 2 

Digitized by 


798 APPENDIX. . 


FnagniOTitum de Reg i bus Franc orum ot Anglorum ox Libro 

de Mirabilibug Mundi qvii nlitbe Solatium Imper&tari^ iieu 

OUft Imperalia liommatur, auctoro GcTraaio Tilleberiensi, 

Hftreacallo regni Arrlatcnaia. 

DuchpHnt^'d HuHtonA Pnuicomra Scriptorofl cocctaal, lorn, lii FoUo. 
ht\t, P&rifl, 1030-1641, pi>.36£Kt71>- 

G-GTvasii Tilberieuaist, Arelftten^ia cinondata regiii MareS' 
challi, do Imporio Eomano, ot Gottornm, LombardoruTn, 
Brittotittin, Frantiorum, Anglominqtic regnia, Commentft- 
tio, ex ipsiua Otii^ ImperaUbua ad Ottonem IV. Imperato- 
rem, cum &lii«, <pia3 avorHa moii^strat pagma, nunc primiijii 
cdita a Joacbimo Joanito Hadero, 

*tfl. Helmstadii, 1073. 

"Do vf^giio Britonum,** — *' Do regtbus Angloram." 

Soriptorcis rerum BrunsrircnHtiqm, r^ur& Goilofddi GuiL ]>ibii{ttU Fol. 
Hahov. 1707-1711. Duchesnp'n Hi^totin? Praiiporum Smptort*s 
towUnd. Ttil Piuiei, ]63(Ml- 
G^rva3ii Tilboricnsis Olia Imperialia nd Ottonera lY., Tm- 
peratorem. Printed in Scriptoros Renim BrunsTiconsium 
ilbistrfttioni inacrviejitee, etc. Edit. OodeMdi Quiliolmi 
Leibnitii . 

Fol ia H*T3 ov. 1707, pp. fiSl -1(M)1. 
Antiquum Dialo^us de iSoaccario, Geryasio do Tilbury vnlgo 
adscriptus. Edit. T. Mjuiox, 

Folio. LoDd. ITU* 4t<j. LomL 17®&» A tnuiftlation of the andi^nt 
DiiLliifnJJ^ conociraii)!; tho Biehc^qucr was publwb«l 111 17^ Utud, 

GERvrars, S. : 

Vita S. Gervirii, Abbatis Ccntnlcnsia in Pontivo, auctore 
Ilariulfo Ctironici Cent ill cfi^nis scripborc siib {i:^qumli, Eiw 
torn. \v. Spicik'gii Arhcrmni ei MS. Ceniulen^l autographic, 
MabUt Act, Sanefcv tL par. \U 333, odit. Venot,; vi par. W. 310, wilt P^r, 
Vita S, Gcrvini. E;c M88^ ChtQimh CmiulmuU/iis and. 
Joamie^ Capella, 

Acta Saiict. (S Mar,), i* 233. 

Gilbert, Foliot: 

Fd, Giles* in the Fntii^ Eci?lcsUc AngUc&na^. Mi^o'it PuirolcfKA. 190, 

GlLBEBTt'i^ : 

Vita S. Gilbert! I Fundatori« Ordinia Sempringhamenaia in 
Angli.T?, auctore coidvo, ex Antique Hiatoria Sauctorum* 

De S, Gilberts CoTifes.'!ore« 

Cap^mv^'a Not» Legvntlft, f. iCflL 

Digitized by 


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Opus NoTum*Gilda8 Britannus monaohus, cni Sapientis cog- 
nomentum est inditom, de Calamitate, Excidio et Con- 
questu Britanniffi, quam Angliam nnno vocant, auctor 
yetuBtns a mnltis diu desideratns, et nnper in gratiam 
' D. Cnthberti Tonstalli, Londinensis Episcopi, foimulis ex- 
CU88118. Edit. Folidoro Vergilio. 

12mo. Lond. 1625. Reprinted, 8vo. Augsb. 1534. Bas. 1541. Sra Par. 
1541. 8T0. Lond. 1568. 12ma Lond. 1567. Fol. BmL 1560.* 12mo. 
Bm.1568. 12mo. Paris, 1576. 

GildaB, cni cognomentnm est Sapientis, de Excidio et Con- 
qnestn Britanniaa et flebili castigatione, Beges, Frincipes, 
et Saoerdotes, Epistola, vetustissimomm exemplariorum 
auxilio, non solnm a mendis plnrimis vindioata, sed etiam 
accessione eorum, qnsd in prima editione a Folidoro Yer- 
gilio resecta erant, mnltipliciter ancta. 
8T0. Lond. 1568. 

Folia Heiddb. 1587. <Bdited by Commelin, in the Berum Brltanni- 
carum Scriptores vetustiores et prscipuL) 

Gildas Sapiens de Excidio Britanniie. 

Gale's Hist. Brit, Saz^ Anglo-Dan. Script, xr. p. 1. Beprinted bj Higne, 
Patrolosis CuiBUS Oompletus, 60, 630. 

Gildas Badonicns. Frinted in Britannicamm G«ntinm His- 
toriaa AntiqxuB Scriptores tres. Edit. C. Bertram. 
8vo. HaTni«,l757. 

Gildas de Excidio Britannise, ad fidem Codicmn Manuscrip- 
tomm recensnit Josephns Stevenson. 

8T0. Lond. 1838. Pbr the English Historical Society. 

Gildaa Sapientis de Excidio BritannieB Historia et Epistola. 
Edit. Fetrie. 

Monumenta Historioa Britannica. Foha Lond. 1848. 

Vita S. GKldsB Sapientis, anctore Carodoco Lancarbanensi. 
Edit. Stevenson. 

8T0. Lond. 1838. Edit Giles, 1854, for the Caxton Society. 
De Sancto Gilda, Abbate et Confessore. 

Capgrare's Legenda Nova, f. 156. Edit. Giles, 1854^ for the Cazton 
Sanoti Gildas Sapientis Vita, anctore Monacho Bnyensi 

Da Bosc'sBibliotheca Floriacensis, p. 240-468. Acta Sanct (20 Jan.), 
ii. 968. MabOL Act Sanct Ord. Bened., i 188, edit Par. Colgan 
(Jan. 29), L 181. Gildas's tract has been several times translated into 
English by Thomas Habington hi 1638; 12mo. Lond. 1641; 12mo. 
Lond. by an anonymous transhitor in 165t; the Bev. J. A. Giles, 
1841 ; and by the Bev. J. Stevenson in 1838. 

Do S. Gilda, Abbate et Mariyre. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 146. 

* In Monumenta SS. Patmm OrthodoiQgrapha. 

Digitized by 




Giraldos Cambrensis de Inatraotioiie Prinoipmn. Ed. J. S. 

bvi>. liOuiLlftU. For the Aniclk Cluktimna Sode^. 
Ex BilYOstris Giraldi Cambreii^^if^ dc Instractione Principis 
libria tribus* 

Hcrii?U do?t Hl^orimB ika G«ii1h ot do U Frenoe, torn. 18, pp. lSl-168. 
Topogmphia. HibomiiD; ciiro de Mirabilibus Hibemise, 
ttuthore Silv^estro Garftldo Caiabreii80. 

Clamdini'« Aogllta Norm. Cuobrlca. Fol. Fnno. KMB* ppw 09M5^ Mes- 

Expn^^imtio Hibeniios, bifo HiHtori[i. vatioiiialis Silyestris 
Giraldi Cambronsis* 

CamdeD's An^L ^^Qn^ Camb.] pp. T5[^fi1!i, 
Itmcrariuni Cambrite. 

Rjid, BIB-^S. 

Oambria? Deaoriptio, anctoTo Sil* Giraido CambrenBe. 

Itinertiridiii Oaml>riaj, bou laboriosoo Beddtuni CantuarieiiBis 
Arehiopisoopi per Walliam Icgatioms, accurata descriptio, 
auctorc SiL Guraldo Cambronse. Com annotatiombiis 
Daviclis Povcli, 8. T. P. 

VibftHugoEiis IToiiaiitj Episcopi OoYoritrensisetLichfoldensis, 
ox Giraldi Cambreiifiia SpccalD EcclesiBB. 

Gimldi OambfLMiais, ArcbidJaconi et Episcopi Electi Mene- 
Tonais, Vi£a Galfridi, Arcbiepkcopi Eboracensis. 

Anglld Bacm, li 370, 

Legenda S. Kcmigii. 

Anplia Saem, ii. ^JOS. 
Vita Epiaoojjorum Liucolniensimn. 

Aiiglb 8acr», it 410. 
Yiim Bex Episcoponim coietoneorum. 

Epifibola ad gtopbaiimn Langtoa, ArGMepiBOopmn OantQari- 

Auglii a*c«, tL 4^15. 

De Deecriptiono Wallitu sen Liber de Ulaudabilibiu Wallia^. 
GKmldna CBmbrenBis Libri trca de Robns a ee gestis. 

AngHin Barra^ iL p. 475. 

De Jure et Statu McnQveusia EcclesiiB Distinotiones vii. 

A-ELglia SuTTft^ ii 024. 
Titft 8. Davidis, Arcbiepiscopi Monevensis. 

Aji^Ila Bju:t%. iL G2S. 

De rebua in Hibemia gcatis, accessit his libris Hibemicamm 
xenun Appendix, ex, B. Giroldo Cambrenfli pervetosto 
scrip toro col beta. 
iio. Antwerp, 15M. 

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Gdlaldas Cambbieksis— eonimt(6(2, 

Tractatas de qtdbnsdam HibemisB Miraculisi anotore Q. C. 
in Topographia Hibemiss* 

MwwJngham, Florilegium Insuln Sanotomm* p. 48$, 
Giraldi OambrensiB Opera. 

Bdit J. 8. Brewer, among the Ghronloles and Hemorialf f Great Britain 
and Ireland, 1861. 
The first Yolume contains,— 
De Eebus a so gestis libri iii Giraldi Cambrensis. 
LIbri de Inveotionibus, pan qninta et sexta. 
InYectlonnm libeUus Giraldi Bilvestri Cambrenais. 
Qymbolum Eleotomm Giraldi Cambrensis. 
Giraldi Cambrensis Bpistola ad Stephanum Laogton, Arohlqyisoopmn 

Giraldi Cambrensis BpistolA ad Oapltnlnm Herelbrdenae de Libris a ae 

Giraldi Cambrensis Gatalogos brsvoir libronun suomm. 
Giraldi Cambrensis Betra6ationes. 
The second volume contains,— 
Giraldi Cambrensis Gemma Bcdesiastioa. 


De Gketis Begum WestBaxonum (Historia QtiidomB de War- 

Edit.HearaeinApp.toChTonioondeDim8t^)le,iL826-B80. Qxt Svo. 


GiSBUBK, Walieb de ; V, ILemisqwobd. 



Begistmm Episcopatas Glasgaensis ; Mnnimeaita Ecclesiaa 
Metropolitans Glasgaensis, a sede restanrata ssBcnlo 
inennte zii., ad reformatam religionem. Edited l^ Cosmo 

PabUshed simultaneoiisly by the Maitland and Bannalyne Olnb. 8 
▼61s. #0. IMS. 
Begistrom EcclesisB B. Mari» et S. Annsd infra muros 
Givitatis Glasgaensis 1549. Aocedunt monimenta Fra- 
trom Frfledicatornm de Glasgn, 1244-1559. 
Edited by J. Bobertaon for the Maitland Club, 1846. 4to. 
Glastohbttbt ; V. Malmesbttbt, Williak op : 

Chronica sive Historia de rebas Glastoniensibas, Johannis 
confratris et monachi Glastoniensis. 
Heame. 2 vols. 8va 1728. 
Adami de Domerham Historia de rebas gestis Glastoniensi* 

Heame. 2 vols. 8va 1727. 

The History and Cartolary of St. Peter's Monastery at Gloa- 
cester. Edited by W. H. Hart. (In progress.) 
Among the OhnmideB and MemorialB. 

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Gloucestee, Bobebt op; v. Bobebt. 


Chronicon Universale ab orbe condito ad anniim usque 1186, 
auctore Gottofrido Viterbiensi. Edit. John Beroald. 

Bade, 1660. Fnmoot IBM. Hanover, 161S. Flstoriui* CMlection of 
German Writers. Muntori. Script ItaL torn, viii Miffne's Plktro- 

LibelltLs de Yita et Miraculis S. Godrici heremitao de Fin- 
chale, auctore Beginaldo Monacho Dunelmensi. 
Ed. Stevenson, for the Surtees Society. 

Do S. Godrico, Eremita Finchalaa in Anglia, Yita auctore 
Galfrido Monacho ooaavo. Ex M8. Arehimonaaterii Oit- 

Act. Sanct. (Hay 21), v. 68. 
De S. Godrico, Servo Dei et Heremita. 
Oapgrave's Nova Legend^ f. 167. 


Chronicon Gbdstovianum. 

Printed with Boper's life of Sir Thomas More, pp. 180-240, Vy Heame. 
8va Oxftird,1716. 

Golden Legend, or Legenda Aurea. 

Edit. Cazton.l48S and 1406. Wynkyn de Worde. 1406. 1612, 1627. 

Yita S. Augustine ; v. Augustine. 

Yita S. Werburgse, Yirginis, auctore Gotsoelino. Ex MS, 
Gulielmi Camdeni. 

Aeta8anct.i.886(Feb.8). Migne's Patrologia, 166, 04. 
Yita S. Eadgith®, Yirginis, auctore (ut creditur) Gotscelino 
Monacho. Ex M8. Bubim Vdllis. 

Acta Sanct (Sep. 16). v. 860; Habill. Acta Sanct OnL Bened. Snc 
T. 028, edit Venet ; v. 686» ed. Paris. Migne's Patrologia, 166. 110. 

Yita S. Tvonis, auctore (joscelino Monacho. Ex M8. Angli- 

Acta Sanct (June 10), iL888-20L Migne's Patrologia. 166, 80. 
Yita S. Swithuni, auctore Gt)scelino. ExSurioetCapgravio. 
ActaSanct i. 827 (Juiy 2). Surius (July 2), 88. Migne's Patrotogia^ 

GowEB, John : 

On the Corruptions of the Age. 

See Wrist's Political Poems and Songs. 
On King Bichard II. 

Tripartite Chronicle. 

Chronica, qum ** Yox clamantis " dicitur, site Poema do 
Insurrectione Busticorum in tempore Bicardi II., nocnon 
Chronica tripartita. Edited by H. O. Coxe. 
Boibiugfae Olub, I860. 4to. 

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G&AC£, Jamjss : 

Annales Hibemiaa. The Annals of Ireland, by James Grace 
of Kilkenny, with a translation and notes by the Bey. Bich. 

410. DabU]i,18«L For the Iri»h Archcoloskal Society. 


Abridgment of the Chronicle of [England, by Bichard 

lema isas, 1664* 1570. 1572. 

A Mannell of the Chronicles of Englande. 
24mo. LoncLlsas. 

Chronicle at large and meere history of the afiTajrres of 
Englande and Kinges of the same, deduced from the 
creation of the world, unto the first yere of Queue 

StoIs. FoL Lond.lfl6». 4ta LoncLlSOO. 

Gbatstaios, Bobebt : 

Boberti de Graystanes Historia de Statu Ecclesiao Dunel- 

Edit WhMrton,ADgUa Sacn, L 7S8. Edit. J. Baine. Ibr the Surtees 
Society. 1884. 

Gbegobivs, S. t 

Vita S. Gregorii Papas hujus nominis primi, cognomento 

Hagni, auctore Paulo Diacono, Monachi Cassinensi, qui 

saeculi ix. principio adhuc florebat. Ex M8, Cod, Sati" 

Oermanensi, Conchensi, et Moiseaeenai, qui nune est V. C 

CloMdU Join Canowici Paris. 

HaUlL Act Swot. Ord. Bened. L S78, edit Venet ; L 886, edit Bu*. 
Uigne's Pitrdogis Cnnoi Oompletus, 76. 42. 

Alia Vita a Joanne Diacono quatuor libris scripta. 

Id. L 889. edit Venet ; i. 866. ed. Puis. Act Sanot (Mar. 18). ii ISl. 
Migne*! Patralogis CunuB ComptetUB, 76. 00. 

Vita S. Gregorii, auctore anonymo, ex pluribus vetustis 
Qodicibus MSS. 

Act. Sanct (Mar. 12). ii 121. 


Account of the Controversy between Beginald Lord Grey of 
Buthin and Sir Edward Hastings, in the Court of Chivalry, 
in the Beign of King Henry IV. Edited by Sir Charles 
Young, (barter. 

FoL Lond.l84L Primtely printed. 

Gbim, Edwabd ; v. Beckbt. 


De S. Grimbaldo, Abbato et Confessore. 
Osipgnm^B Nora Legenda, 1 107. 

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Halle, Edwabd: 

The union of the two noble and illnstre famclies of Lancastre 
and Torke. 

FoL Lond.l54e. 

Continued from 15SS to 1M6. by Gnfton. FoL Lond. 1546 and U60. 
4to. Lond.1800. Edit, l^ Ellis. 

Hakslikvs, Pbior of St. Albans ; v. Thesaurus Anecdotorcm. 
Hardino, John: 

The Chronicle of Jhon Hard3mg (in metre), from the firste 
begynnyng of Englande nnto the reigne of Edward IV., 
wher he made an end, (with) a continoacion in prose to his 
own tyme. 

4(0. Lond. 1543.* 4ta Lond. 1812. 
Hariulf ; V. Gervinus : 

Vita S. Grervini, Abbatis Centulensis in Fontivo, auctore 
Hariulfo, chronici Centulensis scriptoro sub sequalL Ex 
tomo iv. Specilegii AcJieriani et M8. Cod, CenitUensi auUh 

HabiU. Act. Sanot. Bened. Sec tL p. ii SSS, editYenett 819, odit 

Harold, Kdxq: 

Vita Haroldi Eegis. 

In Ghroniques Anglo-Nonnandes. Sro. Bouen, 1896-40. Edit dies, 
1854k tar the Caxton Society. 

Harfsfeld, Nicholas: 

Historia Anglicana Ecclesiastica. Edit. Bic. Gibbons. 
Fol. Douay,1622. 

Hastings, Battle of: 

De Bello Hastingensi Carmen, auctore W. 

MooomentaHistorioaBritannioa. Edit. Petrie, pp. 856-872. 
Do Bello Normannico, seu de Conquisitione AnglisB, per 
Guilelmum Ducem Normannisa. Carmen elegiacum. 

Aroendiz C. to Report on Bymer's Foodera, pp. 78-86. Not yet pubUsbed. 
Widonis Carmen de Hastingsa Freelio. Edited by Francisque 
Michel, 1840. 
Hastings, Sir Edward; v. Grey or'EuTHrN. 
Havelok the Bane : 

The ancient English Romance of Havelock the Dane, accom- 
panied by the French text. Edited by F. Madden. 
4ta Lond. 1828, for the Boxbttigfae Club. 

Le Lai d'Havelok le Danois. 

Edited by T. Wright fbr the Caxton Society, 1850, in the vdnine en- 
titled " Gaimar, Harelolc, et Herward." 

* There were two Editions of Hardyng^s Chronido by Grafton, printed in Jannaiy 
1543, differing in ahnoet every pa^ and one in Grafton's own portion of the work 
containing the reign of Henry VIII., no less tban 20 pages more than the othen. 
Ellis's Preflsoe, p. xriiL 

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Hsabne's Publications:* 

L An Index of the principal paBHUgcii in Sir Boger L'Estnmge'i Tnns- 

ifttion of Jowphiu into Kngliih. Lond., 1702. FoL Hiec venio 

ddnde in 8vo. prodiit, una eum eodem nostro (T. Hearne) indice. 
IL Beliqnie Bodleiann ; or some genuine Remains of Sir ThonuM Bodl^. 

Lond.,1709. 8vo. Ex autograplils. 
IIL C. Plinii CnoiUi Secundi Epistola et Panesjrrieus. cum variis lee- 

tionibus el annotationibus. Aooedit vita Plinii ordiue chronologioo 

digesta^ Oxon. e Th. Sheld, 1708. 8va 
lY. ButropU Breviarium Historin B<»nan», cum Ptoanii Metaphnsi 

Ghwoa. Messala Corvinus de August! progenie. Julius Obsequens 

de prodigiis. Anonym! oratio ftmebris Gr.-Lat. in Imp. Constantinum, 

ConstantiniM. flL, cum variisleotionibuset annotationibus. 170S. 8vo. 
v. Indices tres locuplotiasimi in Cyrilli Hierosolymitani opera. *170S. 

VI., YII. Ductor Historicua ; or a short system of UniveraU Histon'. 

YoLL-UI. 1704. 8VO. Seditions. 
YIII. Index to the four parts of Dr. Edwards* Preservative against 

Socinianism. I70i. FoL 
IX. Index to Lord Clarendon's History of the Rebellion. 1704. 
X H. Juniani Justini Historiarum ex Trogo Pranpdo Ubrl xliv. 1705. 


XI. T. LivU Patavini Historiarum ab urbe condita librl qui supersunt. 
170S. 8vo. Ovols. 

XII. A Letter containing an account of some Antiquities between 
Windsor and Oxford ; with a List of several Pictures In the School 
Gallery adjoining the Bodleian Library. 1708. 

XUL The Life of AlAred the Great. By Sir John Spehnan, Knif^t, 
PubUshed trom the original MS. in the Bodleian Library. To which 
are added many Historical Remarks, and a Discourse upon an old 
Roman Inscription, lately found near Bathe. 1710. 8vo. 

XIY. The Itineraiy of John Lebmd, the Antiquaiy, in ix. volumea. 8vo. 
171(^12. (Onlp ^20 copies printsd.) 

XVI. The same in six volumes. 1715. 8vo. (OiUif 166 eopie$ pritUsd.) 

XY. Henrici Dodwelli de Parma equestri Woodwardiana dissertatio. 
Collegiorum Scholarumque Publicarum Academiie Oxoniensis Top(h 
graphica Delineatio. per Thomam Nelum. 

4|:YIL Acta Apostolorum Gnoco-Latine. litteris mi^usculis, e Cod. Laud- 
iano. 1715. 8vo. (ISOeopiet.) 

XYIII. Johannis Rossi Antiquarii Warwicensis Historia Begum Angliai 
e MS. Codice in BibUotheca Bodleiana. 

Joannis LeUuidi Antiquarii Naenia In mortem D. Henrici Duddelegi 
Squitia AuratL (60eop<M.) 

XIX. Titi livii Foro-JuUensis Yita Henrici Quinti Regis An^is. 
Sylloge Epistobrun) a variis Anglia Prindpibus scriptarum 

quibus et alia paucula sunt interspem. 

XX. Aluredi Beveriaoeusis Annales. sive Historia de Gestis Regum 
Britannin, libris ix. Sx oodioe EawUnton, {14Aeopi§$,) 

XXI. GuUefani Roperi VitaD. Thomn Mori, Equitis Aurati, Ungua An- 
glicana oontexta. 

Accedunt Mori Epistola de scholasticiB quibuadam Trajanot sese 

AcademisB Oxoniensis Epistoln et Oratkmes aliquam multe. 
Anonymi Chrontoon Godstovianum. 
Fenestramm depictarum Eoclesis paroohiaUs de Fairtbrd in agro 

Glooestriensi explicatio. {14A copies,) 

* Many of the articles printed by Hearne can hardly be classed among ** Materials 
« for the History of Great Britain and Ireland." They have nevertheless found a 
phM» here, because in printing a list of his woriM, it was not considered worth while 
to exclude any of his omnkm gaihemm. 

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Heasne's PuBtiCATToys — tonimu^d. 

ZXll. Gullalmi Gundnni Annftloa Rorum Aitf^UcATum Dt Hibernioarom* 

nagnante ElLxalwtlui. S voLsi. Svo. 1717^ 
XXI h. GuJiotmi NeubrigT^TiBifl Hijitoriii) uivo Chinamen Berum Angli- 
caroiUp UbTid quuiqucji. S CVdice ^JS^ S&abri$ht, IHS* Svo. S vols. 
Vol, S contains— 

J<]A]idU Picardi NdLio, 

Senno Dl- S. AHsano, fncip.—lnt^r Rosas Maitj^mn. 
XXIT. ThorafD SprotH Chronicft. Ex MM. Dennff, ITU, 8vo. 
Prairitictita Sptuttluui, p. 1^. 
Chpcitilca tie t*nj|ifprp Mutidf, i3,16*, 

A Tract rolatktr to FcHct-burgh and BAinny Abblea, tnuiicribed 
from etmriKQ oh! ^afacxid poitthmont iu the handa of Mr. John 
Mumiy of Ujiidon. Gunt., \Kim. 
Ni^'holai O^talupi Ili^toritila do &ntij]Ultftto vt oHgine Unhreni- 

tntts CantabriiifienBU. 
FrajuilCtantvtr Buli^ quanlmn i^polMp iliaQUf} ad Univeraitttfcis 

■^luidiniibistijpijiin i?:po<:l3i]iiJi, 
iLremofkabk Fnuriui'iil of an old Siif^lisb Chrfsnide orHistoiy 
of the wSUi^ of Kitiff Edwiml iho Fourthi TnuiBCrib'd ftom an 
old US. 
XXV. A (joUootlofi of ctirioua DiscotiTWi, written by mninent Anti- 
quaries nptm several luwlfl In our Enf^lMi Aj]tiqwlti«, and now first 
[lubli^^hixl hir tbiO uso and ij«n1ce of our yc^uiif NobUity and Gentry of 
England. 17^0. Svu. 
XXVI » Tertus Ejoffensls^, A<?codunt Prorrtwianum antiquonmi An|^ 
Episcoporum Pormulij, de crunoiitca obedienttft Att- bkipifloopis Oan- 
tuanon^ibu^ pmsAianda; Et Loouirdi Hutlent Dbucrtatio^ Anglioe 
conscripta* <Iq Antiquitatlbus Oionlc^tistbuA. 17S0. S^m, 
XXVII. Eflberti d« AT^f^bm? Hiatoria db mlmbilibus Qestis Edwaidi 
Tertii. Acceduiit 

(L) Libri Saxonld qui nd maim«i Joniinb Joisci^lhii venenmt. 
(IL) Komim eoruiu qui Berii)i»runt Hlst^Tiauj gentis Anglorum, 

€t ubi ex»taiit, por Joanncm JoiocMnuiO. 
Lfltte™ of Hctut VIII. to Ajltie Bolen. ITSO. %v<h 
XXTIII. Jrjhaiuila da Forduii Bcotlc^hmnic^Ti ipi^ulamn, ww^. cum 
cjiiiKJeiij Hiipplemcutoat^cofitlnuatiiiuo. E MSS* iTti, 9vo, 
VoL 5. Appondii, Mntftinin^, inter alia, 
Walter! Bowcri Prolofiis Iti Sootichronicoii, p. vm. 
Dd fi. fidanundoi^ Archleiilsciifio Oantuarlt«rtd^ epiatoUe qnaDdam. 

iimoeontli IV. Intlii3|yft^ntifl u. dtcntm anxKiendontibui cum 

dotiatiii ad occlpalaiu S. Aiyrustini Cantnaricnstan, p. 1490. 
Btatuta th Innoccntio IV. ad c<jpt)ob!imi 8. Auf^iAtiniOantuaite 

AJ>. im, traiuimi&sa, |i, 14/:^ 
The Hbtory of Cor™ try, from an old MS-, p. 14as, 
^bula Monasttitorum, etc Seotiaj, p. 1551, 
Ikbula BqpuD Scollro. a MaJccImo E^anneciOTv uaque Jaoobum 

tfiiitlimi Inclusive, p. 15C1. 
AttCtaarium Bootiohranici, ako Kotas HiatoricM de Jaoobo 11^ 

B^ffcftwtia*, p. i5il. 
Do Johiuno Anglico, Papa qulrlcm BcimaaOi lioot re Yen ftemina^ 

p. 1668. 
Bobertt Baatoni, firatria Oannelitid, Metra de illustri beUo da 

Bannookburn, p. 1670» 
XXDL The Histoiy and Antiquitiea of Glaatonbuiy; to which arc 

(L) The Bndowment aadOrden of Sheninerton'i Chantiy, founded 

in St. Paul*B Churoh» London, 
(tt.) D.Flot*a Letter to the Bad of Ariington ooDcemlnff ThetfonL 

1722. 8vo. 

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XXX. Hemingl OhartolariimiEocdedn Wlgomieiiiifl. (JB0 Oodice MS, 
p€ne$MMLOra»6$,d&Mi^i0U<m,CR<me,) 1728. 8to. 
Appendix of Ohaiten. 
Bxtnot from Domeidaj and the Woroettor Ohartulaiy, Gott. MB. 


XXXL Robert of Gloucester^ Chronide, J^rom the SaHeitm MS, ; wUh 
• cmakma*UmfiwmaOoUtmianMS,,amdamJ^^ 1784. 8to18. 
XXXn. Peter Lugtofk*! Ohitmiole (as illustrftted And improved l^ 
Robert of Bninne), firom the death of Oadwalader to the end of King 
Bdward the Pirst's reign. {From MS, i» Iwner Temple lAbrarv,) 
To which are added, besides a glossary and other carious papers,— 

(1) A roll oonoeming Glastonbuiy Abbej, being a survey of all 
estates belonging to that house at the dissolation. 

(2) An aooount of the Hospital of St. Mary Magdalen, near Bcroby, 
in Nottinghamshire; by John Slake, Master of that Hospital. 

(8) Two tracts of an anonymous author; the first relating to Oon- 
quest in Somersetshire, the second oonoeming Stonehenge. 
8 vols. 8T0. 
TTTTTT- Johannis, confratris et monadii Glastoniensis, Ohronica sive 
Historia de rebus Glastoniensibus. 2 vols. 1728. 8vo. 

Bzcerpta e Richardi Beere Terrario Ooenobii Glastoniensis, p. 287. 
Ooosnetudo Lumioarii seu Gereorum in Bodesia Glastoniensi. 

e» MS, S. Trim, Cani. p. 868. 
Index Oartamm, eg eodem MS,, p. 870. 
Oatalogus Librorum, ex eodem MS,, p. 428. 
Reliquin saom, ex eodem 309,, p. 446. 
Appendix, p. 466. 
XXXIY. AdanideBomerham Historia de Rebus gestis Glastoniensibus. 
BMS.CoU.S.Trinitati8Cantabrigf». 2 vols. 1727. 8vo. 
A uctuarium, ex Cod, MS, Otmtabr,, fol. 96 a» p. 607. 
XXXy. Thoms de Blmham Vita et Gesta Henrid Quinti, Anglorum 
1727. 870. 
Appendix, containhog; ifiUr alia. The Siege of .Harflet and Batayl 
of Agenoourt, of K. Hen. 8, >Voiii 1£9. GM<. Ff«s«. 2>. a;«. 
XXXTI. liber Niger ScaocariL 

Williehni Wyroester Annales Rerum Anglicanun. JSx amtO" 
grapho in OM, Armorum, London, 8 vols. 1728. 8vo. A 
second edition was printed in 1771. 
XXXVH. Historia Yitflsetregni Richardi IL,Anglis Regis, a Monaoho 
quodam de Bvesham consi gn a t a. 
Aocesserunt, prster alia» 
Joannis Rossi Historiala de Oomitibus Warwicensibus. 
Joannis Bereblod Commentarii de rebus gestis Oxonin^ ibidem 

commorante Eliaabetha Regina. 
D. Blcardi Wynni, Baronetti, narratio historica de Oaroll Wallie 
Prindpis Pamulorum in Hispaniam Itinere, AJ). MD.CXXIII. 
1728. 8V0. 
XXXVnL Joannis de Trokdowe Annales Bdwardi IL Henrid de 
Blaneforde Chronica. Bdwardi IL YiisA, a Mon. quodam Malmes- 
buriensi ftase enanata. 1720. 8vo. 

An account of the canonization of William of Marohia^Bp. of Bath 

and Wells. 
The Oommisdon to shut up John Cherda (monk of Pord Abbey) 

in his solitary apartment during life. 
Charters for the foundation of Trinity Hospital at Hchesten 
K. Heniy Yin. Letter of thanks upon Lord Privy Seal, Thomas 
Cromwdl, being dected, chosen, and installed Dean of Wells. 

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He ARN£*S P r li LI C ATIOKfi — COti iimicd^ 

XXXIX. TliomK- r»Jl (Collflfji UmTen;utlit rapiMita Sfalwthi^ 
M JudKtrt ) , y\ ndieltD A ft Mquitatet AmtemlB Oxonkiuiii mti in Joaiiiinzi 
Cai u D) C&n tOrliriin tn.scm , t vo1«, 1 73A. 8vti. 
The Liite of Mn Anthony a Wood. 
Bp. EumryL'y*« addJtioh^ to, artd convctionA of Athenie et Pistj 

OxonienJi )>«« 
Pbfwn rdatior to the Prol^iUzit Nnnnory of UUk Ctiddliig, 

XU VftltoH flemljifcfbrd^i^, C&riaTiId de Gtneburae Hiitgi^ (k Ih^blla 

^pstis Kiiw»j41 h. EdwatxJL II,. et E(i«^rtll III- 
AlH^MIunt* inter &\ia. 
Edwajdi III. Hi^toHa jtci- JinoiiymuiiL 
Narmtir^ liff procesMu roiitT» Re^iwlduin IVRcockimn, micimv 

JolnTitie Whrtliftluatodio. 
BxcertjtJi hliiturtc« *} Tliomio G&wrolRiiii DiotioTtatio Thsolof^rn. 
libctUuK di,' CAroIL Ip &U urbc Oionicnsi ftifn «1>t dbi(!«9wii, 
3?otItia Donioniin E4?Iijrio«omtti in Diooccsi BathoW^'llt'iisL irsi. 
2 vols. Avo. 

XL I. Duo rpmm AripHc^rum Scriptorps v(^ti:^rc^ viz., ThoBUs Olletb 
liiirne ct jQlunzica WlirtiIi&m»tcdo« ikb oriid:£M> frt-iitlH BritmnlQiff QiQD* 
Brfi Bdwanltiiu IV. A(X¥diint, ioter ulisi, Lilwr d& vita tt mlnculb 
lleriripl Tl., f)pr JoJuiniKMii Blmkuiiuiiiitin ; KUUUta llraqiltJilN di^ 
Kweli!nf! in ekto Oxoniciuii; Ltttenv pt'rr^lun^ do ro1»i» fumtis in parti* 
hiu tioflidj* fW^ptentrion^niHiJi, AJ1« MD.XXJll., et MD.XXrV\ In 
qidbiia fpUtolio auto^Mpho? porpfiiiwt MarK^nrtiie. S«Honun EcRinn*, 
1 Jen rio\ n o§tri ^1 Imip filiic tibUi m ajorta ^ t^mncbrl Gofl wUii Catdo^ui 
hin?U)'mni Uicditu* Epiitfopomin Bathonk<iisdum H \Vilk ciAhiiii, lltim- 
plin^dlquc HumphTt*.v's Oftminpntsriohi!! dt^ Doeimis J|ftngoH(;naJbua fi; 
Aiu[>Iim»ibtLB. 2 vols. 17IJS. Svo, 

XLIL Chronktni nlvc AtiitaJ^i Prtonitiia do Dumttaplc, un* fum et- 
wrptii p Chartidaiit) ejiimJeni Prionatuw. (^ JfA'. HarUu^iL) J Jo- 
n««taplc Priors (a ^m^ of thtrm). An w?<'^Qnt of the Mustang* of the 
rntver*lly of Oilbrtl. with othrr thinp^ thai IiAfrpened thct^. from 
AiV. », ]fl4E, tA J(l1> 1 ft, 1643. inphisivdj. Frr>m tn Orijrina] MS. (that 
iKHontrrd to Hr, Ant, a Wootl) j written, ra It m^frmH. by Mr. Brian 
Twjnnr, and in naw in the h»ndi! of Thomas HdiwIiTui, of Fnphillfi, in 
\Tjin«ii*]tnh]TT, Esq. 1733, Svo, 3 vol*. 

Xlilll. Bc^netUctui AWirn VclmbiiTin^mh tlt^ TilA rt Gaitis Hcnrici U, 
et Rii^arrli L (il CcsrfiV"^ MS. Jlarhiun] f toIii. 17»L 80. An 
aothcntifk (.evidence pontvming the relic k of the BJood of Utlm. 
TTie f i^rpgrrination of Doctor Boartlt^. 


Heibic, Ebic, or Hebbic ; v. St. Gebmain. 

Helena, S.: 

Vita S. HelensB, Matais Constantini Imperator^s, anctore 
Almanno coenobita AltiviUarensi 

Historia translationis, auctore eodem. 

Act Sanet (Aug. 18).iii. 548. 

De S. Helena, Begina. 

OftpSTftTe'i Novft Legendft» t ITS. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



HEvnroFOBD * or Hehinobitboh, or Gisbxtbne : 

Chronica Walter! Hemingforde, Ganonioi de Gissebiime, do 
gestis Begum Angliffi. 

GAle'g Hill. AngUa. Script, qninque, p. 465. 

Historia de Bebus gestis Edwardi I., Edwardi 11., et Edwardi 
m., per Waltenun de Hemingford, canonicnm de Gisse- 

HeMme, 8to. Oxon. 1781. 
Cbronicon Walteri de Hemingbnrgh. Edit. H. G. Hamilton. 
8vo. LoQcL 1846. for Bngiiab Hilt 8oc. 

Hemming : 

Hemmingi Historiola de Vita S. Wnlstani, Episcopi Wigor- 

Anglia Saom, 1 541. Migne'i PatroloRie Cursua Completua, 156» 1489. 
Hemingi Ghartularium EcclesiaB Wigorniensis. Ed. 

Oxon. 1728. 2 vok. 8va 

Hemmingi Liber de Ecclesiaa Wigorniensis incrementis. 

Monaitioon Anglioanmn, L 184b Migne'i Patrologin Cuniu Oompletui, 


De S. Henrico heremita. 

CKpgn,ye*» Nova LeRenda* f . 177. 

Henet the Second : 

BenedictuB Petribnrgensis Historia de vita Henrici IT. et 

Bicardi I. ; v, Benedict. 
Epistola Henrici II., Begis Anglise, de cnstodia Abbati» 
S. Juliani Turonensis. 
Bains. MiMen.iT. 12. 
Series Gaosee inter Henrioom 11. Begem et Thomam Gan* 
toariensem Archiepiscopum. 
Twyiden's Boript x. 711-790. 
Henbt the Third : 

Boyal and other Historical Letters illustrative of the reign 
of Henry III. 

Edited 1^ W. W. Shirley, among the Chnmiclei and Hemoriali. 
Henrici Begis Hierosolymitani, qui Prederici II. Imp. et 
Isabellflo Anglicss filius fait, Epistola ad Henricum Begem 
Anglorum patruum suum. 
Balui.MiieeU.iiL 100. 
Documents of the Beign of Henry III. 

See Exoerpta Hiitorica. pp. 261. 271. 274^ 841. 404. 
See Arehsologia, xxL, 281. 

* Thii author is sometimei called Walter de Glaaebum, and in one manuicript 
Walter de Hemingfourght. 

VOL. I. 3 F 

Digitized by 



Henry tih Fourth : 

Oolleotion of Boy&l and HistoriDal LettEra during the reign 
of Henry IV. 

Edited by the Eev. P. C. Hinjpatoti. wnotig the Chronicles and Me- 
moHal«f TaL L VoL IL b tti tho presii. 
Bicar^i Scropo» ArcMepiscopi Ebom'jcneli, articuli adverans 
Henj'icum TV. Aiigliag Edgem, 

Henbt the Fifth : 

Titi Livii Foro- Jnlienftis Yita Henrici Qtiinti, Begis Angliae, 

Vita Henrici V., Roberto Eedmanno nnctore. Versus Byth- 
mici in laudem Rogig Henrici Qninti. — Elmliami Liber 
MetricTia do Honrico V, Edit, 0. A. Cole. 
Amonf ttiQ Chrcmicles tm^ Mcmormla, 
Gesta Eegia Henrici Qtiinti, anotore Copollano in exercitu 
regio. Edit. B, Williams. 

»*o. Land,184i, For the Engl Uli Hist. Soeif^y, 
Docunients of the Reign of Henry V, 

Henry the Sixth ; 

Liber dc Vita ct Miraonlis Henrici VI., per Johannem Blak- 

Bdit. He&me. »t the ond of Otterhotinifi'ii C^jroMlcIe. 8vo. Oxon. 17S2. 
Letters and Papers illustratiTO of the Wars of the English 
in France, during the reign of Henry VI. 

EdiUnl by the Rav. Joa, 8tevt»nsmi, lononi: the Cfhronicles and Me- 

Account of the Entertainment of Henry VI. at the Abbey of 
Bury St. Edmund's. 
AjTchftoL IV. 65. 

Political Poema of the reigns of Henry YI. and Edward TV, 

ArchmoL xilx. 318. 

List of Xew Year's Gifts pre Rented to Henry VL 
Exreqita Hidtorica, p. IIS. 

Letters and otbcr Documenta relating to Henry VI. 

Escfirpt* Historiffli, pp. 4. 0, iS. ia, +i «. «^ 47, 144b IflO. 857, 880. 879. 
JS^ Archn'Oloffia. 

Litem mi.^jsa per Bogem Anglim orator! bus in sacra Basi- 
lieni<i Synod o. 
Bahu. ILL itm. 

Extracts from the Liber Mcmorandorum Camerariomm Re- 
cepbat Scacearii, relative to the jewrla pledged in the 
17th of Henry VL to CardLnoJ Beaufort, 
Arohaol, %iA. S4-S8. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Henry thb Seventh, King ; v, Andr^ : 

Eelatioii or true Account of England under Henry YIl. 
Edit, by Charlotte Augusta Sneyd. 
8yo. Lond. 1847, fbr the OMnden Society. 
Letters and Papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III. 
and Henry VII. 

Edited by Mr. James Ghdrdner, among the Chnmiclei and Memorials. 
Extracts from the Privy Purse Expenses of King Henry 
Vn., 1491-1605. 

Ezeerpta Hittorioa, p. 65. 
Hbnbt the Minstrel : 

Ye actis and deides of ye illuster and vailzeand campioun 
Schir William Wallace, Knicht of Ellerslie. 

4to. Edinb. 1570, 1594, 1601, Iflll; Svo. Edinb. 1620; 8to. Aberd. 1630 
8va Edinb. 1646, 1661; 8vo. Glasg. 1666; lEmo. Edinb. 167S, 1709 
Glass. 1718; 8vo. Glaag. 1788; 4to. Edinb. 1768; ISmo. Perth, 1790 
4to. Edinb. 1880. 

Henrt op Huntingdon ; v, HxnrriNGDON. 
Henrt OF Samret ; V, Patricii Purgatoritjm. 


Hereward : 

De Gestis Herewardi Saxonis. 

Edit. F. Michel in Chroniques Anglo-Normandes. 8vo. Bouen, 1836-46. 
Edit. T. Wright, for the Caxton Society, 1850. 

Excerptum de Familia Herwardi. 
Edit. Giles, for the Caxton Society, 1854. 

HerltjiNUI^, S. : 

Vita B. Herluini, Beccensis Abbatis primi et conditoris. 
Auctore Gisleberto Crispino, Abbate Westmonasteriensi, 
ejus discipulo. 

B. LanfWttioi Opera, edit. Daohere, Par. 1648, pp. 38-40. Mabill. Act. 
Sanot. Ti par. ii. 344, edit. Tenet. ; 342, edit. Paris. * 


The Vows of the Heron. 

" Memoires snr Tancienne Cheralerie,*' by Sainte-Pal«ye. 
Wri^f s Fblitioal Poems and Songs. 8to. Lond. 1850. Chronicles and 


Vita 8, German! Autissiodorensis ; v, Oermanns. 

De Sanctis Hewaldo Nigro et Hewaldo Albo Martyribns. 
CapgraTe's Nova Legenda, f. 178. 
Hexham : 

De Sanctis Ecclesiae Haugustaldensis et eorum Miracnlis 
Liber, auctore auonymo Canonico regulari, medio saaculo 
xii. Ex M8. Bibl, Bodl, Oxon, 

Mabill Act. Sanct. iil par i. 804, edit. Tenet. ; iii. par. i. 829. edit. Viw. 

3f 2 

Digitized by 




Hexham, John of : 

Historia Johannis Prions Hagostaldensis Ecclesie xxv. an« 

TwjidcnV Hbt. Angl Sfnpt. i. pp. £37-iKi. 

Bicardua Prior Hagiisbildemiii de 8tatu et Epiecapis Haglis- 
taldengifi Eccle^iri^ 

Historia piu^ rnemoriiB Ricardi Priori^ Haguataldensifip cto 
Gestb Ilegis Stopbani et dc Bello Standardiu 

HiBKR^fiA ; i\ Ireland, s 

HlGD£H; t?. THLVI^i: 

Poljchrouicon Baimlfi Higdeni, monachi Ccstrennii. 

Q*le*» HLit. BriL. Sax., Aii^to-ItaLrL Ecript. x\. p. 174^* 
Polychronicon Ranul phi Higdeni, with Tre visa' h Translation, 
Edited by C C Babiiiptou. (In the presa.) 


De S. Hilda, Virgine et AbWinim. 

HiLDIBKKTt C\K>'OilliSSia EnstOLA : 

Ed, Ik^mji'ndrL^. Fol pjirK 1705. ttarlKPry^ji Splrllceiiuti, ill, 4&0, 
Ml^tit^'cii F&trotogki': Cin^tid CompkUUii 171, IIS, 

De S. Ilildelitha Yir^ino et Abbati.sati. 
Cap^rnvL*'* Xorpn Lrsci'iidaL, f, IfrtK 
HOLIKSII E I>, li A r 1 [ Ai: L : 

Ciirc> nicies of Engliindet Scotlandc, antl Irelandc, 

Pol. I/i[id. 1S77. {t voli.) — FoL LoncL U^, n voix) — Ma lSdf7*S. 

The History of Scotland. 

Mo, Arbroath* 1905. iivoK) 
HOHOKT! s : 

De S. Honorio, Arehiepiscopo et ConfesFore, 
Cftji^ravp'a Novii Leeviidiit, t ISL 
H08PITALLli:Jii^ : 

Knights Hoapitallera in En^lftjid, being the Eeport of Prior 
Philip de Thame to the Grand Master Ely an dc Yillauora 
for A.D. 1338. 

JSciitcd hy i\w Hcv. lAmlwrt B. larkinir, MA, witlj mi IJwtorWI In* 
titxiut'tlori hy JgliiL Slitchpll KtmbJ**, SLA. 1957. For thr Caiudcii 

HousxHOLD Book ; r. Bcktsghak et b'Akgoulkiib. 
HouBSHoiD Expenses; 7\ Maxnbr«, Swinpikld? 

HouaehoM Bociks of John, Dnke of Norfolk* and Thomas, 
Earl of 8ttrr(^y, temp. 1481-14SK). Edited by J. P. Collier, 

Eoi b ar^he (n Ik li, 1 S.H. 4to. 
" On]j eitruti fhTin that portion af tli« hkUiay n^Miiif? to the Britoiu and 

Digitized by LjOOQ IC 

Digitized by 



Household Exfbnsss — oontmued, 

A collection of Ordinances and Regulations for the govern- 
ment of the Royal Household, made in divers reigns from 
King Edward III. to King William and Queen Mary. 
Also Receipts in ancient Cookery. 

Bditod by J. Basiro, for the Society of Antiquaries. 1774 FoL 

HovEDEN, Roger de: 

Rogeri de Hovedou Anualium, pars prior et posteriori. 

Swrile's Berum Anglic. Script, post Bedam. FoL Lond. 16M. Fol. 
Franoot leoi.— Bx Bogeri de Hovedcti AnnaHum parte poeterior 
in Eecueil des Hbtoriens dea GaiUea et de la France. Tome 17, pp. 
640-015. Leland*8 ** CoUectaoea," L 123-130 ; ii. 171-IU. 

HowABD, John, Duke of Norfolk ; t;. Manners. 
Huou : 

De S. puero Hugone a Judeis crucifixo. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda, 1 182. 
Hugh Candidus: 

Hugonis Candidi Cnenobii Burgensis Historia. 

Sparke's Hist. Anglic. Script. variL FoL Lond.l7t8. (pp.l-M.> 

Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln : 

Vita Sancti Hugonis, Episcopi Lincolniensis, or the Metrical 
Life of St. Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln. Edit. Rev. J. F. 
Dimock, Minor Canon of Southwell. 
8va Lincoln, 1800. 

Vita S. Hugonis, Episcopi Lincolniensis, ab Alexandro 
Monacho conscripta. 

In ToL X. of Bemardi FttU Bibliotheca Asoetica. Batisbon. 1733.— AbM 
Migne» Patrologife Cnnna Completus, 163,987. Paris, 1894. 

Vita S. Hugonis Lincolniensis Episcopi, auctore anonymo. 
Suritts (Nov. 17), 381. Capgrave's Nora Legenda AngUie, f. 188. See abo^ 
oonoeming Hugh, Bishop of Lincohi, in AngUa Sacra, iL p. 408^ under 
Legenda 8. Bemigii, by Giraldus Cambrcnsis ; in the Chronicon Car- 
tnsiense, edit by Theodore F^treius ; and in the Vita Cartusiaiia, od. 

Recueil de Ballades Anglo-Normandes et Ecossoises rela- 
tives au meutre de Hugues de Lincoln, commis par les 
Juifs en 1255, par Francisque Michel. 
Sra Pltfis,1834. 

Hugh, Abbot Of Rbadiko, afterwards Arcubp. of Roubh : 

Epistola Hugonis, Arohiepisoopi Rothomagensis, ad Inno- 
centiam Papam II., de ohitu Stephani Regis Anglorum. 
HarteneandDurandampUMimacoUectio. ix.ooLl280w FbL Paris,17i8. 
QuHTnioooir, Henrt of: 

Henrici Archidiaconi Huntindoniensis Historiarum libri viii. 
Savile's Bemm AngUc Script, post Bedam. PoL Loud. 1996w FbL 
FAncor.lOOL Migno'8PatrolOKia,190,799. 

Epistola Henrici Huntingdonensis ad Warinum de Regibus 

Migne's Fatrologia, 160, 40. 

Digitized by 



Huntingdon, Henry of — contvtmed. 

Henrioi Arcbidiaconi Huntingdoniensis Epistola ad Walterum, 
de Mondi Contempta, siye de Episcopis et viris iUustribas 
8ui temporis. 

Angli* Sacra, ii 694-702. Migne's PatrologumOS, 880. Daohery's Spici- 
legium, iu. SOS. 
Henrici Huntindoniensis, Archidiaconi Lincolniensis, exem- 
plar epistolae de contemptu Mundi per ea qua) ipsi Tidimas 
hoc est. 

Dachciys Spicilegium, torn. iii. FoL Ptris, 1723. pp. 503-607. 
Hourici Archidiaconi Huntindunensis, Historise Anglorum, 
libri octx), ab anno scilicet A.O. lx. ad usque A.D. mcliv. 
Edit. Pctrie in Monumcnta Hiatorioa Britannic*, pp. 689-768. Fol. 
Loud. 1848. 

Id.V vol It A. : 

De S.Ida sivo Ita, Virgine in Hibemia. Vita auctore incerto 
ex veteri MS. Hibemico. 
Act. Sanct. (16 Jui.) i 1062. 
Yita S. ItaB aliis MidsB, Virgims ot Martyris. Ex eodiee Kill- 
Ck)lgan, i. 68. 

Vita S. ntuti. Ex M8. Cott. Vesp. A, xw. 

Ed. Bees, for Soc for publishing Welsh MSS. 
De S. Htuto, Abbate et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nova Legenda^ f. 187. 
Incuaffeky : 

Liber Insolaa Missarum : AbbatisB Gauouicorum Begularium 
B. Virgims et S. Johannis de Inchaffery registrum vetus : 
pra3missis quibusdam Comitatus antiqui do Strathemc 
reliquiis. Edited by Cosmo Innes. 
4to. 1847, for the Banna<gme Club. 
Inbract : 

De S. Indracto et Sociis ejus martyribus. 
Capgrave's Nova Legends^ f. 188. 
Ingulph ; I?. Croyland : 

Ingulfi Croylandensis Historia. 

Savile Ber. Angl. Script. Post Bedam. Edit. Lond. 1606, pp. 850-914. 
Edit. Francof, 1601. 
Descriptio compilata per dominum Ingulphum Abbatcm 
Monasterii Croyland natione Anglicom quondam monachum 

Fulman's Quinque Scriptoree, p. 1-107. 
Petri Blesensis continuatio ad Historiam Ingulfi. 
Fulman's Scriptoros Bcr. Anglic* p. 108-132. 
Inispalenses'Annales : 

O'Conor's *'Eenim Hibcmicanun Scriptorcs." 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Innes, Thomas : 

Civil and Ecclesiastical History of Scotland, A.D. 80-^18. 
Por thfi Spalding Club, 1868. 

Inquisitions : 

Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem sive Escaetarum 
Hen. in.--Ric. III. 

Edited by John Caley and John 'Barley. 4 vols. Lond. 1806-1828. 
Calendarium Inquisitionum ad quod danmum. 

Fol. Lond. 1808. 
Ducatus Lancastriae Calendarium Inquisitionum post mortem. 

3 vols. Pol. Lond. 1827-34 
Inquisitiones Nonarum, temp. Edw. HI. 

IvoL PoUo. 1807. 

Inventokies : 

Inyenture of ane parte of the Qo\d and Silver, cunyeit and 
uncunyeit, Jowellis, and other Stuff pertening to unquhile 
owre Soverane Lordis Fader that he had in Depois the 
tyme of his Deceis, and that come to the handis of our 
Soverane Lord that now is, M.CCCC.LXXXVIII. 

4to. 1818. 

Wills and Inventories illustrative of the History, Manners, 
Language, Statistics, &c,, of the Northern Counties of 
England from the Eleventh Century downwards. 
Edited by J. Baiue, 1885, for the Surtees Society. 
Ancient E^alendars and Inventories of the Treasury of the 
Exchequer. Edited by F. Palgrave. 
3 vols. 8to. Loud. 1886. 

Ireland : 

Annales Inisfalensis, in vol. 2 of 0*Conor's Berum Hiber- 

nicarum Scriptores Veteres. 
Liber Munerum Publicorum Hibemiaa ab an. 1152, usque ad 
annum 1827. Edited by Bowley Lascelles. 
tvols. PoL 
The Wars of the Danes in Ireland, written in the Irish Lan- 
guage. Edited by Dr. Todd. 

(In the Press). Among the Chronicles and Memorials. 
Anglo-Norman Poem on the Conquest of Ireland. Edited by 
F. Michel and T. Wright. 
Lond. 1888. 

Quatuor Magistrorum Annales Hibemici, usqup ad annum 


VoL 8 of O'Conor's Berum Hibeniiearum Scriptores. 
Annals of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the Four Masters, 

from the earliest period to the year 1616, by John 


4to. 1846. 

Annals of Ireland, from 1162 to 1370* 

In Camden's Britannia^ Ed. Gibson, ii. 487. £d; Gongb, ill 670^ 

Digitized by 



Ibsland — coidlitned, 

InquisiUones Ciincellarii Hiberm^- 

2 vols, Fol. ISSfl, 

A Boll of the Irish Privy Council of the 16th year of the 
Beign of Bichard II. Edited by James Graves. 
{in the Prras). Amon^ tho Clironklctt and MemorUk. 
Berum Hihernicarum Scrip torea Yetercs. Edit. C. 0* Conor. 

Antiala of Ireland, by J^iracs Grace, of Kilkenny. 

Edited bj Eichd. Eutlcr, 1:^1, for the? Irish Archipolofcica] i^odi-ty. 
Ecclesiastical Taxation of Ire laud, A.D. ltJOt>. 

Edit. W. RoevcSp l&lT, for the Irish Arci^iiDolOfdcal Society. 
Chronicoii Hibemiaz. — Camdon^s Britaiuiia. 
The Circuit of Ireland by Muircheartach Mac Ncill^ Prince 
of Ail each ; a poem writteti in tbo year 942 by Cormaciui 
Eigeaa, Chief Poet of the North of Irelarid. 

Editcfl with ^ TrauHLatioii &iid N^vit-N nnd n M^i of the Circuit by Jofiu 
O'Bciioii'ajij 1841, for the Irish Archrcolo^caJ Socictj". 

A Stabuta patiaed at a Parliameut held at Kilkenny, A^D» 

Edited by Jamesi Hi^ditiuuii Tor the Iriiih ArchsolafHcftl Society, 1B42. 
The Annals of Ireland from A.D. 1 1-53 to 1468. 

BdSt<Hl by J. O'Donov-au in Hufcelkuy of the Irijih AtthroiofikAl Sodotyj 

The Latbi Aimalists of Ireland ; vl^,, the Annals of Ireland, 

by John Clyn of Kilkenny. 
The Anjiala of Ireland, by Thady Dow ling, cUoncellor of 

Edited by Richard Butler, 1B4«, ft>r the Irish iiitrhflMl. Boc. 
Acte of Archbishop Col ton in hia visitation of the diocese of 
Derry, in 1397, from the original Roll. 

Edited by l^^illiRm Bct-vi% \n^l. for the IHsii Arch. 8oc. 
An ancient Norman-French Poem, on the erection of the 
walls of New Bomb in Ireland. 
Archirol. nil, S0f7. 

Publications of the Irish Archtcological and Celtic Socie^, 
ibnnded MDCCCXL. 

1 S*l , 1 . Tiw r & irbt i n K to I rt^lmi d. voL I .. POis tauiiu^ :— 

1. Tlie Circuit of Irulaijd j by Muirrheartuch Mac Neill^ PHuw nf 
Ailcoch i R Po^m written in thp jTar H2, tjy Cflnnamn Eifrcflfi, Chief 
Bixt of the North of Irclanrt. Edit«l, with a TmniiiBtioii nnd >^otes, 
and fl Uaii of the Circuit, by John ODoum'ttn, hhJ}., M-EhLA. 

2. " A EricTe IKwriptioii of Ireland, Uisule iti the ytax 15%w, ty Rolx-rl 
Pkyne, viito iiv. of hi^ parti n-rs, for whom ho is vndertaker then?." 
Rejrrinted from the nnefmd edition. London, 15W, with a Fnlkm mnd 
Notes, by Aqiiilla Smith, M.D,. MJiJ.A. 

II. ThD Annals of Inkiid, by Jnmni Graee, of Kilkcniiy. Edited from 
the MB. hi the library of Trinity Collepe, Ihibhu/in the original I^tiUt 
with a TninilBtion and Notes, by I he Eev. Eichard Butler, A.B., 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 




1842. L C^cb ^U15bl ^cb* TheBftttieof]faghBAth(Moin), 

tnm tn indent US. in the libruy of Trinity College, DabUn. Edited 

in the oric^ial Irish, with a Translation and Notes, by J<dm ODono- 

▼an, LLJ)., M.BXA. 
IL Tracts relatfaig to Ireland, voL iL containing :— 
L" A Treatise of Iietamd; by J<dmPymmok.'* Edited flrmn a MS. in 

the British Mnsenm, with Notes, by the Ber. Bkhard Butler, AB. 

2. The Annals of Mnltifeman; tnm the original MS. in the Libraiy of 

Trinity College, Dublin. Edited by Aquilla Smith, H J)., M JLI A. 
8. A Statute passed at a Parliament held at Kilkenny, AD. 1807 ; from a 

MS. in the British Museum. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, 

by James Hardiman, Bsq., M.R.IA. 

1848. I. An Account of the Tribes and Customs of the District of Hy- 
Many, commonly called O'Kelly's Country, in the Counties of Gahray 
and Boscommon. Edited from the Book of Lecan in the Library of the 
Bioyal Irish Academy, in the original Irish ; with a Transition and 
Notes, and a Map of Hy-Many, by John CDonovon, LLJ)., M.BJA. 

II. The Book of Obits and Martyrology of the Cathedral of the Holy 
Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin. Edited from the 
original MS. in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin. By the Ber. 
John Cterke Crosthwaite, AJff., Beotor of St Maiy-at-Hill, and St. 
Andrew Hubbart, London. With an Introduction by James Hen- 
thorn Todd, D.y., y.P JLI A., FeUow of Trinity College, Dublin. 

1844. L Begistrum Bcclesie Omnium Sanctorum Juzta Dublin ; from 
the original MS. in the Libraiy of Trinity College, Dublin. Edited by 
the Ber. Bichard Butler, AB., M JLLA. 

IL An Account of the Tribes and Customs of the District of Hy*Fiaoh* 
rach, in the Counties of Sligo and Mayo. Edited from the Book of 
Lecan, in the Library of the Boyal Irish Academy, and from a copy 
of the Mac Firbis MS. in the possession of the Eari of Boden. With a 
Translation and Notes, and a Map of Hy-Fiachiach. ByJ(dmODono- 
van, LLJ)., M JLLA 

1848. A Description of West or H-Iar Connaught. hy Bodcric CFla- 

herty. Author of the Ogygia, written AD. 1884. Edited from a MS. in 

the Libraiy of Trinity College. Dublin ; with copious Notes and an 

Appendix. By James Hardiman, Esq., M.BJJL 
1848. Tbe Mt^^ ^llMiy of the Irish Archteological Sodetyt voL L con* 

L An andent Poem attributed to St. ColumbkiUe, with a Transhition 

and Notes, by John O'Donovan, LLJ)., M JU A. 
8. De CondUo Hibemiie ; the earliest extant record of a RffUament in 

Inland $ with Notes by the Ber. B. Butler, M.BJA. 
8. Cbpy of the Award as concerning the Tolboll (Dublin) $ contributed 

by Dr. AqniDa Smith. M.B.UL 
4 Pedigree of Dr. Dominick Lynch, Begent of the College of St. Thomas 

of Aquin, in SeriUe, AJ). 1874 ; contributed by James Hardiman, Esq., 

8. A Latin Poem, bj Dr. John lyndi. Author of ** Cambrensis Ercfsus," 

in reply to the Question " Cur in patriam non redis ? Contributed by 

Jaines Hardiman, Esq., MJLIA. 

6. The Obits of Kiloormick, now Pranklbrt, King's County ; contributed 
by the Ber. J. H. Todd, DJ)., M.B.LA 

7. Ancient Testaments ; contributed by Dr. AquiUa Smith, M.BJA. 

8. Autograph Letter of Thady O'Boddy ; with some Nbtices of tint 
Author by the Ber. J. H. Todd, D.D., M.B.I A. 

Digitized by 


820 AprENDHf, 

ts. Autogtajih Lettor of Oliver CnMHwell to hit Bon. Hury Cmmw^l 

VflmmimtkT'iii^ChicT in Ii^]aiicl i contribiititl hy Dr. A- Smith. M.EJ.A, 
TO. The Irifh ChBitt^M hi the BooIj of KpIIh, with i TmnaUUlow •Rtl 

Not^flH hy John O'Doncflfan, LLB^ M.E,IA. 
11. ariKiiinl ChnrtcT gr*Tit«l by John I/nrd of Ireknd, to th© Ahbcj *)if 

MplSmHit; POiitrthiHed hy Dr. A. Smith, M,EJ.A. 
ISl a Jnufiitjy to CoTitianffht tr» 1709, by Dr. Tiiamta Molyn^m i WMitrl- 

butoi hy Dr. A. Smith, M.R.IJL 
la, A Cove imnt iu trisli Ijttwis!'!! Bl»|^ooghe|rnn and thr Fot ; with a 

TmnHlatioii nnij huttirictij Ntitlcei of the two Futmiiiiff, by John OlXr 

nov4ri< LL.D., M.HJ.A, 
H. Tlw Aiinii!^ of li^kTid, fyom A.1). 1463 to 14G9. truisl&tcd f^m a Uttt 

Iri*h orifflfial, hy mUley Firhb*** with No*™ hy J. O'Dono'VWi, LLJI,, 

1M7. The } 1 rieh Vefsion of t ho BJatoriii Briton um of Koiitiiu*, or, as 1 1 U 

talJecl In Irish MfiS. l-^AbAjt Ijie^HAC, tho BHttnh Book. Edit(?d 

rtxjto tlie Book of B]illittu>t#t collat^^d with wpii* in the Book of Lctmii 

uid hi the Liiiraiy of Trinity Colk'^u^, Duhhri^ with a Tmniibtion ttnd 

Kaloa» by Jatjjp.n IKnithorn Todd, DJ>,. M.ILI.A, FelJow of Trinity 

ColIPKi?, Ai\ i and AddltioiiJil Xottsi* aiicl an IrktnxltLclioii, by tin; Hon- 

Algcrtiort Ilprlwrl. 
ISMS. The Ijithi AimaJintji of IriJant! s odii^tl with Introductory ai^ 

nmrka and ^oU» by the Vofy Rev, Richard Butler* M.Ewl A,, IkiaSi of 

CloiinuHrn (iiM^ vif,» ;— 

1. The AniuU^ of Ir^limd, by Joliii Clya^ of Eitkmny ; fhna a MSS* in 
Ibc Lllirtry of Trinity Ciilk'ffi', D«blb\, collfttcd with another hi Lb& 
JkidiolAii Library. OifonL 

2, The Ani^Tils of Iretaiid^ by Tliady BowlhifC, Chaiicdlor of Uy^hHiu 
Frfjui d IdB. in thcLihnuy of Triiiitj^ Colle^^. Dublhi. 

l&4fl-!HK MflcnriiD EitiiliuMi, tlit Dcfitmction of Cyprus ; Iwing a iti-ort 
H LI lory of the Civil War In Irelnnd, under Janit* li^ hy Colonel 
Charlcy» O' Kelly. Edited in tlits Latin fVuuh a H ^. pn;iiciil«d by tho 
]nU; rrofft*aor M'CuUnfrh to the* Llbmry or tho Eoyal Lriali Academy ; 
with a TraiiHliition fVom n HS. cf thi? aovciittwiith century j and ^tj/Les 
by Joliti C. O'Cillaghjin, Esq, 

ISBL Actfl of Archbiflho[> Collon In hi* VisiUtfcn of the Dioe^e of 
IkTwy, A.D. 131*7. Edited from the original Roll, witti liitrtxiuddon 
imd Kotes^by William EwVfK, VM^ M.B^LA. 
[Freftented to tho ISodcty by the Bev* Dr» E^evwO 

1852, 6ir William Pctty*s K^rrative of hw Proeeedhiga In the Survey of 
Irelwid ; from » MS. hi tin? Library of TruiHy CoBeiii*, Dublbu KUItwl 
with Notej, l)y Thoniaa A, larcom. Eiq^ R.E., V^P-KLA. 

ISW, Cambreuiiihi Bveraua^ or Rfifutfition of the .\nthorlty of GIaMiu 
Camhmiid» on the Histoiy of Ircliuidt hjDr, John Lyrjch (llStti)* wtth 
vm&p Arcc^uiit of thit AflUn of th^t KlnRdom durtjiK his tiwii md 
former Umm. Kdlted^ with Traijmlaticm and (HSpioui Note*, hy lilt 
Itev. Matthew Kelly, Royal Coikgc of St. lUtrick, Maynooth* » voli, 

Publicutious of tlio Celtic Society, founded MDCCCXLY, 

1R47. leABftp 1)^ !>'CeApt, or, the Book of Rightfl; aTrcaliw 
on the Rights and IMWlegca of tho Andcjit Kiji^ of Ireland, now ibr 
the tln(t time edited with Trauilatiou and Notea^ by Joha OTKouo^-sii, 
LUU., M.E*I*A, Prcftied to thk volumo mv tho following hittoricaJ 
aiid mtiml di*'*ertntioiiB by the Editor:—!. On the ™riona Manit- 
acripti of tba Ewk uf Bi«;bt«. LL On the Saltair Chaintt, ur iNBdicr 
of Cu1m?L IIL Oa the will of Ciith*irir Mor, nnd other lAtscea Intro* 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Ieish Abcii^ological and Celtic Societies' Pubuoations— «on<. 

duoed into Leabhar n» (H^eart. IV. On the reforenoes to IVnnar as 
King or Prince of the Banes of Dublin. V. On the Tract prefixed to 
the Book of Eights, entitled, ' The Bestrictlons and Prerogattres of the 
Kings of Eire.' VI. On the Division of the Tear among the ancient 
Irish. Vn. On the Chariots and Roads of the ancient Irish. YIII. On 
Chess among the ancient Irish (with engravings). IX. On the Irish 
Text and Translation. The larger paper copy contains Ml-longth 
portraits of Archbishop Ussher, Luke Wadding, and Roderick O'fla- 

1848-50-51-52. Cambrensis Eversus, fto. as above. 8 vols. 

[Given to Members of the Celtic Society for 1848, 1860-52 ; and to Mem- 
bers or Associates of the United Society for 185S.] 

1840. Miscellany of the Celtic Society, containing :^ 

A Treatise from the Book of Leacan on the 0*h-EidirBeoeoil*s (ODris- 
col's) Country, in the County of Cork. 

A Historical Poem on the Battle of Dun (Downpatrick), AJ). 1200. 

Sir Richard Bingham's Account of his Proceedings in Connacht, in the 
reign of Eliisabeth. 

A Narration of Sir Heniy Docwra's Services in Ulster, written AJ). 1614 ; 
together with other original Documents and Letters illustrative of 
Irish History. Edited by John O'Donovan, Esq., LLJ)., MJLIJL 

1853. Cath Muighe Lena; the Battle of Magfa L«m; an andent historic 
Tale, edited by Eugene Curry, Esq., M.R.IJL, from original MSS. 

Publications of the Irish Archaeological and Celtic Society, 
united MDOCCLni. 

1854. Liber Hymnorum ; the Book of Hymns of the Ancient Church of 
Ireland ; firom the original MS. in the librtry of Trinity College, 
Dublin. Edited by the Rev. James Henthom Todd, D J)., Tim. RJ»A. 
Senior Fellow of Trinity College. Part I. Containing the following 
Latin Hymns, with Irish Scholia and Gloss r~ 

1. The Alphabetical Hymn of St. Sechnall, or Secundinus, in praise of 
St. Patrick. 2. The Alphabetical Hymn in praise of St. Brigid, attri- 
buted to St. Ultan, Bishop of Ardbreccan. 8. The Hymn of St. Cum- 
main Fota. 4. The Hymn or Prayer of St. Mugint 

1855 and 1850. The Life of St. Columba, by Adamnan, Ninth Abbot of 
Hy [or lona]. The Latin text taken from a MS. of the early part of 
the eighth oentniy, preserved at Scfaaffhausen { aooompanied by vari- 
ous Readings from six other MSS., found in diiftoent parts of Europe, 
and illustrated by copious Notes and IHssertations. By the Rev. Wil- 
liam Reeves, D J)., MJB., yjPJLI.A. With Mi^m, wd colourod Fac- 
similes of the MSS. 

1857. liber Hymnorum ( the Book of Hymns of the Ancient Church of 
of Ireland ; from the original M.S. in the Library of Trinity College 
Dublin. Edited by the Rev. James Henthom Todd, D J)., Pros. R.LA. 
Senior FeUow of Trinity College. Part II. 

1868. C05A8 0AO|66aI Jie 0aIU|B. The Wars of the Irish 
and Danes. Edited, with a Translation and Notes, from a MS. in the 
Library of Trinity College, Dublin, collated with a MS. in the hand- 
writing of Fr. Michael O'Clery, now in the Buigundian libraiy at 
Brussels. By James Henthom Todd, DJ)., Prea. R.LA., assirted by 
John O'Donovan, LL.D., M.ILLA., and Eugene Curry, Esq., M.RXA. 

Ita ; V. Ida. 

Digitized by 



Italiah Mjebchakts: 

Extracts from the Liberate Bolls relative to Loans supplied 
by Italian Merchants to the Kings of Engluid. 
AfGhsDoL zzTiii. 261-818. 

Ithamab : 

De 8. Ithamaro, Episcopo et Confessore. 
O^isrsve'a Nova Legends, f. 106. 

Vita S. Ivonis, auctore Goscelino Monacho. Eui MiS. Aiigli- 

Acta Sanct. (June 10), ii. 2SS. Migne*ti P&troloKia, 155, 80. 
De S. Ivone, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrare*! Nova Legenda, f. 190. 
Ivo CASK0TEN8I8 : 

Ivonis Camotensis Epistolas. 
Migno'a P&trolosia» 162, 1. 


De S. Iwyo, Confessore. 

Oapgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 20L 

Jarbow and Monk W£abmouth : 

The Inventories and Account Rolls of the Monasteries of 
Jarrow and Monk Wearmouth, from their commencement 
in 1303, till the dissolution. 
Surteea Society, voL 29. 
Yitad sex Abbatum Girwi et Wiramuthee, auctore Yen. Beda; 
V. Beda. 


Yita Kentigemi, auctore Jocelino monacho Fumescnsi. 

Plnkerton'a Vit Sanct Sootic, p. 118. 8va Lond.1780. 
Yita S. Patricii, auctore Joscelino de Fomesio. 

Colgail*8 Acta Sanctorum Hibemle, iL 64. Acta Sanctorum, iL 548 
(Mar. 17). 

Menlngfaam'a FlorOeghun Insula) Sanot. FoL Ptfis, ie24i pp. 1-85. 

Yita S. Waltheni (Walthevi) abbatis, auctore Jordano vel 
Joscelino monacho Fumesiensi. 
Acta Sanct. (Aug. 8), i. 248. 

Johannes Beveblacensis : 

De S. Johanne Beverlaoensi Archiepiscopo Eboracensi^ 
Yita S. Johannis Episcopi Eboracensis in Anglia, auctore (ut 
yidetur) Folcardo Bertiniano Monacho. Ex M8. Legenda 
Moiiaet. 8. Gildasii de Nemorc, 

MabllL Act. Sanct. iU. par. 1 410, edit. Venet; Ut par. 1488, edit Par. 
Acta Sanct (May 7), ii 100. Migne's Patrologis Cunui Oomplatu 

Digitized by 


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JonAKVss BjsvEaJULCESBU—caniinued. 

Miracnla, auotore Willielmo Ketello, Glerico Beverlacensi. 
Alia miraoola, auctore ut plorimnm teste ooulato. 
Alia miracnla, auctore tertio etiam in pliiribns teste ocnlato. 
Miracula ultima sadc. xiii. 
Act.8anct. (Uay7),iL166. 
De S. Johanne de Beyerlaco, Episoopo et Confessore. 
OapgniTe's Ko?a Legends, f. 180. 
JoHK, Abbot of Petekborou&h : 

Chronioon Anglisd, per Johannem abbatem Burgi Sancti 

Sparke't Hist Anfflic. Script. Fd. London, 172S. 
John of Bbiblington ; v. Bbidlinoton. 
John of Bboxfton ; v, Brompton. 
John of Hexham : 

Continuatio HistoriiB Simeonis Dunelmensis, per Johannem 
priorem Hagustaldensem. 

Twyiden'i Hist. Anglic Scriptoros Decern, p. 257. 
John of Sausbubt : 

Polycraticus de nugis curialium et vestigiis philosophorum 
Joannis Saresbenensis. 

FoL 1475 (f). FoL 1513 (?). Sra Logd. Batov. 1583. In Msg. 

BibL Yeter. Fatrom. Fot Colon. Agrip. 1098. 8vo. Lugd. Batav. 

1630. 8vo. Amster.1664 Max. Bibl. Yet. Fat. Lugd. 1677. Kigne's 


Vita S. Anselmi, Archiepiscopi Cantnanensis, authore Joanne 

Sarisburiensi, Episcopo Camotensi. Vide Anselm. 
Epistolse Joannis Saresbenensis. 

4to. Paris, 1611. Mag. BibL Yet. Patr. Fol. Colon. Agrip. 16». pp. 
406-^lS. Max. Bibl. Yet Pitr. Fbl. Lugd. 1677. pp. 410-53S. Recueil 
des Historiens des Gaules et de la France. Tome 16, pp. 488-025. 
Migne's Patrologia, 100, S. 
Epistolse etYita diYi ThomsD Mariyris et Archiepiscopi Can- 
tuariensis. Edit. Lupus. Vide Becret. 
4to. BnixeLlOSS. 
A Charter uid three prcYiouslj inedited Letters of John of 

MarteneTheaanr. Fol. Paris, 1717, ooU. 660, 507. 6<tt. 604. 
John of Wallinofobd : 

Chronica Johannis Wallingford. 

Gale's Hist Brit.. Sax., Anglo-Dan. Scriptoies xr., p. 525. 
Jordan Fantosme ; t;. Fantosme. 



De S. Josepho ab Armathia. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda, f. 106. 
Vita S. Judoci, filii Begis Britonum, per Florentinum abbatem 

Burins (Dec. 14), 86S. 

Digitized by 




Willielmi Calculi GtemmetioensiB monaohi Historitt Norman* 
nomm libri viii. 

Pachenie Script. Norm. p. 21&-817. Camden*t AngUc^ p. 001 Mifrne'H 
pKtrologias CunuB Coropletns, 149, 779. 


De S. Jnstinano, Martjre et Monaoho. 
CapgrftTe's Nov& Legenda, f. ML 

Justus : 

De S. Josto, Arohiepiscopo efc Confessore. 
Cftpgrave*s Novm Legenda, f. 208. 


De S. Jufchwara, Virgine et Martyre. 
Capgnve's Nora Legenda, f. 201 


Kalendse of the Newe Legend. 

Bdit Pynson. U16. 

Kablaterok ; V. Cablaverock. 
KsBius : 

Vita S. Kebii. Ex M8. Cott. Fc«jp. A. ttiv. 

Ed. Bees, for Soc. for publishing Welsh MSS. 1853. 
De S. Kebio, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave*8 Nova Legenda» f. SOS. 


De S. Kellaco, Episcopo in Hibemia. Vita, ex MS. Hibemico 
Latine versa. 

Act. Sanct (May 1), 1104. 

Kelso ; v. Calchou. 
Keltok, Abthub : 

A Chronyole with a genealogie, declaryng that the Brittons 
and Welshemen are lineallye dyscended from Brute. 
16mo. Lond. 16417. 

De S. Kenelmo, Bege et Martyre. 

Gi^igniife^ Nora Legenda, f. 808. Acta Bmct. (Jut 17). 

Vita Kentegemi, anctore Jocelino Monaoho Fomesensi. 

Pfnkerton*8 Vite Antiquie Sanctorum Scotia^ p. 118. Svo. Lood. 1780. 
De S. Kentegemo, Episoopo et Confessore. 
Oapgrave*! Nora Legenda, f. 807. 
Ketna, S. : 

Vita S. EeynsB, Virginis. 

Oapgrave's Nova Legi^nda Anglis, f. 804 b., and Acta Sanctonun, iv. 275 
(Oct. 8). 

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Digitized by 



KiABAN or PmAN, S., Ep. Saigikiensis : 

De S. Cierano et S. Karthaco ejus Discipulo, Episcopis et 
AbbatiboB Sagiriensibus in Ossoria, Hibemia? Provincia. 
Yita ex MS. Salmanticensi. 
Act Sanot (Mar. 6), i 889. 
Vita S. Kierani, Episcopi et Oonffessore. Ex Codice Kilken- 

Alia vita ejnsdem. Ex MS. Salmanticensi. 

De S. Pirano, Episcopo et Confessore. 
OapfpTftre't Nora Logenda, f. 967. 
KiLIAirus : 

De S. Kiliano, Episcopo etMartyre. Acta, ex MS. Vallcellensi 
sen Moretiano. Altera passio ex Canisio, Antiq. Lection. 
Act. Sanct. (July 8), li 609. CaniMua, Antiq. Lection. 4. Mentngham's 
Florilegium, 818. 

Vita et Marfyrium S. Kiliani sociommque ejus, auctore 

Suritu (July 8), 186. 

De S. Kylyano cum Sociis suis Martyribus. 
CapgraTe's Nova Legenda, f. 219. 

KiKKSTALL, Hugh db ; v. Fountains. 
Knighton, Kbnrt : 

Henrici Knighton Canonioi Leycestrensis, Chronica de Even- 
tibus AnglisB a tempore Regis Eadgari usque ad mortem 
Regis Bicardi Secundi. 

Twysden's Hist. Anglic. Scriptoros Decern (col. 2811-2742). 

Knox, John : 

Historie of the Beformatioun of Beligioun within the Bealm 
of Scotland. 

4to. Lond. 1686. Fol. Lond. 16M (with the Life of Knox by David . 
Buchanan). 4to. Edinb. 1641 Fol Edinb. 1782 (with the Life of 
Knox, by Matth. Crawford). 4to. Olaag. 1761. 4to. Edinb. 1700. 
8vo. PaiBl^, 1791. 8T0. Ghug. 1881 (with Knox's Life by Wm. 
Ktnedus : 

De S. Kynedo, Confessore. 
OapgraTe's Nova Legenda» f. 206. 

De S. Kyneswyda, Kyneburga, et Tibba Virginibus. 
Oapgnve's Nova Legenda, f. 218. 
Ktnlos, Abbatbs dx ; i;. Fbsreeius. 
Ktteleb, Dams Alice : 

An account of the proceedings in Kilkenny against Dame 
Alice Kyteler and her son William Outlawe, prosecuted 
for sorcery in 1324, by Bichard de Ledrede, Bishop of 

4to. Lond. 1848. Edit Thomas Wright* for the (}aniden Society. 

Digitized by 



Lancaster : 

The Union of the two noble and ilhi^ire Fn-melies of Iaw* 
ct*.^UtJ and York, hy Edward Halle. 

Aocount oftbe Expense!^ of Henry and Thomas of Lancaster* 
A.D. 1292-3. 

Editwi by J. Burtt. CiunticTi Society, iSfi*. 

Lancaoter, Ducitv OP; V, Ikquisit[oss and Cuakcehy; 

ChflrterH of tho Ducby of Lancaflt^r, with Translations* 
Eilil^d hy ir. llanly. 8vo. Lomi iStS, 

Hiatoria do Gestis Eegiim Britannorum et Anglonim a 
Casaibellaiio ad annum 20 Edw. 3 (1346), per quendftm 
Canon icnm do Lanercost in comitatu Cumbrim- 

Edit. byJ.Stcveuwii* gvols. ittK 1339, For the Bannntyiie Mid MMU 
laiid Cinba, 

Lanfraiici nperri, ' 

Mi^ifV VntroloFiie Cursuh ComjiktiiE, vnL IM* 
B. Lanfranci, Cantaariensia Arcbiopiscopj et totius Anglim 
PrimfttJB. Epistolarum Liber. 

Inter Opera lAiifraiici a Dttchury. P*d3,lG4S. Folio, l(LGilP9;£d. 
Vita beati Lanfrnncit Arcbiepiscopi Cantuarlensis, aaotor© 
.Mibmc Crispino, Moniu-bo et Cantoro Becceasi, subj^ri. 
3IaliilK AeL Saiict. vL lair. U. U2S, c<t Vsnet. i vL fUr. iL 635, ed* Pirffc 

De B, LaiifraiicOi Arcbiepiscopo Cantaarieniii, Vita, anctor^ 
Milonc Crispino, Caiitoro BeceenBi. Aba vita, auctore 
Eadmero Gantuaricnsi. 
Af-t. Saijct. (May M, vi 833. 
De S. Lfinfranco, Archiepiacopo ct Con fos sore. 

CayMcrave's Xova Ije^tida, f. £1S. 
Two Poems in praif^o of Lanfranc, 

Priivted in til c not€s to Llie " St'ala Chronka/* Edit. Ste?enffifL 

Scriptores Renim DanioaruTn rarediei p&ti, 

EiUUhI by J. LftHK<'lK.*lt. 

i. fl* Cieti(>&1oji^ R^giim Ajifrlci-Saiontim. 

L ati Vita S. Wlllehadi, ab Arisfhwin mnsrrlpta. 

ii. 40U Vita S. Ocbmis Dftiii* Arcbb'pisropi Caolnariemis (aupto?e 

ii. 412. Carmen Ando-Saionienin de jirBslio BninsnburgCTuii inter 

Dnnc}t<i c!t Atiffltw, anno f^l7 commlsHO- 
ii. 4,19. Vita C't trajislntio K. Klpbr^l a DanLs an, lOlE intoremtL 
ii. 46a. S<?nno Lupi ad Anglos, quo iniMPiTiiiiuni liujna iifttlonis s 

te! I J pore invaj«ioni» IfenonLni eicposult- 
Ii. *7S. Enromium Einmir. Rririiiip Dimift et An^lfff. 

Digitized by 


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iii. 209. Chronioon Begum MumuB, 1066-1266 ; cum oontinuBtione. 

iiL 287. Origo et gesta Siwardi Dud, Duds N(nrthumbri», ^usque filii 

Waldevi Comitis. 
iii 817. Bulogium S. Kanuti, Begis et Msrtjrls, auctore anonymo ootevo. 
iii 322. Historia martyrisationis 8. Kauuti Eegis, auctore anonymo 

iiL 825. .Shiothi Honachi Historia ortns, vite, ot passionis S. Canuti, 

Begis I>ani». {Act. /Sand.) 
iii 890. Legends aliquot de 8. Canuto, Baiiorum Eegc et Protomartyre. 

Langtoft, P.^teb : 

Chronicle from the death of Gadwallader to the end of the 
reign of King Edward the First. Translated by Eobert 
de Bmnne into English verse. 

Hearne, 2 vols. Sto. Oxford, 1726. 2vols. 8vo* Lond. 1810. 
Extrait de la Chronique du Pierre de Laugtoft. 

Edit. F. Michel in Chroniques Anglo-Nonnandes. 8to. Bouen, 1836-40. 

Lanquet, Thomas ; v. Ooopeb, Thomas. 
Laiitfredus : 

Lantfredi Epistola pra&missa Historise de Miraculis Swithini, 
Episcopi Wintoniensis. 
Anglia Sacra, i 822. 
Swithini Vita et Miracula, per Lantfridum, Monachum Win- 

Acta Sanct. (Jui 2), i 821. Migue's Patrologias Curaus Completus, 

De S. Lasreano sive Molassio, Abbate Lethglinensi in Hiber- 
nia. Vita ex MS. Henrici FitzSimon. 
Act. 8anct (Ap. 28), ii 543. 
LauB£NC£ : 

De S. Lanrencio, Archiepiscopi et Gonfessore. 

Oapgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 217. 
Gesta S. Laurentii, Archiepiscopi Oantuariensis, ex Beda, 
Ub. ii. 

Surius (Feb. 2), i 35. 

Laurence, St., of Dublin : 

Vita S. Laurentii, Dublinensis Episcopi, auctore quodam e 
collegio Augiensi. 

Surius (Not. 14), 88L Messingham's Florilegium, 879. 

Laurentius Dunelmensis : 

Vita S. Brigidse, auctore Laurentio Dunelmensi. 

Acta Sanctorum, (Feb. 1), i 172. Colgan's Acta Sanctorum Hibemitf. 
See BrigIda. 

Ancient Laws and Listitutes of England. 

Bdited by B. Thorpe. 1 voi foi Lond. 1840, and 2 vols. 8vo. 
Ancient Laws and Institutes of Wales. 

Edited by Aneurin Owen. 1 voL foi Lond. 1841, and 2 rols. 8vo. 
VOL. L 3 G 

Digitized by 




Qon's Brat, or Ohronide of Britain. A poetical semi- 
Saxon paraphrase of the Brut of Waoe. 

Edit Sir F. Madden, 8 yol&, Lond. 1M7, for the Society of Antiquaries of 

Lelakb, John : 

De Behns Britannicis Collectanea. 

Edit Tho. Ueamius. 9 vols. 171(V-12 ; 6 vols. 8va Oxon« 1715 ; and Lend. 

Commentarii de Scriptoribus Britannise. 
Bd.Ant.HaU. 8vo. Oxon.1709. 


Cartolarinm comitatos de Leyenax ab initio secnli decimi 
tertii usque ad annum 1398. 

Edit. Jamei Dennifltoun. 4to; Edinb.1838. For the Maitland Club. 


De S. Leonorio, Episcopo et Confessore in' Britannia Armorica, 
Vita, ex MS. Atrebatensi. . Lectio|ies« ex Breviario S. 

Act. Sanct. (July 1), 1 118. 

Leslie, John : 

De Origine, Moribus, et Rebu3 gestis Scotorum, accessit 
regiouum et insularum ScotisD, cum ejusdcm tabula topo- 
graphica, descriptio. 
4to. Bom., 1578 and 1676. 

De Vita et Gestis Mariee Scotorum Breginaa Scriptores. 

Edit. Sam. Jebb. FoL Lend. 1721, voL t pp. 14(ha36. 
History of Scotland from the death of James I. in 1436 to 
the year 1561. 

Edit. ThoB. Thomson. 4ta Edinb.1830. For tho Bannatyuc Club. 


De S. Lethardo, Episcopo et Confessore. 

Capgrave's Nova Legenda, f. 218. 
Vita S. Lietphardi, Episcopi et Martyris, auctoro Monacho 
Benedictine. Ex M8. Nic, Belfortii. 
Acta Sanct. (Feb. 4), L 402. 


Boyal and other Historical Letters illustrative of the reign 
of Henry ELL, selected and edited by the Rev* W. W. 

Among the Chronicles and Memorials (in progrees). 
Original Letters of the Fasten family, written during the 
reigns of Henry VI., Edward IV., and Bichard III. 

4to. 1840-1. 

A collection of Royal and Historical letters during the reign 
of Henry IV. 

Edited by F. C. Hingeston, among the Chronicles and Memorials. 

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L£TT£fi8 — continued. 

Original Letters and Papers illustrative of the Wars of the 
English in France daring the reign of Henry VI. 

Edited by the Rev. Jos. StevenaoD* among the Ohronidei and Memorials. 
2 vols. 
Letters and Papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III. 
and Henry VII. 

Bdited by James Gairdner. amon^ the Chronicles and Memorials. 
Original Letters illustrative of English History. 

Bdited by H. Ellis. 3 vols. 8vo. Lond.1824. Second series, 4 vols. 8vo. 
Lond.1827. Third series, 4 vols. 8vo. Lond.l84e. 
Original Letters of royal and illustrious ladies of Great 
Britain, from the commencement of the 12th century to 
the close of the reign of Queen Mary, by Mary Anne 
Everett Wood. 
Svo. Lond.1848. 
Sylloge epistolarum a variis Angliaa Principibus scriptarum 
quibus et alia perpauca sunt interspersa. 

Edit Heame, at the end of Titus Livius' life of Hetuy V. 
Lewina, S. : 

Historia Translationis S. Lewina}, Virginis et Martyris, 
ex Anglia in monasterium Bergense. Auctore Drogone 
ejusdem loci Monacho coasquali. jE» MS. Cod. viri cl, 
Emerici Bigoiii, 

Mabillon, Act. Sanct. vi par. U. U4, edit. Venet. ; vL par. !L 112. edit. Par. 

De S. Lewinna, Virgine et Martyr e Anglia, Bergis S. Winnoci 

in Belgio. Historia Translationis, auctore Drogone Monacho 

Bergensi. JSx M8. Bergenai collato cum Mahillonii edi- 


■Act. Sanct (July 24). v. 60S. 

Llbee Niobr Scaccabii : 

Ueame. 1728. 2ud edition. 1771. 

LiBBi Censua&es vocati Dokesdat Book ; v, Doicesdat Book. 


Epistola Leonis III. PapoQ ad Kenulphum Begem de Archi- 
. episcopatu Lichfeldensi. 

AngUa Sacra, i. 46. 
Epistola Episooporum Anglisa ad Leonem Papam. 
Anglia Sacra, i.46L 

Life of S. Alban ; t;. Alban. 

A Selection from the Minor Poems of Dan John Lidgate. 
Ed. J. 0. HalliweU. 8vo. Lond. For the Percy Society. 
Lily, Gbokgb : 

Chronicon, sive brevis enumeratio Begum et Principum 

'4to. Venet. 1548. 4to. Prancof. 1566. 4to. Basil; 1577. pp. 319-400. 
vol. i of Grutenw* Chronicon Ohronioorum Politicum ; 2 vols. Svo. 
Franc. 1614; and p. 104 of Paul Jovius* Desoriptionet reglonnm atqud 
loconuu. Svo. Basil, 1661. 

3o 2 

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Lilt, Geoege — confitmcd^ 

hn3ic[vi=irim ot Eboracetiais de regnt> Coutentione*, 

printed m lUi the editions of the CltronicMi Abov<] JuentioQcd. 
GoneaJogia Begum AngUaj* 

lYiutfid in some of tho cdiiiana or the Chniuiooti. 


Chronicle of the Rebellion iii Lmcohiahirc in 1470, 

Edited by J. E. Nichols, Printed for tho Camd«i Society, 1^7, 

Canncn de AbbatibiL'5 S. Petri ; v. Ethelwolfus. 
Annul PS LindisfEH-nonses ct Cimtitarien^e&f A.D. 618-^90* 
Pertz. Mtjn, HLst* Gnrtnttn. vL 2* 

Lindsay, Koueut: 

OhroniclciJ of Scotland^ extending froin 143ti bo 1565| and 
continued by flnotker hand to 1604, 

PoL Edinb. 172§{ GliwR. nm Umo. Miub, ms. 9vq. Edlnl>.iei4 
Edit, by John Omlimn Dalytll. 

LlOBA, 8. : 

Yita Sanctas Liobfl?, Tirgiivis et Abbatiaaaa Bischorheimeneis 
in Germania, auctore Budolfo Monacho Fuldensi s^eulo 
ix. Ex, sccundji. t^dUwiw Surmtt^. 

l[*UiU. Act« l^ant^t. jii. par, li, ^1. edit. Vunet. ; ill, p*r. U. ilo, «dLl 
Par. Acta Swict. (ScpL 28). vtL 74a, 

LiviNire, S. ; 

Vita S, Livnnij Episcopi et Martyris, auctore Bonifacio 
CO8&V0, E.^ MS. Cod, Compcndieiifi^ ct Kl^olao Serario. 
Mabill. Act, Kanct. ii, *Jl, i^i. VcnoC,; IL *m, wiit,PiariA Migiie'* 
I'at ro lodffi Cursu* Oompletna, 87, SSH Mtd an, S7L 

Livnjs : 

Titi Livii Foro-Jviliensif^, Vita Regis Henrici Quinti. 
llcarnf*. Svo. Oi.f>u. HIS, 

Historiola de primo statu Landaycnsia Ecclesiaj, 

AiiKlin Sacnu, iL Q@7. 
Liber Lnndavensig, Llyfr Teilo, or the Ancient Register of 
the Cathedral Chorch of Llttniliilf, from raanns^cripts, with 
an Eugliiih trant^lation, t^c. By J, W* Reea. 

HtkjTiI 8vL>, LLmtiflvorji 1*W. For thy Wc3*li BlBiiusctipt Socldy. 

Concilium Londiiienae habitum anno IIBI. 
l^ahiJL MLii^JI. lu 121. 

Chronick f.>f London, from 1089^14S3 ; with an Appendix 
containing poem a by Lydgate. Edited by N* H, Nicolas. 
ito. I^nd* 1K27. 
Mujiimenta Gildhallm LondonicnBls \ ik Miuiimenta. 
Beg i strum Elcomosynarraj D, Paulij Londineiifiis. Edit^ 

ito. Loud 1837. PrJratdjr pmi(«ii 

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Loin)ON — eontmued. 

The Domesday of St. Paul's. Edited by William Hale Hale, 
M.A., Archdeacon of London. 
Camden Sodety, 1868. 
French Chronicle of London. Chroniques de London, depuis 
Tan 44 Hen. III. jnsqu'a Tan 17 Edw. III. Edited by 
G. J. Aung^er. 

4to. Lond.l8U. For the Camden Society. 
Liber de Antiqnis Legibus, Oronica Maionim etVicecomitum 
Londoniamm. Edit, by T. Stapleton. 
4to. Lond.l84S. For the Camden Society. 

The Grey Friars* Chronicle of London, to the year 1556. 

Edited by John Gough Nichols, Baq., F.SJL» for the Camden Society. 

A London Chronicle dnring the reigns of Henry YII. and 
Henry VIII. Edited from the CoUonia/n MS, by Clarence 

Kiacelhuiy of Camden Society. 1859. 

Grammar Schools in London. 
Bxoerpta Historica, p. 4. 

LoNQESPEB, William : 

Les Sofi^nces de Gnillaume Longespee. 
Ezoerpta Hi8t<Hrica. 8vo. Lond.1881. 

LosiNOA, Hebbert de : 

Epistolaa Herberti de Losinga, Osberti de Clara, et Elmeri 
Prioris Cantnariensis. Ed. B. Anstruther. 
8to. Bru8.1846. 

Lupus : 

Sermo Lupi ad Anglos quando Dani maxime persecuti snnt 
eos quod fdit anno MLCXIY. ab Incamatione Domini nostri 
Jhesu Christi. 

Hickea' Dinert. Epist. 99. Ed. Elstob. Fol. Oxon. 1701. Hickes' 
TheaanruB. voL ii.. pp. 99-106. Fol 1706. Langcbek's Beram Duii- 
oarum Script.. iL 46S. 

Lupus, St. : 

De S. Lnpo, Episcopo Trecensis in Grallia. Acta antiqna, 
anotore anon3rmo, ex MS. Yallcellensi et aliis eteditione 
Snrii. Acta recentiora anctore anon3rmo ex MSS. 
Act. Sanct. (July 29). vii 61. 
Vita S. Lnpi, Trecensis Episcopi. Ex MSS, 

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Mabillon : 

Acta Sanctorum Ordinifl Sancti Benedict i in Saecubrura 
Claasea diatribnta : collegit Dotnnna Lncaa d*Acheiy, Con- 
gregationla Saucti Mauri Montichns, ac cnni eo edidit 
13. Johmmcri Mabillon, ejnsdem Congregationis, qui et 
uiii vera urn ^pus notis, obsorvationibas, indicibuBque 
iicceftsariis illiwtravit. 

Pgl. Vitrls, Idm-im. Rpprintcd at Veniw 1TS3. Tbose Lives of Enplkli, 
Scotch, and Iriiili li^iTtt»^, which are |irint«d in this work fW>m Hkdu- 
fHTijrts, will !» foniid in tins Cat«tojinie in nlphaltftic^tiJ OTdeF; thoie 
for which there in no nianiLscript authority [t>ut aw the com]>osition 
of Malnllnu, nnU madi" up from various soun^ti) are eirluded 
Tbci wftrenc*^ art; mtuU to lb« Vunettaji edition. 

TouL, i. ssic. i, Vit^ S, Gildic, Abliati:! RujenHi^. cognomento Saplentis, 
auctorc Monacho Buyt^iisi auotiymo. Edit, P^. 12S. Vita B. BMomtt^ 
Epiacopi Doleii^is, 154. Vita S. Mac^Ioit^i, Hpidco]u ^ieteiiBlt in Arou^ 
TicivlT?. FTfl^H'ntum el auctore auon>^D apud Boti^^itum. l%h TtU 
S» Mairlfirii. Epiiicnpi iKikni-Hb in Armories, 309* Vita S. Coluinliiiie, Ab- 
batia Hyrusi!j in Anwlia, auctore Cummeneo Albo perantiquo, Mi, 
Vita t^. GretTOrii Pajuo cofaiomento Ma^iip anctiore Piiulo IHaooDo, 
378. Vita S. Angustini, EpijiooTii Cantuariensis priuii. An^i^ltinmiqup 
Afjostoli, auct^tre Gotselino, 4&5. Libcllus do Miraculis 6^ Aufrusttui- 
nnthoin! eodcin Ootsnhrio Mormcho. 
Toni. iirflfl-t'. it. Saiicti J'l^tri. Abbntia CaTituarieniiis, £10(i:iuiii UiHtoiicnm, 
1 . y i ta Sjii ! r li ( Uiln n i ban I Abl^atis^ nil rloro Jai] a M onocho Boblifnid. L 
K. l^urt'TUii. EpTst'opi Cantuarirnidii. Klopiuui Ui^ttoricum, B6. 8. Mdl- 
hll, Lotidonipii<9is Bpbcopi prtmj^ drin Art^hirpimiopi Cantuarimsiii iii» 
Etogium Eistoricumn 84. Tita S, Furwi, Abimtta I^tltiiOjK^nsijfi primi* 
ftuotort^ ajifjnynio. iKig. Vita S. LiviTd, Epiticopi ot MartjTia, auctore 
BoilillM! io coBLVo, 431 , VitA i^ . E tbiltbi t ii\ \ irylniii v t EA^nir. Abbati»B? 
Blienais primal, auctore Tlionia Elieniii Slonacho, 7i>7* Vita &. Cuth- 
berti, Episeopi Lindi^t^mf^nsi^p auctom VeuerabiH Heda, Sil, Vita S. 
Kilianip Epiiicopi et Marty™, cum sociifi in Fmuooti)a» ft&l. Vita 
ft. Beri£!dicl{ BLnrcipi Abliatitt ^Vi^Mnl1t11<?rlSLs priim, t-t jnureatonim 
rj oa Bi|?fHdit t>ol fridi . c'l H ii uothcrti. Seri pta diioby s li brfa a Venerabill 
Bedii, Bb4?o]ii dirtcipulo, 901. Vita 8. Tlieodort, Bpl^oopi Cantuaricnsis, 

Totu. iU.^ Sttsc. ill., par. i. Vita S. Botulfl, Abbatl* Tkanhocru*i» in Anglia 
phmi> 1. S. Heddir, Episccjii DoreieotitreiiisiA apud West BaauMiiw, 
ELo^uiD lOnt^jrir'^uiTi, 57* Vita S* Wilfridj, Episteopi Eborafien^ In 
AntrLi^ aucton? Fride^odn, 150. Alia Vita^ auctore Eafdmntti^ Cttiitun> 
rioiisi Monajcho* 175. IX^ Banttifl Eccleslffi HaugufltaldenKlfi et eonxtu 
MiracMiiis Libnr, auctont juimuyniOt £04. Soiicti AJdhclmi Bpisrapi 
Bohitvbatiir-nds apud Wf>it S^axoupsi, Eiof^nin Historicnm, 220. 
Bancti t^uldberti Epi!»copiH Prison um et Boruchuuriorum Aposftoll, 
Elopum l{v<;tonciunp i34. Vita S. Quthlad, Fn^hyteH et Anaehorets 
Crulaiidjc ill An^liA, atit'lom FulitH.^ Monacho Girwenjtl, 256^ De 8. 
OolTrido, AbiiaK' WirewiutlH^nsi in Britaimfay pt do Huctl>t"rl^ *jn» 
fjueci^iiMDTi\ 282. B. }[i1do3]tji\ Al>1jati;t;>aj! Jlerklngf^nKb it) Anirha^ E)<v 
piuTTi Hisitoririini. 2.^?^* Vita ^. Efcrwini, EpLscHipi Wi^nniienMi iii 
Ajip^Ua, aiR'l^i'n^ anonyimiH 31 B. Vit^i H, JchajiniH, Bpi^cx^pj EbonKvusfii 
ill Anj^lla, anctoFL' (lit videtur) Fnlcardo JBojtiniauo Monacho^ 410i 
]Je ^T. Milbiinm, Virgine Winilochii in Aii^Lia i deque Enoeobiuf^ 
Mou Domnona ('jus inatrr.', et i<iororibiL^ Miidreda et Mi]|oHd&t lASO. J)^ 
B. Cuthbui-^t lUyiua ul AbbaliiiHa Winbumensi in Anglia, ubi de 

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Mabillon — continued. 

Ooenbuga^ Badbuisa, et Tetta Ablmtinis, 421. BanotI Egberti, Pres- 
hyteri et Uonaohl in AngliA, Elogium Histarioum, 400. Sancti Ids, 
Begii Ooddentalium Saxonimi in Britannia^ Monachi Rom», Elogium 
Historiciim, 468. Be S. BrithwaldOk Bpiaoopo Oantuariensi ejusque 
saooenoribos, 496. Vita Beds Yenenbilis, Pnebyterl et Monachi 
GirwensiB, soripta partim a Cnthberto ipduB disdpiUo, partim ab alio 
qui BKOulo zi Tizit, 500. Vita Sanctse Prideswidn, YiTsiniB Ozoniensis 
in Anglia, 684. Yita B. l^niUbrordi. Bi^Boopi TnyeoteniiB ad Bhenum, 
■cripta duobuB libris ab Albino Flaooo sen Alouino, 660. De S. Wit- 
bui«a» Yiigine Berhamensi in An|^ 006. Yita Sancti Wigberti, 
Abbatii FritiBliurienBis in Hassia, auctore Serrate Lupo, Abbate Fer- 
nriensi, 628. Yita 8. Burohardi, Bpiaoopi Wirtsibiirgensis primi, 
auctore anooymo, 646. 

Tom. iv., taoc ilL par. iL Yita 8. Bonifkdi, Bpiaoopi Hoguntini et Mar- 
tyris, auctore Willibaldo ipdus discipulo L— Alia vita, auctore Othlono 
Monacho, 25. De Sancto Oeolwlfo« Bege Northumbrorum, dein Mon- 
acbo LindigftHmwMi in Britannia, 168. Yita Sancti Wunebaldi, Abbatia 
HeidenheimensiB primi. auctore SanotimoniaU Heidenheimensi, ipsiuB 
conwmguinea et nquali, 160. Yita Sanote Liobe, Yirginis et AbbatiBsas 
BiBohofheimenBiB, auctore BudoUb, monaoho Puldensi, 221. Yita 
Sanct» Walpuif^B, Abbatiflsie HeidenheimensiB, auctore Wolfhardo, 
Presbytero Haaenrietano, 260. Yita 8. Willibaldi, Epieoopi Eistetensis 
primi. Bcripta a quadam Sanctimoniali Hddenheimensi, ipsiuB squali 
et conBanguinea^ 880. Sancti Lulli, ArchiepiBOopi Maguntini Eulogium 
Hiatoricum, 855. Yita 8. Willihadi Episoopi Bremensia primi, auctore 
8. Anacbario, Bremensi Archiepiacopo, 864. Yita Sancti Blaitmaid, Ab- 
batia HiiensiB et Martyria, cum aliia Honaohia, auctore WaJafrido 
Btrabone, Abbate Augienai, 89S. Be Sancto Adamnano, Abbate Hiienai 
in Scotia, 462. Fragmentum Hiatorias de PontiflcfbuB et Sanctia Eocle- 
ain Eboraoenaia, 604. 

Tom. v., anc iv., par. I Yita B. Aloulni Abbatia et Levite in GaUie. 
auctore anonymo, 128. Elogiimi Hiatoricum Beatl Alcuini Abbatia, 
164. Yita 8. Pindani, Beolusi Bhinaugiae in Suevia, auctore anonymo, 
366. Be Beata Etheldrita, Becluaa in Monasterio Crulandensi. 686, 
Yita Sancti WilfHdi, EpiaocqDi EboraoensiB, auctore Eddio Stephano, 
681. Supplementum Canninia Fridegodi de 8. Wilfirido, 679. Yita 8. 
Aldhelmi, Epiacopi Schitebumenaia in Anglia^ a Wlllelmo Mahnea- 
burensi Monacho acripta anno 1126, 688. 

Tom. vi., BflBC iT. para, ii Be 8. Swithuno, Episcopo Wintonienai, qjuBque 
Tnmalatione et Miraculis, 71. Liber de Tranalationibus et Hiraculia 
Sancti Cuthberti, Epiacopi Lindiaftuiienaia, auctore Monaoho Bunel- 
menai anonymo, 891. Ethelwolfl. Monachi Oarmen de Abbatibua et 
viria piia Coenobii 8. Petri in insula Lindiaflunenai, 817. Yita Sancti 
Neoti, Abbatia in Anglia, auctore anonymo, 886. Yenerabilia Johannia* 
Abbatia ^theUngiensia, Elogium Hiatcnicum, 614. Supplementum 
trium capitum in Yita Sancti Wilftidl, ArohlepiBoopl EborMKnaiB, 
auctore Eddio Stephano, 661. Be viria piia Eadfrido et Ulsino, Abbati- 
bua, atque Ulfo pneposito 8. Albani apud Angloe, 687. 

Tom. vii, asc. v. Be 8. Grimbaldo, Abbate Wintonienai in Anglia^ 8. Be 
Yenerabili Plegmundo^ Archiepiacopo Oantuarienai, 88. Be 8. BUIogo, 
EpiacopoWintonienBi,288. Be Yenerabili Kenewaldo, BpiacopoWigor- 
nien8i,286. Be 8. WUMno, Epiaoopo Schirebumenai in Anglia, ubi de 
aliia ^uadem aedia episoopia, 287. Yita 8. Odonia, Arohiqiiacopi Oan- 
tuarienaiB, auctore (ut videtur) Osbemo [Eadmero] Monaoho Oantua- 
rienai, 286. Yita 8. Cadroe, Abbatia WaldodorenaiB. dein Mettenaia, 
auctore Beimanno vel Ouamanno, 488. Yita Yenerabilia Turketuli, 
Abbatia Crulandengis in Anglia»496. Beat! Malcaleni, Abbatia, Wal- 
ciodorenais et 8. Michaelia in Tenacia, Elogium Hiatoricum. 689. Yita 
8. Forannani, Epiacopi et Abbatia Walciodorenaia, anotore Boberto 

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MabilIjON — CO ni in ued . 

Monacho, G7Sl TItA S, Etbelwoldi, Epiicopi Wintonimeti. muctoiD (nt 
vidi?twr) Wolstaiio Monacho, pj\i3 disci pulo. 59*^ VToUtJWii. MotomjW 
Vfrtitsnl Liber do Vita S. Swithunl. 014. Vit* fiwnctsc Eadgithe sen 
Editbir, Eiu)f%ri AnF^oinim B<^ fllLc, ct BluictimDnialJii Wlltoni" 
cnsift, ftuclore (ut ^ndctur) Ootselino, Homcho Cuitiiarien^, 622. I)<? 
Bimotis Eadburiim sanetinioniali Winloulensl et Ifcnrlntift BMm&d<m»l 
Abb&tLusL, fl2a. Vita S. Duiiitani, Aniiieplswpl C«itu»rtetiiii* nuutcm 
CtabemOp Caiituariensi Moniicbo, 638. Lfber muMulomiin vjusdeiii 
iLtu^tore codem O<lvmo Motuichci, fl7S. Frajanontai!! idla rita, aurtore 
Oabetrto Moiuichp, OSi. FrsismMitft <?x Libro de mirttnilis S, DunsUni, 
iiuctut^ OfltttrtOt Mouai'ba CaiituaHcnut G^i- Tran^tio Sancti Bod- 
ituii in monuJsriuDi Irliurt^iiiennc, BOS. Vila S. Oawiddi, Bpiftoopl 
Wifonueniibi et Archiepiscopi Eboim^cnsis, aiii^tore ajKnajiuov 7W* 
Fnysnipntmii dp San c to Of w lido, 716. A lift vita, 716. 

Tom. viii-.sffO. vi,. pw^i* Vito Swieti Abbonbt.Abliiiti* Florboenilit »mcIo™ 
AimoTno Monatibo* eodenj eju* dJadpulo. £7, MirnciUa S. Abbonis. 
auetore Ainiolno. 51. De 8. AJfHco §eu jEllViffi, Arcbiepiitoopo Cajitun" 
ritnat, 55. Vita S. Elpb^^irf, Artblepiscopi Cantnarictiiriji et Mdirtyris. 
auoton* 0»lM>mo cjusd<?m eH'teuiie Cajituaftt^tviii ^ImiAcho. lf>3. ISjui*- 
dem TrauslHtio, aurtore eodem Osbcrno, 111, De Suicto EK^lnoibo 
ixjfmOHitmtci Bono, Archieijijicopa Cantuarioimij 304. Be SancCi Biilh* 
w^do. KpiscHifJo WiltouieiL-d in Anf^\m^4l7* 

Tom. ix., juicc. vL, fian ii, Hmtcna Tmnftlationti^ Smictffi Jjowinvj, Tii^jUa 
et Martyri.^, pi AnfcUn in monaster] iim Uer^ns*^ auotoro DrdfCia*, 
114u V ita S . Gerv i n i, Abbalis Cciitulcasis in Potiti vo, auctope Hnrltilfo^ 
phroiiid Ci?titnlen3ii* scnpton; suhwypaH, iSL Vifc» B* Herluitil Beo 
oenvijj. Abbfctia pHmi et Condlttirif, Koetore Giakljerto Crispino, 
Abbate WLHstmonaBterii! iiiii ejus disd pulo, SM. AJtcra Vita B. Herlniiii 
AbbatiR, ^9* Vita B.Sunoiils Comitia Crcflpeiensis et Monaclii, auctore 
anon^nnno, .^74. Vita Bi^ti Lftnftwtd. Atx-bicpyicopi Cantii»rien5ds, 
auptoTc Mi I one Crfi^nOj Moiuchoet CmitChn- BrfeenhlH 0^. VeimiJi 
Saiicti Ansi-lmt ds praid«c«8Bon^ buo Lanfmiipo, B5a Hiitoria Trani- 
latioiiia S. Auguathd Bpiioopl, Atifdoruiu Apostoli, alJonrniquo Sanr- 
toruin, qui in iji^iuj monaaberia Canhiaric&al quIesoebBnt^ au(^tope 
Gocclino, (^u.^rm bx-i Monacbo, 740. Vita B. I^tmigli, Eplicopi Lin-^ 
oolnJeiXfiia in AiiiBrbn^ auetoct^ GiraJdo Cambrensi, 784* Vit* Sancti 
WlatanL Episcopi Wigoniienaii in Anglia, diictflre Wilklmo Maline»- 
bnrirnsi Monmcho, SIS* 

Mabillon ; i\ Yetera Asalecta. 


D© S. Maccartlienno, Episcopo Clochoriro in Hibemift. Vita 
Buctore auonyTOQ ex MS. Salmanticen^i. 
Acta Sajict. (Aug:. 2^), ilL 2m. 
MACHUTtrs or Kaclovius ; 

Vita S, Macloviij Episcopi Aletensis in AnnoHcftj nunc 
Mftcloviensifl. E.r MS. Cod. V.C.J}. d'HemuvaL 
Mabillon Aft. Sanct. i. 177. vtlii. Ven«H.; i* 217. edit. Rir. 
Fragmentiira ex authore liiionjmo apud Boscium* 
Mabil. Act. Sanct. i. 181, edit. Venct. j i. 221, edit. Piira, 

De S. Machnto, Epbcopo et Confessore, 
Capgrave Nova LcfEenda, f. 21t>. 

Vitft S. Ka^lovii vol Machiiti EpiBCopit anctore Sigeberto, 
Monacho CrDmblacensi. 

Buriui (Ni>T. IS). S«. Mign«'i Th^roi OfHa, 1 m, 73«, 

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Kaolobius, S. : 

Vita S. Maglorii, Episcopi Dolensis in Armorica. Bestituta 
ad M8. Cod, 8, Germani Pratenais, 

M&biL Act Sanct. i. 209. edit. Tenet. *. i. 22S. edit. Par. 
Be S. Maglorio Episcopo et Oonfessore. 
Capgr^Te's Nora Legenda* f. 221 b. 

Maokus Comes Orcadum : 

Yita Magni Comitis Orcadnm. 

Pinkoion's Yits Sanctorum Scotis. p. 385. 

Mailros ; V, Melrose. 
Maimbodus : 

Vita S. Maimbodi Martyris. Ex M88, Vesontumensia 

AetA Sanct (Jan. 28), ii. 548. Colgan (Jan. 23). i 155. 

Maib or Major, John : 

Historia Majoris Britanniad tain AngliaD quam Scotiaa. 
4ta Paris, 1621. 4to. Bdinb.,1740. 

Maitlakd Club : 

Aberdeen. Begistrum Episoopatus Aberdonensia Ecclerie Catbedralia 
Aberdonensis regesti^ qun extant in unum coUecta. Edited by C. I., 
i. e.. Cosmo Innes. 2 vols. Edinbiungi. 1845. 4ta 

JEsop. The Moral Fables of ^sop, ooropyled into eloquent meter by 
Robert Hemyson, reprinted fhnn the edition of Andro Hart Edin- 
bniKh, 1621. Black Letter. Edinbui^h. 1882. 4to. Note.— Sixty- 
eight copies printed. 

Argyle (Family of)* Letters to the Argyll Family, fhmi Elizabeth. 
Queen of England. Maiy. Queen of Seotts. King James VI.. King 
Charles L, King Charles IL. and others. With an Appendix, and 
lithographed Iho-dmilea. Edited by A. MacDonald, Edinburgh. 1880. 

Balfour (David). Oppressions of the Sixteenth Century, in the Ishmds 
of Orkney and Zetiand. From original Documents. Edited by D. 
Balfour. Edinburgh. 1850. 4to. 

Beaugu6 (Jean de). HistoLft de la guerre d^Ecosae pendant les cam- 
pagnes. 1548 et 1640. Beprinted fhnn the edition pour G. Carroset 
Paris. 1550. Edited by J. Bain. Edinburgh, 1830. 4ta Note.— 
Seventy-five copies printed. 

Bevis, Sir. of Southampton. Sir Beves of Hamtoun. a metrical Romance. 
Now first edited fhmi the Auohinleck MS. By W. B. D. D. Tumbnll. 
Bdinbungh. 1881. 4to. 

Blackwood (Adam). Histoiy of Maiy Queen of Soots, a firagment ; 
tianalated from the original French of Adam Blackwood. Edited by 
A. Maodonald, with a preliminaiy notice by T. Thomson. Edinburgh, 
1884 4to. Note.— Ninety<«ix copies printed. 

dariodus ; a metrical Romance; printed trom a Manuscript of the 
Sixteenth Century. Edited by Kilgour. with a preflMo by E. Piper. 
Edinburgh. 1880. 4ta Note.— Fifty copies printed. 

Cochrane (Andrew). The Cochrane Correspondence regarding the Aflkirs 
of Glasgow. 1745-6. Edited by J. Dennistoun. Glasgow, 1886. 4to. 

Cochrane (John George). Catalogue of the Library of Sir Walter 
Scott at Abboteford. Bj J. G. Cochrane. Edinburgh, 1888. 4to. 
Note.— Exti» copies were printed for the members of the Maitland. 
Club, a* the ezpenseof J. Q, Lockhart, an advertisement by whom is 
inserted in place of that by the Author in the ordinary copies. 

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Maitland Club — contlnned^ 

ColtTi^Bft. The O^ttn^ CoIlccaoriK, im-vm. Edit«d hj Z. Deimistom 
Briinburwh, 18*2. *to. 

Daigamo (Gconc^l. Th« TForift of G* D.» of Abordopn. A re- 
prijit of At* sigiionmi, rtil^ <^harft«krr iiiiirersoJiJ H II/ijtu* ]>]iUcih>- 
phica, Loiidini, IflJil s fliid Didneralocophus ; or, thp 1>«J atid Dtutilt 
Kie's Tiit^^Fj to which is luidriJ a XHsconrm? of the Naiurt: htiil 
Kumber of Dcsatalp CoiiHuian ta. ekv Oi ftird , 1 flSO. Eclitod bj T. M ult- 
laiiiL Edluburi^h, 3834. 4ta. XtjU\-"NiTietj4hpi*i iXTpJos prinlud. 

DrummontI (Wtlliiini). Tlie Focma of W^lUlain DnimiHtmd* uf Haw- 
thnmJi'n. EditM by T, MaJtlaiicl Ediiiburifb. 183S. 4to. Nute. 
— Sixty H^Ucht roptc-i printed, 

PyMort. Notiresfi-omthf Loral BccordA of DyiHLrt. Editedby W. Mutr* 

Glasgow. BuiKh at^oixLa of tbu City of Gln*^ow, 157a-ai. BtUteil Ity 
J. HtiiHh- Glas^mw* la^. 4fc(?* No**.— J^iuetjr-tlirws popfeii priiitwL 

Glaswrjw* Xittic^'?^ ftnJ iKwyujent* ilbLstr&tlvo of the LitprtJT Hlatofy of 
fHftit^o^v durinjT tliL"* gT¥ait<?r ijart of thir last wntuiT. BdJled by 
William Jamc# Pimcaiis. Ghwgow, 1831* Ito. Note,— Wbiety-^tie 
copies jiriiitcd. 

6bu<igow< Liiduit to a prit^nJUi Oollcction of NotJeen^tii titled. MemfxnbtliA 
, of tht' City of Gla*fEow, stdet-tcd from the Minut« Bookj of the Bur|rh, 
15a7-l7Sil. ByJ. iSmitb. 01iuiRi>w, l&WJ. ito. 

Glasgow, negistnun EpiiM:opiitiis Glafl^tnirii Munlmpnta Eocksi^ 
Metfopolitani' Gljutsfut'ndj* a iir?do rwtWLmta i»cculo tiinitite lO* ad 
Haromintvm EeUgloin?m. Edit«i by Cuwno Innts. a t o!s. Ediribuafnb, 
1843. 4to. Xotii.— PiibllfihiNl at the Joint e^pmas of tbo Mftitliad 
and Hannn4yn(4 Clulia. aiid isHm^ by both. 

Gmlinix) (Jiuzj (?!«}. Marqui» of Moiittt^Mt Momarimla of Vc^Ipom mod 
hijjTmiEat. EdlttMl by M, Napit^r. StoU. Edliibtii^lB4e^B0, 4^ 

Gfoy {Hir Thoraa*), of Heti>Ti. Scfllac'i'oijiria; a ObmidclB of Enfrtamd 
aud Si'j^tlaiid, t^m lOGd to imz. Ohl FitMi«^h Nijw ilr^it pirintM Cttlio 
the uuiixut^ Manuscript. With au Introduction and Nott^. By J, 
Stcvcnjiorj. Kdinburgb, IS50. 4to. Nok'.-<h]e himdnMl and c%bt 
i'-0|.>ic*t [>rsnt*d, 

Httuxiltoii (Wilbtim). J>i!«pHptio»^ of tbi? gbcriffUoms of LfinArk and 
Eenftie w , eoni f (il«l abou 1 1 7Hi), ( Novr ftpst printed ) . With III i4»tr3l i vo 
Notfs luid Af^l'H'ridic'Ofl. Edited by J* Dilloti m^d J, Ful^rtoiu Glvfnj w » 
1§31. Mo. Nttto— Scvpnty copita prinbxi on club paf>pr. 

Jamf^ I. KiTi^ of Great Briltain and Ireland. LtPttem to £.iTij^ James tb<! 
Siith Trom the Qu«?t\ Ajuiv of IXiimarlt, Priiiw Henty. Prince Cliartc^. 
the Princfjtg Elj«AbH.h,atid bL-<r huHbaufU Frtidertck King of Bohtnuia, 
and fmotn thetr son, Prince Frederick Htmry. From iiw or\fiwtM]A in 
the Library of the Faculty of AdTocates. Tliirty-fivo lithographed 
ftii'-siitiilps, with intTtMluction. Edited by Sir F. Walker mid A^ 
MnrdonaJd. Edinbtui^hj 18Stk 4to. Kot«.— Elgbty^two copi« 

James L. Kinn: of Bcotlond, Tbo Life and Death of Ein|^ Janiei %h& 
Fir^t, Edited by J, StovciLKOiu Edinburpb. 1«S7. 4ta 

Lftniotit (Jobn), Tbo Ubii-y gf J. 1^ of NcMton. bl«i-Tl. Edited 
by G. It. KenlQcli, Edinbuiiifh. 1*10. 4to, Notu.—Piny copks 
printed on {"lub patjer, pinx'^haAcd for the members 

Lancelot du JjUt. Thp Scotlbih mi^tricat Bomance of LAnrelot dii Ijik. 
tjo^ dffit pHjitt^ ftnam a Manuiicript of the Fifteenth Cviitury. Wilb 
lulseeUantKtun PomisfWnii the ;<ame vohunfl;* Edited by J. Bt^viiuiioa. 
Edinbuntrb. 1S^». 4to. 

Lat]i?t\Hii4t. Cbroniioti du iMtH'Kfy^t, 1801-1948. B oodlets Cottonliiio 
nunc priomm iypva mftniUitum. Edititil by J. BtevemotL Edliiburri, 
am. 4lo, 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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Maitland Club — continued, 

Lennox. Comity of. CartolArium comit»tut de Lennox, &b initio 
seculi decimi tertii tuque ad annum 1896, ad fidem apogriH^hi in 
bibliotheca fkcultatis Juridice Edinensii aervati, cum aliis MSS. 
oollati. Edited by J. Dennistoun, Jun. Edinburgi, 18SS. 4ta Note. 
—Ninety copies printed. 

Maitland (Sir Bichard). The History of the House of Seytoun to the 
year 1659; with the continuation by Alexander Seton, Viscount 
Kingston, to 1687. Edited by J. FuUarton. Glasgow, 1828. 4to. 
Note.— Seventy-one copies printed. 

Maitland (Sir Bichard). The Poems of Sir Bichard Maitland, of 
Lethingtoun, Knight ; with an Appendix of selections fhnn the Poems 
of Sir John Maitland, Lord Thirlestane, and of Thomas Maitland. 
Edited by J. Bain. Glasgow, 1880. 4to. Note.— Seventy copies 

Maiy, the Blessed Virgin, our Lady College, Glasgow. Liber (^Uegii 
Nostre Bomine. Begbtrum Ecclesie B. V. Marie et S. Anne, 
intnk muros CivitatlB Glasguensis, 1540. Accedunt munimenta 
Fratrum Predioatorum de Glasgu Bomus Dominicane i^ud Glas- 
guenses carte que supersunt, 1244-1669. Edited by J. Bobertson. 
Glasgue,1846. 4to. 

Mary, Queen of Scotland. Miscellaneous Papers, principally illustrative 
of events in the Beigns of Queen Maiy and King James VI. Edited 
by W. J. Duncan, with a Preflice by A. Macgeonge. Glasgow, 1884. 

Maiy, Queen of Scotland. Selections fh>m unpublished Manuscripts in 
the College of Arms, and the British Museum, illustrating the reign 
of Maiy Queen of Scotland, 1543-68. Edited by J. Stevenson. 
Ghwgow,1837. 4to. 

Maxwell (James). Narrative of Charles, Prince of Wales'. Expedition 
to Scotland in the year 1746. Edinburgh, 1841. 4to. 

Melville (Sir James). Memoirs of his own Life, by Sir J. Melville, of 
HalhiU, 1649-98. From the original MS. With a preliminary notice 
and notes by T. Thompson. Printed at Edinburgh, 1827. Beprinted 
Edinburgh, 1883. 4to. Note.— This is a reprint of the edition printed 
for the Bannatyne Club in 1827. The present impression was 
limited to 60 copies. 

Miscellany of the Maitland Club; consisting of original Papers and 
other Documents, illustrative of the History and Literature of Scot- 
kind. Printed at Edinbun^ MJ)CCCJLXXIL Quarto, pp. 200. 
Preface, pp. viiL Fac-simUe at Autognq)h8. two leaves. Prepared 
under the superintendence of John Kerr, Esq., Joseph Bain, Esq. 
now deceased, Dr. Fleming, Alexander Macdonald, Esq., J. W. Mac- 
kenxie, Esq., and John Smith, Esq., Secretaiy. The contents of this 
Volume are as fbUows :— 

1. The Library of Maiy Queen of Soots, and of King James VI. 

2. The Arohearis of our Souerane Ladyis Gaird MJ)XXII.- 

8. Contract of Marriage between Alexander Ogilvy, of Bc^yne, and 
Maiy Bethune, Daughter of Bobert Bethune, of Oeich. May 

4. Extracts from the Begisters of the Presbytery of Glasgow, 
fhim November 1692 to March 1601. 

5. Extracts from the Bulk of the General Kirk of Edinburgh in 
the years 1674 and 1676. 

6. Extracts from the Begisters of the Kirk Session of the Burgh 
of Stirling, from November 1697 to December 1600. 

7. Obligation, by John Earl of Cassilis, to make certain payments 
to his brother. Hew Kennedy, of Brunston, upon his taking 
the Laird of Auchindrain's Uf^. 

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Maitland ChUB-^conttnnad. 

B, L<?tt*ra from Kinf Jmnn TL to th^ PrlTj Council of &sc*- 
IimcJL and Proclaniotioii by the Pri»y Coundi, anefit Ihc Hobcfi 
or E&^rtfl, JudKfK, M«i^$tmtc»$i. Chiirchmeii, Advoenics, Clerbi 
of Sowion ftiid Sigjiet, m tho yif^ra IfrijQ to lillO. 

6. Tlifl HoiisehoJd Account of Luilttvkk, DuJis of Lynnoi, wHen 
Cotumwonor to ilio l^Uainciit of Scotluiii iJt thr ye«r 1607. 

ID, Indoiituiv: uf ft II or^ mcc bptiiixt ttw Em-lji of Uortoij and 
AlK^rt^om^iiTid tho Lm4 Boyd. Da tod itt Huuilton, August 15, 
1*]21. One hiindtwl mid teJi oopk« printed. Circuli.tefl Mnj *, 

MLwellnny of tlic MtdtUnd Club : coti^iitinir ttf ori^tiniU Pk|jer« juid other 
Doculni'nti. ilUuilratJvp of tba History- and LLl^mtuiv of S^otluid. Vol. 
UV^fi IL Printed at EdinbuT(fhM.DCOC.XSXlV. Quarto. Printed 
undcTthii SuiierinbeTnlfTi^orAk'JJWiderMo^dojmld, E*q* Thceonients 
of thisi Part arcr na ff Jlow^ :-- 

1. Letlcr* frotD Hwiry IL. Kinp of France, to liia Coiiain Hai^r, 

Quc<et] Dowaffcr of Scotlaufl, 1&1i^1664l 

1. IjetttTfl of Mary Quwn of Scots, ^ujing l«*r t^idftice In 

Franw, to h<?r Mother Mary, tho Queen Dowager of Scotland, 

S, Act for fipqucstmtiiiff thu Qufic-n'i Majeaties Person, atnl 

drtcnlng the Bamo ht tho Hoiihj mid PlAe« of Loolilcvhi, June 

16. 1567, 

*. Eoyol lA}iU-r4 and other original JJocumenti* addTetved to 

thf' Lftt rda of BiimbJirToch, 1 6fi&-im S. 
5, Ciitholrj^A Llbrorum quo* vir eximius ct beato m^Tuorfe 
Magister CLeuienA LLtLtl Ediobtu^^iuU Eocledo ct minUtrii 
p}usdcm, obicuB Jcf^vit ot oooaecravit ICSfK 
6w lnventortc» of BuikL>sj in tho CoUc|i<?^ of BanotajidroUf lfi9§* 

7. Tlia Towtjirapnt 4nd Lptlcr Will of Mr. John Johnatomi. one 
of tho Piindptd Ulaistew of tho New CoUf^ of St* Andruli, 
aoTto lail. 

g, I> juro Prr^lationb NohlUum Sootlv. A MennorUU «f tb» 
Writeii and E\idrnta prodiu^ by Mundry Earb aDd Loi*^ 
bofon? tho Commis&iorn^nt depot by tho Khig'H M^utyt natmt 
tho Procc^icticy *iid Priority of DigiiUiep 4imo IWW, 

fl. EKtraftit from ilw Rcf^tcn of tho Prmhyi&ty of Glaaftow» 
fbom November 16US, to Augufit leSfl. 

10. ExtTutt flpom the Kirk Sesflion of CKmbiiaiiethcn, from April 
1636 Co BesHmOter 1005. 

11, Eitracti from the Ri^itcr of the Kirk Setidoii of HumbEe, 
from October 1644 to Aphl 1055. 

11 Estrsot* from the Eegi^t^r of tho Kirk g««iou of SttrUng, 

froto May 1601 to November 1646. 
13k Petition for a Toleration to the Stftng, with lh«i Prooeedizigi 
of tlio liegaJtty Court of Huntly thcwoii, J*ooaty 17S4. One 
hundnd a?id ten copies printed. CireulatiMi Jajmary SO, IB^, 
Fttiaek\v, Munadiciy of. Ei'igistrouit Honadterii do Paaselot . , . a domo 
fondnta IIBh^. usqLto ml 15gD. ad hdem codioia MB. in blbni>the!0& 
facnitatiii Juridical EdiTienuL!^ Hcrvati. nunc primum typis tuandatutu. 
£diU^ by C. Innei^ Edinbiui^, ISSL Uo. Noto.— Nlttcliroiie ooi^Oi 
Perth. TheChrontekof Pc?rth. A Ecgiater of Remarkable Opciittwi«^ 
eKif*ny eonneott^ with that city, from the yi"ar 1210 to 1661 ldJt«il 
by J. 3Iaid[oi'nt. EdiTibiiriEh, lS3t. 4Uj. Koi^-.— Siity^thj^ei? copies 
Pitcaime {An>hilwld). B*bell. A Batlrical Poem on tlie Prooeedliicft of 
the General Afi^mbly of the Church of Bcothoid, in tho yc«r t6eil 
Now flrst printed with oot*«. Edinburgh, 1S»0. 4to, Xote.— Fifty 
copula printed. 

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Mahland Club — continued. 

Prartwick. Records of the Buigh of Pregtwiok, in the Sherifldoin of 
Aye, 1470-1788. With an Appendix and iUnstrative notes. Edited by 
J. P., i^, John Pullarton. OlasROW, 1834. 4ta Note.— Ninety copies 

Begister of Ministem, Exhorters, and Readers of the Chnrch of 
Scotland, and of thehr Stipends, after the period of the Reformation. 
BditedbyA.Macdonald? Edinburgh, 18S0. 8vo. Note.— Pifty copies 

Registrum Metellanam, suggesting works worthy of being printed 
by the Club. Qhwgow, (?) 183L 4to. Note.— SeTenty-<nie copies 

Row (John). The Historic of the Kirk of Scotland, 1558-1687. By J. 
R, with additions and illustrations by his sons William and John. 
Now first printed. Spt. Edinburgh, 1842. 4ta 

Scotland. A Diurnal of Remarkable Occurrents that have passed within 
thd Country of Scotland, shioe the death of King James IT. till the 
year 1676. Prom a MS. of the sixteenth centuxy. Edited by T. 
Thompson. Edinburgh, 1838. 4to. Note.— NinetyHHie copies printed. 

Sootbnd. Notices of original unprinted Documents, preserved in the 
OiBoe of the Queen's Remembrancer, and Chapter House, Westminster, 
ilhistrative of the Histoiy of Scotland. Edited by J. Stevenson. Edin- 
buigh. 1848. 4to. 

Scotland. Ptqiers illustrative of the Political Condition of the High- 
lands of Scotland, firom 1689 to 1606. Edited by J. Maconechy. 
GhMgow,1846. 4to. 

Scotiand. Reports on the State of certain Parishes in Scotland, made 
to His Malesty's Commissionera for Plantation of Kirks, etc, in 
pursuance of their Ordinance d*ted April 12, 1687. Edited by A. 
Hacdonald. Edinbuigh, 1835. 4to. Note.— Ninety-six copies printed. 

Scotland, Church of. Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies 
of the Kirk of Scotland, from 1560. Part I. 1560-1577. Edinburgh, 
1839. 4to. Note.— Published also by the Bannatyne Club. 

Scotland, Church of. Appendix to the Booke of the Univenall Kirk of 
Scotland, containing Historioal Dlustratlons of the Proceedings of the 
Church of Scotland, from the years 1597-1603. Edited by the Rev. Hr. 
Smith. Edinburi^ 1845. 4ta Note.— Orighmlly intended for part of 
YoL 3 of the Acts and Proceedings of the General Assemblies of the 
Kirk, etc. pp.9Sl-U61. 

Scotland, Kings of. A Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland, firom 
Pergus L to James TL, in the year 161L Edited by J. W. Mackensie ? 
Edinburgh, 1830. 4to. Note.— Pifty copies printed. 

Scottish Archers. Papers rehitive to the Royal Guard of Scottish Archers 
in Prance, l^th a reprint of the Tract by A. Hounston, entitled, 
L'Ecoese Francoise, etc. Paris, 1606. Edited by A. Maodonald. 
Edinbur^ 1835. 4to. Note.— Ninety-three copies printed. 

Scottish Histoiy. Illustrations of Scottish Histoiy, fhrni the Twelfth to 
the Sixteenth Centuiy ; selected from unpublished Manuscripts in* the 
British Museum and the Tower of London. Edited by J. Stevenson. 
Glasgow, 1884. 4ta Note.— Ninety-two copies printed. 

Stene (Rob.). Robert Stene's Dream : a poem printed from a Manu- 
script in the Lelghtonian library. Dumblane. Edited by W. Fleming, 
W. Motherwell, and J. Smith. Edinburgh, 1836. 4ta 

Vniuhart (Sir Thomas). The Wcnks of Sir Thomas Urquhart of 
Cromarty, Kni|^t. Reprinted firom the original Editions of the 
followhig :— Epigrams, divine and moral, 1641. The Trissotetoas ; or, a 
most exquisite table for resolving aU manner of triangles, etc. London, 
,1646. nayroxpovox«*w ; or, a peculiar Promptuary of Time. London, 

- 1658. EKVKiifi^XaMpw, or, the Disooveiy of a most exquisite Jewell, 

Digitized by 


840 APPENDrX, 

M AITLAN J) C T TTH— ^ rt t ifltmt 

ftmiid lu thv tuniiifil of WiKrewtpr Ktn»i* Uio d*^ fcfUr Ihp KteW, ©Iff, 
LoodoiiH l<«ia, LopjopKidectBlHloji x fw, an Introdaetion to tlif Util- 
VBTinl ljinKuop.s etc. Loddom lfi53. EdlKitHw T. M*Hbt(rft E*«xi- 
IjurKh. ii-ial^ 4to, Wok,— Ninety- twa cojiiea pdnlied, 

WftJlaro (Sir SVjtiiwn). Documents illaatmtiFe of Sii* WUlmiw ^Valla^v, 
hift Urte mid Timai, Edited t^ J, Stemiaoii- Editibiij>Kh, 1*H. *U. 

Winat^t {WiTiiiui(>), Certninu Tnotatii fcf Rtfonmtiotui of UtHHrrno 
Mitl Maiiuorir* m ^cotlatiti Ul ISSi-lBett A n-fniot of thp RiU^wins ,— 
C*?rt*iiiP Trwtfttis fur Eefwtiouii of jy&airym^ wul MftmreHi m:U fUrtli 
be Kiniflnu Winael. eto. Blacks hvtt&t. Bilitib. ISfi^. 

The Buke of Ffmr Hcnir thre Qmjatiom. tu^!i:liiiip Doctrine, QnlftUt, swvd 
ISanfterU, ptc, Antwi^rijin*. 13 Oct. Iniaa. 

Tlnoontiua Urlii?iiffi«. fbr the Atiiir)uitk &vd Vcritie of tlw CfttJKiiyi 
l^tEi^ x^ulie iti Sr^otr.k, be Niiiiane WinK^t.. Antw^liw. 
1 D«<^ IW^ Edited ^ J. B. Gradfl ? Witb » Iift« of tliL* Autbor. BOln* 
biiiyht lrt35, ito. Notfi^'-Niiietj'flii rtijries printed.' 

Wodruw (Eobert), Anali^taj ur, Mutcditl* for a Htetory of Birtiiart*b^fl 
Providttif3i,% moei&lf rplatinif to Soritoh Htnivteft mad CliTiniAmm. 
EdEtiMl b; Mattlier Lei.4biiiftTu l^ais. BdinbuT]^ Utf^. ito. 

Wodrow (Bobort), GoUecticjn* upon tM Live* of tiw B**fbrnicr« wtd 
mofit eminent Miidatcm of tht? ,C.*hu]vh of Bcotl&ad. JSrliUni by W. J. 
Dunraji and M. Loiilunan. Vol. 1, 2. Qhsftow. lSa*-4». itot Xotc— 
Bftcb \^1. id in S pt. Autofcniphji of ^mtibsm of tha MviUBud OliUii 
Wttb iiotk-es of contributions, ei<?. MS. 4t4)b 

Malachu : 

Vita S. Mfllftohiue, Epiacopi Hybormso, &ucfcoro 8. Bomitrik), 
Clm^cvftlleiisi AUbat^* 

Suriu!^ (Nov S), 37' Mi^Q*fl F&troloeiOk l^^W^ ^QimnEbam'» Plan- 
]€, S^>. 
De S. Malacbia, Episcopo et ConfcsaoT©, 
Capgntvtt'ii Kova Le|!)find&t f. ZSi. 


Willielmi Moiittchi Malmysburicnaifl do Gestis Bogiim An* 
glommj libri v.* et HistorisB Ko veiled, 

Sftvilfi's K/T. AnurL Soript. x>o»t Bedom, ftiL Lond, laWL ftJ. Prmne. 
16«jl, 8VO. iiond. !§*&, Edit, Hardy, ftir En^. ESst. Soe. AWbe 
' MIsB^iie'ft PittroloirifflJ Cursus Completus, 17S, »ft$L 

Do O^jstia Poutiiicuia Anglorum, libri It. 

Bavilo Ec-r. Aiigl S<Tipt. poj»t B<Klam. foL Loud, Iii9& fuL Fim3i& 
im\ . Migiic 'tt PtttroloKm. ITO, I ^ii. 

Liber QaiDtua WiUielini KiUmeahiiricnsia de Potit.iiicibiis 
Anglonim; sou vitft AlilKelmi BcirebunieujiiH B|nacopi« 
£.^ MS. OottoH. 

Aiifflb 8a*!tTiK ii, pp. l-4(>. MablU. Act, SaiicL OitL B<men. S«c, Iv, jmr, C 
683, edit. Yenet. ; ir. p. i T^ edit. Pang. Ajcta Suiok (£J» Ki^), ri 

* An imperftwt copy of tho flret throo l>oo9ci of Malmesbuty'K ** GvsU BagaOi Aii- 
l^florum*' is print*^d in Cmnindline's " Rcnini UTitaTinicAnmi BertploTea»" pp. SSl-UR, 
as a continualiot] of Bcda'd '* ULatoria EcelesiEiJ(llcii»" under tbe title of ''Di; GoqUi 
Anglorum," libri tres, Iticeito aucstofvi 

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Malmesbury, William of — continued* 

Wilhelmi MalmesburienBis, liber v. de Pontificibus. 

Gale's Hirt. Brit. Su. Anglo-Dan. Script xr., pp. 8S7-88L 
Williebnus Mahnosburiensis do Antiquitate GlaatonieiiBis 

Gale's Hiat. Brit Sax. Anglo-Ban. Script ZY. pp. 981-885. Heame. 8vo. 
Ozon. 1787, pp. 1-122. Migne's Patrologia, 178, 1682. 
See Glastonbubt et Dombbham. 

Willelmi Monachi et Bibliothecarii Malmesburiensis, libri 
tres, de vita S. Wulstani, Episcopi Wigomienflis. Ex M8. 

Anglia Sacra, ii pp. 241-270. HabilL Act Sanct Ord. Ben. vL, par. ii. 
818, edit Tenet ; 840, edit. Paris. Migne's Fatrologiak 179, 1734. 

Malmesbury : 

Monachi otgasdam Malmesburiensis yita Edwardi Secundi. 
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Cartmlarium Saxonicum MalmeBbariense. 
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Chronicon Maimia3 et Insnlamm. 

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Banicarum medii aeri," ed. Jac. Langebek. foL Copenh. 1774. 4to. 
Copenh. 1786. Edit by James Johnstone, under title of " Antiqultates 

Manners and Household Expenses of England in the 13th and 

15th centuries, illustrated from original records, viz. : — 

I. Household Boll of Eleanor, Countess of Leicester. A.D. 

II. Accounts of the Executors of Eleanor, Queen Consort of 
Edwardi. A.D. 1291. 

m. Accounts and Memoranda of Sir John Howard, first 
Duke of Norfolk. A.D. U62 to 1471. Edited by T, Hudson 

4to. 1811. Printed for the BozbuiKfa Club. 

Mafes, Walter : 

Gualteri Mapes de Nugis Curialium Distinctiones quinque. 
Edit. Th. Wright for the Camden Society. 
4to. Lond. I860. 

The Latin Poems commonly attributed to Walter Mapes. 
Collected and edited by T. Wright. 
4ta Lond. 1841, for the Camden Society. 

Annales de Margan, siye Chronica abbreviata. 

Gale's Hist. AngL Scriptores qtdnque, p. 1. Ed. H. B. Luard^ amohit 
the Chronicles and Memorials (in progress). 

Mabgabet, Fbingess ; V. Edwabd IY. 

Digitized by 



MARGAaET, QutiEjr ojf ScorcLAirD : 

Vita MargJtrotm Scotorum KeginiE, auckire Theodorioo, vel 
secundum alios Torgoto Monacho Dunelmensi, Sajietis- 
sime ReginsB Ootileseore, Ex MS. VaheltensL 

Act* aftnet {10 Julj>,ii. :i20, Hnterton'ii Vitffi Sa-nctonim fleotije, p. 301* 
Vita S. Margareta? Regina? SiJOtiaj contracta. 

6unuB (Jmie tl)i ]a7. F[iLk«?fWn's Vltn Sttiictorum 6c«11«!,|il S71. 
De 3. KEkrgareta Eegiiia Scotife. 


Chronic on Universale, u creation e mundi, libris tribus^ per 
aatates sGx^ usque ad aimum Ghristi 1063, eontixjued to tho 
year 1200. By Dodechin, Ablwt of Saint Disibod, in the 
dioci^ae of Treves - 

FoL Biw. 1S£9< p^ :H}6, vii ISt. of PcrtE'^ Hcrum GGnujuniforuiii ekrt|>toiriL 
Edcntn J, PifltoFto. rv>L Fmnc, 11301 ,• p. «l. VoL of Struvlu** cdltlMi 
of the mim book. foL Iliiti.*itKiii, 1723. EdiL Pefti. foU HiffTW*!! 
r^trolo^je CuTMua Completua, 1*7, fl*5, 

De 3. Mariano Scobo* Abbate Ord. S. Benedict!. Vila aiicture 
Scobo Mon, Eatisy>oji. E^ MS, CaHhusim Gmnnketiik. 
Act. Sanct. (Fob, 0), it 305, 

Mabiscx), An am nji; ; i\ MoKusfEUTA FaAjJciacANA* 
MABJOHiBAJfta, George : 

Annals of Scotland from the yeir 1514 to the y^ir 1591, 
8vo. EdJnb. 1S14. 

Chronica excerpta de nieduUa diverBornm cronieonunj ^rm* 
cipne Banulphi Ce^itreiisiH, unik eum quibimdaiu capitulis 
de Cronicis Hiberniiu, 

Tbo portion from 1h'H« to 1421 is printed \n Camdpii'a BrituijuL foj. 
LoiiiL 1807, pp. IS£9-S3a ; and tlmt ft^ni 1885 Ui !42t wiu* trtiifiliitcd juid 
published bj Sir Jouk.'h Wciri; with Cmupiaii uieI HJUim^> fbi* Jhiblfu, 
1633. and rL'pi*UitMl* a^o., liubJiii. 1«WI. 

MaSEBUS ; V. ScKlTTOlLBa 2f01iMA5NLfi« 

Massovka : 

Afisant of Massonra, Poem of the* 
Eiccrpta Histt^ricoi p. &k l^a ISSl* 

Two short Poems upon Queen Mali 1 da > 

" Srala Chmiiit^a." Edit. Stevensoit^ pp. ^W, ISOS- 
DgB. Mathilde Eegina Conjviga HeBrici Aucupia Eegii9 Ger- 
maniie- Vita jus^u B^ Hom-ici Imperatoria SOTipta, Em 
MS. ColunlcHni S. ra}Uiil&>iiU. 

Alt. E^anct. fM^. 14), ii. 36^, 
Vita S* Matildia Reginas* 

PrrtK, Mop. Genvj. Hist. vL 2Si and j. STS- Migne's Ptttrologi* Cunia 
Coiiijjletii&, 13i, SWi (Uicl 131, 1311. 

* ThLs oditkii omits the entries rchtiii^ bo England, 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



Matthew ; v. Wbstkiksteb and Pabis. 

Mausice Began.* 


De Sanota Maxentia, Yirgine et Martire. 
C»peaire*9 Nora LegendSk f. 287 b. 
Matdsston, Clement : 

dementis Maydestone Historia de Martyrio Bicardi Sorope, 
Arcliiepiscopi Eboracensis. 

Bicardi Majdiston de Concordia inter Bic. II. et Ciyitatem 

Edited by Thomas Wright, Stq^ for the Camden Sode^, 1888, and in 
vol i.. p. 28t of "Political Poems and Songs relating to English His- 
tray/' among the Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain. 

Meliores, S. : 

Acta S. Melioris sive Melori. 

Acta Sanctorum, i. 186 and 1089 (1 Jan.), and dHWUmTo's Nom Legends 

De S. Mellito, Arcbiepiscopo et Confessore. 

Capgrave's Nora Legenda* f. 918. 
Yita S. Melliti Londoniensis, Episcopi. Ex Beda, 
Sarins (Ap. 84), 817. 


De S. Mellone, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nora Legenda» 1 289. 


De S. Meloro, Martire. 

Ci4)grave's Nova Legenda* f. 889. 

Liber Sanctas Mariaa de Melros; mnnimenta vetostiora 
monasterii Cibterciensis de Mebos. 

Edited by Cosmo Innes, 4to. Edin. 1886, for the Bannatyne Club. 
Cbronica de MailroB, inoboata per Abbatem de Dondrainand, 
ab A.D. 735, continnata per yarios ad A.D. 1270. 
Fulman's Serum Anglicarum Scriptores, pp. 1S&-8M. 
AnnaliboB MeboBensis Coenobii (MSS. in Bibliotheca Cot- 
toniana) seqnentia suis locis inserta sunt alia manu. 
Fulman's Ber. AngL Script p. 596-686. 
Cbronica de Mailros e codice nnico in Bibliotbeca Cottoniana 
servato cora Jos. Stevenson. 
4ta Edinb. 1885, for Bannatyne Club. 

Mbnxtensis Ecclesi^ Annales ; t7. St. David's. 
Menologixtm ; v, Anglo-Saxons. 

^ His History of Ireland, the greater portion of which is lost, was translated into 
French Terse, and from that into English, and was printed by Harris in his 
•• Hibemica." Pol. Dublin, 1767, and 8vo. 1770. 

VOU I, 3 H 

Digitized by 



MEETiiTif en, Jomsf rt I 

The proeeedmg^ in Killiermy aj^amst Dame Alice Kjlelflf 
ftiid her 8on William Outlaw cs prosecuted for sftirotJiy in 
1324 hy Biehard Bp. of Oaeoiy. 

Printed fur tbo Oamdt^ti Society EtlitT, Wrii^ht. 4to. IxmCl^MS. 
ME88D7&iiAH, Thomas : 

Florileghim Insula Sanctorum aou Yita; ot Acta Saiictorntn 

ltd. P*ri». l^!24. 

Timctahia pneftmbutaHft do notDinflMin Hlbemli^ 
Tr«fl lijuinl df! S. Patrido. Vttii B* P»trtdlimciore Jocelino ||<nmt h«i do 
FuiTiesio* i-SS. 

De wmt(?nfiOTio Hlbt*moriim et (fliu-lilntloncs in Joiwllnntn, ll(^-lli(i'» 
Vita B. Columhsf:, Frrabjti^ H Conr^HKjds^ tucion! K. Adttiiiii«na Abbtic, 

fl, Notktrtis IfalbuIiiA m Martyrolo«io rie S. Cdomb** IBI-ISS, 

TitA S. BHiritla? Viririnis, fturtom* Coipt(j»n-, 18i»-*oa 

Afidlttonrs lul dUtn S. BHidcliP. ^j varii* aarfffrilm*^ 300-208. 

Tmniilatio Waiurt^-srum i'atridi. Coliuubri', ct JIniddr* ca oEGclo Sftiity 

taninj HltwmJa?, 20ft-20«. 
Paft^io Simcrtorani Quisrim FJiv&rlA PiAlnot floclonim. fcrf ptii A beftlo 

A.ii»t-lmo Ciintiuuii<i]ii AjicbJepiHc-opOj SiO-SlfL 
Vita S. ColUlDbam Abbstii tb qjus :eqimU Itnm AlibOlo coiwcnp^, £10 

MimoiilaS. Oolutnbani Abbatljt a lonn prtptcrmlssn ik1>«Qoiiyino quodun 

POTW^ptftOt mmo priifium ^x ttianiiiK'riiitocodira Btbliotli«»i?larli- 

nimi viri IkPtntnl TuaJil in mipn^ma GnUiimim c^urfa pncsIiKs in luct^ai 

ed!tA. 20«-£AX 
AdditomciUa bjI Vltam S. CoJtimbanS Abbato, at diirerak ttturttidtnM 

I'iU 8. Galli, Abtmtk *.'t Confcssorb*, cdtta » '^fllifHd^i fitnit»am» AMjAit* 

Aupdin3.i, (ju/L* Imbttur apurt giirliim tcm. v, di« ivl Dttotairui, ££6-^4. 

AddiUmiontA nd vitnm S. GaUi Abbati^j ex Jfar^rofof^ffi J?< i^iJ^JbW, 

TaraiM Hfllix^Fti tie festiirltoto S, Galli, 295. 

Vltft 8* Majfii! CohAhbotUi ijui t?t MiMniMldus.auctotpTheoflojvt UctDDcUo 
B. Gal 1 1 H Camjtwionpnii AItIwUv primo oju» diiidptib, Es biaw* 

fflih, 5- dn^rg. ift'/:. Menrici Otnirit, :£flft-317^ 

V^ta &. KUi&nt Fr&ncia! Orieiilali* quiu <'t Fnwisftni* didtur Afx^toU 
Epinwjif! WintbiirwiJTiaia et aotflomuj Eolcnmnnj Pre»bjtm t)t Totniuii 
lliiwofii MflrfjTuuj. luetisre aaion^TnOp fnt^Ktv H huw styli niutftLicoiff 
pdit* ei m«aibi*iil3 MS. Monimt«rii WindtM^rfcmli pt Rt^bdorfenirf*. 
Et habetur iipud Uetiriciim CftjiWnm t«nn. 4, Anliii. L(?<n,, 318-^1. 

ThiidAt AblMitb SiHitortun R*tl§boiia;, finttttiHit^m Chmnlpoij «tif 8, 
Killaiin. g, ViFKilia, «t S. LuUtv ltr.i ft84-3ao, 

\"|ta H. ^'ir^irilii AjKfttolL Knrintht«. B^iiicopl SaJifilnuTrtiuk, atirtocvi 
H. EbiTlumil. Episcflpi SiiH«bur]H:vTi^i«, dist'iptilrj ; qua; Jmbotiir %iiu4 
H. CiuikiiiHi turn t turn rt. Unno, Antiq. Lp^^k, SSO. 

TiiitimDnla do S, VJrjriBct. fj' Hfta S. JSiijwWi ^i#c™^ ifoljj^wriwwrk. 

I./^'mk Hhe Vita tt Martyriiun S. I>jTn])linHs Virgfnl^ (lllio Qacii 

llibi mill', (^l t'litnmai MtniJiipii Gi'lonMinin Bnibatitia, att-^ttL 
El Joanne- Molaii« in njiUlibiii SaiicinTum tidjdip S«-aS(L 
Vita 8. Mai at hi ri^ Ejiisicf^iiit auclftfie H* Bt^i-nardo, ^m-'MtL 

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Messingham, TnoKAB^-eorUinued. 

Prophetise S. Malachie Aichiepiflcopi Armaehani, totinsque Hibemifs 

Prim»tis ac sedis Apostolics Legati de smninis Pontifldbus. Ex 

Amoldo Wion. Ub, 8. Ligni vita cap, 40, p. 807.— 876-379. 
Vita S. LaurentU. Archiepiscopi DabHneniis, aaotore quodam e oollegio 

Augensi, qui nomen saum non exprimit, e» Snrio, 879-889. 
Vita 8. Fiacrii. Heremite et Confessoris, «r Oapffratfio, 890-392. 
Yita S. Pursei, Abbatis et Conf»aoris. ex Capgravio, 898-898. 
Vita S. Blaithmaio Martyris. aaotore Walafrido Btrabone, qus habetur 

tomo 6, Antiqui» Sectionis Henricii Ganlaii, 899-408. 
Begula 8. Columbani, transcrijita ex manusoripto xnembrano Monasterii 

Bobiensis, 408-407. 
HomiIi» quinque. 8. Golmnbanl de fidlada Titn humann, 407-408. 
Carmen Monostichon B. Columbanl Abbatis. Sx MS, FHgingenri, qua 

habetur Urn, i. AnOq. Lect. CanieU, ¥»-4lQ, 
8. Columbani Abbatis. Bpistola HtnaSdo discipulo, 410^411. 
Yerros et hymni Tarli de 8. Columbano, 418-414. 
Sermo 8. Galli Oonfeasoris diotos Constantin in templo 8. 8tephani in 

oonaecratione Joannnia Bpiaoopi Oonstantiensis. ex CamiHo^ 415-482. 
Tractatiu de quibusdam HiberniM Miraoulia, auctore Giraldo Cam- 

briensl in Topographia Hibemiao, 488-438. 
Sermo 8. Fatridi Hibemi» ApoetoU ad Hibemos habitus anno cirdter 

460, ex MU^rdo Sttmikunto Sibemo, Ub.ide VUa S, PatrieH, 437. 

MiGNE, L*Abbe : 

Fatrologiad Corsus Completos : 

8iec. ii. and xil. 881 volumes. Paris. 8vo. 1844-1886. 

Tom. S3. 790. 8. Patridi Confeasio.~S14. 8. Patridi ad Oorotioum Epis- 
tola.— 818. Synodus 8. Patridi.— 825. Canones alii 8. Patrido ascripta. 
—885. Synodis Bpisooporum Patridi Auxllii Issemini— 887. Canones 
alii 8. Patrids attributl ex M8. Coll. Benedict! CantagbHie descripa— 
887. Proverbia aliqua 8. PatridL-«e7. Charta 8. Patridi— 831. 8. 
Patridi BplBoopi liber de tribus habitaculis.— 888. Hymnus alpha- 
beticuB in laudem 8. Pfttridi turn Tiventia, 8ecandino Episcopo 

Tom. 09. 880. Oild« saplentis de exddio Britannia liber qnerulus {Oale), 

Tom. 78. 777. Yita 8. Brigid«, auctore Cogitoso. 

Tom. 76. 42. Yita 8. Gregorii Magni, auctore Paulo Diaoono.— 60. Yita 8. 
Gregorii Magni, auctore Joanne Diacono. 

Tom. 80. 41. Yita nu^or 8. Augustini Anglorum ApostoU, auctore Gos- 
celino Monacho. J5x edUione Parieiana Joannie JfofttMcmi*.— 04. 
Fundatio Abbatis 8. Augustini Cantuariensis {MonatHeon Angli- 
ramcm).— 96. Privilegium Abbatin Cantuariensis 8. Augustino datum 
{Monasiicon AngUcanum).— 2X1(1. 8. Columbani B«gula et alia varia. 
— 64L 8. Ethelberti, Begis Anglorum, donationes ad dirersas eoclesias 
{Monatiticon AngUeanum), Decretum de rebus Bd et eoclesis non 
abstnhendis {WUkMe Collect.) 

Tom. 87. 888. 8. Idrini Episcopi Yita, auctore Boneftido coero. Ex 

Tom. 88. 786. Adamnani Yita 8. Columbas. — 779. EJusdem de lods 
Sanctis libri tres. 

Tom. 89. 66. Yita 8. Aldhelml Schirebumensis Bpiaoopi, auctore Farido. 
Ex edU. J. A. Oilee.—^. Aldelmi Eplstola et alia opera.— 847. Ceolfridi 
Anglo-Saxonis Presbyteri Epistola ad Naltanum Begem Piotonum 
pro Catholico Pascha et Bomana tonsura. Ex ManH Cone. CoUeet, 
tom.xii.—im. Yita 8. Bonifladi, Episcopi Mogunt., auctore Willibaldo. 
Ex MabiUon, Alia Yita 8. Bonifhcii, auctore Othlono Monacho.— 687. 
S. Bonifticii EpistoliB.-87l. 8. Bonifadi Yita 8. Livini. 

Tom. 90. 86. Yita 8. Bed« scripta partim a 8. Cuthberto. (Ex Ubrin 
editie et MS. ThHaneo.)''4i, Yita Yen. Beds, auctore anonymo. Ex 

3h 2 

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MiGNE, L'Abbe — continued. 

Tiir^to. Ex Bfillitndo. Oport Bed* vmrii 
Tom, &l. Opp. Bptlai ran I in. ^ 

Tom. 04. Bwlffl ofM-ra twiitln— 57S. VitA uwtri™ fi- Cuthbcrti. ,Er 
MaitiU. Aei. San^f- Onl Bened^-^^^. Pfti&lo Swictl JiMtini Marty™ 
(nitftriw).— 712. ViUi Sant'torum AUbftium MoiiBst^Hi In WiTanmtJui 
ct Ginnin.— 73fl. Vita pnaaica 8. Cutbb^?rtL-700. Vita B. FelicU Con- 
fcfworia,— 798, Martj-rolofirium, Coloff*^ edif. {Balkinduit't am! SmitM'g 
«fl#^.— liea, Chroriiwin anliciniJwiTDum. E* PfclaLinis iBL«iubcwla 
edut'tnm. (Maii Spicilefrium Eomajmm.J— 1174, ChroTiicoii breve ad 
an. DCCCX. Ei MS. de Rationo k^mporum qui ftiH Ecd, S. BkMiysii 

Tcttn. *5, Bedff HUtoria Ecclesin^tica. {Er edU. JfmrfA). 

Twn. m 770. Yit* S. Ludiccri Ejjiscopi, auctoro AUfrido Epii*CTp«. 

Tom. 10ft. Flact'i Alcuini OpfJii omnia. 

Tom, 101. 065. Flacci Alcillni, Vit* 8. VedaatL-flal Flawl Aieuini, Vitl 

S. EJfhariL— 684. FlaCft Alcuini, VtU S, WilUbrodi.— Si3. Flam Al(?tilnl. 

Do ijontifti'ibii!* ct Banetia Eccleaioj EboraraiiHifl. £^ i/.S^ JfoiKwf. ^. 

Tom. 113, l>75. ViU 8. Galli* nnftore TrtTalaMdoBtoibcme. .Er rtlJfaftilf, 
—10 IS. VitJi S. Blaitbm»ic!L Ablmtiii Hiicntli, Kt edit. MaUtkm. 

Tom. 124. liai. ViU S, (krmani EpiiK^pt Anti^siodorpiisiji, auctoift 
Heriro MonatHio. .Kj- Jlo^fdnd.— 1307. Mtracula S. DiTmsrii Aulissi- 
oJoirnslK, aniH«n? r^CRlcni Hrrico. £jr Bollando. 

Tom. 129. P6d Vita S. A^'alburifiif, aiictoitj Wolfhardo presbytoro. JZa? 

Tom. 13^1. OSl. Vita S. Odonis. An?liiepisc«po auctorc £adm?Fii.-'M& 8* 
Odt-iiis Epuitola in vitam S. WIlfHdi. {Ait^lm Sacra, ik 50},-i(7B. Vita 
S. Wilfridi, auotore Fritirstodo. Elr Mahii. 

Tom. IM. USB. ViUi Sanrtfl^ Matildis Il<'sdna% Aptid Perts, Jftm. Grr- 

IbiiL m. 77h Vita 8. Etbplwoldi. Epiiioopi WintoniensiH. axictflre ut 
iHdetnr WolHtano Mcjnarlio fjus dkcipula Ejc Mahili, Aet^^ SS. 
.B«4.— 4Cff. Vita rt MifBiula S. DunsUmi. ant^lonj 4>!i.bcfno, Cajitu- 
aricnsi Moiuwho. {Apnd IlfiUU. Atrt. SS. Ord. lJ«i.]— 474. S. Dwu- 
Htaiil Kpistflla ad Wulfkinnm ScblBtbumenaem EpiHopum. {MakiiL 
Art a m. Bgn. gttc. v. 2S&.) 

Tom. 13^, 4lT. Mmuiiti^nta diplomatica Aiii^lo^Saiquiniii Bfgum qum 
Bittc. X* flonieri? {apnd MaoM C&ncit. CoUecL fom^ j*iu),^4fl4. Clinrts 
variaj Rt^inim .VnfflVSaionura* 

Tom* 130. 387. Vita t4 Mir^imla S. Abhotiia FLoriRccndfi, aurtow Almono 
Monar ho FloriatoriJii {MaMllon).-~il%. S. AHljonta Epiafcolje,— EOT. Vita 
S. Ka^lmundi. Et'^i^ Antflonmi^ auctope Abbonc, Abbate FloiiacenMi. 
i'jr A'ttnr> — 1*S3. BtilftTti Vita S. DunstaiiL Ex BoUande. 

Tom. 14(V. lDt»L Adi^lboldi Vita S. Walpuiida. (J?Jf S<ilt^ndo.) 

Tool. 141. 11*9. Fnlberti CarnnteriHis Kptatolffi.--0O7. Dmionia super wn- 
ffpeffBtionpm S. QidntJni dp-anl dc^ Moribus I't actia primomm Nor- 
man niffle diicnm, Ubri trm. il>urhe9ne. Higt* Normemmi^ B^ript,) — 
1373. Emmse BciriniE An^lorum EncoinJnni. {Jhtche^e.Sist. Xorman. 
ScHpt. page 163/) 

Tom. 147. 6^1. Mariain Scnti Chroniiwn. Api^ Peris, Mon. Germ, ffitt. 
^ript, f. 40ti.— 11B7. Yita Sk Oswaldl, Bjit^tmpL Wiffameruii* et An^bi* 
epbropi Eborac-viiHi^, atietoiv anonym o ineorto icialia. {Mahill. Ada 
fS.V. Ord. B^n. i\ i. 727- Ex Capffrattw et BoUnndfi.)—Uf^. Vita 8. 
JnhJUniiH Bi'verlatM'n&is Arebi<?piscr>]ji EVKwawmfiii, aiw-ton* Folcmtd^ 
Silhivi^nsi Moiiacbg. {Aj^td £<tiiand, Maii 11. leo. Ex MS. A»ffH- 

Tom. I4ti. 371 Vita et Iranslatio S. Elph^* Archippisirapi CantiuiriptuEb 
tt Martyrij^ auctorre Oibemo. (Apud MahOl. Act. SJS. Ord. Bm. 8ac. 


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APPENDIX. . 847 

MiGBE, L'Abbb — continued. 

9t. {. 114. Sg Airio.)— 779. WOUelmi Oalcoli Gemmetioeiiiis, Hto- 
tori» Normannoram. {Dmehetne, Hiti, Normam. Script.) Soberti 
de Monte liber de gertis Henrid L, Begia Angtoarum.— 1218. WUUebni 
ConqueBtoris Geste s '^^lielmo PicUvend, Lexovkmim Arohidiaoono 
oontemporaneo scripts. (Dneheme, Huit. Nonum. Script, page 178.) 
— 128S. Terb* WiUielmi Conqueetoria in extremis podtL (Ordcrio 
ntak apud DkcAmm.) — 1290. Willielmi Oonquestoris Epirtolfe.— 
1292. WUUehni Conqueitoria Leew. — 1860. WiUielmi Normannin 
Dads postmodum Regis Anglie oondo ad exerdtum suum ante 
pnBUom. {Hen,HumtiMgd(m,i»Ser,AfHfLSeripL)''lZBQ,Wn]kibai 
Conquestoris Diplomata^ 

Tom. 100. 22. Beati Lanftand, AfddepiMopi Cantuariensis.— Vita audore 
Milone^Crispino, Monadio et Oantore BeooensL (Apud MabUL Jet, 
SS. Ord. Bm.)— 743. Vita Minor S. Angustini, Anglonun Apostoli, ano- 
tote GoBoelina— 1489. Vita B. Wulstani, Episoopi Wigomensis, auctore 
Hemmingo Monacho. {Wharton, Anglia Sacra, i. 64L)— 1491. Hem- 
mingi liber de Bcdesin Wigomensis incrementis. {Monoitictm AnffU' 
ANNNm<. 184.) 

Tom. 161. 1188. Anglonun Begum qui seoulo zL floruere Leges et 
diplomata. {Apud ManH Condi. a>ix, 819).-1811. Vita B. MatUdis 
Begine. (Apud Pertg, Man, Ocrm. Hitt. x, 678.) 

Tom. 168. 987. Vita S. Hugonis Lincolniensis Bpisoopi, pib Alezandro 
Monacho conspripta. (BdU, PcgO, BibUothaca atodioa X)— 1116. 
Beati Hugonis diplomata. 

Tom. 186. 14. GosceUni Historia trandationis, 8. Augnstini (Sg Ma- 
MUoi».)— 28. GosoeUni. Vita S. SwithunL (Re BoUando.)—9L His- 
toric translationis et Miraculorum 8. Swithuni, auctore ut videtur 
Lantfredo, Monadio Wintoniend in AngUa, (BxMS,3iaotiano,)—9^ 
Miracula 8. BwithunL (Bx MS, lUg, Suecia, 789.)— 80. Vita 8. Ivonis 
Bpisoopi, anotore Ooaoettna (M» BoUando.h^iL Appendix Miracu* 
lorum 8. iTonis ex dn^P^^io* — 94. GosceUni, Vita 8. Werebuiga 
Vinginis. (Blv itoUaiMio.)— 110. Vita 8. Badgitha seu Ediths, aoctore^ 
Goeoelino. (B» MabUlon €t Surio.)—\\^ 8. Laurentii, Aidiiepiso(^ 
Cantuariensis, Eulogium Historicum. (Ex JfoMUon.)— 1828. Thom», 
Ardiiepisoopi Ebomcensls, Bpistola ad Ardiiepisoopos et Episoopos per 
AngUam constitutos. (Bog. Haoedcn, Annal. part «. 288, «(i. XoiKlofi, 
1698.) —1886. Sulcardi Monachi Libellus de fundatione Westmonas- 
teriensisAbbatin. (Mona8tie.Angl.i.^1,) 

Tom. 168. Opera 8. AnsefanL— 60. Vita 8. Ansehni, anctore Ead- 
mero.— 118. Ad Eadmeri llbros de Vita 8. Ansehni supplementum. 
B» Whartoni AngUa Sacra, iu 18L — 119. Miracula 8. Ansehni 
metrioe. (Bx MS, Beginm Succim trmU MtAittonku. Bdidit D. 
Martcnc Ampl. CoOcet, m, 968.)— 128. Vita brerior 8. AnsehnL (Bx 
MS, Biil, FictoHius.)— 1060. 8. Ansehni, yersus de pnedeoeasore suo 

Tom. 189. 9. Bpistohe 8. AnsehnL— 828. 8. Ansehni FMdo 88. Guigneri 
sen Fingaris, Ptato et sodorum.— 847. Eadmeri Historia Novorum.— 
808. Eadmeri liber de 8. Ansehni shnilitudhiibus.— 710. Badmeri Vita 
8.WilMdi.Bpisoopl (Blv Jfo&IMcm.)— 764. Eadmeri Vita 8. Bregwhii, 
Archiepisoopi Cantuariensis. {Wharton, AngUa Sacra,, ii, 184) — 
782. Badmeri Vita 8. Onraldi Bpisoopi Wigomensis, et Aidiiepisoopi 
BboTMensis.— 788. Badmeri Vita 8. DunstanL— 799. Eadmeri Bpistda 
ad Glastonienses.— 807. Badmeri Bpistola ad MonachosWigomienses 
de electiane EpisoopL (Angl. Sacr. ii. 258.)— 810. Nicholai Bpistda 
ad Badmerum de primatu sedis Bboraoensis in Bootia. (Ang^ Sacr. 
a. 264.)— 818. Vita Gundulfl, Bpisoopi Boffensis, auctore Monacho 
Bofltensi contaneo. (AngL Sacra, K. 278.) 

Tom. 180. 11. Bigeberti Gembbujensis Chronioon. (PcHm, Man, 0mm. 
Hi$t, V, 268.)— 4£8. Bpistola Henrid Huntindoniensls ad Warinum 
deBegibaa Britonum.— 424. Boberti de Mootci oootinuatk) Bigebarti. 

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848 ^ APPENDIX. 

—lm Vita 8. MiKlovii Jrivo MftchuH, Epbeojd et Conlbwom. auctfln? 

Turn. lea. 1. ItodIs Cu-nototuls B|iiico|ii Epi«to1a!'. 

Tom. 163. 14 ia. Ernuin Bp- Ro^eiiHiii Collfictatiea do rthm Eocl- BoC* 
fenjda. ( ^iiiff i*^ i&i<?r«, ii, 3m. ) 

Tom. 166. 0^^ Alberici Aqucnaiji HlitcTria lllerfnol^initiuit. iOaf^ 
Deiperl^ntsu^i^lM,]— 1057- Bmldorid lJok-ii»rij Epiicopi Histoiia 
Hl«m«o1yuiitArEL {Gsst^ Dri ptr FrancoMt L BL) 

Tom. 171. 1*2. Hiiaeb?rti CcnuimmiW Bpistoln?. 

ToHi.lTB. m&. WlUiclmi MalunjsbuHtJOfb de Gcjeitiii Bcffum Anglorum 
llbTlciQiiiquc* {Mx Ed. Eit^L Hud. J5btf.J-13»L WUUfiimi MiiJmc** 
liurieiuiM Hkturue N'ovcllfLv— 1442. WiUidmi llaJiiijeiibiirlenfds de 
G<»tis PontiAeum iLnglonuji librl quvnquci, {SatiU and AmnAiit 
JSacr0.)—l(i>ii, EjuMlcm lilxsr do AntlquiUto GliLctonlenjdji EodealA 
(Oiiffl.)"l7^ I'jusidafii Vita S, WulsUrii Eiibtt-ojii Wigomkuwi. 
( Hlmrtitu, AnsUn 8af*ni,iL 2414 

Turn. IBO. ^a. U4;iiri(^] g«lterif<i]aiii Tr«cta|u8 d« Pm^gatorio S. P«tndK 

TcMji. IBi 1073. S. Bemmtli AbliaUs, Liber d« YiU S. Malactw.— 8. Ber- 
nftrdi Alibalit llyromusib: B. Malat'liiL {Martfwt^Asnpt. CqU^. *>746,) 

T^rtii. lB.f. ». OrUcrici Vilalis Hisloria Eccloaijwtkii. 

Tom. 1911. 1. ti.) ViLa B. Thoinra Cantuaricims, aiictore Ed. Grim. {Mx 
Ed. GUea.)—SS. (ii.) VitA 8. Tbomic Cmntuuiezuf^^uioloti! Eoecrio de 
Pnnliiiiapo— laa. (liL) Vlt* S. Thottuo CaiitaaHcnsi4, *uctore WO- 
iipliuoftlio^tephftiiL— 19fi. {W^r.i Vti»B*Thom«?Cajit«arietidk»uctoPo 
Alujoi't Jo* line S*rQttbirien«L>'^34 (ni.) Vita 8. Thome CjwituftrifnsiH, 
auctfliT Willifrlrao rmitiiariiTiai.— g51 (vil) Viti S. Thomne Cftniuaii- 
eriiiiii, ftuctfjpe E, deKvt«hiiiD,— 2&S. (viii.) VILa S.ThDoi^ CantuArienflifi^ 
aiu^tonhiii!! Hpiirito ,\blial4\i!t Bogt»rio Moii^ho CrolJArtduc. — SS3. (li.> 
Vita a, Tbomiw C&iituimoTisls, aucCoru auonymo.— 207. (i.) Vita S» 
TbaniA'! raiituariiniiiiLEf. nut tore BcDcdlcto, Abbat4j Petribujwenii.— 
STE. Tita ^. TJioixiiii CantiiaricrLi»i«, aucloro aiionjiuo Lamlictlicnxt. 
-^\JA-$H. QiiiDriuu jiaji^uiR'^M auptoribim .irKinxmis. — 546. Vit* et 
FamiA & TkomiLs aui^tora anoiiymp. {Ed. Pari*, 140G.)— S51. Tit« ct 
pMdo a TbomjE, auetonj aiiouymo. (Ed. jSruueih, lB8i.)"3«S. 
Fra#5imeiilmti Vitac 8, Thamic. {Ex MS, Lanmlmicn^^ J^».J— 371. 
BoeiituiHitik lii^toiiea qum ad K. Thomani ]ii''rtim^iit<.-^43A. Epjatota 
)^. Tliiiii}e.^74G. EpLtttalm Gilbert! Foliot^ EiiLacapl Londotiienilst^ — 
li>To. Uei^tKTti de Ikuhiim, VfU S. Tbonue Cantuarii^iidj. (Ex Edit. 
CriJ'^f.)— 14i):t. R^reberti da BoM-bain UottdJia tit ffitfto S. Tbouuc^— 
1415. Uen>lK!rti {lo Bosebanj Epiffti^be. — 1475. Aiani Ti^wkoiiberiFiiaisj 

^ui. 193. l^. Vita E. Atlrmli, Abbatis Biif>valI(>rLSL^, auctoir aDonymo. 
{Ex MaUamio.)—7m. B. Aflmli Iliatona do Bi'Uo Staitdardi. {Scrip' 
finrcJi x.,i.^7.)—7\lr Ejuiitcleai Gin^oalainB Hefum Anglonmi. i/MdL 
347.) — 737. VitA ^. Edwnrdip Ri'Rii et CoiTreajioriA, aucUiiv AelrrdcK 
(/6i{Ip30B.)— 7BU. Ejiuklcm da Sanctinkoniali de Waitiin. </^id.4l5.) 
— 7WS. Heiiriiii Huntimlonk'TiHia m^toria. (^<ftte,) —080. Hfliuid 
H iinttridoiiirrijiiii^ EpbtoU ftd W jdtemtu dcs M audi csotttemptu. {Anffl. 
Sacni. ii. 0U4.) 

Toni. im. 871. Godi'fridi ViterbjtitiMii 1^1 been idvc HemoHa 8«!cu> 
lorum, ( Jfui^Mri Seript. Itai. torn, t'tiij 

Tnm- 1^. 2, Jnainiiin i<are!^bunotL£^i», Epiaeopt Camotcniiiii Eplstola^^— 
STt!'. — EjiLvbjim IVi1icnitieui!t tdva db Nugin CumJiuiXi. — lOlu. VlMi 
H. Ansiflmt, CaiituarionNb Ari'blcpi^upL 

Turn. 2<11. 1. Aniubi Lcxovi'^mw Epklol*. {(Mlia Christ, xi. 774.) 

Tuiij. 2ir2, 1310. AppendicL^ aJ Cliroiiicon lloijcrtl de Moato ct Bpiatolee 

ToLii.f07. 2^ Petri Blci^mla Epkt<}ko. {Ex £dii. Gmtmna^t Parm 


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De Banota Milbarga, Virgine. 

CtapgxniveU Nov» Legends, f. 2S1. 

De Sancta Mildreda, Yirgine et Abbatissa. 
Capgnve'g Nova Legends, f. 282. 

MiLo Crispin ; i>. Lahpeanc. 
Miscellanea Biooraphica: 

Lives of Oswin, King of Northumberland. Two Lives of 
Cuthbert, and a Life of Eata, Bishop of Hexham. Edited 
by J. Raine, 1838. 
Surtees Society, voL 8. 

De S. Mochoemoco sen Poleherio, Abbate Liatmorensi in 
Hibemia. Vita, anctore cosetano anonymo, ex MS. Kill- 

Act. Sanct. (Mar. 13), IL 280. 

Vita S. Mochoemoci Abb. de Liatmor. Ex Codice Killhen' 



Do S. Mochteo sea Mocteo, Episcopo Lugmadensi in Hiber- 
nia. Yita, anctore anonymo ex MS. Salmanticensi. 

Act Sanct (Aug. 19) iiL 786. 

Vita S. Mochtei Episcopi Lugmadensis. Ea Codice Sal- 
viaiUiceTisi auihore anonymo, 


De S. Mochoa sive Guano, Abbate in Hibemia. Vita, ex 
veteribus MSB. Hibemicis. 
Act. Sanct. (Jan. 1), L 45. 
Dc S. Mochua Ballensi sive Cronano. Vita» ex Hibemico 

Act Sanct (Jan. 1), 1 47. 
Vita S. Mochua sive Cronani. Al)batis Ballensii. ExHiber- 
nicie M88, interprele P. H. Oeullevano. 
Ck>Igan (Mar. 80), L 789. 

MOCUUDDA ; i), Cabthacus. 

De S. Modwonna pluribuB nominibus mmoapaiA, Vita, 
auctore Conchubrano, ex MS. Cott. Cleop. A. II. 

Act Sanct (July 6), U. 241 and 297. Same as Monynna or Darerca ; 
both lives printed together. AwDararoa. 

Vita S. Modwennaa (sen Darercee) Virginis, auctore anonfrtilo. 

Acta Sanctorum, ii 290 (July 6), «. GkdAridus Edys BuHohetiaiM 
De Sancta Modwenna, Virgine et Abbatissa. 

Oapgrave's Nora Legenda, f . 2$4l 

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Vita S. MolaggsB sea Molaci, Tegh Molaggs. jB7» Hibemieo 

MoLASSius ; V, Lasbeakus. 


De S, MoUngo sive Dayrgello EpiBCopo Ftniensi in Hibemia. 
Vita cs MH. SabnmiiicvimL 
Act Bftuci, (Juno \1U UL 4M. 
MoKMouTn, GEOPFRBr OF; ih Geoffket, 


Chroniquca do Monatrclot. 

Bdlfe. K Dosrfiy. 3 voli. fol. l^irii. Ifil2. 3 voIbl foL Piris 1608. An 
Eriiclbfli^ tranalaticjn by Tlionmii Jr>]iups. fi vols, at the Hafod Press. 
im Kdit. 3 voist. fol. l^irim 1518* 1578. 150S. Edit. . Buchon. Paris, 
a^'O, ia3«.- 


MoNUiTENTA FiiAsciscAiJA, &ciU. I, Tbomas de Eccleston de ad- 
Ycntti Prnrtruiu Minorum in Angliojn, II. Adae de Marisco 
Epiiitoltc. m. Regis* trum Fratruro Minorum LondonisB. 
Edited by J, S. Brewer. 

Chroiiick'« and Mfimonikla of Gr^t Britaiu oiid Ireland. 

Hoxi'iLENTA Historic A Beitannica, or Material b for ihe History 
of Britain, Edit. Hen. Pctrie et Job- Sbarpe. 

1, Eiperjiba ei Scrfptoribiui Oncri^ ntquc Latinis de Britannia. 

Ek Ki Inscrfptfoulbuii crcerpla \\^ EntiuiTilH. 

X AiidPTit HHtbh Coins. 

4t Eornftii i^oliisi relatbiji? ti> BriiAin* 

Gi, G11dH?t Sapictttui de E^tridLo Britannia? HiiitanB et Epistola. 

A. EnLcf^uin BritnnnisT', bivu Hii^torfa Brito[]uiD,.auctoreNennio. 

7« C^nmicon Vpncrsbiiitj Bcsiir, iiive do »ox hnjuA saDCuli ntatibuB. 

S, Bwlni Hiaioiin Ecf Jewl&stira G<Mitifl AjigknitD. 

fi. Ctiroualofria Brt^nstdma ad North nohytabrot spectans ab AJD. M7 

m\ uaqui^ TlIT- 
10. Thu Ajifflii-Saion Chronicle to A.D, lOOfl, 

1% iTbTt^nlccin ActhcIwaLrdi. 

li?, Florentll Wif^mcnsis rhrflJilcon, fr&m th<> Incarnation to AJD. lOM. 

14, Nomirta Ajncliii^jibeopomm et Eplfcoponun AngUe, et Gtanealogia 

E4?giiin AniE^lonun. 
Ifi. Hi^tona dii Gc»tta Anglonwjj* by SitDCon c*f Durham, to AJD. 1068. 
Iflw Hi^torln Anplomm, by Henry of Huntingdon, ftxnn the Incartiatioll 

to hJD. IGOe. 
IT. L'Eatoirc dc^ Engllit^ fiolutn la translBtion MalBtre Geolfroi Gaimaf. 
1^ An rial ca Cambri^^ to A.D. 1(H36, 
Iff. Tbe Brut y Tj-wyscnt^on, to A.D. loSfi. 
SO, Canneti de BuUo nafftin^Fcnai, 

MomrKNA ; V, Darekca and Mod^^kxa* 

Moore, Sir Thokas be la; r. Bakeb, Geoffrey, and D£ la 

* There is an edition in progress, Dareques, for the French Historical Sodetj. 

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MoBE, Sm Thomas: 

Historie of the pitifull life and unfortunate death of Edward 

Umo. Lond. 1641. Edit, by Vf. Shewes; in More's collected Works in 
English, foL Lond. 1507, in the Ist vol. of Kennef a Hist, of Engl, 
fbl. Lond. 1706 and 1719; also in 8tow, Speed, Holinshed, Harding, 
and HalL The Latin version under the title of Historia Bichardi III., 
is in Mere's Latin Works, fol. Louvan. 1596, and Pranc 1689. ? 8to. 
Chiswick, 1821, and ? 4to. Lond. 1806. 

History of Eichard the Third. 

In most of the editions mentioned above, and in Svo. Chi8wiok,1821, and 
4to. Lond. 1606. 


Edited by Aquila Smith, 1842, for the Irish Arch«K>l. Society. 

Liber Albus, Liber Custumarum, et Liber Horn, in Archivis 
Gildhallsd asservati. Edited by H. T. Biley. 3 vols. 
Among the Chronicles and Memorials. 

MuBiMUTH, Adam: 

Adam Murimuthensis Chronicon sive Historia sui temporis. 

Edited by Hall. Svo. Oxon.l7t8. 
Adand Murimuthensis continuatio. 

Edited by HaU. Svo. Oxon.l7S2. 

Adami Murimuthensis Chronica sui Temporis, nunc primum 
per decem annos aucta (1303-1346), cum eorundem con- 
tinuatione ad 1380, a quodam anonymo. 

Ed. Th. Hog. 8V0. Lond. 1846, fbr the English Historical Society. 

Edward IH. Historia per anonymum. 

Heamc, in vol. ii. of Walter Hemingforde, p. 887. 
Murray : 

Begistrum Episcopatus Moraviensis, e pluribus codicibus 
consarcinatum, circa A.D. 1400 ; cum continuatione diplo- 
matum recentiorum usque A.D. 1623. Edited by Cosmo 

4to. 1887. For the Bannatyne Clnb. 


Nabratiukculje : 

Narratiunculse Anglice conscriptsd. De pergamenis ezscri* 
bebat notis illustrabat eruditis copiam faciebat T. Os^ 
waldus Cockayne, M.A., Cantab. Lond. 1861. Svo. 

This work contains five pieces in Anglo-Saxon, vis. >-(l) BpistoU 
Alexandri ad Msgistrum snum Aristotelem de situ Indie. (2) De 
BebuB in Oriente MirabiHbus. (8) PassioSanctfe Margarets IHt^nis. 
(4) Be Generatione Hominnm. (6) Mambres Magicus. 

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Neckham, Alexanbeb be, Bometimes called Alexander de Sancio 
Poem on Monastic Life. 

Printed in some editions of the works of Anselm. 
NbhnIUS : 

Eulogimn Brittaniffi sive Hiatoria Britonum, auctorc Nennio- 

Gal(>fl Hist, Brii. tk:trij»t. iv. »vo. llnvn. l7S7r edit. Bi-rtFani, under 

the lilki »f " I^'rimi Aiifflicaruiu tk^riptnre* tma." Svu. Lond. 1S19, 

edit. Gun II , 1N:17, t'ilit. fiilca. tilvo. Land, isas, tMlit. SU-FPrwon, for 

Eiifflialj HisL SqCh; LoihL frrlin iH*s. cdit^ Pelrin in MurmnicnU Hist. 

Erit. ^vo. Bcjrilji, l&M, ftiii. S*n Martc. 

Leabliar ErcaLlmach ivtmsui^iy, Tht* Irish vcr&ioti of the 

Hi 8 tori a Britonum of Ncmiius ; edited hj Jamos Hen thorn 

Todd, with preface iLudiioto&i by the How. Algcnioti Herbert* 

I^ubli&ljtHl by tht! IrLsh Artlia?olafri*2al Sodt*tj. 4to. Dublin, 1S*T. 

Neot, St. ; 

OhroDicoii Sancti Pani Ifl^eoti ; v. Asseb, 

Vita S. Keoti, Al>biitis in Aii^^lia, ;tuc;ttir(i imoBymo si^Ctili 
xii, J'Jx MS^ i'odit^ii Bccc^niti» MormHariL 

Mabill. AtL SftTict. iv. par. ii. aaa, wL VLm'Uj iv. Vi^. li. SM, ed, PiMifc 
Acta Saiict. {Jnly 31). vii. sm 
De S. Ncoto, Abbiito ct Confess ore. 

C tipprnvL-'i* Nova Lt*(rcnda* t 2S&. 
Vita B. K^eoti Ahbtuis, imctore saionymo. 

GorbKTu'B Hizitory of tb^j Aiitjqii^lies of E^iieaburg Mtd St. Kwi'i^P' £&# 
of vols. 8vo. LoucL ia20-l&24. 

Vita S. Ncoti, PrebbyU'ri et Conresaorifl* 

lVliitaki-i-'sLift^ofStNot>t. Svo. Lonti IBOO, 
Vita H- Neotij me trie c per Guilelnmm KamcHCje, Mouiichmil 

Vt] 1 i i iikcr'ii y re of St . Ncot. ^o. l,r>i i d. Igfrg. t*P. 318-308. 

Netteb, TnoaLvs op Wau^en ; t\ Fascuuli Zizasioeum- 
Neville's Cross i 

On thu Battle of Neville's Cross. 

■U>lKht'5 IVilUical I'wiiis anil Son^, p, (SO. AmorAg tbo Clmmlcln illd 
Jliuiorinls. &V0. Loud. iSflS. 


Eegistrum S. Mm uv do Neubotlo ; Abbatia> CiBtemensb 
B, MariiL^ de Neubotlo Cbartarium vctuis. Acccdit Ap- 
pendix Cartarnm origmaliumj 1 140-1 i^ 28. 
EdiMd Ijy V. InuvH, i»*L>, for Uia Bmiiiatjdt- Cliik 

Newbury or Nembl'hg, Willlui or : 

Historiiir i\ Normanuormn in Angliam iugrcaeu usque ad 
aiiiium 1197* 

EditJxl l»,v gilvim, %vo. Antwer[>,15<tT. In Cmumdin^a "Rennn Bri- 
tftnnicanuii Scriplorpa." (bl. Jieddclb. 1887, undi^ tbe title of Guiit- 
tlioi NrwliriCT'iisis du I4i?bu!4 AiiffUH-s libri n. ftvo. Pajift, lffl*» 
edited Ky Picard. sho* I'tuiji, liH£, Learnt. S¥o. Qiford, iri&* Ed. 
tlaniiU^n, Svo. LoikL ISiMJ, for tht% Ertf bah Historical iSocieiy. 
Ex Gnillelmj Neubrigenaij^ libris (ji^inque do rcbua Anglicia. 
Ei!eneii dun Ilintoricm dea G«ulea et de U Fisuicc. tciti* 18. pp. 1-58*. 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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N£W8T£AD : 

Eegistrum Cartanim PrioratuB de Novo Loco. 

8vo. Lon(il8Sl. 

NicnoLSON, William : 

EngUflh Historioal Libniy. 8n>. Lond.iaM-0. 
Scottish Historical Libnuy. 8ro. Loud. 1702. 
Irish Historical librniy. 8vo. Dublin. 17M. 

Niger; v. Libek: 

Badulfi Nigri Chronioon ab initio muudi ad an 1199. 
Eadulfi Kigri Chronicon a Christo nato ad regnum 
Henrici II., Regis AngHae. 

Edited by Lieat. Ool. Eob. Anstrathor for tho Caxton Society, 1851. 

NiNL/iNUS, S. : 

Vita S. Ninniani, anctore Ailredo, Abbate Bievallensi. 

Pinkerton's Yits Sanctorum Sootie, p. 1. 
De S. Niniano, Episcopo et Confessore. 

Capgrwre'i Nora Legendak f. 241. 

NoNANT, Hugh, Bishop of Coventry and Lichmeld ; v, Giraldus 

Norfolk, John Howard, Duke of ; v. Manners. 

Normandy : 

Cognomina eorom qni cum Guillebno Conquesboro Angliam 
ingressi sunt. 

Duchesne's Script Norm. p. 1125. 

Oatalogus Normannorum qui floruerunt in Anglia tempore 
Guillelmi Conquestoris. 

Duchesne's Script. Norm. p. 1126-1031. 
Chronica NormannisB. 

Duchesne's Script. Norm. p. 276-1014 
Gcsta Normannorum in Francia, ab anno Ohristi 837 usque 
ad annum 896, auctore incerto. 

Duchesne's Script. Norm. p. 1-7. Langebek's Berum Dauicarum Script. 
Nomina Normannorum qui floruerunt in Anglia ante Con- 

Duchesne's Script Norman, p. 1123-1124 
Genealogia Ducum Northmaonorum, 
Duchesne's Script Norm. p. 218. 

Extrait du Registre des dons, confiscations, maintenues, et 
autres actes faits dans le Duch^ de Normandio, pendant Ics 
annees 1418, 1419, et 1420, par Henri V., Boi d'Anglc- 
terre; par Charles Vautier. 
12mo. Paris, 1828. 
Magni Botuli Scaccarii Normamuas de anno ab Incamationc 
Domini MCLXXXIin. Willidlmo filio Badulfi, senescalld, 
qua) extant. 

4to. Lond. 1830, privately printed by Heniy Petrie. 

Digitized by 




Magni EotTili Snaie^^aru NormannisB sub BegibuB Angliss. 
Opera T. Staple ton* 

ItvTk Lond. IB-M, fcir the Sodfiiy of Antiquaries. 
Extra! t dou Ghtirtes et autre h actes Normands ou Anglo- 
Nomuuids c[ui se trouvcnt dans tea archives de Calvados 
par A. L* D'Aiie^^y, 

C *wn, IB34. 

Ohroniquo dea Dues de Wormandie ; par Benoit [de S. Maur] 
public pour la promiere foia; par P. Michel. 

Ohroiiiquea Aiiglo-Normwidua, recueil d'extraits et cscrits 
rclattfe a rhistoirc? de Normandie et d*Angleterre pendant 
lea xi. et xii. siecles, publit^ par Francisque Michel. 

Svok avo. Rouen, ISSe^MK 

OhroijjqneK do Normandie ; ]jubli^8 pour la premiere foia 
d^apre» deux luanui^crits de la biblioth^que du Boi it 
PariE^, par P. Michel, 

Histoirc don Dues do Kormandie et des Bois d*Angleterre, 
d'aprt^H d42ux manUBCrita d© la biblioth^que du Boi, par 
F. Michel, 


A poem ou the Battle of Northampton, 10th July 1460. 

AreliB^L xxb. 3.'M-3«>J 

Barthalomsei do Cotton, Mtjnachi Norwicensis, Annales 
EccloBia? Norwiceusis ab anno 1042 ad annum 1295. 
Atiglia Sacra, 1. ^07^ 

Bart^olomEri de Cotton, Monachi Norwicensis, Historia de 
Episcopia Norwicenaibus ad annum 1299. 
AnirliA Sarnit iOS. 
Oontiiiuatio Historia; BartholomaBi Cotton de Episcopis Nor- 
wiceuBilms, ab anno 1299 ad ^inum 1446, authore Monacho 
Norwicenst anonym o. 
AnpUti Sftc^p i. 4ia. 

Suocosaio Episcoponun I^orwicensium ab anno 1446 ad 


AtiaIIh Hwr%, h -416, 

BucceKsio F riorum Ecclesice I^orwicensis ab anno 1100 ad 
annum 1540. 

Bartholomffiii do Cotton, Monachi Norwiccnsis, Historia 
Alip:1irfim (A.D- 449-1298). Edited by H. B. Luard, M.A. 
AtiicHigilw! Gbromclcfl mid Mcuioritilsi 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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O'CoNOB, Ohables : 

Scriptores Benun Hibernicanun. 

Bd.aOt)oDor. 4volt. 4to. Bni4ringham.l814 
Odo, 8. : 

Yita S. Odonis, Archiepisoopi Cantoariensis, aactore (nt 
▼idetar) Osbemo, Monacho CantaarienBi. Ex M8, Codiee 
ThucMO ColherUno. 

VMbOl Act. Sftnot. ▼. 287, ed. Venet; 288, edit Paris. Lragebek'i 
Benun DAoicnmiii Script iL 401. Migne's Ritrologis Oursui Oom- 
ptotm, 1S8. 98L 
S. Odonis Epistola in vitam S. Wilfiridi. 

AngUa Smhw iL 60. Migne'i Patrotogie Cumu Completiu, 1S8, M8. 
De S. Odone, Archiepisoopo et Confessore. 
O^tgrave*! Nora Legenda, 1 24S. 
ObuLPH : 

De S. Odulpbo, Confessore. 
C9ipgrvre*B Nova Legend^ f. 24*. 


Orderici Yitalis Angligen®, cc&nobii Uticensis monacbi, 
Historisa Ecclesiasticaa, libri xiii. 

Ducheene'B Hist. Norm. Script. Pol Paris, 1619. pp. 821-MS. Edit 
Aug. le Prevoot, Svo. Puis, 18S8-1865. Higne's Patrologia, 188, 9. 

Orderic Vital. Histoire de Normandie. 

4 vols. Svo. BuHs, 1829-1827. This work is translated by M. Lonis 
Dubois, and forms the 2Sth and following volumes of the Collection 
des M6moires, published under the direction of M. Guisot 

Orioinalia ; V, Bolls. 


Yita Sanoti Elpbegi, Arcbiepisoopi Cantnariensis, anotore 
Osbemo, prsecentore et sub-priore ecclesi® Cantoariensis. 
MabilL Act Bened. vi. L 102, edit Yenet.; US, edit Par. Acta Sanct 
(April), iL 681-642. Anglia Sacra, iL 127-147. Surius (Ap. 10). 188. 
Migne's Patrologis Curnis Completus, 140, 872. 
Historia de Translatione corporis S. Alpbegi, Arcbiepisoopi 
Cantoariensis a Londonia ad Cantuariam. 
Anglia Sacra, iL14S. 
Yita Sancti Dunstani, Arcbiepisoopi Cantoariensis, aoctore 
Osbemo Cantoariensi monacbo saecolo xi. 

MabilL Act Sanct Ord. Bened. stK. v. 689, edit Tenet ; 680^ edit. 
Paris. Anglia Sacra, iL 88. 12L ActSanot (llajl9),iv.85e. Migne's 
Patrologis Cursus Completus, 1S7, 407. 
Liber Miracolorom ejosdem Donstani, aoctore eodem 
Osbemo Monacbo. 

MabilL Act Sanct Ord. Bened. sec. v. 672. edit Venet; 689, edit 
Paris. Acta Sanct (Maj), iv. 876. 
Yita S. Bregwini, Arcbiepisoopi Cantoariensis, aotbore (ot 
yidetor) Osbemo. 

AngUa Sacra, iL 75-77. Acta Sanct. (Aug. 26), v. 887. 

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Vitti Odoma, ArcliiGpisDOpi Cantoarien&iB, authore (ut vi- 
• dotiir) Osljonio. 

Ajifflia Sai?m, 78^L MaliilL Art, BmcL Qrd, Bened, saec. v. 286-296, 
tdlt, YeriL^. 1 £i^< eaiu Puriii, Acta Sjitice. (Jdj 4), ii. «8. 

Fragmpnta ex Vita Snncfci Dunstanif Archiepiacopi Cantuari- 
eiwifl, auctore Osberto Moimoho siECiilo xiL 

Malilll. Act. B%nH. OfiL Ikned. v. esi. iMiil. Vmc?t ; 701, edit. Pfcr. 
Fraj^Tmciita ex Libro do MirsM^ulia Sancti Dunstani, auctore 
Osberto Moiiftcho Otmtiiarieusi. Ex M^S. Codice Com* 
p^ndi^nsi, hi ijiio liomeu anchria dfieifL 

M»bill. Aft. Simut. Otd. Betit?d. v. mi, tdlL TeiH^t,; 7M,edit. Par. 

De S. OBitlaa vel Oigitha, Yirgiuo* TiUi^ anotore anonymo. 
E.f^ Sitria. 

Art. Sjkuct. (Ck-t. 7)JiL WW. 
Vita S. Oyithm, Vir^inis, E^. MB. C(Hlice, 

fiurimt(Oct. 7),1(W;. 
De Sancta Oaitha, Yirgine ot Marty re, 
0^}f?mve's Nova Legt^ntU, f. 3*5, 

Vita 8. Osmanna^ VirginiE^, anctoro anonymo. Ex MS, 

ActR gftnct. {Bepi. 9}* H^- 417. 
De Sancta OBmanna, Virginc. 
Cipernive'Ei Nova Lef^udAi %¥i h, 

, De S. OffmundOj Episcopo et Confespore. 

CuiJ^^fnivp's Nova LpRcndfti f, 217 b- 

Vita S. Oswaldi, Begis et Martyrie, auctore Drogone, 
Monacho "Wini^ocibeTgeiisia in Flandrb. Ex ejusdem 
Manasteni MBS, 

AoflftAttioL iAiig. s)» li. ss. 
Do 9. Oswaldo, Rpge et Martyre. 
C^ilj(nrBVe*a Nova LefeiHla^ f. £fri. 

Oswald, Aacnnifinop : 

Vita B, Oswald i, Episcopi Wigf>miCT3sis et Archiepiscopi 
EboracenBis, anctoro Eadmero. 

An|rli» Bmi%, ii- IHI- MIjtiic'h Pxtroloifi^ 151}, 7flS. 
Vita B, Oswaldi, Episcopi WigornienBis et Archiepiscopi 
Eltoraconsis, auctore aiioiiymo iiicertflo BBtatis. 

MalrflL Art. Satict. OnL lUmtnl. !Mra\ v. 70S, edit Venet.; 728, edit. 
Fni^ia. Ai-U EmnH. {Y\<lh mt Hi. 7SL WpH!?E Patrologie Ciirauii 
Cooipk^tus, 147, 1111*7. 
Vita S. 0.=iwftldi, Wignrniensipi Epis<?opl, anctore Bravoniti- 
Wigon)ia3 monacho* 

De 8. OnwaMo, Archicpl^copo ot Confess ore. 
Cftpgtavo'* Nova L*gf?ndA, f. SCI b. 


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OswiN, King op Nokthumbbrland ; v. MiacBLLAVSA Biographica. 

De S. Oswino, Bege et Martyre. 
CapgraTe's Nora Legvnda, f . 266 b. 
Ottesboubne, Thomas : 

Chronicon Begum AngliaB. 

Hflarne,8To. Ozon. 1788, with John Whethamitede, with the title of 
Duo remm AngUcanim Scriptores, vis:^ T. O. and J. W., ab origine 
gentlB Britannice usque ad Edward IV. 

De S. Oudoceo, Episcopo et Oonfessore. 
Capgrrave's Nora Legenda, f. 268. 

OxENBOES, John de : 

Chronica Johannis de Oxenedes. Edited by Sir H. Ellis. 
Among the Chronldee and Memorials. 

Original Documents illustrative of Academical and Clerical 
Life and Studies at Oxford, between the Eeigns of 
Henry HI. and Henry VII. Edited by the Rev. H. Anstey. 
Among the Chronicles and Memorials. (In progress). 

Oxford ; v. Catalogues. 


Paisley ; v» Passelet. 
Paris, Matthew : 

Matthffii Paris, Historia Major, a Gulielmo Normanno 
adusque 1259, libri octo. 

FoL Lond.1571. F6L Zurich, 1689. Fol. Zurich, 1606. 
MatthsBi Paris, Monachi Albanensis, Angli Historia Major, ab 
anno 1066 ad annum 1259, cum continuatione Ghiilielmi 
Eishanger, ut putatur, ab anno 1259 ad annum 1272. Edit. 

FoL 1640. FoL Paris, 16M. Fol Lond.1684 
Additamenta Chronicorum ab an. 1218 ad an. 1258. Edit. 

FoL 1640. F6L Paris, 1644. FoL Lond.1684 
Historia Minor Matthaai Paris. Edited by Sir F. Madden. 

In the press. Among the Chronicles and Memorials. 
YitSB duorxmi Offarum, Merciorum Begum, CcBnobii Sancti 
Albani fundatorum, et viginti trium Abbatum S. Albani 
per Mattheum Parisiensem. Edit. Wats. 
Lond.1640. FoL Paris,1644. FoL Lond.1684. 

Modus tenendi Parliamentum. 

Edited by Thomas DuffUs Hardy. 8vo. Lond. 1846. D'Achery's 
•*8picil€gium,"iiL8M. FoL Paris, 1728. 
Modus tenondi Parliamentum et Consilia in Hibemia. 
Edited by Ant.. Bp. of Meath. 12mo. Dublin, 1692. 

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PABLIAMBm— ^OniftMl^. 

Plaoita Parliamentaria ; v. Placita. 

Parliamentary Writs and Writs of Military Sammons. Edw 
I. and II. Edited by P. Palgrave. 
PoL L(md.l890-18M. 

Parliament KoUs ; v. Bolls. 

Summonses to Parliament, printed by order of the House of 


'Lords JounuOg, 182i p. 707. 
Dugdale's Summonses to Parliament, from 49 Hen. III. to 

A.D. 1685. 

PoL LoncLl685. 
Paevtts, Willielmus ; r. NEWBUai. 

Begistrum Monasterii de Passelet, cartas, privilegia, oonven- 
tiones, aliaque munimenta complectens a domo fundata, 
A.D. 1163, usque ad 1529. Edit. Cosmo Innes. 
4(a Edinburgh. 18S2. for the MaitUmd Club. 

Pasttkb op People, The ; v, Bastsll. 
Patent Bolls ; v. Bolls. 
Patesnus : 

Vita S. Patemi, Episcopi Abrincensis. 
SuriuB (Ap. 16), 180. 

Vita S. Patemi. Ex. M8. CoU. Vesp, A. odv. 

Ed. Rew, for Soc for publiahing Welsh M8S. 
De S. Patemo, Episcopo et Oonfessore. 

Gapgntve's Nova Legends, t £58. 

Patres Ecglbsls Akolicanje: 

Aldhelmus, Beda, Bonifacius, Lanfrancus, S. Thomas, Jo- 
annes Saresberiensis, Petrus Blesensis, Gilbertus Foliot, 
Amulfus Lexoviensis, Herebertus de Boseham. 

Edit. J. A. GHlet. Lond., Ozon^ Parte, 1849-1846. 37 volt. 8to. 
Patricius, S. : 

I. Hymnus S. Fieci Sleptensis de Vita S. Patricii, Apostoli, 
yersibus Hibemicis. 
n. Secunda Vita S. Patricii, auctore S. Patricio Juniore, 
aliove magni Patricii Discipulo. Ex Memhranis Monast, 8, 
Huherti in Ardenna. 
in. Tertia Vita S. Patricii, auctore S. Benigno, S. Patricii 
Discipulo. Ex Memhranis Biburgensibus in Bavaria. 

IV. Quarta Vita S. Patricii, auctore ut videtur S. Elerano 
Sapiente. Ex Vet, Cod. Pergam MS. Alnensia Cwnchii. 

V. Quinta Vita S. Patricii, auctore Probo. 

Colgu), ii. 61. 

VI. Sexta Vita S. Patricii, auctore Joscelino de Fumesio. 
Colg«n,tt.64. AcUSanct. (Mar. 17). ti. 640. Messingham's Florilegium, 1. 

Digitized by 


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Patricius, S. — continued. 

Yil. Septima Yita S. Patricii tripartita, auctore (ut yidetor) 
8. Evino. 
Appendices I., 11., HI., lY., Y., Miscellanea ad S. Fatrioiom 
Appendix YI., De *Pargatorio S. Patricii, narratio Henriei 
Salteriensis. Ex M8, 8. Victor., Paris, 

CoIgsD, ii 87S. Heasiisghain's Plorilegiuiii, p. 86. Hlgne's Pfttrologia, 
180, 878. 
Appendix YU., De Metropoli Ardmachan a ejusque fonda- 
tione, prsesolibuB, viris iUostribos, et diversis casibus. 
Colgaa, ii. 280. 
De 8. Patricio, Episcopo et Confessore. 

G^igrave's Ko¥a Legendc, f. SSO b. 
Confessio S. Patricii. 

Aote Sanotonun, ii 883 (Mar. 17). Migne's Ptttrologie Cunui Com* 
pletna. 68. 790. 
Spistola S. Patricii ad Christianos Corotici tyranno snbditos. 
Act. Sanct. (Mar. 17). 588. Migne's Patrologin Ciirsiu Completui. 68. 
Acta Synodus S. Patricii, Anxilii et Isemini in Hibemia. 

Willdns' Ckmdlia. L 2. 4. Spelman's ConcUia, i. 52. Migne's Patrologie 
Cursus Completus, 53. 825. 

Canones S. Patricio ascripti. 

Willdns' Concilia, L 6. B'Achery's Spicilegium. torn. iz. Martene et 
Durand Anecd. Thesaur. iv. Abb6 Migne's Patrologi»Curaus Com- 
pletns, 68. 826. 827. 

Patten, William : 

The expedicion into Scotlande of the most woorthely fortn- 
nate prince Edward Duke of Somerset. 

12mo. Lond. 1548. In Balyell's Fragments of Scottish History. 4to. 
Edinb. 1798. 
Paulintis : 

De S. Paulino, Episcopo et Confessore. 
Capgrave's Nova Legends, f. 264. 

Paul's, St. ; v. London. 
Paulus : 

De S. Panlo, Episcopi Leonensis apud Armoricos. Yita^ 
auctore Mon. Floriacensi. Ex M8. ValliS'lucentis cum 
aliis M88. collaio. 

Act. Sanct. (Mar. 12). ii. 108. 
Pecock, Eeginald : 

The Repressor of over much Blaming of the Clergy. By 
Reginald Pecock, sometime Bishop of Chichester. 

2 vols. Edited by Churchill Babington, among the Chronicles and 

* Printed in almost every language of Europe. Set note p. 72 <tf the catalogue. 
VOL. I. 3 I 

Digitized by 



Pecock, "REGi^Axsi^-coniinned- 

Narratio do prooessu coutr» Reginaldum Peacockhtm, 
auctctre Jtjbaurje Whi^thamstedio. 
Ht^rTi»% &p, Hi*miii(rrortk. 173U 

Annals of Ircluml, Cram 11G2 to 1^*7. 

PiiblisIiLtJ by C*, in his "^BHtanrilft." pr^ 838^888. FoL Lon4, 

Pekcy Society : 

A CiillK'tipn of Old Ballads »ntcfrtar to tUo Bfligti ©f Chirlw L EuUtcd 

by J. P. ColHrr* 
A SfflHvh PDr Moiipy ; or th? IwneTitablo OomjiloiTiL for thp Lw«e of tbu 
wnridrinia;^ Enbc^t, Sfaniirif iir I'Ariffpnt ; coiotaiiiitiiifr ouHoum topofraphical 
tli^fttliJ «>f London and ltd »ijlnlrb*i. By William Rowlny. IflOft. Ee- 
printed from tbo Only kiiuvrci Mpy. Editad by J. P. ColUer. 
The Pay no and Sorowt^ of Evyll Maiyafte, m Vfliw. Frtim * etijiy bfr 
lim-ed to be nniquti^ r»''^f t^ ^y Wynkyn dp Wonk* By j; P. CoUltjr. 
A adeetfcif) fhiDi the Minor Pofsms of Dkti John Lydgito. Bdlkd by 

J. n. HalHwLdl. 
Tlie Kin (if Mid a pooro Northerno Miwi. Pull of stmijle mitth »nd murar 
lilflina jesta. By Martin Parkrrjri vpiwc, liHO. Edited by J. P.Ooailer. 
The Tlevolutifln \n IrtsUnil in lflM8 illtiiitratod by the popular Bftllada of 

the Pt^riod. Edited by T. C'rofton Crokor, 
Boa^B of the Tjondon Prentice* and Trades dtiring thf? Rciismai of Hmry 

H^n ry V 1 1 1 .. E 1 i Jialwth , an d J n in cs 1. Edited by C>J*rlai Ma^ki^y . 
Tbi? Mtwtin(!r nf Gwllant^^ nt nn Ordituirie ; or the «iilk«9 In Pawlp*, laot. 
niu^tmtivt^ uf m^miei^ aiid cuatoma of the tln^e. Edited by J, O. 
Olil ChKfltitiiM Calais ; chlpfly tnken from manuHiript Hourci^ Edited 

The NiLTst^rj Rhymes of EnirlviEt airanirod in elu^sea ; with sn hktoritaJi 

iutrodn^jtion. Edibwl by J. O. UalliwelL 
The pleasant n-nd nw^t Histoid of Patient Grisd), In pr^m and terae, 

Edit<jil by J, P. ColUflr. 
SjR^Hmeii!! of Lyrit? Poetry written in EnglaniJ dujiagthe Bei|m of £d~ 

wBJtl 1st, Eilitt'd by T. T^'^ri^ht. 
A Marinin? Th^mpbiL^ ftt^lomiiis&ffl In ui Epitlmlamium^ in Memorta] of 
the ijapr>i*? NujiliidA IwlwtJtt the Count PaUtine and the Ij»dy Bl|»r 
Jwth. Written by Thomas Hey wood Jn verw, IBIS, By J^ P, Oollier, 
A Knieht*a Conjurinpr done in E^mmt diitcc»-er«d fn Jett. Written fn 
anawer to Xjwh'a Picrri^ Peiijiilfas, ntnd containisi; tiiimcroua alluBiotu* 
to manniTH atnd ciiHtoiiis jii London* By Thomas Dekkcsr^lOor, Edited 
by E. F. Eltiibnnlt, Esq.. F.S.A. 
Pwwphrjifle of the fleven Penitential Pisalms* In En^rliah mett? (in Bt«ii- 
Baa) of th^ flfU-^nih eentury, presumed to bo tho production of a Lol- 
lard* Editi^i by W. H. Blork* 
Thi> Crown Garland of GonldiMi Hxsv^, A collection of son^ and bsilladiw 
chiefly hiatoricai. By Hichard Johruion, nuthor of the '* Seven Cham- 
pion» of Christendom/' Bepriuted from the edition of uris. Ediu-d 
by W. ChapelL 
A I^inUitniii of WitchSH »nd WItrhcmft, By G«)i^o Gilford* \9X^ Bdited 

by T, Wright, E^. 
FoUic't* Anatoinie s or .%^iiit^ and SatiricflJl Epigrams* By Henry Htilton 
of Diirbfljn, leis*. ConliUninir cimon:^ allusiorss to Pam Qard^'tt, the 
thf^tres. Ao. Edili^l by 13. P. Hiiobaiilt. 
Jark of Dover ; a r^oUt-erion of Inli-n, «rid ' The Ponnilewi P*r!lann>nt of 
Threadbctn: Poeta \ or all tnirth and wittie concelta," laH, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Digitized by 



Percy Society — continued. 

Five Poetioal Tnota of the Sixteenth Centuiy, from unique copies, vis. :-- 

** The BootiTnall of Good BervMintes ;" " The Boke of Mi^d Emlyn ;"* 

"The Newe Xotbonine Mayd;" '* A OompUdnt of a Dolorous Lover 

upon sugred Words uid flsyned Countenance ;" and ** Love's Leprosie." 

Bdited by B. F. Bimbault 
A Oolleotion of Latin Stories illustrative of the History of Fiction during 

the Kiddle Ages. From M SS. of the thirteenth and fourteenth cen- 
turies. Bdited by T. Wright. 
The Harmonic of the Church ; containing Spiritual Songs and Holy 

Hymns, By Michael Drayton. Bdited by the Bicv. A. I^oe. 
Cooke Lorrell's Bote ; a satirical Poem, fh>m an unique copy printed by 

Wynkyn de Worde. Edited by E. F. Bunbault 
Poems by Sir Henry Wotton. Bditedby theBev. A.Dyce. 
The Harmony of Birds ; a poem. From the only known copy, printed in 

in the middle of the sixteenth oentnry. Bdited by J. P. Collier. 
A Kerry Putona, in imitation of the first Bologne of YirgU. Edited by 

T. C. Croker. 
The Four Knaves ; a series of satblcal Tracts, in verse. By Samuel 

BowUnds. Edited by E. F. Bimbault. 
A Poem to the Memory of William Congreve. By James Thomson. Bdited 

by Peter Cunningham. 
The Pleasant Conceits of Old Hobson, the Merry Londoner. 1607. Edited 

Maroocus Bxtaticus ; or Bankers Bay Horse in a Trance. 1607. Edited 

by B. F. Bimbault. 
LoM Mayor's Pageants ; Part L ; being collections towards a history of 

the annual celebrations. Part L By F. W. Fairiiolt. 
The Owl and the Nitingale ; an early English poem. Edited by T. 

Thirteen Psalms and the First Chapter of Ecclesisstics, translated into 

Bnglish verse, by John Croke, in the reign of Henry YIII. Edited by 

the Bev. P. Bliss. 
An Historical Expostulation against the beastlye Abuses both of Chirur- 

gerie and Physyke in cure Tyme. By John Hall, 1669. Bdited by 

T. J. Pettigrew, Esq. 
Old Ballads lUustrating the Great Frost of 168S-1684, and the Fair on the 

Eiver Thames. Edited by E. F. Bimbault, Esq. 
Lord Mayor's Pageants ; Part II. ; containing specimens of Dekker, H^- 

wood, Tatham. and Jordan. Edited by F. W. Fairholt, Esq. 
The Honestie of this Age. By Bamaby Bich, 1611. Edited by Peter 

Reynard the Fox. From Caxton's edition. Edited by W. J. Thoms, 

The Keen of the South of Ireland, as illustrative of Irish Pblitical and 

Domestic History, Manners* Music, and Superstitions. Collected by 

T. C. Croker. 
The Poems of John Audeli^ ; a specimen of the Shropshire dialect in the 

fifteenth century. Edited by J. O. HaUiweU. 
St. Brandan ; a medieval Legend of the Sea. in English verse and prose. 

Edited by T. Wright, Esq. 
The Bomance of the Emperor Octavian. Now first puhUshed flrom the 

MSS. at Linoohi and Cambridge. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 
Six Ballads, with burdens, flrom MSS. in the Libnuy of Corpus Christ! 

College, Cambridge. Edited by James Goodwin. 
Lyrical Poems selected flrom Musical Publications between the years 

1689 and 1600. Edited by J. P. CoUier. 
Friar Bakon's Prophesie ; a satire on the degeneracy of the times, AJ). 

1604. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 

* Printed for the Boxburghe Club. 

3i 2 

Digitized by 



Feect Society — eotilinu^d. 

Tlio Seven A«w ; In Engltah verac- Edited from » MS. in tli« Piiblie 
LiUrao- of trw r niVL-ndty of Cuntiridi?, By T- Wrkht. Biq. 

Popttbo- Soinn Jlhi»tmtlvi^ of the French InvB*l(MW ot Ij^ImhL Part L 
llia*tinM¥d V T. C. Croker. 

Poetica] MiacftHiuiieit frotn a Mftnuscrtpt O&ltoetion of the lime of Jmm« 
tlio First, Etlitwl by J^ O. Halliwelh 

The Crffwn Gmrkna of Goldeti E&its, Rui II, Ptmh ihst edilkm of 

B»rarU:ld'ii Am^titJtJit* Bhephet^ Eoiinnttd fWm the ilmoBt unique 

t^l*y in &ion C^llti^e Libtajj-. By J. O. Haliiw«ll. 
8«x>tttAh TTmdltloiui Ye»ioD3 of Aucirait Balladft, Bditfd 1^7 Juno 

H, Dixon, 
Tim? UTu and Mirtyrdoni of Thotno* Beket» ArchLialiop of Ctoterbuii'- 

EJitM 1(5 W. 11. lil*ct. 
Th^ Pa:itimL^ of Fleasun? ; an allo^^rical Potin* Br Stciibim Hawi«. 
Th^ Civic Gnrlaiva :a colkctJotidf sonifs from London Pk^eAuU. Editod 

by F. W. Fatflmlt. 
Aoc^ient Pofitis^ ballad, and &otif!i of tlu- Fpuantry of Enicland. £4tiMl 

by J. H. IKxoii. 
TlJi' Ilonlan/'^^ of Sir Try»nioin¥. Edil«d hy J, O. HalLiwflL 
Tlic IntnHlm lifry Essay &n thn Eomanep of the S*Tcn Sa^icii. Bj T. 

M riff I It. 
A DiaJo^ifl of Wit aijd FoU^ ; hy Jf^hn Elerffood By P, W. FalrtioU. 
A rolk*f tton of Frovfri* atiJ Populitr Saying t^elitinirto tht Soaftotu, th» 

Wt-ather, and ArcneuHur^l Purauiti, gathered chianj f)rom nnl tradi- 
tion. By M. A^Bt'Tiliam. 
CaptTiPP of Carrifi^iYU* by TiiiiPoL Fwt I. Editwl by T. C, Croker. 
Chanrep'i C*nt€rbiiry TbIw* Vol. I. A uvw teit. with Noiet By T, 

Tho moftt jilPAsAjn Songof l^y B«iiy,and bowiihp married King Henry 

the S^-venth or the Hoii*e of Lmicawter. Edited by J. O. HalliwelL 
PcipfiJar BotLfEH illuAtrailf^e of the Froneli Inviutlom of Ijrpluid. P^rtu lll^ 

nnti IV. Edited by T. C. Crofcer. 
An Arif^loSftion Passion of St. Gfloi^p?. By jElfric, Anrhlnshop of Yorit. 

Frcini a MSS. in tin* Cambndicc Univcnltj LthmiT*'* Edited by C* 

The Cytew?(i imd Uplnndjiihinari ; an ^ofsi^ By AloiandeT Bairttay. 

Printed from Hie oriflnal edition by Wytikyn i^ W onlo, Edit*4 by 

F.W. Fairliolt. 
Britannia' A Pagiorals. By William Brown. A thiiti book, now fkx*i 

editwl fititn tbp orijarfnal MS. vTcmrwd iu the Library of Sali»bui7 

CathiMlrnl. By T. C. CrokcP. 
The On riand o f G^kxI wi I L By T. Dol c>ney . Edit«l hy J. H. EHxon, 
A Ptocro on the Tinira of Edwani 11., Kin^ of England, Prom a IIB. 

preserved in the Librafy of St. Peter's CoUep;, Caiiibridg^*. Edited by 

C. H. Hartlwirk. 
Th« Man in the Moone ; or tho JSogllah PorttHie-teUer, Edited by J O 

Posms and Son pi relating- to Georgo Villie™. Dtike of BneWni;liam, and 

and hiri .Aj^sajBilnation hy J. Felton. Edited by F. W. PairboH. 
Sfttlriral Sniii^ ami Ptwiiis on Coatume, from the 13th to tho Wth Cei*. 

tur^. Ediuyl by F. IS'. FairboU, 
Descriptke Noticisi of porJidar EnfliBh Hiitorioa. By J. O. HalllvvTI. 
Tlie Intcrlndc of the Foitr Ek^mt'iita; an early moral Play Edited hr 

J. 0. HalllwelL 
Thf Interlude of the Trtal of Treaanrp, Bepdiit*^! fnm th» edflloti by 

T. PnpfiJote, 1607, Edited hy J, O. Hail I well. 
The Lfiyal Garlftnd; a collertlon of Sonfn ort|t(i icT^nteeoth OntVfT 

Edited by J. O. Balliwe^ll, ' 

Digitized by 


Digitized by 



PsBCT SociBTT — conHnued. 

A maniflBtt Detection of the most Tjle ind detestable use of Dice-play. 

Edited by J. O. HalUwell 
Notices <^ ftigittve Tracts and Ohap-books, printed at Aldermary Cliurch- 

yard, etc. By J. O. HalliweU. 
The Interlude <^the Disobedient Child. By Thomas Ingelend. Edited 

Westward fbr Smelts; an early collection of Stories by Kit Kinde, of 

Kfoigstone. Edited by J. O. HalHwelL 
The Interiude of John Bon and Mast Person; a dialogue on the Festival 

of Corpus Christi. and on Transubstantiation ; in Terse. (Attributed 

to LukCp a physidan of London in the reign of Heiiiy VIIL) Edited 

from the black letter edition by W. H. Bhtck. 
BeUere as you list ; a tragedy in five acts, and in verse. By Philip Mas- 
singer. Now first printed. Edited by T. C. Crc^er. 
Autobiography of Ifiuy Bich, Countess of Warwick. Edited by T. C. 

Andent Poetical Tracts of the Sixteenth Century. Edited by E. P. 

Ptotive Songs, principally of the leth and 17th Centuries. Edited, with 

an introduction, by W. Sandys. 
The Beligious Poems of William de Sboreham, Vicar of Chart Lutton, in 

Kent. Edited by T.Wright. 
Songs and Carols, now first printed fhmi a MS. of the 15th century. 

Edited by T. Wriest. 
The Early Naval Ballads of England. Edited by J. O. HaUiwelL 
BobbiGoodfellow, his mad Pranks and merry Jests. In prose and verse. 

1628. With an introduction by J. P. Collier. 
Strange Histories ; or songes and sonets of kings, princes^ &&, very ideas- 

ing either to read or songe, Ac By Thomas Deloney, 1607. With an 

introduction and notes by J. P. Collier. 
Political Ballads published in England during the Commonweslth, 

chiefly tram, the King's pamphlets in the British Museum. WiUi an 

introduction and notes by T. Wright. 
The pleasant History of the two angry Women of Abington; with the 

humorous Mhrth of Dioke Coomes and Nicholas Proverbs, two Serving 

Men. As it was lately plsyde by the Lord High AdminOl his servants. 

Written by Heniy Porter, 1599. Edited by the Bev. A. Dyoe. 
The Boke of Curtaaye ; an English poem illustrative of the domestic 

manners of the fifteenth century. Edited by J. O. Halliwell. 
Kind Hart's Dream ; conteining five apparitions, with their invectives 

against abuses ralgning. By Heniy Chettle. Containing notices of 

Shakespeare»Nash« Ac A curious picture of the manners and customs 

of the thne, with a life of the author. Edited by E. P. Bimbault 
Pebkin ; V, Wakbeck. 

The Chronicle of Perth ; a register of remarkable occur- 
rences chiefly connected with that city, from the year 1210 
to 1688. 

4to. Edinb.l88Q, for the Maitland Club. 

Monumenta Germaniaa Historica. 

i. OSSrSM, Chronioon de Normapnorum gestis in Pranda. 

tL 1. YitaS. Gamhactenusinedita,exMS. S. GMl. 6S8. 

21. Goaberti diaooni continuatio libri secundi de miraculis S. CMU per 

Walafridum emendata. 
81. Prologus vitflD metrion S. Galli, ox cod. SangalL 687. papyraoeo. 
34. Genealogia S. Galli. 

Digitized by 



Pebtz — conUnv£d, 

881. Vita 8. BonifKrfi Arohiepiacopi, anctora WiUibaldo prabytero. 
Appendix auctore presbytero Moguntina Ex Othloni Vita S. Boni- 

403. AJtfrtili vita S. LJuiJ|nM% Ep. MiifliffiMnlofonlt ii>i8. 
IV, 19G, AJ>^ Ui^.Jun. m Puitim Himriri M, Imp. com Blchardo, 

Rtitifi Aii^Vm^. Ejt Mogeri Hovtdert A*nahinu, 
207. A.r. ItQSr. ^'vi.9. Ottnuis fuctam ouiu Joliazme, Rege Anglis. 
S07. A.D. 1234. ^\i?. 15, pB^ta uiaLriiuonil nim Isabella, sorore Begis 

Anftlink (i?]^m<n^.) 
A.D. lasR, F«b. 2i!, PafiUiTU toatriiDOftii Htninfi III., AngliaD Begis, et 

vi. t. AuiialM* LindiMfiirjiejJsw et Oantnarinnsen, A,D. 618-090. 

3. Annii.l(?» (ut vidt'tuj) Akuiiii, A,I>, 7if^»7. 

Sg. Ei Dudc^niii Historla Normannonimj ed^te Dr. G. Wait*. (From 

Du<^ka99u't edition, pp. ^-l^,) 
SSi. Yita S. Mat]]jiai8 Eif^inoe. 
4Bi. El yJt* Kflddfw^i Abbsitin. 

8^. Kt P^lri Dwniifkiir vitA §. Rrnnualdi, cdotitt? Dr. G. Waita. 
vii. 4it. Marimil Kcoti ChmnlcJOii. from MS. I'a^itln-Vatican. 880. veil., 

liiriff 4to., xL wnL 1 M.S, Nerf> C- v.^ veil,, ir. eent.;MS. Leodiensift, 

M'2. pajwr, xv. tM<iit.: M^. Ribl. Publ. FmukfcMrt (olim B. Bartholomni), 

HH, vclL, xlv. rrril., folio. 
Bft4, K]( Ploivntil WiffnTni(?niii!i HL^ttona.. 
viii. SC8. Bjffl.'b^-ni GfmUJncensis ClmmicA, ciuu continuationibus, ed. 

D. L.C. Brthmaii, PU.B. 
*?*. ftwbejii de Monte Chrontpon. 
lii. 484, Ex WiJHelml HFdmpsbirittJiJs acrtptis hiitorids. Ex gestis 

Effffum AiijElorum, Ei lIlMtoria No^rila. (^j^lrotfteyVoiK th€ edition 

B7S- Vita ^Iflltldi'^ Rciirina)! nntiipzkfn 
STfii. *8a. Aiintilium An^rliEt eicctjit*. 

P£T£B OF BtOia ; 

Magi^ri Petri Blea^usi^, Eatbouiensis ftreliidiaconi Epistolee. 
Brui^acl^, circa 1480. Edit. Merliu, 1526. 

Hiii K[jiAtl^?ii are aisii> t-tj ht} found priutt'^i iii tbc vorioiu editions of his 
works. FolldlU, iUt. Hnj'iiKt, moo. Coloiuie24. Fol. Paris. 1687, 
4^it. GMSAmiviib, Ed. Gil(»« ivoK a>o* Loud. 1846. Migne'sPa- 
trolo^a, £07, & 

Petri Blcgpti.Hif?, cfiutitiniilio tid Hiatoriam Ingtdphi. 
FuImAti iiM^HMtu^'i- 10&-130. 


Chronicoii Angliee, per Jotmniicm^ Abbu-tcm Burgi Saucti 

B^arke^is UlHtoris; Aiigltc!vzu]& ^.Tiptorcait vani. Fol. Lond. 172S. 
HugoutH Cmididi, Cconobii Bin'gou&is Historia. 

Boberti Swapbam, Historia Bargcneia. 

Ibid. T>. »7. 

Waltei i de WTiytleaoyc, Historia Coenobii Burgensis. 

Ibid, p, 135, 
Historia Ctenobii BiLrgcnBis» ooutijiuatio por anonyiuuni. 
Ibid, p-217. 

Historia vetna Ccenobii Petriburgcnsie, vereibus GrallicimiB. 
Ibid* p. tu. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

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Peterborough — continued. 

Ghronioon AnglisB Petribnrgense, itemin poet Sparke. Ed. 
J. A. Giles. 

8vo. Lond.1846. For the Caxton Society. 
Chronicon Petroburgense. Edit, by T. Stapleton. 
8vo. LoncL 1840, for the Camden Society. 

Peterborough, Benedict of ; v. Eamset. 

Peterborough, Walter of ; v. Political Poems aud Songs. 


De S. Petroco, Abbate et Confessore. 
Gi^ignve'B Nova Legenda» f. 266. 

Philip de Reimes: 

The Roinanco of Blonde of Oxford and Jehan of Diammarten, 
by Philippe de Reimes. Edited by Le Ronx de Lincy. 
4to. Lond. Printed for the Camden Society. 

PiCTAVEKsis ; V. Poitiers. 
Picts : 

Catalogue of Pictish Kings, from a mannscript of the thir- 
teenth century. Edited by Sir Thomas Phillipps, Bart. 
Vol. II. Part iL of the Transactions of the Royal Society of literature. 
Pinkerton*8 Inquiry into the Hist, of Scotland. Edinb.1814. Svo. 

Pikksrton, YiTM Antique Sanctorum Scotl« : 

Vita Nhiiani Pictorum AustnJium Apostoli, auotore Ailredo BievallensL 
Ex M8* Bodl. Lavd. /. xv, L— Vita Columbe Pictorum Septentrion- 
alium Apostoli. auctore Cumunio, Abbate Hyensi. Bx MabUUoni 
sacnlig BenedicHnis, 27.— Vita Columbe Pictorum Septentrionalium 
Apostoli, auctore Adomnano, Abbate HyensL Sx MS. Brit. Mut. 
Bib. Eeo. 8 B. ix., 48.— Ylta Kentegemi, auctore Jooelino, Monacho 
Fumesensi. Sx MS. CoH. ViteU. c. vUi., 189.— Vita Margarete Soo- 
torum Regins, auctore Theodorico vel secundum alios Turgoto, Mo- 
nacho Dunelmensi, sanctissime regine confessario. Ex AcHt Sane* 
torum BoUandianiSt mensis Junih torn, ii., 801.— Yita Margarete» ex 
Surio, S71.— Vita Magni Comitis Orcadum, auctore anonymo, 885.— 
Eulogium Davidis, Regis Scotorum, ex Ailredi ReraUensis genealogia 
regum Anglorum. Ex MS. Bib. CoU. Vetpoi. B. xi., 437.— Vita S. 
Blaithmaio Martyris, auctore Walafrido Strahone metric^ Ex ' 


Pits, John : 

Belationnm Historioanim de rebus Angliois — ^De iUustribus 
AnglisB Scriptoribus. 
4ta Paris, 1619. 

Placita Parliamentaria : 

Pleadings in Parliament, with judgments thereon, in the 
reigns of Edward I. and Edward II. 
Edited by Ril^. PoL Lond., 1661. 
Placita de Quo Warranto, temp. Edw. I., II., m., in Curia 
Receptaa Scaccarii Westm. asservata. 

1 vol folio, 1818. Out of print. These are pleadings in Quo Warranto 
to try by what right parties held or claimed manors, liberties, prlri- 

Digitized by 



PlacITA TAMUXmi^TA^tA—Cmiftnucd, 

leges, Ac. These cliJefiy had ref^renn ta th^ inqiuaittotitprevioculy 
token, called Rotull EuntbiTdoniiu, vhich l&tter vere (ieUTered to the 
Justices Jn Eyre for the jitiFtHB^ of holdlug p]«« upon the claimi 
KtAtcd therein. 


Thfl vtsimi Qf Pieitip PImrtnan. Ed bj Biobertf! Crowley^ 4ta Lond, 

1660. leei, Ed, by T. Wriffht. %vo. LontL, 1B«. 
The ppedff of Fl<?tre Plowisimi. Ed, by Dunham WhitaktT, 4to. Lond., 

1«13. 4to. Lond., laH. Ed. by T. Wright. &vo. Larid^ 184£. 


3n Sjieght'a Chauper'a Ctoterbttrj Tilia; and in T. Wri^t'i Political 
Poems and Snngs^ (. JHH. 


A aerie B of Letters, cticfly Domes tick, written in the reigns 
of Edward IV. , Richnrd III., Henry VTL, and Henry VIII. 
From Sir Bdward Plump ton's Book of L<?ttcrs. 
Kditcd hj' Thomas Stapkt«ii* for the CwBdeti Soriely, 183^?. 

Poems and Sq.ngs, Political ; 

Spet:iriions ol" Lyric Poetry, vrritten in England during the 
reigii of Kdward L 

Kd. T. Wright, for the Vcr^y Hocicty* 
Political Songa of Ed gland, from Jvhn to EdWard II. 
Edited by T. Wright. 

4to. LoniL 1 8S9, for t ho Camdon So^ifty. 
A Poem on the Times of King Edward II., from a MS. in 
St. Peter*8 College, Cambridge, 

Edited by C. Jlardwlck, for thn Pptp^v Sot'lety, Lcndt^n, 1H40, Svo. 
Poema on tho Death of King Edward III., and on the Dis- 
turbiuices oi" the earlier part of tho roign of Bichard II. ^ 
ArcbiBolo^ia, iviii. 11-^. 
Political Poem written by au adherent of the House of Lan- 
caster in the last year of the reign of Bichard II., 1399. 
Aff'lijpologitk, xxi. el^m ; and in Wris^ht's PotitjciJ Pwmi and Bonga, 
vah f. li^, Clironicles and M^moriatL dvo. Lend. ^8S^. 
Political Song, written on the accession of Edward IV. to the 
Thiono in 1461. 

An hn?rtlojaa^ stxix. ISO-lRl. 
Political Poems of the reigus of Hemy VL and Edward IV# 

ArehawL iiii. 318-147. 

Political Poem on the Death of the Duke of Suffolk in 1460. 

Archa?o!, xiJi. 31iK32e, 

Political Poem on the State, by a Lancastrionj in 1485. 
Archivol. ixii. 3^6-330. 

Political Poem on the Torkiat Lorde. 

Ait'hiiroL iiU, 3S(^-334. 

Political Poem on the position of the Yorkists and LancaE- 
triane, and the policy to be observed by the former. 

ArchiGol Aiix. 344>-^4£. 

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Poems akd Songs, Political — eorUinued. 

SatyriGal Bhjmes on the Defeat of the Flemings before 
Calais, in 1436. 
Arofasol. zniii. 120. 
Political Poems and Songs relating to English History, 
composed daring the period from the accession of Edward 
ni. to the reign of Richard III. 

Edited by Thomas Wright, among the Chronicles and Mem<n1a]s of 
Great Britain and Ireland. 

The two volumes contain the following, viz. : — 

The Tows of the Heron.— —Epigram on the Assumption of the Arms 

of France, 1889. ^An Invective against France. On the Battles 

of Neville's Cross and Crecy. On the Truce of 1847. Songs on 

King Edward's Wars, by Lawrence Hinot. The Dispute between 

the Englishman and the Frenchman. On Prince Edward's Ex- 
pedition into Spain in 1807. Prince Edward's Expedition into 

Spain, and the Battle of Najara, by Walter of Peterborough. 

John of Bridlington. On the Death of Edward III. On the 

BebelUon of Jack Straw. On the Slaughter of Archbishop Bud- 
bury. Apiinst the Lolhu^ 1881. On the Earthquake. 1382. 

On the Council of London, 1882. Song against the Friars. 

On the Minorite Friars. On the Times, 1888. Distich 

on the Tear, IWl. On the Pestilence. The Reconciliation jf 

Bichard II. with the City of London, by Richard de Maidstone. 

On the Truce between England and France, 1394, by Eustace Des- 
champs. The Complaint of the Plqugbman. On the Cor- 
ruptions of the Age, 1396-7, by John Gower. On King Bichard II., 

by John Gower. On King Richard's Ministers, 1399. On the 

expected Arrival of the Duke of Lancaster. On the Deposition of 

Bichard II. Qower's Tripartite Chronicle. Memorial YerNS 

on the Reigns of Edward III. and Richard II. Complimentary 

Verses on Henxy IV., by John Gower. Address of John Gower to 

Heniy IV. Jack Upland. The Reply of Friar Daw Topias, 

with Jack Upland's Rejoinder. On the Execution of Rac Scrqpe, 

Archbishop of York. On the Death of Heniy IV., by Thos. of 

Ehnham. On the Battle of Asincourt— ^ The Frenchman to 

the Englishman. On the LoUards. On the Death of Heniy Y. 

Epigram on the Assumption of the Arms of France, 1488. 

On the English Title to the Crown of Fiance. To King Heniy VI. 

on his Coronation.— On the Coronation of Henry VI. On the 

Duke of Burgundy. Phillippe of Burgundy and James of Scotland. 

On the Siege of Calais. The Libel of English Policy. 

Lament of the Duchess of Gloucester. On the Prospect of Pteaoe. 

On the Truce of 1444. On the INscontent at the Disasters 

in France. On the Arrest of the Duke of Suffolk. On Bishop 

Boothe. ^A Warning to K. Henry. ^Verses against the Duke 

of Suffolk. On the Death of the Duke of Suflblk. On the 

Corruptions of the Thnes. ^Against the LoUanis. To the 

King. ^A Political Prophecy. Against the Frian. On 

the Corruption of Public Manners. On the Public Extravagance. 

—On the Thnes. On the Procession to St Paul's of the 

Reconciled Parties. Bpitiq>h for Ric., Duke of York. On the 

Chril Wan. ^A Potttioal Retrospect. On the Recovery of the 

Throne by Edward lY. On England's Commercial Policy. 


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PoiTiEKs, William op : 

Gtesta Ghiillelmi Dncis Normaimoruin et Begis Anglomin, a 
Gnil^lmo PictaveiiBi Lexoviormn, Archidiacono oontem- 
poraneo scripta. 

Duohesne'f Historis Normumorum Scriptores antiqui. FoL Paris, 
1619. pp. 178-213. EdL Giles. Loiid,1840. Migne's Patrologis Cunus 
Oompletiu, 140, 1210. 

Historia9 Anglicana) Polydorie Virgilii, libri viii. 
8vo. Lugd. Bit. 1640-1661. 

A translation of Polydore Vergil's History of the Beigns of 
Henry VI., Edward IV., and Bichard III., from a MS. in 
the British Museum. 

Bdited by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H., F.B.S., Sec. S. A., for the Camden 
Society, 1844-6. 
Polydore Vergil's English History, vol. 1., to the Conquest. 
Bdited by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H., F.B..S., Sec S. A., for the Camden 
Society, 1846-7. 

PoHTicus Vmuimius : 

Pontici Virunnii Britannioas Historisa libri vi. 

Edit. Commelin, "Bemm Britannicarum Scriptores vetustiores." Pol. 
Heidelberg, 1067. 


Pbivt OotmciL : 

Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of England, 
10 Bic. n., 33 Hen. Vni. Edited by N. H. Nicolas. 

7vols.8yo. 1884-1887. 

B. Patricii, Primi Praedicatoris et Episcopi totius Britannias, 
Vita et Actus, auctore Probo. 

Colgan's Acta Sanctorum Hibemias, it 61. 
Pboctoe, John : 

The Historic of Wyates Bebellion. 

Ifkna Jxmdxm, 1564 and 1656, and in the Antiquarian Repertory, 2nd 
edit. 4to. Lond., 1807-9. 


QuADBiLOGUS ; V. Beckbt. 


Baomab Bolls : 

Instrumenta Publica sive Processus super Pidelitatibtis et 
Homagiis Scotorum Domino Begi Anglias factis A.D. 

1834. For the Bannatyne Club. 

Digitized by 


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Ralph Nigeb; v, Niger. 

Ralph or Rabulph de Dicbto ; v, Diceto. 

Ralph or Rakulph de Glanyille : 

Tractatas de Legibus et GonsuetudinibuB regni AnglisB, 
tempore Regis Henrici Seonndi compoBitus. Justicisa 
gnbemaonla tenente iUustii viro Ranulpho de Glanville, 
juris regni et antiqnaniin conBuetudinam eo tempore 
peritissimo. Et illas solum leges continet et con- 
suetudines secundum quas placitatnr in Curia Regis ad 
Scaccarium et coram Justiciis ubicunque fuerunt. Huic 
adjectaa sunt a quodam legum studioso adnotationes 
aliquot marginales uon inutiles. 

12mo. Lond. 156^ 1567. 12mo. Lond. 16H 1873-76. Printed in Tnit6( 
sur les Coutmnes Anglo-Nomiandes. Edit Houard. 4to. Eouen, 
1770. Pp. 87S-081. Edit. J. Bayner. 8va Lond., 1780. A trans- 
lation of Glanville, by John Beamw, was pablished in 1812. 8vo. 

Historia Ramesiensis. 

Qale's Hist. Brit, Sax., Anglo-Dan. JScript zv^ p. 88S. 
A Tract relating to Peterborough and Ramsey Abbies, tran- 
scribed from old defaced parchment in the hands of Mr. 
John Murray, of London, Gent. 

Edit Heame, at end of Bprott's Chronicle. 8vo. Ozon, 1719. 

Ramsey, William op : 

Yita et Passio Waldevi Comitis. Miracula Sanoti Waldevi 
gloriosi Martyris. 

Chroniqufis Anglo-Normandes, pp. 91hl4fi. Edit. F. Michel. 8?o. Bouen, 

Rakulph Niger ; t;. Niger. 
Rabtbll, John: 

The Chronycles of diverse realmys, and most specyaUy of 
the realme of Englond, otherwise called the Pastyme of 
the People. 

PoL Lond. 1629. 4to. Lond. 18U. Edit by Dibdin. 

Redman, Robert : 

Vita Henrici Quinti, Roberto Redmanno auctore. 
Edit C. A. Cole, among the Chronicles and Memorials. 

Scraps from Ancient Manuscripts, illustrating chiefly early 
English Literature and the English Language. Edited by 
Wright and Halliwell. 
2 voL only, in parts. 1845. 

Rbmigids, S. : 

Yita B. Remigii, Episoopi Lincolniensis in Ajaglia, auctore 
Giraldo Cambrensi. 

MabilLAct Sauct. vi par. iL 7<M, edit Venet ; vi par. ii 707, edit Par. 
Acta Sanot (Oct 1), L 1S1. 

Digitized by 




Additamenta nd Legendiim S, Davidia, di Vitft e^jufidem per 

Ericemarchtim Epiecopma MenevenBeni Bcripto, 
Anglia Ekt^ iL 5iS-e47. 
BiCHARD. Bt.. op CnlCHESTKa : 

Vita a. Ricardi, Episcopi Cicestretisk, per Fr* R&dulphmn, 
Ord, Priedicatorum. ^j^ MS. Loi^anltmi Moiiast S* 

Yita S. Ricardi, Episcopi Cicestreiisis, inceiio auclore. 

annus (Ap. 3), 42. 

De S. Richardo, Episcypo et Confessor e, 

C^putnvfl^fl Xotti Lei(CiiiaB. T 2^9 b. Act. Saiict. (Ap, SJ. i. 377. 

BicautuoFDniJ^£a ; i\ DniKEs. 
BiCHAKi), Canon of the Holt TaiKirr ; 

Itiiierarium Begis Anglo rum Riclini'di ct aliotum in terrain 

Galfr, 11. U7' *^, Ed. Stuhlwj ft^Diij the Chnmfclw iiid Mnnoruds (iii 


De S- Ricurdo. Hege apud Anglo- Saxones in Britannia: — 
(i.) Epitome vitii? ex Hoda'j*orit.^o 8. Willibaldi Episcopi. 
(ii.) Epitome \-itEe ex actia S. Wiinebaldi Abbatis. 
(ill-) Epitome vitto ox actis ex Williliftldi Epiacopi. 
(iv.) Epitome vitm ex Itinerario S. Willil.>aldi Episcopi. 
(v.) Epitome vitas €X Geaiis Sanctorum Eystetttmsium. 
Epitaphium, ex Surio ot Baronio. 
AliaTiyi, ex MS. Bodecciisi in WcHtphalia* 
Historia clevatiouia corporis, ex Vita S. Willibaldi. 
Miracula, ex Hii^toria Lijceuai. 
A(.*L SBiict, (Ffll). T), iL m 
Epitapbium S. Eichardi^ Regis AugUte, aeulptum in Civitate 
Luca ItaliiP, ubi reqnieacit, 
Suriu^ (FcK7),i. ai^i 
BiCHAiiD, Son of Wilijam I. : 

Poem concerning Ricbard^ eon of William I. 
" Bcalji Chrt)itl«i,*' lalit. Bk'vijniwju, p, ilk 
BiCHARO 1. : 

Chronicler? and Memorial a of the reign of Richard I., Vol. i. 
Ricardi Regis Iter Hieroftolymitanum* 

Edited hy t\w Rev, Winimn Stnbb*, B.A. Amonff Iho Chronirl*?* nud 

Hie tori a T^itm et rcgni Ricardi Secnndi, ^nglisa BogiSf s 
Monacho quodam de Evesham consignata. 

Heftme, svo. Oxoiu 17S0. 
DopoBitio Regis Ricardi Secnndi. 

Tvjttikn'a iliit^ Aiifrlic. Scrij^t, Becem., vol 37*1* 

Digitized by LjOOQIC 

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BiCHABD n. — eoniinued, 

Greton's French Metrical History of the Deposition of King. 
Bichard II. 

Printed in ApchaeloL XX. pp. 1-488. Edited by the Be?. J. Webb. 
An account of the Army with which King Bichard II. in- 
vaded Scotland. A.D. 1385. 
Aixihnol. xxii. 18. 
AHiteratiye Poem on the Deposition of Bichard 11. Bicardi 
Maydiston de Concordia inter Bic. 11. et Civitatem London. 
Edited by T. Wright. 

4to. Lond. 1838. For the Otmden Society, and in the Political Songs 
relating to English History, among the Chronicles and Memorials 
of Great Britain, vol. L p. 368. 
Political Poem, written by an adherent of the House of Lan- 
caster, in the last year of the reign of Bichard II., 1399. 
ArduDol. xxL 81. 
Chronique de la Traison et Mort de Bichard Denx, Boy 
Dengleterre, mise en lumi^re d*apr^s nn manuscrit de la 
Biblioth^que de Pari^, par Benj. Williams. 

8va Lond. 1840. For the English Hist. Society. It had already been 
printed, but ttam an incorrect MS., by Buohan, in his Chronicles. 
Printed also in the second Tolume of the second seijes "La Berue 
** Betrospeotire," Paris, 1835. 

Letters and Papers illustrative of the reigns of Bichard III. 
and Henry VII. 

Edited by Mr. James Gairdner, among the ChronicleB and Memorials, 

BicHABD, Priob of Hkxham ; V, Hexham. 
BiLET ; V, Placita. 
BisHAKOEB, William de : 

Continuatio Matthaei Paris ab atmo 1259 ad usque annum 

Bdit Wats at the end of Matthew Puis; v. Matthew Paris. 
De Bellis Lewes et Evesham, or the Chronicle of William de 
Bishanger of the Barons' Wars. The Miracles of Simon 
de Montfort. Edit. J. O. Halliwell. 
4to. Lond. 1840. For the Camden Society. 

The Chronicle of Bobert of Gloucester from Brute to 1271, 
in English verse. 

Heame. 8vo. Oxf.1784. 8vo. Lond. 1810. 
Life of S. Thomas ; v. Becket. 


The Metrical Life of S. Bobert of Knaresborough. Edited 
by J. Haslewood. 

Bozbun^ Club, 18M. 4ta 
Vita S. Boberti, Abbatis Cisterciensis in Anglia, incerto 

Burins (June 7), 181. 
De servo Dei Boberto, Abbate renerabili. 
Capgrare's Nova Les^nda, f. 278, 

Digitized by 




ROBEBT OF 8llor : 

Theadroirablelifeof Saint Wenefride. Virj^in.Kartjr, AUbesic, 
written in Latin above 500 years ago, liy Robi*T'tt moiike and 
priour of Shrewsbury, of tbo yen. order of Bt* Benedict. 
Devided into two bookea, and now translated into EngHsh. 
out of a very uncient and authenticall manuscript^ for the 
edification and comfort of Catholikes. 

By J. F,» of thu Bi^My of Jishw. Permtou Supt'jHoruiu, M JX'JSXXV. 
lima BnpriiiUMi, 17U2, wMcsb wu rei^ublbht^d with oluervfttLottJi by 
Bp. FlectwfMxl til hi§ Llile mod l(lf«a1ei§ of St, WendTn^de, §to. Loud. 


Ri»berti de Monte, ad Sigibertum acccaBiones ab A 1)« 870 
ad A.I>» 1100, cum Appeudice ejuBdcin Boborti iid A.D. 

BmAbory inter opcf» tJiiltKurti Jiovj^fpnt Abb. Poi Lmlctim, IftSl* T¥rt*, 
Momim. German, Hist* viii, *TS. 

Roberti dc Moiito liber do gestia Henrici T., Regis Anglisu. 

Libellus a MoBacbis Roffenaibus, anno 1^ oblatiis, de Jute 
elcgendi Episcopi. 
Anglla Sm^, L 3hi. 
Jura EpiscopatuH Roflfenhia, anno 13lK)» 

Consuctudines Eoclesia? RofTensia, 

Regi strum Roffeuj^e ; or a Collection of autienl R^onLi, 
Ciiartcra, &c.t relj^ting to the Diocese and CatJietb-at 
Cburch of Rochester, 

Edited by John Thorpe, FoL I/jridmi|nw. 
TextuB Roffcn^i^. 

Edit. H«IDP. Svo, Dion. 17i(». 

Enmlfi Episcopi Rofieiiisia, CoUectaoea de rebuff Bceleaim 
Roffensin, a prima scdi^ ftindatioue ad sua tempom, 

Wlllielmi de Denep Notarii Public i, Hiatori^k RofTeagis, nb 
anno 1 3 14 a^l aimuin 1350, 
Aiit^liiiBacm, 1.350. 
RoDAKrs I 

De S. Eodano give Bnadano, Abbato Lothrensi in HibcmiA. 
Vitu, ex MS. SalmantiaLniai. 
Act. 8aiict. (Ap. l&}, iL 38^. 


Roll of Anna of Fccrs and Knightgin the reign of Ed weird L 

Svo. l^jiid. 183ii. 

RoHa of Arms of the rt^igus of Honr^ 111. and Edward IIL 
Edited by K. H* Nicolas* 

Digitized by 


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Boll of Arms of the reign of King Bichard IE. Edited by 
T. Willement. 

B<^4to. Lond.l8S4. 
Botoli de dominabos et pueris et pnellis de donatione Begis 
in Xn. comitatibuB ; de itinere Hogonis de Morewicbe, 
Badulfi Murdac, Wilhelmi YavaBSur, et magistri ThomsB 
de Hessebum, anno 31 Hen. II. 1135, corante Stacey 

4to. Lond.l8S0 
The Scrope and Grosvenor Boll. De controyersia in curia 
militari inter Bicardom le Scrope et Bobertom Grosvenor, 
milites : Bege Bicardo Secundo M.CCCLXXXV.— 
M.CCOXO. Edit. N. H. Nicolas. 
Impl. 8vo. Lond.1832. Privately printed. 
Botulormn Originalium in Curia Scaccarii Abbreyiatio. Hen. 
in.— Edw. in. 

2 vols. fol. Lond. 180fr-18I0. 
Abbreviatio Placitorum. 

Ivol. PoUo. 1811. 
Botuli SootisB in Turri Londinensi et in Domo Capitulari 
Westmonasteriensi aeservati, 19 Edw. I. — Hen. VlJJL. 
Edited by David Macpherson, John Oaley, W. Ulingworth, 
and T. H. Home. 

2 vols. Pol. Lend. (1814-1819). 

Botuli Litterarum Clausarum in Turri Londinensi asservati 
1204-1227. Edited by Thomas Duflfus Hardy. 

2 vols. Pol. Lond. 18SS-1844. 

. Extracts from the Close Bolls of the reign of John. 
Exoerpta Histories, p. 393. 8vo. Lond. 1831. 
Botulus Magnus Pipaa vel Magnus Botulus Scaccarii, 31 
Hen. I. Edit. Joseph Hunter. 

8vo. Lond. 1833. 

The Great Bolls of the Pipe of the 2nd, Srd, and 4th years 
of the reign of Henry II., 1155-1158. Edited by Joseph 

Ivol. RL8V0. Lond. 1844. 
The Great Boll of the Pipe for the 1st Bicardi I., 1189- 
1190. Edited by Joseph Hunter. 
8vo. Lond. 1844. 
Botulus Cancellarii, vel Antigraphum Magni Botuli Pipse 
de tertio anno regni Begis Johannis. Edit. C. Devon. 
RL8V0. 1888. 
Botuli Litterarum Patentium, A.D. 1201-1216. Edited by 
Thomas Duffus Hardy. 
Fol. Lond.l8S5. 
Botuli Curi83 Begis, 6 Bichard I.— 1 John^ Edited by P. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lond.l8SS. 

Digitized by 



Bolls — continued. 

BotoU NormannisB, A.D. 1200-1205 and 1417-1418. Edited 
by Thomas Bnffas Hardy. 
Sva Lond. 18S6. 
Eotuli de Oblatis et Finibos, tempore Begis Johamiis. 
Edited by Thomas Dnffas Hardy. 
8ya Lon<Ll836. 

Eotuli Ohartarum, A.D. 1199-1216. Edited by Thomas 
Duffiis Hardy. 
FoL Lond.l8S7. 
Eotuli Liberate ac de Misis et Praestitis, regnante Johamie. 
Edited by Thomas Buffus Hardy. 
8vo. Lond.l8M. 

Issue Boll of Thomas de Brantingham, Lord High TreaBorer 
of England, 44 Edw. in.> 1370. Edited by Fred. Devon: 

4to. Lond. 1836. 
Issues of the Exchequer, temp. Jac. I. Edited by Fred. 

4to. Lond. 1886. 
Issues of the Exchequer from Henry HI. to Henry VI., in- 
clusive. Edited by Fred. Devon. 
4to. Lond. 1887. 

Excerpta e Botulis Fimum> 1216-1972. Edited by C. 

2 vols. 8vo. Lond. 183&-18S6. 

Parliament Bolls. 

6 Tola.» and Index. 
Eotuli Hundredorum, Hen. lEC. et Edw. I. 

2 vols. Folio. 1812. 

Eotuli de Quo Warranto. 

iTol. Folio. 1818. 

Eotuli selecti ad Bes Anglicas et Hibemicas spectontes. 

Ivol. 8vo. 188L 

BoMANCES ; V. Abbotspokd Club, Bannattne Club, Spalddio Club, 
BoxBUKGHE Club, Maitlaio) Club, Camden Society, Percy 


Vita S. Bumoldi, Episcopi, auctore Thedorico Abbate, Ex 
editione Hugonis Warded. 

Vita, ex editione Wardaei coUata cum antiquiori. 

AcU Sanot. (July 1), L 241. 
De S. Bumwoldo, Confessore. 

Cm^KI^vc'" ^o^ Legends* f. 874 b. 
Vita S. Bomualdi, Abbati8> auctore B. Fetro Damiano. 


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Digitized by VjOOQIC, 


Boss or Bouse, John : 

Joannis Bossi, Antiquarii WarwicensiB, Historia Beg^om 

Hewne. Sva Oxf. 1716 and 1746. 
Joannis Bossi Historiala de Comitibus Warwioensibus. 
Ed.Hevne. 8vo. Ozoxi.l7i9. 

Poem of the Siege of Boaen, written in the Beign of King 
Henry the Fifth. 
AroheoL zzL 4^-47. 
Old English Poem on the Siege of Bouen in 1418. 

Arehvol. zzii 350-398. 

BoxBURGHB Club : 

BcAenham (Osbem). The lyyyi of Seyntys. Translated into Bni^ lie 
a dootour of dyrynite depyd O. B., Frer Aus^ of the oonrent of 
Stokeolare. With introductory preface by Lord Clire, now EariPowii. 
Black letter. London, 1885. 4to. 

The BhKsk Prince. An historical poem, written in French by Cbaadoa 
Herald. With a translation and notes by H. O. Coxe. London, IStt. 

Charles, Duke of Orleans. Poems written in English by Charles, Dnke 
of Orleans, during his captivity in England after the battle of Aiin- 
court. With an introductory notice by G. W. Taylor. London, 1827. 
4to. England. 

Manners and household expenses of England in the thirteenth and 
fifteenth centuries. Illustrated by original records. Edited by T. 
Hudson Turner. London, 184L 4to. 

La Botta di Francdosl a Terroana novamente flujta. La Botta de 
BoooesL With an appendix, containing letters rektlng to the battle 
of Flodden Field, and notes to the whole work. The first piece ia a 
reprint firom the edition ; B(muB per H. Stephanum and M. Herculem 
Bodos, anno 1518. The second is reprinted fixnn an edition without 
date or place, but apparently printed at Bome about the same time. 
Edited by Earl Spencer. London, 1825. 4to. 

ICary, Princess, daughter of Heniy YIII. The solempnities and tri- 
umphes doon and made at the spousells and marriage of the king's 
daue^ter, the Ladye Maiye, to the Prynce of Castile, Archeduke of 
Austrige, afterwards Charles Y. A reprint by lithography from a 
London edition by Pynson, probably of 1607. Edited by Shr H. EUis, 
and contributed l^ J. Dent, with a MS. letter tram the editor to Sir 
J.Banks. Black letter. London, 1818. 4to. 

Edward YI., King of Engknd. Literary remains of King Edward YI. 
Edited from his autograph manuscripts. With historical notes and'a 
biographical memoir by J. 6. Nichols. London, 1867, etc 4to. 

Bobert, Saint. The metrical Ufb of Saint Bobert of Knaresborough. 
Edited by J. Haslewood. with an introductoiy notice byF. Douce. 
London, 1824. 4to. 

Scotknd. La vraie cronique d'Escoce, Pretensions dee Anglois h la 
couronne de France. Diplome de Jacques YL , Boi de la Grande 
Bretagne. Drawn from the Buigundlan Library l^ B. Anstruther. 
London, 1847. 4to. 

The ancient English romance of William and the Werwolf. Edited, with 
an introduction and glossary by F. Madden. With two letters on 
Werewolves by the Hon. A. Herbert. Black letter. London, 1838. 
VOL. I. 3 K 

Digitized by 



BoxBUROHE Club — cmiiinu-ed. 

GaUHdm, Monumetensu* Bishc^ of St. Asaph. Gaufridi Arihurii de 
vita et Tatidniis Merlini Celidonii carmen heroicum. Printfed from a 
manuscript With smnmaiy by 6. Ellis. Londini, 1890. 4ta 

Gariandia (Joannes de). De trinmphis eodeds hbri octow Bdited by 
T. Wright London. 1856. 4to. 

Gower (John). Poema, quod dicitur yox damantis, neonon chronica 
tripartita, auctore J. Gower, nunc primum edidit H. 0. 0)xe. Lon- 
dini. 1850. Ua. 

The andent English romance of Harelok the Dane, aocompanied by 
the French text. With an introduction, notes, and a gkiasary by 
P. Madden. London. 1828. 4to. 

Howard (John). Duke of Norfolk. Household books of John. Duke oi 
Norfblk. and Thomas. Earl of Burrej. Temp. 1481-1490. From the 
original manuscripts. Edited by J. P. Collier. London. 1844. 4to. 

Certain Bokes (the second and fourth) of Yii^e's .finaeis. turned into 
English meter. By the Right Honorable Lorde Heniy, Earie oi 
Surrey. London. A reprint of the edition by R. Tottel, London. 
1557. Bdited by Sir W.BoUand. Black letter. Printed by A. J. Talpy. 
Tooke's Court. Chanceiy Lane. 1814 4to. 25 leaves. Title. Ac 
8 leaves. 

CalthaPoetarum. or the Bumble Bee. By T. Cutwode, Esq., London. A 
reprint of the edition by T. Creede. London. 1599. Edited by £. 
Heber. Printed by Joseph and Benjamin Bensley. HJXXX^XV'. 
4(0. 37 leaves. Title. Ac.. 4 leaves. 

Newes flnom Scotland, declaring the damnable Lifls of Doctor Flan, a 
notable sorcerer, who was burned at Edenbrougfa in Janiiarie last. 
169L A reprint from a London edition, probably of 1501. Edited 
by Sir H. Freeling. Black letter. London. From the Shakspeare 
Press. By W. Buhner and Co., 1818. 12 leaves. Title, Ac. 4 leaves. 

LaContenanoedelaTable. Contributed by G. H. Freeling. Black letter. 
Londres. De I'imprimerie de Buhner et Co.. Cleveland Bow. St 
James's. 1816. 12mo. 7 leaves. 

The Three First Books of Ovid de Tristibus. Translated into Bn^iah 
by Thomas Churchyarde. A reprint of the edition by T. March, Lon- 
don, 1578. Edited by Earl Spencer. Black letter. London. From 
the Shakspeare Press. By W. Buhner and Co.. 1816. 4to. 29 leaves. 
Title and list of members, 4 leaves. 

Dolamy's Primrose, or the First Part of the Passionate Hermit A 
reprint of the edition by G. Eld, London, 1606. London. From the 
Shakspeare Press. By W. Buhner and Co.. aeveland Bow. St 
James's. 1816. 4ta 36 leaves. Title, Ac, 4 leaves. 

Poems. The enoomion of Lady Pecunia. or the Praise of Money. The 
Complaint of Poetrie from the death of LibenUitie. The Combat 
betweene Conscience uid Covetousnesse in the Minde of Man. Poems 
• in divers humours. All reprints fhnn the editions by G. S. ftnr John 

Haggard. London. 1598. Edited by J. BosweU. By Richard Bam- 
field. Reprinted, at the Auchinleok Press, by Alexander Boswell. 
TAJXCOJLTL 82 leaves, including remarks by Mr. Malone on the 
last leaf. Title. Ac. 3 leaves. 

Hagthorpe Revived, or Select Specimens of a Forgotten Poet First 
printed in the reign of James I. Edited by Sir 8. Egerton Biydgea. 
Kent. Printed at the private press of Lee Prioiy. by John Warwick. 
1817. 4ta pp.16. Title. prefiKe. Ac. pp. 10. 

The Funeralles of King Edward the Sixt. Wherehi are declared the 
oaosera and causes of his death. A reprint of tiie edition by T.Marshe. 
London, 1560. EditedbyJ.W.Dodd. Black letter. London. Reprinted 
by G. Woodfkll. Angel Court. Skinner Street, MJXXX:;jnnL 4(o. 
18 leaves. Title, Ac. 3 leaves. 

Digitized by 



BoxBUROHE Club — contirmed, 

Oook LoreU*t Boat t % Fngment Reprinted fVom an edition by Wynkyn 
de Worde. London. From the original in the British Miueuni. Lon- 
don. From the Shakspeare Press, by William Bulmer and Co., Clere- 
Ind Bow, St. James's, 1817. 4to. 11 leaves. Title, Ac 4 leaves. * 

A Proper New Interlude of the World and the Child ; otherwise called 
Hundns et Infims. A reprint of the edition by Wynkyn de Worde. 
London, U22. London. From the Shakspeare Press, by William 
Bulmer and Co.. CleveUmd Bow, St. James's, 1817. 4to. 18 leaves. 
Title, fto., 4 leaves. 

The Glutton's Peaver. By Thomas Bancroft. A reprint of the edition 
by J. Norton. London, 1688. Edited by J. D. Phelps. London. 
Printed by Bensley and Son, Bolt Court. Fleet Street, 1817. 4ta 21 
leaves. Title, list of members. &0., 8 leaves. 

Lb livre du Fauloon. A reprint. London. From the Shakspeare Press, 
by William Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Bow, St. James's, 1817. 4to. 
85 leaves. Title, &c., 4 leaves. 

Istoria Novellamente Bitrovata di Due Nobili Amanti, (Bomeo e 
Gniliette, eto.) A reprint of the edition by B. de Bendoni, Venice, 
da Luigi Porto. London. From the Shakspeare Press, by William 
Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Bow, St. James's, 1817. 4to. 82 leaves. 
Title, fto., 4 leaves. 

The Chorle and the Bride. The Hors. the Shepe, and theGhoos. Lon- 
don, 18S2. Beprints by Sir H. M. Sykes. 4to. 9 leaves. Title, Ac. 
8 leaves. 

DaiphantuB, or the Passions of Love. By Antony Scoloker. A reprint of 
the edition by T. C. for W. Cotton. London, 16M. London. From 
the Shakspeare Press, by William Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Bow, St. 
James's, 1818. 4to. 26 leaves. Title, Ac, 4 leaves. 

The Complaint of a Lover's life. Controversy between a Lover and a 
Jay. Bj J. F. Feylde. Reprints ftom the editions printed by Wynkyn 
de Worde. Bditedby8.'F.Dibdin. Black letter. London. From the 
the Shakspeare Press, by William Bulmer and Co., Cleveland Row, St. 
James'^1818. 4ta M leaves. Title, Ac., 4 leaves. 

Balades and other Poems. By John Gower. Printed fh>m the original 
manuscript in the libnuy of the Marquis of Stafford at Trentham. 
Edited by Earl Gower. London. Frcon the Shakspeare Press, by 
William Bulmer and Co.. Cleveland Bow, St. James's, 1818. 4to. 54. 
leaves. Title, introduction. Ac., 5 leaves. 

FM-«imile of HeniyYII.'s signature when Earl of Richmond. Engraved 

Diana; or the Excellent Conceitfol Sonnets of Henry Constable. Sup- 
posed to have been printed at London either in 1892 or 1594. London. 
Reprinted by G. Woodlhll, Angel Court, Skinner Street, 1818. 4to. 21 
leaves. Title, Ac, 4 leaves. 

Chester Mysteries. DeDeluvioNoe. DeOooisionelnnooentium. Edited, 
with an introduction, by J. H. MarUand. London. Printed by Ben- 
sley and Son, Bolt Court, Fleet Street. 4to. pp.70. Title, dedication 
contents, 8 leaves. Introduction, pp. xxiL 

Ceremonial of the Marriage of Mary. Queen of Scotts, with the Dauphin 
of France. A reprint of the ** Discours du grand et msgniflque tri- 
omphe t$it au mariage de trea^noble Francois de yalloi8,Roy Dauphin, 
etc., et de Madame Marie d'Estreuart, Reyne d'Ecossc" Rouen, 
1568. Edited by Sir H. Ellis. London. Reprinted by G. WoodftOl. 
Angel Court, Skinner Street. 1818. 4to. Pp. 14. Title, Preftux, Ac. 
4 leaves. 

* Also printed for the Percy Soci^, by ^. F. Rimbanlt. 

3k 2 

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EoxBUBOHS Club — eontimied. 

ThelifeofStUnulA. Tnndate e Sermoiie Latine in Inglknmw etc. 
A reprint from an edition by Wynl^yn de Worde. London. Without 

Ckiiscard and BigUmund. Newly trialated out of Laten into EngyHhe 
(tAc), by Wyllym Walter, etc. A reprint from the edition by Wynkyn 
de Worde. London, 16S2. Black letter. London. From the Shake- 
speare Press, by William Bnlmer and Ca» Cleveland Bcw, St. James's. 
1818. 4to. 28 leaves. Title, &o.. 4 leaves. 

Le Morte Arthur. The Adventures of Sir Launoelot dn Lake. A Bo- 
roanoe. Edited, with a glosssry, by J. Ponton. London. Printed by 
William Buhner and Ck>., Shakspeare Printing Office. 1819. 4ta 06 
leaves. Title, ftc^ 5 leaves. 

Six Books, 10th— 15th. of Hetamorphoeeos, in whyohe ben oontqyned the 
Piables of Ovyde. Translated out of Frensshe into Englysshe by 
William Caxton. With Introduction and Notes by G. Hlbbert. Black 
letter. London. From the Shakspeare Press, by William Buhner and 
Co., Cleveland Eow, St. James's. 1819. 4ta Pp. 75. Notes, 9 leaves. 
Title, Introduction, and List of Members, 7 leaves. Fao-simile of the 
original, and a woodcut representing Orpheus, 2 leaves. 

Cheuelere Assigne. A Romance. Now first printed, with Introduotkm 
and Glossary, by E. Y. Utterson. Black letter. London. 1820. 4ta 
14 leaves, including Title, Introduction, Ac, and a single leaf of Gloa- 
sary at the end. 

Two Interludes : Jack Jugler and Therqytes. Beprinted tram London 
editions, probably of 1562, with Introduction and glossarial Index, by 
J. Haslewood. Kent. Printed at the private press of Lee Priory, by 
John Warwick. 1820. 4to. Pp. 74, Glossarial Index, 1 leaf! Titiea. 
Ac, 6 leaves. 

The Notborune Mayd up5 y* passis of Cryste. The Boke of Mayd Emlyn. 
Reprints ftx>m the editions by John Skot. London. Without dates. 
Black letter. London. From the Shakspeare Press, by W. Buhner and 
W. Niool, Cleveland Row, St. James's. 1820. 4to. 15 leaves, including 
Title. Ac* 

Magnyfyoence ^an Interlude By John Skelton, Poet Laureate to Henry 
Vni. A reprint fhnn an edition supposed to have been printed by 
RasteU at London in 153S. Edited by Sir J. Littledalc Black letter. 
London. Reprinted by G. WoodfUl, Angel Court, Skinner Street. 
182L 4to. 30 leaves. Title, Ac, 4 leaves. 

Judicium: a Pi^jeant. Extracted from the Towneley Manuscript of 
Ancient Mysteries. Edited, "with an Introduction and Gloasaiy, 1^ 
Francis Douce Black letter. London. Printed by Richard and 
Arthur Taylor, Shoe Lane 1822. 4to. Pp.80. Title, Introduction, Ac, 
T leaves. 

An Elegiacal Ptoem on the Death of Thomas Lord Grey, of Wflton, by 
Robert Marston. From a Manuscript in the Library of the Btf^t 
Hon. Thomas Grenvillc London. Frcm the Shakspeare "Pnm, bj 
W. Nicoll, Successor to W. Buhner and Co.. Clevehmd Row, St. Jamea*a. 
1822. 4tc 34 leaves. Title, Introduction, Ac, pp. 5. 

Selections fhnn the Works of Thomas RAvenscroft. a Musical Com- 
poser of the time of King James the First. London. 1821 4to. 2S 
leaves. Title, Introduction, Ac^ 5 leaves. 

Lcelii BBregrini Oratio in Obitum Torquati Tassi ... ad Cynthimn 
Aldobrandinum, Card. Ampliss. Editio secunda. A reprint of tlie 
edition apud G. Facciotum Romie. 1697. Edited by Shr E. Biydgei^ 
with remarks on Tasso's life, by F. D. S. Aurelis Allobrogmn (Genevm). 
TypisA.Lador. MJ)CCCJ{:XU. 4tc Pp.28. 

Also printed for the Percy Society, by E. F. Rimbault. 

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Digitized by VjOOQIC j 


BoxBUBGHE CLVB—e<mHnued. 

Informaoaii forPylgiTmes unto the Holy Londe. From a nre Tnci in 
the Libnry of the Fuulty of AdvocateB. A rqirint fhnn a woric with 
Caxton's mark. Black letter. Bdinbnish. London. Prcmi the 
Shakspeare Pren, by William Nicol, Cleveland Boir, St. James'?. 
1824. 4to. 80 leaves. Title, &c., 4 leaves. 

The Guck-Queanes and Cuckolds Brrants; or the Bearing down the 
Inne : a Comadye. The Fa^y Pastorall ; or Forrest of Blues. Bach 

in five acts, in prose and verse. By "W >» P , Bsq. With an 

Introductory Prefhoe by J. Haslewood. From a Huiuacript in the 
Library of Joseph Haslewood. Esq. London. From the Shakspeare 
Press, by l^niliam Nicol, Cleveland Bow, St. James's. 1824. 4to. 
Pp. 193. Title, Introduction, Ac., 5 leaves. 

The Garden Plot An Allegoricsl Poem, inscribed to Queen Blisabeth, 
by Henry Goldiugham. From an unpublished Ifanuscript of the 
Harleian Collection in the British Museum. To which are added 
some Account of the Author, and a reprint of his Masque, performed 
before the Queen at Norwidi, on Thursday, August 21, 1578. Edited 
F. Wrsngham. London. From the Press of D. 8. Maorioe, Howford 
Buildings, Fenchuroh Street. 1825. 4to. Pp.78. Title, Introduction, 
ACn pp. zxv. 

Proceedings in the Court Martial held upon John, Msster of Sinclair, 
Captain-lieutenant in Preston's Regiment, for the murder of Ensign 
Sohaw, of the same Begtment, and Captain Schaw, of the Boyals, 17th 
October 1708. Edited by Sir W. Scott. With Correspondence mpect- 
ing that Transaction. Edi|iburgh. Printed by Ballantyne and Com- 
pany. MJ)OCCJLXVUI. 4to. Pp. 41. Title, Dedication, list of 
Members, 8 leaves. Introduction, pp. zv. 

The private Diaiy of William, first Earl Cowper, Lord Chancellor of 
England. Eton. Edited by E. C. Hawtrey. From the Press of 
E.Waiiams. MJXXX)JCXXin. 4to. Pp.68. A single leaf after p. 58, 
Table of Figures. Title, Advertisement, Ac, pp. viii. 

Examination of the ** Eemarks on the Glossary to Havelok," by S. W. 
Shiger.1820. 4to. 

The AlUterative Bomanoe of Alexander fiT>m the unique MS. in the Ash* 
moleui Museum. Edited by the Bev. J. Stevenson. London, 1840. 4to. 

The Romance of the Sowdone of Babyloyne and of Ferumbras his sone, 
who conquerede Rome. London, 1854. 4to. 

Historical papers, part L, edited by Philip Bliss and B. BandineL Lon- 
don, 1846. 4to. 

Fine old Plsys illustrating the early progress of the English drama. 
Edited J. P. Collier. London, 1861. 4to. 

The Poems of Michael Brsyton, firom the earliest and rurest editions, 
or ftT>m unique copies. Edited by J. P. Collier. London, 1866. 4to. 

Three collections of English poetiy of the latter part of the sixteenth 
century. Reprints fhmi editions by R. Jones. London, 1578 and 1579. 
With an introductory notice by Sir H. Ellis. London, 1844. 4to. 

The old English versions of the Gesta Romanorum, edited for the first 
time firom MSS. in the British Museum and University Library, Cam- 
bridge, with an Introduction and Notes by Sir F. Madden. London, 
1888. 4to. N3.— Twelve copies of the Introduction were printed 

Michel of Norgate (Dan). The Ay-enbite of Iiiwyt. Now first printed 
fhmi the autograph MS. in the British Museum. Edited by J. Ste- 
venson. London, 1855. 4to. 

Ocdeve (Thomas.) De Regimine Prindpum : a Poem. Edited tar the 
first time by T.Wright. London, 1800. 4to. 

Fowel (Daniel). The love of Wales to their soveraigne Prince : a rehition 
of the solemnity at Ludlow on the creation of Charles Prince of Wales 
in 1616. (A reprint of the edition by N. Okes, London, 1616.) Edited 
Clive. London, 1887. 4to. 

Digitized by 



BoxBUBGHE Club — contmued. 

Shiriey. The Bhiriey Broihen, an historical memoir of the liTM of Sir 

T. Sheriey, Sir A. Sheriey, and Sir B. Sherl^y, hj one of (he nme 

houM. Chinrick. 1846. 4to. 
Sidneiana, being a ooUeotion of ftrac;menti relatiTe the Sir Philip Sidney. 

Knt., and his immediate oonnections. Edited hj S. Butler, Biahop of 

Idohfield. London, 1837. 4to. 
The Owl and (he Nightingale, a Poem of the twelfth oentmy; now first 

printed, with an Introduction and Glooaiy hj Joeeph Sterensoo. 

London, 1838. 4ta* 
The Decline of the last Stuarta. Bxtractsflnom the Despatches of British 

Envoys to the Secretaiy of State. Bdlted by Lord Mahon. London, 

1843. 4to. 
CJorrespondenoe of Sir Heniy Unton, Ambassador from Queen Elisabeth 

to Henry IV., King of France, in the years 1591 and 1582. From the 

originals and authentic copies. Edited by J. Stevenson. London, 

1847. 4to. 
The Itineraries of William Wey to Jerusalem, AJ). 1468 and AD. 1408 ; 

and to S. James of Compostella, A.D. 1466. From the original MS. hi 

the Bodleian Libraiy (with an Introduction 1^ G. Williams, and edited 

by B. Bandinel). London, 1867. 4to. 
Songs and Ballads, and other short Poems, chiefly of the reign of Philip 

and Mary. Edited from a MS. in the Ashmolean Museum by T. 

Wright. London. 1800. 4to. 

BuDBOBNE, Thomas : 

Thomaa Budbome Historia Major de fondatioiie et soccessione 
EcclesisD Wintoniensis ad annum 1138. 
AngUa Sacra, i. 179. 

Thomse Budbome Frologus in Historiam suam Minorem. 
Anglia Sacra, 1 287. 
Bupwirus ; v. Wtjlpadcs. 


Vita S. Bumoldi, Epiecopi Dublinensis, MartTris, auctore 
Theoderico, Abb. Monast. S. Trudonis. 
Surius (July 1), 24. 
BiMBB; V. FaU)£BA. 



The Voyage of SsBWulf. 

Edited by M. D'Avezac, in Eecueil des Voyages ot des M^moireB publi^ea 
par la Soci<^t6 de Geographic, iv. 817-854. 4to. Paris, 1819. 


A Collection of Sagas and other Historioal Documents 
relating to the Settlement and Descents of the Northmen 
on British Isles. Edit. W. Dasent. 

Among the Chronicles and Memorials (in the press). 

• Also printed for the Percy Society, by T. Wright. 

Digitized by 




Incertas auotor de Sanctis in Anglia sdpaltiB. 
Hickes' Dissert Bplst, US. 

Salisbubt, Alantjb be ; v. Beckst. 
Salisbubt ; V. John. 

De S. Sampsone, Episoopo et Confessore. 

Capgnve's Nova Legenda, f. 876. < 
Yita S. Samsonis, fipiscopi Dolensis in Armorioa. Duobos 
libris soripta ab anctore anonymo subadqnali. 

MabU. Act Sanct L 164, edit. Venet ; i 165, edit Paris. Act Sanot. 
(July 28), vi 668. Surius (July 28), 838. 

Savile, Sib Henbt ; v, Scbiptobes post Bedam. 
Saxon Ghbonicle ; v, Anglo-Saxon Ohbonicle. 
ScALA Chbonica : 

By Sir Thomas Gray of Heton. A Chronicle of England and 
Scotland, from A.D. 1056 to A.D. 1362. Edited by Joseph 

4to. £dinb.l8S6. For the Maitland aub. 

Liber Ecclesiaa de Scon : Mmiimenta vetostiora Monasterii 
Sanctffi Trinitatis et Sancti Michsalis de Soon. Edited by 
Cosmo Innes. 

4to. 1843. For the Bannatgme Club. 
scotichbonicon ; v, fobdun. 

Extracts from an nnprinted MS. of Matthew Paris, concern- 
ing the homage of Malcolm in., King of Scotland, to 
William I. 

* Scala Clironioa.'' Edit. Stevenson, p. tlS. 
The Bnik of the Croniclis of Scotland, or a Metrical Version 
of the History of Hector Boece. By William Stewart. 
3 vols. Edited by W. fi. TumbulL dironides and Memorials. 
Extracta e variis Cronicis Scocie. Edit. W. B. Tumbnll. 

4to. Bdinb.l84S. For the Abbotsfoid Club. 
Ane Addicionn of Scottis Croniklis and Deidis, and a short 
Chronicle of the Beign of James the Second, King of Scots, 
an historical Fragment, from 1436 to 1460. 
Privately printed by T. Thomson. 4to. Bdinb. 1818 (P). 
The Historic and Life of King James the Sext ; being an 
account of the affaires of Scotland from the year 1566 to 
the year 1596, with a short continuation to the year 1617. 
Edit. T. Thomson. 

4to. £dinb.l82&. For the Bannatyne (Tlub. 
A Chronicle of the Kings of Scotland, from Fergus I. to 
James VI., in the year 1611. Edited by J. W. Mackenzie, 
ivol. Bdinb. 1830. For the MaitUmd Club. 

Digitized by 



Scotland — cont in ued. 

Chronicles of ScoUand,^ extending trom 1436 to 1565, and 
continued by another hand to 1604. 

F6L Edinb.1728; Q]Mg.Vl4B. Umo. Bdinb. 1778. 8yo. Edinb. 1814 
Edit J<din Gnham DdyelL 

Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland, compiled from original 
records, from 1488 to 1624. By Robert Pitcaime. 
7to1s. Bdinb. ISShlSSS. For the Maitlimd Club. 

niostrations of Scottish History from the Twelfth to the 
Sixteenth Centory ; selected from unpublished Manuscripts 
in the British Museum and the Tower of London. Edited 
by Jos. Stevenson. 

4to. 1834 

Tabula Begum Scotiao a Malcolmo Kannemore ad Jaco- 
bum in. inclusive. 

Edit. Heanie, in App. to Fordim's Sootichronioon, p. 1661. 
Instrumenta Publica, [Bagman Bolls] sive processus per 
fidelitatibus et homagiis Scotorum Domino Begi Angliaa 
factis. A.D. 1291-1296. 

4to. 184S. For the Buuuityne Club. 
The Life and Death of King James the Fourth of Scotland. 
Edited by Joseph Stevenson. 

4to. Bdinb. 1887. For tbe MaiUand Club. 
The Accounts of the Gh'eat Chamberlains of Scotland, and 
some other Officers of the Crown, rendered at the Ex- 
chequer, 1326-1406. By T. Thomson. 

StoIs. 4to. 1817-1846. Printed for the Bannatyne Club. 
Notices of original unprinted Documents preserved in the 
Office of the Queen*6 Bemembrancer and Chapter House, 
Westminster, illustrative of the History of Scotland. 
Edited by Joseph Stevenson, 
•tta 1842. For the MaitUnd aub. 
A Narrative of the Progress of Edward I. in his Invasion of 
Scotland in 1296. 
ArchsoL zxL 4178^406. 
An Account of the Army with which Eling Bichard II. in- 
vaded Scotland, A.D. 1385. 
Archteol. zxL 1^10. 
Documents and Becords illustrating the History of Scotland, 
and ihe Transactions between the Crowns of Scotland and 
England. Edited by F. Falgrave. 
8to. Lond.1887. 

The Acts of Parliament of Scotland. Edited by T. Thomson 
and Cosmo Innes. 

llTols. Fol. 1814-184L 

The Acts of the Lords of Council in Civil Causes, A.D. 147S- 
1895. Edited by T. Thomson. 

FoL 1889. 

Digitized by 



ScoTLiLin>— continued. 

The Aots of the Lords Aaditors of Causes and Complaints, 
A.D. 1466-U94. Edited by T. Thomson. 
IroL FoL 1830. 
Begistmm Magni Sigilli Begmn Scotorum in Archivis Pub- 
licis asservatum, A.D. 1306-1434. Edited by T. Thomson. 
iToL FoL 1814. 
The Expedicion into Scotlande of the most worthely fortunate 
Prince Edward, Duke of Somerset. By William Patten. 
ISmo. L(nid.l648. 
Botuli ScotiflB, 10 Edw. I.— Hen. VIQ. 

2 vols. FoL 1814. 
Inquisitionem ad Capellam Domini Regis retomatarum qusa 
in Publicis Archivis ScotisB adhuc servantur, abbreyiatio. 
8 vols. FoL 1811-1816. 
Leslie's History of Scotland ; v, Leslie. 
Wyntoun's Chronicle ; v. Wyntoun. 


Renun Anglicarum Scriptores post Bedam PnecipuL Bd. Sftffle. FoL 
Lond. 1006, and Fimncof. 1601. 

Wfllielmi Monachi Halmesburiensis de Gestis Begum Anglomsi, lib. v. 
pp. 5-174. 

l^usdem Historis Novella, lib. iL pp. 174-106. 

IBIjusdem de Gestia Pontifloiun Anglomm lib. ilL pp. 106-904. 

Henrid Aichidiaooni Hnntendoniensia Hisioriarum, lib. Tiii pp. 206-600. 

Bogerl Hovedeni, AnnaHum pan prior et posterior, pp. 400-800. 

Chroniconun Ethelwerdi, lib. pp. 880-860. 

Ingttlphi, Abbatis Crqylandenaew Hiatoriamm, lib. L pp. 850-016. 

Historiaa AnglicansB Scbiftores Decem. 
Ed.T«7BdeiL Lond. Fol. 1662. 
SimeonisDiinelmenaisHiatoriadeDiuielinensiEccleaiatCoLl. Simeonis 

Dnnelmenria Hiatoriie de Donelinensi Eoclesia continuation col. 60. 

Hiitoria de Sancto Cutbberto, 67. Be Arohiepiaoopii EboTMi, coL 76. 

De obddione Dunelmi, ool. 70. Hiatoria de Gestis Begum Anglomm 

Johannis, Prioris HafnistaldensiB Eoclesis zxv. annorum Historian 

Eicardna Prior Hagustaldenais de Statu et Bpisoopis HagustaldenaiB 

Bcclesie, ooL 286. De Gestia Beg&s Stephani et de Bello Standardii, 
Desoriptio Serionia Monaohi de Bello inter Begem Scotin et Baromes 

Ang]i«e» ooL 881. 
Ailredi Abbatis BlefaUensis Hiatoria de Bello tempore Stq^hani Begis, 

ooL 887. Genealogia Begum Anglomm, ooL 847. Vita et HiracuUs 

Bdwardi Begis et Oonflossoris, ooL 860. Historia de SanctimoniaU de 

Wattun, coL 416. 
Badulphi de Dioeto Decani Londoniensis Abbreriationes Ohronioomm, 

ool. 420. Imagines Historarium, col. 626. Series cause inter Hen* 

ricum Begem et Thomam Arohiepiscopum, ool. 711. 
Chronioon Johannis Brompton, Abbatia Jomalensis, ab anno Domini 

688 ad ann. Domini 1186, cdL 726. 
Chronica Gervasli Konachi DorobomensLi. Tractatus de Combustione 

et Beparatione Oantuariensls Bodesiie, coL 1200. Imaginationes de 

disooiiliis inter Monachos Cantuar. et Baldewinum Archiepis., ool. 

Digitized by 



ScBiPTORES Decem — ccnUinued. 

1306. Cbrooloa Oerrasii ad aniL, 1888. Aotui Fontifioiilii Gaatuui- 

ensis Bccleam, »uctore Oervisio Dorobemenii, ooL 1628. 
Chronica Pontificum Eocleeue Eboraci, auotore Thoma Btubbs, Domini- 

caoo, ool. 1685. 
Bpistola Badulphl Archiep. Cant. Calixto papn de primatu, ool. 1785. 

Becreta papalia de primata Cant., ooL 1736. 
Chronica Ghiilielmi Thorn, Monachi S. Aug. Cant., de Eebus gestis 

Abhatum S. Aug. Cantuaria), col. 1767. Evidentaas Ecdesis Christ! 

Cant., col. 2207. Chronologia spectans ad coonobium S. Augustini 

Cant., col. 2229. Sorstun redditio Abbatis S. Aug. Cant, ool. 2298. 
Henrici Knighton, Canonic! Leyoestrensis Chronica de Eventibus 

Angli®, &c., coL 2811. Depositio Regis Bicard! Secmndi, (X^ 8744. 
Apologia Adie, Episcopi Herefordensis. ool. 2764 

Sc&iFTOBES Ebbum Anolicabuh : 
Bd.Fulxnan. Oxon.1684. 
Descriptio compilata per Dominum Ingulphtun, Abbateitn Monasterii 

Croyland, p. i. 
Petri Blesensis oontinuatio ad Historiam Ingnlphi, p. 108. 
Chronica de Mailros ab anno 735 ad annum 1270, p. 135. 
Annates Monasterii Burtonensis ab anno annum 1288, p. 246. 
Historic Croylandensis oontinuatio, p. 451. 


HistorisB BritamiicaB, SaxonicsB, Anglo-Danicaa, Scriptores 

Bditi opera Thome Gale. Oxon.1691. 

HIstoria Oild», p. 9. Epistola Gild<e, p. 19. 

Yita S. Wilfridi, Bplscopl Eboraoensis, auctore Bddlo Stephano, p. 40. 

Eulogium Britannie sive Britonum, auctore Nennio, p. 98. 

Chronicon Pan! Sancti Keotl, sive Annales Jaon. Asserii ; ut nonnullis, 

videtur, p. 141. 
Polyohronicon Banulphl Higdeni, Monachi Chestrenais, p. 179. 
'WillielmuB Malmesburiensis de Antiquitate Glastonienais Eccleaiic, 

p. 291. 
Wilhelmi Malmesburiensis Liber V. de Pontificibus, p. 337. 
Historia Bamesiensis sive Liber de Fundatione et BenebrCt<nibus 

Coenobii Bamesiensis, p. 885. 
Historia Ecolesise EUensis, p. 463. 
Collectio Privilegiorum Eliensis Eoolesie, p. 616. 
Chronica Joannis Wallingford, p. 525. 
Historia oompendlosa de Begibus Britonum« auctore Badulpho de 

Dioeto. p. 553. 
Badulphus de Dioeto de partitione provindos in Shins, et Epiaoopatus, 

et Begna^ p. 660. 
Johumis Fordun Scot! Chronicon sive Scotorum Historia p. 665. 
De Pontificibus et Sanctis Eodesise Eboraoensis Poonutk auctore Flaooo 

Alcwino p. 703. 
Appendix Antiquitatum Britannicarum :— 

1. CL PtoIemsBi descriptio Britanniarum, p. 736. 

2. Antonini Itinerarium Britannianun, p. 74A. 

3. NotitijB Dignitatum in Britannia^ p. 744. 

4. Anonym\is Geographus de Britannia^ p. 746. 
6. Hyd» Saxonicte, p. 746. 

6. Notn ad Antoninum« Surits, p. 749. 

7. Consuetudines et Jura ex Libro Doomesday, p. 760. 

8. Antiqui Populi, Urbes, etc. Britanniarum, p. 779. 

9. Nota) ad Ptolemnum, Gale, p. 787. 
10. Not« ad Antoninum, Gale, p. 787 

Digitized by 


APPENDIX. . 665 

ScBiPTOBES XV.—cofUmued, 

YoL li p. 1. Annalet de Msngan. 

p. 21. Chronioon Thomie Wikes, alitor Chroniooii Salisburieiuds 

Moiuwtorii, ab adyentu Oon<iue8toHs ad annum 1804. 
p. 129. Annales WaTerleienfles. 
p. 247. Bichardi Regis iter Hierosolyinitanum, auotore Gauftido 

p. 436. Historia C^tionis DamieteD. 

p. 464. Chronica Walterl Hemingford, Oanonid dd Gisebum dc 
Gestis Begum Anglise, ab anno Domini 1066 ad ann. ISOO. 


HistorisB Anglicanae Scriptores varii. 
Ed. Jofleph Sporkes. Fol. Lond.,1723. 
I. Chronioon Anglise, per Johannem Abbatem Burgi Sancti Petri, et 

Bobertum de Boston. 
n. Vita 8. ThomsB Cantuariensis Archiepiscopi, a Willielmo Alio Ste- 

phani conscripta. 
III. Hugonis Candidi Coenobii Burgensis Historia. 
rv. Boberti Swapham Historia Coenobii Burgensis. 

V. Walteri de Whytleaeye Historia Coenobii Burgensis. 

VI. Historia Coenobii Burgensis continuatio, per anonymum. 

VII. Historia vetus Coenobii Petriburgensis, versibus Gallioanis. 

Scriptores Vetustiobes: 

Eerum Britannicamm, id est Anglisa, Scotise, vicmarainque 
insolamm ac regioom : Scriptores vetostiorea ac prceoipui. 
Bd.Comme]in. FoL Heidelbergs, 1687. 
Galfredi MonumetensLs, oognomento Arturi de origine et gestia "R^ynii 

Britannis libri xiL, pp. 1-92. 
Pontici Virunnii Britannioa Historia libri vi, quibua G. KonumeteiiBiB 

libros sex priores in Epitomen redegit, pp. 9^-112. 
Gilds Sapientis de excidio et oonquestu Britannise Epistola* pp. llS-146. 
BedsB Anglo-Saxonis Historic Ecdesiasticse gentis Anglorum libri v., 

pp. 147-278. 
Continuatio ejusdem Historls, inoerto auctore, libris ili. comprehensa 

ac jam primum publicata, pp. 278-848. 
Gulielmus Neubricensis de rebus Anglids libri v., pp. 858-496. 
Joannis Frossardi Historiarum Epitome, in qua de Bellia inter Anglos 

et Galloa geatis, pr»dpu» agitur, pp. 407-668. 

Scriptores Normannue : 

Duchesne's Scriptores NormaimiaB. 
FoLLut. Paris 1619. 
Geeta Nomuuinorum in Franciat ab anno Christ! 837 usque ad annum 

896, auctore inoerto, 1-7. 
Bzoerpta ex variis Chronids de Normannorum gestis, f. 7. 
Pudonis super coogregationem S. Quintini Decani de moribus et actis 

primorum Normannin Ducum libri iii., 61-160. 
Emms Anglorum Begins, Eicardi I., Bucis Normannorum, filie, Enco« 

mium : inoerto auotore, sed cosetaneo, 161-177. 
Gesta Guillelmi Duds Nonnanomum et Eegis Anglorum, a Guillelmo 

Pictavensi, Lexoyiorum Archidiacono, contempontneo^ soriptak 178- 

Genealogia Ducum Northmannorum, 218. 
Willidmi Calculi, Gemmetioensis Monachi, Historiie Kormatinorum 

libri viii., 216-«17. 
Chronica Normannise, 276-1014 
Bpitaphum GuiUehni Dnois Normannorum et Begb Anglomm, 818* 

Digitized by 


886 . APPENDIX. 


Ordericf VitftUs AngUgaie Ocenobii Uticenus monachi Htotorin Ecde- 

siMticK, Ubri xiii, 821-9S5. 
GestaStephani Regis AnglonimetI>aoi«Xonnaimonuii,inoertoauctore, 

sed oontemponneo, 927-975. 
Chronioa Nomuuiniie, 877-1015. 
AniuUis Historia brevis in Monasterio Sancti Stephani Oadom en gig 

oonsoripta, 1015-1021. 
Nomina Normannorum qui florueruut in Auglia ante Conqnortvm, 

Cognomina eonun qui cum Guillelmo Conqucstoro Angliam ingrean 

sunt, 1026. 
Gatalogtu Normannorum qui floruorunt in Auglia tempore Guillebni 

Oonquefltoris, 1025-1031. 
Nomina militum ferentium Bainierias tarn in Normanuia quam aliis 

Francie provinciia temp. Pliilippi II., 1031-1036. 
Feoda Normannin, 1087-1062. 
Charts plures tarn Ducum Normannin quam Regum Francis et 

aliorum. 1062-1068. 
Familis Begum, Ducum, comitum, et aliorum qu» in hoc volumine de- 

ducuntur, 1009-1104. 
Historic Anglicans circa tempus Conquestus Anglia, a Gulielmo Notho, 

Normannorum Duce, selecta moniunenta, ezcerpta ex magno Tolumine, 

cui tituluB est "Historin Normannorum Scriptores Antiqui," ab 

Androa Duchesne editiL 
Edited by Baron Maseres. 4ta London, 1807. 


Edit. C. O'Conor. 4 vols. 8Ta Buckingham, 1814-26. 

ScBOPE ; V, Bolls. 


Senanus : 

De S. Scnano, EpiscopoetAbbate Inis Cathensis inHibemia. 
(i.) Vita, ex MSS. Salmanticensi et Balkenniensi. 

(ii.) Vita, ex MSS. Hibemicis. 
Act. Sanct. (Mar. 8) L 760. 
Vita S. Senani Episcopi. Ex codice KillkennienBi coUato 
com alio Sahnanticensi (rythmice). Secunda vita ex ELiber- 
uico transumptom. 
Colgan (Mar. 8) i. 612. 


Descriptio Serlonis, Monachi, fratris Badiilfi Abbatie de Par- 
cbo, de Bello inter Begem Scotiaa et Barones AnglisB. 
Twysden's Script, x., coll. 831. 


De Sancta Sexburga, Begina et Abbatissa. 
Capgrare's Nova Legenda, f. 278. 


Charta Aethelredi Begis data Wlfsino, Episcopo et Coanobio 
Anglia Sacra, i. 170. 

Digitized by 



SiosBSBTUS Gemblacensis : 

Sigeberti G^mblaoensis Cbronioon, cum contmuationibuB. 

Ed.WOLPamu. 4to. FMii,1518. Edit. Simon Sohftrd inter German 

rerum qtuttoor dironographos. FoL Pnuioof. 1666. Puis, Basle et 

. Lugd. 1666. Edit. Marsarius dela BIgne in Sacra BibL 8S. Patrum. 

r Paris, 1576 and 1689. FoL Edit. Pistorios. Franoof. 1688. foL Han- 

nor. 161S. foL Edit. Laor. de la Barre in Hist Christiana vet. Patrum. 

Paris, 168S. fol Edit. Mirvus, Antwerp. 1608. Edit. Struvius in edit. 

tertia Scriptonun Pistorianorum. Batisbon. 1726. IbL Edit D'Acheiy. 

EdH. Fertx, Mon. German. Hist. yilL 268. Migne's Patrologia, 160, XL 

Yita S. Machuti seu Macloyii, auctore Sigeberto Oembla- 
censi, v, Machut. 


Yita S. Sigfridi, Archiepiscopi Eboracensis, post Primi Pon- 
tificis Yexionensis a Joanne Magno Gotho, Archiepiscopo 
XJpsalensi, lib. xvii. Historiaa Gothonun conscripta. 
Snrius (Feb. 16), 160. 

Cbronioon Henrici de Silgrave. 

Nov flrst printed from the Cotton. MS., by C. Hook. For the Cazton 


SiWAttDUS; r. Waldevus. 

Origo et G^sta Siwardi Ducis Northumbria, ejus que filii 
Waldevi comitis. , 

Langebek's Eenun Danicarum Script., iii 287. 

SoLTRE, Hospital de ; t;. Edxnbcjrgh. 
Spalding Club : 

Extracts from the Council Bogister of the burgh of Aberdeen, 1396-1626. 
Edited by J. Stuart 2 vols. Aberdeen, 184^-48. 4ta 

Begistrum Episoopatus Aberdonensis. Eoclesie CathedraUs Aber- 
donensis regesta qus extant in unum colleota. Edited by Coamo 
Innes. 2 vols. Edinbuigh, 1846. 4ta 

Selections frtmi the records of the Kirk session presl^ytery and qmod 
of Aberdeen. Edited by J. Stuart. Aberdeen, 1846. 4ta 

Barbour's Brus. A collection from the Cambridge and Bdhiburgh 
MAnuscripts. Edited by Cosmo Innes. Aberdeen. 1866. Ua, 

A brief narration of the serrioes done to three noble ladyes by Gilbert 
Blakhal, priest of the Scots' mission in Fnmoe, Ac., 1681-1610. Edited 
by J. Stuart. Aberdeen, 1844 4to. 

The book of' the Thanes of Cawdor, a series of pi4)ers selected from 
the Charter Boom at Cawdor. 1286-174e. Edited by Cosmo Innes. 
Edinbur^ 1866. 4ta 

Letters illustrative of public afBkirs in Scotland, addressed by contem- 
porary statesmen to George Gordon, 1st Earl of Aberdeen, Lord Hii^ 
Chancellor of Scotland. 1681-84. Edited by J. Dunn. Aberdeen, 
1861. 4to. 

Bose (Hew.) A genealogical deduction of the flynily of Bose of 
Kilravock (by H. Bose, continued by L. Shaw), with illustrative docu- 
ments flrom the fiunily pKpem, and notes. [Edited by C. Innes.] 
Edinburgh. 1848. 4to. 

Spalding (John). Memorialls of the trubles in Scotland and in Eng- 
land, 162^^. [Edited by J. Stuart.] 2 vols. Aberdeen, 186(Ha. 4to. 

Digitized by 



Spalding Club — continued, 

Strnthbogie. Bztnots tram the preabyierj book of Stnthbogio, 1681-54. 
[Edited by J. Stuurt.] Aberdeen, 184S. 4to. 

Stuart (John). Sculptured stones of Scotland. Aberdeen, 1856. Fol. 
University and King's College of Aberdeen. Fasti Aberdonenaes. 
Selections tram the Records of the University and King's CoUcfpe of 
Aberdeen. 14M-1854 pBdited with a preftKse by Cosmo Innes.] 
Aberdeen. 1854 4to. 

Abredonie utriusque desoriptia A description of both towns of Aber- 
deen, by James Gordon Puvon. of Bothemay. With a selection of the 
charters of the burgh. Edited by Cosmo Innes. Edinburgh. 1842. 4to. 

Gordon (James), Parson of Bothemay. History of Soots aflUn tram 1637 
to 1641. [Edited by J. Bobertson and G. Grub.] 8 vola. Aberdeen. 
184L 4to. 

Gordon (Patrick). General passages fhnn the diary of General P. 
G. . . . 1685-1690. [Edited by J. Robertson.] Aberdeen. 1809. 4to. 

Gordon (Patr